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Two sisters, one brother. Four gorgeous breasts and one huge dilemma.
My Sisters’ Tits

I grabbed Vanessa’s waist with both hands and slammed my hips into her heart-shaped butt, forcing the air from her lungs and making her squeal out loud. She twisted her head around so she could look at me as she gaspingly spurred me on to fuck her even harder. Her pussy was as tight and wet as ever and the pressure in my balls was rising fast. Luckily my friend was also getting close again, rubbing her clit like a maniac and moaning ever louder with each of my thrusts.

Vanessa had already told me it wasn't her safe period, so I knew I had to pull out soon, but she reminded me all the same.
“Don’t forget to pull out before you cum, you can’t come inside me today” she groaned as she grabbed the pillow and pushed her butt firmly back at me.
“Will you suck me off then?” I asked, even though I knew she wouldn’t. Vanessa wasn’t like her friend Susie, who would gladly make me cum with her mouth whenever I couldn’t finish inside her. However, Susie was in a committed relationship right now, so she wasn’t as often available for a casual fuck as she used to be.

“No way!” Vanessa grunted while another orgasm hit her, turning her protest into ¬an unintelligible moan. Never have I fucked a girl that could cum as easily or as frequently as she.
“At least let me cum on your tits if I can’t cum in your pussy” I groaned while I kept pumping her quivering cunt.
“Do you have to? Why can’t you just use a tissue?” she panted, barely concealing her annoyance that she had to talk when she wanted to cum.
“Come on, it will make your tits grow big” I pressed on.
This caught her attention.
“It does?” she asked excited.

Vanessa was a cute girl with a petite 5'3” body with all the curves in the right place. Her firm breasts weren’t exactly small, but a little bigger would look great on her. I knew she thought so too and it was too easy not to exploit that knowledge.
“Of course it does, everyone knows that” I added.
She looked at me for a second, trying to think hard while I kept pounding her pussy without mercy.
“Okay, you can cum on my tits, but don’t hit my face!”
“Thanks. Now get on your back, I’m not done yet”
Vanessa rolled over and spread her legs again. Her cute pussy opened wide, like a pink butterfly spreading its satiny wings. She always kept it cleanly shaved, something I deeply appreciated, as I loved to eat a girl. But right now, as tempting as her moist pink pussy may look, more than anything else I wanted to sink my cock back into it and keep fucking until my balls were completely drained.

“Put it back Tom, I need your big cock back inside me!” Vanessa begged as she slowly rubbed her pussy. Goddamn! How horny could a girl be?
I crawled between her legs and nuzzled my cock between the silky lips. I lifted her legs and pushed my hips forward, squeezing myself back inside. For such a slut, she had an incredibly tight pussy.

A content smile appeared on Vanessa’s face as I pushed my cock all the way home and started fucking again. The pressure in my balls had receded a little while we switched positions, so I knew I'd be able to pump her a little longer before the inevitable would happen. Soon, my classmate was moaning again and lifting her butt off the mattress to meet my thrusts.

I grabbed her leg more firmly and slammed my hips at her without mercy. Vanessa was frantically kneading her breasts, as if she was priming them for their medicine. The view and feel was second to none and I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. With my final series of thrusts I managed to give her one last, massive orgasm.
Vanessa's body went rigid as she raised her hips as high as she could, taking me in all the way and rubbed her clit to intensify and prolong her orgasmic bliss. Her boiling pussy squeezed and sucked, milking the cum from my balls.

“I’m gonna cum!” I grunted
“Quick, on my tits, make ‘em big” she gasped between moans.
I groaned as I pulled out just as my orgasm hit. I grabbed my cock and stroked it as big jets of cum splashed on her perky tits. Six, seven more streams I managed to shoot, covering Vanessa’s breasts with streaks of white.
She kept rubbing her clit while I sprayed her and within seconds she climaxed again, just as powerfully as the first time. Her firm tits trembled and jiggled as new waves of spasms raced up and down her body until we both slumped down on the mattress.

Finally drained, I rolled off the girl and watched her wipe up every stray drop of sperm from her belly and rub it into the smooth, creamy skin of her breasts.
“I hope mom won’t smell all this cum on me,” Vanessa muttered as she got out the bed, “or I’ll be grounded again”
She rummaged through her bag and retrieved a small bottle of perfume and sprayed a little over her entire body. After that, she gathered her clothes and got dressed, kissed me on the cheek and walked to the door.
“Will I see you again on Monday?” she asked, “I should be safe then… I’ll let you cum inside me. Or you can come on my tits again”
“Sure” I sighed and she left, leaving nothing but the heavy scent of her perfume and a pleasant drained feeling in my balls. These girls were killing me, but I loved it.

As Vanessa walked out my room, my sister Jenny walked in. I wasn't surprised; I knew she had been watching us. She always was.
My sister liked girls, and more than anything she loved to see a pretty girl cum. Given the way Vanessa had been wailing, there was no chance Jenny could not have known what was going on in my room. She had probably been standing in the hallway, looking in through the half open door, one hand in her pants, rubbing her pussy as she watched my friend shake and convulse in orgasmic pleasure.

My sisters and I had a little agreement. Jenny and Emily didn’t tell our parents about the girls I brought home to fuck and I didn’t tell them about the twins fingering and licking each other’s twat when they were alone at night.

Jenny greeted my friend and watched her walk out the house, shaking her head. “That girl is going to be a mommy soon, if she doesn’t learn to be more careful” Jenny said as she sat down on the bed.
“Yeah I know, but she’s a terrific fuck” I sighed as I searched the floor for my clothes.
“Hmm, I could see that. I bet her pussy tastes as sweet as honey”
“Well, it doesn’t” I sighed. “But it's worth it”
“Ugh! You really are a pig” Jenny giggled “you wouldn’t know a nice pussy from a hamburger if your life depended on it” she said as she picked up my shorts.
“At least she smells nice” she said.
“Nice? My room reeks like a French whorehouse! How am I going to explain this to mom?”
“If she asks, just say that I did it” she said. I knew her sacrifice wasn’t completely altruistic. If mom ever found out what went on in my room while she was at work, there would be no more female company for me, and therefore no naked, writhing girls for Jenny to masturbate to.
“Thanks, I might do that. But I’ll get some fresh air in, just to be sure”
“Don't you think you'd better cover that up, first?” she said as she pointed at my cock, still swollen and sticky with pussy juice. “Before you expose yourself to all the neighbors?”
“Don't worry; I'll keep the curtains closed. I think I'll shower first anyway”

I took a quick shower to wash off the sweat and Vanessa’s juices, dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. As I stepped back into my room, Jenny was still sitting on my bed.
“You know that was total bullshit don’t you?” she said.
“What was total bullshit?” I asked.
“What you said, about sperm making tits grow. It’s just an urban myth”
“It is not, everyone knows it’s true” I repeated the claim I staked earlier. Of course I knew it was bull, but I wasn't going to let my sister call me a liar. Besides, how much does a lesbian know about sperm anyway?

Jenny wasn’t as gullible as my friend and called my bluff.
“I bet you $50 it doesn’t work”
“Okay,” I accepted “and how do you want to prove who's right?”
“Don’t worry about that, I know just what to do. You’ll like this.” She said with a slight smile.

As I was waiting for her to unfold her plan, Jenny started to unbutton her blouse and bared her beautiful breasts.
“I’ll let you cum on my left breast, but only the left.” she said, cupping the left magnificent orb in one hand. “It’s slightly smaller than the right one” she added as she grabbed the other one too.
“They’re both beautiful” I sighed. Honestly, they were.
“Thanks” she smiled “Now, I’ll let you cum on this one for a whole month, and if it’s still smaller than the right, you owe me $50”
“And if it grows?”
“I’ll give you the $50 and you can cum on both of them until they’re as big as mom’s. It’s a win-win situation”
It wasn't difficult to decide. Although I fucked Vanessa and Susie at least once or twice a week, as well as the occasional one night stand, I still jacked off almost every day. Doing it on Jenny’s gorgeous tits would be a bonus, even if I was sure to lose the bet.
“You’ve got yourself a deal, sis. And you know what?”
“I'm getting hard already. Are you ready for your first treatment?”
“Wait, let me take off my blouse first”

I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. My sister had seen me naked countless times and watched me fuck and cum so often, I didn’t feel any embarrassment to do this in front of her. Jenny moaned softly as I jacked my cock and if I hadn’t known for a fact that she was gay, I would say she was getting quite aroused too.

It truly was a shame that my sister wasn’t interested in boys, because she sure did have magnificent tits. Though they were a bit small, they were perfectly round and very firm. Her immaculate skin was soft and creamy and she had little pink nipples, which were all puckered up as they stood erect. The fact that these beautiful globes belonged to my lesbian sister only heightened my arousal, and even though I had deposited a huge load on Vanessa’s tits only ten minutes ago, I already felt my muscles tighten as another orgasm rose. Moments later I felt the first wave of sperm rush up my cock and shot a thick white stream of cum on Jenny’s left boob.

My sister watched in awe as my seed sprayed over her tit. After I was done and had wiped the last drops on her supple flesh, Jenny rubbed my sperm into the creamy skin and kept massaging her breast until every last drop was absorbed.
“There, it’s all gone. If it doesn’t work now, it never will. Agree?”
“Whatever” I panted, exhausted after another great release.
My sister just laughed at me and told me to come to her room again that night.

For the next month, I would come to Jenny's room every morning and every night. She would take off her nightgown and, wearing nothing but her little white panties, present her left breast, ready to receive another load.
As my sisters shared a room, this meant that Emily would be there too. It was pointless to keep it secret from her, and she didn't seem to mind. She didn't join us, either. She never touched me or her sister, not even herself. She just lay there, silently, never letting her eyes stray from my cock or Jenny's breasts.

The days flew by as I generously coated my sister’s left breast with copious amounts of cum. Much too soon, an entire month had passed and it was time to see if our experiment had yielded any result. We both watched as Emily carefully and meticulously inspected and felt her twin’s breasts. After a minute she finally concluded that the left breast was still slightly smaller than the right one.
“There, I told you it was bullshit” Jenny said, a little disappointed she hadn’t grown a bit, but happy with the 50 dollar she won.
I did not complain. Sure, I had worked hard to get that money, but it was well spent. 50 bucks was a small price to pay for a month of playing with my pretty sister’s perfect titties.

As Jenny was buttoning up her blouse, I couldn't help but wonder if, with the conclusion of our experiment, her breasts were now forever off-limits for me. It would truly be a loss for mankind.

“Did you say something?” Jenny said suddenly. I looked up, to see who she was talking too. It turned out she was addressing our sister.

“No... I... didn't say anything” Emily stammered, almost whispering. She had a quaint expression on her face, as if she was scared or about to cry.

“I'm sure you were going to say something” Jenny pressed on. “What is it?”

There was clearly something on her mind, and though she might not want to, Emily had to speak up.
“It's not bullshit,” she blurted out, her cheeks all flushed. “Your breasts just haven't grown because you’ve been doing it all wrong. I could have told you it wouldn’t work that way.”

I looked at Emily in disbelief. For weeks she had known about our wager and hadn’t said a single thing. Only now, after we were finished, did she tell us we did it wrong.

“What are you talking about?” Jenny asked.
“It doesn’t work like that.” Emily explained “The way you were rubbing his sperm in, it doesn’t work. You have to take it... in... You know, swallow it”
“Eew!” Jenny exclaimed with disgust. “You’ve got to be joking”
“No it’s true, honestly” Emily said softly, her eyes averted.
“I still don’t believe it. Prove it first, and then I’ll believe you”
“You can’t prove it like that” Emily said. “You can’t just swallow cum for only one tit; they'd both grow at the same time.”
Jenny looked at her sister for a minute, a mischievous smile on her lips.
“You know that’s not a problem” she said mysteriously.

Emily gave Jenny a blank stare and asked what she meant.

“Well, your tits are just as big as mine. So, if you... swallow... his cum for a month and your tits have grown more than mine, we have proven it works. I’ll admit that you're right and let you have this 50 dollar bill. Deal?” Jenny said holding up the banknote I just gave her.
I realized my sister had just volunteered my services without even bothering to ask for my consent. I guess she assumed I would go along anyway. She was right.

“Why would I have to swallow it? It's you who started this bet!” Emily protested, rather weakly.
“Gross! I don't want big breasts badly enough to do that! Besides, I said it didn't work. It was you who said it did, so it should be you who has to prove it.”

Jenny's logic was obviously flawed, but Emily said nothing and only shook her head, barely perceptible.
“I know you want to, Emmy” Jenny whispered, deliberately loud enough for me to hear.
Emily flashed an angry look at her sister. It was only a fraction of a second, but I saw it and I knew what it meant. There was something between the two, something Emily wanted to keep secret.

“Don’t act like you don’t know what I'm talking about” Jenny said.
“You can’t!” Emily hissed and threw another angry look. “I never...”
“I know you’re lying,” Jenny continued, ignoring her sister’s pleas. “You’ve been all over me every time Tom left our room, knowing I was covered in cum. You’ve been dying to taste it right from the source, haven’t you?”

“No” she whispered, looking away. Emily was a poor liar, and she knew it too. She might as well have said yes.

While my sisters looked almost identical, their personalities were almost opposite. Although they could be highly competitive, Jenny would inevitably take the lead the lead and the more demure Emily would always follow. But, while I knew Jenny preferred girls over boys, I never could figure out my other sister.
As far as I knew, Emily never dated anyone, boy nor girl. I just assumed that having her twin as a lover was enough to keep her satisfied, so maybe she was a lesbian too. It was a bit of a surprise to learn she actually did have an interest in boys, even if she wanted to keep it secret. Why she wanted that, was another mystery.

Undeterred by her reluctance, Jenny pressed on, forcing her twin to react. “Come on Emmy, I only want to help you. I know you've been curious about boys for some time. It's only natural... for most.”

Emily didn’t answer, but stared at her feet and nodded.

“So, do we have a bet?” jenny asked as she knelt next to me.
“Yes” Emily whispered.
Even before Emily had answered, Jenny had already undone my fly and now she pulled down my pants and underwear. My cock had never gotten this hard this fast. In a fraction of a second it was standing like a flagpole, throbbing and ready for action.

“Get on your knees sis, and open your mouth” Jenny ordered.

As directed by our sister, Emily got on her knees in front of me, her face only inches from my groin. Still a little shy, she closed her eyes and opened her mouth. Her slightly extended tongue was a perfect target for me to aim at.
I grabbed my cock and started stroking it. In less than a minute I felt my sperm rush up my penis and watched it land on Emily’s pink tongue. Jet after jet splashed in her mouth, gathering in a small white puddle just behind her teeth.
Only after she was convinced I had given her all I could, my sister closed her mouth and swallowed. Then she opened her mouth again to show us she drank every drop.

Then, she seemed to realize what she just had done, and Emily was once again her demure self. Embarrassed, she threw herself onto the bed, burying her face beneath the pillows.

“Well? Was it everything you hoped for?” Jenny teased as she pulled away the pillows.
“Can you feel your breasts growing?”
This caused her sister to chuckle sheepishly. I could see the relief on Jenny's face. Although her twin was still unable to talk, and her cheeks were deeply flushed, she wasn't freaked out too much.
“Just don't forget to brush your teeth, if you want to kiss me tonight”

Despite her timid nature, only a few hours later, Emily came to my room again, alone. It was almost bedtime and she needed another dose of sperm before she went to sleep. I didn't know whether she really was that determined to win the bet, or if she had suddenly developed an uncontrollable craving for cum, but I was happy to oblige.

I pulled my penis out while she got into position. Like before, Emily sat dutifully on her knees, her head tilted back a little, mouth opened wide and her tongue stuck out a little.
Dressed in her nightgown, her breasts were still hidden, but her nipples poked through the thin cloth. It was a shame I couldn't see them, knowing how gorgeous Jenny's allegedly identical breasts were. Pushing my luck a little more, I grabbed her gown and lifted it a little. She didn't protest and even raised her arms so I could take it off completely. Now she was dressed in only her panties, looking indeed every bit as gorgeous as her twin had.

Smiling nervously, she opened her mouth again as I commenced stroking my cock. With her eyes she seemed to beg me to give her everything I had, and despite cumming twice already, I shot within seconds. After I had deposited the last drops on her tongue, she closed her mouth and swallowed slowly, moaning as she did. She gave my cock a quick kiss, got up and left without a word.

Satisfied and tired I watched her panty clad ass sway as she walked out. Maybe, one day... I shook my head to rid myself of these perverted and dangerous thoughts. Not long after, I fell asleep.

The next morning I woke early. My mind immediately wandered back to last night and as I thought of my sister's beautiful body and how her lips had briefly touched my cock. I quickly became hard as rock.

Before I knew it, my hand had found my erection and had started stroking it. For a minute I paused, not wanting to waste my seed by jacking off instead of feeding it to Emily, but then decided to continue. Maybe, if I got rid of this first load now, I would last a little longer the second time.

I had just finished cleaning up after cumming when my bedroom door opened and Emily sneaked in. I could see she was glad I was awake, and even more glad to see my still swollen penis. Without saying a word, she took off gown again and got into position.

Having my gorgeous sister sitting there topless was enough stimulus to keep my cock hard. My plan to lower the pressure in my balls had worked wonderfully. It took quite a bit longer for me to reach orgasm this time. While I was jacking off, the tip briefly touched her tongue. A little drop of precum oozed onto her pink tongue. She must have felt it too, but she didn't move. A bigger drop followed the first, leaving a slimy trail on her tongue.

After a lingering moment, Emily moved her head back and broke contact with my cock. She closed her mouth, and savored the taste. Then she opened her mouth again and leaned forward a little. I took this as an invitation and moved forward as well. Once more, the tip of my cock gently grazed her tongue.

My sister did not let her tongue get away from my cock again and even licked the underside in a teasing and barely perceptible way. Though my balls felt like they were about to burst, I really didn't want to cum yet. Hoping Emily wouldn't notice, I moved my fingers a little closer to the base of my cock and kept stroking the shaft without touching the sensitive head, hoping this reduced stimulation would help me last even longer.
Although my plan seemed to work, I had not anticipated that, with my hand out of the way, my sister would move closer as well. The tip of my cock was now well past her front teeth and extended into the cavity of her mouth.
While I still pretended to jack off in her mouth, I noticed how Emily's lips closed ever so slightly, as if she secretly wanted to suck my cock, but was too afraid to do so. My heart froze as I waited for my sister to close her mouth around my cock. Never had I wanted anything more than for her to suck my cock right now.

A bolt of electricity shot up my spine as her soft lips finally made contact with the sensitive tip. She halted for a moment to gather courage and then closed her mouth around my cock, allowing the head to fully slip into her warm, wet mouth. I couldn't believe it; my very own sister was now sucking my cock!

She wasn't actually sucking on it, but licked my cock and swirled her tongue around the tip for minutes, much like I imagined she’d do when she ate Jenny's pussy. It was very different from any blow job I’d had before, but no less enjoyable. Much too soon, and with mixed emotions, I registered the unmistakable signs of an imminent and inescapable orgasm.

“I'm gonna cum” I warned Emily.
My sister just nodded, giving me permission to fill her mouth. She stopped licking the head and now really began to suck while I gently fucked her mouth. She moaned softly, sending wonderful vibrations up my shaft that tickled my balls and sent forth the first wave of cum.

Emily never stopped looking deep in my eyes as I came, filling her mouth with jet after jet. Sucking hard she drew every drop from my balls until I had nothing left to give her. I was seeing stars and feeling lightheaded from cumming this hard. It was one of the best orgasms ever, and it was my sister who had caused it!

Still looking at me, Emily let my wilting cock fall from her lips and swallowed my load. She giggled nervously as she got up and gave me another kiss, on my cheek this time.
“Thanks Tom,” she whispered. “See you tomorrow”

After those already incredible two days, things only got hotter. Over the next weeks, Emily taught herself to suck my cock like a pro. Soon her oral skills surpassed even those of Susie, and one day she surprised me by taking my cock all the way up her throat.

Time flew by in an almost continuous orgasmic haze and before I knew it, another month had gone and it was once again time to measure the outcome of the experiment.
Emily and Jenny both undid their tops and the three of us inspected and compared the four gorgeous breasts. With a bit of disappointment I had to acknowledge the fact that Emily’s perky titties were still exactly as big and beautiful as those of her identical twin. Damn, these weeks had been a dream, and I would have been more than happy to continue this experiment for another few months.

Emily seemed to be equally disappointed, although I didn't know it was because her breasts hadn’t grown one bit, or because of the $50 she had lost. Personally I hoped it was because she no longer had an excuse to suck my cock.

The only one who was acting cheerfully was Jenny. She had won the bet again and she showed it.
“I knew it, I told you” she laughed with a smug smile. “Sperm doesn’t do shit”
“It does work” Emily persisted.
“Then why are your titties so small?” she asked, pinching Emily's nipples and pulling them up a little.
“Hey! My tits aren’t small!” Emily said, slapping her sister's hands away. “They’re just as big as yours! Maybe we simply didn’t try long enough. I'm sure if we continue for another month, we’ll see a difference”

I liked where this was going, and so did my cock. It was already swelling in anticipation.
“Hah, you'd like that, wont you? To suck Tommy's cock some more?”
“No... It’s... I just know it works!”
Emily was lying again, I could see it. Certainly Jenny could see it.
“No, Emmy, You lost and I won. But...”
“But what?”

There was that mischievous smile again.

“There actually is a guaranteed way to make your tits grow, if you're that desperate to continue. I'll give you one last chance to win this bet, but you must be crazy if you want to try it. You see, the only possible way to win is if you let him knock you up”

She couldn't be serious; surely she had to be kidding, right?

Emily looked at Jenny in shock and was silent for a few moments. Then a smile formed on her lips.
“Well, if that’s what we’ll have to do…” she said softly.
“Then what, Emmy?”
“Then... I'll let him do that”
I nearly chocked. “What?”
“Fuck me, Tom” Emily said again, loud and clear.

I was dumbstruck and even Jenny didn't seem to know quite what to say. I guess she had never expected that Emily would accept her challenge. I couldn’t believe it either. But, though my ears may have fooled me, my eyes certainly didn’t. While I stood there stupefied, Emily had already unzipped her skirt and let it fall on the floor. Next she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her white cotton panties and let them drop as well. She was completely naked now, save for her small white socks.

Damn, she looked hot.

While I was still fighting with morality, my cock had turned into solid concrete and was pushing out the front of my pants, much to my sisters' liking. Emily's nimble hands had soon loosened my belt and undone the buttons. By now, Jenny had joined her sister and together they had me undressed and led me to the bed, where Emily lay down for me, her legs parted and her knees slightly raised.

She looked incredibly beautiful and incredibly ready as she lay there, completely naked and fully exposed. It wasn't the first time she had been naked before me, but never had she been splayed out like this, and never had she looked at me with such cum-hungry eyes. I knew that what my sister wanted me to do was wrong, but… well, pussy is pussy, and this was some of the finest pussy I had ever seen.

All rational thought seemed to fade as I guided my cock towards Emily's very aroused pussy.
“Ready?” I asked, feeling as nervous as if was about to fuck my very first girl.
My sister nodded and I pushed. Her delicate pink lips parted and I slid in about an inch. Emily inhaled sharply as I entered her snug pussy. She wasn't a virgin, but was just as tight, and incredibly wet.

She looked deep into my eyes and begged for more as I fucked her with short strokes, pushing in a little deeper every time. As my pubic bone finally kissed her smooth mound, I was all the way inside her and I could feel I was filling her up completely. The tip of my cock nudged against her cervix while the ring of muscles gripped me at its base. I gave Emily some time to get used to having me inside her, then pulled out a little and pushed back in.

She whimpered softly and looked at me with her beautiful big eyes, telling me to go on, to keep fucking her. The wet noises of our coupling were all but drowned out by her ragged breathing and soft little moans. Her pussy seemed to cling to my cock every time I moved out, as if her body was unwilling to let me go, now that she finally had my cock inside her.

Although the plan only called for me to inseminate her, there was no reason why we couldn't enjoy ourselves along the way. My sister must have thought something similar, because after a minute or two of fucking with me on top, she grabbed my shoulder and rolled me onto my back.

Having Emily on top of me was the most sensational view imaginable. She sat upright, leaning back slightly and supporting herself with her hands on my legs. Her immaculate breasts were pointing upward, firm and high, her flat belly taut and every curve of her waist and hips was accentuated by the way she straddled me.

She sat still for a moment with only the muscles inside her squeezing me. Then she slowly lifted herself up from my legs and began to ride my cock. Her breasts jiggled beautifully as she moved. Every time she raised her hips I could see my cock slide almost all the way out of her perfectly hairless slit before she let herself drop again, taking me wholly back in her tight wetness. The view was only surpassed by the exquisite feeling of her velvet pussy and the look of rapture on her face.

Although Emily clearly lacked experience, fucking seemed to come naturally to her. Faster and faster she plunged up and down, fucking towards sexual bliss. Her whimpering turned into moaning and eventually into screaming until she suddenly froze, gasping and quivering as she came on my cock.

Emily kept riding me passionately as she climaxed again and again during the next few minutes, until the pleasure became too much for her and she slumped forward. Her lips met mine and we kissed, another first. I was surprised I enjoyed kissing my sister as much as fucking her. We kissed again and again, our tongues dancing an erotic dance in our mouths while our bodies remained intimately intertwined, slowly moving and undulating as we rolled on the bed.

I had to remind me that this girl was my sister, not my girlfriend! But why was kissing Emily so much better than kissing Suzie or Vanessa? Why was every moan, every barely audible whimper making my heart jump like it did?
Of course I liked Susie and Vanessa, but I never thought of them as a girlfriend. My sister definitely wasn't a girlfriend. But what did I know, I never really had a girlfriend. I could never find a girl I could really connect with, or one that was as perfect as...

I couldn't be. Not with my sister.

Just as I realized this, Emily broke off our kiss, sat upright again and resumed her motions. My sister just smiled the most beautiful smile at me as she rocked her hips back and forth.

It’s hard to think straight for a man whenever sex is involved, but this was dangerous and I was running out of time. It wouldn’t be long before I would cum and blast millions of sperms into her possibly fertile cunt. I knew I had done this hundreds of times with Susie and Vanessa without even batting an eye, but cumming inside a harebrained, borderline nymphomaniac classmate was something completely different from knowingly knocking up my own sweet sister!

“I’m going to cum,” I warned her.
“Don't stop! Cum inside me!” she gasped.
“But you'll get pregnant! Do you really want big tits so badly?” I said, grabbing her hips to stop her rocking motions.
She said nothing and just kept riding me, smiling mischievously.

I couldn’t do it, this had to stop. Maybe I really was in love with her, but that was also why I couldn't do it. It seemed our betting and bluffing had resulted in a stalemate.

“Emily, this is insane!” I yelled and pushed her off me. “I don't care who wins this stupid bet. If you want the money, I'll give it to you. If you want bigger breasts... Yours are the most beautiful I've ever seen! Please!”

Emily said nothing; she just lay there, beautiful and vulnerable. She still looked at me with those beautiful, loving eyes, now radiating with happiness. She had landed on her back, her legs spread wide and her moist pussy looking incredibly alluring.
It was only inches away from my throbbing cock and I really wanted to get back inside. Not because Emily was by far the most beautiful girl I'd ever fucked, not even because her pussy was truly sensational, but simply because she wanted it.

During this awkward moment, Jenny grabbed my cock and aimed it at our sister’s pussy.
“Emily doesn't want bigger breasts, and she doesn't need the money” she said. “She just needs you back inside her.”
“But she’ll get pregnant” I objected again.

Jenny just shook her shoulders as she pulled me forward, guiding my cock back between Emily’s pink lips.
“If I can let you cum on me for a month,” she said “then the least you can do is give her what she needs. You owe it to her, and to me as well.”

Then she gave me a final push on my butt and I was again balls deep in my sister's pussy.
“Now fuck her!” she ordered “And don’t stop until you’re done, I want to see her pussy dripping with cum.”

I gave up. I had tried to talk some sense into the girls and had failed. I started thrusting my hips, pumping my cock in her tight pussy, fucking her faster and faster as I neared orgasm again. This time I didn't throw her off me, I didn't stop and protest. I didn't even warn her, just kept going until my balls exploded.

As my body went rigid, and the first ropes of cum shot up my cock, Emily came as well, clasping me in her arms and locking her legs behind my back, effectively keeping me in a stranglehold while I flooded my sister's pussy with the biggest load of cum I had ever produced.

Just as I regained consciousness and realized what we had done, Jenny came crawling up to us.
“Don’t worry about it, Tom,” she whispered in my ear, “Emmy’s safely on the pill.”

I looked at my sisters, amazed and confused. Before I could say anything, Jenny laid her finger on my lips. “Have you never noticed it was Emily who watched you fuck those girls, and not me?”

I shook my head, still confused and now feeling rather stupid too.

“Just be nice to her,” she continued, “for some reason Emmy really loves you and she has been dreaming of this moment for years.”

I realized that I was played like a pawn in a game between my sisters, but at this point I was beyond caring. As I looked into Emily's loving eyes, I saw and accepted the truth why I had liked kissing her so much, and what it was that I had been missing in all the girls I had been with before.

I didn't have to say anything, nor did she. My lips found hers and we kissed again. As we kissed, it was like part of me flowed into her and I took in part of her.
We were truly one as I started moving inside her again. This time we fucked it wasn't rushed, not just to satisfy a physical need, but sensually, like lovers. Like lovers who had their whole lives ahead.


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fucking sisters is where its at, my brother fucked me and my younger sister and still does. its the thought that its not socially accepted that makes it so hot..

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