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Has a bit of a Grease idea going on. Someone requested it from a game I play, so I decided to post it here. Constructive criticize
Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Senior in high school. Leader of "Blazin Thunder."
Black hair. Green eyes. Junior in highschool. Just transferred.
Mechanic and friends of "Blazin Thunder." Helps Dan by giving him the second floor of the garage as a place to live.

Blazin Thunder
A laid back person that likes watching Dan race. Dan's best friend since they were kids. Also Secondary driver for Dan.
A crazy nut that hates the "Black Widows." He will do anything to take them out if he had the chance. He also drives won cars back to the garage.
Loves being a mechanic. Learned everything he knows about cars from Madylyn. Works with Madylyn at the garage after school.
The only one in the group that has a job outside the garage. Works as a stocker at Frank's Grocery's. Also takes bets at Dan's races.
A lover not a fighter, but has a serious temper when he gets mad. Loves joking around. And hates the "Black Widows" as much as Billy.

Little Devils (Blazin Thunder's Girls)
Leader of the "Little Devils." Is in love with Johnny.
Tom's older sister. Loves getting into things that are out of her reach. Also a former member of the "Dark Ravens." Has a crush on Joe.
A real tease when it comes to the boys in "Blazin Thunder."
Has a crush on Fred, but is too shy to admit it. The other girls tease her about it a lot. She knows their only joking though.
Has a job at the Burger Palace. Want's to open up her own bakery.

Black Widows (Main Rivals)
Leader of the "Black Widows." Self-centered. Also hatess to lose. Treats his little brother like a slave.
Best friend to Jason. Always looks out for him.
Jason's little brother. He hates it when his brother embarasses him in front of other people.
High school drop out. Mechanic for the "Black Widows."
Racheal's younger brother. Is in love with Mary.

Dark Ravens
Leader of the "Dark Ravens." An old witch. Practices witchcraft and teaches Mary spells.
A complete nerd that does all of the "Dark Ravens" and "Black Widows" school work.
Gothic and is learning to be a Wiccan. Performs various spells which scare a lot of people.
A real snob. Has a secret crush on Luke, but can't confess her love.

First day back at school I'm walking to class and accidently bumps into a girl accidently making her drop her books. The girl has long black, wavy, waist long hair. Pale skin and freckles across her nose and cheeks with green eyes. She's wearing a pink dress with black flats. "I'm sorry about that" I said, while bending down to help her pick up her books. She bends down to help pick up the books and looks at me. Her eyes twinkle from the sunlight shining from the windows. Our hands lightly touch on the final book when I ask, "you're new here aren't you. She nods and grabs the book. The bell rang and she said shyly and softly, "well I should be going now." She left, heading to her class without even saying "thank-you." I head to class and couldn't get her out of my mind. The bell rang for lunch. I walk through the crowd to find my group of friends outside waiting for me. We started for the cafeteria when I saw her. I told my buddies I'll catch up with them in a minute. I walk over and say, "hey I didn't get your name earlier." "Oh I'm sorry. My name's Loryn," she said. I told her that, "Well there's a race going on after school, and I was wondering if you wanted to come?" She said "yes," and as I turned to walk away when she asked, "what's your name?" "My names Dan," I tell her. I walk back to my friends. We talked and bull-shitted till the bell rang telling us lunch was over. We stayed till the halls were clear and skipped the next few classes. We were just headed out the door when Fred turned the corner and Luke stopped us from turning. "Mr. Carsona! Why aren't you in class?" asked Principle Marishino. "I was using the bathroom ma'am" said Fred. "Well couldn't you use a bathroom that's closer to your classroom?" asked Principle Marishino. "Yes ma'am I'll go use that restroom then" replied Fred. "Good now go" ordered Principle Marishino. "Yes ma'am, moving ma'am" replied Fred as he turns back round the corner and the principle heads back towards her office down the hall. "Mr. Carsona. Yes ma'am, moving ma'am," jeered Billy. "Hey cut it out you guys. We need to get back to the garage." I noted. As we walk towards the door the bell rings for the end of school. "Well thankfully it's Friday, I'm glad we got the weekend to ourselves," mentioned Joe. "Yeah, hey you guys lets get over to Burger Palace. We'll take "Spit Fire" to the race," I said. Once we're at the garage we open the door to find Madylyn working under "White Lightning." "Can't you guys ever help working on these scrap heaps?" asks Madylyn. "Why would we do that you taught us everything we know," jokes Johnny. I smack him in the back of the head at that remark and say "well aparently not if it's not working already." "Oh it'll work. We just need some parts," retorted Billy. "Have you guys forgot about the scraps in the back? It's still a mess of parts" gibed Madylyn. "Well we'll look for the parts after the race. We might even have a new engine to work with," mentioned Johnny. "Or you might lose "Spit Fire" and free up some space and work on other cars" noted Madylyn. " With Dan driving? Shit, we might come back with three cars," said Johnny. "He better not and if he does I'm gonna wring your neck," joked Madylyn. "Why wring me?" asked Johnny. " 'Cause your the one that does the least amount of work," pushed Madylyn. "Come on everyone we got a race to win," I said. I jump in "Spit fire" and rev it up before everyone else piles in. Johnny hops in the passenger seat while Joe, Billy, and Luke pile in the back sitting on top of the back seat. Fred says, "go and win the race. I'll stay behind and help Madylyn." "Alright you're loss. We'll see you after the race," yelled Joe. We drive to Burger Palace and swing into the parking spot. I quickly slam the brakes causing the three in the back to fall foward. Luke slaps me in the back of the head while he says, "hey take it easy on the brakes." "Why you're the one put them on," I retorted. Everyone starts getting out of the car laughing, when I notice Loryn sitting at an outside drinking a Coke. I walk by and keep joking around with the guys as we head inside to our normal booth. "So Joe you buying today?" I asked. "What do you think I am? Made of money?" Joe replied. As we joke around the waitress comes by and asks, "what'll it be this time boys?" "I think we'll have two of everything compliments on Joe," I said.
As soon as the waitress (Dianne) leaves Joe says, "Really Dan, your having me pay for all that?" "Well your the only one out of all of us that has a job outside the garage," I replied. As we start joking around again the Dianne comes back with our food and says, "don't worry Joe, I brought their usuals. On the house. Just as long as Dan wins this race that is." "Between mouth-fulls Johnny says, "Dan hasn't lost a race yet Dianne. You've seen him race. Why are you doubting him now?" "Well the Black Widows have a new car and it looks pretty fast," Dianne replied. "Well, I doubt it won't beat Dan," said Billy. Dianne heads off to the counter. Loryn walks in and heads to the counter to give the cup back and sees me in the booth with my friends. She walks up to the booth and shyly says, "hi...." "How you doing?" asks Johnny. I smack him in the head and say, "hey leave her alone." I get up and grab Loryn's hand and take her outside. "I'm sorry...," Loryn starts while tearing up. I hold her close, "hey there's no need to cry it's just that my friends are a little..., how do I put it? Anyways put it like this they'll stick it in anything that has legs and a hole." As soon as she stops crying Jason, the driver for the "Black Widows" pulls up. He says, "is that a new bitch you have? Have you introduced her to the other whores yet?" "How about you save your words for the track? You're going to need them when all you see is my dust. Nice ride by the way waste of money though. Especially since your about to lose it," I replied. "We'll see who loses what," Jason retorts. After he says that he peels off, burnin rubber down to the track. I take Loryn back inside and tell her that Jason is the driver of the "Black Widows" and they are rivals to us. "They only come around when they want to race. So they can try winning some money or in this case Pinks'," I say. "What do you mean by Pinks'?"asks Loryn. "Pink-slips or Pinks' is paperwork for the car," I explain. "Oh," Loryn gasps. "So if you lose you dont have your car?" I say, "that's right. But I don't plan on losing tonight right boys?" "That's right," called out Billy and Joe. "Then what are we waiting for? We got a race to win. Down to the track," I yelled. Everyone ran out to their cars and I took Madylyn and led her to out to "Spit Fire." "Hop in," I said as I cranked the engine and revved it. Loryn got in the car and I peeled out of the parking lot. Causing her to be pushed back in the seat. We stop a couple minutes later and get out of the car. I signal her to stay on the other side of the car. Joe comes around the car and I hand him the paperwork for the car. Jason signals to his little brother named Tony. He comes up and brings the paperwork with him and hands it to Jason. Then Jason hands the paperwork to Joe. Joe says, "you both know the rules. There aren't any exept city lines and back. First one to cross the finish line wins." Joe walks away and Jason says, "you know that new bitch will be a great prize to the Black Widows." I say to Jason, "well she's not the prize for todays race. Good-luck and don't get so heartfelt about losing this heap of scrap your driving." "This heap of scrap just came off the floor today," replied Jason. "That makes since then. I guess that's why it still looks good. You haven't even opened her up have you?" I asked. Instead of answering he just revs his engine and heads to the starting line. I pull up next to him and rev up "Spit Fire's" engine, Causing the crowd to roar with excitement. I look towards Loryn and wink at her, while Racheal comes out with the flags. The rest of the "Little Devils" are behind Loryn and the "Blazin Thunder". Racheal calls out, "ON YOUR MARK." Left flag goes up and we rev our engines. "GET SET." Right flag goes up and we rev our engines again. "GO!!!" Flags go down. I start burning rubber and double-shifting, leaving a ten foot trail of still smoking rubber behind me. I shift into third gear and then fourth. Everyone's standing and cheering. I shift into fifth gear and soon hit the city lines. I throw the stick in neutral and throw on the emergency brake, while I do a quick U-turn I take the emergency brake off and throw the stick back into fourth gear. Jason gets alongside of me on my drivers side and tries to bump me off the road. I bump him back while I shift into fifth gear again. I bump him a second time and he hits the curb and brakes on the sidewalk, while I run through the finish line and do another sharp turn and park right where I started the race. Jason pulls up next to me as soon as I get out. After he parks the car, he gets out and says, "next time I'll race you for that new bitch and I'll use her as the whore she is." As soon as he finishes, I grab him and slam his head into the hood and denting the car he was just driving. "You talk like that about her again and I'll beat the living shit out of you. Do you understand?" I whispered in his ear. He nods his head quickly and I let him up. I call out, "Billy take this heap of junk to the garage." Billy gets in and starts the car up. Jason walks over to the rest of the "Black Widows" and turns around to see his car be driven away. I call out to Jason, "better luck next time. You better choose a vehicle that can actually get some speed." Loryn runs over to me and says, "that was amazing." I lead her back to "Spit Fire" and say, "I'll take you home before it gets to late." She gets in and says, "thanks." After a couple minutes we stop at Loryn's house and as she gets of the car, her mother is looking out of the window at us. "Would you like to come in and hang out?" Loryn asks. I say, "I'm not sure about that right now." She says, "well maybe tomorrow then." "Alright tomorrow," I agree. I drive back to the garage and park around back and don't see the new car. I get out and head inside and hear a lot of ideas on what to do with the new car. I get in the conversation and say, "well why don't we open the hood to see what we're working with?" We open the hood and find out that there was nothing special about it. "This thing is trash to what we work with. Strip it and try rebuilding the Z-12 in it. After that we'll see how it runs," I tell them. "Dan there's not enough room for a Z-12 in here. The best we can do is a 1036 Lancer 4," responds Fred. "Madylyn what do you think? Could a Z-12 fit in there or would we have to put in the Lancer?" I ask. Madylyn replies, "you boys sure learn, but I haven't taught you everything. Yes Dan a Z-12 could fit in there perfectly. Close off the seals, tighten the mounts, and replace the drive shaft it should run perfect." "That sounds like a lot of work to me," says Johnny. "Well good 'cause your gonna be doing the majority of the work. We'll all help, but you need to learn. So now an opportunity has come," mentions Madylyn. "Shit," complains Johnny. After they leave, I head up to my room in the garage and go to sleep. The next day, I wake up to metal scraping on the cement. I go down stairs to find Johnny working on the car. "Wow, this is a sight I thought I would never see," I rant. "Yeah well shut up and hand me that wrench," retorts Johnny. I hand him the wrench and say, "you might want to out a pan under that." He grabs the wrench and kicks the pan underneath. I head over to Madylyn and tell her, "I'm headed out for a the day." I take "Spit Fire" and head to Loryn's house to see her headed out the door. I call out, "hey, where you headed?" "I need to go shop for some clothes," replied Loryn. "Would you like a ride?" I ask. Her father steps out the front door and says, "I think it would be best if you stay home. You're mother is going to need your help today." "But dad I was going to go shopping, with Dan," protested Loryn. "I think it would be better if you stay," said Loryn's dad with a stern look. I get out of the car and approach Loryn's dad and say, "hello sir. My name is Dan. I'm your daughter's biology partner." I hold out my hand as if for a hand-shake. "I doubt your her biology partner," he scowls. He turns and walk toward's his car. Gets in and drives off to work. "Come back around 9 o' clock. My parents should be asleep by then. And we can hang out," Loryn tells me. "Alright be back around 9," I agree. I head back over to the garage and find Johnny still taking out the engine. Madylyn comes up to me and asks, "I thought you said you were gonna be out all day earlier?" I reply saying, "had a change of plans." "Well there's nothing to do here exept watch him struggle taking that engine apart," mentions Madylyn. "He should've had it out already. Where's the crane?" I ask. Madylyn points to the car she was working on earlier. "I haven't brought it to his attention yet though. I'll tell you one thing though, he's one stubborn kid," she mentions. "Yeah. I know," I tell her. "I'm gonna work on some designs for the paint job." "Alright. I'd like to see them before we leave." I head upstairs and start drawing up ideas. Madylyn comes up a few hours later and says, "we're closing down for the night and tomorrow. How's the design coming?" I hand her a few pages and she says, "I really like this one." I look at it and say, "yep that's the one I was thinking too." At 9 o' clock, I head back to Loryn's house. I park my car in their neighbors driveway and head over to Loryn's house. I climb onto Loryn's window ledge and lightly knock on the window. She opens the window to let me in and whispers, "my parents are in the next room asleep." "Well we better not wake them then," I whispered back. We go and sit on the bed and talk for a little bit then, I kiss her. She kisses me back and we kiss longer and start French kissing our toungues swirling circles around each other. She stops only to say, "I've never done anything like this before or have a boy in my room." "Well sometimes it's good to try new things," I say, "it's alright as long as we don't wake your parents." After that, we go back to French kissing each other. She lays down and pulls me with her. I lay on top of her and slide a hand under her shirt. I find out that she's not wearing a bra and bring my hand around onto her breasts. Then all of a sudden the door opens and a male voice shouts, "YOU!!" I say, "Sir, were in the middle of a biology experiment here. I'm going to have to ask you to leave." Her father picks me up off Loryn by my shirt and starts cussing at me. I slip out of my shirt and run to the window and jump out landing on the grass. Then, I run to my car and drove back to the garage. The next day before school, I see Loryn outside the cafeteria. I head over to Loryn and sit next to her and say, "well last night was interesting." She starts appologizing saying, "I'm sorry. My dad was over reacting when he caught us." I tell her, "it's alright, I got to do something new as well." She looks at me curoisly. "I got to get away from an angry father," I explained. She laughs at that. "The garage is closed on Mondays do you want to come over?" I asked. "Sure," she replied. "I'll pick you up after school then," I tell her. "Alright," she agrees. After school I go out to the car and drive it up to he door where Loryn is waiting. I ask her, "need a lift?" And she gets in and I drive her to the garage. I park out back and hop out. She gets out and sees all the scrap cars and ask, "you live here?" I laughed at that and say, "no, I live inside the garage on the second floor." I let her in but, she doesn't see the car I won from the "Black Widows." She asked "where's the car from the race?" I tell her, "it's a suprise." Then, I lead her up stairs to my room. She takes a seat on the bed and I grab a couple bottles of Coke. "What do you think of me as?" she asks. I tell her, "I think of you as a beautiful and attractive woman, that can think for herself and do what she wants. But if your talking about the other day when Jason called you a bitch and a whore. No, I do not think of you as that." I hand her a Coke and take a drink of my own. She'll take a sip of her Coke and set it on the nightstand by the bed. "But Jason asked you if you introduced me to the other whores. What did he mean by that?" asks Loryn. "Well," replies Dan, "there are girls that usually hang around us at the races. They call themselves "Litte Devils." Sometimes the guys like having their fun with them. Even though they are not part of our group, people think they are. We just never say anything about it." Loryn thinks about it for a minute and says, "ohh. Alright I understand now." I take a seat on the bed next to her. She leans over and puts her head on my shoulder. I kiss her head and she looks up at me. She kisses me on the lips and pulls me close to her. I slowly slide my hands up her back and undo her bra clasp. She puts her arms around my neck and starts to push her tongue into my mouth to start French kissing. I stop her and take off her shirt and mine as well. She slips off her bra and kiss me again. I push her onto the bed and lay on top of her while keeping our lips pressed together. I start rubbing her left nipple and slide my knee between her legs. I start sliding my hand from her nipple to her crotch. She lets out a gasp and looks into my eyes. I move my hand under her skirt and start rubbing her pussy through her panties. She starts to get wet and starts blushing. I slide her panties off and start rubbing her bare and wet pussy. I notice that she shaves her pussy. I slowly make my way down to her pussy and I see it glimmering from how wet it is. I use my thumbs to spread her pussy lips and then I start to lick her pussy. She lets out a moan and leans her head back. I lick her to her first orgasm and gulp down all her sweet juices. She looks down at me and I kiss her pussy. I start to push my tongue into her pussy and she leans her head back and grabs my head and trying to push me farther into her pussy. I move my tongue to bring out her clit. I take her clit and lightly play with it. I start rolling her clit between my teeth. She cries out and has her second orgasm. I get up and undo my pants. Dropping them and by boxers. I rub my body against hers till I'm face to face again. I kiss her lips and start rubbing my dick against her pussy. She looks at me and grabs my dick to pull me closer. I start moving closer to her pussy and slowly enter her. I let my dick stay there for a moment so to enjoy the feeling. I slowly push farther into her and pull out till the head is about to slip out. Then, I slowly push back into her and she starts moaning again. I keep that pace and kiss her lips again. When our lips meet she has a third orgasm. She's blushing so much that she looks like she got a sunburn. I start to pick up the pace and she grabs the sheets out of pleasure. Every few strokes I slowly pick up the pace some more. She starts to moan even louder and wraps her legs around my waist. After about five minutes, she screams and has her fourth orgasm. She tightens her legs and keeps me in her pussy. I feel my balls tighten and know I'm getting ready to cum. I slam into her as fast as I can. Then after a few minutes she screams out and has another orgasm. That last orgasm will send me over the edge and I push in as far as possible and start spewing cum into her open womb. I feel her start leaking and I keep pumping more cum into her overflowing pussy. As she starts to come down from her earth shattering orgasm, she wraps her arms around me. I kiss her lips and pull out of her. She looks at me and rolls us both over, so that she's on top. She starts rubbing her pussy on my dick till it gets hard again. Then she grabs my dick and slowly sits on it. Pushing it into her ass. She lets out a scream of pain and leans foward, kissing my lips. Bouncing up and down on my dick. She rolls us back over and brings her legs to her chest. I start pounding into her ass hard. She starts to scream again and starts shaking from the pain. I speed up and feel her muscles tighten up. She grabs my shoulders and pulls me down to kiss her. Once our lips meet, she starts French kissing me. Our tongues start circling each others. I push my tongue further into her, till I reach the back of her throat. I feel her starting to gag, so I'll bring my tongue back and play with her tongue some more. I push deep into her ass and start cumming. She screams into my mouth at the feeling of my hot cum gushing into her ass. She passes out and starts to sleep. I roll her onto her side and lay next to her, with my dick still in her ass. I wrap my arms around her, one hand over her grabbing a boob the other underneath her fingering at her pussy. I fall asleep and a few hours later I wake up still in her ass with another hard on. I slowly pull out, but I still wake her up. She says, "that felt nice." I look at her and get up off the bed. "I better take you home before your parents start wondering where your at. But first I think we should shower," I mention. I grab her hand and take her to the shower. "I'll let you go first," I tell her. She grabs me and says, "we can shower together." We both get in the shower and start washing each other off. We get out and dry off and get dressed. We head downstairs and I say, "I think we better take "Gloria." She looks at me curiosly and follows me to a 1953 Packard Caribbean Convertible. We get in and start the engine. I drive back to her house. I park and put a wig on my head before she opens the door. "So your parents don't recognize me," I tell her. She laughs and says, "I think you look better with it." "Really?" I ask. "No, I was only joking," she replies. I laugh while she opens the door. "I'll see you tomorrow," I tell her quietly. "Where have you been, little lady?" asks her father. "I was over at a friends house," she replies. "And whose this friend? Not the boy I caught you making out with last night was it?" he asks. I roll down the window and say in a higher pitch voice, "you didn't mention you were kissing a boy last night. You said you were just hanging out." Her father looks in the car and asks, "I assume your my daughters friend. Would you like to come in for dinner?" "I'd love to," I answered while I turned off the engine. Her father heads back inside and tells her mother that Loryn's friend is staying for dinner. Loryn looks at me and asks, "how are you going to pull this off and not get caught?" "Very carefully," I tell her. During dinner, "so what do your parent's do for work?" Loryn's dad asks. "My father is a mechanic at Tires and Stuff. My mother usually is at home," I replied using the high pitch voice. "I didn't ask you're name earlier. What is it?" her father asks. "My name is Danielle," I replied using the high pitch voice again. "So what classes do you have with Loryn?" he asks. I reply in the high pitch voice saying, "Biology and History." "Would you happen to know if there's a guy named Dan in Biology with you?" he asks. "Dad..." complains Loryn. I lie in that high pitch voice "Oh, Dan he's in the class I believe he's your Biology parnter isn't he Loryn?" She looks at me and says, "yes, he is my Biology partner." "I wish I had him as a partner," I say in the high pitch voice "I got stuck with some weird goth girl as a partner." "Well I'll see if I can arrange that since I don't want him near my Loryn," Loryns father states. Loryn looks nervously at me, but I'll play it off. "Well I'll be glad to have him as a partner," I say as my voice cracks. Loryn's father acts as though he didn't notice it. "I'm sure you would Dan," he retorts. "I guess you can call me that to," I say in my normal voice. He looks up and gets red in the face. "Oops," I say "well I thank-you all for the wonderful meal, but I really think it's time for me to go." I get up and run to "Gloria" and start it up. Loryn's father comes running out of the house as I start rolling down the road. The next day I see Loryn sitting in the cafeteria. I walk up to her and ask, "well, what happened last night after I left?" "My father put a curfew for me," she replied. "I'm sorry. I should never accepted that dinner invite," I tell her. "It's alright. It was kinda funny to watch though," she replied while laughing "I didn't know you could get your voice that high. But when you did, I was laughing so hard inside and trying not to show it." I mention, "yeah if my voice didn't start cracking on me, I would've had it made." "Yeah, but it's over now. I guess we can't be freinds anymore," she says getting ready to cry. "Hey, I haven't lost yet. I still got a few tricks up my sleeves and a few interesting propositions to make," I tell her "I'll see you after school." "Alright see you then," she replies. I skip school and head to Crazy 8's bar to talk to Jimmy. I call out, "hey Jimmy. Just the man I was looking for." Jimmy looks up and says, "really now? And why would you be looking for me?" "I have a proposition to make for you and the rest of the "Black Widows." "Whats this proposition?" he asks questioningly. I head back to the school and grab Johnny between classes and say, "hey grab the guys and the "Little Devils" and head to the garage. I'll explain later." I start to head to the garage and see Madylyn. "Hey Madylyn. How's things going here?" "Shouldn't you be in school?" she asks while coming out from underneath a car. "Yeah, but right now I need this car back together ASAP," I tell her. "Well you should've brought the others. I'm not touching that car. I gave it to Johnny as a project," she replied. "Yeah I know. They're on their way right now. But every second counts right now. It has to do with Loryn," I explain. I tell her everything up to last night. Then I tell her the plan I have. "Well that's quite a lot of news for one day. Fine I'll help. Just give me two turns of a nut," she replies. A few minutes later the guys show up with the "Little Devils." "Sorry to pull all of you out of class. I know the classes can be boring at times, except for you Wendy. But right now I'm trying to prove a point to Loryn's parents and I have a plan." I tell them what's going to happen. Even Billy and Luke like the idea about the "Black Widows." "I like everything except giving the car back to them," notes Johnny. "We can win it next time. But right now this is all they want. The car is the price of their help," I explain. "Alright lets get that car back the way it was." After about a hour working. I tell everyone, "I'm going to head back to Crazy 8's and I'll be right back." I drive the rebuilt car to Crazy 8's and pull up infront of the door. I jump out and walk inside and see all the "Black Widows." Jason says, "well you kept to your word and brought the car. Looks good. Now we can talk about business. Listen for what you're wanting us to do is very risky. You should know that this is something we normally don't do either. But since I trust you and you brought us back our car. We decided we'll help you. We also called in a few favors and got hold of the "Dark Ravens." They could prove useful in what we're about to do. May I introduce you to Vicky. Vicky baby come on out here." Vicky comes out of the shadows with Mary. "Ahh there you are. Sure just come right through the wall why not," Jason says sarcastically. "Don't you dare trifle with me," Vicky hisses venomously "you of all people know how we bargain. Thus we ask for strength in balance. The time when a brave one sets his future with the one he loves." "Does she always talk like this?" I ask. "Quiet more enter the bar," she warns before the door opens. In comes the rest of the "Blazin Thunder" and "Little Devils." I tell her, "it's alright their with me." Vicky hushes him and retorts, "I sense a traitor among you. One that was with us before. Racheal darling step foward and let me see you." "You're still as blind as a bat you old goat. I'm over here," Racheal tells Vicky. Vicky turns towards Racheal and says, "you haven't practiced in a while. You're powers are weakening." "Yes, well I don't need to know magic to make my life easier. Also I'm happy in the "Little Devils," replies Racheal. "Glad your having a good time. Now back to business," orders Vicky. Racheal goes back to the "Little Devils" and sits on a barstool. Billy goes up to Racheal and says, "you never told us you knew magic." Racheal taps his head and says, "and you didn't need to know." Vicky continues and says, "the spell we'd like to use is a multiplier spell. It can multiply eight people twenty times depending on if we have help. Two witches aren't as good as three." "Well that would have to be up to Racheal, if she want to use magic or not," I replied. Racheal looks over and says, " Vicky, you said yourself my powers are weakening. I'm not as good of a witch as I used to be." Vicky replies, " no but you can do this spell. Even with your weakened powers." "But I don't even know the spell. Even if I did know the spell, I couldn't do it without my spell book," responds Racheal. "No need to worry about knowing the spell darling. Only one needs to know it. The one that recites the spell will be using the magic from the others. Since Mary will be reciting the spell, she'll be using our magic as well as her own," Vicky tells her. "You're teaching Mary?" asks Racheal. Vicky replies with, "well yes since you left I had to find a new successor, and the only one who wanted to learn was Mary. She's gotten better since you two last met." "Do we have to do the transfer spell to let her use our magic?" asks Racheal. Vicky replies, "no. I taught her to use the magic surrounding her. She'll use the magic that surrounds us. She can use it only if we're near her though." Racheal rosponds, "well I did have another part of the plan. So I guess it's really up to Lauren." Racheal looks at Lauren and Lauren says, "well we can always put Wendy in your spot. So the choice is yours Racheal." "What if I don't agree to let her use my magic?" asks Racheal. "Then the whole spell backfires and destroys the one you love," replied Vicky. Racheal looks at Joe and says, "alright I guess I don't really have much of a choice." I look from her to Joe. I look at Vicky and ask, "is there any other spell you can think of?" "It's not a spell, but a potion. But I need some ingredients to make it work though. Lizard's tongue, pig's heart, three tomatoes, a banana pepper, and one gator's tooth. I need all ingredients exact, no substitutes," Vicky replies. I send Billy to go get a pig, and Joe and Fred to get a banana pepper and the tomatoes from the grocery store. "We'll do this without anyone getting hurt," I tell everyone. Jasonn looks at me and says, "she really means this much to you, doesn't she?" I answer, "more than the world." Jason takes his necklace off and hands it to me and says, "here's the gator's tooth. Glad my uncle got it for me. Comes in use right about now, doesn't it?" I take the necklace and reply, "thanks. It does come in handy." "You know this doesn't change that we're still rivals that were born to race," Jason notes. I look at him and say, "we all know I can beat you any day of the week. So be thankful you got your heap of scrap again." Joe and Fred come back with the banana pepper and the tomatoes and hand them to Vicky. After a few minutes Billy comes in with the hog. Wheel-barrowing it through the bar and over to Vicky. "We're only missing the lizard's tongue," Vicky reminds. "I found this beauty outside when I pulled up with the pig," mentions Billy and hands over a lizard. Vicky takes the banana peppers and tomatoes and chops them up. Then she takes the gator tooth and crushes it into a powder. She conjures up a boiling pot and pours in the tomatoes, banana peppers, and the gator tooth powder. She then cuts the tongue out of the lizard and drops the tongue in the pot. She finally grabs the pig and cuts the pig open and rips out the heart. She looks at the pigs heart for a moment and drops it in the pot, turning the water red. Vicky whispers a spell and a book appears. She flips through the pages till she finds the one thes looking for. She starts a spell in a different language and scoops out a spoonful of the awful smelling brew into a cup. At the end of the spell, she gulps down the brew and tells us, "the lives of the lovers will be united through the strength of their bond. The magic will be seen by all who denies their love. Shown by the truth and unvielled by their hearts, will thier love be united far more." I head to the door when Jason calls out, "you sure you want to do this alone?" I look at him then around the room and say, "yeah I think it's for the best." I head to the car and rev the engine and drive over to Loryn's house. I knock on the door and Loryn's father answers the door. He lets me in and says, "if you want my daughter, you better be willing to provide for her. I give you my word that if you so much as look at another girl while with my baby, I'll make you wish that you two never met." "Don't worry about that sir she's the only one I keep thinking about in my mind," I tell him. "Well consider yourself as part of the family now," he says the calls out "Loryn get down here." I watch as Loryn comes down the stairs and looks straight at me. I wink at her and ask, "are you willing to move in with me?" She looks at me and her father and back to me and nods yes. Her father says, "well go pack then we'll help you move." She looks at me with a confused look and heads back upstairs and packs everything she wants. She comes back down and her father gives her a hug and a kiss and walks her out the door. I take her bags and put them in the back seat of the car. She asks me, "what just happened? I thought my dad hatted you." "He did," I reply. "I just happened to know somepeople who were able to make him see our love." I pull her close to me and whisper, "I also promised your father that I will only love you." I kiss her on the lips and wave good-bye to her father. He waves back while we drive to the garage. I introduce Loryn to Madylyn while I move Loryns bags up to my room. "I still don't understand how you did it," Loryn tells me. "If my dad was under a spell that allowed him to see our love. Why would he say anything about you looking at another person?" "I honestly have no idea how spells work. I wasn't expecting the "Black Widows" to call in a favor from the "Dark Ravens." But since they did, it made the whole plan change. But I don't know if he was talking under the spell or for himself," I tell her. All of a sudden Vicky appears on top of the stairs and says, "I'm so sorry but I made a mistake in the spell and it didn't work." I look at her confused, then I look at Loryn. I look back at Vicky and say, "I think it worked out quite fine." She looks from Loryn to me and says, "I got the words mixed up though. The spell never went through. Whatever happened, it wasn't by my magic." She turns around and disappears. I look at Loryn confused. We head back to the car and head to her fathers. As soon as we get there, we hop out and hear an engine revving up in their garage. We open up the garage and her father pulls out with a 1953 Hudson. He turns off the engine and says, "son I want to challenge you to a race. One end of town and back. Winner gets my daughter." I look at Loryn and say, "sir, I do believe we have a deal." Loryn looks at me worried and whispers, "my dad's not normally like this. I'm a little nervous about what's going on here." I try to comfort her by saying, "don't worry I'll make sure he doesn't hurt himself." Her father starts up the car again and yells, "meet you at the city limits in an hour." Then he drives off. I head to Crazy 8's and tell Jason what happened. He tells Tom to go get Vicky and Mary. In ten minutes they arive and we tell them what just happened. "Uh-oh. That means I just switched your personalities. Meaning he became you and you became him," Vicky tells me. "So what do I do?" I ask her. Vicky replies, "the only thing you can do. Race." I look at her and say, "but if you switched our personalities does that mean he can drive like I did? And I drive like him?" "Possibly," she replies "you really didn't tell me much about what he was acting like but they I look at it. You're basically driving against yourself. I'd call in help for this race." I grab the bars phone and call Johnny, Billy, and Luke and tell them to meet me at the city limits in a half hour. Jason speaks up and says, "we'll race with you." Jason looks back and calls, "Tony get the cars ready. It's time for a test drive." I take Loryn and head back to the car and tell her, "we'll grab "Spit Fire" and I'll drop you off at Burger Palace. I'll tell Dianne to keep an eye out for trouble." "Heck no. I'm gonna be a part of this race. I can slow down my dad so you can win," she proclaims. I remind her that, "your father is going to be as competitive as I was before I met you. I was wreckless and careless. I didn't fear death. But now your all I care about. And I can't let you race. Not this time at least." She looks at me and says, "fine but I want to stay at the garage then." I look into her eyes and say, "alright. You'll stay at the garage under Madylyn's supervision." "Good," she agrees. I drive back to the garage and tell Madylyn what's happening and hop in "Spit Fire." I rev up the engine and head for the city limits. Madylyn tells Loryn, "you know I'm not gonna stop you from doin' what you're 'bout to do. But I'll say this, the best car left is "Tornado." She points towards a Ford Thunderbird while saying, "the keys are in the ignition. But be careful he can be a bit jumpy." Loryn starts up the engine. A few minutes later I arrive at the city limits. Behind me Johnny, Billy, Luke, Jason, Tony, and Jimmy. "All of us are racing," I tell Loryn's father. He revs up the engine as a response. I start to get nervous knowing that he has my skill and temper at driving. Vicky appears beside me and says, "nothing to worry about. The only way to beat him is to think like him. In this case, think like yourself. If he knows how you drive do the opposite. You can easily beat him. Just got to drive smart." Mary pulls up and says, "don't worry we'll be there when you need us." Vicky disappears from my car and reappears in the car with Mary. I look around and see up the road comes "Tornado." The car pulls up on my left and the window rolls down. "You didn't think I wouldn't come and help? Well this "good-girl" knows how to drive," Loryn tells me. I yell over the revving engines and say, "I told you this race is too dangerous. But I guess there's no backing out now, is there?" She yells back, "even if there was, I wouldn't do it. I can't watch you get hurt in this race." I look over to Loryns father and see him nod as if ready to race. I rev my engine to assure him I'm ready. We all scramble to get to the other side of the city and try running Loryn's father off the road. Loryn's father took out Billy, Luke, Jimmy, and Vicky and Mary. He took all four out before the quarter mile mark. Jason, Johnny, and myself are in front setting up like a moving barricade. Loryn's father rams into Jason on the right off me and pushes him onto the curb. Loryn's father passes Jason and starts pulling up next to me. I shift into fifth gear and hit the emergency brake as soon as he tries slamming beside me. Throwing the stick into fourth gear and take off the emergency brake. While Loryn's father slams into Johnny causing him to bend his axel from the curb. I throw the stick back into fifth gear and try to get a lead on Loryn's father, but to my suprise he catches up fast and hit my bumper causing me to spin. I turn the steering wheel the opposite way and pull out of the spin and drive into Loryn's father. He tries to push me off the road. I see the city limits and automatically throw the stick in neutral and pull the emergency brake, when Vicky's says, "remember think on what you would do, and do the opposite." I slam the brakes while turning, take off the emergency brake, and slam into the side of Loryn's father. He drives off the road and tries making a U-turn in the dirt. I peel off shifting into third gear and then fourth gear when I hear Loryn's father come up behind me. I throw the stick into fifth gear and start pushing faster and faster. Loryn's father hits my bumper, when Loryn out of nowhere rams into the side of her father head on. Causing him to spin out of control while Loryn pulls up next to me and gives me a thumbs up. Then next thing I see is her father ramming into her. I slam on the brakes throwing the stick in nuetral while turning around and facing Loryn's father as he rams me head on. I throw the stick in reverse and start driving backwards. Again he rams me but just nudges me closer to the city limits. He tries ramming me a third time but I slam on the brakes and he follows the angle I put "Spit Fire." He drives right through a fence and comes back through on the other side. I peel off and head to the city limits with Loryn's father right on my tail. I start making my turn and park right past the line. As soon as I pass the line Loryn's father snaps out of it and hits the brakes. he next to me and looks me in the eyes and says, "well even though I didn't have control over myself I keep to my word. By the way could you teach me to drive like that?" I smile and answer him, "yes sir, I can teach you how to race." A few days later I see Loryn on the bed naked waiting for me and asks, "hey handsome, you up for another race?" I look at her and say, "and who might I ask would I be racing?" "Oh you'll know when you see them," she replies. "But first I want to have a bit of fun with you." I look at her devilish smile and couldn't help but get a hard-on. She gets up and walks to me and rubs my dick through my pants and teasingly says, "oh did I do that?" She grabs my shirt and lifts it over my head. Then she reaches down to my pants and unbuttons them and gives them a slight tug causing them to fall to the ground. I step out of them and push her towards the bed. I lay her down and push my full length into her. She moans out of pleasure. Then I start pulling out and pushing in while slowly speeding up. She screams out of pleasure and has an orgasm. I start pounding her even harder and she starts moaning louder. The harder I go, the louder she moans. She has another orgasm and she grips the sheets. She moans louder and I pick up the pace. Faster. I lean down and kiss her lips and we slowly let our tongues explore each others mouths. I pick the pace up again and slowly start building up momentum. She has her third orgasm and I push in as deep as I can get. I start spewing stream after stream of cum into her womb. I look down and see her pussy is leaking my cum. I pull out and kiss her on the lips. She kisses me back and pulls me towards the shower. After we clean and dry each other off, we head to the closet and get dressed. She tells me, "I'll meet you at Burger Palace in a few minutes." "Alright," I tell her. I walk down to stairs and the "Little Devils" are waiting. "Is she getting dressed?" asks Lauren. I tell her, "yes. she'll be meeting me at Burger Palace." As soon as I say that they start heading up the stairs. "Well don't you have somewhere to be?" asks Madylyn. I answer, "I guess so. Do you know who I'm suppossed to be racing today?" "Not a clue," she replies. I head over to "Spit Fire" and rev her up. I quickly make my way to Burger Palace, and find the place is packed. I notice a car there and a tingle starts rolling down my spine. I look through the glass and see Loryn's parents. I start to get nervous, then Johnny pulls me out of the car and pushes me inside. Johnny yells, "LOOK WHO I JUST FOUND!!" Everyone starts hooting and hollering more. He sits me down and sits across from me. "I don't supposse you can tell me why this place is so packed?" I question him. He replies, "to watch the race, of course." "Hmm... And who is the person I'm suppossed to be racing?" I ask. He looks at me and shakes his head. "Of course you can't," I remark. Then all of a sudden, people start whisteling and making other noises. "Well it seems like your challenger has arrived," Johnny tells me. I look around and see Loryn in tight pink leather racing suit with a black leather jacket that has the "Little Devils" symbol. She walks up to me and asks, "are you ready to race?" She'll pull me to my feet and kiss me in front of the whole restraunt. "Let's head to the track," she yells. Everyone gets up and heads to their cars, waiting for the drivers to lead the way. I look over and see she has the "Tornado." I get in "Spit Fire" and rev the engine. As soon as we get to the track Loryn gets out of "Tornado" and I get out of "Spit Fire." We walk in between the cars and a priest comes out and goes through the wedding. When it came to you may kiss the bride, the "Black Widows" and "Dark Ravens" started revving their engines to the max. We kissed and ran to our cars, driving off down the track.

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