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As previous stories seem well received, I have written up another (s) exploit. I have had a number of comments about the language, some of which makes no sense to our colonial cousins, sorry about that but I write in English English not US English
Mervin & Pat were my next door neighbours, they two children, Noel, who was about 17 ½ and Lizzy who turned 16 just two weeks go. I only know because I helped out with some pretty awesome decorations and lights for her 16th birthday. Lizzy was what I guess to be a typical 16 year old, always slopping about in jeans and casual tops. I do recall she looked quite stunning at her party in a tight top and short skirt. She had longish, well over shoulder length auburn almost red hair, she was slim and quite leggy, about 5ft 8. Whilst I have always appreciated she was an attractive girl I had never really thought of her in any other way that the daughter of a friend.

As neighbours we all get on really well, as a bit of a DIY enthusiast, I’m often helping them out with odd job.

I’m divorced and a few month shy of my 50th. I have a girl (well woman really) friend. We don’t live together but meet 3-4 times a week staying at hers or mine at least 3 nights.

This story starts one Saturday, Mervin & Pat were taking Noel for his first of a few planned trips to see his choice of university. They left at about 7 in the morning and were expected home about 6pm.

It was about 9.30 and I’d just stepped out of the shower when the doorbell went.
Normally I would have ignored it but as I was expecting a parcel, I slipped on a robe and went down to see who it was.

I opened the door to Lizzy. “Oh I’m sorry! She stammered. I’m doing a project at school and remembered you saying you have a lot of history book, I wonder if you had anything on British kings and queens?”

“It’s Ok, I assured her. Come in. you'll find some in the study, if not on the bookshelf upstairs on the landing. Help yourself while I get dressed”

Thanks she called out as she went down the hall to the study, I went upstairs. After brushing my teeth, I went into my bedroom to get dressed.
I was searching out some clothes when I heard her coming up the stairs.
“Any luck” I called out
“I have one that might be ok, mind if I check the bookshelf out”?
“Sure, it’s just to the right of the top of the stairs”.
I had put my underpants on and was just getting shirt from the wardrobe when Lizzy walked in
“Can I borrow ……………………..” with shirt in hand I turned to see her in the doorway. Oh I’m……. sorry”
Holding my shirt in front of me I assure her it was OK.
She made no move to leave but instead looked around the room.
“You have so many pictures in your house, these cartoons are really nice” she said looking around.

“Thanks, they’re some of my better items I replied.
I was still standing there in just my pants with a shirt (fortunately on a hanger) in front of my waist.
“I didn’t know you had a tattoo” she commented
“wha……. Oh that, it was a statement I made when I was 40. (It was only a small cartoon character on my shoulder) I thought I could be rebellious but I was only brave enough to have a small one done”

“40! I don’t believe it”
“Sure am, and that was a few years ago”

She now turned to look at me almost scrutinising me. “Well you look a lot better than my dad” you’ve kept yourself in shape. (he was pretty rotund to say the least)
“Why thank you kind lady”. I replied with mock bow

“Now if you don’t mind, I’d like to finish getting dressed”
“Oh don’t mind me, I’ll just study your pictures” she grinned. She stood hands on hips as if daring me.
I don’t think so young lady” I replied, with what I thought was a firm tone.
What’s up, you shy?” she countered
“That’s got nothing to do with it” I told her. It’s would say at the least, inappropriate”
“Why, you’ve got nothing I haven’t seen before”. she countered quickly

“Seeing Noel in the bath when you were six is not quite the same”
“Oh I’ve seen him since then, and don’t forget I’ve had a couple of boyfriends” she grinned.

I was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable now. There was I standing almost naked I front of an eye-catching girl and I wasn’t sure if she was flirting or if it was just innocent banter.

“Look I really think you should let me get dressed”.
“Like I said, she smirked, I’m not stopping you.”
Ok, I’ll just brave it out I thought. I took the shirt of the hanger and started to put it on.
“Like I said you’ve got a good body” she commented
“Thank you” was all I could manage as I struggled with the shirt.

“Have I”? she asked
“Have you what” as I managed to get my arms in the sleeves.
“Got a good body”?
“I guess so.”
“You guess so! don’t you know or don’t you think I have? She sounded almost hurt
“No, no I mean yes, you have a good body” I assured her. I now looked at her properly for the first time. She was wearing a short (cropped) tee shirt top, tight low cut jeans and sandals. There was about 6 inches of flat bare midriff showing.
For a fleeting second I thought shit she’s hot!.

I tried to concentrate on looking for a pair of trousers. As I flicked through the wardrobe she spoke again.
“You also have a neat nice arse”
“Ok, missy….. I really do think it’s time you went” I said firmly.
“I only said you have a nice arse, and it true” she beamed. I can’t help it if you keep showing it to me”

“Look, I think this has gone far enough” I said firmly. you really should leave”.
“But I’m only paying you a compliment, I like looking at your body, and I could tell how you were looking just now, you liked looking at mine!” I’m sure she almost pouted. I didn’t know what to say.
“Well? Didn’t you”?
“Like looking at my body, you did, didn’t you?”
Oh hell, where was this going, I was starting to feel uncomfortable now.

She slowly ran one hand across her chest and over her flat stomach. And with what I guess she assumed was a sexy voice said “I bet you’d like to touch my body”!
I was right she was hot. And she was making me feel uncomfortable.

“Is that a stiffy I see in your pants” she grinned. She was accurate, I was feeling a lot more uncomfortable now, and seeing her making provocative poses was making my cock grow.

“Right you have had your fun, now I really think you should go. This really isn’t appropriate”.
“Why because I’m 16 and you’re………….”
“Yes a lot older” I answered quickly
“Oh, so if I was older or you were younger it would be OK then”?
“That’s not what I meant”
“Oh I think it is”, she countered. If our ages were different I’m sure you would be only too please to be standing here half naked with me”
“OK. I asked again, what is it you want” I asked firmly, you’ve made me feel uncomfortable so are you satisfied”?

“You might feel more comfortable if you took them off” she said pointing at my pants.
“You know that’s not going to happen” I assured her.
“Aw go on, you show me yours and I show you mine” she giggled
My cock twitched
“There, she pointed, you know you want to”

“Look Lizzy, your 16, your very pretty, why don’t you go and find a boy of you own age to tease”.
“I’m not teasing you she said firmly, I want to see what you have in there”. She said point at my crotch. She walked towards me and stroked the front of my pants. The blood flowed and my cock stiffened instantly

I stepped back, she stepped forward. “I don’t care about the age difference; I want to have sex with you”
“Oh Lizzy what are you saying”
“I’m saying I want to feel this (she stroked my now rock hard cock) inside me. Don’t worry, I’m not a virgin. I’ve had sex, not very good sex I must say, twice, but I think you can do better”
As she spoke she pulled her top over her head and stood in front of me, pushing out her chest. She was wearing a small lacy pink bra, and her bosom was pushed well up out of the bra.
“What do you think now?”
“Are you sure this is what you want I asked, you’re not just teasing”?
“Certainly not, I’m very serious”

Well shit, else was I going to do. I reached for her she moved into my arms. Running my hands over her body she leaned forward to kiss me wet and hungry.
As we kissed I had one hand behind her and expertly released her bra clip and I slipped the straps over her shoulders.
“My that was quick, she said. I didn’t feel a thing”.
I lowered my mouth to one breast and flicked my tongue over the nipple
Lizzy let out a sigh. “Mmmm nice”

I worked at the fastening for her jeans, “I guess we need these off” I told her and I awkwardly tried to pull them down.

“Here let me”. She stepped back and by wriggling her hips, eased her jeans down and kicked them off.
Now all she had on was a pair of lacy boy shorts. Her figure was fabulous. At about 5ft 8, she had the beginnings of womanly curves, and as I imagined, long legs reaching up to what I could now see a peachy shaped arse and a pair of pert turned up titties tipped with neat and firm nipples. Her long hair falling over her shoulders, she looked fantastic. I’d long forgotten what a nubile 16 year old could look like.
“Shit your stunning” I pronounced.

“Do you really think so”?
“Of course, you have a fantastic body”.
I reached for her panties, “now shall we have these off”
She seemed a little hesitant. “You first”
“Ok”, I slipped my shirt off then reached for my pants
“Here, let me” she said as she reached down for the waist band.
I let her slide them down over my hips. She had to bend right down to ease them over my thighs and calves then I stepped out of them. She was still bending down, her face only inches from my twitching cock. She seemed mesmerised.
“Ooo it moved, can I touch it”?
She stroked gently along the length and my cock jerked and jumped with a life of its own.
“It’s so hard” she commented and she gripped me gently. so hot”
“I though you have seen one before! I asked
“Oh only fumbles and they were under the covers, I never really got a good look. This is amazing; it’s throbbing in my hand”.

Much more if this I thought and it’ll do more than just throb!
I pulled her to her feet and guided her to the bed. She lay down looking at me with apprehension in her eyes.

“Now for these” I said. I gripped her panties and slipped them slowly down. She raised her bum to assist and as they passed her groin she placed a hand over her pubes. I said nothing and continued slipping the flimsy material down her legs and off.

Lizzy lay somewhat rigid, legs together and her hand still covering her honey pot. I could just see a few wisps of ginger hair poking out around her fingers.

“No point being shy at this stage” I told her as I ease her hand away. “Oh my, you are just so………..
Her pubes were trimmed but not shaven. She had a nice clear triangle of gingery hair pointing the way to heaven.
“You going to fuck me now” she asked excitedly
I wanted to savour this moment I told her, “Besides I’m sure you don’t just want another quick fumble”.
I lay besides her stroking her soft body from neck to thigh, taking plenty of time to feel her pert nubile tits.
Lizzy seemed to melt into the covers. All she could mange was a range of sighs.
Leaning over I kissed her neck then worked down licking each breast in turn. Oh they felt so smooth but firm to touch. Youthful tits that stood proud even though she was lying down. Now I worked on each hard nipple, nibbling and sucking them in turn. They felt fabulous.

Lizzy was writhing now, clearly enjoying the touch. As I worked on her tits, my hand stroked her flat stomach, then continued down to her thigh and slowly back up between her legs which she opened accommodatingly.

At the first touch of her wet outer lips she shuddered
“Ooo that feels so nice”.
My fingers played a tune on her labia working up and down with just the tips of my fingers dipping inside every now and again.
“Oh shit that’s feels sooo good” she purred
I slipped one then two fingers inside her well lubricated cunt, wriggling them deeper as she moved against my hands.

“Mmmm you certainly know how you get a girl hot, she sighed. You gonna do it soon, I can’t wait”
“Soon” I assured her, but first I’m going to warm you up a bit more”
I eased down the bed and worked her legs open a little wider, then knelt between them
She stared down at me, clearly uncertain. “Oh what are you doing” she asked
“You’ll see” I replied as I licked up the inside of her thigh

Sliding my hands under her bum I raised her hips and stared directly at her sweet pink cunt. No saggy cunt lips here, just a neat tight pussy. Now I rubbed my face against her silky pubic hair, breathing in the slight aroma from her sex. Then as my mouth connected with her pubescent pussy Lizzy jumped. “Oh shit”
I ignored her and kissed her smooth outer lips. Oh she was so sweet. Her cunt was running with juices.
My tongue probed her cunt and in seconds Lizzy was bucking and crying out with her first orgasm.
I kept up my efforts and found her tiny clitoris licking and sucking to bring her to yet another screaming orgasm in less than 5 minutes
“Oh stop.... stop, I can’t take any more” she cried out.
I wriggled out of the way lowering her back to the bed and crawled up beside her one hand fluttering over her body, giving particular attention to her now rigid nipples

She turned towards me “Oh my, that was incredible” she sighed. I’ve never felt anything like it before, thank you”.
She leaned in and gave me a kiss
“Ooo you’re all wet”!
“It’s your wet” I pointed out
“Cricky, all that came out of me, wow”!
“There was plenty more” I explained and pointed down my throat
“Don’t you mind the taste?
I laughed. “Your pussy tastes like nectar” I explained I could drink it all day I assured her.
She licked my lips. “Mmmm It’s ok, but I don’t see what so special”
“It’s because it comes from your delightfully youthful body”. I assured her honestly

“Shall we do it now? She asked, and then a little disappointed looked down at my now soft cock. Aw what’s happened?”
“Don’t worry it’ll be ok” I said. I gave my cock a quick rub and it started to grow
“Wow, let me” she cooed replacing my hand with hers
A few strokes and I was hard. “That’s amazing” she seemed in awe of the simple process of getting an erection
“Not really, laying next to a hot sexy teenager would guarantee any man a stiffy.”
She sat up now still stroking my cock. “Does it hurt” she asked
“Of course not”
“What about when you do know… cum”
“You tell me”
“What do you mean”?
“Well what was it like for you”
“Oh god. It was fabulous, like vibrations starting in my toes and working all the way up my body then sort of shooting pains, but really nice shooting pains, from my tummy and then……. Frrrrrrr gives me a nice feeling just thinking about it”
“Well that’s just how it feels for men” I explained

Lizzy was kneeling beside me almost examining my cock, all the time stroking gently from base to tip. Suddenly she stopped Oh you’re coming………..
I explained it was only pre cum she seemed even more fascinated and rubbed the wet tip of my cock
“I thought you would have covered all this in sex education” I explained.
“Oh silly, we do rabbits not men, this is the first time I’ve seen one close up”
“Not even you’re boyfriends”?
“I told you it was all under the covers stuff”

“So what do you think having seen one it all its glory?”
“I think it’s fantastic it’s so sexy, I love the way it throbs in my hand”
“It’ll do more than that if you don’t stop soon” I informed her
“Oh goody, can I masturbate you, can I make you come”?
“I thought you wanted sex”. I reminded her (I knew I did)
“Oh we can do that after, now I want to see you come, besides you’ve seen me. Show me how you Wank!”
“OK if you insist”.
I got myself comfortable, sitting back against the headboard, I showed her how I liked it stroked then sat and watched a sunning teenager rubbing my cock enthusiastically. With her tongue poking between her lips she clearly concentrated on the task in hand. Shit she looked so fucking sexy.

She had only been at it for about a minute when she looked up and asked “Can I kiss it”
“Uhuh” was all I could manage
Her head went down, I could feel the silkiness of her long hair on my thighs and she kissed the tip, then I felt fluttering kisses along my length and on my balls.
She had moved positions so she was resting on one arm with her legs to one side, I could now stoke her thighs and moved my fingers to her sex as she played with me.
Suddenly I felt my cock encompassed in her warm damp mouth and she gave a quick suck. I nearly came.

“Did you like that”?
“Oh yes” I assured her
“Shall I do it again”?
“Only if you let me do it to you at the same time”
I explained about a 69 and using her finger gave guidance on how to give head. Then she wriggled over me her legs either side of my head and I pulled her cunt towards my eager mouth. I warned her I probably couldn’t last long as she had me so worked up. It seemed to make her more eager.

We got into position and I planted my lips on her pussy. She wriggled against my mouth as I licked her dripping juices, then oh heaven, I felt her mouth cover my cock again. Lizzy sucked with enthusiasm her groin rocking against my face as my tongue probed her cunt.

It was only a minute or two before I felt the sap rising, we were both sucking with one objective. Lizzy came first, she grunted her pleasure (it was all she could do with a mouth full of cock) then I came.
The first few shots hit the back of her throat then she let me go as I continued to shoot all over her face.
She sat up coughing a little. “Oh my, that was shock, you could have warned me”
“You may not of noticed but I was a little preoccupied at the time” I chuckled.

She sat up and I could see beads of spunk dripping from her face and her hair. “Seems like I’ve made a bit of a mess of you” I laughed as I wiped the droplets from her chin and lips.
“I wasn’t expecting it she said. I think I might have swallowed some”
“And what”
“What did you think?”
“Oh, the taste! It was a bit salty but not so bad. I’ve seen porno films where they seem to take it all, I’m not sure if I could do that though”
“Don’t worry I assured her, you did fine as it was”
I eased of the bed as told her I needed a pee, “won’t be long”

Back in the bedroom I knew I’d be a little while before I’d be hard again (at my age it take a little while) so I lay beside her and took great pleasure in caressing her soft nubile body.
As we kissed gently Lizzy kept licking my lips & chin “I don’t taste so bad do I” she chuckled
“You taste delicious” I assured her
“I really like what you did to me you know, I can’t believe how it made me feel”
“Would you like some more”
“Do you mind”?
“Hell no, I’d pay you to taste that sweet pussy”
“No need to pay me, just do it……..”
I suggested she position herself kneeling either side of my head, and then she lowered herself over my waiting mouth. A few flicks of my tongue and she was dripping her pussy juice down my throat as my tongue worked its magic. I had one hand moulding the cheeks of her cute arse as the other fondled her tits and played with her nipples.

It wasn’t long before her wriggling became more intense, she had squatted fully on my face now and was literally rubbing her cunt against me, a few second later she let out a howl as she came.

Lizzy climbed of and lay beside me, “Oh shit that was fantastic, thank you”. She kissed me deeply, then gently kissed her pussy juice smeared chin and face

“Oh my, I can’t believe a made all that. She said between kisses. I think I like it nearly as much as you”.
“I’m not sure about that” I grinned.
I knew I still needed a little longer so reached into the bedside cabinet and took out a bullet vibrator my girlfriend left

“Ever used one of these”? I asked
“No….. What’s it like”
“Lay back and I’ll show you”. I switched it on then rubbed around her thigh the up to her pubis
“Ooo it tingles”
I smiled. I then lowered it to her clit and let the buzzer do its job. A couple minutes later Lizzy screamed again as yet another orgasm ripped through her body

“Now I think I might be able to give you what you came for, but I might need a bit of help”. I told her as I put her hand on my still soft cock
She needed no encouragement, she stroked me from tip to base and my cock started to swell.
“Oh there’s a quicker way I think” she said as she wriggled down the bed and drew my cock into her warm mouth.
I was fully stiff in seconds. I reluctantly pulled her off and lay her down and I eased my self over her using my knees to spread her legs.

Hell, I couldn’t believe my luck I was about to fuck this hot willing teenager. I lined up the head of my cock with her well lubricated vagina. A small nudge and an inch or two slipped in easily
“Ok” I asked
Another nudge and about half my cock was in. I looked at her for encouragement
She smiled, “It’s fine honest”
I pushed again; I could feel her vagina parting as I moved deeper. I know she told me she had had sex before, but clearly she was still almost a virgin. My cock was gripped by her tight vaginal muscles as I pushed further in. one more nudge and I was fully embedded in her hot tight cunt. I lay still savouring the grip of her cunt on my cock.
“Oh I can feel you twitching” she cooed
“You sure you’re ok”
“Oh yes, I can feel every inch on you, so deep inside”
“Ok, I’ll take it easy for a bit”

I pulled out a couple of inches, then slipped back deep, the grip was firm but luckily she was well lubricated so I moved fairly easily.

A few more gentle in and outs and Lizzy picked up the rhythm. Keeping my weight of her for now, I moved slowly in and out, alternating short and long strokes but not pushing fully home

Lizzy moved her hips in time to my thrust so I picked up the pace, longer strokes more frequently now, about every 5th or 6th stroke going deep. Lizzy was grunting encouragement as I thrust my cock into her youthful body.
“Oh yes, deep, I like it when you go deep, Oh shit it’s wonderful”
“You like deep” I asked
“Oh yes it feels like it’s going to come out of my mouth, it oh... oh..”

I slipped my hands beneath her thighs “bend your knees”. She did as instructed, I then slipped my hands beneath her knees and bent her legs until the were folded back on her chest, a little wriggle and I had them over my shoulders
Lizzy looked up hesitantly
“You wanted deep”
I lowered my thighs and my cock forced itself deep into her body, could feel the tip touch her cervix
“Oh fuck that is deep” she grunted. “Oh fuck yes yes”
Now I was pounding away with some force my balls slapping against her arse as I pumped her cunt
Lizzy yelled as she orgasmed yet again, and I slowed the pace, lowering my head I could suck at her tits as I slowed to a gently halt and carefully lowered her legs.
I was still embedded in her throbbing pussy.

“Now I know what I’ve been missing she purred. That was fabulous”.
“Oh I think we can do a bit more” I assured her
“Oh shit, I’m not sure if I can take much more”
I made my cock twitch inside her, “I’m sure you can” I suggested
I eased off her then encouraged her to turn over and kneel, her puckered anus looked inviting but I thought that might too much at this stage. I stroked her peachy arse as I knelt between her legs edging forward. Cock in hand I aimed it at her pussy.
A short stab and I was half in. rocking back and forth I pushed my cock home and I held her hips as I fucked her.

Lizzy pushed back in time with my thrusts soon we were fucking hard again. The blow job earlier help to hold of my on coming a little longer, but the pleasure I was getting fucking this adorable girl meant I wasn’t going to last for ever.

A few minutes of doggy style then I suggested another change, “this time you can fuck me” I suggested
I lay on my back and she straddled my hips, and lowered herself onto my waiting pole. I hardly knew she was on me she was so light.
“Oh I’m not sure if I can take it all” she exhaled noisily as she eased herself down. Arms resting on my chest, she wriggled and squirmed as she forced herself down.
I reached up and tweaked her nipples as she impaled herself on my willing rod.
“Oh Shit, this is even deeper than before” she grunted as she ground her pubic bones against mine.

I let her take the initiative, with her hands on my chest she raised and lowered herself onto my willing cock. “You’re doing nicely” I told her
“Oh god it’s fantastic”, she puffed I can feel you filling every inch of me”
I just had the pleasure of watching her nubile body bounce up and down on my cock
Lizzy reached forward and took hold of the headboard so she could steady herself and raise her arse allowing her to slide almost right off my cock, and then thud down deep. In this position I could suck on her sweet tits as she fucked me.

After several minutes she collapse on my chest “Phew I don’t think I can do anymore, I didn’t realise just how tiring sex could be” she giggled.

“That’s ok I told her, I think I’m close to coming so I’d better pull out anyway”
“Oh no, don’t worry she shrieked “I’m on the pill, have been for months. I want to feel you come inside me”.
“Oh great” I exclaimed
I almost threw her on her back and pushed my cock in her willing pussy. I couldn’t believe I was going to plant my seed into this young & willing body.
I began fast deep thrusts; Lizzy lifted her knees as I forced my cock deep into her body. I gripped her arse as I pumped away, sliding a finger between her arse cheeks and moistening it with the juice from her pussy, then as I pumped away, I rubbed gently between pussy and anus, back and forth until my finger was really wet. Lizzy was bucking beneath me, her arse rocking back and forth as my finger probed her tight hole.
“Oh fuck yes, push it in she cried , oh fuck, fuck I’m going to come, don’t stop! please don’t stop”
I could feel my sap rising, my finger now deep in her arse, I thrust a few more times, then shot my load as Lizzy cried out.
“I can feel it, I can feel you come oh yes...yes...yessssssssssssssss”
We were both breathless. I just lay there between her legs, luxuriating with my throbbing cock being siphoned by the contractions of her virginal muscles.

I reluctantly climbed off and lay beside her as we regained our breath.
“Oh my, that was fucking fantastic, she puffed. I never realised just how good sex could be”.
“I’m glad you enjoyed it”
“You’re not kidding, it was a terrific climax to a morning’s sex education, and then she laughed, a climax in all senses of the word!”

I caressed her soft youthful body from neck to navel, rubbing her still rock hard nipples as I passed. You are just so sexy, I can’t believe you really wanted me”
“Oh god yes, I’ve fantasised about having sex with you for ages” she informed me
“Thank you for letting me then”
“Can we do it again sometime” she asked coyly
“It would be my pleasure, but we have to keep it secret” I reminded her
“I won’t tell a soul she agreed. I can’t wait for the next time thought” She gave a shudder” Ooo”
“What’s up” I asked?
“I think I’m leaking” she grinned
“Oh, yeah what goes up must come down “
Lizzy slipped had between her legs and showed me a dripping finger
“I don’t suppose you fancy it now do you”? She chuckled

“You want me to clean you up” I asked
“You’d do that” she asked incredulously?
“Give up a chance to taste that yummy pussy of yours, never!”
“Even with…………….”
“Try me”
I got her to sit over me, kneeling either side of my head then she lowered her pussy to my mouth, I licked and sucked both our juices from her body
It only took about a minute before she climaxed again then collapse onto my chest.
I brought her head up to give her a wet kiss. Then pushed my tongue into her mouth and shared the juices I had saved

“Oh my” she said as we separated. I guess that was yours and mine”!
“Sure was, you ok with it”
“I guess so, pretty erotic when I think about it”.
We snuggled for a while then Lizzy said, “I really have to go, I’m meeting a friend this afternoon, do you mind if I shower here before I go”
I let her to the bathroom and savoured the sight of her soaping down. Shit it was making feel honey again but she was determined she had to go. Save it” she told me

She towelled off, and I got my girlfriends hair drier for her.
Scrubbed and dry, she got dress and kissed me goodbye. “Till next time”.

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