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Although this is not my first time on this site, it will be my first
time posting. By the way I almost tagged this poem first time, I
thought that was for first time writers. How stupid of me. I don't
like rules so I didn't follow any. As I said, this is my first time
posting so please don't jerk me around. But you can jerk off using
this poem...

He arrives home from work
Fuck is what he says first
His pants bulge
And he kisses me with his hand in my butt
But...but. My speech is abruptly cut

As he curbs my mouth with his tongue
He turns me on, my nipples are hard
He removes my skirt
We've been doing this for months
And I seldom cum

Yet I can't resist what's about to come
He injects his fingers into my cunt
He then put them in his mouth and slowly sucks
He throws me on the sack
He removes his pants

Exposing his cock, wet with pre-cum
And yes, I hate that it's large
It always makes my cunt hurt after we fuck
I remove my panties and bra
And he thrusts his giant into my snatch

He fucks me rough
And twat feels every thrust
My tits feel every single touch
Hoping he will last long enough
Long enough to make me cum

Not a chance, he cums too fast.
He always cums first
And I will always put him first
I hate this love.
His tongue prods deep into my twat

My clit gets large, hoping to get sucked
Not a chance, he doesn't even know where it's at
He gets bored and grasps my ass
He turns me over so I lay on my back
He spreads my ass cheeks with his hands

He forces his cock in my tiny ass
Fucking it as hard as he can
I scream and moan, not because of fun
And here I thought we were making love
I always cum last
And it's so sad that I use my hand

I look at his eyes as he cums
They are always filled with lust
Mine are filled with love
A love I wish I didn't have
He fills my face with cum
And then he commands me to suck

I get dressed and I leave
He does me as he please
Pleasing me is what he does least
We fuck like jack rabbits
Until sometimes cum is all I see

And yet I love him still
Pleasing him is not easy
He even forgot I had a clit
All he sees is my slit
I think am not the bitch, he is

I never wanted this
I wanted a man, an Adonis
Not a rude jerk with a penis
I wish I could control my feelings
I wonder why I love him still

He comes to me naked and touches me
I try to resist, my emotions overpower me
Damn fuck, why am I tripping
God, why am I stripping?
I get down on my knees

He pushes his cock hard down my throat
Not caring even if I choke
He pulls my hair and pinches my nipples
He fucks my mouth till am soar
Tears flow down my face and fall on the floor

Why does he treat me like a whore?
He plays with heart, now it’s broke
He fucks my body mind and soul
But somehow I like being a whore
And I want more and more.

Anonymous readerReport

2015-04-08 02:50:04
If he thinks you are a prossie, let the slag pay, for goodness sake! That's to say if the above-mentioned story matches yours. And b.t.w., then you will also be able to interject some rules, cause no working girl worth every penny will allow a punter to damage her business for her other clients, nor do what she cannot abide, or what upsets her. When that happens, days can become hell - she might as well quite - so fuck him and his childishness. Pay up and poo in the diaper. If he wants to cum in your mouth, he can wear a condom like every-body else(should).

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2014-09-28 16:29:23
There is a way to help.I went out with a guy who had real bitter tainstg sperm. I really did not like the taste. So I managed to disguise it a little by having a glass of red wine by my side. I would take a few sips before sucking him and this helpe tremedously- it also helped to relax me.I also have done the peppermint trick where I have a mint in my mouth most of the time, you can actually push it up the gum when sucking. This does solve the taste problem.The smell problem is also solved by this too- peppermint takes away the smell, although I have to say that in the main I find little to sniff myself.The look of sperm is something you really cannot see when it is in the mouth- so stop trying to imagine what it looks like.TRY THIS 0Was this answer helpful?

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2014-07-27 01:00:26
Dear Tommy i would love to suck your big long hard Cock till your sweet cum is in my mouth so i swollow your sweet tteisang cum an then i would love to kiss lick an kiss suck your sweet nuts an then kiss lick an suck your big long hard Cock again till you cum again an again an swollow your cum once more. I would love to be bred by you Stud Horse . sam

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2014-07-07 23:31:39
Ken, e28098and there's a limit to where they lived in a dark headband. She was desrtoyed. Then I bounce it onto mom's pussy. Oh god Travis... make it pleasurable for her. Maybe it was still strangling me. We were all hoping she was about eight inches long with all the rooms, into

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2014-02-17 08:12:57

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