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girl starts dog fucking and gets found out by her mates
This is my story. This is an adult story meant for people over the age of 18. It is a fantasy, not reality. Please do not reproduce or repost without permission.
Thanks, [email protected]

Jill grunted as the huge cock once again bottomed out in her soaking wet cunt. She felt it pull out and grunted again as he slammed it back in. She could feel herself starting to orgasm as her cunt muscles squeezed the lovely thick cock that was slamming in and out of her. Then she felt herself stretching as the dog pushed hard against her and managed to get his huge knot inside her vagina. As she felt the knot pass her cunt lips she also felt the tip of his cock as it pushed through her cervix into her womb.

Jill lifted her arse higher and tried to spread her legs wider. She loved the feeling of his big cock so deep inside her. The dog was still moving inside her she could feel the end of the cock gently fucking her cervix as his movements were constrained by the big knot at the base of his cock. Jill’s cunt was stretched so wide she could feel every vein in the dog’s knot as she held it tight.

When Jill’s orgasm came she screamed with the strength of it. Her cunt muscles squeezed the thick cock hard so she could feel the whole length of it inside her. She felt the dog start to come too. She felt the familiar pulsing sensation as his spunk rose from his balls and began to fill his cock before it sprayed the walls of her womb, making her come again with the heat of it.

She knew it would be 20 minutes before the dog would be able to free his cock from her stretched cunt. Jill was happy to kneel there, her face and tits pushed into the floor by the weight of the Doberman’s body on her. She could feel the heat of his body through his fur. Jill daydreamed as she lay there loving the feeling of the big cock in her cunt.

Her thoughts flew back to the first time the dog had fucked her, some months earlier.

It was a Saturday morning and Jill planned to meet some friends for brunch before hitting the shoe shops. Jill was in the shower and heard the phone ring. It stopped and Jill continued showering. She crouched low in the shower and lathered her cunt with shaving foam and quickly shaved her cunt smooth. She washed the soap away and stood to let the hot water run down between her big tits before running between her thighs, dripping off her big cunt lips. She couldn’t resist slipping her finger into her cunt, squeezing her vaginal muscles as she quickly fucked her finger in and out of her soaking wet cunt. Jill marvelled at how her cunt was always wet inside, like she was permanently aroused. The phone rang again and Jill quickly stepped out of the shower and ran to the lounge to pick it up. She stood there dripping onto the carpet as her friend talked to her about something that had happened in the bar the night before. Jill could feel the goose bumps on her body as the water on her body started to cool. Still chatting Jill dropped onto the couch and spread her legs a bit, she was still horny and started to gently stroke herself, pushing her finger into her cunt then drawing it up between her lips before gently rubbing her erect clitoris, then starting the whole journey again. Suddenly she saw the lounge door pushed open and her 3 year old Doberman, Jack, loped into the lounge. Jill was still in a bit of a dream, listening to her friend’s chatter and loving the feeling in her cunt. She rubbed the palm of her hand over her newly shaved mound and pushed down hard as she moved it lower on to her clit.

When she moved her hand away for a second the dog came out of nowhere and licked her cunt. One big long lick all the way from her arse to her clit, spreading her cunt lips as he licked. Jill was shocked rigid. She started to push the dog away, but he was a big heavy dog and he carried on licking as Jill squirmed on the sofa. The dog was standing between her thighs so she could barely move. Jill told her friend she would call her back and quickly hung up the phone intending to use both hands to push the dog away. She didn’t though; the dogs licking had aroused her so much she wanted more. Gingerly she spread her legs wider and pulled her knees up so her feet were on the edge of the couch. She felt guilty; she knew she shouldn’t be encouraging the dog. All the same the feeling on her cunt was amazing. The broad, dry tongue was spreading her lips and the feeling of it on her clitoris was even more amazing.

With little warning Jill had a shattering orgasm. Her knees collapsed apart as the soles of her feet joined on the edge of the sofa. She was sweating, her cunt was throbbing and her clitoris had become incredibly sensitive and she needed the dog to stop licking it. She leant down and grabbed the dog’s head and lifted it, meaning to turn it away. As she held the head in both her hands the dog lifted up and jumped on her. One foot either side of her waist and before she could let go of his head his cock was inside her, thrusting inside her. Jill was too surprised to do anything. She looked down at her cunt and saw the huge red cock sliding in and out of her cunt. She could feel the dog’s big balls bouncing against her arse as he bottomed out inside her. It was easily the biggest cock Jill had ever accommodated inside her. Jill looked at the dog’s face as he fucked her. She had never been fucked so fast. It was furious; she could feel herself rising to an orgasm. Her nipples were fully erect; she looked down at them before gently stroking and pinching them. As her attention had strayed from the image of the big red cock sliding in and out of her cunt she failed to notice the big bulge start to appear at the base of the cock. It wasn’t until she felt it force its way inside her did she realise that she was now knotted to the dog and would have his cock inside her until he came. The thought of him coming inside her almost made her cum right away. As the dog’s knot expanded inside her cunt, stretching her lips until they were virtually transparent, she felt the tip of his cock as it found its way through her cervix and into her womb. Jill had never felt anything like it. She came straight away, her cunt squeezing hard on the long cock that completely filled her vagina.

The dog, constrained by the knot still continued to fuck his bitch. Jill came twice more before she felt the dog’s cock seem to grow inside her. She then realised the dog was about to cum and she squeezed his cock hard with her cunt muscles. She felt the spunk rising in the cock and felt the warmth of it as it sprayed the inside of her womb. Completely spent Jill laid splayed on the sofa, sweating and throbbing. She laid there for ages until the dog’s cock shrunk enough to enable the dog to pull it out. Out it plopped, followed by loads of spunk. Jill clapped her hand over her vagina to stop the spunk before it could wet the couch. She stood up carefully and made her way to the bathroom with her hand between her legs holding the spunk. She sat on the toilet and took her hand away and watched in amazement at the amount of spunk that dripped out of her. She looked at her hand, which had a good dollop of spunk on it. She shrugged and licked it. It was surprising fresh tasting. Not like man spunk at all, just a bit salty. Jill licked it all off her hand before standing and getting back into the shower.

This time the phone didn’t ring and Jill finished showering and dried herself. She went into the bedroom and pulled some clothes out of the wardrobe. She turned and looked at the dog lying on the floor, gently licking his cock. She smiled and told him he was a naughty doggy. The dog ignored her. She opened her top drawer and pulled out a pair of knickers. She stepped into them, adjusting them over her big lips. She picked up a bra and began to put it on, then changed her mind. She slipped her dress on and buttoned it up. As she walked out of the bedroom the dog got up and followed her. This wasn’t unusual she was used to him following her around the house. What happened next wasn’t usual though. He pushed at her arse with his nose. Jill turned to scold him and he put his nose up the skirt of her dress and grabbed her knickers between his teeth and ripped them off. Jill was shocked. She was more shocked with the dog stuck his nose between her thighs, pushing against her cunt. Jill opened her legs a bit, wondering what was going to happen. The dog licked her cunt a couple of times, then he pushed hard and Jill was pushed over. She landed on her backside, and then fell back onto her back, legs wide apart. The dog licked her cunt some more, then began nudging her with his snout. Jill eventually realised that the dog wanted her to get onto her knees. She did so. She also spread her legs, knowing that she was about to get fucked again. Her dress was short and it slid down her back as she pushed her arse out. She felt the tongue between her thighs again. She put her hand back between her legs and called the dog. She felt his shuffle over her and felt his big cock rub against her thigh. She grabbed the cock and fed it into her cunt. As soon as it was inside her the dog started to fuck her hard and fast like he hadn’t just cum twenty minutes ago. The dog was slamming into her, knocking the breath out of her with each lunge. Jill was cumming every couple of minutes as the huge cock slammed into her. His big balls were bouncing on her clitoris and she came again. She felt the knot growing at the base of his cock. Not this time, she thought and put her hand between her thighs and grabbed the knot so it couldn’t get inside her. She held fast, squeezing the knot to give the dog the feeling that it was inside her. She felt the spunk rising through the knot into his cock and then the warmth and wetness insider her cunt as he came, still deep inside her, but in her vagina this time, not her womb. The dog pulled his cock out of her and went to lie down. Once again Jill held her hand over her vagina to keep the spunk in. She went and sat on the toilet and let it drip out of her. She licked off what was on her hand. Jill stood up and thought about what was going on.

It was 11:30 and Jill was meant to meet her friends in the café at 12:30. Jill had a feeling that if she went back to her bedroom to get a pair of knickers she would be fucked again. She wasn’t going to risk it. She went straight from the bathroom to the hall stand and picked up her keys and purse. She saw the dog coming out of the lounge towards her. No she told him. No more fucking this morning. He put his nose up her skirt. She wondered if he was checking to see if she had knickers on. Surely not? Jill turned and opened the door, she felt the back of her dress lifting as she stepped into the hallway outside, then the lick of tongue on her arse. She turned and smiled at the dog and told him to behave himself. She closed the door and walked away.

Jill felt strange as she walked into town. Her cunt was throbbing with all the fucking and she wasn’t used to going out without any knickers. She could feel the cool breeze up her short dress gently passing over her naked shaved cunt. She felt naughty. She felt like everyone knew she was naked under the dress. She looked down and could see her big tits bouncing against the dress, her stiff nipples sticking through the material. Everyone would undoubtedly know she was braless!

Jill was first at the café. She ordered herself a latte and sat in a booth big enough for the four of them. As she sat down she had another reminder of her nakedness as her bare cunt lips touched the cold wood of the seat. She wriggled a bit, enjoying the sensation. She looked down at her short dress, she opened a couple of buttons and her whole cunt was exposed, she experimentally opened her legs a bit until she could see her lips. They were red inside and engorged, her clit was out of its sheath and solid. Jill looked around to make sure no one was looking before she slipped her hand down and gently rubbed her cunt. God it felt good! The waiter brought her coffee. Jill managed to get her hand away from her cunt before he arrived but fiddling with the buttons on the dress just drew his attention down there. He blushed as he realised what he was looking at. Jill blushed too, but her cunt was hot and throbbing as well. She just did one button up. It was enough to cover her but daring enough to flash her cunt if she wasn’t careful. Jill looked round and saw the waiter talking to his boss. She saw the boss smile at her and she knew that he knew she was naked under the dress. It just made her hotter.

Thoughts of her cunt, being fucked by her dog and being naked under the dress quickly disappeared when her friends arrived and they were soon chatting away about their lives. They were all quite animated, waving their arms around and laughing and joking. Brunch arrived. Jill was just about to put her napkin on her lap when she noticed the friend sitting next to her looking down at her. With all the movement her dress had ridden up and her friend could see that Jill was naked. Jill blushed right down to her tits. The girl opposite noticed and said something about her blushing. The girl next to Jill laughed and said yes she’s blushing because she isn’t wearing any knickers and she just flashed herself at me! The girl opposite stood up and leaned over the table. She lifted Jill’s napkin and could see her vagina. She told her what a naughty girl she was and laughed. Of course the other girl had to have a look too. The other girl went a step further though. She took the napkin off Jill’s lap and told her to open her legs wider. Sheepishly Jill did as she was told, feeling really naughty now because all her friends knew she was naked, and that she shaved. What if they knew I’ve been fucked twice by my dog this morning Jill thought.

The girl next to Jill undid the button that Jill had done up to keep her cunt covered. Then they made loads of excuses to get different waiters over to see Jill’s exposed cunt. Gradually Jill was made to open her legs wider. Her cunt was so wet that her lips were stuck to her thighs so the whole inside of her cunt could be seen, red and shiny. Jill was certainly the centre of attention. Then the girl next to her looked down again. What, she asked, is that in your vagina? Jill looked down at herself. Oh No! It was dog spunk seeping out of her cunt onto the bench. Jill was mortified. She looked at the girl next to her and said it was nothing. But the girl wasn’t having it. Without warning she put her hand between Jill’s thighs, slid her finger into her widespread lips and scooped out a dollop of spunk. She knew what it was immediately and told the others that Jill was sitting there with spunk running out of her naked cunt. Those very words. Jill didn’t know what to say. How, they al asked at the same time, do you manage to have spunk in your cunt at mid-day on a Saturday when you don’t even have a boyfriend?

There was no way to avoid it now. Bit by bit they wormed it out of her. One of the girls was the one that Jill had been talking to when the dog had started licking her cunt. It was she that first twigged that Jill had been fucked by her dog. Eventually the story came out. They all sat there stunned as Jill described her first fucking by the dog. They were still more stunned when Jill told them the reason why she was knickerless, that the dog had actually ripped the knickers off her before fucking her again. The girls wanted all the gory details. She had to tell them how it felt when the knot went in, what it looked like. They wanted to know how much spunk the dog produced. She even told them it was so big that when its knot went in the tip of his cock was inside her womb. The three girls sat with their mouths agape as she told them the volume of spunk was huge. One of them guessed she had tasted it when she told them she had to cover herself with her hand to get to the bathroom before it ran out of her.

All the waiters and waitresses had been over to see Jill’s cunt by this time so the girls let her do up the vital button but made her sit with her legs wide open still. Jill felt so naughty now, but a bit proud that she had done something none of the others had and thought they were just a bit jealous that she was brave enough to have not only been fucked by her dog, but also to do everything they told her. Brunch was over, Jill had to visit the café’s toilet, where she had a pee and made sure there would be no more spunk dripping out of her cunt. She went back to the table, then they paid the bill and got up to leave. Jill remembered that they were supposed to be going to buy shoes and realised that in her short dress and being naked underneath was not ideal for shoe shopping. Jill started to excuse herself, telling her friends that she wasn’t up for shopping today. One of the girls guessed why and then they wouldn’t hear of Jill not going with them. They were going to have some fun!

Of course the shoe shop they all went to was staffed entirely by young men, young good-looking men too. They had looked at all the shoes in the window and noted the details. The girls went in and approached the dishiest assistant and asked him to bring the shoes out for them to try. They insisted that Jill would be first to try on her choice. The three girls stood behind the assistant as he knelt down to help Jill put the shoes on. Jill looked over his shoulder at her friends. They were giggling. One of them mouthed to Jill to open her legs. Jill smiled back at them before gradually letting her knees part. The shop assistant hadn’t noticed at first but then he glanced up and saw Jill’s vaginal lips, stuck to her thighs and her gaping cunt staring back at him. He nearly fell over in shock. After that he couldn’t take his eyes off her naked cunt. The other girls were in fits watching him struggle, especially when he had to stand up and his cock was like a tent pole in his trousers. Jill eventually decided on a pair of shoes she liked best and the next girl sat down to try her shoes on. Jill took her place behind the assistant as he knelt to help the next girl. She didn’t need to be told. As soon as he was on his knees she began to let her legs part. This time he noticed straight away as gradually her vagina became visible. Jill was dumbfounded to see that her friend didn’t have any knickers on either and she could see her friend’s neat and tidy little bush and her wet lips under them. She was obviously quite excited! One by one each of the girls exposed their dainty cunts to the shocked assistant. They each bought a pair of shoes before they left the shop. When they got outside they fell about laughing. They told Jill that when they realised that she was naked under her dress that they had decided to do the same, so while Jill was in the toilet at the café they had each wriggled out of their knickers, much to the delight of the watching waiters, and stuffed them in their handbags.

It was still only 2:30. The girls decided that they would go to the local fashion boutique to see what was new. They all piled in the busy shop and raided the bargain rail. There was only one changing room available so they sent Jill in with a few dresses to try on. They waited a few moments, knowing Jill only had to undo a few buttons on the dress to take it off, then they opened the door. Jill was standing there naked, just about to hang her own dress on the peg. She looked past her friends and could see that her nakedness was drawing quite a lot of attention. She begged the girls to close the door and turned her back to them. They called to her to turn around or they would tell everyone in the shop that she is a dog-fucker. That got her attention, and Jill turned around and just tried the clothes on as if the door was closed. There were quite a few admiring men watching her change in and out of her dresses. When she was finished and came out the next girl went in. This time there was no pretence of waiting until she was undressed. They didn’t close the door at all. The girl calmly stripped off her dress, unhooked her bra and put both on the hook. Naked now, she started to dress. The shop had gone very quiet now as most of the clients were watching the peep show going on in the corner changing room. She tried on three outfits before putting her dress back on and dropping her bra onto her handbag. She stepped outside and the next girl went in. She unzipped her dress and let it fall to the floor. She rarely wore a bra as her tits were small and firm, so she was quite naked in seconds. She also tried on three outfits in front of the amazed customers. Finally the last girl went in. She was wearing a skirt and blouse. She took off the blouse and unhooked her bra, her big tits swinging with the release of the support. She threw the bra out to Jill and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She too was naked, her Brazilian landing strip pointing straight to her vagina. After she tried on her three outfits she calmly put on her blouse before stepping into her skirt, her tits were rubbing against the silk material of her blouse as she moved, causing her nipples to harden and be clearly visible under her blouse. As she stepped out of the changing room there was a cheer and a round of applause from the male customers as the four girls walked to the register to pay for their purchases.

When they stepped out of the store once again they fell about laughing. They felt slightly drunk with the adrenalin coursing through their veins by their daring. The girl that had sat next to Jill in the café that had started it all said how horny she was. Somehow it was decided that they would all go back to Jill’s and watch her being fucked by her dog. Jill just stood there. She had never imagined that it would come to this. All her depravity would now be seen by her best friends, and all because she went out this morning without any knickers on.

As soon as the front door opened the Doberman was there. Jill led the other three girls into the apartment while the Doberman was jamming his nose between her thighs, lifting her dress as he did so. The three girls watched as the dog forced Jill to open her thighs to give him better access. Jill stripped off her dress and walked backwards into the lounge with the dog trying to lick her cunt. Jill stood there with her legs apart while the dog lapped her cunt like it was a bowl of water, the dry raspy tongue was already turning her on. The girls saw him push her backwards and she fell onto the couch and he pushed his nose deeper between her thighs. Jill lifted her legs and held her hands behind her knees with them wide apart. Her cunt gaping; the dog licked and licked until Jill had a crashing clitoral orgasm. One of the girls gasped as they saw the dogs huge cock growing out of its sheath. Jill intended to stay on the couch so she had more control of the dog as he fucked her but her friends insisted she did it doggy style. So Jill slid off the couch onto the floor and presented her cunt, arse high in the air for the dog. He needed no further encouragement. He stepped over her, his hairy belly brushing her arse. She reached under between her legs and grabbed the big, wet red cock, already dripping pre-cum. She fed it into her cunt slowly, gripping it tightly so her cunt had a chance to stretch wide enough for it. The dog was already pumping and as soon as she let go it began to pound his cock in and out of her like a jack hammer, his big hairy balls bouncing on her tender clitoris.

Jill’s three friends sat on the couch mesmerised by the vision of their friend being fucked hard and fast by the big hound. Each of them had a hand up their skirt playing with their own cunts as they watched Jill’s cunt being fucked. They saw the dog’s knot growing, then saw Jill reach back to hold it. They pleaded with her to let them see him knot with her. Reluctantly Jill let the cock go and felt it start to force its way inside her, each long thrust of his cock pushed the knot deeper and deeper inside her until she gasped as it was inside and she had her third orgasm as she felt the tip of his cock push its way into her womb. Only short humping now the dog could move his cock hardly at all, but if felt fantastic inside her. The balls bashing her clitoris took her over the edge again and she had an enormous clitoral orgasm that made her squeeze her cunt muscles hard around the lovely long cock. It was too much for the dog. He came straightaway, flooding Jill’s womb with his seed. Jill knew it would be fifteen or twenty minutes until they could part. She used the time to tell the girls about the cock penetrating her cervix. They were all wriggling on the couch now and Jill asked if any of them would like to try the experience of being fucked by a randy dog. Eventually the knot shrank enough and the dog’s cock plopped out of Jill’s cunt followed by a load of spunk. Jill immediately slapped her hand over her lips to hold it in while she made it to the toilet. However, when she stood up the girls begged her to let them see how much came out so she simply opened her legs wide, took her hand away, licking the spunk off her palm as she did so. Immediately the gloops of spunk appears on her cunt lips. Her lips were stuck to her thighs otherwise the spunk would have simply dripped off the ends of her lips. As it was the spunk hung on her lips then started to run down her thighs, with more and more spunk appearing in her vagina. As it ran down her legs Jill began to scoop it up with a finger, one on each thigh, she collected it and then licked it from her fingers. She had licked it off her fingers before asking the others if they would like a taste. They all did, but Jill got most of it. They were amazed at how much spunk the dog’s balls produced.

Jill was still naked. She was going to the bathroom to wash the spunk off her legs when she saw one of the other girls lift her dress up and call the dog over. The dog followed the scent of her cunt and started to lick her. When Jill came back from the bathroom the girl was screaming with the intensity of the orgasm from the dog’s long rasping tongue. Jill went to brew some coffee, when she came back the same girl was on her knees, the dog was fucking her vigorously. The other two girls now had their dresses pulled up to their waists. Their legs wide open, their pussies pouting. Jill knew that it wouldn’t be long before they were being fucked by Jack too. The girl on the floor screamed as the dog pushed his knot inside her. She was gasping and grunting as the dog fucked her. I can feel it in my womb she was saying. Jill just smiled knowing the girl was going to have the orgasm of her life when the dog filled her womb with his spunk. Sure enough she had a massive orgasm when the dog came. As soon as the knot was shrunk enough the girl stood up, then crouched a bit to let the spunk drip out of her cunt onto the palm of her hand. She licked it all off, but let the other girls catch some too so they all had a taste of the dog’s spunk dripping out of her.

It was 9:00 before Jill could get rid of the three girls. Each had been fucked twice by the dog. They wouldn’t let Jill get a turn, they told her she could have him when they went home! Jill was still naked from the first (and her only) fuck since the four had arrived home. She walked around the apartment in a daze wondering what she had started. All three girls had left her place with their cunts throbbing, their underwear in their handbags, their shopping bags in the other hand. Jill collapsed onto the sofa and looked at her dog, lying near the door, licking his cock. She smiled and thought back to that morning. The consequences of answering that phone call. She had been fucked 3 times by her dog. Been humiliated in public by her best friends. Had flashed her naked cunt at a shoe salesman, been stark naked in a shop changing room while the whole shop watched. She had then been fucked by her dog while her friends watched, then joined in. She looked down at her naked shaved cunt and vowed to herself that her cunt would always be available for her dog and that he would never have to rip her knickers off again. She went into her bedroom, opened the top drawer of the chest of drawers. She took out all the knickers and put them in a carrier bag which she dumped by the front door to go in tomorrows garbage. Then she went back in the lounge and dropped to her knees, hoping that her dog would share his lovely cock with her one more time today. He did. That day and several times every day since.


2020-01-03 16:34:56
I want to be fucked by a dog and id love showing my pussy in public


2019-12-09 14:13:17
While in college I knew a girl that was into dogs and I was with her a number of times while she enjoyed her dog. Thanks for bring back some hot memories. Great story.........


2019-01-03 14:07:18
Wow that made me wish i had a girlfriend who loved dog sex and we could all get crazy


2019-01-03 14:06:45
Wow that made me wish i had a girlfriend who loved dog sex and we could all get crazy

roxan brownReport

2018-02-08 02:08:06
A very very hot story some women get nothing from penetration of the cervix lots say it does not happen for me like the lady in the story its mindblowing multiple orgasms wrack body for minutes.
If your a non believer PM me and I will send you a vid that will change your mind.

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