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Not on the same storyline as the first chapter but hope you enjoy.
Ch. 2 On the way home

Gina woke from her slumber refreshed but confused and feeling like she had spent the

night playing with her 'toys'. She had the most vivid dreams she ever experienced

todate. Brian dent her a text and sheinvited him over he had asked about the art project

(Photography was an art elective,) she even remembered reading afew stories on her

favorite porn site even down to some self manipulation before he was to came by.
Then things get a little foggy and are relaced several of her erotic fantasies.

As she sat up in bed she notices she must have gotten dressed at some point. She was

thirsty and hungry, since she had a light breakfast. A look at her alarm told her it was

4:30 pm, she wondered where the day had gone. Gina turned and headed downstairs to

get a drink and food. Her dad called after asking if she had a good nap, she just waved

her hand and kept going. Gina's mom was in the kitchen cleaning up and getting ready to

fix their dinner, "Hi mom." Mrs. K turned and looked at her daughter, "How was your visit

with Brian today." Gina stood there with a confused look on her face for a minute.

"Everything okay dear, you kids didn't have a fight?"

"Oh, no mom nothing like that we're fine," Gina told her but she was thinking she was

going to have to talk with Brian since she could not remember him coming by. Gina got her

drink and a snack and left to send Brian a text.

The text read [Yaho, Bri I must have realy been out of it today. My mom tells me you

came by today, I hope you're not mad at me. Tinckle my digits let me know whats up.]
Brian read the text and was suprised by the fact Gina didn't recall his visit. He

definately was going to have to experiment more with this now portion of his abilities.

After Brian left Gina's house he went off in search of subjects for his art project. It

was suppose to be a pictorial of life in their town it was an on going project to see what

the students could come up with. He had spent the time since he left Gina's walking

around taking random photos with his 35mm camera. We figured he had enough photos

for the project and was heading home through the park woods (short cut.)

The woods were backed by homes, businesses and a freeway just depended on where you

were at the time. He was headed to the residential side and passed afew homes already

when he heard the familiar voices of several girls from his class. He paused and decided

to take a closer look, these were some of the snobby bitches he and Gina had talked

about. As he came near the yard were the girls were at he was concealed by the folliage

but he had a good line of sight to where the girls where. He could see they were in the

above ground pool but not much else from this level, then he remembered the old tree

fort they had all scraped together some years earlier and wondered if it has still use


He decided to go check it out to see if it was still there. The closer he got to the old tree

fort (more of a blind than a fort,) he had a thought of trying his abilities on the two girls.
There it was and it looked like it had been added to since he was last here, he climbed

the tree to see if he still could see the yard and pool. The wall facing the yard looked to

have no window, yet he remembered there once was. Upon closser examination he found

someone had put a false panel up to hide the window, he removed it and sure enough he

had a much nicer vantage point now.

Brian stepped back away from the window placing his camera bag down and taking out his

digital camera, he replaced the memory card with Gina on it for a clean on and went back

to the window. The girls were swimming, diving off the board and sunbathing he took

several photos with out trying to push any thoughts to them at first, why try it if they

did something on their own. They had been out of the pool for fifteen minutes sunning

with their tops undone when Sally got up leaving her top on the lounger, she was

definatly a member of the little titty commity she barely had any visible shape to them

but Brian did have to note the size of her elongated nipples (3/4" long and as round as

his pinky.) She stood there streching giving Brian ample time for viewing and taking a

couple of photos then headed for the diving board, the other girl was one of her cronies

named Ashley. Seeing Sally flounting her bare chest she decided to have some (naughty)

fun, Ashley came up behind Sally and pulled the strings to her bikini bottoms. As Sally

bouced on the board she held the four strings and only released the front two as she

jumped into the pool, whereby depantsing the other girl.Sally didn't even notice the

material beinng pulled away since her legs had not been closed together when it

happened, though Brian was using his camera in video mode since he saw it coming.

Sally went in to the water and her bottoms went over the fence into the park, thanks to

Ashley tossing them there along with her top for good measure. Sally went back to her

lounger, her head was facing away from were Brian was and her sex was open for viewing

from where he was and the camera was recording it all. Ashley had laid out a trap for

Sally, since Sally would make her lick her and regularly skip returning the favor she

wanted her due. This time Ashley thought the bitch is going to eat me till I cum and coat

her like a glazed donut or she can streack home. Sally rolled on to her back to tan her

front and was practically a sleep when Ashley made her move Brian Had started the video

once again. Ashley had gotten up quietly and made her way to the head of Sally's lounger

she gingerly tied Sally's hands above her head to the lounger and tied her feet spread

wide lastly she had a robe sash and tied Sally to the lounger at the waist no way was she

getting out of doing what Ashley wanted.

Ashley wasn't very stealthy when it came to tying the robe sash, since she already had

Sally secured. Sally woke with a startal she could not move, she spoke with venom in her

voice. "What the fuck are you doing you BITCH?" Ashley stood back laughing and said is

that any way to talk to your jailer now,hmmmm?" Sally was squirming on the lounger

making it shift with movements. "You better let me loose now or you'll pay for this," Sally

retorted. "Oh, somebody is going to pay but not me. You still owe plenty for all those

times you wanted that pussy licked and now you are going to make good for it."

She waited for that to sink in and then she continued, "Here's the way it is going to be,

you are going to eat me till I am satisfied I have been repayed. If you don't please me or

refuse to do it I am going to oil up your tits, pussy and ass and let you bake in the sun

then I will tie you up some all you can due is duck walk then I'll leash you and walk you

through the park and let everybody have some fun with you.............the choice is yours

Sal." Ashley tilted the lounger standing Sal on her head practicaly and said, "think on

that I will be right back." Walking away leaving the naked girl tied to the chair and went

in the house.

Brian stopped the recording and checked the battery and memory on the card, he

changed the card out. Then almost if from nowhere he remembered Sal's bikini Ash had

thrown over the fence, he climbed down ran over and retreived the garment. He thought

to himself 'she want need this back today.' He went back to the tree fort to wait and see

what Ash would do next.

Ash came back out of the house after about ten minutes, she was wearing a wrap and

carring a small sachel. She righted the lounger and looked at a dazed Sally. "So Sal whats

it going to be?" she said tapping her foot. "All right I'll lick you till you cum."

"No, Sal you will lick me till I say I'm satisfied and only then will I let you loose."

"Lets go inside so noone catches us. Okay Ash."

"Nice try but you like to be on display and I'm not going to take the chance you getting

loose before your done." Ashley started to get closer to the lounger, " Just one more

thing to help you remember next time and give what you receive."

Brian turned on the camera in video mode, as Ashley loosened the robe sash around Sal's

waist. She lifted Sal's ass off the lounger and place two cushions under the top of her

ass near her waist then retied Sal's waist this placed Sal's ass and pelvis up into the air

putting her in a more lewd position. Ash then took out a can and sprayed it up the crack

of Sal's ass and then over her complete pussy mound. "Aahh!! What the the hell is that it

stings?" Sal blurted out. "Hmmm, this oh just something to help remind you to not be a

spoiled little bitch. Little girlies don't need any hair down there so we have Nair for

down there." Ashley held the can out for Sal to see. "Noooo!! That was not part of the

deal." Ashley turned and looked right in her eyes, "The deal is what I say it is."

Ash walked to the top of the lounger and said, "while that does its job you can start on

yours." She parted her wrap to reviel her unclad pussy and straddled Sal's head. "Now

start licking!" Ash pressed down and smeered her cunt all over Sal's face. Sal must have

been doing a good job licking her cunt because Ash spread open the wrap revieling she

had nothing on underneath when she started to maul her own tits (34D at least.) Ashley

started to gyrate her hips and do a slight humping bouce on Sal as well.

It didn't last to long she got off Sal when there came a beeping noise from the sachle.

"Don't want a chemical burn now do we?" She picked up the hose and reinsed off Sal's

lower half. Brian had zoomed in as the water rinsed off the white foamy substance, as it

came away Sal was left bare with no more pubic hair. Brian took note of Sal's bare cunt

she had nice full pussy out lips and her inner lips where protruding and seemed to have

grown with Sal's arousal, her clit was in proportion with her nipples and stood erect like

a little dick (a dickie-clit.) Brian thought how Gina was going to love to see this video.

The action went on for over two hours, Ashley had brought double nipple clamps and had

a nipplw tug of war with Sal at one point. She had a clear tube that held Sal's twat open

and then she streched out Sal's inner lips like she was steching a hide (in away she was,)
she reamed Sal's ass with agraduated cone that had ball knots at intervals down its

length. Brian lost count of how many times Ash creamed Sal's face, she even squirted

twice as well.

When Ash finally had her fill she just about crawled in the back door of her house. After

about fifteen minutes inside, Brian thought she may have fallen a sleep she reemirged

redressed in a mini summer dress. Then started to remove all the clips and what nots

from Sal's body, and finally the graduated anal gaper that's what Brian thought to call it.
With everything but the bindings removed from Sal, Ash once again turned the cold

water hose on and rinsed off Sal. With the sun just about setting and the cool breeze

that was blowing, Sal's flesh instantly had goosebumps spring up all over.

Brian's penis lay limp and a little tender he had wacked off at least a half dozen or more

time till it just would not respond any more. He finaly put it back in his place and zipped

up his shorts, put away the camera and closed up the window. He climbed down from the

fort and made his way home. His last thought was to wonder if Ash and Sal were looking

for Sal's bikini.
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