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Mike was very surprised his sister was willing to wrestle him in the living room while his parents were gone. His surprise continues as she slowly uses this situation to bring them both to orgasm
My sister Amber and I are in high school and for most of our lives we have been weaned by our father with WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment). When we were younger we use to horse around and pretend to lock arms and try to pin the other person. As Amber matured, she became a very attractive cheerleader, but still enjoyed horsing around with me; despite the fact our parents no longer think it is cute any more. I am telling you all this, because wrestling led directly to my first sexual experience of my life, when my older sister Amber challenged me to a wrestling match.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was watching a wrestling program by myself at home. My friend Sam would have been watching with me, but he was sick in bed for the whole week with the flu. I was flinging one of the sofa cushions around and yelling at the set when my sister Amber entered the room.

As I mentioned above, Amber is a very hot looking teen girl. She has a very pretty face and smile, with a dusting of freckles across her cheeks and a pair of full lush lips. But it was her body . . . her incredible body that drove my adolescent cock wild.

Amber was built on the slim side, yet she had a great pair of breasts that I loved imagining . . . being naked in front of me. Her hips and ass were sensationally toned . . . from years of playing tennis on the school team. She had a killer pair of legs, and her thighs were a very perfect size for her body. Note: I had only masturbated successfully to orgasm about three weeks earlier, and already Amber was starring in my sweatiest jerk off fantasies. I had the sofa cushion clamped between my thighs and I was raining forearm shivers down on it when Amber came in.

"Mike... what are you doing, silly?” she asked.

"I am fighting and defeating the evil Prof. Toru Tanaka", I replied as I put a headlock on the helpless cushion.

"Yeah... right," Amber said with a laugh. “You couldn't even beat me if you tried!". She stood there with her hands on her hips, looking at me.

"I could too", I said staring back at her and trying not to look at her yummy looking titties.

"I know wrestling holds and moves you know nothing about... I could pin you easy", I replied with a confident tone.

"But I'm a year older and stronger," Amber said.

"But skill can defeat strength", I said. "Just look when Bruno beat Haystacks".

"I'll tell you what . . . I’ll accept your challenge, but let's make it interesting... the loser does the dishes and takes out the trash for two weeks,” Amber said.

"OK", I replied. "It's a bet. When do you want to do it?".

"Right now,” Amber said with a laugh. "Mom's at work until six and Dad’s out playing golf. Let's do it in the family room... we can shove back the couch to make some room. I think we should wear our bathing suits and I want to braid my hair first".

So I went down and cleared a space as Amber had suggested and then changed into a pair of swim trunks. I was suddenly looking forward to wrapping my arms and legs around her sexy body. I was pleased and surprised when Amber suggested that we should put on our swim suits before our match.

I was back first when Amber arrived, wearing a pink one piece suit that showed off her breasts and body to its best advantage. Her long hair was in a braid and hung halfway down her back.

We agreed on the ground rules and set the kitchen timer for three minutes and when I yelled “Go”. . . Amber launched herself at me. I stepped aside and dodged her and then I threw myself on top of her. My cock was instantly hard as I wrapped my legs around her legs and my hands encircled her thinly covered stomach. Her tits grazed my arms as she bucked her body and broke free of my hold.

We faced each other on our knees, both panting slightly as I lunged for her lower body. Amber twisted aside and I missed and felt her throw herself on top of my back. I could feel her breasts squash against my bare back as she used her weight to pin me down. She used her muscular legs to wrap around my legs and for the moment, I was immobilized.

I bucked my hips and strained my muscles, trying to throw her off and I finally succeeded by turning a bit to the side. Now her legs were clamped around my groin and I wondered if Amber could feel the heat and hardness of my cock, trapped between her thighs. I slid my hand up to her shoulder and I used my leverage to try and peel her off me. My hand slipped down and I unexpectedly felt the soft flesh of her breast under my palm as she released her grip as I twisted free. Again we stared at each other, panting and I saw a naughty gleam in Amber's eye.

I feinted trying to grab her upper body and then I wrapped my arms around her thighs. She pushed her body forward and I fell backwards as she spun her body around. I held tight with my arms and she bucked her hips and my face was clamped between her bare thighs. She had her arms wrapped around my legs. My groin was pressed against her chest and I couldn't help myself as I wiggled my shaft briefly over what I hoped was one of her nipples.

Oh my god! I thought as I twisted and squirmed in my sister's grasp . . . her soft tits rubbed all over my throbbing cock. Unfortunately, Amber broke my hold and again we faced each other on our knees. She was stronger than she looked I thought and I could see that her nipples were stiff with arousal and visible through the material of her suit's thin top (and I hoped her excitement of having my cock all over her breasts).

Again we grappled and this time she wrapped her legs around my leg and she was able to drag me down. We rolled and tumbled around until she was able to force me to the floor and get on top of me. She had my leg locked up and her small boobs were crushed against my back as her arm went around my neck. She was stronger than I thought I soon realized as I tried to get free. I went limp for a few seconds and was able to reverse the hold and now I was able to lock my legs around her back. My arm reached out to lock up her arm and my forearm was pressed firmly over and into her soft tits.

I thought she HAD to feel my erection as it pressed into her body as I held on to her squirming figure. Amber bucked her body trying to break my hold, and my hand slid across her tits as I tried to hold her down. My cock was pressed into her warm figure as she thrashed and bucked until finally she wriggled free. We faced each other again. Amber’s face and neck were flushed red and I could see her erect nipples now clearer than before. I suddenly realized she was as turned on as I was wrestling on the floor. I snaked out one hand and unexpectedly, Amber grabbed it and tugged and I lunged forward and fell on my back. She was on me like lightning and she had my arms pinned down with her knees, a classic wrestling situation. My head was trapped between her thighs and I was staring at her moist pussy mound barely covered by her suit, wishing I was brave enough to pull the thin fabric aside and view her naked slit.

"One... Two...” Amber counted as I thrashed wildly and raised a shoulder off the mat.

Again I was treated to the view of her pussy mound, inches away from my face and tongue. I reached up with both hands and cupped the cheeks of her ass and I was able to break her hold and get her off me. I crossed my legs over her thighs and my erection was pressed against her hip while my arms were trying to restrain her flailing arms. Amber was grunting and moaning as she thrashed around and it drove her sweet ass all over my erect cock.

We rolled over once and Amber was face down and I was stuck to her like glue. I started to feel a familiar swelling in my balls when the alarm rang, signifying that it was the end of the round and I let her go. We both sat there on the floor panting and breathing hard, occasionally looking at the other one. After a two minute rest, I reset the clock for three minutes and we faced each other as Amber yelled “Go”.

Amber was bigger and had stronger legs than I did, but I was faster. She lunged and used her strong legs to get a lock on my calf while her arms went around my waist. I could feel her arm pressed against my swollen cock, as I squirmed and struggled for over thirty seconds before I broke free. Again we grappled and her knees went around my neck and she spun around on her back. She pulled me down and flipped me onto my stomach, with my hand trapped against her tits. She used her leverage to hold me down for what seemed like an eternity to me. My cock was rock hard as my hands were pressed against her soft boobs as she held me down.

Pretending to attempt to get free, I used my fingers to gently tweak and pinch her stiff buds. Next, I reached up and tugged at her bathing suit as she reacted to my brief foreplay and I was able to break free and reverse the hold. I scrambled onto her and got my knees on top of her biceps. My erection was tenting out my swim trunks and her small boobs were smashed against my balls. I started to count One, Two and she was able to buck me off. We rolled around and struggled and again I got her head between my thighs. I knew at that moment she could see my rock hard boner as it was right in front of her face.

Amber thrashed and bucked before she finally broke free. The alarm went off and I think I got the better of the second round. As we sat there between rounds, I stared at her heaving breasts and her tanned, firm thighs as I watched her fixate on my jutting erection. I reset the clock and the last round began as we lunged at each other more like samurai warriors than like brother and sister.

Back and forth went the match, with lots of touching and rubbing going on. She got a leg lock around my thigh and I could feel her pussy pressed against the meat of my thigh. I reached up and grabbed her ass cheeks and shook my leg and I could feel Amber grinding her pussy on my leg. My hand slid up her thigh and was now jammed into her crotch as I continued to thrash and buck. I broke her leg lock and scrambled around and got her down on her stomach. By design I was pressing my cock against her ass and my hands were holding her wrists and smashed up against her firm tits.

God it felt great I thought with my throbbing young cock pressed hard between the soft cheeks of Amber 's ass. She flopped around and now I was on my back and she was on top of me. My right hand was partly on her left tit and my left hand was splayed out on her stomach. As she thrashed around, I ground my cock into her sweet teen ass. My hand cupped more of her tit and I felt my poor young balls throbbing with desire. It was no secret I wanted to empty my load at that second.

I thrust my cock back and forth against my older sister's sweet ass, and for a moment I thought I was going to cum, when Amber used her strength to reverse the hold. Now I was on the bottom and she was on top.
My legs locked around her waist and her pussy was right up against my throbbing boner. Her round tits were hanging down and swaying as she struggled to hold my arms down. Her groin was pressed against my still throbbing cock and I rocked and bucked and she rode me with her tits swinging inches away from my face.

"One... two...", Amber said and I realized that she was still trying to pin me as I brought my shoulder up off the ground. OK by me I thought as I fought back, but not too hard... my main goal... was to rub my cock up against her pussy. We were both grunting and breathing heavy as I was thrusting up and Amber was trying to hold me down. Her hips were moving in a rhythmic fashion as we ground our groins against the other's body.

I looked at my sister's swaying tits and the look of pleasure on her face as she rode my cock back and forth. My cock was being stroked by her pussy as I held my shoulder off the ground to keep from being pinned and ending this match. But more and more it looked like Amber wasn't as concerned with pinning me as she was with riding my cock.

But when I tried to move my arm, she pressed my shoulders down hard, her tits flattening out against my chest. My hands went to her ample hips and I held on to her soft flesh as she continued to grind her pussy against my virgin cock. Our hips were moving in sync, and I felt my shaft twitch and I blasted a huge load of cum into my bathing suit. Amber was still riding my cock as I came again and again... my warm semen spurting from the tip of my cock.

Amber turned her head and we looked into each other's eyes, as my cock twitched while pressed tightly against her pussy lips and the last trickle of hot cum flowed from the tip. She was breathing heavily and her teen titties were squashed against my chest. I closed my eyes for a moment, and Amber pressed my shoulders down and counted One... Two... Three.

"It looks like I beat you", she said with a smile, her tight teen body still pressed against mine. Without warning, she released me and stood up and looked down at me. My eyes opened and I could see she was inspecting the wet spot on my trunks.

"I demand a rematch," I said.

"We'll see," she said as she walked away without looking back at me.
For the next few days it was like nothing had happened between us. We ate at the breakfast table and laughed while we all watched TV... life as normal... But I couldn't forget that I had blasted a load of cum while my sister's pussy rubbed against my cock... At night as I played with my hardon, I replayed the match over and over until I shot my load of semen. I was getting real good at jerking off I thought.

Next Saturday it was exactly one week ago that we had wrestled. I rode my bike home after completing my paper route, and I wondered if Amber and I would wrestle again? I parked my bike in the garage and saw that Dad's golf clubs were missing. That meant that he was playing at Lakewood Country Club and Mom was in the middle of her shift at the hospital, so no one would be home. No one except Amber I thought. So I went inside the house and looked for Amber and she was watching TV.

"Hey Sis", I said. "Are you ready for that rematch?” She looked at me with desire for a moment before she said, "Let me change. I'll meet you in the family room". I ran to my room and put on my swimsuit and grabbed the kitchen timer and got the family room ready and a minute later, Amber arrived. She had on the same pink suit she wore last time. I set the timer and we circled each other warily. I lunged at her and she danced away avoiding me easily. I tried again and she grabbed my arm and used my momentum to throw me to the floor, where she got me in a headlock. Her soft boobs were pressed against my face as my arm went around her waist.

I slipped my hand between her legs and was able to twist her off me, but she quickly got her strong limbs wrapped around my right leg. Her tits were pressed against my stomach as she tried to pin me down. I moved my leg up and down while it was trapped between her muscular thighs and we stayed like that for thirty seconds or so, before I was able to break free.

Now I was able to get my legs around her torso from the side, my calves pressed just beneath her small breasts as I locked her left arm under my armpit and pulled. My cock was pressed into her side and as she struggled and wiggled it felt great and I wondered whether she was doing this to get herself off as well. Soon she almost wriggled free and now I had my legs under one arm and over the other shoulder. Her bicep was right against my cock and her tits were smashed against my back of my left thigh.

Her left arm grabbed my other calf and she used all her strength to try and move my legs and just then the timer went off and I released her. We were both breathing heavily and I took a drink of water and reset the clock for another three minutes.

We started again and I was able to get behind her and put a hammerlock on her, which also meant that my erection was pressed against her sweet ass. She struggled and bucked but I held on for more than thirty seconds before she was able to break free.

Again we grappled and rolled around and she had my left arm trapped between her powerful thighs. My right arm was over my head and being pulled by her arms. I wriggled and struggled but I could not break free and my hand was jammed right up against her crotch. Her thighs were squeezing hard and her hips were bucking as we fought for control. The side of my hand was smashed against her mound and I could sort of feel her pussy as we thrashed around. We were both breathing heavily and I truly could not break free. I was also pressing my hand as firmly as I could on her pussy lips as she tried to hold me down.

For over a minute she clamped my hand between her thighs and I felt her body begin to shiver and then I was able to break free. Soon I had her on her back with my erection pressed against her stomach and much to my surprise I was able to pin her for a three count a few seconds before the alarm went off. I rolled off of her and stood up and shadowboxed and pranced around as she lay on the floor panting slowly. I took a quick look and it looked like there was a generous wet spot between her legs before she rolled over and stood up and went upstairs to the kitchen for drink.

She called down to me, "Next week will be the third and final match", and then she went into her bedroom. My cock was so fucking hard that I pulled down my swimsuit and jerked off for only thirty seconds before I shot my load into a towel I had taken from the kitchen.

As before the week passed in its normal usual fashion . . . school, mowing the grass, and video games with my friends. But the thought of our upcoming match was never far from my mind. Saturday finally came as I was pedaling home from my paper route; I hoped I would as well.

Just like the last two weeks, our parents were gone and the house was empty. I looked out the window and I could see that Amber was lying on a blanket on the grass next to the patio. There was a radio playing and her sexy body was shiny from suntan oil. She had on a bikini this time instead of her one piece suit.

An evil thought ran through my mind as I put on my speedo style swimsuit and headed down to where Amber lay. She was lying face down, and her legs and back were glistening with oil as the sun beat down on her bronzed skin.

"Hey Amber ", I said with a smile. "Time for our rematch?” She pretended not to hear me, but I continued. “Did you know that the ancient Greeks always wrestled almost naked and covered in olive oil? It made it harder to pin your opponent. And look... we're both wearing our appropriate wrestling outfits". Amber looked up at me and squinted as she shielded her eyes from the sun and said, "I'll give you a rematch Ken".

"Cool", I said. "Let me get the timer". I was about to go but then she said:

"For our deciding match, how about no time limit and anything goes", Amber suggested as she sat up and tossed the bottle of suntan oil to me.

"If that's what the ancient Greeks did then I guess it's good enough for us... I'm all oiled up and you should to... that way it will be fair...” I uncapped the bottle and poured oil into my hands and then Amber took the bottle from me and knelt down. As I started to rub the oil into my chest and arms, Emma applied the oil to the back of my legs and back. As she rubbed her hands higher and higher, my cock started to swell and it made a little bulge in the front of my miniscule suit.

"It looks like you’re ready", she said as she stood and started the clock and stepped onto the blanket. Sister or not . . . she looked sexy as hell as she stood there with the sun glistening off her slippery body. I reached out and Amber grabbed my arm and threw me down and she landed on top of me. The feeling of her slippery skin, sliding across mine was exquisite. Her breasts were pressed into my back and her strong thighs were right over my ass.

It was easier to turn and break her hold, due to the slippery oil and I lunged at her and locked my legs around her thigh as my arms crossed over her chest. My palm was over her tit as she wiggled and twisted in my grasp. My rock hard cock was pressed against her oiled thigh, and I kind of thrust against her as we wrestled. She pulled my hands from her tits and twisted and bucked and broke free. We grappled again, two sweaty, slippery teen bodies, and this time she was on top of me. She had my leg clamped between her thigh, and her small round titties were squashed flat against my bare chest. Just as I had ground my cock against her thigh, so was Amber rubbing her pussy against my thigh.

My cock was pressed against her round hip and I struggled weakly as Amber rubbed her cunt all over my leg. Then I broke my right hand free, and slid it up her thigh and cupped the cheek of her ass for a moment. I pulled as I shifted my weight, broke free and then flipped Amber and got on top of her. My raging boner was pressed against her ass as she bucked and tried to throw me off. I had my legs locked around hers and my arms were around her chest.

I was in ecstasy as I ground my horny cock all over my sister's soft ass. I knew that Amber had to feel my rock hard dick poking her in the ass. She bucked mightily, and we shifted onto our sides as my hands had slid up her slippery stomach and was pressed against her round tits. I bravely moved my hand into her top and squeezed her bare breasts. I expected her to pull my slippery digits out of her top, but despite moving back and forth with her body she made no attempt to do so.

Soon my cock was mashed up hard against her body as we rolled and tumbled around. As a result my fingers let her bare breasts. Finally Amber broke free and we both were on our hands and knees panting heavily as we observed each other. Probably by my help, her bathing suit top had been stretched out and her tits were barely being held by the two triangles of fabric.

I made a move for her and she recoiled. She then feinted at me and I ducked back. Then we both grabbed the other one and we rolled over in a mad ball of thrashing arms and legs. Our bodies were so slick with oil that it was hard to grab and hold Amber, but I managed to wrap my legs around her waist. She twisted around again so that once more my cock was smashed against her boobs.

Her hand wormed between my legs and I felt her hand slip inside my suit and grasp my cock. With some work, she then slipped down slightly, opened up the bottom of her bikini top and slid my slippery cock in between her breasts. I thought I was in heaven as she moved her small breasts from side to side, making sure the underside of my shaft continued to touch her stiff nipples. For a full minute she continued to move back and forth. I knew I would explode any minute but she wanted to keep things going.

Soon Amber switched around and now she had me in a leg lock around my waist. I raised my shoulder to keep from being pinned and when she pushed me back down her tits were in my face and one of them had slipped out of the cup. Without hesitation I captured her naked nipple in my mouth and began to suck and gently bite her. Pretending to get free, my hand was on her back and it slipped down and accidentally pulled her bottoms part way down.

Amber didn't say a word but she continued to try and pin me while my hand grabbed her bare ass cheek. She reached back to pull up her suit and I was able to wriggle free. We were both panting heavily as we warily watched each other looking for an opening. My cock was rock hard and a small wet spot had appeared on the front of my suit.

Again we grappled and there was a lot of rubbing and touching as our slick bodies slid back and forth. I trapped her hand between my legs and I rolled over and her hand was trapped between the ground and my groin. She used the opportunity to grasp my naked cock and to slowly jack it up and down about as long as I had tongued her tittie. Teasing me, she pulled her hand out and was back was on her knees, but one of her breasts was hanging out of her top.

I lunged at her before she realized and during our struggle, I deliberately unhooked her top baring her breasts and quick as I could slipped her straps off . . . making her topless. She struggled mightily, which did nothing except to grind her ass against my stiff cock. Finally she was able to slip free and turn and face me again.

“Anything goes huh?” she said making no attempt to put back on her bikini top.

“That’s what you said,” I reminded her.

“Works for me,” she said as she lunged forward and wrapped her arms around my waist. But this time, she had one goal in mind and that was to pull down and off my speedo. Panting and murmuring under her breath as her face landed on my stomach, I could feel her fingers dig under the sides of my suit and with no resistance on my part she yanked my Speedo down past my knees and with the assistance of her feet off onto the floor.

Now being totally naked, I moved forward and got Amber into a bear hug. She unexpectedly leaned backward and I went forward and she was able to wrap her legs around my ass. Her groin was pressed up against my uncovered cock and we were in the exact same position as when I had cum the last time, except I was on top of her. I could feel my rock hard cock, pressed against the soft lips of her vagina, and I moved my hips back and forth as Amber squirmed beneath me.

I could see that she was feeling it as well, as her tongue was hanging out of the side of her mouth. We struggled but neither one was trying to break free, other than to increase the incredible friction where our privates were rubbing together. Amber’s naked breasts were crushed between our slippery bodies, as I ground my cock into my sister's plump young cunt.

Amber bucked and twisted, but her legs were still locked around me and her pussy still rubbing on my bare cock. My right hand was on her shoulder, and I pretended that I was trying to pin her. She squirmed again as we were dry humping each other, but with our slippery oil covered bodies, it wasn't really dry at all.

And just like before . . . I sort of struggled, but my goal was to keep rubbing my cock on my sister's sweet pussy. Amber was trying not to get pinned and from time to time she would raise her shoulder, but we were both intent on rubbing our sex on our sibling's groin. Her naked breasts were swaying sexily as we dry humped each other under the guise of wrestling.

Amber and I were both panting softly as we rubbed and slid against each other's oil coated bodies. Her arms left my shoulder and she braced herself on the blanket. I moved my left hand so it lay atop her bare breasts and braced my other hand out so I had leverage to thrust my hips. Amber didn't slow down or acknowledge my touch, so with renewed effort, I plowed my throbbing prick into her soft flesh.

Amber leaned forward, pressing her pert breasts against my chest. She moaned loudly and her whole body sort of shuddered. She leaned back and my hands immediately covered her breasts as I continued to thrust my groin into her soft, slippery flesh. Then she paused and said, “It’s all or nothing Mike,” she whispered . . . as she slipped her hands down to her bikini bottom and inched it down her legs baring her hairless twat to my intense stare.

“Now go for it!” she yelled. We were both suddenly thrusting our hips back and forth in rhythm with each other when I felt my penis pulse as the tip entered her slit. With my hands on her boobs I pumped my hips and shoot a load of cum deep into her twat. I thrust forward hard, driving her cunt onto my raging erection as I moan and blast another big load of cum. I give her tits a gentle squeeze, as my balls pump several more loads of hot sticky cum. Our groins are mashed together, and I wonder if she can feel my hot cum deep inside her pussy.

Amber’s eyes are closed as I lean forward and pin her shoulders to the ground and count to three. A few seconds later, I roll off her and lie down beside her on my back.

"Looks like I beat you this time", I said.

"Yeah, but I wonder whether you are ready for another round my well hung baby brother?"


2020-02-22 00:33:10
I am enjoying this Author's stories and this one is fantastic as they all are. Very good story and well written sir. Very HARD to read this all the way through without stretching the front of my pants. Very erotic, very interesting, nice amount of humour and a nice amount of love between siblings. I loved it.

Love it allReport

2019-04-09 11:23:04
This bring back memories Of me and my sister we where young both love to play around. Out of the blue she said I let you see mine if you let me see yours. I felt like what really. She ask me would you like to see me. My sister was beautiful her breast Like a 36c or D . I said yes of course. She gave me a peek at her unshaved pussy. I was getting hard. I was glad in a way she said okay your turn. I unzipped my pants and pulled it out. She said she like it. I told her I like her pussy as well. She ask can I touch it. With a smile I said if I can touch yours. He got in her hand. I put my hand on her puss and let one finger slide on her lips. It was so hot. Thanks for taking me back .


2017-12-10 23:39:39
Hotness aside that is some of the best fight scene writing I have seen in a while


2017-09-24 18:42:21
sounds like something i used to do to my sister after school each day when we were in high school. took me eight months to propose to her, then we went to town...


2017-06-18 22:32:09
A very good story, the best I read in a long time.

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