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This is a true story - with a bit of artistic licence thrown in - the first of many recollections of experiences I have had over the years. A full description of myself will be forthcoming, but here is a taster with more to follow, especially if encouraged with comments
A few years ago I was travelling on a bus in a rural part of Scotland - it was a warm sunny day - rare for Scotland I know! There were only two of us on the bus - as well as the driver. The bus was struggling as it made its way to a place called Applecross - the steep road draining the life out of the engine. I was oblivious to this though, as throughout the bus journey, my eyes had been drawn to the short-haired stranger sitting opposite me. I couldn't take my eyes off her as every now and again when she moved, I would see a tantalising glimpse of creamy white thigh as her skirt split open for a few seconds. The buttons on her blouse were also undone, just enough for me to see she wasn't wearing a bra.

When she looked over at me and caught me looking at her, I didn't look away - her eyes locked onto mine and I felt the air between us charge with electricity. Her eyes and smile communicated so much, but was I imagining it? I wasn't imagining the blood rushing into my cock thats for sure.

Suddenly the bus lurched to a halt, and as we both moved forward, her dress parted and I saw her inner thighs, the sun shining off the smooth skin. I wanted her.

She (I subsequently found out that she was named Rebecca - Bex) had short dark hair, a mischevious face, about 5'5'' in height, lovely slim body.

The driver walked down to us and said he had to go and phone for some help - would we be OK sitting in the bus, as we were in the middle of nowhere. I looked over to this beautiful stranger, smiled and said "Sure".

As the driver closed the door, and began walking away from the bus, I looked over at her. She was smiling, and her eyes were sparkling as she stretched out in her seat. I could see her breasts pushing against the material of her blouse. Were her nipples erect? It looked like that to me.

I was uncomfortable in my seat, as my erection was straining against my jeans. I stood up to loosen my limbs, and I saw her eyes move to the obvious bulge in my jeans, and her mouth broke into a sly smile.
She leaned forward to pick up her bag and her blouse opened up allowing me to see her right breast, nipple pink and hard, begging to be licked, suckled, nipped between my teeth.

She looked up at me, smiling, knowing where I was looking and not worried, in fact savouring what she was doing to me, how horny she was making me.

At last we spoke; "fancy sitting outside in the sun" she suggested, and I offered her my hand to help her up out of her seat. The narrow aisle of the bus meant that when she stood up, her body was right against me, her breasts pushing into my chest, her thigh resting against my stiff cock.

The urge to kiss her was overwhelming, but I controlled myself and I led her down the aisle towards the front of the bus, which had some steep steps to exit the front door on the right. As we walked to the front of the bus I looked towards the drivers seat where I could see our reflection in his rear-view mirror. She was in front of me but I could see the expression on her face - an expression of need, of lust, of desire. I reached out my hand and gripped her elbow. She turned to face me and I kissed her lips, gently, my tongue moving lightly over her lips. She responded more urgently, pulling me closer, her tongue entering my mouth, exploring, seeking my tongue as we kissed each other deeply, breathing through our noses, our hands roaming over each other, lingering for just a few seconds on her back, her neck, her bum. Her hands were soon inside my t-shirt at the back, feeling my back, sensing how hot I was, how much I wanted to fuck her.

My hands were now more focused on where they wanted to go and kissing her neck, her ears, I slipped my left hand inside her skirt, feeling the soft skin of her thigh, and snaking around to cup her bum cheek. My right hand slipped inside her blouse, feeling how warm her skin was, stroking the side of her breast, eager to feel her nipple between my fingers, but wanting to enjoy the moment, make her wait.

My right knee had pushed its way between her thighs, raising her dress up, popping open a couple of buttons so that her thighs were clearly visible. I could feel the heat from her cunt on my leg as she began to move herself against me, grinding her groin onto my thigh, and against my cock.
I felt as if my cock as going to burst and she sensed this, and pulled away and looking at me, she began to undo my jeans as my hands undid her blouse, allowing me to see her breasts for the firts time, to run the palms of my hands over them, feeling her nipples push into them.

With one movement she pulled my jeans and my boxers down, freeing my cock, which bobbed down and then free from its confined space, filled up with blood and grew even harder. The feel of her hand as she gently ran her fingers over my cock was divine, and I felt myself get light-headed as she caressed my cock, feeling my balls tighten as her fingers tease me.

We are standing slightly apart from each other, allowing my hand to slide up her inner thighs, until I feel the warmth coming from between her legs. Her knickers are damp to my touch, and as I run my fingers over the material, tracing the edges of her lace knickers, her touch on my cock becomes more urgent, more needy.

As I use a finger to lift up the material of her knickers, the sweet smell of her cunt reaches my nose, and I become more urgent in my movement, tugging her knickers to one side, and sliding my finger over her wet lips and inside her. She moves against my finger, wanting it in as deep as it can go, my knuckles grazing her clit. She gasps and I finger fuck her as she wanks my cock, doing this for a few minutes, kisses more urgent, more desperate, until she whispers "fuck me" in my ear.

The wide, steep stairwell of the bus invites us, so reluctantly I withdraw my wet finger, and lick it in front of her, relishing the taste of her, the smell and the knowledge that we are going to fuck each other. I sit her at the top of the stairs, and she lies back, her cunt open in front of me. I climb down a couple of stairs until my cock is level with her cunt, and I move towards her, and pull her closer, my cock grazing her cunt, over her clit, coating me with her wetness, teasing her, my balls against her. She moved her fingers down and grasped my cock, rubbing the tip against her clit, the feeling and need to enter her rising inside me, until I can't wait any more and I grasp my cock, position the sensitive tip against her lips, and slowly ease it inside her. The feeling of entering her, feeling her muscles grip me is ecstatic, and seeing her face as I enter her, the lust and joy as I push myself in as deep as I can is so exciting.
The urge to move in and out faster is overwhelming, but I want to make this last so I deliberately refrain from pumping her fast

We had hardly said a word to each other, but now words came tumbling out. "Fuck me harder" "Play with your tits" "Rub my clit" were breathlessly uttered by us both as I continued to push myself as deep into her as I can, pulling her onto my cock, hands gripping her thighs, her ass.

Her breathing gets faster, her eyes wider as she felt her orgasm building slowly but surely. Each time I move my hand to her breasts, or rub her clit, it takes her closer, and she tells me how I am making her feel, the urgency in her voice making my orgasm build too - I want us to come as close to each other as possible, but I am struggling to hold myself back and she sensed this.
"Come over my tits" she gasps as my breathing gets deeper my movements faster, more urgent.
Needing no encouragement, I pull my cock out of her, glistening with her cunt juices, and jump up a step so that when I lean over my cock is suspended over her belly, and after a couple of strokes with my hand I come, spunk spurting over her tits, onto her neck, dripping onto her belly, mixing with our sweat.

I was all set to go down on her when we heard a voice - the bloody bus driver was coming back. So it was a hurried gathering of clothing, to try and appear relaxed, ebven though we were both looking a bit flushed.

The bus driver had a guy with him who was going to give us a lift to Applecross while the driver waited on the bus - the journey to Applecross was hell, as I was told to sit in the front of the car whilst Bex sat in the back - I wanted to be back there with her as she was horny as hell and I was trying to keep my erection from being noticed by the driver.

More to follow as things hotted up when we got to Applecross


2020-09-26 21:47:09
Tasty and promising. I want to read more


2020-09-26 21:43:01
Tasty and promising. I want to read more


2020-09-13 15:24:02
Nice story, shame about the car, it could of got a whole lot better, can’t wait for the next episode

Trib FanReport

2020-09-07 22:34:55
Nice story...Can't believe that it was reality....But, whew what a fantasy.

Anonymous readerReport

2014-01-24 23:44:55
good story, but the end makes no sense to me. Why the fuck were you told to sit in the front and her in the back? Lol? How does the driver have any control over that

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