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Carly goes on her first date, with the high school boy next door. Much to her surprise, he picks up his friend and the two of them fondle and seduce her in the theater. During this episode, she vividly tells her parents exactly what they did to her.
If you have not had the opportunity to read “Getting Carly Ready for Her First Date”, it makes sense to do so, but if you prefer . . . this piece can stand by itself.

The news was on the television when Carly returned home from her date with Jordan. Wyatt and Lauren her mom and dad were dying to know how their daughter’s first date went, but more importantly whether Jordan had visited and/or fondled their daughter’s young body while they were together during or after their date. Certainly this is not what most parents might be interested in, but Lauren was experimenting with ways of turning her husband on, and hearing what took place might just be what was needed.

Wyatt turned down the volume on their new 80” Smart TV, and greeted the young girl in the vestibule.

“So how did it go?” he asked casually.

“Really well,” she said with a twinkle in her eye. Carly looked at her Daddy who was dressed in his thin summer robe and leather slippers. “What if I get ready for bed, take a quick shower and then come down and tell you ALL about it?” she asked.

“That sounds perfect. Mom and I went out and bought you a new pair of pajamas. Why don’t you take a quick shower and put them on, come on down and model them for us.”

“Sounds like a plan,” said Carly as she climbed the stairs. As she entered her bedroom, her surprise PJ’s were laid out on her bed. She picked up the top and realized it was a Burlee pure white silk cami with a matching set of panties. On the crotch area it read, RUB ME FOR GOOD LUCK. Carly couldn’t believe how naughty the PJ set was, but it would be fun modeling it for mom and dad.

Carly soaped up her body . . . finishing up her shower and still recalling what had taken place on her first date. She slipped on her new PJ’s and looked at herself in the mirror. Her top felt great but the material was so thin, she could see her nipples through the material. The panties were less see-through then the top, but the “Rub Here for Good Luck” message certainly could be seen as an invitation and she knew those would have to be ones she kept at home and not worn at her sleepovers.

She slipped on her fuzzy slippers and navigated her way down the steps and into the den, where her parents were waiting. When she arrived, they turned off the sound on the TV and waited for her to share what had taken place.

“So tell us all about it,” her mom interjected as Carly sat in her Daddy’s chair across from the love seat where both her parents were sitting.

“Turns out ‘a little bird’ gave Jordan some ideas ahead of time, but we can talk about that later,” she began looking at her parent’s faces to see which of them might be the ‘little bird’. Not seeing or hearing any disclosures she began:

“Jordan drove over to his friend Jeremy’s house and told me he was going to join us. That kinda turned off some of my expectations of being alone with him but as it turned out, things actually got a lot hotter with Jeremy along.” Her parents sat in silence as she continued:

“We went to that big theater complex in Piqua and actually went into the theater that has the largest seating area compared to the other ones. When we entered the theatre the advertisements were showing and Jordan wanted to sit in the front row, which seemed pretty strange, but I followed him and his friend down the aisle. We worked our way over towards the center and sat down. Jordan was on one side and Jeremy on the other. You gotta know that sitting in those seats . . . the images on the screen were like king sized, being so close. I remembered being somewhat nervous and looked over my shoulder and noticed only about 10 other people in the theater . . . all sitting way towards the back. Then Jordan says:

"I know this seems a bit weird and kinky, but a “little bird” told me to try a couple of things with you, once the movie started.” “Okay”, I said, not really having any idea what he was talking about. After the previews, the lights went totally off and the movie started. Then Jordan says, “Look up at the screen like nothing is going on. I have to unbutton your blouse." Upon hearing this, Carly’s Daddy began to have an erection as he heard his daughter continue explaining what had happened in the theater. He looked over at his wife, and she winked and smiled quickly as they continue listening to their daughter.

“I said, ‘WHAT?’ to him but he just said, "Sorry, but that's what we are supposed to do”. As you can imagine I am like freaking out, especially when he said “we”.
It probably had to do with the fact that both boys looked to be about juniors or seniors in high school and they were both drop-dead FOXES . . . truly handsome beyond description that I decided to play along. I didn’t want to seem like a little girl to them, but I didn’t want to get in trouble either . . . especially at the theatre”.

“So then what happened?” asked Carly’s mom who was joining her husband by becoming more and more aroused ash her tale continued.

“Well . . . I said something like ‘Wow . . . ok . . . uh . . . go ahead’, and ‘I sure hope no one comes down this far.’ So as I’m looking straight up at the screen, Jordan and Jeremy take turns . . . and starting with the top button, one by one . . . undid my blouse. When they got to the bottom, they took their side of the remaining material and gently pulled it back. Jordan looked down and saw my bra . . . my last line of defense.” Carly’s Daddy had no control over his now fully erect cock that was pushing up against his thin robe. His wife, Lauren watched with excitement as he nervously was trying to figure out how NOT to show Carly his obvious indication of arousal. Carly paused, trying not to look in her Daddy’s lap, but knowing he was probably getting excited. Just that thought caused something to snap in her mind and she elected to become even more graphic in her descriptions of what had taken place.

“Then in unison, both boys reached over and pulled up my bra like five or six inches up to my neck so that my bare titties were now totally visible to the their stares. I wanted to say something . . . to object . . .to do something . . . but once again decided to just let things happen.” This memory . . . as well as her attraction to the boys in the first place, caused Carly’s pink nipples to begin to raise under her naughty PJ’s, giving her Daddy something to look at along with her lewd details.

“I knew the boys were watching my bare titties, and I have to admit my panties began to get all wet. It was kinda embarrassing when my buds began to poke out on my chest like this,” she said actually pointing to her own nipples that she was now displaying for her parents to see.

“Like I said, all three of us were getting all hot and then Jeremy leaned over and whispered into my ear . . . ‘I know this is a little embarrassing . . . but you are supposed to pull down our zippers and take out our COCKS. It's easier if you unbutton our pants, unloosen our belts and then take them out. Have you ever touched a boy's COCK before?’ I remember shaking my head and looking down at the big bump in both their pants. Then I thought . . . at least I wouldn't be the only one with my clothes wide open if someone came down to our row.” Carly looked down and watched her mom slip her hand under her Daddy’s robe and gently begin to rub his cock. It was really exciting to her to know her story was making everyone that HOT.

“Anyway . . . I sure didn’t want to cause any suspicion to the other people watching the movie, so I moved both my hands at the same time over to the top of each boy's belt and unhooked it. I located the snap at the top of their jeans and slowly worked them open with some difficulty. Having never even seen their COCKS before, I slowly and very carefully pulled down their zippers all the way to their seats. I could hear the boys breathing louder, and almost incredibly both of their huge COCKS bolted upwards displaying themselves for me to look at. I couldn’t believe they weren’t wearing any underwear . . . kinda gross but it sure made things easier. I am sure my face was all red with embarrassment as I kinda inspected both their NAKED COCKS for the first time. I couldn't help but compare the two. Jordan's was definitely LONGER and his shaft curled UP towards his stomach. Jeremy's on the other hand was much thicker and I knew I would probably not be able to wrap my fingers around that purple head of his.” Carly was now conscious that her mom had pulled her Daddy’s cock out of the covering of his robe and rather blatantly was giving him what looked like a very satisfying . . . and unhurried handjob. She realized unashamedly that this was making her much more aroused and it would take determination to finish her tale. Then she began again:

“I thought maybe this was it . . . but then Jordan takes out a small bottle of Vaseline and whispers in my ear, ‘Get a bunch of it on both your hands . . . and make them like totally slippery.’" I remember unsnapping the top and sticking my finger deep into the bottle, and scooping up like a teaspoon or more of the stuff.
Then I placed my hands together and began to rub the Vaseline all over my fingers and palms. While I was doing this, both Jordan and Jeremy were staring at my titties, but especially focusing on the stiff buds that remained all taut . . . just like their BIG cocks. When Jeremy noticed that my hands were all totally shiny . . . he whispered in my ear:

"Wrap your hands around our COCKS and then move them up and down. Don't worry . . . We will be helping YOU get off real SOON too. So enjoy yourself and watch us cum!" Carly paused with her story telling for a moment . . . and knew it was real kinky, but she slipped her fingers into her new panties and quickly found her damp pussy waiting for some action. She looked up and her mom had slipped off her own panties and was gently rubbing her pussy as she listened all about her date and at the same time was now drawing her hand up and down her Daddy’s long cock. She wanted to see him shoot, so she quickly continued her story telling:

“Soon both boys felt my shaking and very nervous fingers around their shafts. Shoot . . . I had never done anything like that before. Then I heard stereo moans as my hands gripped each of their COCKS . . . as they liked to call them.”

“I remember Jordan saying . . . ‘Squeeze the head and just run your hand up and down . . . oh . . .yeah that's it!" and I knew I was doing it dead-on. After a few times up and down their stiff rods, each boy moved their hand furthest away from me across their chests and began to slowly f-f-fondle my titties. No one had ever touched my boobs before and either they had practiced on other girls in the past or they were incredibly quick learners.” Carly moved her other hand under the bottom of her thin top and captured her stiff nipple between her finger and thumb. Applying some needed pressure she mimicked what the boys had done to her in the theater. Then she continued:

“They timidly cupped my small breasts at first but soon both nipples were being gently pinched and twisted, which brought bolts of excitement (almost like lightning) down to my dripping pussy. Up and down I wanked the boys’ long cocks, hoping I was servicing them correctly. I had heard about some of my friends giving handjobs before, and knew what I was doing more than qualified to their descriptions . . . especially in a public place like a theater. I knew I was supposed to look up at the screen, but I couldn't help looking down at each cock and then up at their faces. Both boys had their eyes closed and as I squeezed my hand around each slick organ, I saw instant gratification on their faces. As I continued to bring them off . . . I stared at each swollen head and soon realized how exciting it was to give them this much pleasure.” Speaking of pleasure, Carly was trying to dial up her own as she continued to fondle and manipulate her own body as she continued with her story.

“Having had my titties rubbed and gently pinched for several minutes, I was dying to touch myself, wanting the same type of sexual relief I was giving them. I remember my thoughts were interrupted by Jeremy who leaned over and said, "Here I go . . ." and I instantly felt his cock bucking and pulsing. . . as a solid line of hot cum belched out of the tip of his cock like a geyser and shot directly upwards. It flew so high . . . I was certain the people at the back of the theater must of have seen it enter their view of the screen. Jeremy's orgasm was so intense he told me afterwards that he had to literally grit his teeth together from screaming out loud in the theater.”

“My eyes were never that wide open before as I watched what was going on next to me and at the same time . . . I continued to pull on the Jordan’s cock. Rope after rope of hot sticky juice continued to spray from the tip of Jeremy’s shaft until he finally took his fingers off my titties and I gently moved my hand off of his spent cock. He leaned over and whispered in my ear . . . "You are the BEST. I have NEVER cum like that before in my life! It's my turn to pay you back." Those words made me feel extra special and at the same time very excited. I now had to concentrate on Jordan's long cock, hoping to make him feel the same way Jeremy felt. Up and down I moved my curled fist around the boy's shaft. At that point I was focused exclusively on just Jordan's very long cock and getting him off.”

“I soon realized that Jeremy had not done much with girls before, but he told me he knew from the porn he had read and seen that girls had a special spot on our bodies just above our pussy. But instead of experimenting at that point, he looked over and watched me concentrate on bringing off Jordan, but he did place his hand on my bare knee. This gesture sent shivers up to my wet pussy. As the movie continued to play, Jeremy slowly moved his hand further up my thigh, getting closer and closer to my wet twat. I bit my lip trying not to coach him, for fear others would hear. Soon his fingers were feeling my panties and I have to admit I voluntarily spread my legs in hopes of being stimulated even further by his wandering fingers.” Carly had been watching her mom continue to give her Daddy the slowest and most satisfying hand-job on the planet. It appeared that she wanted to keep him just seconds away from shooting his load while they continued to keeping listening.

“Although Jeremy’s cock had wilted from his recent ejaculation, he continued to fondle me, and I remember looking over and seeing that his cock had already become almost half mast. Soon his fingers went under the leg opening closest to him and slowly he moved his middle finger closer and closer to my throbbing pussy. I wanted his finger inside me . . . VERY badly. The tip of his middle finger was in a sea of dampness, and then he moved slightly upwards to land on my clit. I remember I closed my eyes in anticipation of what I hoped would follow. But the tightness of my panties made it too difficult for him to rub my clit. Embarrassing myself to death . . . I finally whispered . . . "PLEASE pull my panties off!"

“Those five words must have reminded him of just how TOTALLY horny I was, because he pulled my panties off and down my legs. Not wanting anything to get in his way, I kicked them off and on to the floor in front of me. Immediately, he lifted up my skirt almost to my titties and began to gently rub my clit. At the same time . . . using another finger he began to penetrate my super wet pussy. Jordan sensed something was going on and he opened his eyes and watched his best friend fondle and finger fuck me. I then realized that the Vaseline had now so totally covered his COCK that as I gripped his shaft . . . he told me on the way home . . . that he knew it would be only seconds before he would shoot his load.”

“In the car he stated that his girlfriend had provided the same pleasure to him recently, and he wanted badly to see his cum ALL OVER MY FACE! So what he did was when I was like shaking with passion because Jeremy was driving me wild . . . he whispered in my ear, "I want you to watch me cum . . . so lean over and it will just happen." I remember moaning with pleasure as Jeremy now had two fingers in my pussy and was using his other hand to rub my clit. Without thinking I moved my body so that my head was like inches away from Jordan’s cock. It was at that point that I saw the red light of the cell phone on the floor in front of me, recording everything.”

“Having my face so close to his organ must have been what he was waiting for because his COCK finally began to blow hot cum all over me. He even deliberately aimed each shot towards my face and a steady stream of his juice was all over my lips, cheeks and chin. I began to realize what was happening . . . but at the same time my body quivered in total ecstasy and sexual satisfaction. Being finger fucked below and having boy's cum shot all over my face above brought me over the top and I just shook like crazy. More and more slippery juice left the tip of Jordan’s cock, until it was literally dripping onto my chest. Then slowly we all settled down and I sat up straight in between the boys. Jeremy got his own cell out and thank God it did not have the flash working. He quickly took several quick shots of my face and then more shots of my bare titties, which were now dripping with cum. All I had to wipe things off with was my damp panties on the floor and that's exactly what I did. As I was wiping my face clean of the boys spent jism . . . the movie ended. We left quickly by the exit and I deposited my panties in the 3D bin just for fun. As scary as it was to be topless in the theater, I had a blast and of course so did they,” she shared.

“Let me hit play on this remote, pumpkin . . . and you can watch yourself,” said her Daddy, standing up and now fully naked in front of her. Her mom had followed suit and done the same thing. Jordan must have dropped off his phone, because what had taken place at the theater was now running on the TV. Not wanting to be left out, Carly shed her new top and displayed her stiff nipples to her parents. Before she could pull down her panties, she watched her Daddy get rid of them for her.

“Your Daddy is going to satisfy both of us, honey. Just lean back in the chair and enjoy.” Almost as if it were planned ahead of time, Lauren her mom, laid down on the floor in front of her daughter on her back, with her head slightly under her chair. With great surprise she watched her dad grasp his long cock, knelt down on the floor and inserted his shaft into her mom’s pussy. Soon he was thrusting his cock in and out of his wife and then Carly watched him lean forward and began to give her the finest session of cunnilingus he had ever performed on any girl. Within a few minutes everyone was screaming as multiple orgasms was the rule as all of them watched off to the side at the screen and witnessed Carly get fondled and sprayed at the theater.

Are you ready for a second date and the needed preparations ahead of time?


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