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Having got such a good reaction to my first story, I thought I’d post another of my work encounters. This time I managed to get the woman involved to write her own experience
Kay is one of a number of women in the office where I work. She works on my section so we sit opposite each other. Because of the type of work we do, we often travel to London for meetings together and about every other month we have to travel where an overnight stay is necessitated.

I say woman, she’s 23 but looks about 16. Very slight build, many at work think she’s borderline anorexic.
She about 5’4” and I guess a small size 8. Her best feature is her luxurious longish brown hair, which she highlights with blonde tints.

She often plays the “dumb blonde” but is smarter than she makes out. Kay does have a serious side but she can be really cheeky and loves winding people up.

On occasions she is a little flirtatious making it appear humorous. She admitted once that she sees me as a confidant and is often asking me opinions on question of a fairly personal nature.

On this occasion we were on one of our overnight stays and had gone out for a meal. We shared a bottle of wine over the dinner, and then went to a couple of pubs having a drink in each. I knew Kay wasn’t a drinker, she often got tipsy after only a couple of drinks. On this occasion we were back at the hotel just before 10 pm and she must have had at least 5 glasses during the evening. At Kay’s suggestion we had a drink in the hotel bar.

She was pretty giggly and making silly comments, it was clear she was intoxicated but seemed ok. After only a few minutes of joking around Kay slipped of her stool. Helping her up I asked if she was ok,
“I think I feel a bit woozy. I better go up to my room”
She was clearly unsteady on her feet and agreed to let me escort her up.

After a bit of staggering (the drink was plainly effecting her) we got to her room and she struggled opening the door. Taking her key, I got the door open, no sooner than the door was unlocked, Kay let out a wail and pushed past heading for the bathroom.
I could hear her throwing up so decided to wait to check she was OK.

After a few minutes I heard the toilet flush, then taps running. Kay came out looking a bit sheepish.
“Sorry about that. I’m not sure why I was ill, but I feel better now”
“Ok, I just thought I’d check you were Ok. I suggested she drink at least a glass of water in case she was poorly again, it helped having something inside.
She agreed then went back into the bathroom. “Shit” I heard her exclaim.

She came out waiving her hand cursing. “Look at my trousers, what a mess, I’ve got these to wear again tomorrow”
Despite her protests, she was clearly under the influence of drink, her words were a bit slurred and she was unsteady on her feet.

Looking at her trousers I could see they were marked probably where she knelt at the toilet bowl and had some wet areas which I guessed was some splashing from her recent throwing up.

Kay was clearly upset by the state of her trousers so I suggested I could help with cleaning them and that they should dry out easily using the trouser press. Suggesting she pop back into the bathroom to remove them. I expected her to come out with a towel around her so was a bit surprised when she casually walked out and handed me the trousers. Instead of covering her self with a towel she was just wearing a pair of short style knickers.

I took a double take but Kay seemed not to notice, she sat on the bed saying “Please do your best. I really need them for tomorrow”.

Taking the trousers into the bathroom I spent several minutes with a hotel face cloth and managed to clean off all the marks. I could hear Kay talking, correctly I guessed on the phone.
Leaving the bathroom I walked back into the bedroom and put the trousers into the press. They should be dry by the morning” I assured her. I think I cleaned them up Ok”.

“Aw thank you” she replied. “I really appreciate your helping me”
“Think nothing of it” I told her. That’s what friends are for, looking out for each other”

“Phew, that was a difficult call” she told me. She had been saying good night to her boyfriend and struggled to ensure she didn’t sound drunk.
“I dread to think what he would say if he knew” she commented.

“I think he would have more to say if he could see you” . I said with a laugh
Kay rolled of the bed to look in the mirror (she’s a bit vain). “Why, how do I look she asked concerned.
“You look great” I assured her, I just meant the fact you were sitting there in your undies!”
“I fuck! I just didn’t think. I hope I haven’t embarrassed you” she replied
“Not at all". I assured her. “I’m not complaining, I just meant I’m sure Craig would have something to say if he knew you were standing there only half dressed”
“It will just have to be our secret then” she grinned impishly.
“Do you really think I look Ok” she asked posing in front of the mirror, lifting her blouse exposing a neat flat tummy.
“Of course you do silly” I can never understand what makes you think you don’t and as I can see more of you now than I have before I can see even less reason for complaint”

“But you say I’m fat at work”
“I’m sure you know I’m joking” I assured her. “Besides it’s not very PC to say how attractive you are”
“Am I”
“Of course”
“But you always take the piss out of me, sometimes you’re quite mean”
“As I said, it’s not very PC to tell a woman what you think” I explained, I suppose it’s a self-defence tactic, be detached and not show how I really felt, mocking you and the like. There were times when you were having a bad day or someone had been giving you a hard time, all I wanted to do was to give you a hug to make you feel better, but that would never be acceptable in a work environment and of course how would I know that you would take it the right way as a friendly gesture”

“Aww, that’s so sweet, thank you. I think I’d like you to hug me sometimes.”
“Ok I’ll remember that”
“Actually I’d like you to hug me now, that is, if you don’t mind.”
“Of course I don’t mind”
I helped Kay off the bed and as she stood before me, I put my arms around her holding gently and stroking her shoulder as she laid her head against me.

We must have stood for nearly a minute before she spoke. “Thanks, I think a hug is just what I needed”. “I feel so foolish, throwing up and all. And you’ve been so good to me, cleaning my trousers and everything”
“Like I said, that’s what friends are for, helping out in time of need”
“Oh yeah. I certainly NEED something now” Kay almost whispered
“If I can help I will” I told her
“Mmm, I’m not sure” she said hesitantly
I was still holding her “Do you think……… it doesn’t matter”
“Oh come on, I encouraged “surely you can say what ever it is”
She raised her head and with her impish look said. “Can I have a kiss?”

I looked at her seriously, “I’m not sure. As much as I would like to, I don’t want to be seen to be taking advantage of you”
“Oh god” she exclaimed, “I’m only a bit tipsy I’m not that drunk. I just thought it would be nice, you know, paying you back for helping me and of course for a nice hug”
“You don’t need to pay me back I………….
“Oh shut up, come here” she grabbed my head and pulled me down to her. Our lips met, at first a gentle plucking then she suddenly thrust her tongue into my mouth and we kissed hungrily, wet mouths and tongues exploring each others mouths.
After a while Kay pulled away
“Oh my, you can certainly kiss”
“You’re pretty good yourself” I told her
“More”! She demanded, as she pulled my head down, clinging on to my neck

This time, my hands were on her body, stroking and moulding her tiny bottom with one hand and stroking her neck and shoulders with the other. Kay held me tightly, after about a minute of real fervent snogging, I felt a hand slide down my waist and move to my crutch rubbing my rapidly growing cock.

Kay disconnected and looked up at me with her impish smile, “Oh my, what do we have here”? she grinned continuing to stroke what was now a pretty full erection.

“After that kissing, I don’t think you need me to tell you” I answered
“And is there something you’d like to do with it”
“I think you know dammed well there is, but I don’t want either to take advantage of your condition nor make a fool of myself”
“I told you, I’m not so drunk I don’t know what I’m doing, as for making a fool of yourself, let me see if I can show you how serious I am”
With that she eased my zip down, and slipped her hand inside my trousers now rubbing by cock through the thin material of my underpants.

“Let’s see what you have in there” she said, undoing my trousers and sliding trousers and pants down. I stood there feeling a little foolish with my trousers round my thighs and my cock standing to attention

“Oh my aren’t you just a horny boy” Kay giggled
“That’s all down to you” I agreed
“Ooo aren’t I a cleaver girl then. Now what should we do with this then” she said rubbing my cock.
Before I could answer, she sat down on the bed; her head was a waist height. Sliding my trousers and pants down to my ankles, she leaned forward and gave my cock a kiss. It twitched and jerked with a mind of it own.
“Think I know what this needs”
I watched as she leant forward as her full lips opened and expertly took my cock into her warm moist mouth.
With her face upturned I looked directly into her eyes and she commenced a fantastic blow job. I placed one hand behind her head and fucked her mouth as she sucked.

After a couple of minutes she pulled away
“Oh wow, thank you” I sighed a little disappointed that she stopped so soon
“I’m glad you liked it”
“I sure did.”

She twisted round on the bed and slipped under the covers.
“You want to join me” she asked
“You sure” I replied
“Oh for fucks sake, get in here before I change my mind”
I quickly stripped and slipped into the bed beside her. Considering how bold she had been a few moments before with my cock in her mouth, Kay now seemed a little bashful. She had removed the rest of her clothes under the covers and tossed them on the floor.

“You won’t laugh at my boobs or at least the lack of them will you”?
“No way” I assured her, besides I told her my old maxim, if it’s more than a mouthful it’s wasted.

We lay together and kissed again as I stroked her tiny breasts and ran my hands over her extremely thin body. I could tell her tits were small but her nipples stood out like sentries.
Pulling back the covers, I bent and kissed her nipples then sucking one, rubbed the other to an equal stiffness

“Ooo that’s nice” she purred, her hand went down to my cock. “Are you going to use this now” she asked
Soon I assured her, “I want to make sure you’re nice and ready”.
“Oh boy I’m ready”.

I continued sucking and nibbling her hard nipples and slipped a hand between her legs which she willingly opened.
Stroking her labia which was already wet, sliding a finger up and down working on the entrance to her cunt. I slipped one finger inside and ran it around her sopping pussy.
Kay was rocking in time to my probing, I worked a second finger inside and was surprised at the snug fit. Keeping up my attentions on her nipples I moved my thumb to rub on her clitoris as I probed her pussy, Kay was now groaning with pleasure as I kept up the momentum. After a couple on minutes she grabbed my hand pressing it against her cunt.
“Oh yes just there, Oh rub it harder, faster, faster” she demanded
Squirming and grinding against my fingers she cried out Oh shit, oh my… oh yes I’m coming, yes yes…yessssss….”

I slowed to a stop, removed my hand and stroked her thighs while she composed herself
“Oh fuck that was yummy” she purred. You certainly know what turns a girl on. I don’t think I’ve ever come so quick or so powerful, not that I orgasm often”
“Thanks for the compliment”
Her hand went to my now lifeless cock. “Awwwwwww it think it needs some attention” she twisted round, quickly throwing the covers off the bed, her shyness now seemed to have gone. She let her long hair to caress my thighs and groin, and then slowly lowering her head I felt her warm breath then her mouth on my hardening cock. Reaching out I moved her hair to one side and watched as her head bobbed up and down drawing my cock deep into her warm moist mouth.
Oh, she was good, such a strong sucking motion with a flickering tongue teasing at the same time.

I lay back and let her work on me. Kay held her hair to one side so she could look up at me, and she made her funny attempt to wink.
As I looked down the bed in the dim light I could just make out the outline of her body. I was surprised just how small she was, her tiny breast only just showed as they hung from her body. Her slim legs bent beneath her, a narrow waist and clearly noticeable backbone she was as I thought probably too thin. Far thinner than any woman I had ever been with, I had always preferred a slight better built figure , but hey who was I to complain, here I was getting a fantastic blow job and providing I could control myself, probably gonna get a pretty exciting fuck.

It was feeling just too good, I knew if I didn’t stop her soon, I was going to let my load go in that hot mouth and as good a as the idea was, I knew I really wanted to get my cock between her legs before that.
I reached down and eased her off me.
“Ooo goody, we gonna fuck now” Kay asked excitedly
“In a bit, But first I want to repay you for your efforts just now”.
With that I worked myself down and across the bed until I was kneeling on the floor.
“What are you doing” she asked
“You’ll see” I replied as I moved her easily across the bed, her legs just hanging over the edge.
I eased her knees apart and worked my way forward, opening them further.
“Oh my, are you going to…”
She had no time to finish as I spread her legs wide, lifting then bending her slim legs at the knees, I moved forwards kissing her inner thigh then a long lap at her exposed pink glistening pussy
Kay shuddered as my tongue connected with the labia

“Oh yes, go for it.” she sighed as my tongue worked its way inside her. I lapped at her juices, my tongue probing her cunt, then flicking over her clitoris
Pushing gently with my shoulders I raised her legs further then allowed them to slide back over my shoulders until her calves were resting down my back.
Now could reach forward and caress her nipples as I worked on her pussy.

Kay was groaning as I probed her now dripping cunt with my head between her legs it was hard to make out what she was saying other than sounds of pleasure. After a few minutes she began to tremble then let out a wail.
“Oh fuck oh fuck oh yes yes yessssssssssssssss……………..”
It was obvious she had orgasmed. I gave her pussy a final lick then disengaged. I eased her limp body back onto the bed and moved up to lay beside her

“Oh my" she panted. “I’ve never had anything like that before, it was fantastic. Craig has kissed me but never got right to it like that……….”
“I guess you liked it then” I chuckled
“You bet” she laughed back “the most powerful orgasm I’ve had. Like I said before you certainly know what a girl wants. You’re not a selfish lover”

“Why thank you kind maiden” I said joked. “But now I think I want a little something extra” I said.
“Oh yeah and what’s that”? She asked mischievously
“I think it’s time for the finale but I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for you” I said looking down at my soft cock

Kay stroked me gently. “Oh I see. “What do we need to do to rectify that then” she asked with apparent innocence.
“Well… you had a nice effect on my earlier”
She took the hint. Twisting round she soon had my cock in her mouth working me up to a fine erection.
I was tempted to let her continue and even thought about pulling her round for a 69 but knew I really wanted to fuck that tiny body so I reluctantly pulled her off.

“Oh, I was enjoying that” she pouted
“So was I”. I assured her. “A little too much”
She giggled “did I nearly make you come then?
“You sure did. But now you’ve worked you magic it’s time to put it to its proper use”.
Kay lay back as I moved over her tiny body and spread her legs.
My cock was throbbing with anticipation as I aimed it at her honey pot. I pushed forward and I slipped about half my length inside her
Kay let out a sigh
I knew I prick wasn’t anything special in size, so even though she was well lubricated, I was surprised at just how tight she felt as I eased further in. I had to push fairly hard to get my cock all the way in. I stayed still, enjoying the tight grip her pulsating cunt had on my cock for several seconds before I slowly withdrew a few inches.
“Mmm” I sighed. “A nice snug fit”
“I know, I can feel you twitching inside me” she chuckled.
“Do you know, I’ve dreamed of this moment many a time” I told her
“For real?
“Oh yes, and I never thought it would ever happen”
“And now it has”
“Better than any dream” I replied honestly

I now began an unhurried fuck, sliding my cock out the all the way back in, feeling the firm grip of her cunt as I went in and out. After a few minutes we changed positions, we fucked doggy style, I put her on her back again, and then lifted her legs so her knees were almost by her ears. With my arms holding her in position, I spent a few minutes thrusting deep. Kay let out a gasp every time my cock plunged deep inside her. “God you’re so deep. It feels like you’re gonna come out of my throat”
Then I moved her so I was half under her and I could suck and her stiff nipples and stroke her tiny body as I continued to fuck. In this position I could also rub her clit as my cock probed her pussy.

“Oh this feels so good” I told her.
“You’re not kidding” she sighed. “Oh yes, rub just there, oh yes, oh shit rub faster, Oh fuck I’m gonna come again….” She shuddered with another orgasm and I slowed then stopped. Luckily as good as her cunt felt, I wasn’t ready yet.
“How about you on top for a while I suggested
“Sounds a good idea” she beamed
We changed positions, Kay balanced herself, then holding my cock in position slowly lowered herself. Looking down I could see my cock disappear inch by inch until she was finally pressing her groin against mine.
“Fuck, it feels like your splitting me in half” she exclaimed. I can feel your cock right up here she said pointing to her navel.

“Are you ok with it” I asked with some concern
“Oh yeah, it feels fucking good” she laughed as she slowly raised herself up, then dropped down rapidly a few times grinding our groins together each time she forced me deep inside. I lay back stroking her nipples as she rode my cock.

Kay sat back eyes closed, grinding her self against me with my cock throbbing deep inside. I guessed she was rubbing her clitoris against me. She stopped, and looked down at me.
“You know what you said earlier about always dreaming of doing this” she asked
“Well actually, I’ve often thought what it would be like fucking you. I was never sure, what with you being so much older and all that, but I did wonder. You know, they say older men are much more experience and supposedly better lovers”
“Oh yeah, I think they’re right” This is the best sex I’ve ever had”
“Ooo thanks for the compliment” I smiled as I tweaked her nipples.
“I can’t believe you’ve made me cum at least 3 times”
“I’m glad to be of service. And I must say, you are a fantastic fuck. You have such a sexy body and I love these…….. “I said raising myself to suck at her nipples
“Oh shit that feels so good. Don’t you mind that they only small”?
“Not at all, I guess your nipples are sensitive”
“Not half, it really turns me on when you suck ‘em”
“Well, I’d better turn you on some more” then I said as I stretched up to take a nipple into my mouth.
I reluctantly let go and lay back
“Anything else that turns you on then” I asked cheekily
“Come on, you can tell me”
“Well, I loved what you did before”
“What was that”?
“You know”, she indicated with a nod of her head………….
“Oh, you liked what I did to your pussy with my tongue”
“You want some more then”
“Would you”
I slipped my hands under her slender legs and easily pulled her forward
“Let’s have you this way” I said as I lifted her over my chest and up to my head “that way I won’t miss a drop of that lovely pussy juice”
Kay wriggled forward until her knees were either side of my head then lowered herself onto my willing tongue and open mouth.
I licked and sucked with enthusiasm, relishing every drop of juice she released. I took only a couple of minutes before she was shaking with yet another orgasm.

“Oh fuck, I don’t think I can take any more” she panted as she rolled off.
“Ahhh, that’s a shame, cos I haven’t finished yet”
“Awwwwww what does Harry want to do then” she grinned
“Well if you don’t mind the taste of you own juice, I’d like you to work on me for a minute cos I want to push my cock into that hot little pussy again”
I’d hardly finished what I was saying as Kay slithered down the bed and began to work on my cock.
Licking the tip and sucking me inside I could fell her tongue working around my rod. She was doing such a good job it took only seconds to make me hard,
Shit it felt good, I was tempted to tell her continue but again I wanted to feel that tight pussy around my cock
I pulled her away
“Don’t you like?
“Oh too much I’m afraid”

“O goody” she made a dive back down the bed. I tried to restrain her. But she was determined to get at my cock.
She gave a quick lick
“You like”
“Yes of course, but if you carry on like that you might get more that you bargain for”
“You mean you might come” she asked with a grin, giving a quick suck

“Very soon I’m afraid”
She had my cock in her mouth pressed against her cheek
Releasing me she asked. “Do you want me to make you come?”
“Another couple of minutes of that and I’ll have no choice” I told her honestly
“Oh let me do it please” she looked at me with almost a pleading expression

“How can I resist such a request? Can I suggest we do it together though?
“Ooo 69 yes please”
We moved into position with her laying on top
Just before we connected I assured her I wouldn’t be able to hold on long

“Who cares” she said as her mouth covered my cock and she pushed her fanny into my face

We both sucked in single-mindedly. I pushed my tongue inside as I felt her lips tighten on my cock, sucking the very life from me. In a little more than a minute I could feel that tingle that meant I was about to come. I lapped at her pussy and clit as my hips worked my cock into her hot mouth. I felt that Kay guessed what was about to happen as her grip on my dick tightened. She was pushing herself back against me as with a final thrust I shot my load. Kay continued to suck me dry as I lapped the juice from her cunt.
We untangled ourselves and Kay crawled up the bed to snuggle against me
“Mmm yummy” she purred that was incredibly good
“You certainly have a talent” I assured her
“Well it only seemed fair after what you did for me” she chuckled and I hope your done now, I don’t think I could take any more”

“More than done” I confirmed
“Me too, I’m a bit sleepy now”
With that, she rested her head against me. I guess we were both spent and we shortly fell asleep.

I woke before her in the morning, desperate for a pee so eased myself gently from the bed and headed for the loo.
When I returned she was still sleeping so I carefully climbed back into bed. Kay didn’t wake.

I carefully eased the covers off her. In all the passion last night, I’d not really got a chance to see her body clearly. She was laying on her back one arm outstretched the other resting on her stomach, legs very slightly apart.

In the morning light I now gazed at her in all her glory.
Her thin arms were covered in pale downy hair, her breasts were pretty much non existent but she had well defined areola with a good size nipple. Her chest was small leading to a tiny waist. I’d forgotten she had a belly button piercing, with a small ring. Her hips were pronounce, bones clearly showing with a dark nest of hair covering her pubic mound. (She clearly trimmed but it was still a pretty natural bush) Leading down to a pair of thin legs.

The overall effect was of a small girl, only the dark bush suggested she was anything other. If I didn’t know different I would have said it was the body of a 16 or 17 year old.

As I took in the sight of her body I was beginning to feel aroused. I was pretty sure it was the sight of this teen body (and probably the thought of what I did with it the night before).
I leaned over and licked a nipple as my hand slipped between her legs. Kay stirred sleepily as my cock stiffened
She was clearly a little confused for a second” what the…….” Oh good morning” she smiled
“Good morning” I answered back as I raised myself up, using my knee to ease her legs a apart
“Oh, you feeling horny are you”?
Very much so I said as I positioned myself over her, my now stiff cock nudging against her pussy
“I thought you would have had enough last night” she said drowsily
“I certainly enjoyed last night but I still want you” I said as I pushed my cock forward. Oh my, it felt good as I forced my way into her tight pussy
“I think this is what you might call a lustful fuck” I said as I began pumping away at her cunt
“Oh fuck away” she murmured impishly as I pounded her
She raised her legs to allow me to probe deeper
I eased one hand between us to massage a nipple as I fuck her, my other hand was moulding her pert arse, being so small I could easily reach between her cheeks and gently probed her anus as I fucked.

I was so worked up feeling and fucking her slender youthful body. A few powerful strokes and my cock exploded, my cum shot deep inside her pussy
Kay cried out, “Oh shit, I can feel you coming, oh fuck oh yessss”
My cock throbbed and twitched as I released my load. Kay’s tight pussy gripped me firmly seemingly milking my cock dry.
I lay there until my cock softened then climbed off

Caressing her body I panted “god you’re some girl, I feel really envious of your boyfriend
“Don’t worry as much as I care for him, he’s no match for you in the bed stakes.
The alarm went of and we remembered our appointment
“Oh shit, you better go, I’ve got to get ready” she exclaimed. “Or we’ll be late”.
I got dressed. As I left Kay was already in the shower. I poked my heady around the guard and patted her arse. “See you in a bit hot stuff”

The meeting was pretty pressured and we had little time together. It was not until we got on the train home that we had a chance to talk. Kay was a bit bashful when I raised the subject of our night’s passion. She made it clear she didn’t regret it and had thoroughly enjoyed herself.
“I guess I feel a bit bad cheating on Craig, but oh my, it was fantastic”.
“Don’t worry” I assured her, “your secrets safe with me. I’m not going to tell”
“I know that silly…… the only thing is………… when can we do it again”?
“Oh the thought of it, I’m sure we can work something out”


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