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How do you follow up a late night fuck?
Saturday morning found Daniel with an extreme thirst, there was no hangover as he had not drunk that much, but as per usual he had to drink at least three glasses of water to quench his thirst. It took some time for him to remember what had happened the night before and even that seemed like some dream or perhaps a drunk fantasy he cooked up while he drove. Daniel was a man who had quite an imagination, it wouldn’t be the first time he conjured up a sexual escapade during his less than lucid moments...hell he even cooked them up during his lucid moments. After breakfast he went to feed the sheep he had in the corral, usually the workers did it, but Saturdays and Sundays he did it himself. It kept him informed about which of them was ready to put out to field and if any of them grew any worse.

He got his books up to date, had lunch and after a brief afternoon nap, he worked out. He had a room where he hung a punching bag and where a bench-press bench stood along with a couple of weights. He only worked out for the exercise, not to build muscle...of course it helped to be able to lift a few pounds more than the other people, but he never displayed it or showed off. He used it where it counted, when he worked as it was the only real reason he would have wanted to do some heavy lifting in the first place.

The evening he spent watching a DVD on his PC as he ate dinner, he got into bed around nine, which was his usual time during the week as well. Sunday morning he woke up much later than usual, he went through his usual routine and only after breakfast did he remember what Natalya had said, Sunday afternoon...she never gave a time. He shook his head, who on earth was this woman? She appeared out of nowhere, almost nobody have ever seen or heard of her, yet she said her father farmed in the same district. He sat thinking about it for a long time, gave up when it became too long and went on with his day.

He fed the sheep much later than usual, but it seemed like they also knew that it was Sunday, they have adapted well to the routine and judging from the condition and recovery from injuries, they would also soon get to eat on their own time. Daniel was determined to ignore Natalya’s words, to drive out there would mean that he accepted that he have had sex with a complete stranger, next to the road and that it was not just imagined. After lunch he headed for his bedroom, but found himself pausing at the keyboard, fingering the keys to his pick-up...

“Ah fuckit.”

He had nothing to lose anyway; he pulled the keys from the nail holding them on the board and went outside. The drive to the road was filled with him talking to himself, mostly berating himself for being a complete douche. The drive along the road wasn’t much different either, just a lot less talking as the road haven’t been scraped for some time and it took more concentration to drive it. The tree loomed into view and he found that he was actually starting to worry, he had not really dressed up, he was in his denim shorts and a t-shirt with his hiking boots, his hair slightly dishevelled and since he had not bothered to shave, he carried a two day stubble. What if she was waiting for him? What if it was not his imagination?

The whole tree came into view and there was nobody under it, he started to relax, a slight smile of either satisfaction or relief, whichever way you want to look at it, touched his lips. That smile froze as he slacked down to pull up next to the tree, from behind the thick trunk she stepped and smiled at him. Her hair was loose, hanging around her face and cascading over her shoulders like a white waterfall, silky threads gushing upwards in the slight breeze. The white dress clung tightly to her, accentuating her lithe body, cupping her small, firm breasts and was short enough to show off what seemed almost like miles of her toned, tanned legs. She came over to the pick-up, opened the passenger door and slid into the seat, greeting him with another brilliant smile,

“I almost thought that you have forgotten about me. Hello Daniel.”

Her eyes carried the same black mascara and eyeliner which made the blue of her eyes stand out even more, those eyes looked intently at him now and he realized he haven’t replied yet.

“Uhm...hello, I...well to be honest I wasn’t sure that it had happened.”

A slight smile touched her lips,

“Oh believe me, I didn’t think it happened either, but the soreness and of course the nice handprint you left behind proved it to have happened.”

She grinned at him,

“And I had to soak my dress; you dumped quite a load on my ass. So I decided to see if you showed up and lo behold, here you are.”

Daniel looked around,

“How did you get here? I don’t see the bicycle.”

She grimaced and shifted slightly on the seat,

“I told you I won’t be able to ride and boy was I ever right. I walked.”

He glanced down at the sandals on her feet; with the heels they were very unpractical to walk any distance with. She wiggled her toes,

“I hid my sneakers in the tree, they didn’t fit the dress.”

He chuckled,

“So what is the surprise?”

She leaned back into the seat, rubbing her toned tummy,

“You’re giving me dinner at your place.”

He blinked, that was a surprise, at least he had cleaned up his dishes and pulled the bed’s covers into a more respectable order...yeah he was good with taking her over to the farm. He turned around and headed back home as she started talking; there was no flirting this time, just an easy conversation between them as they talked about farm life and sheep. Turned out that she knew quite a deal about sheep farming and wasn’t scared of admitting to it, but she was also a city girl, that much was evident as she commented about the clubs and pubs that she missed.

He pulled up to the gate leading into the farm; she stopped him from getting out, sliding out of the cab and walking to the gate. She bent over and he couldn’t help but admire her firm ass encased in the dress as she basically and afterwards he realized, deliberately stuck out her ass as she leaned over to undo the latch and push the gate open. She closed the gate after the pick-up has gone through and joined him in the cab, flashing him a grin. The action got repeated with the next gate and the one after that, at times she would seem to change her stance, making her body sway seductively as she undid the latches. It was clear that she was teasing him and from the stiffening of his cock as he watched her, she was succeeding.

He pulled in under the covering next to the house, they both got out and she looked around, clearly assessing the house and the buildings around it. He led the way to the door, which he pushed open, allowing her to enter first. The living room was spacious, well-lit and housed a living room set which consisted of a couch, two armchairs, coffee table and two footstools, all made out of mahogany, with light brown cushions. His desk with his computer and several of his livestock books stood against the wall next to the archway which opened into the hallway. She took it all in, her heeled sandals making soft clicking sounds as she inspected the furniture and the various pictures on the wall.

“Would you like anything to drink?”

“A beer would be nice if you have any.”

He walked down the hallway to the kitchen and got two beers for them; in the living room he found her sitting on the couch. He handed her a beer and before he could move to sit on an armchair, she patted the couch next to her, he obliged. She took a sip of the beer and looked at him,

“You did all this?”

He shrugged,

“I have time on my hands, so I muck around with the furniture my parents left behind when they moved.”

She nodded and studied him for a bit, taking a sip of her beer,

“Got to say Daniel, you have taste, not too badly arranged I must say. I almost thought that your mother had done this.”

He chuckled,

“Well I’m not sure if I should say thanks or not.”

She smiled,

“It was meant as a compliment.”

He saluted her with the beer,

“In that case thank you.”

“I’m just curious, most people who have electricity, have a television. Why don’t you have one?”

He shrugged,

“I don’t see anything interesting on it, if I want the news I use my radio, further on I entertain myself with the computer.”

She smiled,

“Let me guess, you farm on the computer as well?”

She narrowed her eyes,

“No...You’re more of an play strategy games.”

He held up his hands in mock surrender,

“I plead guilty, I also like RPG and FPS games, basically I’m just a gamer stuck inside of a wrong body.”

She laughed,

“You can be real funny if you wish to be. I think we should hold a LAN party one weekend.”

He nodded,

“Sure, can’t see why not. Who would you like to invite.”

She smiled and tossed her hair,

“Nobody, just you and me; playing...”

She was looking out of the window as she said this, but again the tone of her voice made him think various other things than playing games on a computer. They kept on chatting idly, finishing their beers and he got them new ones, it was a lot of fun to have her around in the mood she was in, she flirted casually, less aggressive than the previous two times. She actually told him more about her family, her studies and she seemed keen to get to know his own life story.

Two beers later and lots of chatting, he realized that he actually liked this girl, she wasn’t pretentious, didn’t patronize him in any way, she was funny and had a quick wit...all things that he liked. During the course of their conversation he found that she or he or perhaps both have moved closer to each other, her hip and thigh was pressing up against his own. Taking a chance, he slipped an arm around her and she accepted it, her body pressed closer and he smiled, it felt good. He felt her move closer to him and when he looked at her, her lips pressed against his, soft and demanding more...which he provided. Her lips parted easily under his probing tongue, her tongue meeting his own, rubbing and stroking over his, she drew back after a while, her blue eyes smouldering,

“I want to show you something.”

Before he could react in any way, she stood up, with her back still turned to him; she lifted the hem of her dress, exposing her firm buttocks to him. He could see the red hue of where he had slapped her the previous evening, it must have looked much worse earlier in the morning. He reached out to run his fingers over the mark, his touch sent a slight shiver through her body, her back arched slightly, pushing her ass out towards his touch. The exploration of the hand print became an exploration of her whole ass cheek, quickly the other one followed and from her soft exhalations, he deduced that she was actually enjoying it as much as he was. His fingers found the string of her g-string and slid along it over her hips, she pulled the dress higher as his fingers caressed her skin, ending up at her crotch, pulling her closer to him as he gently rubbed her pussy through the silky material. He gently kissed the hand-print on her cheek, making her giggle,

“That’s right...”

She wiggled her hips a bit, moaning slightly in the process,

“Kiss my ass.”

He chuckled and kissed her soft skin again, his fingers sliding into her g-string and slowly stroking over her clit, making her moan. She slipped the dress up over her head, leaving her dressed in only the white g-string and her sandals. She tossed the dress onto the coffee table and gently pulled his hands from her, stepping slightly away and doing a slow turn for him. He took in the lines of her body, the swell of her firm breasts, her flat stomach, sensually curved ass, slender waist and toned legs, she had tan lines, giving him the impression that she went around in sleeveless shirts and shorts.

She moved back to him, straddling one of his legs, leaning in to kiss him hungrily, her hands sliding up his legs to stroke his hardening cock. Slowly she ran a hand over his shaft, her tongue teasing and rubbing against his as she slowly grinded herself against his leg. He ran his hands over her naked back, enjoying the sensual feel of her skin under his palms, the silky smooth hair brushing through his fingers. She withdrew suddenly from him and got up from his leg, she ran her thumb over her lower lip, staring at him with those smouldering blue eyes.

“Your bathroom?”

The question caught him slightly by surprise,

“Through that door, down the hallway second to the right.”

She smirked at him and even that was a sexy smirk as she turned and walked through the doorway, he couldn’t help but watch her hips swaying and her ass moving as she walked away, it was one of the most erotic sights he had ever seen his life.


He followed the steady clicking of her heels as she disappeared from sight, he started to take off his shoes and socks, standing up, he slipped off his t-shirt and as he was busy undoing the belt on his shorts he could hear her making her way back. As he slipped off his shorts and underwear she came into the room, she paused briefly to look at him and then tossed something at him, he caught it and found that it was her g-string wrapped around a jar of Vaseline which stood on his basin next to his toothbrush and razor. She walked to the table and stopped there, pushing herself on to the polished surface, crossing her legs demurely as she looked expectantly at him.

He finally caught on and opened the lid, he could see her finger marks in the jelly-like substance, looking at her, he dipped his fingers into the Vaseline and started to rub it over his throbbing cock. She smiled slightly, watching his hand as he applied a generous supply of the Vaseline to his cock, after a few moments she motioned him to her. He placed the lid back onto the jar and dropped it with her g-string onto the couch; he then moved closer to her, her eyes was still focused on his cock as it gently swayed from side to side with each step.

As he drew close enough, she uncrossed her legs, gripping his arms to pull him closer to her, her lips seeking his. Her lips opened under his, allowing his tongue to find her own once more, twisting and curling around each other as her hands slowly slid to his back and ran slowly down and back up his back. He cupped her breasts, gently squeezing the soft flesh, rubbing his palms against the hard nubs of her nipples. Her gentle touch turned to slow grazing strokes with her nails, her breathing increasing.

She pushed him away from her and slipped from the table, he took hold of her shoulders, turned her around and pushed her over the table, she cooed with appreciation. Reaching back, she took hold of her firm buttocks and opened herself for him, he could see where the rest of the Vaseline went and it made it obvious what she wanted. Gripping the base of his cock, he rested the tip against the entrance and pushed slightly, there was resistance from her body. Pushing back harder she groaned softly,

“Come on Daniel.”

He pushed deeper, feeling a slow progress as he slid ever so slowly into her tight confines, with a sudden pop he slid into her ass. She moaned loudly and pushed back against him, he in turn pushed forward, his cock slipping slowly deeper into her. She let go of her buttocks and rested on her elbows, looking back at him as he slowly drew back and pushed himself back into her. She gave sound which was half a chuckle, half a moan,

“A first for you isn’t it?”

He nodded and she smiled at him,

“Don’t’re doing well so far.”

She pushed back against his slow thrusts, helping him to slide further into her, it was slow going, but soon enough his groin rested firmly against her buttocks; she grinned and looked away. He could feel her muscles starting to contract around him, running the length of his shaft, trying to force him out, he slowly pulled back, she clenched her muscles, making it harder for him to pull back, relaxing only as he pushed back into her.

He leaned into her, a hand sliding down to her pussy, finding her clit and rubbing it slowly, his other hand finding her breast, gripping it firmly, he started to rub and pull on her nipple. He kept up his slow thrusts, her ass was tight and as she clenched her muscles around his invading shaft, it became even tighter, her moans pitching with each thrust, her body pushing backwards to accept his increasingly harder thrusts.

She threw back her head, her nails seemed trying to dig into the wood as she cried out, her body shuddered violently, her muscles clamping firmly around his cock, locking him firmly in place in her ass. After a few moments her body relaxed enough for him to withdraw from her, she turned around, a puzzled look on her face. He pushed her against the table, lifting her on to the top, he slid his cock back into her ass, it was still tight, but not as tight as in the beginning. She chuckled, but it ended in a moan as he pushed hard into her, she rested her legs on his shoulders and he took hold of her thighs as he started to thrust once more into her tight ass.

She looked up at him as she slid a hand to her crotch, her fingers deftly rubbing her clit in time with his thrusts, her other hand slowly teasing and squeezing her breasts and nipples. Her eyes fluttered close and her moans increased in tempo as his thrusts started to increase in tempo, he took it that her ass had loosened up, though it was still tight, he could thrust harder and faster now. Holding tightly onto her thighs he did just that, his groin slapping loudly against her ass with each thrust, her fingers keeping up with his pace, rubbing her clit and even dipping slightly into the opening of her pussy.

He could feel his orgasm building up slowly, each thrust taking him ever closer, he gripped her thighs firmer, thrusting as hard and fast into her as he could go. Her fingers kept up with his pace and he could feel her body slowly tensing up, her muscles clenching around his cock. Suddenly she released her breast and slammed her fist onto the table, a scream of pure ecstasy tearing from her open mouth as she climaxed a second time, again her muscles clamped so hard onto his cock that he couldn’t budge.

For a long few moments he stayed embedded inside of her, slowly her muscles relaxed around him and he managed to move slowly inside her. As her body relaxed even more he started to thrust into her again, his orgasm quickly building up now, without warning she pulled her legs to herself, forcing him to release his hold. She pushed the heels of the sandals against his chest, pushing him away from her, he stepped back, slightly puzzled. She slid from the table and without a word sucked his throbbing cock into her mouth.

If he had thought her pussy and ass was good, her mouth was excellent, she sucked him slowly, using a hand to slowly pump the base of his cock, her tongue flicking over his head each time she pulled back. She altered her strokes, the pressure of her hand on his shaft, even the suction of her mouth changed with every stroke. He gripped her hair, not to control her, she was doing that perfectly, but to have a place to hold on to. He could feel his orgasm welling up at the base of his cock, he tried to hold back a bit longer, but her expert mouth drew him over the edge. As he exploded she swallowed his cock, he could feel her throat muscles contracting around the head as she swallowed his cum, both hands holding onto his buttocks, keeping him in place.

As the last of the convulsions ran through his body and he could feel himself coming down from the high, she released his ass and deftly squeezed the last bit of cum from his cock with her lips and fingers. He had to admit that it felt like getting milked; she popped his cock from her mouth and slowly licked it clean, allowing it to grow turgid as she stood up, licking her lips clean as well. She smiled at him,

“I saw that you have mouth wash, excuse me.”

She turned and walked away, Daniel watched her go, he was still a bit taken aback by it all. He could do with a shower and he knew just who take it with. With a smile he followed her down the hallway.

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2021-03-03 11:54:31
I agree absolutely with the last two observations. It isn't perfect, but it's a good story, and I enjoyed it. If you can do better?? Put up or shut up!

Anonymous readerReport

2015-04-10 01:39:28
A good dirty story with a little room for improvement. Mostly minor grammatical errors. Nothing so distracting that it took away from the story. If I may make a recommendation, either get someone to proofread before you post, or at the very least read it to yourself out loud before posting. If it feels uncomfortable to say, then it may need to be adjusted. Otherwise, keep up the good work!

Anonymous readerReport

2015-03-20 20:32:05
Curious how they always like to talk shit about other people and will not stand up and write something themselves. Those who can't write, criticize. So why don't you nameless trolls go fuck yourselves and leave the comments to people who actually want to see other people improve their writing. Fuck nuts.


2015-03-15 17:28:40
Amazed at these spineless trolls (first 2 replies) who comment and manage to say nothing. So you did not manage to bust your nut on this story, so what! Seriously keep your verbal diarrhoea for your rubber dolls!

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2015-03-15 11:19:19
Crikey mate this story sucks dogs bollocks!!!!!!!!!! Best you stop now before somebody's ticker steps out for a pint. I'd elect an elephant sit on me face and crushed the skull before reading your rubbish again!!!!!!!! I remember having a bastard of a time passing waste once when I was but a wee lad of eleven. I do rightly believe it could spin a yarn superior to yours ya bloody wanker !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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