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A wife in Jail has some hard times
This was written while on a long vacation on a cell phone pardon any typos.

2080 New Vegas was created in the foothills above Los Angeles. Indian land that was once a national forest and returned to the tribes. One hundred casinos built in four years. Mega Vegas, Super Vegas, and many more were built across the United States. Debts, insolvency all related to gambling debt became a national epidemic.

2085 congress passed laws to protect and preserve the rights of the Indian Gaming Tribes (The biggest political force in the nation.)

Gambling debts were criminalized as well as most actions that were considered torts or civil actions. Desert work farms and sweat shops sprang up in the following years to capitalize on free labor.

2087 Debt crimes were expanded to allow family members to complete sentences for violators. This law was called "Save the Family" law. Keeping debtors out of jail to provide for the children or other family members (and keeping the debts high enough to sustain the work force needed.)

Chapter one.

2095. Candice was at her work when they came for her. Her husband Greg followed them inside loudly thanking her for agreeing to take the time for him. Candice asked what the hell was going on as the collection officers handcuffed her.

One of the officers explained that since she had voluntarily agreed to complete the debt sentence of her husband but had failed to surrender at the appointed time they were collecting her. She now has two more weeks added to her sentence of ninety days at the Nokia Women's Correctional Facility in Hemet California.

Candice became angry and starts yelling that she never signed any forms and this was total bullshit. Greg never said they were in gambling debt and only told her that he won money.

Candice was searched. The supervising officer noted her red hair and exquisite face then her huge bust and ample ass. Pretty female convicts were prized possessions which he could use in many ways. He owed someone a favor and she could very well repay it for him.

The sentence transfer papers were brought up on his tablet and compared with her signature. Candice saw Greg's evil bitch mother's hand writing signing her name. She was shocked when she was told the signatures were too close to be a fake.

Candice was driven to the downtown collection facility and transferred to a bus. Prior to boarding the bus Candice was moved out of line and shoved to a corner. The same supervising officer that approved her custody pushed her against the cinder block wall. He pulled up her blouse and flipped up her bra releasing her large strawberry tipped e-cup breasts.

He took out a pen and wrote on her left breast, across her pink areola. "Jeff, enjoy. We are even?" He then made a smiley face with the round nipple as a nose. He roughly pushed her tits back into the big bra and let her blouse down.

The bus ride to Hemet was hot and humid. Candice still looked stunning even though her mascara had run down under her eyes. They herded the convicts off the bus and lead them inside for processing.

She was laser stamped with a bar code in three places, on the back of each hand and the center of her of her chest just below the collar bone line. This "first timer" laser stamp was designed to disappear after six months. Repeat convicts got a permanent stamp.

Jeff's heads up display lit up advising there was a coded personal message waiting. "Jeff: lot 57, item #820145. Just about a perfect bed warmer for you. Ryan."

Jeff is a senior supervisor at the Nokia Women's Work Farm in Hemet. Because of the flood of convicts working the fields and the concern for the officers having to work long hours, each officer was allowed to have a trustee work in their domicile as a domestic servant specifically stating 'spouse type duties'. Nokia's official position in correctional policy encourages corporal punishment of convicts as needed in order to decrease wasteful and time consuming paper work, processing and trials. Sentenced time could be added/subtracted after proper review and is entirely under the direction of corporate. Overcrowding was taken out of the hands of the government.

Nokia built one of several super-farm complexes in Hemet California because the land was free. Hemet gave them the land in hopes of landing jobs and taxes (after 20 years of being tax free.) The complex included eight hundred housing units for the employees. They started at one room flats and graduated to large two bedroom penthouses for high ranking officials.

Jeff ran the custody file on #820145. Red hair was a plus. From the capture photo this one was a real looker. Medical scan results were all healthy. Special notes: breasts and buttocks "+".

Jeff is a big man, six foot three and two hundred fifty pounds. He is a dominant leader type but he has a weakness. It was large pendulous breasts on beautiful women. Lots of women have large breasts but few beautiful women have large pendulous breasts. Beautiful women with those types of breasts were always sexually exciting to Jeff. It must have been something in his formative years. It was hard to say exactly where it came from but none the less he was afflicted badly. Nothing excited him more. He also enjoyed beating people.

Jeff also liked red headed women (dark red) and full large buttocks. Being a mild sadist, a large round ass was perfect to turn red spanking. Jeff commanded the system to seek/locate #820145. She was located in the shower. Dark long full red hair, magazine quality beautiful face. Huge tits that hung natural and perfectly, Full round ass. Yes, yes, and yes.

She was scrubbing her left tit. A smiley face was clear. Jeff backed up the video to see what it said before the washing. "Jeff, enjoy. Are we even?" That Ryan was so very considerate!

Candice looked for the basket where she had been made to put her clothes however her clothing had been gathered and run to the incinerator. Infestation prevention was paramount. Candice was issued a thin yellow jump suit and a pair of cheap rubber shower shoes. She dressed in the only thing she could.

Jeff had her culled and re-routed to an interview room. She sat and waited on the edge of tears.

Jeff entered, walked to a chair and sat down, not looking at her. He looked over her file and after five minutes began. "Your incarceration is valid. Your husband owes $374,000 and was convicted as a debt violator six weeks ago. Five weeks ago you signed and submitted the sentence transfer application. Two weeks ago it was approved and then you failed to surrender yourself." Candice cried "I didn't sign anything!" Jeff could see that the signatures weren't even close to the same handwriting but he wasn't going to let this tail get away.

"Candice, let me show you what life has in store for you for the next one hundred and four days." He then started a video file on the video wall showing women working in the hot sun and sleeping on the ground. Their beautiful soft hands turned scarred and bleeding. A cute young girl's face and after 90 days of working in the Hemet sun, burnt, blistering, infected cracked and missing teeth. A video clip ran of some prisoners fighting over a hair brush. One woman was beaten bloody, stripped naked and thrown into a ditch.

"Candice, from looking at you, I don't think you were made for this kind of life. We have a trustee program. If you are interested I could try to get you into it. You would stay inside the air-conditioning. Do simple housekeeping chores and domestic service. Are you interested?"

Candice was still looking at the girl with the missing teeth when she said "yes! God yes!" Jeff replied "Fine then. I'll try to see that you don't miss your husband too much." Candice not listening said "Thank you! thank you!"

Candice put her arms across her chest to stop the swaying under the thin clothing. She was led out to the hallway where an officer brought her a few forms to sign. The Trustee's Agreement of Understanding's first line stated Nokia agrees to reduce the sentenced time by half under the following conditions...blah blah blah. There was a likeness release and video release. Candice thought 'Half the time off! Yes! Get home and surprise that ass I'm married to.'

She signed the forms and was taken to a break room where she was told to help herself to coffee, fruit or anything she wants. Her officer would be along in a couple of hours to take her to his apartment.

The officer witnessed the forms and fed them into a mainframe archive. They were certified, legalized and in effect as soon as the paper hit the rollers. He then said smiling "Congratulations, you are the best looking bed warmer we have ever had." Candice thought 'bed warmer' that sounds cute.

Chapter Two

Jeff was advised that his bed warmer was ready for pick up at break room C12. He had one last appointment and one last report review then he would get her.

Roger Hensley was a young officer with a personal problem. He arrived on time and said he needed advise from experience. His bed warmer was getting hard to control. She was resisting orders. She refused to position herself as instructed. He said he was ready to send her out to the fields but feels it is such a waste. She is only 19 years old; she is petite and waif like. Her skin is flawless and her long blond hair makes her just so beautiful.

Jeff asked "So, no sex or bad sex?" Roger said that is wasn't good sex. Jeff thought it over. Roger certainly needed to dominate his warmer. He told him that she was too young when he had picked her. She is still a kid and thinks she can pussy whip any man interested in her ass. "You need to take control, break her then rebuild her the right way."

Jeff suggested he write a infestation report on her. Head lice can be hard to treat. Tell her it's her punishment and then shave her head. Then give her 100 strong corrections with a #5 paddle. After a time to see if she has her head right you may have to have her tattooed. Prison tattoos are almost expected and will raise no questions. Tell her you are going to tattoo "ass slut" and "love Dick" on her neck if she doesn't get her head right. Beat her tits anytime she displays anything wrong.

"She knows you like her and she thinks you will bend around her finger to get her pussy. It's time to slam her pride and humble that bitch. She isn't your sweet little girlfriend that plays head games."

Roger’s eyes opened wide with understanding. "Thanks Jeff. I owe you one brother." Roger almost ran out of his office.

Jeff then went to the break room and got Candice. She was surprised that the guy who told her about the trustee program ended up getting her as his house cleaner.

He took her to his apartment. It was a middle ranking unit on the top of ’C’ unit on the third floor. It was a one bedroom with a big balcony overlooking visitor's parking. Nothing feminine inside the residence. He toured the apartment showing her where the cleaning supplies, kitchen and laundry where located. He took her to the bathroom and then his bedroom. Candice asked where she would sleep.

Jeff pointed to the tile floor of the bathroom and said she could sleep here. He then added that other locations might be arraigned. But for right now she needs to give back the yellow jump suit. She needs to get into her new uniform. He handed her an oversized men's pajamas top with the top three buttons missing.

Candice went into the bathroom took off her farm clothes and put on the silk top. It fell to her upper thighs. Candice gave the yellow suit to Jeff and asked where the rest was. "That's it. Get out here." Jeff saw her tits sway as he pulled her out of the bathroom.

She tried to pull away and yelled "stop it!" that was a big mistake. Jeff pulled her hands together as she fought. He handcuffed her and led her to the center of the living room. He raised her cuffs to a snap hook hanging from a cable attached to a bolt in the ceiling.

Jeff's face was getting red. He calmly unbuttoned her top and raised the hem to the snap hook and stuffed part of it though the opening. Candice was standing naked in the center of the room with her hands bound above her head. Jeff fastened a ball gag around her neck and then slapped her across the face.

Candice was dazed and Jeff easily put the ball into her mouth without her biting at his fingers. Jeff was feeling the adrenaline and quickly grabbed a #2 paddle (ping pong type) and started to slap at Candice's ass. He beat her white soft ass with the paddle quickly. Candice screamed into her gag at the top of her lungs.

Jeff stopped and let her recover. He waited five minutes and then said "NEVER" slapping her red right ass cheek. Candice screamed again. "DISOBEY" slap "ME" slap "AGAIN" slap. Jeff then said "DO" slapping the paddle onto her left breast. Candice whole body shook, tears streamed down her face. "YOU" slap to right breast "UNDERSTAND" left "ME?" Right.

Jeff's rage was subsiding. Candice nodded her head violently up and down. He pulled the gag from her mouth and calmly told her she was to obey him 100% of the time. At any time for any reason he could legally beat, bind and/or hurt her in any way he wanted. She whispered "ok."

He un-handcuffed her then led her over to the kitchen table. He lifted her up and onto the table top.

He told her to stay and took a razor from the bathroom along with shaving cream. Candice got very scared but didn't dare move from the table. Her heart was racing, tits and ass were stinging.

Jeff again told her to never disobey him again! He told her that the convicts were all full of bugs and lice. He didn't want lice in his living quarters and he was going to shave her to make sure she was clean. Candice thought he was going to shave her head and started to cry again. She was relieved when he pulled her thighs open. She realized her pussy was getting the razor. These regulations were intense here.

Candice discovered that getting a pussy shave by force after a beating was exciting her. Her pussy began to lubricate as Jeff lathered her whole pussy and started to shave her. He quickly took all the big areas of hair and then reached inside her vulva to grab a lip.

Her hard clitoris was bumped by his fingers. These stimuli lead to more lubrication and knee jerks. Jeff bumped her clitoris several more times and shaved her entire pussy. He told her to hold her knees up high by her face so he could shave around her asshole too. Candice was embarrassed to have to hold herself open like this for a man she met one hour ago. She was too afraid not do as told. She lay back on the kitchen table and held her knees tight while the man carefully shaved her virgin asshole.

Jeff reapplied the lather to her asshole and put his right index finger on the center of her anus. He worked the finger slowly inside her ass. Wiggling his finger and sawing it in and out of her butt. He asked her if she had anal sex before. He started to make wide circles inside her ass and tucked another finger inside.

Candice told him she had never had anal sex, breathing hard. Jeff said he would be careful. He then eased his fingers out of her slightly stretched asshole. He wiped her crotch with a moist towel and told her to keep holding her knees. Jeff sat in a chair at her spread vagina and opened her vulva with his thumbs. He put his nose next to her clitoris and then suddenly took her whole clitoris inside his mouth.

Candice said "Oh, don't. Please don't. I can't! ... My pussy is on ... Fire. I ..." Jeff was sucking her pussy hard and fast. Her clitoris was big and red. Her juices flowed like a bad faucet. Jeff reached up and took hold of her magnificent boobs. He pinched her nipples between thumb and forefinger. Rolling them roughly and then pinching them hard.

Candice’s orgasm started when the pinch turned rough and sadistic. She was shoving her pussy up into his open mouth. "Uhhh fuck I'm cummin!" Candice yelled. Her whole body tensed as the pain of her nipples and the sweet pleasure of Jeff's mouth on her wet and throbbing cunt sent her over the edge. She knew that this man was going to take her anyway he wanted. He was going to fuck her and hit her and fuck her some more. She wanted his cock inside her.

Candice sobbed " please,.. please." Jeff sat back from her pussy and admired his work. No hair and now very swollen. Jeff heard a noise and looked over to the door of his apartment. There stood Roger and his bald headed bed warmer.

Chapter Three

Roger said "I knocked but you didn't answer. Door was unlocked. Man, does that new one cum hard! This dumb bitch doesn't know how to cum." His bed warmer smiling at Jeff said "I want to, maybe your boss could teach me how."

Her eyes were red from crying. Jeff's guess was that she got a haircut right after Roger left his office. He wondered if she had gotten the flogging suggested, she seemed too cheerful. Candice sprang up and stood behind Jeff holding her top closed and down.

Jeff asked "what happened to your hair baldy" she replied "some bitch reported that I had lice. I don't! Never did. I'm clean!" At the last part she clutched her crotch to include that her pussy was clean too.

Jeff said "OK, bed warmer. Turn around. Let me see your ass." She immediately turned around and lifted her pajamas top to show her little round butt. Not a mark on it. She smiled over her shoulder and wiggled her ass at Jeff. She felt he was admiring her and possibly wanted to fuck her.

Candice thought 'What the fuck? Is this kid really trying this shit? This is my officer." Jeff told Roger "maybe tomorrow after you do the second half of our discussion I'll show you what to do." She smiled and batted her fake eyelashes. Roger didn't move.

Jeff then knew Roger didn't have the will to correct his bed warmer as he needed to. Jeff said "On second thought. Tomorrow our two houses will have a party after work. Bring a six pack of import beer and we'll sort this out. Now get out and lock that door, I'm going to use my bed warmer now."

Jeff turned Candice around and lifted her top up onto her shoulders. He dropped his pants and spread her cheeks. He looked back at the door to see Roger pulling his smiling bed warmer away her eyes locked on his cock.

The door closed and Jeff fit his cockhead to Candice's still somewhat wet vagina. He used his hand to slap her ass three times to each cheek and found that her cunt was totally drenched again. "Hold your ass cheeks open, help me get inside you, your cunt feels nice and tight. I guess your spouse has an extra small penis, or didn't he fuck you?" Candice could only shake her head back and forth.

As Jeff sawed his cock in and out of Candice's bent forward pussy he said into her ear "It doesn't matter does it? I'm going the fuck you every day you are here. Your cunt will be twice as big as the day you carried it in here. You are going to get ass fucked and you'll suck my cock when you aren't cooking, cleaning and washing for me."

Jeff continued to fuck Candice and after fifteen minutes he said in her ear again "Candice." She glanced at him. Concentrating on what his penis was doing. "You know it’s all true, what I just told you." Candice glanced again at him and nodded quickly then whispered "Yes" Biting her lower lip.

Jeff said in a loud voice "Good, you can cum for me now." Candice couldn't understand why but she immediately convulsed and moaned "oh god, I'm cumming! Ohh fuck!" Jeff took hold of her breasts and squeezed hard. Then he pulled and twisted. His cock then exploded inside her unprotected vagina. He slapped the sides of her breasts while pumping his semen inside her fertile vagina.

Jeff pulled his cock out of her and told her to suck it clean. Candice turned around and opened her mouth wide. The slimy wet and sticky cock went inside her welcoming mouth. She tasted her pussy and a strong flavor of his cum still flowing out the tip. She sucked and cleaned the softening cock. Kissing it and thinking "thank you my new friend" as he pulled it away.

Jeff told Candice to make up a couple sandwiches and bring them to bed. 'We need to get some sleep.'

Candice slept with Jeff and in the morning he rolled her over and from behind slid straight into her pussy. He pumped hard inside her yielding cunt. Jeff was balls deep inside her wet cunt and pulling her hard nippled tits down toward her feet. His cock stretched and pushed deep inside her. She came several times and then felt it ready to unload inside her again.

She pushed back onto the cock and started another orgasm with his fingers digging deep into her tender tit meat. Jeff enjoyed her pussy and ejaculated hard onto her cervix. He then pulled out of her and got out of bed. He walked around the king sized bed and took hold of Candice's head. He pushed his sticky Simi-hard penis inside her mouth.

She closed her eyes and sucked deeply until he was soft. All his semen was now inside her. Jeff walked into the bathroom without saying a word. He showered and dressed.

Jeff told Candice to clean the house and he would be back at noon for oral sex. Candice looked down and whispered "OK."

Chapter Four

At noon Candice had everything vacuumed, washed and straightened. She unbuttoned her pajamas top so he could access her boobs as he wanted. Jeff opened the door and walked in. He walked to the balcony and told her to drop her top. She stood naked in the open air on the balcony. He took a cushion from a patio chair and threw it to his feet.

She knelt in front of him and unzipped his pants while he looked over the balcony. She fished his cock out of his underwear. It was getting hard and she quickly pushed it inside her mouth. She was working it as deep as she could take it. His hands held her red hair.

After a few minutes he seized her head and told her to rub her cunt with both her hands. She spread her thighs and put both her hands on her pussy which was sore. Jeff started to thrust his penis in and out of her mouth while controlling her head.

She felt her head was just a hole for him to shoot his cum down. She found that her fingers had somehow found her clitoris and was stroking it nicely. Jeff shoved his cock into her throat just as she started to spasm with an orgasm. Her eyes watered and her orgasm stopped as her mouth filled with his cum as he rammed his cock the length of her tongue; from the tip down inside her throat opening, gagging her.

Jeff finished giving her his shoot off and pulled his cock out. He smeared his cum on her face and into her hair. He then zipped up. Candice stood up on weak knees. Tears from the gagging throat fuck were on her face. She was fast blinking to push out the tears so she could see.

Jeff said "Look your husband is down there for visitor’s day." Candice looked down and saw Greg standing in line in the parking lot only a hundred feet away. She covered her tits and ducked down. She had knelt naked on a balcony, sucked a man's penis into her throat and then swallowed his sperm while her husband was standing in a line to visit her. Serves him right.

Candice dressed in her "visiting clothes" a thick and heavy yellow jump suit. Three big letters were on the back on the suit NWC.

As Candice was called to depart for visiting Jeff told her he liked her makeup, and was glad he bought it for her. He told her to keep the visit to 15 minutes and she probably shouldn't kiss him because she has sperm breath. "Oh, you still have some cum in your hair."

"Oh one other reminder" Jeff pointed to his tablet where a document was on the screen. "Your contract has a confidentiality clause. Every second of your visitation is recorded to ensure compliance. Any information you provide to outside sources will be recorded. Discussion of how we run operations, policy or behind the scenes programs is an automatic 5 year sentence at hard labor. Trade secrets are protected by some pretty hard line laws. So if you happen to let it slip that you discovered how much you enjoy being tied up and beaten or that you are digesting a big load of fresh cum. You and your co-conspirator will end up in a rock yard in Arkansas for the next five years."

Candice covered her mouth as she was escorted to visiting. Her pussy and thighs were slippery wet.

Greg was apologetic from the start. Candice refused to say she forgave him. Greg said "I just didn't know what to do... I swear, please don't divorce me." And "I'm going to get another job. No bullshitting this time."

Greg then said "Are you OK in here? My mom tells me that there is a lot of abuse going on out here." Candice remembering that she was being recorded said "That's not true. They made me a trustee. I get treated right; I get good food in fact I had a big hot drink just before you arrived. I had a wonderful sleep last night one of the best ever."

Greg kept on "Still, my mom says she had seen videos of prisoners being abused, you know, sexually." Candice then saw a small chance for payback. Candice said "You mother has video of prisoners inside this facility? Nokia would never allow the general public to see their secrets to corrections. It can't be true. I've been treated correctly all the time. If she has these videos it sounds illegal to me."

Candice stood up at around 15 minutes and said she needed to get back to work. She told him goodbye and said truthfully that trustees (only her) couldn't have physical contact inside the visitor’s center.

She was detained in a holding cell until Jeff arrived. He strip searched her for contraband and took her home. (A week later Greg wrote her a letter saying his mother had been arrested and was for some reason sent to Arkansas.)

Charter Five

Jeff gave Candice a pair of black high heels and a garter belt with stockings set. He told her to wear them under her work shirt tonight at the party. He also bought her a couple new sexy bras. They were black and one he cut the tops of the cups out to expose more skin and areola. He told her to wear that one tonight also.

At about 19:00 hours; Jeff was dressed in a black silk shirt and some black shorts because of the heat. He sat in his comfortable chair and looked at Candice.

The sexy underwear looked great under her pajamas top. Her tits looked good in her new bra holding up her tits. Her nipples and areola hung over the front edge of the cups. They giggled a lot as she moved.

Jeff was getting hard looking at her. Candice noticed the bulge developing. She submissively knelt between his legs and asked "May I suck on your cock while we wait?" "Yes but just for practice. I don't want to cum in you yet." Candice smiled and she thought to herself while opening his pants 'yet. That means later you will.'

Candice was slowly, playfully pushing his length to the back of her throat then pulling back. She flicked her tongue back and forth at the hole that gives her his cream. Then she would take it out to feel it in her hand, then deep suck it some more.

Roger knocked and opened the door again. Roger and his warmer walked in to see Jeff looking at them from his chair. Candice was also looking at them. She was on her knees leaning forward. Jeff's cock was still in her mouth and her bare ass was peeking out from the hem of her pajamas top.

She spun her head back to look at Jeff. Jeff said "OK, you can get up." She let the penis out of her mouth and put it back inside his pants. Only then did she stand up.

Jeff stood also and said "Roger come on over and have a seat." He turned to Candice and said to put on some fresh lip stick, "We have a guest" and then to bring some glasses of beer.

Roger's warmer was dressed in a new pajamas top and some beat up heels. She looked at Candice as she left for the kitchen and said "Why is she here? Isn't she kinda old? I mean if you're into that, but I'm here so she should... Like go. I'm young and can take care of you guys."

Candice returned with fresh lip stick, a tray with two glasses of beer. Candice had heard the bald girl's remarks.

Roger took a glass of beer and as the bald girl reached for the other glass Jeff took it off the tray.

Roger said "You really have a nice house. Balcony, big living room, beautiful bed warmer that knows how to act." The bald girl said "old." Jeff had an idea to get this started.

Jeff said "Roger I want to show you something about my bed warmer." Jeff looked at Candice and said "Go put in your ball gag and bring me some cuffs and a number two paddle." Candice thought 'what did I do wrong? Now I'm getting a beating, and in front of that bald bitch.'

Candice returned with her ball gag tied tight, carrying the cuffs and paddle. Jeff took the cuffs and tucked them into his waist band. Next he took the paddle and laid it in his chair. He took Candice to the center of the room and told her to drop her top and put her hands on her knees.

Candice complied but not before seeing the bald girl smiling and then silently laughing into her hand covering her mouth.

Jeff and Roger walked behind Candice. Jeff spread her ass cheeks. "Look how nice this ass is. Smooth soft skin; look at this vagina and asshole." Roger said "Wow, low miles on this one. Was she like a virgin nun or something?" "No, but feel her labia, now feel the resistance at her asshole. Feel it?" Roger agreed it was all tight.

Jeff told the bald girl to hand him the paddle. She laughed out loud and jumped to the chair grabbing the paddle. Jeff took the paddle and started to paddle Candice's ass at half strength.

Her ass turned red within a minute. Her pussy started to cream as her ass glowed. Jeff gave her two three quarter powered slaps and stopped.

Jeff told Roger to now feel the same pussy. Roger found her cunt dripping wet. He put his finger tip to her asshole and it slipped inside with almost no effort. Roger exclaimed "Wow, did she ever like that. Her clam is dripping. And her ass! It felt like she wanted me to put my finger up her ass."

Jeff stood Candice up and told her to take out her gag. The bald girl was giggling and said "Old women must like getting beat." Jeff said "Rog, let's see if flat bald girls like it too." Roger tried to get his warmer to the center of the room but she refused. "No! Not me! Beat her. No, forget it."

Jeff finally slapped the bald girl across the side of her head and knocked her down. They took off her top and cuffed her. Jeff asked Candice if she could borrow her ball gag. Candice gave her gag to Jeff and made a note to soak it in bleach tomorrow.

Jeff secured the gag before she regained her wits. They lifted her to the cable and let her struggle. Jeff ran his finger to her cunt and told Roger "Dry as Death Valley." She tried to kick.

Jeff asked Roger if he wanted to work on her or should he. Roger said "would you mind?" Jeff said "no not at all but maybe my warmer would like to try?"

Chapter Six

Candice couldn't believe her ears. She was being asked or told to beat this insultive bald headed bitch. She smiled and said "Yes. I want to try."

Jeff briefly explained how to do the pimp grip (reach down from the front, put your two middle fingers in her cunt, and close your fist around the pelvic bone, great control) and gave her the paddle.

The bald one jerked and twisted. Candice kept at it until she was in. Both the men sat in chairs and sipped beer. Roger took out a pen camera and asked Jeff if it was ok. Jeff said "sure" knowing that new officers made extra cash this way. Roger started recording just as Candice got a proper hold.

Candice hit her ass as told, as hard as she could. Maybe it was the bald kid’s behavior or the overall injustice of her being thrown into a work camp, the betrayal but Candice was enjoying spanking this little slut. The little flat bald headed bitch thought she could wiggle her tiny ass and get her man to fuck her! No, she was going to teach this cunt that what was Candice's stayed Candice's. She should feel lucky that she was only getting the paddle. Candice had a healthy rage going through her.

Candice really started to slap her ass with the paddle. The bald slut tried to scream but was gagged tight, only 10% could be heard through her throat.

Candice had her left fist closed tight on her pelvis and in between hard swats of the paddle Candice shook the slut by her pussy. The pussy juice was running down her thighs.

Jeff pointed out Baldy's wetness to Roger. After several minutes of fast and hard slapping her ass, Baldy stopped her screaming. Her mascara was running down her face, snot was blowing out of her nostrils and her body shined with sweat.

Candice wasn't even near done. She pulled her hand free of her hairless hole and wiped it / hand slapped on Baldy's little A cup tits. Baldy surged suddenly and tried to kick at Candice.

Candice got behind the bald girl and put her wet left hand to her ass. She dug her two middle fingers deep inside her rectum and made a fist again. Next Candice pulled her up and back by her asshole until she was on her tiptoes.

Baldy didn't see the paddle coming but later would recall hearing it. Candice swatted Baldy's right breast hard and directly on target. Baldy screamed again and tried to move but she was being held up unto her toes by her asshole. Candice spanked Baldy's tits for a solid five minutes. The little bitch's tits were purple.

The rage finally left Candice and she noticed that she was panting and sweaty. Both her tits had jumped out of their cups and needed to be pulled back inside. Candice smiled at the men and handed Jeff the paddle.

Chapter Seven

Roger let his corrected warmer down from the cable and she curled up in a fetal position holding her tits and crying. Jeff was excited seeing Candice beat the bald girl. He said "I sure could use a blow job." Candice thought 'good, because I really feel like blowing you'.

Candice walked toward Jeff intending to get his cock deep in her mouth as fast as she could. Roger said "I would like that too. I like being your guest Jeff."

Candice realized he was asking Jeff to have her suck him off. As a guest Jeff just might agree. She stopped and looked at Jeff. He looked at her then did a quick nod and looked at the bald girl. Candice spun around and went to her.

The bald girl put her arms over her head and cried. Candice told her "Get your ass over there and start face fucking YOUR officer! Don't stop until he cums or you're going to make me angry." Baldy didn't want to see Candice angry. She scurry crawled over to Roger like a Gollum and pulled his pants open.

Candice smiled and walked over to Jeff. She bent over and opened his shorts. His penis was fully erect and she opened her mouth while aiming it at her tongue. She filled her mouth with hot hard cock and loved every inch. Candice glanced over to Roger and saw both of them looking at her.

Roger was staring at her ass and baldy was holding Roger's cock inside her mouth but looking into her eyes. Baldy realized that Candice was going to get angry that she stopped her 'face fucking' and looked away, plunging her mouth down again. Candice turned back to her cock and started to pump it in and out of her mouth.

After several minutes Roger shot off. Candice stopped her sucking and stroked his penis while she looked over to make sure baldy was swallowing it all. She was keeping her bald head low in his lap taking it down, not spitting. Roger finished quickly. Like any young man easily bored, he now wanted to leave.

Jeff stopped Candice's cock sucking. He said "later." He zipped up and Candice stood. She got her top from the floor and put it on. Baldy was wiping her mouth and looking for her top. Her ass and chest were badly bruised and swollen, Candice admired her handy work. She told Baldy very sincerely "I think you look great. Some vitamin A will help you." Baldy looked down and whispered "Thank you, .. Mistress."

Jeff said "Roger always a pleasure! Be careful with the walk back. Your warmer should prove to be something to be proud of. Anytime you want my warmer to correct yours just say the word."

Roger, seeing a chance looked at Candice and said "and if I want to have your-" Jeff interrupted and said in a low command voice "No one is touching MY warmer. -We had a good time didn't we? See you at station tomorrow."

Roger took his meek warmer out the front door and Candice locked it. Jeff was stripping. His big cock bounced and he told her to take off her top and get the Vaseline.

Candice knew that the Vaseline meant her butt was about to be fucked. Candice quickly retrieved the tub. He positioned her in his chair knees on the cushion. He applied a generous amount of jelly to her ass and pushed a finger inside.

She tried to relax and actually moved her hands back to her ass to pull her cheeks apart. Jeff took his time and slowly worked two fingers inside her virgin asshole.

He slowly made circles in her anus with his fingers. After several minutes he placed his cock head at her brown hole and pushed until the head popped inside. Candice winced and breathed deeply. Jeff just froze the movement and waited for the ass to stretch out and relax.

Jeff said "You really got into beating that cunt's ass. I was proud of you. The way you kept her off balance, pushing her around. You did a good job on her ass cheeks but wow did you work over her tits. That bitch will remember you the rest of her life." Candice liked the praise. Her ass was starting to relax.

As soon as she relaxed the smallest amount the cock pressed in, causing her to pinch tight again. Jeff continued "Your tits were swinging around, hard nips flying. Your ass cheeks are framed perfect by the garter belt. Don't be surprised if people find out about your correction session tonight. You might be a little famous."

Candice loved that Jeff was talking to her as an equal, even if it was while his cock was inside her tightly stretching asshole. She relaxed more and as the cock slowly moved deep into her she found she could control her natural instinct to tighten it.

Jeff slowly started to pull back and Candice enjoyed that feeling, then he drove it in again. She concentrated on keeping her asshole from constricting. Jeff said "Your asshole is so tight. I love that I'm the first man to ever use it. No boyfriend? Not your husband? God you feel so good! You are perfect. I owe Ryan big time for you." Candice answered whispering “Only you."

This love babble was not lost on her either. Candice at last had herself a man. He was taking her how he wanted and violating her body for his enjoyment. Candice moved a hand to her clitoris and held it between two fingers as he moved her around, sliding his cock easily in and out of her snug anus.

Jeff started to long plow her ass. Pulling back until the tip was just out of her asshole then driving hard all the way back inside until her anal ring was snug again the base of his penis. Jeff continued plowing her rectum while Candice pinched and rubbed her clitoris. She had her first orgasm from sodomy. Her mouth was open and her vagina tilted from his ministrations. Jeff went full speed.

He started jackhammering her ass. They were both breathing hard, sweating and working together to get his semen out of his balls and inside her ass. Candice moaned while cumming again to the hard penis slamming in and out of her stretched out and relaxed asshole.

Jeff arched his back, shooting spurt after spurt of his sperm into her tender ass. He nearly blacked out from the orgasm she gave him.

Jeff pulled out of her ass slowly and watched as it slowly closed up with his cum inside. He stepped back and stopped, just breathing and getting his wits back. He felt Candice's mouth on his softening penis. She was automatically sucking his cock clean of her juice and his cum.

Candice didn't mind the ass to mouth for she knew he liked it. It didn't taste so bad. A little ass juice and cum wasn't going to kill her. She liked it. They went to bed tired but happy.

Chapter Eight

Days later, Candice had to pick up a package at the mail room. She walked to the room and was buzzed in. The mail clerk was a 35 year old Hispanic lesbian. She was watching a video on a monitor. She had her uniform pants open and red panties showing.

The clerk said "Hey I was just watching you on your video. You need anything from me?" The clerk's right hand was shiny wet and there was a couple of black pubic hairs in the wetness on her fingers. Candice saw on the monitor there was a video playing showing her spanking that bald slut. The clerk asked Candice if she would like to play with a Mexican, she would even let her paddle her ass as long as she had a strong pimp grip. The clerk started to reach her wet hand toward Candice's face. She detected a strong odor of stale pussy on the hand.

Candice said she was there to pick up a package for Jeff. The stinky hand stopped. The clerk said "Are you Jeff's pussy?" Candice replied "Yes" embarrassed but also a little proud. The clerk said "Oh OK. I think it is right here." Candice saw that she was getting a little respect from the clerk and said "Can I ask you a question? Where did you get that video?" The clerk said it was new on the intra-net adult video side. "Girl on girl, B&D that's what I go for." She then said she thought Candice was the best looking girl in all the N.W.C.

The clerk handed the package to her. Candice made sure to avoid the hair that had transferred to the corner of the brown paper from her hand. Once outside she blew hard on the corner and the lesbian's cunt hair flew off.

She asked Jeff later that night after he finished shooting a load of sperm in her pussy about her video. He explained that Roger took the video and was getting money for downloads from the intra-net. Being that the intra-net was an in-house only, two day rental. The exposure wasn't all that much. New officers get a little extra cash.

Candice found that all the bed warmers were giving her a lot of respect. They all started calling her Mrs. or Mistress. They stepped out of the way (into the dirt) as she carried groceries from the commissary. A few times a newer warmer would carry the bags for her.

Candice did a few more correction sessions for different officers. They always resulted in the perfect change that was needed.

Chapter Nine

Day fifty-two. Candice spent most of the day out on the patio. No clothes at all. Watering plants and feeding/playing with the wild cats that she charmed. At 16:00 she took a shower and put on fresh makeup. At 17:00 the roast was almost done. She turned off the oven and set the table.

At 17:05 she moved Jeff's plate and setting to the other end of the table and put her ass where the plate had been. Jeff opened the front door and smiled. He walked to his seat and sat down. Candice leaned back and parted her thighs showing him her freshly shaved fat lipped pussy.

Jeff took his thumbs and placed them on her labia lips. He slowly parted them exposed her pink clitoris. Candice loved the anticipation. She knew full well he was going to suck her pussy just like the twenty times before. She just needed to wait. Her cunt started to water thinking about it all.

Jeff opened his mouth and stuck out his tongue and slowly inched it toward the pink. She saw the tongue and moved her pussy slightly forward. She started breathing hard and focused on his tongue. He finally touched the tip of it to the tip of her wet clitoris. Candice moaned and thrust her pussy forward again.

Jeff decided to stop playing and took her clit into his mouth. Candice yelled "Oh Jeff! Suck my pussy! I love you! Suck my clit. Make it cum. I love you baby!"

Jeff flicked his tongue back and forth on her throbbing clit. He reached up to find her hard nipples, grabbing them roughly. Candice was soon in full orgasm. She held her knees and strained. Her stomach muscles tightened and she squeezed her eyes closed. She held her breath and felt her pussy twist in knots. Pussy juice flowed down from her opening and his mouth. It ran onto the table.

After Candice recovered she sat up and kissed Jeff on the pussy slick mouth. They played tongue suck for several minutes and then stopped. She asked if he wanted the roast or the rump. Jeff said that if he gets a quick lite dinner now, he could spend more later on desert. She reset his place and served them both a slice of beef and a half potatoe with gravy.

Candice walked to a kitchen chair set in the middle of the living room and stood there waiting. Jeff walked over and she grabbed his belt, opening his pants. She pulled them down and he stepped out of them. He sat in his chair and Candice grabbed a new tub of Vaseline from the floor next to a towel at the base of the chair.

Candice kissed Jeff as she slathered jelly on his hard member. Then she rubbed jelly between her ass cheeks and pushed some inside her butt with her fingers. She wiped her hands on a towel. She smiled as she straddled his cock facing him.

Candice raised her right leg and set her big toe on the edge of the seat. They both looked down at his cock as she guided it to her asshole. The head touched her opening and she relaxed her sphincter allowing it to slide up into her. Jeff moaned as he entered her ass. He lifted her heavy tits to his mouth and started sucking her nipples.

Candice was moving her ass up and down on his hard cock. She had her fingers on her pussy as she worked her ass on his penis. Jeff slapped her left tit and bit her right. He took hold of her right breast at the base and wiggled it in front of his face. This made his penis throb more.

He lightly slapped her tit with his right hand as the left stabilized it at the base. Next he purposefully put large hickies on her tits. Ten nice dark ones on each breast. (To remember him by)

Candice pulled off the penis, letting it pop out of her puckered rosette. She stood up and took his hand smiling. She led him to the balcony and bent over with her head resting on her arms on the railing looking over the empty parking lot and work fields. He slid inside her ass again and started pumping her hard. She moaned and slid a hand down to rub her pussy.

Jeff looked down around her side to see her breasts swaying and bouncing with his thrusts. She started to push backward and began to orgasm. Jeff felt her sphincter tighten as she went into her orgasm and this caused his penis to exploded inside her happy anus.

That night they slept entwined. At one point Candice had to pee and found his arm snaked under her right breast and holding her left. She got up and then returned, putting his arm and hand back the way it had been. Warm and secure.

Jeff woke at 05:00 Candice was asleep. Her tits were right there in his hands. He squeezed them. She pushed her ass at his penis and bent forward. Jeff flexed his cock and made it jerk on her ass cheeks. Candice rolled slightly and pushed the stiffening tip into her moist pussy. Jeff squeezed her huge tits in his hands and started to get hard.

His penis grew but didn't need to force its way up her cunt, it was already in. She pushed back and moaned "fuck your slave girl." Jeff was slipping and sliding in and out of her snug vagina. As Jeff fucked Candice deep he said "I hope you didn't miss Greg too much while you were here." Candice wondered 'who?'

After he shot another load of cum inside his woman they both returned to sleep.

In the morning she posed nude for his camera so he had something to jerk off to, showing off his hickies on her magnificent tits. She put on her never worn before: blue jeans, blue blouse, blue bra and blue tennis shoes. She cried as she kissed Jeff goodbye. They had agreed it would be best to say goodbye in their home and avoid a public display of emotion risk.

Candice waited for the bus outside the center. Other released inmates stayed away from her. Standing rather than sit on her bench and possibly pissing her off.

Chapter Ten

She got off the third bus and walked the three blocks to her house. No answer at the door. The back door was open. The house was dirty, ransacked and looked abandoned. Fresh milk was in the refrigerator and only coco puffs in the cupboard. Someone had slept in the bed.

Candice looked for her cats but she couldn't find them. There was a pile of mail on the floor. She started going through it all. It was mostly all bills. An eviction notice. Court papers. A thick envelope from the courthouse. She opened it and saw that Greg had lost $500k gambling. He had been convicted and sentenced to two years on a work farm.

Candice looked through the court papers and took the last sheet from the stack. She walked out the front door, closing it softly behind her.

The End.

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