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A teen sets out to seduce her father, but a neighbor girl gets in the way.
Part 1

I blew out all fifteen candles on my birthday cake.
Smoke was still drifting upward as my dad pulled the
candles out of the frosting. He sliced a piece of cake
for me.

"Happy birthday, Alanna."

"Thanks for all the presents, Dad."

His eyes drifted down to my breasts as he was talking.
He'd started doing that a few months ago. I figured it
was normal for a man. I took it as a compliment.

I didn't have any memory of my mom, as she had left us
when I was a baby. It had always been just dad and me.
He had dated a few women, but those relationships never
lasted. He always came back to me.

The next morning we ate breakfast together, as we
always do before I go to school. When it was time for
me to catch the bus, dad would give me a hug at the
front door. Now that I was growing up our hugs were
becoming more affectionate.

I started feeling a bump in his pants during our hugs.
It was almost imperceptible at first, but it became
unmistakable - my dad was rubbing himself between my
legs. I didn't move away. Instead, I imagined that I
was my dad's lover. A shiver ran down my spine.

I wondered if other girls were doing things like that
with their dads. I didn't dare ask. I sat in class
daydreaming about my dad holding me.

* * *

I awoke the next morning before school with clever
idea. I left the house to catch the school bus as
usual. I walked down the street and around the corner.
I stopped there instead of continuing on to the bus
stop. I waited until I heard the sound of the bus
leaving in the distance.

I went back home and yelled when I opened the door.
"Dad, I missed the bus." He yelled back from his

"What, how did that happen? I'll drive you to school. I
don't want you to be late."

We locked up the house and got in the car. My dad
looked handsome wearing a business suit and tie. Once
we'd gotten out of our neighborhood I unfastened my
seat belt and slid over next to him.

"Alanna, what are you doing?"

"Thank you for driving me to school." I put my hand on
my dad's leg.

"Alanna, sit back where you belong and put on your seat
belt." I moved my hand up my dad's leg and found the
coiled serpent under his expensive slacks. It sprang to
life under my gentle touch.

"It's not very far to school. I want to sit next to

I blatantly rubbed my dad's cock. It stretched down his
pant leg and became stiff. I could feel the ridge
around the swollen bulb. His face was red and he looked
around nervously. The car swerved over the centerline
and I grabbed the steering wheel.

"What's gotten into you Alanna?"

"I like being close to you."

My dad turned his head as we went around a corner. I
took the opportunity to pull up my skirt and move my
panty to expose my pussy lips. When my dad saw my pussy
the car swerved again.

"Now Dad, you have to keep your eyes on the road."

I took my dad's right hand and put it between my legs.
He knew just want to do. He put one finger on each side
of my protruding pussy lips and massaged my swollen
flower. It felt so good. I was sure my cunt juice was
getting onto my dad's fingers.

We made small talk as we drove, pretending as if there
was nothing unusual happening. My dad's cock became
extremely hard and I worried that I might be hurting
him. I watched as his middle finger parted my cunt lips
and then disappeared inside me.

We pulled up to my school and found an empty parking
space. Classes had already started and nobody was
around. My dad was breathing hard. His finger rubbing
inside my cunt was driving me crazy. His eyes looked
wild as I squeezed his cock.

His hand tightened on my pussy and I felt a shudder in
his body. His cock pressed up like it wanted to bust
through the leg of his slacks. My fingers felt a lump
of something move rapidly up the bottom of his shaft.
My dad moaned and thrust his hips upward. I felt his
cock pulsing and then a wet spot, as big as my hand,
appeared on his pant leg, My dad had an orgasm in his
pants in the school parking lot. This was great.

"Thank you for driving me to school." My dad slowly
withdrew his finger from my pussy. I hated to see it
go. I adjusted my panty and pulled down my skirt.

"Alanna, I love you more than anything in this world,
but we have to stop doing this. It's not right."

I rubbed the wet area of his pant leg. There was so
much sperm in there that I was able to squeeze a little
through the fabric and onto my fingers. I touched a
spermy finger to my lips.

"Dad, you've made quite a mess. Now go home and change
your pants." He took a deep breath and looked out the
front window. I stood up outside the car and looked in
the door.

"Dad, I'll be thinking about you all day." He smiled at

"I'll be thinking about you too."

My plan had worked beautifully. I was beginning to
sense that I had some power over my dad. Now I had to
find a way to completely ensnare him. I wanted him to
be as obsessed with me, as I was with him.

* * *

Later that night, alone in my room, a cloud of arousal
lingered over me. I put on a nighty and walked out to
the living room. I'd left my history book near my dad's
chair. I picked up the book from the table and stood in
front of my dad in silence. He looked up at me from the
book he was reading.

My nipples made obvious peaks under the nighty. My
dad's eyes widened. The bulge in his slacks looked like
a circus tent. I took the book from his hand and sat
down on his lap.

I kissed him on the cheek. "Dad, let's spend some time
together this weekend." I wiggled my bottom on his lap.

"I'd like that Alanna, just you and me." His hand was
underneath the nighty, on my waist.

I stood up, yawned and stretched. His eyes hovered
between my legs. I looked over my shoulder as I walked
away - he was looking at my bottom.

I went back to my room, lay down on my bed, and waited
for the sound of my dad's footsteps in the hall. When I
heard him coming I called out.

"Dad, would you come in her for a moment?" He entered
my room and sat down next to me on the bed.

"What do you want?"

"I'd like a kiss goodnight. You stopped doing that a
couple years ago."

"I thought you'd outgrown that kind of thing."

He leaned down and gave me a peck on the lips. He
looked at my breasts - my nipples had become hard for

"I haven't outgrown it, if fact, now that I'm older I'd
like a little more of a kiss."

"I sat up and put my hand on the back of his neck. I
kissed him with an open mouth, like I would a
boyfriend. I lay back down on the pillow. "Now would
you please kiss me again? "

I moved my knee to the side, opening my legs. He took a
deep breath, exhaled and leaned down to kiss me.

Our lips joined together. He put his hand on my breast
and squeezed for a moment, before breaking off the kiss
and sitting up. I pulled him back. He was breathing

My dad's tongue delved into my mouth. Our lips were
wet. I felt a sensation between my legs - my dad was
softly stroking my pussy. My juices flowed.

"I love you daddy." I could see the lust in his eyes,
but there was something else too - I think it was fear.

"I love you too Alanna. You're a good girl, but we have
to stop this." My dad stood up and walked across the
room. He looked back at me before closing the door to
my bedroom.

I had aroused him, and he had aroused me. He was trying
to resist - but I couldn't stop. I was like a car with
a powerful engine and no brakes.

I looked between my legs. There was a dark spot where
my juice had soaked through the panty - marking where
he'd touched me. Tomorrow was Saturday and we'd be
spending the day together. I shuddered when I
confronted what was in my heart - I was a fifteen-year-
old girl, and I wanted to fuck my dad.

Part 2

It was a sunny, Saturday morning. I looked out the
window and saw my dad preparing to wash his car. He
pulled the garden hose from the side of the house and
filled a bucket with soapy water.

My neighbor, Windy, rode up on her bicycle. She wore a
yellow bikini. The tiptoes of her white tennis shoes
barely reached the pavement as she sat on the bike
talking to my dad. The bicycle seat stuck out between
her legs.

I felt a twinge of jealousy when I caught my dad
checking her out. We're both in the same grade, but
Windy is a year younger than me. She's really smart and
skipped a grade a few years ago. She got off her bike
and bent over to pick up the hose. My dad wasn't even a
little discreet as he looked at her butt.

I decided to go out and join them. My dad was obviously
interested in Windy. Perhaps I could use her unexpected
visit to my advantage. Besides, I liked Windy and
wanted to talk to her.

"Hi Windy, what brings you over today," I said.

"There was a family emergency, my parents are gone."

"Why didn't you go?"

"My parents don't want me anywhere near my uncle. He
always wants me to sit on his lap. I don't see what the
big deal is. Anyway, they left me home alone and won't
be back until dinner."

It was unusual for Windy's parents to leave her
unsupervised. They normally planned every minute of her
life. I saw my dad looking at her little breasts. Windy
squeezed the nozzle on the end of the hose and sprayed
some soap off the car.

"Windy, why don't you hang out with me today. I don't
have anything planned."

"I'd love to. What do you want to do?"

I took the hose from Windy and handed it to my dad.
"Let's go inside for a while." I looked back at dad as
Windy and I walked toward the house. His eyes were on
her bikini bottom. I slapped Windy on the butt and she

We sat on the sofa and talked. "My parents hardly let
me out of the house," Windy said. "They're always
taking me to music lessons or soccer or something. I
never get any time to myself."

"Have you ever been on a date with a boy?"

"Are you kidding? I'm forbidden to be alone with a

"Has a boy ever kissed you?"

"No." Windy was blushing now. She put her hands
together and pressed them between her thighs."

"Would you like to know what kissing is like?"

"Well yes. Don't tell anyone, but sometimes I pretend
and kiss my pillow." Windy giggled.

"Why don't you pretend with me, wouldn't that be

"Alanna, you're a girl. I can't kiss a girl."

"It's just pretend kissing, Windy. Lots of girls do it;
they just don't talk about it. I won't tell anyone."

"Okay, if you promise to keep is a secret."

I sat next to Windy and pressed my breast into her arm.
I slowly brought my lips onto hers. She had no idea
what to do.

"How did that feel, Windy?"

"It was nice."

"You can open your mouth a little bit during a kiss. It
makes it more fun."

I kissed her again and this time her lips opened. She
let me explore inside her mouth with my tongue. I slid
my hand up her stomach, brushing over her breast. Her
nipple was hard.

"You know, Windy, when you're finally out on a date,
your guy will probably want to do more than kiss." I
saw my dad's shadow on the wall. He was peeping on us.

"My parents warned me about that a million times."

Windy was relaxing now. She lay back on the sofa with
her legs comfortably open.

"I can show you what to expect."

I reached behind her neck and united the string to her
bikini top. "Every guy you go out with will want to
feel you up."


"Here's what a good feel-up will be like. Don't settle
for anything less."

I played with Windy's breasts - massaging one and
kissing the other. My flicking tongue made her nipples
stand up firm. Windy started moaning. Her hands pulled
my head against her chest.

"Oh Alanna, that feels so nice."

"Windy, boys are going to love your boobs."

I glanced across the room and saw my dad peeping in the
window at us. Good. Let him get all worked up and then
take it out on me tonight.

"Windy, there's another way a guy will want to feel


I rubbed the inside of her thigh. Windy slowly opened
her legs. Her hips moved in a suggestive manner. I
pressed my fingers onto her bikini bottom, over her
pussy, and began rubbing. Her hips pressed up against
my hand.

"Oh, oh Alanna, don't stop, I like it."

"You're a sweetheart, Windy. Boys will love giving you
a feel."

I pulled her bikini bottom to the side and ran my
finger along her pussy lips. Windy was wet, so I
pressed my finger inward. Her cunt squeezed my middle
finger. I slowly fingered Windy. My dad watched us
through the window.

Windy's pussy began to loosen, so I inserted a second,
and then a third finger. I gave her a good little
finger fucking. She signaled her approval by thrusting
her hips upward. Windy moaned with each penetration.
Then I heard my dad's voice.

"Alright girls, what's going on here?" My dad stood
over us with a stern look on his face. Windy gasped and
put her hands over her breasts.

"Um, nothing Dad, we were just talking."

"I saw you. There was a lot more than talking going

"I'm sorry," Windy said. A tear ran down her cheek.
"Please don't tell my parents. Alanna was showing me
what boys are like. We were pretending. I've never been
on a date."

"I see. Windy, please stand up." Windy gulped, grabbed
her bikini top and stood up. She covered her breasts
with her hands. I pulled her bikini bottom back over
her pussy. My dad walked over to Windy and picked her
up in his arms.

"Where are you taking me," Windy asked.

"Windy, you and I are going to have a little talk, and
Alanna is going to go to her room."

I followed them down the hallway. My dad carried Windy
into his bedroom. I went to my room and sat on my bed.
I tried to leave them alone, but I couldn't stand the
suspense, so I got up and looked in the door to my
dad's room.

My dad stood behind Windy as she faced the bed. He
massaged her shoulders. She still clung to her bikini
top while covering her breasts with her hands.

"Windy, what would your parents think if they'd seen
you on the sofa with Alanna?"

"I can't imagine it. My parents would explode."

"Do you want me to keep it a secret?"

"Oh yes, please don't tell anyone."

Windy didn't realize that my dad had removed his pants.
He reached around her and slid his hand down the
outside of her bikini bottom. Windy started to reach
for his hand, but stopped and covered her breast again.

"Windy, are you a virgin?"


"Do you want to be?"

Windy was silent. My dad rubbed his hand between her

"I don't know."

"I'm going to help you make up your mind." Windy stared
straight ahead, with a blank look on her face.

Windy was a good girl. She never said anything bad
about anybody. She volunteered at the nursing home and
was always helping some charity raise money. I don't
think she'd ever gotten into trouble. She'd lived a
sheltered life.

My dad pulled the bikini bottom down to her ankles and
then he wrapped his arms around her. He was feeling her
all over. His cock pressed between her ass cheeks. She
knew he was naked now.

Windy tried to step away but his arms kept her trapped
next to him. She bent over to try and crawl across the
bed, but found herself held by the hips, with my dad
rubbing his cock on her pussy from behind.

My dad picked up Windy and set her on the bed. Her
bikini bottom was still wrapped around her ankles.
Windy looked scared as my dad pulled the bikini off her
feet. My dad was gentle with her, even as she resisted.
He constantly rubbed her pussy.

My dad lay across Windy's chest. He put one leg over
her thigh and deftly moved on top of her. Now Windy had
my dad lying between her splayed out legs. She still
held onto her bikini top.

Windy looked tiny as she lay underneath my dad. He
supported himself on his elbows as he held her
shoulders from underneath. Windy's head turned from
side to side as if looking for someone to rescue her.
Her legs kicked uselessly over the bed.

Windy's exposed pussy was plump with arousal, even as
she tried to escape her fate. The dark skin of her anus
puckered as my dad's cock bounced between her legs. She
twisted her white tennis shoes above him.

I wondered what was going on in Windy's mind as my dad
rubbed the tip of his cock on her mound. I saw flash of
pink flesh, gleaming between her pussy lips.

"Oh you sexy girl."

"I don't believe this is happening," Windy said.

My dad looked into Windy's eyes, the tip of his cock
poised on top of her cunt. The struggle between them
became like a dance. She kicked and pulled at the bed
sheet, but at the same time her pussy pushed upward,
toward the phallus. Windy saw me at the door. Her eyes
filled with confusion and helplessness.

Windy's mouth dropped open and her head rocked back.
Her fingers opened and the bikini top fell to the
floor. "Oh god," she cried. My dad was all the way
inside her.

My dad held still for a little while. Windy was
breathing rapidly and moaning. Then he began to slowly
move his cock in and out.

Windy's cunt lips stretched and clung to his shaft. Her
anus opened a little bit, each time he stroked into

"I'm fucking you Windy."

"Oh yes, that's nice."

I went back to my room. I threw myself down on my bed
and cried. I put my pillow over my head. I was jealous
and my ears couldn't stand the sound of Windy's

After a while I looked at my clock - twenty minutes had
gone by. I heard moaning and squeaking bed springs.
They were still going at it. How long it would last?

I got up and looked in my dad's bedroom. The time for
gentleness was over. My dad pounded his cock into
Windy. The powerful thrusts of his hips jerked her
small body. The headboard was knocking against the

Windy moaned and my dad grunted. She saw me standing at
the door. Her eyes looked dreamy as my dad's cock
thrust into her. "Oh, oh, oh," Windy moaned each time
he impaled her. She was perspiring and some tears had
rolled down her cheeks.

"Windy," my dad said, "tell me what's inside you."

"You cock."

"And what's it doing in there, Windy?"

"Oh god, your cock's fucking me."

My dad just kept screwing her. Windy drew her
fingernails over my dad's back, leaving a trail of red
scratches. She thrust her cunt up and down. Now she was
fucking him.

Windy suddenly froze with her back arched and her head
all the way back. She let out a howl and then wrapped
hear legs tightly around his back. Her chest rose and
fell with short breaths "Ohhh, ohhh," she murmured. My
dad held still inside her. Windy's eyes closed, as the
orgasm possessed her.

Then my dad's body shuddered. He squeezed her tightly
and buried his head into the pillow. Windy's chin
rested on his shoulder. His butt cheeks pressed
together as he pushed into her.

My dad pumped a load of sperm deep inside Windy. She
pointed her cunt upward, turning herself into a willing
receptacle for all the semen that he could spill. Some
sperm foamed out of her cunt and dripped over her anus.
Maybe Windy's parents should have let her sit on her
uncle's lap.

I went back to my room. After a while I heard them
laughing in the shower. A few minutes later Windy came
and stood at my door, looking clean and fresh, like
nothing had happened. She was wearing her bikini again.

"Alanna, can we talk?"

"Yes, come in." Windy shut the door and sat on the bed
next to me.

"Alanna, I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to
happen. I beg you, please, please keep this a secret
between us."

"I swear I'll never tell a single soul. How do you

Windy took a deep breath and exhaled. "I'm okay. I mean
it wasn't that bad, really." Windy smiled. "Actually,
it was amazing - I loved it." We both started laughing.

* * *

We watched television for the rest of the afternoon.
Windy spent a lot of time sitting on my dad's lap. They
talked and giggled. My dad's hand occasionally
disappeared inside her bikini bottom.

The time came for Windy to go home. Dad and I walked
her to the door to say goodbye.

"Thank you so much for having me over. I don't get to
go out very much. My parents are so strict."

I put my arms around Windy and gave her a hug.

"Windy, I loved having you over today. You must visit
us more often. Maybe you could tell your parents I need


I kissed Windy. Her mouth opened and our tongues
entwined. I felt her fingers between my legs. She'd
come a long way in a few hours.

"Windy, give my dad a hug before you leave."

Windy put her arms around my dad and stood on tiptoes.
Their crotches pressed together.

Windy smiled at my dad after the embrace. She glanced
shyly at the form of a hard cock, bulging inside his
pants. I took Windy's hand and placed it on my dad's
swollen organ.

"It's okay Windy, go ahead and rub it. He likes that."
She giggled as she stroked my dad's erection.

"I love you guys so much," Windy said.

"We love you too."

My dad and I spoke the same words, at the same time.
Then we kissed Windy - our lips together, on hers. Our
two tongues explored her little mouth together. Then
both our hands met between Windy's legs - rubbing her
pussy one last time before she departed.

Part 3

I hoped that Windy would come back soon. I couldn't be
mad at my dad and her for finding some happiness
together. I was just frustrated. I wanted my dad to
give me the same thing that he'd given Windy.

A week past and I could sense a tension building in my
dad. He was staring at my breasts, and casually
touching me as we went about our daily lives together.
I knew that my dad's sexual frustrations would make him
vulnerable to my advances.

My opportunity came late one night when there was a
thunderstorm. In our area these storms can go on for
hours. As a child I was terrified of the thunder and
lightening, so I'd run into my dad's room and stay in
his bed. I'd play that role again tonight.

I put on a nighty that hung just low enough to cover my
bottom. I didn't wear a panty. I was juicing and ready
for action. My nipples poked out with the anticipation
of getting into bed with my dad.

I put my hair up in pigtails. Yes indeed, this sexy
little girl was terrified of the thunderstorm, and she
was going to need some comforting from her big, strong

I opened the door to my dad's bedroom. "Daddy, I'm

He switched on light by his bed and sat up. I closed
the bedroom door and walked over next to his bed. Dad
looked over my nighty.

"Alanna, is something wrong?"

"Daddy, I'm scared of the storm, can I stay with you
for a while?"

"Aren't you a little old for that?"

A flash of lightening and clap of thunder shook the
house. I jumped out of fear. The nighty flew up a
little and I saw him look between my legs.

"Daddy, please, I'm scared and I can't sleep." I rubbed
my eye, like I was going to cry.

He got out of bed and held me. "Don't be scared,
Alanna. We're safe inside the house." The nighty pulled
up as he held me. My bare pussy pressed against his
boxer shorts.

"Daddy, I'm afraid of the storm. Please, let me stay
with you tonight."

"Alright, but just tonight."

My dad pulled back the blanket for me to get into bed.
The nighty rose up, exposing my bottom, when I slid
across between the sheets. I acted shy and pulled the
nighty back down. I leaned on my elbow and looked up at
him. My nipples stood out like fresh fruit, ready to be

There was another flash of lightning followed by a clap
of thunder. I sat up and held out my arms.

"Hold me Daddy, I'm scared." He got into bed with me
and turned off the light.

"Don't worry Alanna, you're safe with me."

My dad put his arms around me and we cuddled in the
darkness. Our legs interlaced inside the warmth of the

A few minutes passed before another flash of lightning
illuminated the room. Thunder rattled the window.

"Daddy, I'm so scared, hold me tight."

I wrapped my leg over his thigh and squeezed. He
stroked my hair and back. It was a warm cocoon inside
the blanket. My nighty had pulled up, over my waist. I
rubbed my pussy lips on my dad's leg.

The next time the thunder boomed I crawled on top of
him. I could feel his cock stretching up, toward his

"I'm so scared Daddy, hold me tighter."

I softly pressed my pussy on my dad's cock. His hand
slid down my bare back and over my bottom. I shook in
mock fear and rubbed my pussy on him with each
successive clap of thunder. His hips undulated beneath

"Daddy, I'm thirsty."

"Then go get a drink of water."

"I'm scared to go alone, you come with me." He reached
for the light but I grabbed his hand.

"Let's find our way in the dark. It'll be fun."

We got out of bed and headed down the hall in the
darkness. I wrapped my arms around his waist and
pressed my breast into his arm. Thunder clapped and my
dad put his hand on my breast. His gentle squeezing was
so nice. He softly turned my nipple in his fingers.

Our eyes adjusted to the dark. When we got to the
kitchen he turned on the faucet and poured a glass of
water with one hand. His other hand was underneath the
back of my nighty, on my bottom. He held the glass of
water to my lips and I took a sip. I thought that was a
romantic gesture.

"Dad, let's watch the lightening together in the dark."

We went to the living room and stood in front of the
picture windows. I sensed a critical juncture in the
evening. Across the valley another flash of lightening
forked down from the black sky.

"Hold me daddy."

Just as the thunder followed the lightening I stuck my
hand in the front of my dad's boxers and pulled out his

"Alanna, what are you doing?"

"Daddy, I'm scared."

I lowered my mouth over my father's cock. He got hard
so fast. I thought I had him now. I sucked and slurped
on my dad's prick. I felt his hands on my head. His
fingers tightened around my pigtails. He pulled upward
on my pigtails, raising my head off his cock.

"Alanna, we have to stop."

I started crying and pulled away from him. I staggered
over to the sofa and fell on my back. I spread my legs
apart in front of my dad. Lighting flashed and thunder

"Daddy, hold me, please?"

He hesitated and then walked over next to the sofa. His
cock stuck out the front of boxers like a cannon on a
battle ship. I reached out for him.

"Alanna, I'm your father."

He sat on the sofa next to me. He put his hand on my
thigh. I took his hand in mine and slid it up to my
pussy. I was sloppy wet. He rubbed my pussy like a man
in love.

"Daddy, I want to be your girl."

I put my mouth over my dad's cock. He moaned and slid a
finger inside my pussy.

"Oh Alanna, we can't, we shouldn't, oh Alanna."

My dad picked me up and carried me back to my bedroom.
I was sick. He was going to put me back in my own bed
and leave me alone. I'd failed again.

He laid me down on my bed and sat beside me in silence.
I started to cry as I waited for the words - his
explanation why we couldn't be together. My dad put a
hand inside my knee and pushed my leg to the side. I
felt his fingers on the inside of my thighs, up by the
top of my legs. My pussy felt a tender, exquisite
sensation - my dad's head was between my legs.

"Oh yes daddy, your little girl likes that."

My dad's tongue flicked my clit and darted between my
pussy lips. His finger massaged my anus, sending
electric pleasure up my ass.

"I found myself a sweet little girl pussy."

He lay down on top of me. We hugged and kissed. He was
sliding his cock on top of my cunt. I arched my hips
underneath him. I felt like I was going crazy.

"So, my sexy Alanna is horny for daddy."

"I'm sorry, I can't help it." My dad pressed his cock
into me with one bold stroke.

"Oh Daddy, oh, oh."

I opened myself to my dad's cock as much as possible. I
held my hips up so he could drive his engorged sex
organ deep inside me. I wanted it all. It began slowly
at first, in and out - my dad was fucking me.

"Oh yes Alanna, you have a nice little cunt."

"Oh Daddy, you're so hard."

My dad rubbed his cock in different areas inside me.
Sometimes he'd pull it all the way out and rub the tip
on my clit. Then he'd shove it back in. I loved that.

"Lightening flared outside, momentarily illuminating
the room, like a camera's flash."

"Hold me tight Daddy, I'm scared." He squeezed me with
his strong arms and fucked me like only a daddy can.

"Don't worry baby, Daddy's here to fuck you all you
want for now on."

"I'm so happy to finally have you inside me."

"You're a special little girl. You're not afraid to
break the rules."

"Fuck me hard Daddy."

My body jerked under his powerful thrusts. Waves of
pleasure washed through me. New feelings swirled like a
tornado in my brain. Pleasures that I'd never known

My dad gripped me hard and pressed his cock in as far
as it would go. He moaned and called out my name. He
continued squeezing and pressing his cock into me. I
felt a throbbing inside me. My dad had achieved an
orgasm and was pumping me full of his sperm.

"I love you Alanna."

"I love you Daddy."

I held my dad tight as he finished depositing his seed
deep inside me. We fell asleep in my bed. It was the
first time that he'd slept in my bed with me. I was a
happy girl.

* * *

Windy called a few days later. She'd made the case to
her parents that I needed tutoring in algebra. They
were going to let her come over to our house on a
regular basis. I suggested that I needed some tutoring
that night.

When Windy arrived, Dad and I escorted her straight
from the front door to the living room sofa. We sat
close to Windy and cuddled with her.

Dad undid a button on her shirt. He reached inside and
gave her tiny breasts of nice feel. Windy stared at the
mound swelling in my dad's pants. I took her hand and
placed it on his cock. I slid my hand under Windy's
skirt. She opened her legs for me as I inserted my
finger into her pussy. My little tutor was wet.

"It's nice to have you back, Windy," I said.

Windy gave me a shy smile and giggled. This time I'd
get to have her too.

The End


2019-10-17 05:39:39
Well written few mistakes, loved the innocence of both at the start. Want to see part 2 soon. I know this is all fiction but logic would dictate they both would soon be pregnant if they continue this way. I think you are a good writer and should make a series out of this.


2019-07-31 15:52:36

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2013-04-27 13:56:24
would love to see both girls getting pregnant by her daddy


2012-10-17 09:47:50
Fantastic story. Written very well with very few errors. A little more background would have been nice, but that's personal preference.

Love how he ended up with both the neighbour girl and his daughter. Any plans on continuing this one? The second comment is right, though; no contraception? Pretty risky...

Anyways, great story, freakshow! Glad I'm not the only one around here with ideas like this.


2012-10-10 05:56:05
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