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Harry's penchant for keeping secrets gets him in trouble again. Hermione begins planning Ron's birthday present with a friend from long ago.
This is a work of fan fiction. All characters and locations are the property of their respective owners. I own the story line.

Chapter 5- Unexpected News

Harry opened the door to his house and entered quietly. He figured Ginny was probably upstairs sleeping, and he didn't want to wake her. At least he didn't want to wake her until he crawled into bed with her. He kicked his shoes off, and crept through the living room, focused on the stairs that led up to the master bedroom suite.

"Not even going to say good morning?" The sultry voice behind him didn’t startle him; rather it made him smile as he turned around. In the large, two-person recliner sat his wife, covered to the throat by a handmade red and gold quilt. Her coppery red tresses cascaded down around her face and spilled over the quilt. Her lips were painted a lush red and looked delectably kissable.

"Morning, my sweet." Harry knelt down in front of the chair and hugged her through the blanket. As he looked closer he realized she must have been up for quite a while getting ready for him. She had made herself up, curled her hair in elaborate ringlets, and was wearing a perfume he didn't recognize but liked very much. He reached up and touched his lips to hers. Their kiss was long and sensual. Hermione had an interesting kissing style, but he much preferred Ginny's. Her lips were fuller and sealed much better against his own. There was nothing sloppy about kissing her; it was all in the lips.

"Was it everything you hoped for?" she asked, after they finally broke their kiss.

"And more," he replied.

"Really?" Her voice wavered just a bit. Harry knew what was coming next; Ginny had felt threatened by Hermione for years. Only their marriage and the wedding of Ron and Hermione had given Ginny that final sense of security in her relationship with Harry. Now that was being threatened.

"But not for the reasons you might think."

Harry stood up and held out a hand to her. She snaked a hand out, and he caught sight of something white, sheer, and sexy. When he pulled her to her feet, her quilt fell away and his jaw dropped. She was draped with a sheer, white robe, trimmed in white fur. Beneath it her soft, voluptuous curves were barely concealed by a white satin corset. Her ample breasts were spilling out the top, and when she stretched her arms above her head her large nipples threatened to pop out. His eyes raked down her body to take in the scrap of white lace that was masquerading as underwear. White stockings, attached by garters to the corset, set his pulse racing. The crowning achievement was a pair of white, strappy heels; what Ginny normally referred to as ‘fuck me pumps’.

Harry groaned in satisfaction as he pulled her hard against him. Her head tipped back as his lips sought her throat. Her body was lush, full, and hot against him. "God, you look good in white," he breathed into her. In response, she raked her nails up his back and down his arms. With one hand he reached up and began to pull at the buttons on his shirt. As he pulled at them, she leaned forward and ran her tongue around and into his ear. She reached down and yanked at his belt, which pulled loose. Another flick of her skillful fingers and his pants were sliding over his hips.

"Not the red ones," Ginny stuck out her bottom lip in a pronounced pout.

"Sorry," Harry murmured into her collarbone. He looked at her; she was so adorable when she pouted. He leaned forward and nipped her bottom lip. "For what its worth, they worked; even Ron was impressed."

"Really?" Ginny looked astonished. "That's saying something, considering, you know, how-" she moved her hands to indicate length.

"You actually know that about your brother?"

"Harry," Ginny said in a very matter of fact tone. "I grew up in a house with seven men; half of whom have been flamboyant exhibitionists since birth. I can't tell you the number of times I've seen them in their underwear, less on a few occasions." Harry gave her an intrigued look, wondering if that was the root of her voyeuristic tendencies.

"Don't give me that look. It wasn't intentional! I got stuck in Ron's closet once; I was in there poking around, looking for something. He came in with this letter from Hermione and promptly flopped down on the bed." Her look became more amused now. "To make matters worse, he starts reading it out loud, not very loud, but just loud enough that I could overhear what he said. It was... de***********ive, shall we say. Well, before I can do or say anything, he whips it out and starts stroking himself." She blushed a deep, Weasley red. "It was... educational."

"Did he ever find out?"

"Oh, God no! My brother and I love each other dearly, but I don't think that he would he would be very happy if he knew that had I watched him pleasure himself." She was blushing so deeply that her shoulders were actually colored now.

"Especially if he knew that you got off on it. Didn’t you?" Harry managed to say it without sounding accusing. She nodded, but said nothing. "You are so… bad," Harry said in an I-like-'em-bad tone of voice. Harry pushed her gently back down into the chair; she gave him a coquettish smile. He climbed into the chair with her and straddled her legs. He pushed the back down and she kicked out the foot-board, locking the chair into a reclining position. "Show me how you do it. Show me how you get yourself off."

It was by no means the first time he had asked her to masturbate for his pleasure, and it certainly wouldn't be the last time either. "Under one condition," she said, running her hands up and rubbing the material of her robe against the naked tops of her breasts. "I want you to tell me all about it, every detail: every moan, every groan, every screaming orgasm. I want to hear it all."

Harry leaned forward and crushed her soft form under his. His tongue plundered her mouth and she gave as good as she got. He kissed down her chin, down her throat, around the base of her neck and up to her ear. "You asked for it," he said with a devilish tone. "I'm warning you though, there are a few surprises along the way, but I think you'll like them." He tangled his fingers in her hair and his mouth went to work on her ear; kissing, nibbling, sucking, and licking.

She pushed him upright, and he settled back on his haunches. "So, where do you want to start?" he asked, eager to be sharing this with the woman he loved and lusted for.

"How did it start? Who got naked first?"

"We trapped her between us. We started kissing her; nibbling and sucking on her neck and her lips and her ears." As he talked, he ran a finger across her lips, along her jaw line and up around her ear. "We were using hands on her too, like this," he slid his hands up her flanks and cupped her breasts. When he went lower again he grazed his nails across her stomach where her robe was open.

"Ooh," she moaned as Harry continued to talk, describing the way Hermione would moan and squeak. Her eyes were closed, as though she was trying to picture what Harry was talking about. Her hands began to wander over her body of their own accord.

"She shivered when I unzipped her dress." He blew across the tops of her breasts and untied the satin ribbon that was holding her top shut. She shivered under him and her hands came to squeeze her breasts. Harry pulled at the laces as he told her about laying Hermione on the dining room table. "I sucked her nipple into my mouth." He took Ginny's nipple between his teeth and pulled on it lightly. Her large nipple stiffened to a point in his mouth. "Meanwhile, Ron was teasing her other one." He moved to the other breast, and flicked and wound his tongue in circles around her areola, pausing occasionally to blow on it.

She moaned, displacing Harry's lips as she pulled at her nipples and squeezed her breasts together. Harry lifted himself off of her so that he could pull off his underwear, which was starting to get very restrictive. She opened her eyes and looked at him. He kept talking though, as he settled down next to her and traced a lazy finger up her thigh.

"We moved into the bedroom and spread out on the bed. Our hands and lips were everywhere on her." He cupped the warm spot between Ginny's legs and gave it a squeeze before dragging his finger along the lace material. "She squirmed and writhed under our touch," he ran tickling fingers along Ginny's stomach and hips. She made a sound that was half a giggle, half a groan of pleasure. The more he talked, the more he teased, the louder Ginny got.

"Tell me," Ginny said, when he talked about Hermione going down on him. "Did she scratch you? Could she get her mouth around you?"

"Not with the skill you do," he answered in a quiet voice. "She's an amateur next to you." Ginny pulled his finger into her mouth and slid up and down it. Her hands pressed their way down her body, and slid under her waistband as Harry told her about tasting his cum in Hermione's mouth, whilst Ron pounded her from behind.

"Did you like it?" Ginny asked. "Would you do it again?"

"You mean would I taste it in your mouth?" Ginny nodded. "I would." Her eyes closed and her back arched as her fingers wrestled under the thin material of her knickers. "Does that turn you on?"

"Yeeeesssss!" She shimmied out of the lace that had covered her. Harry gaped in amazement at what he saw. She had shaved herself. He dropped the kick board and the recliner rocked forward. He dropped to the floor and draped her knees over his shoulders, then proceeded to lick the bare skin around her opening. She writhed and squirmed and giggled as he kissed and licked and teased.

"Like that, do you?" she asked. He didn't even stop to answer, but rather let his actions answer for him. "Like my naked little pussy?" She sighed as he ran his tongue from her ass, up her opening, around her clit, and over her bare skin. "I thought you wanted to watch me play with it," she panted.

"How the hell do you expect me to make a choice like that?" he asked between licks.

"Lie down and I'll make it for you." He complied with her request. She stood over him and pulled her robe out behind her. She settled down and straddled him, the plump cheeks of her arse resting on his chest. The diaphanous material of her robe was smooth on his cock, which pointed at the sky. He watched as she ran her fingers over the smooth flesh and pulled open her swollen lips. She dipped a finger into the wetness and began making two-fingered circles on her clit. "Keep talking."

She rubbed herself at a slow pace as he described the taste of Hermione's pussy. He had just recently learned about her desire to taste another woman; Hermione in particular. He described with as much detail as he could what it was like, and how she reacted. Ginny seemed to be in a right state now, she was far-gone, moaning and groaning as she ground her hips against her fingers. Then she slowed down again, her hands trailing over the rest of her body. She seemed to be waiting for something, some big moment that would drive her over the top.

He described Hermione settling down over him, the feeling of her stretching around him. Ginny's hands dipped lower again, rubbing over her mound and squeezing her lips. When she touched her clit again, she drew in a sharp breath. She was close, he knew by the sound of her breathing that she could peak any minute. He decided to tell her the one thing that would, he expected, absolutely set her off.

"Ron crawled into the bed, Hermione was sitting up on me again. He leaned over and kissed her." She was rubbing herself furiously now; two fingers literally a blur over her clit. "Then I took Ron by the cheek and pressed my lips to his."

"Oh God!" Ginny screamed out. Her tone was surprise as much as ecstasy. He lifted her arse from his chest and sealed his lips to hers, tasting her caramel-like cum as it flooded his mouth. She grabbed him by the hair and pulled him hard up against her. After several seconds of not being able to breathe, he was released and fell back down.

Ginny dropped down next to him; then climbed atop him. She brought her legs together and trapped his cock in the joint of her thighs so that he was pushed against the smooth wetness of her naked pussy. She ground against him a little bit. "Your hair tickles me now." Then a serious expression settled over her features. "You kissed another man?"

"I did," he responded simply. He knew though, that he would have to explain the rest of it to her, so he decided to forge ahead. "I know that you think it's sexy when two tough looking guys kiss. You told me that after the first time I caught you staring at Sirius and Remus when you saw them kiss." He swallowed. "To tell you the truth, the idea used to make me queasy, but I spent a lot of time talking to Sirius and Remus about it. They said the only way to cure my unease and answer my questions was to try it. Neither of them would do it though, since they both think of me like a son. So I kept it to myself."

"You couldn't tell me about it?" she sounded a little hurt by this.

"I didn't know if I could bring myself to do it. I mean, I know the idea turns you on, but I just couldn't really picture myself doing it. Then Ron came to me with this proposition of a threesome, and there was the answer. He was uneasy too, but your brother is the best friend anyone could ask for. He did it for me. He let me kiss him, let me stroke his cock, and he did the same for me; just so that I could experience it."

She rested her head on his shoulder. He could feel her tremble and realized she was crying. "Ginny, what’s wrong? Why are you crying?"

When she looked up at him her face was already a wreck. Crying did not agree with her complexion, and the tears were making her make up run. "You say you did this in part for me, but you couldn't even tell me about it until afterwards?" She pushed herself up off of him and wiped at her eyes, smearing her mascara even worse. "It's just like being in school again. You three do everything together and tell me about it afterward." She yanked at something on her left hand. "Fine, why don't you just move in with them and be the trio forever!" Something bounced off his chest and she ran from the room.

He looked over to see her wedding ring lying on the carpet next to him. "Shit." He rolled over and picked up the glittering gold and diamond ring. He pushed himself up and followed her to the bedroom, but the door was locked. He knocked on the door, but she screamed at him to just go away. Dejected and upset, he made his way down the hall to the second bathroom for a hot shower to clear his head and figure out how to fix this. This was going to be particularly hard; Hermione had always been his best source of relationship advice, but this time he was going to have to muddle through on his own.


Hermione looked around the salon nervously. Not that she should have been nervous; after all, Lavender had been doing Hermione's hair for nearly ten years now. Coming to have her hair and nails done was something she'd been doing once a month for as long as Lavender had owned the shop. She knew why she was nervous though, and it had nothing to do with hair or nails.

It had been over a month since Ron had delivered on her fantasy, and to his credit he hadn't pushed her about reciprocating. The melt down between Harry and Ginny had cooled him considerably on the prospect. With a little advice and counseling from Angelina, Harry and Ginny had gotten back on track with no one other than the five of them any wiser about the problem. She and Ginny were back on fairly normal footing again, and were even supposed to meet for dinner on Friday night while their husbands headed to Scotland for another weekend of Quidditch.

"Hermione, are you ready dear?" Hermione snapped out of her reverie. She realized she and Lavender were the only ones there, and that the sign in the window read 'Closed'. Now she was really nervous, she couldn't use the excuse of other people to avoid the topic she wanted to discuss. Not that Lavender was expecting that topic of conversation, but Hermione would have to try and convince herself why if she didn't talk to her.

"Yes. Why are you closing up early? It's only three o'clock."

"Call it a gut feeling, but I think you want to talk about something private." Hermione blanched. "Besides, afterward I can go home early, something I rarely get to do most days." Hermione nodded, that was a sentiment she could identify with. "So dear, what are we doing with your hair today? Same thing as usual?"

"No, I need something new, something more... feminine." Lavender nodded sagely and took out a scrapbook. She flipped to a page called 'getting your man' and showed it to Hermione. "What's this for?" Hermione asked.

"Well dear, isn't that what you need to talk about? I did a reading early this morning and it said you needed to talk, that there was a secret in the family, and that there was a question about another woman." Hermione choked, and then laughed.

"No Lav, I am not competing for Ron's affections; far from it."

Lavender looked crestfallen, then smiled wryly. "Time to hang up the cards, I guess."

Hermione flipped through the book until she found something she liked. Hermione closed her eyes as the chair leaned back. She luxuriated in the feeling of warm water running through her hair. "So why would you think that Ron and I are having problems like that anyway?"

Lavender sighed, "Dear, when a man mentions wanting to bring another woman into the bed, it usually means there's trouble a-brewin'." Hermione thought about how Lavender would know that, then remembered the party at Fred and George's over New Years. She had almost forgotten that Lavender and Seamus had been there.

"Do you... know from experience?" Hermione asked. It was a very personal question, but Lavender had been a bit nosey herself. Lavender began massaging her scalp. She was very aware of how near the other woman's breast was to her face, something she had never been conscious of before. Lavender had large breasts, she had back in school, but it seemed she had developed even more since.

"Sadly my dear, yes." Hermione responded simply, wanting the other woman to continue. "Seamus and I used to do a bit of swinging, but I got tired of it a couple of years ago so we stopped. He was pretty good about it at first. He tried to be understanding, but like most boys he let his little head do his thinking for him. Finally, I gave in and we called some of our old partners just before Christmas. It got old in a hurry, so I wanted to stop. The other night I caught him at a swingers’ club in London when he was supposed to be working."

"I'm sorry to hear that," Hermione offered in a sympathetic tone. "Are you going to try and work it out?"

"I don’t think so. He hasn’t really grown up any since we left school. He still likes to chase skirts and go pubbing with his mates. That was all well and good when we were in our early twenties, but I’m ready to be a grown up now." Hermione felt the warm water running through her hair, relaxing her and taking away the tensions of her current case load. Lavender began massaging in something else, a rather vile smelling mixture that made her scalp tingle. "So dear, what was it you wanted to talk to me about?"

Hermione chuckled. "It doesn't matter. You already answered my question." She felt warm water and Lavender's fingers in her hair again. She was sat upright, her hair was towel dried, and then blown.

"Close your eyes dear." Hermione felt the cold cream being applied to her face; this too was part of her monthly ritual of self-indulgence. Once the cream was applied, Lavender started talking again. "You were going to ask me for advice about fulfilling Ron's fantasy, weren't you?" Lavender said, with a shocked voice borne of sudden understanding.

Hermione was glad for the opacity and thick texture of the cream; it was hiding her blush. "A bit more than that, actually." Lavender stopped brushing her hair in mid stroke. "I told Ron about that day in fifth year, and he got really excited. I got to thinking that maybe you might still, you know."

"Mmm," Lavender sighed as she brushed through Hermione's hair. "I remember that day. You were so timid then. Now look at you, propositioning me in my own shop." Lavender began to snip Hermione's hair. "Sadly though, I must decline. Pity that. Tell me, is he as big as his wand suggests he is?" Hermione smiled.


"Oh that's not fair. I want one of those." She giggled and Hermione couldn't help but join her. "Does he know how to use it?"

"Do you cut hair for a living?"

"Yes, and very well I might add." Hermione said nothing, merely smiled. "Damn, some girls just have all the luck, don't they? Next, I suppose your going to tell me he cooks too."

"Better than I do."

Lavender finished cutting her hair without saying anything else. Hermione felt her hand being lifted and her manicure begin. "Are we doing your toes today, too?" Hermione indicated that she wanted the full treatment today. "So, whose idea was this?"

"Mine, really. I mean, Ron put the idea out there, but he didn't expect me to take him up on it." The two girls talked for a long time about their relationships, the kind of sex they enjoyed, and gossiped. "So, do you really think it's a bad idea for me to do this for him?"

"Since he hasn't pushed you for it, maybe not. If you do it though, make sure he understands that it's a one time deal and that you won't do it on his terms, only yours." Hermione took this advice whole-heartedly. After all, the last time she had taken sex advice from Lavender she had landed her future husband. "When are you planning on doing this?"

"His birthday is in three weeks. I thought it would make a really great birthday present."

Lavender giggled and affected an interviewer's voice and stance. "We're here with Ron Weasley, youngest of the fabled Weasley Boys and husband of the Deputy Mistress of Magical Law. Tell me Mr. Weasley, what did your wife give you for your birthday?" She then tried a poor imitation of Ron’s voice. "Oh, a threesome with the voluptuous and beautiful Lavender Brown, who, by the way, is a great fuck."

"Lavender!" Hermione said in a scandalized tone, but laughed none-the-less. Both women laughed a great deal as they continued to embellish on Lavender's original statement. Finally, Hermione got serious again. "Are you saying you're available if I go through with this?"

"I don't know dear. I really don't know where Seamus and I are going. If you don't find anyone else, give me a call in a couple of weeks and we can discuss it. One condition if I do though."


"I've never been in a house where a man cooks before. I want Ron to cook for me." Hermione breathed a sigh of relief; that would be easy. She knew there wasn't anyone else she would approach about this. If it wasn’t Lavender, it wouldn't happen


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