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My story of how I became Gina the Love Slut. I will start at the beginning.
Gina the Love Slut Chapter 1: The Beginning

My name is Gina, I am 35 years old and I would like to share with you my sexual adventures. I guess you could call me a slut, as I love having sex. I have been married three times, as the men in my life could not keep up with me. One husband left me just for being a little too kinky for him. I am now married to a man who understands my needs as well as allowing me to fulfill them. I will begin my story with growing up at home.

I was born in a small town in USA. Mom was only seventeen when she gave birth to me. I never knew my father as we lost him in a car accident when I was only two. My mom Tammy raised me the best she could what with being a single parent. Mom worked days mostly when I was young however, in my teen years she switched to nights because it paid more. When mom worked nights, my Aunt Linda would stay with me until mom got home.

Aunt Linda was a rather wild woman who had many boyfriends as well as girlfriends. I found out about sex at school in my teen years however, I learned how to do it by watching Aunt Linda and her boyfriends. I even learned that a woman could give much pleasure to another woman when I watched Aunt Linda and another woman having sex.

I had found out a couple of years before about playing with my pussy from listening to other girls at school. I also read about playing with myself in some magazine I happened to find in our basement. The one girlfriend that I did have back then; she and I would do different things to each other like kissing and playing with our pussies together.

I was fourteen the first time I ever saw sex between a man and a woman. It happened on a Friday night. Mom was working nights and Aunt Linda was there. A little, after nine I told Aunt Linda I was tired and that I was going to go to bed. I awoke a couple hours later as I had to go to the bathroom.

When I left the bathroom, I walked out to the living room to see if Aunt Linda was still awake. She was and I saw that she was not alone. Some man was sitting next to her and they were kissing up a storm. I stayed back in the shadows watching them.

The man broke their kiss and he started to unbutton Aunt Linda’s shirt. He removed her shirt tossing it to the floor before his hands went to the hooks at her bra. Aunt Linda turned sideways as he removed her bra. Her huge tits fell from her bra bouncing and jiggling as they fell into place. Aunt Linda’s tits were round with big dark nipples jutting from her boobs. The man took his fingers and he pulled and pinched at both of her nipples.

Her nipples grew hard sticking out from her breasts. The man cupped her tits in his hand as he lowered his face to them. He gently licked at her nipples. Aunt Linda cooed and moaned as her hand went to the back of his head. She rubbed at his head pulling him tighter against her tit as the man’s mouth went around her nipple.

“Yes, suck on my tits,” Aunt Linda moaned out as the man suckled on her breasts.

My pussy started to tingle and throb under my nightshirt. I knew what to do when I felt my pussy tingling like that. I had over heard girls talking while in the locker room about rubbing their pussies. I had been rubbing mine for the last year. I left my hand drift down to my pussy, which had started to get hairy during this time. I rubbed my whole hand at the mound of my pussy. I watched the man lift his head from her tits as they kissed deeply. My aunt broke their kiss as she stood up in front of this man.

Aunt Linda pulled the man from the sofa lifting his shirt up and pulling it from his body. I ran a finger between my pussy lips when I saw his well-built chest as she slipped his shirt over his head. My aunt kissed at his chest then worked her way down over his abdomen. She fell to her knees in front of him.

“MMMmmm you’re so big,” Aunt Linda cooed as her hand rubbed at the front of his pants.

I could see the bulge pushing his pants out as she rubbed his cock through his pants. I had only ever seen pictures of a man’s penis in magazines never in real life. My aunt undid his belt then unzipped his pants. I watched very intently wanting to see my first real cock.

She tucked her thumbs into his pants and pulled them down leaving him standing there just in his boxer shorts. His hard cock was pushing the front of his boxer short far away from his body. Aunt Linda reached up and wrapped her hand around his cock pumping at his cock through his boxers.

I dipped one finger into my pussy as I stood there watching them. My fingertip slipped up into my pussy as my aunt pulled his boxers down his legs. My pussy rather convulsed onto my fingertip as I stared at his cock. It throbbed up and down as it stuck out from his body. It was much bigger than any cock I had seen in magazines. It was long maybe about nine or 10 inches with a fat mushroom shaped head on it. My aunt wrapped one then her other hand around his big cock. She pulled and pumped at his cock with both of her hands. I watched her as I fingered my pussy.

The man reached down with both his hands placing them onto the top of my aunt’s head as he said, “Suck it Linda,” “Take my cock into your sweet mouth.”

My aunt rose up onto her knees as she brought her mouth closer to his cock. Her tongue shot from her mouth running over and around just the head of his cock. She pumped at his cock with both hands as her tongue danced around the head of his cock.

I buried my finger deeper into my pussy as she took the head of his cock into her mouth. I could see her cheeks sucking in as she started to suck on just the head of his cock. My aunt removed one of her hands from his cock as her mouth slipped down his cock. She started to work her mouth up and down his cock.

The man rocked his body toward my aunt as he said, “Ahhh yeah suck it baby.”

My aunt did as he told her. I watched her cheeks going in and out, as she worked her way down his cock. She got her mouth down to her hand and started to come back up his cock with her mouth. She started to pump her hand on his cock as she backed her mouth off it.

My finger was now sliding in and out of my pussy as I watched them. I had to lean against the wall to keep my balance as I fingered my pussy. I slipped another finger up inside of my pussy when my aunt pulled her mouth off his cock. A string of pre-cum hung from her lips as she backed her mouth from his cock.

“Your cock is so big and so tasty,” Aunt Linda moaned out as her tongue twirled at the pre-cum hanging from her lips.

She took his cock once more into her mouth. She ran her mouth up and down his cock sucking at it each time as her mouth pulled up on his cock. My aunt kept working his cock with her hand as she sucked at his cock. She removed her hand and worked the rest of his cock into her mouth.

I was shocked to see her mouth pressed firmly against his pelvic area. That meant she had taken all of his cock into her mouth. She had to have taken his cock deep into her throat what with how long his cock was. Aunt Linda ran her mouth up and down the full length of his cock for some time before she pulled her mouth from his cock.

She looked up to him as she said, “Fuck me Bill give me that big cock.”

Bill reached down pulling my aunt to her feet. He kissed her deeply as their lips met. Bill broke their kiss as his hands went to the shorts she had worn. Bill pulled my aunt’s shorts and her panties down off her in one quick motion.

I saw that my aunt had a full patch of dark hair around her pussy. I also saw that her pussy lips hung down from her pussy. The man rather roughly turned and pushed her to the sofa.

“Get on your knees with your hand to the back of the sofa,” Bill said in a demanding voice.

My aunt got into position as Bill got behind her. He beat his big cock against the cheeks of her butt. Bill brought his hand to his mouth and he spat into it. His hand went down between my aunt’s legs wiping his spit into her pussy from behind. Bill took his big cock into his hand and he rubbed just the head at her pussy. My aunt squirmed back toward his cock when he did. Bill jabbed his cock forward as his hand left his cock. His cock buried deeply into her pussy from behind.

“AHHHHH SHIT,” Aunt Linda screamed out as Bill shoved his cock up her pussy.

Bill had about half his cock up her when he pulled it back then plunged it back into her pussy. My aunt moaned loudly as he did. Bill was soon pounding his cock into my aunt from behind. The room filled with slapping sounds as he rammed his cock in and out of her.

I felt my pussy twitching on my fingers when I suddenly felt as if I had to pee. I just kept digging my fingers into my pussy as I watched Bill fucking my aunt deep and hard from behind. I slipped a third finger into my pussy as I heard.

“Fuck ME HARDER,” Aunt Linda screamed out as she rocked back on his cock.

Bill placed his hands onto her hips and he plowed his cock into her pussy. Wet squishy sounds filled the room as he roughly fucked her from behind. My thighs started to shake as my own body trembled. I pulled my fingers from my pussy as a wet liquid squirted from it. I bite my tongue so my moans could not escape me. I felt warm liquid running down both my thighs, as I got weak in my knees.

“I AM GOING TO CUM,” Bill yelled out as he slammed his cock deep into Aunt Linda’s pussy.

“AHHHHHHHH,” aunt Linda moaned back.

I looked down to the carpet in the hallway where I was standing. There was a big wet spot on the rug. I was not for sure just how the wet spot had got there. I turned and ran for my bedroom. I closed the door behind me as I jumped into my bed.

I brought my fingers up to my face where I noticed just how wet they were with my juices. I licked at my fingers then shoved them into my mouth tasting pussy from them. I cleaned them off then rubbed at my pussy getting them coated again.

I lie in my bed finger fucking my pussy with my eyes closed remembering what I had just watched them doing. I used three then four fingers jabbing them in and out of my pussy thinking that had to be what his big cock felt like slamming into her pussy. My thighs started to shake again as my pussy got very wet.

“AHHhhhhh,” I moaned out as I pulled my fingers from my pussy.

My pussy twitched then shot pussy juices from it. I smacked at my pussy letting my fingers play in the liquid that was shooting from it. I brought my hand to my face where I licked at the juices dripping from my fingers.

I cleaned them as I realized the wet spot in the hallway was from my orgasm I had. I went to sleep that night as I dreamed of Bill’s huge cock fucking me from behind as he had my aunt. The next morning I found my sheets were soaking wet as if I had peed the bed during the night.

During breakfast the next morning, my mom asked Aunt Linda if our dog had peed in the hallway because she had stepped into a wet spot when she came home from work. My secret was safe because Charlie, our dog took the blamed for the wet spot in the hallway.

I was happy for the most part other than, it seemed like I was the only girl in school that did not have a father. Kids can be mean sometimes about that as I am sure some of you can relate to that. I rather kept to myself and was a loner in school. I was shy and I never really thought of myself as being beautiful I was more like that ugly duckling in the story. I had a couple of girlfriends and we would experiment on each other back then. Anytime we stayed at the others house we always found something to try. My first kiss was from a girl and a girl had played with my pussy before a boy had ever touched me. That was until I turned fifteen.

My transformation happened over the summer of 1993 when I turned fifteen. My body had been going through growing into a woman for the last year and it seemed to peak that summer. I was about 5’ 1” in height, with shapely legs as well as thighs. I had brunette hair that was curly about shoulder length. My pussy was covered in black thick hair just like my Aunt‘s. My ass was rounding, shapely and smooth as a baby’s butt.

I would have to say my best feature back then would have to be my breasts. My boobs had been growing for the past two years and they were around 36c when I was fifteen. Both my mom and my aunt had huge breasts and it looked as if I would have them too. My nipples seemed to be hard all the time. I just had started to notice that men and boys would stare at them when they were near me.

Mom, my aunt and I had just moved to a new house in a new neighborhood that summer. Aunt Linda and my mom went in together and brought a house. It was in a small town in the county. I was glad we had moved, as I hated where we lived before.

I did not know anyone in our new neighborhood. However, that was soon to change. The first person I met was the girl who lived next door. Her name was Susan however she went by Sue. The day we were moving in Sue came over and she introduced herself. Sue was the same age as I was. She had long blonde hair, about 5’ 2”; she was chunky for her size however, she was still cute.

One of the first things I noticed about Sue was her big tits. Sue had on a tank top, which showed her massive cleavage at the top of her tank top. I would find out later that her boobs were 40c. Her lovely tits jiggled and shook with each step she took. For some reason I found myself attracted to her from the first time I saw her.

Sue helped us move the last few boxes into our new home. Sue helped me unpack my clothes in my bedroom as she told me about everyone who lived near us. She also told me about the cute boys that lived near us as well. I had never been with a boy however; I had done some kissing with a girl. I was never interested in boys or girls mainly because I hated how most of them treated me all because I did not have a dad.

“We can jump on our bikes and I can give you a tour of our neighborhood,” Sue said to me.

“OK, but let me change my clothes first,” I replied.

I did not even think about undressing in front of her as I always had in front of mom and my aunt. I removed my jeans first and then my top. I walked over to my dresser pulling out a pair of shorts and a tank top like Sue had worn. I turned toward her as she sat on my bed. I saw her eyes as they looked to between my legs.

“Damn girl you’re fucking hairy,” Sue said staring at the pussy hair sticking from my panties. Sue then looked up at my tits as they hung in my bra as she added, “The boys are going to love those,” smiling at me.

I turned rather red as I slipped my panties off then I slipped my bra off exposing my tits to Sue. They rather jiggled back and forth, as I did. Sue smiled at me as I pulled my tank top over my head. The tank top had a built in bra however, it barely supported my big tits. I grabbed my shorts and slipped them up over my pussy and butt as Sue watched me.

“You’re a naughty girl not wearing any panties under your shorts,” Sue said smiling at me.

Sue went next door to get her bike as I got mine from our garage. She gave me a tour of our neighborhood. We had only gone a few blocks when we stopped at the local swimming pool.

“This is where I hang out most of the summer,” Sue said.

“Cool, I love swimming,” I replied.

“I bet you look hot in your swim suit,” Sue said smiling at me.

Sue was looking at my big tits as she told me that. In fact, she was rather staring at them as she ran her tongue over her top lips. Her eyes sorted of glassed over as she stared at my tits. I looked down to see that my nipples were hard and poking through the tank top, I had worn.

“Hey Sue,” a male voice yelled out from behind me.

I turned to see a boy about our age. He had a towel wrapped around his shoulders wearing swim trunks. He had blonde hair, blue eyes with an athletic body.

My legs tangled with my bike pedal as I turned toward him. I had to drop my bike as I fell forward toward the ground. I caught myself with my hands before I hit the ground. I had both hands on the ground bent over with my ass sticking up high into the air. I knew he could see down my top with my hands on the ground as they were as I looked up at him. I stood back up quickly staring at him.

“Damn Sue, who’s your friend?” He asked staring at my tank top.

“Fred this is Gina she just moved into the neighborhood,” Sue replied.

“Nice to meet you Gina and those,” Fred replied looking to me and pointing to my big tits.

I looked down to my chest to see what he was staring at as well as pointing too. I turned bright red when I noticed both of my tits had slipped from my tank top. I noticed Fred was smiling as I slipped them back into my tank top. I stood there red in my face with Fred still eyeing my tits in my tank top.

“FRED, stop it,” Sue yelled.

Fred smile to me as he said, “Sorry I did not mean to be staring Gina,” “But damn those are some fine tits,” as he winked at me.

I was embarrassed but also feeling tingling between my legs. I turned from Fred and looked to Sue who just smiled at me. I turned back toward Fred and that was when I noticed that he was standing there with his swimming trunks jetting out in front of him.

“Looks like you enjoyed the show, Fred,” Sue said smiling to him.

Fred covered the front of his swim suit with his towel as he asked, “You girls coming swimming later?”

“We might you never know,” Sue replied.

Fred walked over to Sue and he gave her a hug. He turned to me and he wrapped his arms around my shoulders. He hugged me tightly as I felt something jabbing me at my pussy. His boner was grinding between my legs as he hugged me. Fred rather pumped his cock against my pussy as he hugged me. I could feel my pussy start to twitch and throb as he ground his hard cock into me.

“Hope to see you again too Gina,” Fred said before he broke his hug walking away.

I turned to Sue and I asked, “Is he your boyfriend?”

“NO, just a friend who I have some fun with from time to time,” Sue replied giving me a big smile.

Sue took me around the neighborhood showing me the park and all the other spots where she told me she went for fun. I was not sure just what she meant by fun however, my pussy knew what she meant. Sue and I returned home and we went into her house.

Some man was sitting in the living room when we entered. Sue ran over to him and jumped into his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck as she gave him a big long kiss right on his lips. I watched them kissing and I swear they were swapping tongues as they did.

“Daddy this is Gina she just moved in next door,” Sue said as she got off her dad.

“Call me Steve,” Sue’s dad said as he stood up and came over to me.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me tightly against his body. His body smashed against mine as I felt his chest pressing against my boobs. His hands went to my back as he pulled me tighter against himself. I felt something big and hard brushing up between my legs. When he broke the hug, I looked down to the front of his jogging pants. He had a huge bulge sticking from the front of them. Sue grabbed my hand and we ran back to her bedroom where she closed the door.

“My daddy likes you,” Sue said smiling at me as we sat on her bed. “I am looking forward to meeting your daddy as well,” She added.

I lowered my head as I replied, “I lost my father in a car accident when I was only two.”

Sue wrapped her arm around my shoulder pulling me against her as she told me she was sorry to hear that. I explained to her that it was just me, my mom and my aunt living in the house next to them with my head still looking down. I looked up from the floor to Sue’s face, which had a look of concern on it.

Sue smiled as she said, “I will share my daddy with you.”

Sue stared into my eyes for a few seconds then she wrapped her arms around me. She pulled my face toward hers. Sue gently pressed her lips against mine. Sue kissed me lightly on my lips then pulled away as she stared into my eyes. I looked into hers as I wrapped my arms around her pulling her face back toward mine.

I kissed her deeply as our lips touched. I ran my tongue across her lips until she opened her mouth willingly to let mine inside of hers. Our tongues touched as we kissed. I felt my pussy starting to tingle as we kissed.

Sue broke our kiss as she said, “I had a feeling you liked girls,” smiling at me.

“I like boys too however I have only kissed other girls,” I replied smiling at her.

Sue looked at me as she asked, “You have never been with a boy?”

I replied, “No I had never done anything with a boy.”

Sue smiled as she said, “The boys are going to love you.”

Sue and I stayed in her room where we talked about boys and about girls. Sue removed her top and she told me that I could as well. I did and we sat there with our breasts hanging out as we talked. I felt Sue’s hands caressing at my breasts. I placed my hands to her tits rubbing my fingers lightly over her nipples. They grew hard and long as I did.

“Mmmmm your hands feel good on my tits,” Sue moaned out softly.

Sue bent down and she licked at my already hard nipples. Her tongue roamed over my nipple licking and poking at it. Sue took my nipple into her mouth as she suckled on my breast. I could feel my pussy getting wet as she sucked on my nipple. Sue pulled her mouth from my tit. I reached over cupping both my hands under her tits. I lifted them up then squeezed them together as my tongue licked at both of her nipples. Sue moaned as I dropped one of her tits from my hands. I enclosed my mouth around her tit and I started to suckle on it as she had mine.

Sue moaned softly as I felt her hand stroking at my hair as I suckled on her breast. Suddenly her door opened and out of the corner of my eye, I saw her dad standing at the door. I removed my mouth from her tit as I covered my tits with my arms and hand. Sue looked to her dad never covering her tits.

“Dinner will be ready soon,” Steve said to his daughter. He smiled at me as he added, “See if Gina would like to join us,” as he walked from her room closing the door.

Sue looked to me and she saw the frighten look in my eyes and she said, “Don’t worry about daddy he knows of my fun,” as she winked and smiled at me.

Sue slipped her shirt back on as I did. Then she asked me if I wanted to stay for dinner. I told her I could not as I should be getting back home. We walked from her bedroom to the living room. Her dad sat next to a very lovely woman. Steve stood up as we entered the room.

“Gina this is my wife Sally,” Steve said. He then turned toward Sally as he added, “Gina is Sue’s newest play thing,” as he smiled at his wife.

“DADDY,” Sue cried out as she looked to her mom.

Sally stood up and she wrapped her arms around me as she said, “Nice to meet you Gina and pay no attention to my husband,” “He is just a dirty old man,” as she hugged me.

I realized when she hugged me her tits were pressed against mine. I felt my nipples harden as her tits pushed against mine. I also felt my pussy juices started to run from my pussy.

“Nice to met you too Sally,” I replied as I broke her hug. “You will have to excuse me as I must be getting back home,” I added as I ran to their front door.

I ran home and into the house where I went into our bathroom. I sat down on the toilet thinking about my new friend Sue. I slipped my fingers to my pussy as I started to pee. My warm piss covered my fingers as they rubbed at my pussy. I slipped two fingers up into my pussy as I stopped peeing.

“AHHhhhh,” I moaned softly as I ran my fingers in and out of my pussy.

I played with my pussy with one hand as I squeezed my tits with the other. I started to pinch at my nipples as my fingers dug into my pussy. My thighs went together squeezing my hand between them. I had an orgasm as I thought about Sue, her dad Steve and her mom Sally. I licked my hands of my juices then dried my pussy with toilet paper.

I left the bathroom and went into my room. I lay down onto my bed wondering about Sue and her family. I knew what incest was and I started to think that maybe they all played together or they were just open with each other.

I started to feel my pussy twitch as I thought about them. I wanted to have Steve take my virgin pussy with that big hard cock that had pressed against me. I wanted to have fun with Sue as well as her mom. My hand drifted down between my legs however, I pulled it back sitting up in bed. What was wrong with me I wondered? I had never felt like this before. My pussy felt warm and tingly as I sat there. Why was it that I was getting so horny all the time?

My aunt and mom called for me to come help them in the kitchen. I helped them put our dishes away. It took my mind off our new neighbors at least. The three of us sat down at the kitchen table after we had put every thing away in the kitchen.

“Let’s just order a pizza for dinner,” my mom said.

“Sounds good to me maybe a hot young boy will deliver it,” Aunt Linda said.

“Girl all you think about is dick,” my mom replied with a little laugh.

“You should try it you would like it,” Aunt Linda replied smiling to her then to me.

“Linda not in front of Gina,” mom said giving her a look.

“Mom, I know what sex is,” I replied as I got up from the kitchen table.

I hate it when my mom treats me as if I was still a little girl. My aunt was not like that, as she treated me as if I was an adult. I went into the living room and flopped down onto our sofa. Mom came into the room and she sat down onto the sofa where I lie.

She rubbed her hand through my hair as she said, “Sorry Gina I forget that you are grown up sometimes.”

I sat up and I hugged her telling her it was OK. When I broke our hug mom was staring at the tank top I had worn. I looked down to see that both my nipples were rock hard and sticking out from my shirt.

“Maybe you should wear a bra with that shirt,” mom said looking at my nipples.

“Leave the girl alone sister,” Aunt Linda said as she walked into the living room. “You’re just jealous because you don’t have big boobs like hers,” she added with a little laugh.

Mom smiled at her then to me as she replied, “My boobs are just as big.”

“We will let the pizza man decide,” “I dare you to answer the door topless,” said Aunt Linda

“LINDA,” mom screamed out looking at her.

“Do it mom prove to her you are not chicken,” I said looking to her.

“I swear you two are just alike,” mom replied as she walked from the room.

My aunt stood there clucking at her like a chicken as she walked from the room. My aunt sat down beside me wrapping her arm around me. She told me not to worry about wearing a bra.

“Use those to your advantage as boys will do anything to see or touch them,” Aunt Linda said as she cuddled me in her arms.

We were sitting on the sofa together talking. She wanted to know all about our new neighbors. I told her they seemed like normal people. I did not tell her I thought they were a bunch of perverts and that I wanted to have fun with all of them. There was a knock at the door. It was the pizza man with our pizza. My aunt started to get up from the sofa when my mom came running into the living room.

“I will get that,” mom said.

I looked to my mom and saw that she had taken her shirt off as well as her bra. Mom did have some big tits on her, as she stood there topless in just her jean shorts. Her breasts swung nicely back and forth, as she walked toward the door.

I never knew my mom had such lovely breasts, as I had never seen hers. Her tits were big and round just like mine. Her nipples grew hard as she reached the door. Mom took a deep breath then opened the door.

“WOOO, here is your pizza,” The man outside the door in his forties said.

“Come in while I get you your money,” mom replied calmly to him.

The man stepped inside never taking his eyes off my mom’s tits as she went to the stand beside the door. I could see his pants starting to swell as he stared at mom’s tits. Mom was digging in her purse with her tits moving back and forth. Aunt Linda stood up and she took the pizza from him. Mom turned with money in her hand as she stepped closer to him. Mom pulled the money back to her tits as he reached for it.

“You have to tell me if my tits are nice before I can give you the money,” mom said with a little laugh.

“Lady those be the finest sets of tits that I have seen in a long time,” The pizza man replied.

Mom turned to her sister smiling then back to the man as she handed him the money. She told him to keep the change. The man stood there just staring at her tits. Mom asked him if there was something else.

“Lady when you need another pizza you just call and ask for Sam to deliver it,” Sam the pizza man said as he walked back out the door.

Mom closed the door behind him and she busted up laughing. My aunt went to her and wrapped her arms around her laughing as well. My aunt’s lips went to moms. She kissed my mom deeply and lovingly on her lips. It looked more than just a sister-to-sister kiss to me as I watched them. In fact, I believe they had exchanged some tongue while kissing. My mom broke their kiss as she looked to me.

“Gina, get some paper plates while I put my top back on,” mom said smiling at me.

I wondered about my mom and my aunt as I went into the kitchen. I had never seen them kissing like that before. I had seen and watched my aunt with other women many times before when she would watch me while mom worked. I wondered if they were lovers as well as sisters as I got the paper plates and returned to the living room. The three of us talked as we ate our pizza.

After diner, we put more stuff away and at around ten that night I told my mom and my aunt I was going to bed, as I was tired. I took a quick shower before I slipped my nightshirt on and climbed into bed. I awoke about 2 hours later hearing moaning coming from the living room.

I walked slowly down the hallway toward the living room. I stopped and from the shadows, I saw mom lying on top of Aunt Linda on the sofa. I saw that mom had her face buried between my aunt’s legs. My aunt had her face buried into my mom’s pussy from behind. They were in a sixty-nine.

“Put your fingers in my pussy,” mom moaned.

Aunt Linda removed her face as she slipped her hand up to mom’s butt. She slipped her hand to my mom’s pussy as I watched her slip a couple fingers into her pussy. Aunt Linda started to run them slowly in and out, as mom buried her face between my aunt’s legs again.

My nipples grew hard poking through my nightshirt as I watched them. My hand slipped down between my legs and up under my nightshirt. I started to rub at my pussy with the palm of my hand.

Aunt Linda started to smack at my mom’s butt with one hand as she dug at mom’s pussy with her other hand. I leaned against the wall as I slipped two fingers up into my own pussy. Mom started to rock her butt back toward my aunt’s hand as she moaned softly into my aunt’s pussy. I moved my two fingers deeper and faster in and out of my own pussy.

Mom pulled her head from between her legs as she cried out, “Give me more fuck my pussy with your hand,” before she buried her face into that pussy again.

I watched my aunt withdraw her fingers from my mom’s pussy coated with her juices. Aunt Linda licked at her fingers for a few seconds then she rather rolled her fingers and thumb together. She shoved her fingers back up into my mom’s pussy.

Mom rocked back against her hand as my aunt started to move it in and out of her. Mom was soon moaning loudly as Aunt Linda worked at her pussy. I added a finger to my own pussy when I saw that my aunt had her hand inside my mom’s pussy.

“AHHHHHHH,” mom screamed out as I saw only my aunt’s wrist sticking from her pussy.

My aunt started to take her hand in and out of her pussy. I could hear the wetness as her hand slipped in and out of mom’s pussy. My thighs started to shake as orgasm came over my body.

“EAT my pussy,” Aunt Linda yelled out as she moved her hand around inside of my mom’s pussy.

I heard mom moan and Aunt Linda moan as I bit my tongue so they would not hear me moaning. My pussy juices encased my fingers as I dug them deeper into my pussy. Aunt Linda removed her hand from my mom’s pussy.

I watched my mom’s pussy juices squirting into my aunt’s face as mom’s head squirmed between my aunt’s legs. All three of us had orgasm at the same time. I hurried back to my bedroom so they would not know I had been watching them.

I climbed back into my bed where I fell right to sleep. The next morning I dressed and went into the kitchen. I found Aunt Linda sitting alone at the table.

“Where is mom?” I asked as I sat down.

“She got called into work,” Aunt Linda replied.

“She was supposed to have a few days off,” I said.

“I know but I think her boss just can’t work without her being there,” Aunt Linda replied smiling at me. “I will make you some breakfast,” she added as she got up from the table.

When my aunt stood up the robe she had on came untied. Her big heavy tits fell into view as well as the hairy patch of hair covering her pussy. I stared at her tits and at her pussy as I just sat there.

“Why stare Gina you saw a lot more last night?” Aunt Linda asked as she smiled at me.

I got a worried look on my face as Aunt Linda added, “Don’t worry I did not tell your mom you were watching us,” as she walked over to me.

Aunt Linda’s big tits swung side to side as she walked toward me. She bent down as she kissed me on my lips. Her lips rolled on mine as I kissed her back. Aunt Linda broke our kiss as she rose up and pulled my face between her tits. My face snuggled against one of her tits. I gently licked at her nipple with my tongue.

“So you have been with a woman already,” Aunt Linda said as she stepped back from me.

“Yes a few times,” I replied not wanting her to know what I had done.

Aunt Linda walked toward the refrigerator as she said, “Your mom and I have been having fun together since we were your age.”

I sat there as she made me breakfast listening to how her and mom had become lovers. Aunt Linda told me that they were not lesbians but that they were bisexual in that they both enjoyed men as well as other women. She also told me that my mom had hidden it from me because she thought I would not understand.

“I understand mom turned to you when she lost my dad,” I said. “I know what not having him around feels like,” I added lowering my head to the kitchen floor.

“Child your daddy would have loved you as much as he loved your mom.” “He was a good man and we all miss him,” Aunt Linda replied as she wiped a tear then placed my breakfast down in front of me.

We talked as I ate my breakfast. We talked about mom as well as the father I did not know. The whole time we talked my aunt did not close her robe up nor did she cover those big tits. When I finished my breakfast, my aunt smiled at me.

“I would ask you to join me in the shower however I promised your mom I would leave you be until you were eighteen,” Aunt Linda said with a smile. “Lets just keep our little talk between us as well,” she added as she walked from the kitchen.

I cleaned my plate in the sink as I thought about mom and my aunt being lovers. I also thought about her telling me that they both liked men as well. I knew my aunt did as I have seen her with other men. However, I have never seen my mom with a man other than pictures of her and my dad.

There was a knock on our door so I went to see who it was. It was Sue so I invited her into our house. We sat in the living room talking and she asked me if I wanted to go swimming when the pool opened.

“I will have to ask my aunt if it’s OK,” I said.

“You will have to ask me what?” Aunt Linda asked as she entered the room.

We both turned to see her wrapping her robe back around her body. I saw the smile come to Sue’s face when she had seen my aunt’s nude body under her robe. I got up from the sofa and walked to my aunt.

“Aunt Linda this is Sue she lives next door,” I said. “She wants me to go swimming with her today,” I added.

“Nice to met you Sue,” Aunt Linda replied smiling at Sue. She turned to me as she added, “You go have fun I can finish unpacking.”

“Thanks Aunt Linda,” I said as I hugged her.

Before I broke our hug, I gave her a deep long kiss on her lips just like Sue had done to her dad. I was shocked when I felt my aunt’s tongue entering my mouth. Her tongue danced in my mouth as I felt my pussy start to twitch.

My aunt broke our kiss as she said, “Child you have better get out of here before I change my mind,” smiling at me.

I looked to Sue who just sat there smiling at both of us. I grabbed her hand and we ran back to my bedroom. I had no sooner closed the bedroom door than Sue flopped down onto my bed.

“So you and your aunt are doing it,” Sue said smiling at me. I looked at her as she added, “It’s OK family fun is cool.”

Sue went on to tell me that she has been having fun with her mom and dad for more than two years. Sue told me that her dad had made her a woman when she turned fifteen. She told me that the family that plays together stays together.

“I am still a virgin as I have only had fun with other girls,” I said to her as we sat on my bed.

“I am sure my dad would help you become a woman as well,” Sue replied smiling at me.

I sat there with my pussy twitching at the idea of him taking me. He rather reminded me of that man Bill I had seen my aunt with before. I had to squeeze my thighs together as I wondered if he had a big cock as Bill did. My pussy throbbed even more when I heard Sue.

“I will ask him tonight when he gets home from work,” Sue said.

“What about your mom?” I asked.

“Oh she will help too, we all will help,” Sue replied wrapping her arms around me.

Sue pulled me down onto my bed as our lips touched. Her tongue parted my lips as she slipped it deeply into my mouth. Sue rather rolled over on top of me as she kissed me deeply. I was still only dressed in my nightshirt. Sue broke our kiss and her hands grabbed at my nightshirt. Sue pulled my nightshirt up and off my body. I lay in the nude before her.

Sue‘s hands went to my breasts as she said, “Damn girl you do have some big tits,” as she cupped them with her hands.

Sue leaned down and she started to kiss at my boobs. She kissed across the top of them working her mouth down to my nipples. My nipples were hard even before her tongue touched them. Sue used her tongue to lick at my nipples. She ran her tongue around them tickling my tits with her tongue.

“AHhhh Sue that feels good,” I moaned out looking at her.

Sue removed her tongue from my nipples as she replied, “I know something else that will feel good,” before she kissed her way down toward my pussy.

Sue parted my legs when her face got to my pussy. I pulled my legs even further apart spreading them wide for her. Sue placed her hands onto my thighs as she kissed at my pussy. My pussy was already wet however; it got even juicier as she kissed at my pussy lips. Sue just up and buried her face into my hairy pussy.

I felt her tongue stabbing up inside of it. Sue’s hand pushed my thighs up as she started to rub her whole face into my pussy. My pussy tingled and then twitched as I felt her mouth taking my clit into her mouth.

“AHHhhhhh I think I have to pee,” I cried out pushing at Sue’s head with my hands.

Sue did not stop nor move from between my legs. Instead, I felt her sucking at my pussy. Then I felt her slipping a finger up inside of me. Sue sucked at my clit as she rubbed her finger deeply up inside my pussy.

“I CAN’T HOLD IT Ahhhh,” I screamed out as my thighs shook wildly.

My whole body felt strange as if I was tingling all over. I felt my pussy convulsing then it felt as if I was peeing. I tried to push Sue’s head away however; it felt good so instead I pulled her face tightly against my pussy.

“AHHHHhhh FUCK,” I screamed out as I bucked my pussy against Sue’s face as fluids gushed from it.

I finally left go of her head as I started to come back down to earth. Sue was lapping at my pussy. Her tongue was running up and down between my open pussy lips. I looked down to see her face was wet with my pussy juices.

Sue pulled her head from between my legs as she said, “Damn girl you squirt harder than my mom does.”

“Sorry about that I tried to warn you,” I replied.

I sat up in the bed as Sue sat up as well. Sue wrapped her arms around me pulling my face into her wet face. Sue kissed me deeply as I kissed her back. I was surprised her face did not smell like pee. In fact, it rather smelled nice to me and I licked at the wet drops on her face.

“You will have to return the favor another day as I am on my period,” Sue said to me. “Unless you’re a vampire that is,” Sue added with a little laugh.

“UGHHh no,” I replied as I hugged her. “Thanks Sue I have never felt like that before,” I whispered in her ear as we hugged.

“Put your swim suit on and meet me at my house with your bike,” Sue said as she got off the bed.

I watched her walk from my room as if nothing had happened. I sat there feeling strange then I realized I was feeling my first touch of love. I knew I was going to be very good friends with Sue.

I slipped my red bikini on and checked myself out in the mirror. My tits hung out over the top well. I also noticed that if I moved my legs the right way you could see some of my hair around my pussy. I slipped a tee shirt over my bikini before I walked out of my bedroom. I went into the kitchen to find Aunt Linda unpacking our dishes, I went to her and I asked her if she was sure, she did not want me to help her. Aunt Linda turned and she smiled at me.

“No you go have fun with your new friend.” “Here is some money in case you need something,” Aunt Linda said handing me a five-dollar bill before she returned to unpacking.

I grabbed a towel and went out to my bike. I rode it over to Sue’s house. She was coming outside as I pulled up her driveway. Sue had on a long tee shirt like mine, which covered her body so I did not know if she had on a one piece or was wearing a bikini like mine. We rode our bikes to the pool.

Once at the pool we walked inside and Sue took me over to a group of teens my age. There were four boys and another girl sitting on their towels when we walked up to them. One of the boys was Fred who I had met the other day.

“Gang this is Gina she just moved next door to me,” Sue said to them.

Sue introduced them all to me. Let me see if I can remember their names. The boys were Sam, Greg and Frank and the other girl’s name was Marsha. They all told me hi other than Marsha who came walking over to me.

Marsha was a skinny little thing with long blonde hair. She had no tits that I could see as she wore a one-piece swimsuit. She did have a pretty face, which did not match her rather flat body.

“Nice to meet you Gina,” Marsha said as she wrapped her arms around me.

Once again, I felt her smashing herself against my tits. Everyone in this town was pressing themselves against my tits all the time I thought as she hugged me. Marsha smiled at me as she broke our hug.

“Sue sure was right when she told us all how beautiful you were,” Marsha said as she walked away.

“YEAH Gina your fucking hot,” Fred yelled.

“FRED, she is so out of your league,” Sam said to him with a laugh.

I started to blush standing there until Sue said, “You boys leave her alone she is with me today,” as she smiled at me.

Sue pulled her shirt up over her head. She had on a dark blue one-piece suit. It was very low cut and you could see half of each of her big tits. The boys all stared at her tits as they shook from side to side as she tossed her shirt to the ground. I stood there with my arms wrapped in front of me wishing I had worn a one piece as well.

Sue looked at me as she asked, “Your not going to swim in your tee shirt are you?”

I shook my head no, as I pulled my tee shirt up over my head. I tossed it to the ground next to my towel. I turned to the others to find them all staring at me. People had never stared at me as they were doing. I looked around and I noticed many older men were staring at me as well. I looked down to my top to make sure my dam tits had not fallen out when I removed my tee shirt.

I looked back to the gang as I asked, “What is it to revealing?” As I cover my boobs with my arms.

“You guys all owe me five bucks,” Fred said to the other boys. “I told them you would be in a bikini,” Fred added looking toward me and smiling.

The other boys were digging into their wallets as Sue came over to me. She told me not to pay them any attention as they all thought I was just about the hottest babe in town now. Sue grabbed my hand and she led me down to the water.

We waded in slowly as the water was a little cold. Sam, Greg and Fred came running into the water splashing the cold water up all over us. Sue and I just dove into the water as they did. We all tossed a beach ball around for a while until Sam swam over to me.

“Care to get on my shoulder and take on Fred and Sue,” Sam asked.

I looked to see Fred going under Sue and then surfacing with her on his shoulders. I told Sam that I would. He dove under my legs however he dove straight forward running his face right into my pussy. I screamed as I pushed his head from between my legs.

Sam surfaced as he said, “Sorry about that let me try it from behind,” as he dove under the water.

Sam swam between my legs however; he also felt my ass up as he did. He finally surfaced with me up on his shoulders. The boys were in about neck high water as they walked toward each other. Sue and I interlocked hands as we pushed at each other. Our tits jiggled and shook as we tried to push the other from the boy’s shoulders.

Sue finally got the best of me and pushed me from Sam’s shoulders. We laughed as we stood together. Sam told me that no one has ever beat Sue and Fred but that I had given them the best fight yet.

“Let’s go lie in the sun,” Sue said grabbing my hand.

We all started to walk up toward our towels. As we got into thigh high water, I looked back to the fronts of the boys swimming trunks. They both had boners sticking from them. I whispered into Sue’s ear that I think the boys like us. We both turned back to them and we both gave a little laugh as we pointed to the front of their swim trunks.

Sue said, “You two have better put those away,” as she pointed to their hard cocks.

The boys dove back into deeper water as Sue and I busted up laughing. Sue and I walked up to our towels where we dried off then sat down onto our towels. I rubbed suntan lotion onto Sue’s back then she started to rub some onto mine. As she did, I noticed a rather cute older man in his thirties watching my tits bounce and staring at them as Sue rubbed lotion onto my back.

Sue noticed him as well and she whispered into my ear, “Let’s give him something to stare at.”

I leaned back to her as I replied, “I guess so if you say so.”

I felt Sue untying my top with her fingers. I looked back to see that the man was still staring at me. Well he was staring at my tits not at me. When Sue had the strings untied, my big tits whether just fell out of my top. I sat up straight as I looked right at the man staring at me.

My little red top was now above my tits as they hung out for him to see. I looked around to see that no one else was watching. I ran my hand up to my nipples where I rolled them between my thumb and fore finger. The man smiled at me as my nipple grew hard. I gave him a little wink before I put the girls away again.

Sue leaned against me as she whispered, “You are a real slut,” as her tits pressed into my back.

I looked back to the man who was laying on his back now. His hard cock was pushing his trunks from his body. I felt my pussy start to tingle as I looked at the boner in his trunks. Sue finished rubbing lotion onto my back and she told me to rub some of her front.

I squirted some lotion onto my hands and placed them just below her neckline. I ran my hands in little circles rubbing the lotion in as I moved my hands down toward her chest. Sue’s big tits were sticking half way out of her swimsuit. I massaged the lotion deeper into the upper parts of her tits. I managed to slip my thumbs down her top and massage her nipples with them while rubbing the lotion into her upper tits.

“MMmmmm girl you are making me horny,” Sue said softly as she lay back onto her towel. “Rub some onto my legs as well,” Sue added.

I squirted some lotion onto her legs and massaged it into her thighs running my hands up against her pussy through her swimsuit. Sue moaned as she parted her legs further apart. I massaged down her legs then got between them massaging the lotion back up her legs. I would brush the sides of my hands into her swimsuit-covered pussy as I rubbed the lotion in on her inner thighs. I ran my fingers lightly over the front of her pussy covered by her swimsuit. Sue raised her head staring down my bikini top as I did.

Sue smiled as she said, “Girl you have better stop before you go to far.”

Sue was right after all, I could not do anything else what with all the people around. I laid down with her soaking up the sun. I thought about how horny I was and wondered what had came over me or possessed me to do what I have been doing with her. We lay together in the sun for a while until the boys joined us.

Sue sat up and she grabbed Fred’s hand as she said, “Come swim with me.”

Sue and Fred ran to the water leaving me with Sam, Greg, Frank and Marsha. Sam sat down next to me, as did Greg. Frank and Marsha sat next to us holding hands. I figured they were boyfriend and girlfriend.

“She is out there fucking Fred,” Marsha said looking to the water.

I sat up as I looked to them in the water. Sue had her arms around his neck and they were kissing. I could also see that Sue was rocking against Fred in the water. I do believe that they were fucking. I looked toward Sam to see that he was not looking toward the water. Instead, he was looking down my top. I glanced toward Greg to see his eyes were also on my tits.

I looked to Sam and then to Greg as I asked, “Is there some place we could go and I will give you both a better view of my tits?”

They both jumped to their feet as each of them grabbed my hands. They both jerked me to my feet. When they did, my tits shook and jiggled in my bikini top as I stood up between them. Marsha looked over at me and she smiled.

As we walked away, I heard Marsha say to Frank, “She might be a bigger slut than Sue.”

Greg and Sam walked me behind the concession stand at the pool. There was a little spot behind it with a picnic table. A wooden fence ran next to it and back up against the building making there only one way in and no one could see us back there. Sam told Greg to stand guard as he walked me to the picnic table.

Once at the picnic table Sam threw his arms around me and started to kiss me. His kisses were rough and at the same time, his hands were all over my tits. Sam squeezed at my tits through my top. He also pinched and pulled at my nipples through my bikini top. I broke his kiss and pushed his hands from my tits.

“Hey they are attached you know,” I said to him.

“Sorry Gina I got carried away,” Sam replied.

I smiled at him as I pulled my top up over my tits. My tits bounced down into his view. Sam just stood there looking at them with his mouth hanging open. I reached out and grabbed his hand placing it onto my tit.

“Rub your hand gently over my tit,” I said moving his hand with mine.

I showed him how to tease my nipple with his fingers. I told him to use his other hand the same way on my other tits. I leaned back against the edge of the picnic table as Sam played with my tits. Sam soon had both my nipples hard.

“Take your tongue and lick at my nipples,” I said to Sam.

Sam stepped forward and leaned his face against my nipple. He flicked his tongue across one then the other. I ran my hand down between my legs and rubbed at my pussy. I pressed a finger hard against my pussy pushing a bit of my bottom into my pussy. I ran my finger between the fold of my pussy lips as Sam went to sucking on my tits. Sam sucked at one tit then the other. I moved my hand from my pussy to the front of his swim trunks. I wrapped my hand around his hard cock grabbing it through his swim trunks. I pumped at it as I had seen my Aunt do to a cock many times.

“AHHhh shit Gina,” Sam cried out backing away from me.

I looked to the front of his red swim trunks as a dark stain formed. Sam had shot a load into his swim trunks. Sam turned a little red and looked to the ground then he turned and went to Greg.

“Your turn and I will watch for anyone coming,” Sam said to Greg as he walked over to him hiding the front of his swim trunks with his hands.

Greg came over and he stared at my tits. I told him to ahead and touched them. Greg did just that he took a finger from both hands and flicked them over my hard nipples. I felt my pussy start to leak fluid of its own when he did.

Greg leaned near my ear as he asked, “Can I touch your pussy Gina?”

I did not answer him. Instead, I grabbed his hand in mine and I pushed them both down the front of my bikini bottom pushing his hand against my pussy. Greg ran his finger along my pussy lips then he ran his finger between my pussy lips.

“Your pussy is so hairy and so wet,” Greg said as I felt him poke his finger up inside of my pussy.

“AHhhhh,” I moaned out as I grabbed his hand with mine. “Just keep your finger straight and I will do the rest,” I added.

I started to take Greg’s finger in and out of my pussy with my hand on his. I started to rock my hips toward his finger each time I drove it back up my pussy. My pussy stated to suck at his finger as I left go of his hand. Greg kept taking his finger in and out of my pussy on his own.

I reached over and pulled his swim trunks down over the bulge in them. I was looking at my first cock as it came into view. It was hard and dancing in front of me. His cock was maybe five inches or so but to me it looked big. I ran my fingertip over the head of his cock feeling something wet and gooey leaking from his cock.

I wrapped my hand around his cock that fit perfectly in my hand. I started to pump my hand up and down on his cock. Greg stopped moving his finger in and out of my pussy.

“Don’t stop finger my pussy,” I said as I rocked toward his hand. “Put two fingers in me,” I moaned as I pumped at his cock.

Greg did as I had told him. He slipped two fingers up inside my pussy. He moved them back and forth at the same pace my hand pumped at his cock. I felt my thighs start to shake and his cock throbbed in my hand. I squeezed harder on his cock as I pumped at it with my hand. I moaned softly as I had a small orgasm on his fingers.

“AHHHHh GINA,” Greg yelled out loudly.

I looked to his cock to see it jerk two or three times. His cock started to shoot clear sticky stuff from it as I pumped on it. Some landed on my thighs but most ran down my hand. I left go of his cock and Greg grabbed it with his own hand. Greg pumped at it some more getting even more fluid from it.

Greg stopped pulling on his cock and he slipped it back into his swim trunks. He turned and walked to Sam and they both looked to me. I was wiping his cum from my hand onto the picnic table. They both came over to me and they each gave me a kiss onto my cheeks of my face.

“Thanks Gina and welcome to the gang,” they both said to me before they ran off leaving me there.

I was just getting my tits back into my top when a man walked around the corner. It was the man who I had flashed earlier when sue was rubbing lotion on me. I stood there looking at him not knowing whether to scream or just run. I looked down to see that his cock was pushing his swimtrunks from his body as I smiled at him.

The man looked around then at me as he asked, "Miss could I get a little of what they were getting?"

To be continued in the next Chapter.

That was my first time of ever being with a boy and I had two of them and now I also had a stranger wanting some of me as well. I rather enjoyed myself that day with Sam and Greg. I was sure I would have more fun with them as summer was just beginning. I will be continuing my story in the coming chapters about how I became the slut I am today.

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