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Here is Chapter 6, A lot of loving and sex in this one. Enjoy and comment with anything you want to ask or have me respond to.
It’s good to have a plan for Valentine’s Day especially when you have five women that you are hoping to please. I plan to spend a day or an evening with each woman and while I get to make some plans for Imelda and Matty, Rachael and Kori have plans already set for us. Katy on the other hand says we’ll get together as soon as she’s not busy but promises it’ll be before the big day. It’s the weekend at the beginning of the February and I’m up early on Saturday with all my gear and a few things ready as I head out of Black Sunshine and meet up with Imelda at eight in the morning. She’s got her riding gear on as we head down the road.

“Where are we going,” She asks as we hit the freeway heading west.

“To something you’ve never seen before,” I reply over headset.

I made sure we’d be able to talk with our Bluetooth headsets while we ride and aside from a pit stop to use the bathroom we enjoy a nice leisurely ride to Ocean Shores. It’s a nice sized place and we get town just after noon and as we ride up I have her park her bike with mine behind a ridge and with my bag of goodies climb the almost ten foot ridge and look off into the distance. Imelda is confused and climbs up after me.

“Guy I don’t understand why you brought me out here. I mean we could have just gone to a movie like our first date or we could…..,” Imelda tells me before pausing at the top of the ridge with me.

I figured of all my women this would be the best one to start with, Imelda’s been up here for a year now and not once has she gone out to see the ocean. Now here we are with sun water and sand, she’s shocked and smiling.

“I figured you need at least one day where after a good long ride you got to see something brand new,” I tell Imelda putting my arm around her shoulders.

“Baby this is amazing, you’re amazing,” she tells me cuddling up.

We stand for a few moments watching the waves before I point out where we parked and the café right nearby. We get a table so Imelda can look out at the Pacific and we have a light snack and warm cocoa as she stares at the blue water. Both of us finish and when I suggest that we get closer to is she’s all over the idea. We walk and talk a bit, she wants a girl when we have kids, and I want her to own her own shop or racing team. She asks what I’ll be doing and I smile and tell her something special. Finally she notices the bag on my back.

“What did you bring up here,” Imelda asks pulling on the back pack.

I open it for her and she pulls out one of the mason jars, I get a confused look and take one out myself and fill it with some sand. She’s confused but as soon as I start pulling off my coat and boots she’s laughing at me and in my camo pants and a t shirt I step into the waves and fill the rest of the jar with ocean water. I’m coming back in and see Imelda stripping down out of her riding gear and she comes bounding in the water with her jar. We laugh and fill four jars with sand, some seaweed and ocean water before getting out of the water. I walk us back to the café and ask for the shower key to the public showers and tip the woman a fifty. There’s no ocean business during the cold months and they can use the business as Imelda and I get behind the public shower stall door and strip out of cold dirty clothes. Warm water after a light walk in cold ocean is wonderful; being stuck next to a hot Latina biker in a shower with less than a foot of free space for us to move is great. My hands find her curves and we scrub each other down at first but when she backs her ass against me and starts grinding against my growing hard on.

“We don’t have a lot of room,” I whisper leaning in and nibbling on her ear.

“We need a room,” Imelda moans rubbing against me as I cup her breasts,” I think we have more than enough space so I can keep you from getting away.”

Imelda pulls one of my hands up from her breasts and taking my finger in her mouth begins to suck and nibble on it lightly helping ensure that I’m completely turned on. I could probably grind out an orgasm of my own against her ass but what kind of date does that make me, answer is the shitty kind. I turn her around so we’re facing each other and trail my hand down her body and cup her mound as she presses me to the other wall and slowly starts to stroke me. One hand pinning the other to opposing shower walls and the remaining hand rubbing and caressing each other’s nether regions. I find Imelda’s slit with a finger and start rubbing with a little more urgency, I feel her bight down a little on the finger I she has in her mouth. Her nails are digging a little into my chest and I can feel her trying to get me close as precum leaks out of me and she covers my shaft with it. I slip a second finger inside her and almost immediately Imelda stops before hiking up a leg and pulls me closer.

“Impatient a little,” I asks smiling as we trade quick kisses.

“I don’t want patience, I want you,” Imelda growls as I help her balance a little.

Finding my way inside Imelda is easy save for balancing our bodies with her having only one foot on the wet floor but the close quarters give us plenty of things to grab onto other than each other. I push up once my head is at her entrance and she doesn’t even tense up as I push all the way inside her she almost relaxes for me and I settle into taking long slow thrusts inside her. Hot water running over our bodies as press forward pinning my Latina biker against the wall, one of her hands on my back and the other shower rail helping keep us up.

“First time we met I thought you were some angry bitch,” I tell Imelda continuing my thrusts.

“I thought you were some wanna be bad boy till we were staring each other down,” Imelda groans trying to buck against me without us falling down.

“Oh you learned I wasn’t a pussy,” I joke as I feel my orgasm creeping up.

“Yeah and a couple hours later I learned… you could fuck pussy…,” Imelda moans as I feel her clamp down on me.

Our moaning, the water running and the sound of our hips smacking together lightly are the sounds that I hear in the shower and it’s causing me to rush ahead slamming my hips up into her harder and faster. Imelda is holding on for dear life and takes my face in her hands kissing me hard with a lot of tongue. I feel her teeth bite my tongue a little and her pussy clamp down on me as her orgasm takes over. I’m still going at her hard and when my orgasms hits I’m shaking a little as I cum inside her. We’re both grunting as we ride out the sensation while kissing each other. It could have been seconds or minutes but when we finally separate our bodies and clean up Imelda has a near permanent smile on her face.

“So what is going on with the pendejo that is fucking around with you,” Imelda asks as we dress.

“I think it’s a he and he’s a chicken shit,” I tell her pulling my shirt on.

“Well yeah, you only destroy damn near everything in your path,” Imelda says leaning over and kissing me.

“Hey I gave everyone a chance to back down, it’s not my fault they didn’t,” I tell her as we finish.

We spend a few hours looking around town and going over little things for after the year, where I’m going to college and where we will be living. Imelda would like closer to Texas and I’m inclined to agree. I tell her about options in between and that gets me a smile, biggest thing is we state no east coast. Too much distance between us and our families to be a viable option. It’s about three in the afternoon when we mount up and head back towards home.

“So what are we doing with the jars,” Imelda asks as we ride down the freeway.

“Mailing them to Texas, Carlos, your Mom and my Family down there,” I tell her plainly,” We’re gonna give them a piece of the ocean.”

“That is so stupid its sweet,” Imelda says as she continues to beat me down the freeway.

We get home about seven in the evening and almost immediately Imelda tells the other girls that we’re back on via text and we all sit down in my room to relax save for Katy who is out at another study group. Imelda talks a bit about what we did today while I sit with her in my lap on the bed and I can see the other girls are happy with the results. We part ways but not before Kori hands me a note with instructions ‘My house, come alone, wear the best suit you have, arrive at 5:30’. I smile as I show them out and get a kiss from each one and a big one from Imelda who takes her jars and follows Kori back home.

I’m settled in my room relaxing when I hear an unfamiliar car pull up; I look out my window and see Katy getting out of the passenger side before going around the car and talking to the male in the driver seat. They talk for barely a minute before she heads into the house. I exit my room and meet her at her door with a smile but she’s got a tired expression on her face.

“So did you find a day that we can get together for Valentine’s day yet,” I ask as she starts to think with frustration.

“Guy I will get a day I swear but right now I’m looking at two projects that make up a lot of my grade in two classes and my study group is being a pain in my ass,” Katy
says opening her door and entering.

“Hey I can give you a rub down and we can talk about it,” I remark with a smile but she just frowns.

“Not tonight, I’ve got a massive fucking headache and just want to sleep,” Katy says almost closing the door on me,” I’ll talk with you tomorrow.”

The door closes and I’m living in an off state, Katy doesn’t want to talk to me and doesn’t want me to touch her. What the fuck going on? I head down the hall and catch Mom making a cup of tea in the kitchen and she can tell by the look on my face I’m in a bad state.

“Mom I think something is up with Katy,” I tell her as she heats the water,” She just got in and she doesn’t even want to talk with me.”

“She’s focusing on college Guy, it’s not easy for her and with her study group they are trying to keep their grades up this first year,” Mom explains.

“Yeah but she’s got to the point where she barely even acknowledges me and now with Valentine’s day around the corner she’s flaking out on our relationship,” I state as Mom listens quietly.

“Let her get past her projects and she’ll open up again, she’s not good with school like you are,” Mom states giving me a kiss on the cheek and heading off to read.

I think on what Mom said and while it makes sense the cold shoulder treatment is a bit much for me. I head back to bed and settle in for a good night’s sleep. Waking up Sunday morning and work out, dad joins me after a bit and we go over basics and Dad has me spend more time on stamina than anything else. No Katy this morning but I figure I’ll talk with her later like we agreed. Breakfast has everyone at the table and Katy is talking a little about her projects and one of her groups for a class quitting and her barely finding a new partner. I’m listening but more concerned with us and having a talk about the upcoming holiday. Dad pulls me into the back yard and we get to work fixing up part of the flower beds for Mom to plant when spring finally hits. We’re only back there for a few hours and when we get inside I shower and head to Katy’s room. I knock and no answer, peeking inside I discover she’s gone and her school stuff is half there minus her bag.

“Mom did Katy leave,” I ask stalking my way through the house.

“Yes she left with her project to meet her class partner so they could get more done today,” Mom asks but pauses when she sees my face,” Did she do something?”

“No, sadly she didn’t do anything,” I state heading back to my room and slamming the door.

Even Liz in her own little world has made it a point to avoid me as I’m a little put off by Katy’s avoiding me. I note the time hit the four o’clock hour and I head into my room to get ready. I suit up in my grey suit and black tie combo and pack a bag of clothing to wear at school tomorrow and after giving my folks a quick goodbye hop on Pale horse and head towards Kori’s. getting there is easy and I’m on her front door step almost on time. Her parent’s cars are gone and there’s a note on the door that reads ‘Welcome Home’. I chuckle a little bit and step inside closing the door behind me, it takes Kori all of four seconds to know that I’m home and she comes out of the kitchen in an old style Suzy Homemaker dress with apron and her brunette hair done up nice but simple.

“Welcome home honey,” Kori says coming over to me and giving me a kiss,” How was your day?”

“Frustrating but getting better,” I tell her as she turns and heads back to the kitchen.

“I’m sorry to hear that baby, sit down and watch some TV while I finish dinner. I’m sorry but it’s going to be later than I expected,” She informs me as I marvel at her happy homemaker mentality.

I take off my suit jacket before sitting down and flip through the channels till I find something on the Science Fiction channel and relax. I can hear her working hard in the kitchen and once the smoke alarm goes off but she stops it with a thud. A little swearing that I’m guessing she doesn’t think I’ll hear and I can tell she’s getting frustrated as I step into the kitchen. Mom always told me too many pots and pans and something burns, Kori is living it right now but she’s in full damage control as I roll up my sleeves and start to assist. I’m not a cooking whiz but the extra hands help as I pull a boiling something off of the burner and set in where she points. We get all the different portions cleared and she tells me to go sit down at the table while she plates dinner. I don’t get the term but still sit down and wait a little bit when she comes out of the kitchen with a wonderful, meal of pork chops and mashed potatoes with green beans.

“This looks wonderful honey,” I tell her as we start to eat.

One thing I love about all my girls that most people don’t pay attention to, they eat. Put a good meal in front of any one of them and they’ll eat it, take them out to a restaurant and they’ll order a salad on the side of a meal. It’s a personal thing but a critical one for me as Kori and I dig in to her meal. We barely talk when she jumps up from her chair and rushes to the kitchen and I smell apples come wafting in my direction, the girl baked an apple pie. Dinner goes down easy and a slice of pie with ice cream has me stuffed as we start to clear the table. I help her a little with the dishes, mostly just putting them in the sink or dish washer before she playfully shoves me out of the kitchen. I sit back down on the couch and resume my TV watching. Kori joins me after a little bit and we sit on the couch.

“So you’re mad,” Kori says without looking at me.

“Yeah but this is your time,” I tell her as she settles in next to me and I put my arm around her.

“No it’s our time and I don’t like you feeling angry, tell me what’s bothering you,” Kori asks as we watch people attempt to run an obstacle course.

“Katy is avoiding me, I want to talk with her and she just ducks me every time. Then there’s the mystery guy,” I tell her and I feel her visibly perk up at my words,” I finally saw her partner a little, it’s a guy and he’s driving her around instead of her taking her bike or the car.”

“It could be a school thing, Katy is just as committed to you as the rest of us,” Kori states to reassure me.

“Maybe, but we’re running out of time for our Valentine’s Day date and she’s told me nothing of her schedule or what she wants to do,” I say almost complaining, almost.

Kori simply cuddles into me and we talk about more important things, like girls asking her advice on men and coming to her before speaking to me about things for clubs. I joke about her being a real first lady and she jokes back about needing a title and an official office. She shows me a little bit of the wedding plans, it will be a bit bigger than I’d like but five families are getting together for this which makes it huge. Invitations have also gone out and we’re looking at a lot of relatives who will be meeting each other for the first time, I’m not worried and the parents have agreed that they’ll weed out the questions for everyone who has them with the ceremony and the five wives. Time ticks on by and I notice that it’s almost ten at night when Kori shuts the TV off and we both quietly head upstairs to her room. I sit on the bed and get undressed down to my boxer briefs as I hear Kori changing behind me. We both crawl into bed and I discover that Kori decided to match me by wearing a simple pair of panties to bed with me. There is no sex tonight, as she cuddles up against my chest and I pull her in so we can sleep.

Monday morning and I wake up wrapped up around Kori who is sleeping softly, it’s about the time I wake up for my workout but I’m warm and being cuddled. I slowly stroke Kori’s skin on her side and hip and she moans at the attention but is still asleep as I tickle her stomach. I watch her roll till she’s face down on her bed and continue sleeping. I smirk and pull the blankets down off her back slowly before leaning up and trailing a long string of kisses from her shoulders down her back and pulling her panties off to her ass. I move down the bed straddling her legs and start to kiss around her ass and using a finger gently rub her slit. I’m currently living in the wonders of morning wood as I can feel Kori start to get wet on my fingers. I pull off my underwear and slide up behind Kori lining my head up with her slit and when I get her lips parted I see her head turn to look at me.

“Really? Couldn’t even let me wake up,” Kori groans but I can see she’s smiling.

“I figured you were awake when I started touching you,” I reply rubbing my cock head up and down her slit.

To my dismay Kori pulls away from me and pulls up her panties before stumbling off the bed and towards her bathroom. I’m a little confused and I follow her only to have her look at me from the door to the bathroom and smirk.

“Not this morning honey, we don’t have time before school,” She tells me before closing the door.

I’m a little bit put off when I hear the shower turn on and enter the bathroom to join her. Kori is very in a shower and clean mode but she knows I’m there as she shampoos her hair. I start to lather myself up and scrub down when Kori bends over and rubs her ass against my cock.

“Not fair,” I moan as she shakes her ass a little.

“Teasing is fair, it’s not like you’ll go without or anything. We’ll just have to wait till later if we have any time,” Kori states with a big smile.

“If we have time,” I ask a bit upset.

“Yes, I’m your fiancé not your whore. I’ll sleep with you when I need it but you need to get used to the fact that married life is run by me and the girls. We’ll decide all sex times and let you know when we want your opinion,” Kori states facing away from me and rubbing soap down her body.

I’m either being baited or informed of changes I’m not agreeing with; either way I my course is the same. I push Kori forward and up against the back wall of the shower face first and smack her ass once. Kori squeals in surprise as I bend her down a little and lower my hips rubbing my cock head against her slit. It takes a second but I get to her entrance and slam my cock up inside Kori’s familiar womanhood. There is no ceremony or subtly as I start pounding away filling the bathroom with the sounds of my hips slamming in her ass. It’s different like this with her but I’m more than a little frustrated and smack her on the ass again as she starts trying to get away from me weakly, like she’s barely trying. I grab a handful of Kori’s hair and pull her head backwards arching her back and pounding her hard and deep.

“Are you gonna spank my ass again,” Kori groans back to me.

I use my free hand to give her a third smack as an answer and continue to fuck my first girl in the shower. I’m still holding her hair in one hand and her hip in another as she starts backing into me and tightening down. I’m feeling great as she gives back for the first time this morning and it’s not long before I Kori is moaning loudly as she cums on me. I slam inside and let her ride it out but I’m not there yet when she reaches back and looses my hand on her hair. I watch as my future wife gets on her knees and with a hand strokes me hard and fast.

“I’m your woman so cum for me, cum on my pretty face,” Kori almost growls at me.

I’m gripping the side of the shower but finding no purchase as I feel my orgasm building and when I cum it’s a head rush as I spray what I’m hoping is Kori’s face. I relax a little as she keeps pulling on me to get as much out as she can before I feel her lick my head and clean a last bit off. I regain my senses and look down to see Kori with my cum spattered on her face and a little in her mouth before almost ceremoniously swallowing it. Calmly she stands back up and finishes cleaning her face off and once done shuts the water off. We get out and when she tries to grab a towel I pull her close for a hard deep kiss. We’re wet and our mouths are locked together hard as we let her other know how we feel in kiss form. Finally we break the kiss and dry off before getting ready for school, our breakfast is a lot simpler than dinner last night but we talk and joke when I ask about this morning.

“Honey I wasn’t serious but you’re too nice to me sometimes,” Kori states finishing her cereal.

“I’m too nice to you,” I ask confused.

“In bed you are, we haven’t fucked in a year. We’ve had sex and we’ve made a LOT of love but fucking is something that Imelda, Katy and sometimes Rachael get. Damn it I wanted my turn too,” Kori states in mock pouting.

“I’m guessing this is one of those I shouldn’t ask if you want it just give it to you because asking is stupid,” I state and she nods.

We joke about it a little more before heading off to school. Monday and Tuesday pass easily enough with no complications and I set up a meeting after school Wednesday at the park for Kyle and Heather telling them I need to see them alone. I need to meet them off school grounds for a change of scenery and I’m still not sure who is being paid to keep a watch on me but I figure I’ll get a better look out in public. Wednesday comes and school ends which allow me a chance to give Kori a ride home. I say hi to her Mom and Carl before heading off to the park to meet up with Kyle and Heather. I arrive on my bike before the others and take a seat at one of the tables under a roof. I get a text from Kyle saying he’s on his way and Heather should be too, why aren’t they coming together? I shake it off and start looking around for someone who doesn’t belong when I see Kyle and Liz walking up and almost parallel to them Ben with Heather. Again what the fuck?

“I said to come alone,” I state to the four of them.

“I know but Liz insisted she come along, she’s worried about you,” Kyle explains as Liz cuts him off.

“I’m gonna stand with my boyfriend so if you wanna accuse him of something then I’m gonna be here for it,” Liz states with a firm authority.

“Same with me,” Ben says as we all look at him.

“You’re here to stand with Liz’s boyfriend too,” I ask with a funny look.

“No I mean with Heather, my girlfriend,” Ben states and the covered area hits a level of silence.

“How the fuck is she your girlfriend,” Liz asks a little shocked and angry.

“Well I asked her out and she said yes back in November,” Ben says letting everyone here in on the best kept secret since Natsuko last year.

“Listen Guy I know you’re pissed but this isn’t Kyle and me, we’re not doing this to you,” Heather says bringing everything back around to the point of the meeting.

“No you’re not, I know that but you had a lot of people and I’m trying to find out who would take up the mantle of ‘fuck Guy’s life up’ for you? That is why I asked you here, also I was trying to see if someone was watching me all the time,” I tell them as Ben perks up and starts looking around.

“I’ll look around and check to see if anyone familiar is around,” Ben says getting a kiss from Heather before wandering off.

“Well who fucking saw that shit coming,” Liz states still shocked.

“I’m sorry we didn’t tell you Liz, I know you have some unfinished feelings for Ben,” Heather says and Liz goes from shocked to pissed.

“What the fuck do you mean unfinished feelings?! I don’t care who he dates or has sex with,” Liz barks with a bit of her temper showing.

“Good then you won’t mind when we start doing things publically since it won’t upset you,” Heather says relieved and I note that Heather just played Liz.

“Ladies I need to bring this back to point, someone is fucking with me and they were involved with you last year. I need Kyle and Heather to do a bit of checking and find out where their closest people are and if they are even slightly involved,” I state as Kyle nods but Heather looks worried.

“I kinda started that already,” she says wringing her hands together,” I started when the assembly got high jacked. I have been through most but the one I thought it was isn’t in the area to pull anything like that.”

“You mean Taylor, that little shit was fucked up,” Kyle says almost spitting his name out,” He made me wonder sometimes if we were doing the right thing because he loved the sick shit that he came up with and you were feeding off it Heather.”

“I know I did, that was then Kyle. I did shitty things and I’ve been apologizing for it since the start of school and if Kori can forgive me…,” Heather goes on the defensive but I cut her off.

“Why can’t Taylor be the one to pull this? He’s smart and obviously doesn’t like me,” I state bringing everything back on point.

“I checked up on him, he’s not living here anymore. His parents moved to Utah after what happened last year and he’s been down there since,” Heather says as Liz whips out her phone.

“I’m gonna pull his Facebook,” Liz says going into social media mode,” Yeah Utah and he’s enrolling in college courses this summer. There are pictures of him and posts on his recovery from what happened to him during your blitz brother.”

“Okay well that eliminates him but fuck! I want to find this shit,” I growl and Kyle is actually the first one to try to calm me down.

“I’ve got people at school with Rachael looking, we’ve got a team of solid people who are on watch, we’ll find them,” Kyle says as we sit down on the bench.

“So back to the important topic, HOW are you two dating,” Liz asks Heather as I shake my head.

I let Liz and Heather talk, it’s more of a minor interrogation as Liz is fiending for details and Heather answers some questions but avoids sensitive subjects. Ben finally comes back and after putting everyone to task with more back checking of old friends before we all leave the park separately. I get home and I can tell that it’s just Mom and Dad even before I head inside. I get back to my room and settle down. No new word on Gwen and no word on fuckface, I want a name for this shithead, and what could be considered worse than all that is Katy is still avoiding me. Gwen and fuckface I can’t do anything about but Katy is something that I can’t do alone, she’s got to meet me halfway on this holiday. Liz eats dinner with Kyle and with no Katy thanks to study group I sit with Mom and Dad going over school with me and some of my college courses. I’m doing well and let them know that but Mom can tell Katy is weighing on me. I settle in my room for the evening with no human contact so I can think about something big to do, Fuckface high jacked my assembly but I need to do something big. Keep the ball rolling as it were, I am debating ideas till bed time and sleep is a good thing for me tonight.

The school week finishes nicely save for afterschool Friday when I have to rush home and get my suit on then grab the spare car and head over to Rachael’s for her Valentine’s Day date. I actually pass Katy who is working at the table with Mom and some guy I’ve never seen before and if it wasn’t for my running late I’d stop to talk but I figure I’ll get back to them soon depending on Rachael’s plans. I let her pick this night and it’s only when I get over to her house and Randy/Angry Dad answers the door do I get the impression that I’m in for an new experience. I get inside the house and Peter/Happy Dad comes running down the stairs and looks ecstatic about something before moving me into a position where I can wait standing at the bottom of the stairs and when Rachael comes out from her room she looks wonderful, a sleek black dress with a white shawl over her shoulders and Peter must have spent time on her hair because it looks amazing. There are pictures being taken of the two of us before we are finally allowed to leave for our date. The sedan my Dad keeps as a spare car normally looks fine until you put the two of us inside dressed up for a night on the town. I take the directions that Rachael gives me and we’re heading up to Seattle.

The drive is a bit but we get in to our first destination and Rachael has been directing me by GPS since the freeway exit and we finally get in front of a restaurant that is more expensive than I care to state. They have seating at the bar for people without reservations however I cut us to the front at Rachael’s insistence.

“Reservation for Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly,” Rachael tells him as he checks his list.

“Yes, Mr. and Mrs. Donnelly wonderful to have you with us tonight, Anthony will show you to your table,” the man says and we’re ushered away with a lesser dressed worker.

We get seated and take a moment to realize we might just be the youngest couple in the whole restaurant, it makes us chuckle a little as we discard the wine menu and start looking at the meals. No appetizers listed tells you exactly how expensive it can get but my steak meal with all the trimmings and a salad cause me to cough but Rachael is cooler than the other side of a pillow as she orders a fish plate. The waiter leaves and we are left to wait for our starter salads.

“This place is going to cost me a bit but it’ll be worth it,” I tell her but she smiles.

“Except I’m paying, well Daddies are paying but you aren’t. My plan and my treat,” Rachael informs me with a smile.

“Oh that means I have to pay you back for it,” I inform her as I take her hand from across the table.

“Well there are two more surprises tonight and after those we’ll discuss some ‘repayment’,” Rachael says with a coy smile.

Our meal is everything you’d expect from a place that you nearly drop a hundred on for a meal with two people but we’re not staying for dessert as Rachael pays and we leave in a rush. I’m confused but she’s giving me directions again and when we stop and park I can tell we’re outside a concert hall. I don’t even see what we’re here for as Rachael as us rushing inside against the crowd and again she’s got me following her as she shows our tickets and we get moved up stairs to a box seat with a couple other people over what looks like an orchestra. Everyone there is in their nicest and while my suit is nothing to scoff at the man next to me paid for his and its amazing.

“Now for surprise number two,” Rachael tells me in a whisper as the lights go down.

My experience with concerts of any kind is literally nil as the presenter introduces the people playing, a symphony orchestra from back east. The music is a range of speeds and intensity but at one point of me listening Rachael nudges me because my eyes are closed.

“Guy that is rude,” she whispers.

“I am listening to them, close your eyes and you can hear more,” I whisper back.

I open my eyes after a few moments and see Rachael with her eyes closed and I take her hand as we continue our listening. The intermission we get up and stretch and one of the adults in our box seating comments that I’m right about closing my eyes unless the conductor looks like he’s going to fall then that makes it interesting. We laugh a bit about it and when the concert resumes I have Rachael’s head resting on my shoulder. It’s an enjoyable experience and I wonder about renting one of these boxes for an opera or something for me and all the girls as the concert concludes and we head back to the car. The whole trip home Rachael is quiet, not afraid quiet but there is a definite tension with her on the ride. We get back to her house and I can tell that her Dads are in bed downstairs as she leads me up the stairs and into her room.

“Well you brought me here and I’m hoping I get to stay the night and kiss the pretty lady in the black dress,” I tell Rachael getting a soft smile.

“Kissing comes later, now comes present time,” She says putting her shawl on a chair.

I get moved to the foot of her bed and Rachael takes her time undressing me slowly making sure that everything is places and folded before sitting me down. I’m on the foot of her bed as she smiles and takes her heels off before showing me where the zipper is on the side of her dress. I have never undressed her like this before and having the zipper under the arm seems odd to me but as I pull it down I can see her watching me intently before I start to see a color that isn’t her skin. I speed up my work a little and finally I see it, from her the side of her left breast to her hips six tigers. All colorful and still a little tender looking but she doesn’t care in the slightest as I touch them gently.

“Daddy got it for me when we got back from Christmas, I know it took me a while but you never let me not feel like one of your women Guy,” Rachael tells me quietly backing me up the bed.

We settle into her bed with her on top of me and us kissing lightly, trailing my hands down her side has a whole new meaning for me as she’s now truly mine. Rings are great but it’s the tattoos we have that never go away, at least not painfully. Rachael’s kissing goes from soft to passionate and I pull the blanket up over us which causes her to pause and look at me funny.

“Last time we didn’t get a blanket we woke up with your Dad noting we were naked,” I tell her getting a chuckle.

Stripping her down, finding the tattoos and now with her naked and on top of me kissing has me hard enough to go further but I take my time slowly caressing Rachael’s skin and kissing her. I can feel the heat from Rachael’s mound; she’s been ready to play for a while now.

“Someone is in the mood for love,” I whisper as she grinds against me.

“I’ve been in the mood since I saw you in at the bottom of the stairs,” Rachael growls playfully,” All of this tonight has been foreplay, now I get dessert.”

I feel her hand take hold of me from behind her back and with a slight move I’m inside and Rachael is taking her time slowly working herself up and down my shaft. She’s a volcano inside and it’s so different for her to be this warm but I focus on wrapping her up in my arms and holding her while she continues her ride. Rachael finally leans back and settles in to a grind with her hips against mine and I note some hair on her mound as my fingers trace over it.

“Someone is growing their hair out,” I tell her playfully.

“I’ll be shaving it soon,” Rachael moans.

“No need to honey, trim it sure but some hair is nice,” I tell her as she speeds up.

“I like it clean so that when you eat me… oh fuck… and I kiss you…,” Rachael starts moaning and loses her sentence as I feel her start to orgasm.

I get a wicked thought and pull her down to me before rolling us over till she’s on her back and I start thrusting as fast as I can forcing my orgasm to catch up. Rachael’s nails are digging into my back and while it hurts her womanhood is almost milking me as I make her orgasm go from good to great. The bed starts to rock as I realize how fast I’m going but Rachael could care less about noise now as she kisses me hard and nibbles on my lip. My orgasm is coming then suddenly I’m bucking into Rachael and cumming hard as my body presses down on her and I feel her tense up and pull me in. I’m grunting but Rachael is moaning contentedly as we come down from our highs and with effort I finally remove myself from inside her. I am handed a small towel and look at her funny as she has one too.

“I keep them by the bed when you’re coming over,” Rachael tells me with a cute smile.

“Well you are a smart little thing,” I tell her as we cuddle up for the night.

Next morning we’re up and I’m dressed in my suit as I leave and take the car back home. Checking in with Dad goes well considering I got nothing for news on any front that matters and even though it’s ten in the morning I have to shower and get a turnaround done for Matty today. She has no clue what we’re doing and all I tell her in text is dress for activity outside and wear some boots. I pack a bag of bottled water and some food before hopping on Pale Horse. I get over to her house and she’s waiting out front for me in long jean shorts and a flannel shirt, I want to give her an axe so she can be a female logger but I keep that to myself.

“So what do I need to grab,” Mathilda asks approaching my bike.

“I got it all right here, but if you really want to hold something how about wrapping those big sexy arms around me so we can get out to our date spot,” I tell her getting a smile.

I’ve never had her on the back of any of my bikes and while our ride isn’t’ long at one point during a turn she almost realigned my spine. We get to the national park and I pay the admission before we pull in to the visitor center and now Matty is confused as park and we get off with me taking the bag of supplies.

“Okay what are we doing out here,” She asks confused.

“That up there is Mount Rainer honey, we are taking,” I pull out the guest map and pick the highlighted one I researched,” this trail which is for intermediate hikers up to this point, the end of the trail.”

“Guy I’ve never been hiking before,” Matty tells me worried.

“We both work out a lot, I think we’ll be fine,” I tell her smiling as I pull my pack tight to my shoulders and lead the way.

The hike is nice to look at but a pain in the ass, literally. I’m stepping up so much I think I’m doing a stair master in the gym. Matty is feeling it too but we’re both too proud and stop for pictures of her or me in nature. I spent an hour on this at home checking the best spot and aside from the water bottles we’ve been drinking neither of us have had anything to eat today when I can tell we’re getting close to the end of the trail, it was easy they had a sign.

“Guy I think we need to stop soon, I’m getting hungry,” Matty says and normally she doesn’t complain.

“Almost there baby,” I tell her rushing ahead a little.

I get to the spot and it’s perfect, I can hear my Amazon coming up behind me a little put off that I rushed away but I’m in mid set up when she comes into view.

“I don’t like being left behind…. Oh my god look at that view,” Matty says going from upset to awestruck.

Thing about living in Washington most don’t realize is in the western half of the state you get used to seeing Mount Rainer on the horizon and it’s a pretty mountain but the trails on it have some great nature views if you are say, fit enough to trek up it before noon just so you can set up a nice picnic for you and your fiancé. Matty sees the blanket down along with sandwiches, fruit and more bottled water with some powder packets to make it flavored. I get her sat down and we start eating and talking, of all my girls she is the one who speak the least but when she needs to say something it’s important so when she stops eating and starts staring longingly out into the horizon I stop eating as well.

“I don’t want to have a baby with you as soon as the rest of the girls do,” Matty says dropping a bomb that I never expected.

“Okay but why? I know for a fact you’d be a great Mother and I’d love to see our child sooner than later,” I ask not hurt but definitely confused.

“I’m going to do college too but baby, I’m getting a full ride thanks to basketball,” She tells me happily,” And I’m looking at going beyond college.”

“Okay do we have options for that,” I ask a little confused when she looks at me funny.

“The WNBA, they don’t make as much as the men but Tracy and I are getting full rides and we’ve been talked to by a couple people. If we stay healthy and get our degrees done we could be picked up and then I’d be set up for a good career,” Matty tells me and I’m feeling a bit left out here.

“Okay but what about our family? What about a home and settling in to a good life,” I ask still not hurt.

“We will, I don’t want to travel all the time and I want a home with you and the rest of my sisters but I need this Guy. I don’t ask for anything but I need this,” Matty asks almost pleading.

“Honey I’m just making sure you’ve thought it out. How the hell am I going to say no when you get that cute pouty face,” I tell her breaking into a big smile.

We actually talk about her plans, she’s not worried about my college but she will have to go somewhere that she’ll get noticed and that means some separation. I don’t like that part but she wants to be married before college so she can simply walk around and focus on her academics. We agree that west coast is best for us and I promise that I’ll do what I can to get close to her. I’ve got a secret up my sleeve for the girls and college but I keep it to myself as a surprise for when we get to that point in this journey. We cuddle up and I discuss the fact that I will have a child with her just so we get the debate out of the way and she agrees that after she wins some big award like league MVP or a championship we’ll get right into the baby making. I remind myself while holding her that of all my girls she’s the one that really listens most of the time and is the most scared about our future. Granted having a ring, four sisters and matching tattoos helps but it’ll take a while before we break the habit of worrying. We’re up on the little picnic site for a couple hours before we break camp and head back down after packing up. The whole way down Matty is happy and talkative which makes me feel better. We mount up on Pale Horse before heading down the road back towards town and her house. I almost drop her off when I get pulled from my bike and have to shut it off before she drags me in her house, her dad isn’t home which is good since he’s been doing a lot of talking with Imelda’s Mom since Christmas. Matty strips me out of my clothing before doing the same with herself save for her panties. I’m a little confused about what is happening as she lays me down on my back and cuddles up next to me.

“First and last boyfriend, husband and partner; damn I got lucky,” my Amazon tells me as we cuddle.

“You got lucky? Most people have trouble finding one good woman, I have five great women that I would cut my arm off if I had to choose between it and one of them,” I tell her and I can feel her smile.

“You make me feel special you know? Big Mathilda, the brute, more steroids than girl, I heard all this names and it hurt so much now I have a fiancé that make women jealous and girls look at me like I’m someone important,” she tells me squeezing me a little.

“You are important, to me and the girls. We love you, everyone else is just icing on the cake but you will always be special to us. Never forget that baby,” I tell her and get a kiss for my kind words.

When you can be truthful and kind to someone it’s a great day for you and you should revel in that, my reveling is short lives as I feel a hand start to tug me. Ever since summer Matty’s been more aggressive when it comes to the bedroom and being held down by my hips as my Amazon’s mouth engulfs my member. Matty is taking her time and letting me feel it as her mouth works its way up and down my shaft. I remember how shy she was when we first came back to her room, now I’m half way in her mouth and she eager to get me hard. I’m relaxing while she works when she stops and I feel a mouth on my sack, my Amazon is getting adventurous. I start to pull her up because I want more and she pushes me back.

“Hey I want to play too,” I tell her getting an ‘unh-uh’ in response,” yes I wanna play.”

Matty looks up at me and growls, she growled at me. I back up quickly from her and pull my knees under me. I’m at one end of the bed and she’s at the other for a few seconds staring before we rush and start wrestling around, I saw wrestling because it’s the only way I can describe it. She pushes me down and tries to pin me, I roll out and bump her onto her side. She scrambles up and I lower myself as she goes high throwing her off balance and putting her down on her back. Matty is scrambling to push me off but I’m right on top of her and I start to suck her nipple and use a free hand and get her panties out of the way before pressing a finger inside. My Amazon stiffens a little but keeps trying to get me off of her when I press a second finger in. Matty’s groaning is very noticeable and she pulls me off her breast and up to her face for a hard kiss, I remove my fingers and feel her hand pull my hips to hers. I shift a little and move my arms under her legs bending them up and with a good angle slam my member into her warm folds. We’re both grunting as my pace is a hard deep one making sure I hit as far down into her as I can. I’ve never had the chance to be this hard with Matty and I’m glad it’s nothing like when I’m with Katy as her ‘fighting’ back was a nice change. I’m slamming my hips down deep and Matty’s face is contorted in confusion and pleasure, I don’t understand what is happening when she starts to thrash and try to buck against me. I smirk at her coming fast when we’re both doused with warm liquid. I almost freeze and start to bury myself in Matty when she starts shaking hard and her folds are milking me for all their worth. I let her legs go and every limb she has wraps around me pulling me in and holding me in place. I wait a little as I don’t think she’s ever squirted before when she pulls me into her hard and I start thrusting again.

I’m slamming my body into hers and again we’re showered with her squirting on us which doesn’t even slow me down as I go with fast frenzied thrusts. I’m building my own orgasm and since she’s had two I figure she won’t mind much if I get mine now when she grips my ass with her hands and makes me slow down. I feel her trying to do something with her hips when I get a shudder from her walls as the contract on me a little, little minx is taking a page out of Kori’s book. I let her work me over and she’s concentrating on it when my playful mood changes to one of mid orgasm in a few seconds and the shock of it causes me to buck once inside Mathilda and coat her insides with my seed. She holds me there with her. I am spent inside her and she cradles my head breathing heavily before we separate our bodies a little and get up from bed. No words are spoken as we strip her now mess on bed and start it in the washing machine then move to the shower. It’s not a playful shower as much as a comforting one and we exchange casual sweet kisses till we’re clean. We dress and settle on her couch with me sitting her head in my lap as the TV drones on.

“I have been trying to cum like that for a while now,” Matty confesses to me.

“What where you spray all over the place,” I jest playfully.

“Yes,” She replies shy,” Katy does it sometimes and she gets so dopey afterwards I wanted to see if it was like that with me.”

“Was it,” I ask looking down at my Amazon.

“Kinda, I guess I have better control than I thought,” She says with a chuckle.

I settle in and we do a combination of cuddling and talking to pass the hours till I either have to stay the night, it’s late enough or head home. My opting for staying the night is good and while I wanted to try to talk to Katy since we’re looking at a few days left between now and the actual Valentine’s Day. Our dinner at her place is simple and filling, our sleep is one of well worked muscles and peace of mind. I head back home before lunch on Sunday to find family there minus Katy. I don’t even bother to check her room as I text Katy. ‘Did you want to do something for V Day or are we gonna skip another holiday?’ her reply of ‘We will, be patient we have time.’ doesn’t give me a lot of hope. I actually hop on the computer and do some more college work, I am ahead but need to keep pushing the online courses out so I can move right into major schooling when next summer is over.

Valentines Day is on a Wednesday and with Sunday, Monday and Tuesday being a bad time for Katy I’m literally fuming mad and determined to get us together today. One thing I did do however is take the time to have a single red rose delivered to each girl, except Katy, today so that they knew I was still thinking about them. Kori and Matty got theirs before lunch and are happy with me despite my obvious frustration with Katy.

“I say you cut out of school today, you can afford to, head over to the college and just go see her,” Matty says with Kori nodding in agreement.

My girls are brilliant and I love how their brains work, when I can decipher how they work at least. I actually get permission to leave the school and a write off since I have no classes for the second half of the day and I’m off towards the community college and to Katy. There must be some classes right now and I text mom to see if Katy’s schedule is at home. She says it is and that she’s in a class right now, I get the location and start walking around trying to find it. Never been up here before, kind of didn’t feel right being the high school kid at the college but I’ve also been busy since two years ago taking care of everything and everyone that crossed me. I actually get to sit and think about my life, had I not forgot my phone back when I caught Heather and Derek. The memory still angers me slightly, only people you love and care about can betray you. Enemies can’t betray you. I remember Margaret aka Maggs now the class secretary was scared, I mean she knew they were off together, probably knew that they were fucking but she didn’t tell me. I think I need to settle up with her, I might be completely off with my gender basis for the person fucking with me.

I am so in my own thoughts that when the classes initially let out I barely notice till I hear people talking around me. I get up and start to look around when I see Katy’s black hair with a green bangs bounding happily out of one of the classes. The open area we’re in is covered in grass and students moving through and talking I start to cover distance when I see him. Him being the guy she was studying with a couple days ago when I was taking Rachael out. He’s actually an inch or two taller than me and I can tell he works out by the tight polo shirt and with blonde hair done all pretty boy and glasses I start making conclusions. I finally see Katy and her look has me thrown off, a dress blouse with sweater tied around the neck and a skirt down to her ankles. A skirt, Katy is wearing a skirt? People are moving in between us as I start to cover ground with a single red rose in my hand. I can barely see them when I see them lean in and I freeze, they just kissed. People moving in and out yes but she just kissed him and he kissed her. The butterflies in my stomach may be dead but my rage is kicked on full blast and when I see the two of them smiling and hugging I press forward through the moving college goers. Katy actually sees me and smiles…. For about four seconds till she sees my expression. The shock look and concern creep in and I’m broiling mad now.

“Nice Katy, really fucking nice,” I state as she tries to approach me,” No I think we’re done. No need to sugar coat this.”

“Guy really you don’t understand and are way off base,” Katy says trying to explain with no hostility.

“Really because you’re kissing some douche nozzle on the holiday of love but can’t seem to find time to actually spend around your fiancé,” I am stating my words; I’ll get to yelling and swearing soon enough.

“No Guy you need to listen…,” Katy says but I’m quicker than that.

“The fuck I do. I don’t have to listen to shit, what I do need to do is figure out how to tell the girls that their sister is fucking around,” I am a little louder and Katy is desperate.

“Please just listen to me,” Katy starts in before looking at my hand,” Guy you’re bleeding.”

I look down and notice that I’ve squeezed the rose so hard the thorns are sticking in my hand. I feel it now and I’m bleeding a bit but not enough to stop me. I toss her the rose and start to walk away when a voice in a fucking hell of weird French accent chimes in.

“Mr. Guy my name is Matteo, I’m exchange student here and Kaitlin has been helping me with my classes,” I hear the new man start to explain before I whip around on the two of them.

“What the fuck are you fucking French,” I ask hotly.

“No Mr. Guy actually I’m Belgian,” he tells me trying to explain.

“Great now fuck off and make me a god damn waffle you slimy fuck or I swear to god I will rip out your heart and eat it,” I growl fuming fucking mad as Katy tries to back me up but I’m not moving.

“Guy we’re not doing anything together, we just got out our presentation. It’s one of the two I told you about the a couple weeks ago. He’s the only one on my team and we had to do four people’s work, that’s why we were super happy when you saw us, I was going to call you,” Katy starts in again but I’m done listening.

“I’m sorry but how much bullshit do you think I am going to listen to today. You have been putting us off for weeks Katy, now here you are fooling around out on fucking college campus with your new boyfriend,” I am seething and barely keeping my voice to a dull roar.

“Guy he’s not a boyfriend, he’s not even close. He’s helped keep me passing a few classes and I’m helping him with English, nothing has been happening like you’re thinking,” Katy pleads as I turn and walk away,” Guy please just stop and listen to me, PLEASE!”

I get maybe ten paces when I feel a hand turn me to stop me, then there are hands on my head and lips on mine, I’m stunned a little. Nothing fucks with fight mode than being kissed and Katy is kissing me, why doesn’t it feel like Katy? I open my eyes to see the fucking Belgian fucker’s face right in front of mine, why is it in front of mine when Katy’s…. MOTHERFUCKER IS KISSING ME!!!! I shove Matteo off and almost immediately spit.

“What the fuck,” I bark but I’m not the only one yelling.

“Matteo what the fuck are you doing kissing my fiancé,” Katy asks putting herself in between me and Matteo.

“He’s so damn attractive and rugged,” Matteo states in his fucked up accent,” I was hoping he’d calm down with some, what is the words, man love.”

And you can hear fucking crickets in the world now, I think I’m hearing a few in China. Man love, what the fuck kind of fucked up shit was Katy telling this asshole. Katy on the other hand is right on the situation.

“He’s not interested in men Matteo,” Katy states turning her anger on.

“Well with the leather jacket and the very butch look I thought he was one of those gay bikers we hear about,” Matteo says explaining but I’m about to lose my shit.

“GAY FUCKING BIKER,” I bark about to tackle him but Katy is in the way.

“Matteo run, he won’t stop if he gets past me,” Katy says fearful.

Katy shoves me back and in my range of emotions I watch Matteo beat feet in the other direction. I’m left looking at Katy and she has her bags and the rose in hand as I start to stalk away from her and back towards my bike. I get another twenty feet when I’m grabbed, this time by Katy and she starts to drag me off towards some apartments near the college.

“You don’t want to listen to me fine, we’ll consult an expert,” Katy says as we climb stairs up to one apartment.

They must have all college students here damn near because all the cars are shit and there isn’t a single child or elderly person in sight and it’s the middle of the day. Katy knocks on the door, we wait, she knocks again and we wait longer. Finally Katy pounds on the door with her fist and we hear a female voice yelling something from inside. The door cracks open and I see a deeply tanned skin tone on a female look at me then at Katy.

“Shit Kate I was sleeping, who is this,” The female asks opening the door slightly.

“This is my fiancé Guy, the one that I’ve been putting off for weeks because you needed to drop our project group,” Katy says before turning herself towards me,” This is a friend, Ramona, and she is one of the two that dropped off the planet on me in my class.”

“Hey I said I was sorry to leave you hanging and that I owed you one alright,” ‘Ramona’ says backing up a little to let Katy in.

I watch Katy enter but I’m staying put on the porch, Katy gets a few steps inside and turns to face me. I’m not impressed in the slightest and she finally comes back out and gently tugs on my coat.

“Please just come inside for a bit, I need to change then we can go try to talk and have something before Valentine’s Day,” Katy says and I can hear Ramona groan from her kitchen.

“Katy it IS Valentine’s Day. You’ve spent this whole time these past few weeks brushing this off. We have no plans, no reservations, nowhere to go or do. We’re done, you promised before today and I find you all over some fruity French fuck,” I get the words out and Ramona chimes in.

“God if Matteo wasn’t gay I’d fuck him,” Ramona says as Katy grimaces from her intrusion.

“Nothing was happening, he’s a friend. He helps me with classes and I help him with English language,” Katy says and Ramona chimes in again.

“Like when you taught him the phrase ‘himbo ass cleavage’,” Ramona blurts out.

“Guy please, I’m sorry I slipped up but I haven’t been screwing around on you with anyone and I really have missed you,” Katy says quietly.

“You never showed it. I tried to be there for you and supportive and you brushed me off,” I state and Katy looks broken up when Ramona again intrudes.

“Oh shit this is break up shit, I’m sorry Kate I thought we were having a laugh,” Ramona says coming back into the doorway a little,” You two come in.”

Katy slowly heads inside the apartment and I follow before being directed to a couch to sit on, I decline and stand instead getting a look from Ramona. She’s about 5’7” like Katy but where Katy has curves Ramona is thinner but still has hips and some b cup breasts. Her deep tanned skins says Islander and the deep black hair confirms it but what catches the most is the long t-shirt with a pair of nice legs coming out from under the hem of the shirt. Katy heads to the back presumably to change and Ramona closes the door after her leaving me and her standing alone in the living room.

“You can sit down,” Ramona says taking a seat on the couch.

“I can, that doesn’t mean I should,” I state and she’s quick on that.

“Okay but by good hospitality when your host offers you a seat accepting it is the proper way,” She says and I’m not playing games.

“Then fuck no I don’t need a seat, I have a seat on my bike and I plan to be riding it away from here after Katy gets done feeding me another line of bullshit and I figure out how to tell the rest that she’s done with us,” I state firmly.

“Wouldn’t that be her place to explain,” Ramona asks.

“No because she doesn’t get a fucking say now. You screw around on me and you find out that the world is a cold dark and lonely place,” I bark and she gets a little wide eyed at it.

“My god how do you keep women from sucking your dick to calm you down,” Ramona asks as Katy comes out from the back in her standard biker pants and leather coat.

“Let’s go figure out somewhere to talk,” Katy says but I’m not moving.

“No need, we can settle this shit right here. Since me and your promises to me are such an afterthought we don’t need to go further,” I state and Katy’s face loses its sadness and her anger picks up.

“No we are not doing the whole break up thing end engagement thing. Yeah I fucked up and forgot some shit but I didn’t fuck around on you. That is why you’re pissed off and I didn’t do it,” Katy barks and I can tell Ramona is looking for a good seat or a place to hide.

“I’m pissed that no matter what I did to try to help you it was never enough. I kept reaching out to you and you just shut me down. Why the fuck should I bother now. Hell the only reason we’re having a conversation now is because I came to find you,” I bark back getting mad.

“The only reason we’re having this conversation is you love me enough to listen to me. I have never, not fucking once, had sex with a man since we’ve been together. You wanna get pissed at me for fucking up the holiday fine but this bullshit about ending the engagement stops now,” Katy is trying to calm her voice but she’s about as in control as I am which is borderline fist fight.

“Can I just intercede for a moment to point out a few things…,” Ramona starts in.

“NO,” Katy and I both bark at her.

Ramona shrinks back to the end of the couch she was sitting on and Katy is back to being focused on me. Katy’s fists are clenched and mine would be save for the fact that one hurts from thorns. Both of us are breathing heavy when finally Katy decides to speak.

“I want pizza,” Katy says unclenching.

“Yeah, pizza is good right now,” I tell her forcing myself to calm down.

“I can order one,” Ramona asks quickly getting up and moving to her phone.

Katy sits down on the couch and I start pacing in the apartment as Ramona orders, I tell her I’m paying and she decides to go nuts with the whole ordering and I figure I’m taking some home with me. I step out of the apartment to move my bike closer and once back inside I take a seat on the couch opposite of Katy.

“Okay since you two are breathing and not killing each other let me say a few things. First off you two are obviously still in love with each other, second I’ve known Kate for a few months and the closest anyone’s come to getting into her panties is Matteo and that’s only those awkward cheek kisses he likes,” Ramona says staying calm and neutral tone.

“You’re fucking point is,” I state growing angry when Katy chimes in.

“Ramona talking time is done so either change the subject or shut your cocksucker,” Katy states moving next to me and cuddling up into my jacket,” Hey, I’m sorry okay. I just don’t want to fail with college.”

“You need to let me be there for you. And no more kicking me out of bed when you’re stressed out,” I reply kissing the top of her head.

“You two are the angriest couple I’ve ever seen,” Ramona says sitting down on her one chair.

Katy and I chuckle about it and mercifully pizza arrives before long and I discover I’ve ordered enough food to feed ten people yet there are only three of us here. Eat till we’re full but Ramona seems like she’s got a bottomless pit in her gut. The whole time Ramona is asking questions about how we met, apparently the subject of me is one that Katy keeps under wraps save for the fact that I treat her well and she loves me. The reaction to our first time together being on the day we met is interesting but the fact that I damn near forced her, Katy attests you can’t force the willing, has Ramona looking at me oddly. Not sure what her deal is but when she hits the bathroom I move to Katy and pull her coat off. We’re not frantic or rushed even though we’re in her friend’s living room but once the coats are off and boots have been kicked to the floor as the couch is our new love spot. I can hear Ramona in the back ground of the world around us but with Katy’s face pressed against mine, I feel her trying to peel her shirt off and finally while straddling me she sits up and pulls it off throwing it on the floor. Immediately I’m up against her large breasts with my face and kissing them slowly as she gets her bra undone and tossing it with her shirt cradles my head.

“I missed you, mind if we go soft today. I think we both need some love,” Katy almost purrs and I murmur a response from between her breasts.

I’m running my hands around her back while kissing every square inch of her large D cups till she pulls my face up and brings me in for a nice soft kiss. I shift us on the couch so I’m sitting with my back against before Katy starts kissing down my body slowly taking her time. I pull my shirt off part way through her kissing and while I can tell Ramona is nearby I’m focused as Katy as she’s undoing my jeans as she kisses around my stomach and I lift my ass to let her get them down freeing my semi hard-on.

“Hello Mr. Penis, I missed you a lot Mr. Penis,” Katy says with a smirk kissing around my pelvis before licking my cock head.

A shiver goes down my spine and Katy smiles as she slowly works my cock in her mouth while slowly massaging my balls. I fumble around with my bad hand and get Katy’s free hand in mine as she works her mouth around the sides of my shaft; I look down and see Katy’s sexy green eyes staring up at me. I watch her mouth take position over my cock head as she trails her tongue in circles around it; I squeeze her hand as I’m groaning in pleasure at her work. I feel warm mouth engulf my entire cock and Katy cradles the shaft with her tongue giving me a couple hard sucks before coming up for breath. Katy is smiling as she stands up; I watch as she pulls her jeans off taking her panties with them and note a small trail of wetness before it breaks and Katy moves closer. I let her stand on the couch and slowly lower her pussy to my face. I don’t waste time taking slow licks as I bury my lips and tongue in her seeking out Katy’s clit and lashing at it with my tongue. I feel Katy’s hips tense and I grip her with my hands mostly to hold onto something. I don’t know what it is about the scent of a woman but it’s making me want to just throw Katy down and ravage her, the warm up with my face buried in her folds and sucking her clit is nice though. Katy is moaning and I feel one hand rub my head with encouragement.

“God I missed you,” Katy moans as I continue to eat her out.

I would mumble a response but I’m trying to see how close I can get her to cumming while standing over me. I note that Katy’s been shaving but barely as I pull on a few hairs with my teeth. I get a playful smack on my head in response before Katy backs me off her pussy and steps off the couch. I look around for a moment and see no Ramona in the room or hall but I watch as Katy moves back in to kiss me before pulling me so we’re on the floor. She grabs a pillow and puts it under my head as I’m lying on my back and straddles me. I feel her folds on either side of my shaft as Katy grinds against me lightly resuming our kissing from earlier. I’m grinding up against her and we’re slipping around when my cock head finds her hole and a press forward by both of us has me inside and feeling good. We’re not panicked or frenzied, not super aggression or need to make the other lose their minds as we slowly work our hips together. Katy is tighter than I remember when it occurs to me she’s been without this whole time, I still am a bit upset about that but I push it aside as she pushes her hips down fully burying me inside her.

“God you’re tight,” I moan as she smirks.

“Well now you know I’ve been faithful,” Katy purrs leaning down and kissing me lightly.

“Well you could just be letting them fuck your ass,” I get the words out and Katy growls a little slamming her hips down and making me groan,” Or using your superior blowjob skills.”

“Are you trying to goad me into a fight right now,” Katy moans taking long slow strokes on my cock.

“I don’t know, are we in a fighting mood or a loving mood,” I ask trailing my hands up her sides and squeezing her breasts lightly.

I suck on Katy’s nipple lightly while trailing my tongue around it as she speeds up her hips on me lightly giving me a more firm feeling with the walls of her vagina. I moan a little and she works over every inch of my cock with a steady pace. We’re both locked against each other with me latching onto her with hands and lips while she’s got me ‘pinned’ down when she stops me from sucking on her breast and kisses me pressing our bodies together. I was close before when she was on me with her mouth but now I’m thrusting in her trying to force an orgasm out of her when she bites my lip lightly before shoving her tongue down my throat. We keep moving through her orgasm and mine takes over as I groan into Katy’s mouth and spray seed inside her. I can feel her milking me a little for the remaining bits and while normally we’re both exhausted after sex after love making we’re both surprisingly upbeat. Katy rolls off and we see Ramona standing there with a small digital camera pointed at us.

“This is valentine’s day make up for the ages. Seriously you have no idea how hot that was,” Ramona says with a wicked grin.

“Turn the fucking camera off and give me the memory card now,” I tell her hopping up from the floor.

Ramona is shocked at my quickness but she bolts from me and heads back to her room almost closing the door as I put my hand, the bad one, in the way as she closes it on my hand. Seeing my fingers she lets off the door and backs up but the pain is a bit much and I’m seeing red.

“Oh shit girl you really fucked up,” Katy says coming in after me as Ramona backs up almost tripping over her own bed,” Babe let me see the hand.”

I let Katy look and she leads me to the bathroom, I get the punctures disinfected and my hand wrapped up mostly painless. Katy get’s all done and give me a kiss before grinning at me wickedly. I know that look, loving time is over, and fucking time is now. I am getting a little hard at the thought when she steps past me and into Ramona’s room. I follow and see her snatch the camera out of Ramona’s hand shocking the crap out of her.

“So you want to make a porn is it? Well I think you need to star in one,” Katy says booting up the camera and pointing it at Ramona,” So since you offered earlier and now you pissed him off, suck his dick.”

“What,” Ramona says shocked.

“I’m right here; nobody is cheating on anyone so suck his dick. I made love to him and he was relationship pissed with me, maybe he’ll fuck you good too,” Katy says looking at me and winking.

“Katy my ex and I are talking about getting back together and oh crap he’s getting hard,” Ramona says turning her attention to me,” can he really go again?”

“Yeah, and your ex is your ex and probably fucking someone else today. Now open that pretty little mouth of yours and get on his dick,” Katy says leading Ramona’s thoughts.

Ramona slumps off the edge of her bed and onto her knees looking between Katy with the camera and me. She’s nervous as I reach my good hand down and push her shoulder length hair back and guide her forwards, I watch her mouth open gently and my head enters her lips. She only gets about halfway down before I feel her gag a little, I’m a bit surprised by it but I keep that to myself.

“I’m guessing he’s bigger than what’s his name,” Katy asks wickedly.

“Yeah, shit I don’t think I can take him all the way,” Ramona replies pulling her mouth off of me.

I use both hands to take her head and angle her mouth back onto my cock. I get the halfway point and push forward making her gag again but this time I back up two inches and push in again. It takes a bit but slowly I keep pressing forward inch by inch till Ramona is resting her nose on my pelvis, I can feel her start to gag again and I let her pull her mouth off. She catches her breath and goes back in without my aid, this time with enough enthusiasm that I don’t need to hold her head. I still keep my good hand on her head and take a handful of her curly brown hair as Ramona bobs and spits all over my cock. Katy is using the camera to get everything and I see her taking shots in multiple angles but I’m more enjoying the blowjob I’m getting than the video being made. I pull Ramona’s mouth off of my cock and she actually looks at me confused.

“I thought you wanted a blowjob,” She asks.

“I did but now I want more, you wanted to watch me fuck now you should feel me fuck,” I tell Ramona standing her up.

I sit her on the bed and crawl on it myself after her, Ramona is nervous but excited. She’s wondering about what Katy is going to do to her when this is done. I put Ramona on her hands and knees facing away from me for one great position, doggie style. Her t shirt and panties are still on for now and I trail my hands across her ass, it’s a little thin but still nice as I pull her panties off leaving them around her thighs. I rub my cock up against Ramona’s slit causing her to stiffen at my presence but when I find her pussy hole and put my cock head against it she backs up uncontrollably putting me a couple inches inside her.

“Oh fuck that is nice dick,” Ramona groans with me barely inside her.

I grip her hips with my hands and instead of slowly pushing inside Ramona I thrust forward hard slamming my whole length into her. I waste no time taking hard thrust into her pussy and everyone is met with a groan of satisfaction from Ramona and since I’ve cum once already I’m in for a long haul. Ramona is pretty tight and smooth giving me perfect access to slam into her harder and deeper.

“Oh fuck me he’s good at fucking… shit he’s pounding me out…,” Ramona groans as I continue my vaginal assault.

My pounding is relentless as Ramona is groaning and swearing as I fuck her from behind. I could be nicer but I’m feeding a bit off my own anger as my hand hurt like hell and Katy’s want to see women cum when I fuck them. I raise my bad hand off Ramona’s ass for a moment bringing it down with a firm slap to the cheek and grip the area I hit. She wails in response and I repeat the process until I can feel the heat from the cheek through my hand wrap. I feel Ramona tense up and groaning loudly she falls to her face shoving her pillows of the bed as her orgasms. I slow down my pace to a crawl and pull out getting a moan from my current partner but when I grab her legs and roll her over she’s more confused than disappointed. I remove her panties the rest of the way and toss them aside as Ramona looks at me a still confused.

“Take off your shirt,” I tell her firmly and watch as she scrambles to get it over her head.

“Are you even able to finish,” Ramona asks and I lean over her body with my own.

“Yes I can and I’ll do it when I want and where I want, won’t I,” I ask her as her eyes widen in shock.

“I don’t let men cum in me, not even Robert,” Ramona says as I like my cock up with her pussy.

“Good thing I’m not Robert or I’d be so heartbroken about hearing that,” I sneer before shoving my cock back inside her.

Ramona gasps and I see her smallish breasts shake with the first thrust, I put my hands down by her hips to support myself and start to fuck her fast and deep. The hardness from before replaced with speed has my cock tingling as Ramona starts talking again.

“Oh fuck me, Katy he fucks so good… shit he’s gonna make me cum again,” Ramona grunts and I feel her hands pull my hips in harder,” Get that pussy, fuck it good.”

I like the encouragement but I think she’s only into sex when she’s got someone actually having sex with her. The angle and position don’t let me as deep but it’s more than enough and I watch as Ramona’s face is contorted in pleasure. Every possible swear word and encouraging phrase is coming out of her mouth as I fuck her, I mean everything from ‘God damn you fuck good’ to ‘Make that pussy cum’. It’s a bit more talking than I’m used to but I start getting close as we’ve been at it for longer than I’d expect when it occurs to me to do something fun and I stare at Katy who finally points looks at me without the camera and wink to her. I stop all the thrusting and wait for Ramona’s reaction.

“Wait why did you stop, why stop now I was gonna cum,” Ramona asks flushed and aggressive.

“You will say it, you will say it now and then I will cum inside you,” I inform her with hard resolve.

“I guess you can cum on my face,” Ramona says trying to reconsider and I start to back out of her as she stammers her final response,” Cum in me, fill my pussy with cum and fuck me hard.”

I start thrusting again only this time I’m driving my own orgasm hard and fast, the room fills with the slapping of my hips hitting Ramona’s and she starts talking again.

“Fuck me, fuck me like a bitch and cum in me. I wanna feel that nut up in my stomach you fucker,” Ramona taunts and encourages all at once.

I feel the tingle of my orgasm start and lower my entire body down onto Ramona’s holding myself up on my elbows now and shaking her bed with my thrusts. I think she started orgasming at one point as she started to grip me tightly with her hands and legs. I hit my own orgasm part way into hers and coat her insides white when she yelps loudly.

“Fuck he came, holy shit that feels so hot. Fuck he’s still cumming,” Ramona stammers loudly as I keep pumping my seed in her.

I grind out my orgasm and finally push myself up and off of Ramona before pulling back and staggering off to the bathroom. I can hear the girls talking and once I clean me off and see that my hand bled a little but not through the bandage I reenter the room and see both Katy and Ramona talking.

“That was really fucking good, how the fuck does he do that. I mean when I came I started shaking and he didn’t stop, most dudes check you to see if you’re okay,” Ramona states more than asks.

“Guy knows when it’s too much and he’s never pushed any one of us fiancés to a point where we said stop,” Katy tells her looking at me wickedly,” So any plans with Robert tonight after you both fucked someone else?”

“Fuck Robert and his once you go black bullshit. Putting it in and leaving it there while barely moving makes you a shitty fuck in my book. You gotta start teaching other men to fuck or something,” Ramona tells me and we all laugh about it.

All three of us get dressed and resume talking, this time in her room and after few hours I decide we’re heading home. Katy and I say good bye to Ramona before heading back to my bike, I pause and stare at Katy for a second, all punked out with her bag on her back. I pull her in close and rest my mouth on her neck getting a moan as I suck. I don’t suck lightly; I suck hard and with purpose. Katy doesn’t stop me and after a few minutes I finally calm down and pull back to see the hickey forming on her neck. I smile at my work and she touches it tenderly with a big grin.

“You just gave me a hickey,” Katy states and I nod in response,” God I love you.”

She kisses me hard and I hold her next to me tightly before we mount up on Pale Horse and head back towards home. We get home just after dinner and Katy goes about explaining to mom how her projects this week went and how she is scared about her grades since she was told it was dropping in more than a few classes. I’m actually confused and thinking now, Katy has been in study groups and projects for her school but she’s having trouble making grades? I head back to my room and hop on my computer, one person to call right now and it’s because I need hard answers.

“Hey Guy, is something wrong on the day of love,” Jun asks and it’s good to see him on Skype or anywhere for that matter.

“Yeah, I need someone looked up and I need you to check Katy’s grades for me,” I give Jun the basics and Matteo’s info that I got from Katy.

We chat a little bit and Lilly comes onto frame giving me a happy hello and telling me that Jun was amazing for Valentine’s Day. I am glad the two are so inseparable, most people get out of high school and break it off to explore options but they got love like my women and I do. Jun finally comes back to me and he’s got that ‘what the fuck’ look.

“So there is no Matteo in the data base at the community college, I ran his picture against the other colleges and found out he’s up here as a student. He’s an exchange student, acting major and on his final year before he gets his degree,” Jun tells me and I’m really starting to get pissed.

“Jun I want this fucker run into the ground,” I tell him and he shakes me off continuing.

“No you want me to keep digging because check this, all of Katy’s classes are flagged by a program that is masking what she sees,” He pulls up my computer screen from me showing me her near failing grades,” Now watch when I pull the filter.”

I watch as the grades go from near failing to passing with assignments completed and I start fuming. They were trying to run her ragged and make her quit, motherfuckers.

“And for your added bonus I ran the TA’s from her classes, each one got a bump to their bank accounts right around November for a couple hundred dollars each. Guy whoever this is they are fucking with you hard,” Jun tells me stating the obvious.

“Yeah I get that man, what else do you have, anything telling me what or who is pulling this,” I ask frustrated.

“Nothing here still man but they paid people money, a bit of money just to fuck with her. I know you pissed people off but now we need to figure out who has cash to burn because this is stupid ridiculous,” Jun tells me shocked.

“Jun I need to ask you to find Carter and get me a name, a face or some fucking payback. I know that you’re in college now but,” I start but Lilly cuts me off.

“Guy, we’ll find him and we’ll take care of it. It will take us some time but we will do it,” Lilly tells me confidently.

I thank them both and Jun goes about removing the program so Katy’s grades will read normally before we end our call. I head back into the living room and with no words stand Mom and Katy up taking a hand each and march them both back to my room for show and tell. I have all the screens up and when they see her grades both of them flip, in a good way.

“So I’m actually passing all my classes AND I can slow down my working,” Katy asks and Mom chimes in.

“Yes Katy, but you need to keep working, albeit a slower pace but still keep up the good work. And I think study group is over,” Mom says leaving the room with a smile.

I get pulled away from my computer and into bed by a very affectionate Katy who is in major cuddle mode. Having her back is good and the next day after school she’s is there on her bike ‘Envy’ to see the girls. There is a bit of a homecoming and Katy even swings by to see Coach Campbell and Mrs. Jackson for old time’s sake.

My next few weeks go by with minor activity on the war front, I’m calling it a war because I want to fight someone and I don’t have a target. What I do have are students bringing me burner cell phones with notes. One wants to have me get dumped on by paint, another to knock my bike over in the parking lot. It’s minor and sporadic but there is a growing mentality, my people. They are my people, I look to them and they look to me. I don’t show my anger and it’s Wednesday before Spring break at the end of March when I find my new problem. I can see her by my bike, Maggs our class secretary and she’s facing away from us as we approach but something seems very wrong here. I motion everyone to hang back a bit as I approach.

“Hey Miss Class Secretary, what brings you out here,” I ask and Maggs slowly turns to face me.

She’s dressed conservatively most days but her clothes looked messed up from when I saw her a couple hours earlier but it’s the four inch blade in her hand that has my immediate attention. Maggie’s face is downcast as I raise my hand and everyone stops, a quick gesture waving my hand in a circle and with some of the football team and more than a few students from my homeroom we have the area completely surrounded leaving Maggie, myself and my bike in the middle.

“I have to Guy, she said I have to or she’ll find me at school again,” Maggs tells me looking up.

She’s got a bruised cheek and a split lip and her glasses aren’t on her face but dangling from her collar broken. People want to rush her and stop something before it starts but my will is keeping them back.

“What do you have to do Maggs,” I ask keeping my posture neutral.

“She said I had to wound you, I had to stab you and run. If I don’t she’s gonna find me and she said she’d do worse next time,” Maggs whimpers scared.

“Maggs look at me, do you want to stab me,” I ask her getting head shake no,” I’m so sorry this happened to you and I know you are scared but do you trust me?”

Maggs nods slowly and I hold my arms out, she rushes in and I wrap her in my arms as she hugs me sobbing. I let her knees falter and slowly help her to the ground, Kori and Matty join us and help her up before checking her face, it’s not permanent but she’s not a fighter and it scares her. The knife is still in her hands and I wave Vicki over and watch as she takes the blade gently from Maggie before disappearing. I let my girls console Maggs as I step back and look at my crowd of people, almost immediately I spot Yano’s assistant from last year and point him out to come forward. He’s still a bit preppy but he’s a solid student from what I can tell and Ben coasts past me whispering a name.

“Alex, last year you were the assistant to Yano our former class president,” I ask getting a nod,” Now you work for me.”

“Ummm you already have an assistant,” Alex says a little confused.

“Alex someone hurt Maggie, they did it to scare and intimidate her into hurting me. You understand,” I ask and he nods,” Good, you are now Maggie’s shadow. You stay with her and you organize people to be around her in all classes, when she isn’t in class you will be there personally. Can I trust you with this?”

“I won’t let you down sir,” Alex states and I let him past me to talk with Maggie as I address my people.

“Look at what they tried to do, they hurt an innocent girl and why? Because they are cowards, I will be distributing a picture or likeness of whoever did this to Maggie. If that bitch comes back I want her found, I want her dragged out into the light and I want her detained so that we can find the person who is disrupting our school,” I state and people start nodding in agreement.

I watch the crowd disperse and note Heather is close by Maggs and they are in a four way conversation with my girls, I pull Ben and Devin aside along with Kyle and Isaac.

“Gather people up, this fucker wants blood and they came here to make sure I didn’t forget about them,” I tell my friends as they listen intently.

“Get me that description and I’ll personally make sure she gets a good smack down,” Ben says and all the guys chuckle.

“We want information first, beatings come when we don’t get what we want,” I explain and Kyle decides to chime in.

“I think they’re losing their budget,” He says and I look at him funny,” think about it, they kept paying people to fuck with you, then all the burner phones they have to buy. Now with the money shelled out to mess with Katy they’re losing the war because they can’t afford the soldiers.”

“He’s right, they’ll get desperate and they’re trying to do too much,” Isaac agrees.

We settle for all eyes up especially since a week of school off is coming. My crew disperses and I arrive home to find a package waiting for me with specific instructions to open it alone. I head back to my room and close the door noting that it’s from Mr. Delauter in Texas. There is a file in the envelope along with an update on my cash card and a letter:

Dear Guy,

I hope this finds you in a better state than when we saw you during Christmas. Loretta says you are busy up there and that things are getting more active with your life. I wish I had more news for you but I do have some and it’s a solid starting point. I sent a letter to your father and the list concerning the card is your budget. I am hiring you to find your sister for your mother; you are to do this alone as it will be easier for you to convince her that you are truthful and not overwhelm her with her entire family on her doorstep. I didn’t find her location per se but I did find that your Aunt Tessa was easy to locate and by finding her you’ll find Gwen hopefully. Contact your parents with regular news and when you need me to help bring her in call and I’ll make all the arrangements.

Good Luck

Mark Delauter Sr.

I go through the information like a mad man, my obsession kicking in full tilt. I find that my ‘Aunt’ moved back to the states and used her mother’s maiden name. She kept Gwen out of schools before settling in town in Wyoming. The town’s info is one page long and very agrarian, lots of farms and local ranchers in the area. I bolt out of my room to find Dad writing a note and Mom talking with Katy. It’s not long before all my girls are over and I start going over the plan, well more so Dad is going over the plan. I’m going alone, that was the request by Mr. Delauter, I will be gone for most of spring break and while he had the news earlier I’m getting it now not out of spite but out of time convenience for school, I will have to travel down on my own and if I can’t convince Gwen that I’m her family then I come back alone. My girls all start packing me up and I spend the rest of the night in their arms as they whisper encouragement till I fall asleep.

I’m up the next morning early and find that I have all my gear, not much of it mind you, in saddle bags on Pale Horse. My budget is reasonable along with a gas card for basics and for clothing it’s standard fare of jeans and t shirts with some clean underwear and my jacket. Imelda said she was making some calls and that I’d have some ‘assistance’ out on the road. I get a kiss good bye from all my women and a hug from my family before driving off into the morning south. I’m coming Gwen, hope you’re ready for a family reunion.

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