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hot guy gets some
Nathan was walking around in school doing what he usually does, hanging with some friends. One day he was walking and he saw this girl, her name was Katie. Katie was 5'5 and about 115 lbs with 34C breasts. She had amazing long blonde hair all the way down to her huge ass. One day Nathan was outside school and saw Katie, he walked up to her and greeted himself, he complimented her saying how beautiful she is.

Katie was flushed and turned towards him, He was the first boy to ever compliment her. They started talking and telling eachother there sexual desires and fantasies. Katie told Nathan about moving away and becoming a model and living her life somewhere beautiful.

The next day Katie saw Nathan outside at lunch, she walks over and asks to hangout on the weekend and of course he said yes. After Katie left he went to class, Nathan got so distracted all he could think about was her, thinking about what would happen. He started fantasizing about touching her soft body and her beautiful thighs, spreading them apart and eating her out. Leaving him with a hard on he left to go outside, he saw Katie on the bench and walked over. Nathan looked at her staring deeply in her eyes, he started to kiss her. The boner he just had still was there, Katie saw and started rubbing his pants making him harder then ever. unfortunately he had to leave and go back to class, Nathan kissed her and whispered. " ill give you the best time ever just you wait".

It was after class and Katie walked home with Nathan, they both went to her house to find Katies parents waiting for her. they were pissed off and asked her what was going on that she was missing school and skipping different classes each day and if she was in trouble. Katie told them that it was nothing and that she would stop skipping classes and start going back to school.Katie lied to her parents because she knew that her parents weren't that smart and would let it slide. She was afraid that her parents would break them up and that they would make sure that Katie was grounded for the rest of her life. Katie told Nathan to go and that she would see him on the weekend.

The days passed and the weekend came quickly, Katie hadn't seen Nathan in a couple of days and couldn't wait to see him. Nathan was on his way over hoping Katie's parents weren't home so they could have some privacy. His wish came true and he headed for the door, before he could ring the bell the door flew open and standing there was Katie. Full on naked she pulled him in and pushed him against the wall, surprising him he started to suck her nipples making them go hard.

She was on fire and was trying to control those feelings due to the fact that she had never known a mans touch that was by her choice., she couldn't control her feelings over him. She started to rip off his clothes and then dropped to her knees taking out his big cock and started to suck it. she continued to lick running her tongue over the slit several times. he stopped her and lifted her up onto her feet, licking her nipples and nibbling them.

Nathan then took her to the bedroom and laid her down on the bed and started to lick her sweet pussy. Katie started moaning, twisting and turning. Nathan stopped licking and sucking her and slided his thick hard cock into her now wet pussy. He slowly ran the head into her knowing that she needed to feel every inch of him in her. Nathan quickened the pace and started slamming into hard and fast. She was moaning and meeting his pace. Katie was on the verge of having her very first orgasm and she was starting to twist and turn to meet him thick hard cock while he was sucking on her breasts and gently biting her perk brown nipples. Katie was coming and her pussy was tightening around Nathan's thick hard cock and sucking it deeper into her hot wet dripping pussy. He was running his thick hard cock deeper and faster into her hot wet pussy until he exploded deep inside of her. He was coating her pussy walls with his hot wet cum, then collapsed on top of her.

They slowly regained their strength and started to get dressed and go back to school. The rest of the day Nathan was on cloud nine. He was so happy and didn't have a care in the world. That night Katie got home from the amazing weekend they both had, to find her parents waiting for her and said they needed to talk with her. Katie sat down on the kitchen table and they told her they were disappointed in her and that she has low self esteem. She told her parents that the town folks must have been mistaken and got up and went to her room.

Katie was in her room thinking about how good the sex was, fantasizing about him, hoping he was doing the same thing.

-At Nathans house-

Affer he left Katie, Nathan stayed in his room and just kept thinking about how glorious the sex was.
On Monday morning he was looking for her and she was no where to be found. After walking around for the longest time he figured she might be outside and he looked and there she was. waiting.
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