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Wife takes control
Phase IV of the Autobiography

Almost a year had passed since the previous phase and most admittedly Lynn and I were having the best sex our now almost ten-year marriage, and yes, even in 1987 we both had cell phones. Our son, Joey, was now seven years old and therefore we had to be a lot more discrete in our sexual forays.

Not that we stopped, in fact Lynn had become insatiable each month after she came home from doing her “Club” duties.

One time she came home late in the morning after her over night “Club” duties, looking very disheveled, walked right up to the lunch table as Joey and I were eating early lunch, grabbed my hand, pulling me up and towards our bedroom with hardly acknowledging Joey.

She damn near threw me on the bed, straddled my face in a sixty-nine position, lifted her dress, and forced her wet, panty less cunt onto my face.

There was no hesitation on my part, I drove my tongue right up her sloppy wet cunt…I was addicted.

Lynn was doing her part too; she had my cock balls deep down her throat. It did not take long, maybe ten minutes; Lynn came with a gush then went back to administering my cock.

Another ten minutes and Lynn was again pounding her crotch on my face, building another orgasm. My climax was building too, and moments later in a synchronized explosion; Lynn came again at the same time my cock exploded in her throat.

Then she froze, my cock suspended in space before her gapping mouth. She lifted slightly. From between her thighs I could see Joey standing in the open door staring at us.

He turned and walked away.

Lynn gasped, “shit”, while she extracted herself from on top of my body.

From that point forward, we made sure the door was closed.

As winter began to ebb and our thoughts began to look forward towards the summer, Lynn began to make innuendos about her breast size.

Being politically correct, I started by saying that they looked fine to me. This was ok when the question was sporadic, but as February turned into March, she was mentioning it on an almost daily basis. So I eventually responded back with a, “what do you think?”

The last week of March, Lynn’s teacups became “C” cups!

Damn…the transformation was unbelievable.

Even though she would not let me touch them for a couple of weeks or so, when she rode my cock while on top, the sight of them almost caused a instantaneous ejaculation on my part.

Within six weeks, even the small scars had turned to small pink lines. Her tits looked fantastic, her large nipples now were perfectly sized to her now full breasts. But, she still had not let me touch them. And she was not bashful about them either. Her neckline plunged from wearing mostly to the neck blouses and dresses to necklines that exposed most of her tits. Her athletic figure now a sultry 35 ‘C”-24”-35”.

Then after a month hiatus from her “Club” duties, they returned. When she left that Friday, her look was to die for. She had on a short, no back dress with a plunging neckline to just above her navel. As soon as she left, I had to go and jerk off…she looked that hot. My anticipation of her coming home tomorrow was at its peak.

Unfortunately, that anticipation had to be held, Lynn did not come home Saturday. Nor did she come home Sunday. It was 1 AM Monday when I heard a car door close outside.

Almost meeting her at the door, there was my wife. She was wearing nothing but what looked to be a man’s sport coat; her hair all messed up, no shoes, and what looked to be signatures on the top of her sumptuous breasts. Her eyes expressed an almost guilty look, for about a second, then turned into a hard stare.

She put her hand out, the front of the coat falling open. She was wearing nothing except a bunch of words written on her tits, stomach, and thighs. She pushed me back and down, discarding the coat completely.

Now completely on my back, she straddled my face, peering down at my eyes past her bodacious tits and started to grind her cunt into my mouth.

My hands instinctively rose to her tits and for the first time since the transformation, she allowed me to touch them. It was like an electric current flowed immediately from my brain to my crotch. My cock spewing strings of cum as my body fucked nothing but air.

When the first splat of ejaculation hit Lynn’s back, she raised her head towards the ceiling and let out a laugh, driving her cunt even harder into my face as she grabbed my hair with both hands.

“Eat that cummy well fucked cunt you cuck!’ she exclaimed.

The words did not register immediately, but her actions did. She came violently, her pussy flushing out so much liquid I had to almost gulp it down.

As we both recovered slightly from our mutual orgasms, Lynn started to stand up.

That is when I noticed that the name “Sam” was written across her pubic bone with an arrow pointing to her cunt. My mind said, “what the fuck”. I jumped up.

Standing in front of me and now fully exposed, her body displayed a bunch of names scrawled across her torso, her thighs, and her tits.

Just past her…there was Joey, staring at his naked mother and father. This time I said, “shit”.

Lynn, looked at me, then at Joey, and without a hint of embarrassment or trying to hide her naked body, smiled at Joey and patted his head as she went towards the bedroom.

Me….I covered up with a pillow off the couch and quickly shuffled Joey back towards his room.

A half an hour later, Lynn came out of the shower, and it was obvious that the names written on her were going to take more than one washing to get off. She did not try to hide them and walked right up to where I was sitting on the edge of the bed. As if she was displaying them for my reading pleasure.

“What the hell is this, Lynn?”, I queried with a bit of attitude.

“What does it look like…they are names”. She shot back.

“Names of whom?” I spat out.

“The guys I was with this weekend.” She stated with an edge.

“What the fuck…” I started to say.

She finished my statement, “all of them, fucked all of them multiple times. Do you have a problem with that?”

“Hell yes, I …” I started to respond.

“Too bad, I guess you do not want any of this anymore” she almost whispered as she took my hand and rubbed it between her legs, then placing it on her firm breast.

What my brain said was totally different than what my libido wanted, cause as she brought her other breast to my mouth, my mouth just naturally opened to accept her firm nipple. My moral side lost.

Minutes later we were fucking as hard as when I had fucked Connie in Denver years ago.
Over the next few weeks it seemed as though our sex declined as the names faded on my wife’s body. Not from my end, but it was her interest that seemed to disperse.

In fact, Lynn’s demeanor had changed in that she seemed to be very casual in regards to her sense of humility. She had no problem walking around the house stark ass naked, even in front of Joey…who now seemed almost comfortable with his mother’s nakedness.

Lynn also had a propensity to have blatant sexual conversations while on the phone or when one of her friends stopped over. In fact, when Sandy was over one weekend, Sandy asked how I was handling “it”.

Lynn responded, “oh, don’t worry about him, he is house broken” and then laughed.

By the time summer was in full swing, all sense of modesty had left Lynn. Now she did not even bother to remotely cover up during the day when she went from the house to the hot tub. Even meeting our paperboy at the door one time completely naked.

Two weeks later, I came home to the paperboy rubbing suntan lotion on my wife’s tits in the backyard. My sense of propriety jumped to the forefront and I confronted them.

“Oh, quit being such a stiff neck, I don’t fuck him or anything”. She said matter of fact.

“Do I?” she threw the question directed at Jimmy our paperboy, “but I bet you would like to, wouldn’t you?” she said with a smile and wink towards him.

All he could do was nod. Jimmy’s hand was still clasping my wife’s right tit.

“Maybe for your birthday…” she hinted towards him.

He stood up, a definite tent in his trouser, as he slowly walked away looking over his shoulder with a big grin.

“Lynn…what the hell is wrong with you, he is just a kid,” I admonished.

“Yep, fifteen, and in another time I would have fucked his baby brains out. But I will wait until he turns sixteen next month.” Said without a trace of hesitation.

My mouth was hanging wide open.

Lynn reached up and grabbed my cock through my pants, “get these clothes off and let’s fuck, I am horny thinking about Jimmy’s young cock” she demanded.

Minutes later I was stove poling my wife’s pussy right out in the open on our patio chaise lounge.

As my wife reached her first orgasm, she called out Jimmy’s name telling him to fill her cunt with his young sperm.

A trigger went off in my head, she wasn’t getting Jimmy’s spunk…but she sure was getting mine. I spurted and spurted again.

We continued to slowly fuck, my member slightly softening and then regaining its hardness.

Twenty minutes later, I was humping her like a rabid dog building to another explosion. Lynn meeting my thrusts with her own as her cunt clasped my dick with each plunge.

We both came again.

Barely had my orgasm subsided before Lynn opened her legs and pushed my shoulders.

“Clean me up”. She stated.

For whatever reason, I dutifully went down to her cunt and worked my wonders. Not only cleaning her up spic and span, but also bringing her to an additional orgasm.

She patted my head.

During the week, my sister was in constant contact with Lynn. It had something to do with my sister Keri’s never-ending struggle to have a kid with her husband of twelve years.

Keri lived on a ranch set in a beautiful but remote mountain valley far from the medical alternatives that might be needed to help with her dilemma.

Now, do not get me wrong, even though Keri is a couple of years older than I, she also is very attractive, so that had nothing to do with the fact she and her husband Phil did not try.

But now at thirty-six years old, she felt her clock was running out and she had made arrangements to utilize the services of vitro insemination clinic near us. This was predicated on her ability to stay with us for at least a week.

Well all the arrangements were made and I picked Keri up from the airport the next Saturday. After not seeing her for three or four years, I had forgotten how gorgeous my sister looked. As I pulled up to the curb, I noticed the back of a tall, shapely woman that appeared to have been poured into tight fitting jeans. She had long blond hair flowing out from beneath a cowboy hat.

No, it could not be her; my cock was trying to stretch in MY jeans…no way could the thought of my sister do that.

Just as I stopped, she turned around. Holy shit…it WAS my sister. To make things worse, my cock was now as hard as a rock. But I could not just sit there and be stupid; because now she noticed it was I.

I had to get out and help her. Of course, her being my sister and all, she probably would not notice.

Well, so much for that. “See you are happy to see me…you perv”, Keri said as she stared at my crotch.

Trying to ignore her, I walked up and gave her a hug. Could have sworn I felt her lean into me a bit.

Loaded the car and headed towards home, Keri and I catching up on our lives so to speak.

Then out of the blue, Keri questioned with a great degree of sincerity, “Lynn tells me you have sort of an open marriage…how’s that working for you?”

Shit, I was flabbergasted, “Uhmm…guess its ok…little uncomfortable talking about it with my sister though”.

“Oh baloney, Lynn says that you love it…even though it does sound a bit one sided…or are you hiding something.” Keri asked inquisitively.

I hesitated.

“Seems Lynn gets more out of it than you do, but I do know about Sandy and you”. She said as deadpan as you can get.

“Well…” that is as far as I could get.

“I knew it…figured you would have more, that makes me feel better” my sister stated as we pulled into the drive.

The rest of the day went extremely fast, especially with Lynn and Keri getting totally involved in discussing Keri’s up coming vitro stuff. Could not get a word in edge wise.

Sunday was great weather day and I decided to spend the most of it in the hot tub since my sister and Lynn had gone shopping.

Mid afternoon or so they came back and noticing I was in the tub, Lynn suggested that they join me. Lynn, without hesitation or humility discarded her clothes throwing them on the chaise lounge. Keri’s mouth almost hit the ground.

“Come on Keri, were amongst family, don’t be so shy”. Lynn almost challenged.

“Uh…Uhmm”. Was all I could hear come from Keri?

“Hey, since when did you become a prude? You just told me an hour ago or so that you would like to get an all over tan…how do expect to do that with your clothes on.” Lynn pushed.

Keri started to unbutton her shirt but then stopped looking directly at me.

Lynn noticed, “For Christ sake, he is harmless…think of him as eunuch,” she said with a laugh.

Keri gave out a little laugh too, then slowly undressed.

Oh yeah, my sister is definitely fine. Her statuesque body slowly evolved out her cocoon of clothes. All 5’ 11” of her 135 lb body, her proportions almost perfect with large B cup breasts with nary a hint of sag, the ripples of her abdomen on her flat stomach, the short trimmed patch of very light blond hair covering her pubic mound.

I could not stop from staring. Keri noticed and started to cover up. Then with a deep breath straightened out and walked proudly to the hot tub.

She slowly slid in the tub, directly across from me. My eyes fixated on her breasts, a small ring dangled from each of her nipples. Now my mouth was hanging open.

“Hey Rob, you’re a eunuch…remember” Keri blurted.

Lynn laughed, reaching under the water and grabbing my hard as a nail cock, “Yeah, settle down, she’s your sister, might have to break this thing off”. She bent my cock so hard over I almost jumped out of the tub.

“Careful Lynn, you might need that someday.” Keri winked.

Lynn pointed towards her own crotch and said, “well maybe, but with one of these I can get as many of those” as she pulled my now bare dick out of the water, “as I want”.

Keri’s eyes fixated on my exposed dick, she bit her lower lip.

Not lost on Lynn, she commented, “bigger than most, but not all” and winked at Keri.

Keri started coming to her senses, but Lynn continued.

“Is this bigger than Phil’s?”

Keri woke up, “Uhmm..I can’t…compare…he’s my brother…uhm, Phil’s is nowhere close to that…jeez, put it away…he’s my brother.”

Lynn laughed almost hysterically, “For crying out loud Keri, it’s a cock…it’s a fucking cock…literally. Think of it as a dildo”.

Lynn now had me standing up, my swimsuit nowhere to be found. My cock now semi hard only a foot or so from my sister’s face.

Lynn told me to sit down…the show was over.

Things calmed down after that and my sister and I became more comfortable with our nakedness, of course Lynn was always comfortable with her being naked.

As dinnertime approached, Sandy stopped by to drop off Joey, and here we sat naked in the hot tub.

Keri immediately got nerveous covering her tits with her hands and looking anxiously at her clothes across the patio. But Lynn unabashedly started to stand up just as Joey approached the pool.

Joey’s eyes moved to Lynn’s bouncing tits and then scanned down to her bare, shaved pussy, then turned his head towards his aunt.

Keri noticed that Joey showed hardly a smidgen of interest towards his mother’s naked body and realized that his curiosity was more aroused at her action of covering up than her being naked.

She uncovered her tits and slowly stood up, Joey reaching out to give his aunt a hug.

Joey nestled his face right into her breasts as he gave my sister a hug. I immediately thought, wonder what they feel like.

Joey bounced away as Sandy passed niceties to my sister and then my sister explaining why she was there.

Sandy then looked at me, Lynn, and then back to Keri asking, “and you are paying how much for this?” Shaking her head.

This made Lynn sit up. She did not say anything, but the wheels were turning.

After dinner and when Joey went to bed, Lynn, Keri, and I sat in the living room enjoying a couple glasses of wine. It appeared that Lynn was making sure that Keri’s glass never would be empty and Keri was starting to get tipsy.

Lynn changed the conversation to Keri’s upcoming insemination, going through a litany of questions as to what Phil and her had tried and so on.

Lynn jokingly made the comment that maybe Phil was not large enough to reach the proper spot.

Keri laughed it off and said that they even tried to do it with her almost standing on her head.

Lynn pushed a little harder, “how long is Phil’s dick?”

“Oh, I don’t really know, about this long”, as my sister put her hands out about 6” apart, giggling a little from the wine.

“Really?” Lynn questioned, “Rob, pull your pants down and let’s measure yours”.

“Oh, not this again…he’s my bro…never mind, let see it.” Keri almost slurred.

I pulled my shirt off, dropped my pants and stood up as Lynn directed me towards Keri.

“Now, how big is Phil’s?” Lynn asked as she held my semi flaccid cock in front of Keri. “Use this one as a measuring stick”.

Keri appeared to be almost studying my dick, then reached out and touched it.

Again with the electricity, my sister just touched my cock…the taboo of it made me jump, cock immediately hardened and stretched.

“Holy shit” Keri exclaimed, as she circled my cock with her hand and rubbed from the head to the base, “I’ll bet Phil’s is only half this size…damn”. She stroked some more, then quickly pulled her hands away, her face showing the realization that she was just fondling her brother’s dick.

“Just a tad under 8”, it is bigger than most, but not all”. Lynn stated, “Maybe you could save yourself a lot of money?” as she nodded towards my dick.

A weird look came over my sister’s face, “ you do realize that this attached to my brother”.

“So, no one will ever know and if you are willing to have a stranger’s sperm shoved up your cunt, would not rather have some of from a known source?” Lynn explained.

I could not fathom where this conversation was going, but I was still standing in front of my sister with my dick pointing towards her.

Lynn refilled Keri’s wine glass. Keri almost slugged it down in one swallow.

Keri looked up at me, then back to Lynn.

“You are going to love how he finishes you off”, Lynn said with a knowing smile.

“I…I..I just don’t know if this is right” Keri said as she took her refilled glass.

“Hell yeah it is right and I dare you to say it wasn’t after your done”. Lynn proclaimed as she put her hand on my back pushing me towards my sister.

Keri lifted her free hand, grasping my still hard cock. She turned towards my cock, closing her eyes, directing her mouth over the head of my member.

The initial touch of her lips to my cock sent shivers up my spine.

Her mouth opened and encapsulated my cock, the end of my dick hitting the back of her throat.

“Damn…its so big, I can’t get it all in my mouth”. Keri exclaimed.

“Use your throat”. Lynn suggested.

Keri gagged as my cock head found the beginning of her throat.

“Hold on, I’ll show you” Lynn stated as she pulled my cock out of Keri’s mouth.

In one smooth moment, Lynn engulfed my cock, the end of which passed smoothly into her esophagus, my balls planted in her chin.

She pulled off.

“Holy shit, Lynn how did you do that it is so big” Keri said with a bit of wonder.

“No problem, have had bigger…much bigger” Lynn said with a bit of sarcasm intended to make me cringe. “You have to allow it to go down your throat…no big deal”.

Lynn stood up and looked at me, all business, “Take your sister to the guest room, I do not care how tired you may get, but until you knock her up and she is walking bow legged, you keep fucking her”.

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