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Not written by myself
I take no credit for this story as it was not written by myself, I found it on a website and just had to share it with the readers on here. All credit to the original author Zack McNaught from uk.

Be warned this story involves young girls and sexual experiences but it is total fiction and for your enjoyment only . I will take inspiration from this writer and try improve my own stories.

It is, according to the bright red digits of the alarm clock, ten past five in the morning. Rain beats hard against the window. There's a warm presence to my left, too. For a moment I wonder who it could possibly be, but then memory comes flooding back. Katie, my favourite little niece, is staying the night. Not actually in my bed, though, if I recall correctly. I'm sure there was a sofa involved.

Then, a little jolt, and the memory banks come flooding open. A bolt of lightning illuminates the room, turning everything black and white for a second. The crack of thunder which follows only a second later is ear-splitting, and Katie goes from asleep to awake and terrified in about the same space of time. I grab her in a big hug and draw her close, whispering soothing words in her ear. At nine, I thought she was over her fear of thunderstorms, but her presence in my bed suggests otherwise. I continue to hold her, her back to me, our heads resting on the same pillow, until both she and I fall soundly asleep. The storm doesn't bother us again that night.

Dawn comes bright and clear and fresh. The rain has washed the atmosphere clean, and there's a crisp, sweet smell on the morning breeze, the scent of flowers blown through the window from a neighbour's garden several hundred yards further along the coast. Barely a neighbour, then, I suppose, but the nearest thing I have. Katie is still in my arms as I'm woken by the presence of my cat, Jasper, hopping onto the bed in search of a morning cuddle. Too late, buddy, I've already got all the hugs I need. Disgusted by this state of affairs, Jasper leaves, twitching his tail at me as he goes.

I return my attentions to Katie. Her soft, light brown hair is scented by her shampoo, a lovely, invigorating, fruity smell which arouses the senses. Her head lies on my arm, which bends back beneath the pillow which holds my head up. Her body lies tight against mine, her warmth felt all the way down to her round little bottom, pressed back against the very lowest part of my stomach. She is wearing a t-shirt and a pair of soft cotton shorts, in contrast to my near nakedness. It was a good thing that for once I didn't lose my shorts before I fell into bed. My free arm lies across her body, forearm resting on the bed on the far side of her lithe little form.

She stirs a little and snuggles back even tighter into me. Her hand goes to mine, drawing it to her stomach and pressing it there, before releasing it. I leave my hand there, half touching the satin skin of her tummy - her t-shirt has risen a little during the night, exposing a few precious inches to my touch. Her skin is hot, and smoother than I imagined possible, the kind of skin which puberty wrecks and women spend the rest of their lives trying to get back. I can't resist moving my hand a little, in small circles at first, and then, growing bolder, pushing her t-shirt up and out of the way, letting my hand run all over her tummy. Katie lets outs a soft sigh, almost a moan, stretching her limbs a little before relaxing again. Though she is facing away from me, when I lift my head I fancy I can see a smile in the corner of her mouth. The slightest movement might be her wiggling her bottom at me, and I press hard with my hand on her tummy, pushing her back into me.

I've stopped moving my hand, I realise, and start up again, this time moving in wider sweeps, brushing the outside of the waistband of her short at one extreme, and at the other end letting my fingers run across the flesh where the base of her breasts will be when she matures. An incautious swipe takes my thumb over one of her immature nipples, and forces a gasp of surprise from between her lips. She arches her back, and for a moment I fear I have gone too far, and pull my hand down to rest on her tummy again. I'm wrong to do so, though, as she scoots a little lower in the bed, head leaving my arm, and roughly pulls my hand back up to her chest. I get the message and begin to alternately knead one nipple and then the other.

Her movement has brought her bum down to the level of my crotch, and the two globes press into the hollows either side of my pubis. My manhood is trapped, not yet hard but beginning to get that way, and pointing downwards, between Katie's legs. As I caress her breasts, her little backside wriggles, and within moments I am very stiff. The top of my shaft presses upwards, forcing its way, still sheathed in my shorts, between Katie's legs to rest along her sex. She reaches down between her legs, searching for the source of the strange feeling there. Her hands brush against the tip of my foreskin through the taut material of my shorts, and it's my turn to gasp as she grabs at the intruder. Satisfied that she knows what it is, she removes her hands and rolls away from me onto her stomach. Very quickly, so she won't see what I'm doing, I reach down into my shorts and make myself a little more comfortable.

Her head is turned to face me now, eyes closed, a smile on her lips. She is the very picture of contentment, but isn't done with me yet. I notice that the arm nearest me lies along the length of her body, leaving her hand desperately close to the bulge in my shorts. She need only curl her fingers upwards and she'll touch me. Softly, she speaks.

'Rub my back.'

It's a request I'm incapable of refusing, even without the magic word. My hand goes to her back, tracing up and down, pushing her t-shirt right out the way. I concentrate on her upper back, thinking she simply wants a soft massage, but clearly I have misunderstood her.

'Lower,' she urges, and then when my hand stops at her lower back, again, this time frowning,


Fine, I think to myself, lower it is. Without hesitating a moment longer, I plunge my hand beneath the waistband of her shorts and find it instantly full of little girl bottom. That puts the smile back on Katie's face. In fact, she's positively beaming now, and writhes a little under the touch. I knead her cheeks for a moments, swapping from one to the other, but there's really not room to explore as I would like. My heart thumping in my chest, I make a decision, and pull my hand free. Gently, I stroke the side of Katie's face, until her eyes open. She has a gorgeously cute inquisitive look on her face, which seems to ask why I've stopped.

'Can I take your pants off, sweetie?' I ask. I fear that this could be a step too far, but I needn't have worried. With a big grin, she enthusiastically nods her head. Perhaps that's what she was after all along.

I lift myself onto one elbow, and with my free hand reach down and grab the back of her shorts. Her beautiful little backside comes into view as I push them down, and Katie lifts her hips slightly to let them be pulled down. I get them as far as her knees before Katie brings up one knee and pulls her leg free. Sitting as I am at her waist, I'm afforded a glorious, unobstructed view of her sex from behind, as her leg lifts up to free itself. The lips part slightly and I can see a deep crimson where her vagina must be, though nothing specific is visible. Katie uses the free foot to push her shorts down and off the other leg, as I return to lying by her side.

My hand is immediately back at her bottom, running up and down, around and around the smooth skin. I let it drift lower on each pass, eventually grazing the top of the backs of her legs. I stop there after one pass, gently rubbing my finger along the join between backside and leg, knowing this join leads to the prize. I get bolder with my stroking, letting my fingertips drop right down between her legs and graze her immature sex. She squirms at the contact, and the leg furthest from me bends at the knee and is then raised up the bed. She is open to me now, and seemingly willing.

I press my fingers against her mound from behind, feel the lips like jelly to manipulate, but hot and damp. She's excited, which surprises me, but it's a pleasant surprise. I mash her sex against her pubic bone, drawing a muffled cry of surprise - she has turned her face into the pillow. As I rub up and down, Katie begins to get more and more into the stimulation, her hips rising and falling, pushing against my fingers. I feel her getting even hotter down there, and then, wondrously, my fingers become suddenly slippery, as her excitement grows. I allow my fingers to dip between the folds, and hunt for the entrance to her vagina. It's hard to find though, small and at the wrong angle, so I ask her to roll onto her back.

She's too far gone now to do anything but comply, and rolls towards me, draping a leg over my waist, obscenely exposing herself. I prop myself up on one elbow and take a good look at her spread sex. Her little nubbin, hardly formed yet but still quite visible, stands out at the top of the valley between her legs. I put my fingers back in and watch as they spread the lips and dive down towards where I know her hole to be. The plan has worked. Access is granted, and to my surprise, my middle finger easily slides in to the second knuckle. The ring of muscle at her entrance is like the tightest rubber band in the world, but beyond that her vagina is relaxed, hot, wet, impossibly silken to the touch.

I continue for a while to stroke her clitoris with my thumb, and pump my middle finger slightly. Suddenly, with a gasp, Katie reaches orgasm. Had I not known young girls were capable of such things, I would have been stunned. Even with my knowledge, I am still somewhat surprised by how hard she comes, hips bucking furiously, impaling herself on my finger until there is no more to go in. Her back arches and her hands grab the nearest thing they can - in one case the sheets, in the other the hairs on my forearm. I feel her vagina trying to expel my finger, and as I withdraw it like a sword from the tightest-fitting scabbard, Katie collapses, spent.

Katie's eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me. She was slightly unfocussed, I noticed, and had to blink a couple of times before she could see me properly. Ah, the power of youthful orgasms. She gave me a big, warm smile, and then looked down to where my hand still rested right at the top of her inner thigh. The sight caused her to giggle for some reason, and she grabbed my arm in a hug, squeezing her thighs together, trapping my hand and mashing my thumb against her sex. That made her eyelids droop, and she shivered and let out a low moan, which almost morphed into a growl. She pushed my hand away and opened her eyes fully once more, giving me another beaming smile.

She wanted a hug and wormed her way closer to me, wiggling forward bit by bit until the head of my penis, still trapped in my shorts, pushed against her lower tummy. She stopped with a look of confusion on her face, and moved back slightly so she could glance down between us. When she saw the tent in my shorts her eyes snapped up to mine, full of shock, which became delight.

"Is that your willy?"

There hardly seemed any point in denying it, so I just nodded. She looked back down.

"Can I see it? I've never seen a grown-up's one before."

"Sure," I replied, and rolled onto my back, pushing my shorts down and letting it loose at last. Katie got onto her knees at my waist, leaning forward to peer at my erection.

"Does it hurt?"

I shook my head.

"Can I touch it?"

"Of course. I touched your fanny."

Katie smiled and reached a hand out. She picked it up in her fingertips, in the way one might handle a stick of dynamite. It flexed involuntarily, and Katie dropped it with a gasp.

"Is it ok?"

"Yeah, it's fine. It jumped because your fingers felt really good."

The smile returned to her lips and she went back to studying me, a bit more confident this time. She grabbed my dick properly, wrapping her fingers around the shaft and lifting it up. I struggled as hard as I could not to come at the feel of her touch, but her hot little hand was so delightfully soft I really was up against it.

"Mummy said boys' willies get hard when they want to do sex. Do you want to do sex with me?"

I shrugged, trying to act nonchalant.

"If you want to," I replied.

Katie sat back on her bottom and spread her legs wide, pulling apart the lips of her vulva and peering down at her reddened, glistening sex.

"I don't think it'll fit in. That's what happens when you do sex, isn't it?"

I nodded.

"Yep, it goes in there. Your vagina is really stretchy, though. It gets lots wider so my willy will fit in. If it doesn't go in, there are other things we can do."

Katie looked up at me questioningly.

"Like what?"

"Well, you can use your hand on my willy like I did on your fanny. Then we can use our tongues on each other's bits."

Katie scrunched her nose up at the idea of oral sex.

"Hey," I continued, "don't knock it until you've tried it. It feels great."

She still didn't look convinced, though.

"Do you want me to use my hand on you?"

"Yeah, that would be really nice sweetheart."

"What do I have to do?"

I grabbed my dick and gave it a few strokes, pulling and pushing the foreskin back and forth over the head.

"When I get the good feeling, some stuff is going to come out of the end," I said as I showed her how to wank me. Katie nodded her understanding.

"Mummy told me the stuff that make babies comes out."

"That's right. Try not to stop using your hand when it comes out. It won't hurt you. Right," I said, lifting my hand clear, "your turn."

Katie smiled and replaced my hand with hers. Though her technique was poor, the very fact that a little nine year old was wanking me off was enough to send me over the edge pretty quickly. I'd been worked up for ages, and squirted plenty of quite watery cum all over my chest and stomach. Only a little dribbled onto Katie's hand, and she wiped it off on the bed sheets before lying down next to me, head on my shoulder. I lay there and milked the last few drops out of my dick, basking in the glow of my relief.

"That was fun," she said in a quiet little voice. I was forced to agree.

Katie was with me for another night, and I hoped I might have another chance to play with her. The opportunity would come later that evening, but first there was a visit to the zoo to enjoy.

It was a hot day, hot enough that Katie could get away with a short denim skirt and a little tank top. What I didn't realise when we left the house was that she had also gone without her knickers. I found out on the bus - we went to the back and sat on a couple of sets of seats which faced each other, with Katie facing the back of the bus. She was chattering away normally, and every so often would shift her legs a little wider apart. I noticed after a while that they were well apart, and when I glanced down realised that I could see her puffy, bald pussy lips. Even more surprising was the fact that she must have been excited, because there, poking out between the lips, was her little clit! So much blood rushed straight to my dick that I nearly fainted on the spot. Katie just giggled delightfully and snapped her legs shut.

For the rest of the day, Katie acted like a right little whore, flashing her privates all over the place, crouching down with her legs open. Plenty of men took a good long look, and a few women, too, one of whom caught my eye and gave me a very warm smile. She had a young girl with her, presumably her daughter, who was a few years Katie's junior but was already shaping up to be a little stunner. I smiled back, and looked the girl up and down greedily, making her mother blush.

"That was fun," she said on the bus home. It was beginning to be a bit of a catchphrase for her.

"I thought you would like all the animals," I responded.

"No, silly," Katie said, stifling a giggle and beckoning me closer with a crooked finger.

"Showing people my fanny!" she whispered in my ear. "It's all itchy now!"

"Well," I whispered back, "I'll have to scratch it for you when we get home!"

She sat back and giggled very naughtily, squeezing her thighs together. Little goose bumps appeared on her legs, a sight I found erotic and endearing in equal measure, and she shivered slightly, presumably in excitement.

She held my hand and practically dragged me back to the apartment. I began to wonder what I had awakened in the girl, although really I had a good idea - her hormones must have been kicking in early, and she was taking out her sexual frustration on a handy guy, her uncle. Not that I was complaining, you understand.

Inside the flat she dragged me over to the sofa and pushed me down, jumping on top of me straight away, legs around my waist, and leaned in to give me dozens of little kisses all over my face, before landing one, then another on my lips, lingering longer each time. While she was kissing me her crotch moved of its own accord, rubbing her exposed sex into the front of my jeans. I thought the texture would have hurt her, but she was seemingly too far gone to care.

I ran my hands up the outside of her thighs and under her skirt until I had one bottom cheek in each hand, and then started helping Katie with her rhythm. It obviously had quite an effect on her, as her mouth dropped away from mine and her forehead fell onto my shoulder. She was making these cute little moaning noises with her mouth closed, and they were getting louder and higher pitched. Finally, with a little closed mouthed scream she reached her orgasm, then fell against me, panting. I could feel her heart hammering in her chest as she leant against me.

"Good?" I asked, and received a drowsy nod in return.

I left Katie on the sofa, arms behind her head, dozing with her legs apart and bald little sex on display. I was loathe to leave her, but I needed to clean up the mess I'd made in my pants. I hopped in the shower, enjoying the feeling of the warm water relaxing my tense muscles, and resisted the urge to have a wank.

Katie was where I'd left her when I got back to the living room, though one hand had magically migrated into her crotch. I don't think she'd been doing any more than feeling around, but the nail of her middle finger glistened so I could guess where it had been. Her little snatch was spread wide by the position of her legs, and I fancied I could see a little darkness at the entrance of her vagina, as though it were slightly open. How I longed to open it right up, but that wasn't going to happen any time soon, I realised.

I started making some dinner, and a few minutes later a very sleepy looking Katie was at my side, leaning into me, hugging what she could get her arms around.

"I love you uncle Zack," she told me in a little sing-song voice.

After dinner and a DVD, it was bath and bedtime for Katie. I was hoping to bathe her and enjoy her little body some more, but she seemed quite keen to do it herself. Afterwards, she skipped back into the living room with slightly damp hair and not a stitch on, and grabbed my hand again, hauling me to my feet.

"Come on, silly, it's bedtime!"

With that, she dragged me down the corridor to my bedroom. Once inside she stopped and turned round, pushing my shorts to the floor, and then lifted up the corner of the sheet, indicating I should get in bed. I lay down on my back and immediately had Katie on top of me, kissing me in her little girl way and grinding the head of my now incredibly hard erection against her immature sex. After a few minutes of this, when I felt certain I was about to cover her bits in semen, she rolled off the side and grabbed my dick with her hand. A few strokes was all it took to get my cum flying all over the place, much to Katie's delight.

I left for a few moments to get cleaned up, and when I returned Katie was lying there, legs akimbo, idly playing with herself. She moved over when I got into bed, and straight away I went to work on her clit.

"Stop, uncle Zack, stop..." she said after a few moments. I suddenly became scared. Had I gone too far or something? Crossed a line I couldn't even see? Katie looked thoughtful. "You know before you said it's really nice to use your tongue on each other?"

I nodded, hoping that I was guessing correctly where this was going.

"Well, I washed really, really well down there, and it's all clean. Can you show me what it's like?"

I smiled at her and, without another word, went down on her.

I started off simply licking around the area. With her legs spread wide there was a musky scent of excitement coming from her, nothing at all like an adult woman's smell, so much more mellow than that. I licked the insides of her thighs, right up to the hollow between her leg and the lip of her sex, repeating the tease on both sides. I licked ever so gently up each of her puffy lips, barely touching her skin, and holding down her hips when she tried to mash herself onto my tongue. Then, with great ceremony, I pulled apart her lips with my thumbs.

My god she was wet in there. So wet, in fact, that it was pooling at the entrance to her vagina, which looked shut tight. I lapped my tongue in the nectar and revelled in the sound of the gasp that came from further up the bed. Just for a moment her muscles twitched and her entrance opened a tiny amount, before snapping shut again. I tried the trick again, and was rewarded with a longer look into her core this time. I went to town, stabbing my tongue at her entrance and sucking on her clit alternately, all the while having to restrain Katie's hips as she writhed violently beneath me.

Her hole was permanently open after about a minute of this, and getting wider open by the minute. I didn't get a chance to find out how far I could open her up, though, because with a great bucking of the hips that even I couldn't control, Katie came.

"Ow, ow, ow!" she said after a frantic ten seconds of grabbing my hair and forcing my head hard between her legs, mashing her sex all over my face. "Stop now, it hurts!"

Reluctantly I pulled my head out of the way, and surveyed the scene on my bed. Katie was exhausted, panting, eyes closed. Her body was a sweaty mess, and the whole area around her sex and her lower tummy was darkened with wetness, both from her and from my tongue. Without caring what she felt about it I grabbed my resurgent shaft and wanked off quickly, pellets of my cum spattering her bald lips.

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2014-05-16 15:27:19
This is wrong. Maybe 13 and older... 9 is a bit too young.

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2014-01-09 14:42:49
I enjoyed the story a lot. I know it's wrong but stories that involves children having sex with adults turns me on.

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I enjoyed the story a lot. I know it's wrong but stories that involves having sex with adults turns me on.

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Regardless of what one might think of the subject; this was very well written. Thanks

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