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The owners of the Miss Madelaine's Magical Toy Box took a special interest in the visit of one Hermione Weasley to their store. Now they hatch plans of their own.
This is a work of fan fiction. The characters are the property of their respective owners. I own the story line.

Angelina took a moment to re-orient herself after Apparating from her office. Katie’s note had said to come immediately; so she had dropped everything and rushed over, half expecting to find MLES pawing through or confiscating their stock. However; a quick look around the store-room and a glance down to the sales floor showed no signs of trouble. Perplexed, she made her way down the back stairs and into the office of Katie Jordan, her longtime friend, sister-in-law, business associate, and fuck buddy. Katie sprang from the chaise and hustled Angelina into the room. The door clicked shut and locked; Angelina heard Katie cast an anti-listening charm.

“What’s gotten into her?” Angelina asked her other sister-in-law, Alicia, referring to Katie. A shrug was Alicia’s only response as she slid over to make room for Angelina on the couch.

“You’ll never believe who was just in here!” Katie exclaimed.

Angelina gave her younger friend a scrutinizing stare. Katie was bouncing on her toes, her hands clasped behind her back. Angelina considered for a long moment the most unlikely candidate she could come up with. “Molly,” was her off-hand response. She felt Alicia shudder next to her as Katie stopped bobbing.

“Ewww!” Katie responded, her face transforming from glee to revulsion.

Now it was Angelina’s turn to smile. “Thank Merlin’s ghost for that. I don’t think I need those kind of images, nor would I ever be able to face my mother-in-law again.” The other two women nodded in agreement. “So, who was it?”

Katie’s response was to pull out a longish-medium length dildo of reasonable girth and slap it down on the coffee table.

“Ron?” Angelina speculated. “Not a big deal, he’s been in here before.” However, Katie was looking even more excited and secretive now.

“Hermione!” Alicia exclaimed in disbelief.

“And you’ll never believe who she was with,” Katie replied with a knowing nod. After a dramatic pause she leaned forward and whispered, “Lavender Finnigan. Here’s the best part; I overheard her say to Hermione, ‘so what am I in for tonight’ and Hermione looks at the collection of dildos and picks up ‘The Little Brother’.”

Angelina sat back as Alicia gasped and leaned forward. “You don’t think…” Alicia stammered.

“I do,” Angelina said sagely. “I didn’t think she’d go through with it.”

“Go through with what?” Katie asked as she collapsed on to her chaise, reclining against its sloped back.

Angelina had the full attention of the other two now. She stretched out and propped her feet up on the coffee table. “Our little brother and his wife have been branching out lately.” The expression of the other two seemed to be caught between disbelief and excitement. “I wonder if she,” she said, and paused to tap the nail of her index finger against her front teeth. “Yes,” she answered herself, sitting forward.

“What,” Katie and Alicia asked in unison.

“I think it’s time to bring the younger siblings into the group. The twins’ birthday is in a month. That should be the perfect opportunity.”

“I don’t know,” Katie replied. “It’s a long way from a three-way with your school room-mate to an orgy with your in-laws. I don’t think Hermione’s that broad-minded yet.”

“And I’m not so sure that Ron would willingly share his wife with his brothers,” Alicia added.

“Oh ye of little faith,” Angelina chided with a smile. “Don’t you remember the last party? Hermione didn’t balk once at a dare; including trading underwear with Fred in a cupboard, and a small one at that.” She grinned wickedly at the other two. “Fred says she has very soft hands.” She gave a satisfied smirk at the other girls’ gasps. “All she needs is a few glasses of wine to get her started.”

“And Ron?” Alicia prompted again.

“Even easier,” Angelina replied with a wicked grin. “We’ll just have to invite Bill and Fleur.” She took in the doubtful looks of her sisters-in-law. “She’s French, from Paris. We’ll make it sound very chic and urbane.” With a sudden flash of insight she leaned forward. “We’ll make it a costume ball, a masquerade if you will.”

All three girls were getting excited now. “We’ll have a costume ***********ion at our place next Friday,” Katie supplied. “Wine, costumes, lingerie…”

Angelina noticed that Katie’s thighs were squeezed tightly together and flexing. She could almost smell Katie’s musky scent. She licked her lips and swallowed. She noticed Alicia had noticed as well. “I think,” Angelina whispered conspiratorially, “that we should invite Harry and Ginny, too.” She smiled with satisfaction as Katie’s eyes got wide then closed again in dreamy expectation.

“But who will Ginny…” Alicia trailed off.

“Lee will be there, and so will Harry.” Angelina gave Alicia a hard stare and nodded towards Katie, who now had her hand between her thighs as they flexed. “And of course, all of us girls; Ginny won’t be lonely or bored.”

Angelina got up and walked around behind Katie while directing Alicia to kneel on the floor in front of her. “Tell me Katie,” Angelina whispered, her breath blowing warm across her ear, “would you like to do that? Would you like to shag your little-sister-in-law?” Katie moaned an affirmation, then whimpered as Alicia reached up and tweaked the nipple poking against her shirt. “Maybe you’d like to look down and see her red hair spilling over your lap while she licks your hot cunt.”

“Ohhh,” was the moaned response as Angelina slid her hands down the inside of Katie’s shirt and squeezed her breasts. Katie began to pant as she lifted her hips so that Alicia could strip her naked from the waist down. Alicia teased her unmercifully, licking the insides of her thighs, barely kissing the mound of her pussy, licking at the bare skin. Angelina was no kinder as she teased at kissing the young vixen, dragging nails lightly over her abdomen and flanks, catching all those little ticklish spots that turned her friend on so much. Katie settled even deeper into the chaise, so that she was almost laying down.

Angelina had never been able to resist Katie when she was like this: half-naked, panting and whimpering, needing nothing so bad but for someone to give her just a little satisfaction. She dropped her knickers and hiked up her skirt. “Is this what you want?” Angelina asked as she stepped over the edge of the chaise and settled her crotch against Katie’s mouth. Instantly the other girl’s tongue sprang to action and began licking the dark outer lips of Angelina’s pussy. She purred with delight as the tongue teased its way into her. As though acting by proxy, Angelina reached out and guided Alicia’s face deep into Katie’s crotch. The intense whimper of pleasure made Angelina’s body hum. She loved the way the Katie licked pussy, she had yet to find her equal.

Angelina stood there for a couple of minutes, slowly rotating her hips over Katie’s mouth while watching Alicia’s tongue swirl over the clit just inches in front of her. “Mind if I try some of that?”

Alicia looked up and smiled. “Be my guest.” She pushed Katie’s knees up and out, giving Angelina easy access to the full opening.

“Thanks, sis.” Angelina leaned in and gave Alicia a sumptuous kiss. Almost reluctantly, she broke away and leaned down to kiss Katie. She had a new decoration; a gold ring pierced her clit and dangled like some kind of obscene pirate’s accoutrement. She would just have to try it out. With just a few of swirls of her tongue she teased Katie’s clit into something that resembled a small erection, then she sucked it between her lips. Katie’s scream seemed to travel all the way through her body and out her own mouth. With a little careful maneuvering Alicia licked and teased and gently pulled at the lips before her until finally Katie begged them for mercy. The final spasms and whimpers of Katie’s orgasm triggered Angelina’s own, which Alicia seemed only too happy suck the screams from as she crushed their lips together.

Angelina watched, curious, as Alicia stood, brushed her knees off, and put her jacket back on. “Done so soon?”

“I need to get back to work. Besides,” she gave Angelina a wicked smile, “I’m saving it for later. I’ve been teasing George mercilessly for the last few days, but I won’t let him do anything about it. I think tonight I’ll take advantage of him.”

“Naughty girl.”

“I may even borrow Fred if you don’t need him.”

“Are you asking?”

“Do you mind?”

“Nah, I may be pretty tired by the time you get home. I haven’t had any time with Katie since before Christmas.”

“Thanks. Have a good time.” Alicia reached down and picked up the dildo off the table and laid it down between Katie’s open thighs. “You may need this later,” she said with a knowing smile. Angelina barely noticed Alicia leaving, as she turned and pulled Katie into her arms for a long, deep kiss.


"Damn," Hermione said as she kicked the table. The room around her was quiet, despite the number of people gathered in the plush room. "I can't believe Elizabeth beat Maureen to the snitch." The fact that the season was over for Ron was little comfort. Yes, she would be glad to have her husband on weekends again, but the Cannons had trained hard this year and come close. Weekend after next the playoffs would start without them for the one hundred twenty-third season in a row. Maybe next year.

"I'm sorry Hermione," Ginny said. "For what it's worth, you'll have your husband home weekend after next."

"So will you," Hermione replied. "This means Puddlemere has been mathematically eliminated."

"Damn," Ginny swore and kicked the table.

"Cor, mates, she's right." Lee slumped down in his seat. "This is a sad day, Hermione knew more about the season ending standings than I did."

"Corrupted her right proper, we have," piped in George.

"Can it George," snapped Angelina. "Hermione's a proper Quidditch wife, of course she knew how her husband's team was doing." She looked to Alicia who gave her a near imperceptible nod. “Why don’t you make yourself useful and pop down to the refreshment stand and get me some cotton candy, I’m sure Alicia would like some, too. Oh, and a ginger-pumpkin slushee. Take Fred with you to help you carry it back.”

“Oo, ginger-pumpkin slushees,” Ginny cooed. “That sounds yummy.” She turned to Harry and batted her eyelashes. “Please,” she wheedled. Harry groaned and got up.

“Harry can get it all, then,” George quipped, settling back into his seat.

“Does he look like he has six arms?” Angelina shot at him. Hermione smiled to herself as she watched the exchange. She had often wondered how the twins, Lee. and their wives all lived in one house and worked together without strangling each other. “As a matter of fact why don’t you take all your brothers and bring back a side of roasted water buffalo or something. I’m getting hungry.” George scowled at her and turned to the door, grumbling something to Fred as he passed him. They scooped up Charlie and Harry on their way out.

“Lee, what are you still doing here?”

“Well, you said brothers, and, right, I’ll just…” Lee scampered out the door behind the exiting gaggle of red-headed men.

Fleur stood and began pulling her cloak on. “Perhaps Bill and I should be going.”

“Actually,” Angelina said, all traces of irritation and rancor gone from her tone. “Fleur, would you stay for a bit? There’s something I’d like to talk to you about.” She gave Bill a wink. “It’s girl stuff, you don’t want to be here anyway. Would you mind making sure your younger brothers don’t spend too long in the pub?” Bill gave a snort of laughter and shook his head before leaving the room.

Angelina watched the door for a full ten seconds after Bill left, while Alicia moved down to the front of the box and glanced over the front edge before closing the windows.

Angelina picked up a bottle of wine and poured herself a glass. “Have another glass, girls, we’ve a while before the boys return.” She waited while everyone poured. “First, I would like to propose a toast to all of us for surviving another season and keeping our men on track. To the Wicked Weasley Witches Coven, long may we share our frustration and freckly family.” A general chorus of ‘here, here,’ went up around the room. “Now, I have a proposition for you.”

“You’re propositioning me?” Ginny said with mock innocence. Everyone was distracted when Katie began to choke on her wine. After a moment she said she was fine and the floor was ceded back to Angelina.

“As you girls know, Fred, George, and Lee all have birthdays coming up in a couple of weeks. This is usually a pretty big to do. This year the boys will be thirty, so it should be something really special.”

“Shouldn’t we have Molly and Penelope here for this discussion?” Hermione asked, knowing they were just across the stadium in the Minister’s box. Katie choked again and decided she’d had enough wine for a while. Alicia and Angelina looked to be sharing some kind of inside joke.

“Not really,” Angelina said with a knowing smile. “Now normally, we- Katie, Alicia and I; take our husbands out and paint the town red for their birthdays. It’s gotten to be something of an event in certain circles.” She cleared her throat self-consciously. “Last year we spent a pretty considerable sum of money keeping some of the more sordid details out of the paper. Percy would just have a fit, and Molly would have died of embarrassment; probably never would have spoken to any of us again. And we all know how much our husbands value their mother’s good opinion, despite what they may say to the contrary.”

“I’ll drink to that,” Hermione said, surprising herself. Glasses were tipped all around in general agreement. She wondered idly what they had done, but was glad the file had never crossed her desk.

“So, this year we thought we’d scale it down a bit,” Alicia took over. “It will still be a party to remember, but we’d like to restrict it to a more *********** group.”

“What kind of party are we talking about here?” Ginny inquired.

“It will be a party in two stages. One for general celebration, and one for the more adventurous members of the family.” Angelina stretched out her legs and propped them up on the chair in front of her. “Stage one will take place at the shop. It’ll be open to the general public. We’ll have the usual fare- drinks, refreshments, games, music, dancing in the streets. Pretty much we’ll take over the block and throw a big party. We should get a pretty good turnout this year, the twins’ birthday falls on a Sunday. We figure the bobbies will show up about ten to shut us down. That’s when the real fun starts.”

“Oh,” Ginny interrupted. “Then we could move it over to the Erumpent and Dragon, it’s pretty close to the shop. That place is always a party.”

“An intriguing idea,” Katie piped in, “but I think we might get arrested if we move the party there. What do you think Alicia?”

“Definitely; arrested if we’re lucky. That’s of course assuming they’ll let you back in.” Alicia took a drink of her wine to avoid answering any more questions.

“Actually,” Angelina spoke up again, “from there we take it back to the cabin in Anglesey for a, uh…” She waved her wine glass around as though searching for the word she wanted.

“A, uh… Quidditch party,” Alicia said helpfully.

“I’m afraid I’ll have to pass” Hermione said. “I’m no good on a broomstick. I can’t imagine doing it while inebriated.”

“You might be surprised what you can do after an evening of dancing and drinking,” Angelina replied. Hermione was sure that Angelina’s face was about to rupture from the laughter she was holding in. She cleared her throat. “And I’m sure the broomsticks won’t be a problem either. This is a different version of Quidditch, it’s Co-Ed Naked.”

“Grab your snitch and go,” Ginny laughed, then sputtered to a stop. “This is… Quidditch in the bedroom, isn’t it.” Angelina raised an eyebrow in agreement. “With teams?”

“More like a free-for-all,” Alicia added helpfully.

Hermione had to make an effort to close her mouth. She was pretty sure she had just been invited to an orgy; she really wasn’t quite sure how one reacted to that kind of invitation. After all, good-girls raised in Oxfordshire didn’t go to orgies. Of course, good-girls from Oxfordshire didn’t do the dance of seven veils and have threesomes with their school friends either. An orgy though; not to mention with her family- well in-laws anyway. On the upside though, many of the boys had the same good looks and broad shoulders of her husband. This led her down the path of wondering how else they might be similar, and some very interesting thoughts began to invade her mind. She had always found Bill to be very attractive in a roguish way, to say nothing of what he did to a pair of tight jeans.

Hermione was so lost in her own thoughts that movement of a chair next to her made her jump. “You okay?” Ginny asked as she sat down next to her and leaned in close.

“Yeah, you just startled me.” She hadn’t realized until now just how much cleavage Ginny was showing. She tore her eyes away and looked up at her face.

“So, what do you think? You and Ron going to go?”

“I don’t know,” Hermione answered slowly. “It just seems kind of…”

“Odd?” Ginny offered. Hermione nodded her agreement. “I’m going to convince Harry we should go.”

“But Ginny-”

“I know most of the guys will be my brothers. Lee will be there though, and mostly I’m going to try something new.”


Ginny leaned in closer and whispered. “We could, that is if you wanted to, maybe… what we talked about before you and Ron and Harry got together.” Hermione nodded in understanding. “This is the perfect opportunity.” Ginny’s nervous smile made Hermione shiver. She remembered how pleasant her time with Lavender had been the week before, but she started substituting Ginny’s breasts and lips for Lavender’s and the idea excited her even more.

“I… I’d have to talk to Ron first,” Hermione said in a nervous whisper. “I mean, what would Ron do while you and I… you know.”

“Are you kidding,” Ginny teased. “Alicia, Angelina, Katie, maybe Fleur- he won’t know where to start.” Hermione frowned at that thought. “On the other hand, think of the possibilities for you- Bill, Fred and George, me and Harry, not to mention the other girls and Lee. Imagine Hermione, you could be sandwiched between Bill and Charlie, wouldn’t that be fun?”

“I, I just don’t know,” Hermione replied; although she was already trying to figure out how she could bring it up with Ron. She turned to call Angelina over for a few quiet questions, but she was deep in conversation with Fleur. She looked around, unsure who else to ask. Alicia got up and walked over to them.

“Everything okay Hermione?” Alicia asked as she sat down next to her.

“I’ve got a couple of questions,” she replied, hoping she didn’t sound as nervous as she felt.

“Me too,” Ginny added.

Alicia motioned to Hermione. “Is this… no... How long has this… been going on?”

“Were you going to ask if this is normal?” Hermione nodded her head, feeling very self-conscious. “Not in most families, but then the Weasleys have never been most families. As to how long we’ve been doing this- Katie, Angelina, and I have been sleeping with each other and swapping boyfriends since we were probably sixteen. During our last year at Hogwarts, the other girls in our dorm didn’t come back; so Katie moved in and it was just the three of us. Things got a little crazy sometimes.” Alicia turned an eye to Ginny. “Didn’t they, Gin?”

Ginny blushed and laughed a little. “A little bit. I still can’t believe the three of you stood there and watched me give Lee a blowjob.”

Hermione choked a bit on that. It seemed Ginny had left out a few fairly important details.

“Worked though, didn’t it. I still think you should have brought Harry up so we could make sure you did okay.”

“But then I would have had to share him.”

“You’ll have to share him if you bring him to the party. You are planning on coming, I gather.” Ginny nodded enthusiastically. Alicia smiled and turned back to Hermione. “Any other questions?”

“Well, what are the rules? I mean, do you sleep with just your partner in a room full of people, do we go off by ourselves, do we have to have sex with everyone or anyone who asks? How do partners get picked?”

“Entirely up to you, dear. Usually when we’re doing this with people who don’t know each other intimately, we play some kind of game and let it go from there. You can sleep with whomever, where ever you want, and anybody can say no to someone else. Those rules have to be understood by everybody, up front. It’s a party, we want to make sure everyone has a good time and wants to come back.”

Hermione paused, tapping her finger against her tooth. “Why this year? Why not last year, or next year after Bill and Fleur are married, or… Christmas?” Hermione said flippantly, trying to play off her discomfort with the subject.

“Angelina said the time was right. She has a knack for these things so we didn’t question it.”

“Oh, okay.” Hermione didn’t say anything more, but gave Ginny a significant look. “There wouldn’t be anybody from outside the family there, would there? Oh god, mum and dad won’t be there, will they?”

“No, no, no. Just the twins, Lee, me, Katie, Angelina, and then if you come. I don’t know about Bill and Fleur, but it wouldn’t be the first time for Bill, though it would be the first time since he’s been with Fleur. Charlie will probably show up too, he usually does. Maybe this year he’ll bring a date.” Alicia leaned back in her seat and took a drink of her wine. “So, Hermione, do you want to come?”

“I, uh, need to talk to Ron first.”

“I understand, but the question I asked was do you want to come.”

Hermione tried not to jump when Ginny’s bare foot rubbed up the back of her calf. She looked at Ginny, just to make sure that it was her foot. She was wearing a broad, falsely innocent smile and winked at Hermione. “I, I think I might.” She looked down at the table, feeling her blush creep up her face. “I can’t believe I just said that.”

“It’s okay to be nervous,” Alicia said, taking Hermione’s hand in hers. “Most people are the first time; especially people who grew up in quiet, respectable families from Oxfordshire.” Hermione could not miss the emphasis that Alicia placed on the last part. Suddenly, it dawned on her what Alicia meant.

“You’re one of those Spinnets?” Hermione felt embarrassed about the way she said it even as she blurted it out. She remembered summer evening garden parties surrounded by adults showing off their highly accomplished children. She remembered Christmas receptions in a large manor house, decorated with enormous trees and expensive gifts given to the attendees.

“My grandfather,” Alicia replied, as though somehow embarrassed by Hermione’s discovery.

“I had no idea.”

“Neither did I until I was home at Christmas and met your parents. Think of all the years I could have been corrupting you.” The girls all laughed; then Alicia raised Hermione’s hand and kissed it on the fingers. “Everything will be fine. If you have any questions, give me a ring.”

Ginny grabbed her hands after Alicia left. “Hermione, this is going to be so much fun. You have to come.” She leaned in closer. “Just think, me, you, and Harry in the big brass bed upstairs.”

“Don’t get carried away. I mean, what if Harry or Ron don’t want to go? What if I change my mind?”

“Please don’t, Hermione. I can’t tell you how much I want you to say yes. Don’t you worry about Harry, and if Ron is reluctant, ring me and I’ll help you figure it out.”

She had to admit, she had thought about what it would be like to be with Ginny several times over the last few weeks. She pulled Ginny’s fingers up to her mouth and kissed them lightly. “I’ll be there, Ginny. I’ll be there and you can watch me change into my night clothes, and ask me into your bed, and kiss me and touch me, and I’ll kiss you and touch you back.”

“Thank you,” Ginny said in a very quiet voice.


As Angelina had said and Ginny had suspected, the boys were all in the pub, gathered round a large table and boisterously arguing the outcome of the match with several other patrons. Harry was gesticulating wildly and slopping beer as he vehemently argued the case that the Cannons problem was not a lack of technical skill, but a lack of confidence in themselves. Ginny smiled to herself, despite all his assertions to the contrary Harry was still a Chudley fan at heart. Of course, since Ron had been promoted to Team Manager at the end of the previous season, the entire family had at least taken a passing interest in the Cannons. ‘Oh well,’ she thought to herself, ‘maybe next year.’

She wound her way through the crowd to Harry’s side. “Are you drunk yet?” she whispered in his ear.

“Pleasantly buzzed,” he said with a roguish smile and tipped his Guinness back to swallow a fourth of the glass.

“Perfect,” she said with a wicked smile, “just enough to be useful.” Harry looked at her and raised an eyebrow. “You have exactly sixty seconds to take me home and fuck me silly.”

“Alrighty then,” Harry said with a wide grin. He tipped his head back and Ginny watched his Adam’s Apple bob up and down as the dark liquid drained from the glass.

“Are you sober enough to Apparate?”

“I feel like I could do anything.”

“No, you’re not.” She shook her head and laughed. As if Harry needed to find courage or confidence in the bottom of a pint. She leaned in close to him and rubbed his crotch through his jeans. “Just my luck, you’d splinch that glorious John Thomas of yours right off; which would be a real shame in its current condition.” He continued to lengthen and stiffen under her ministrations. “Grab my arm.” She ignored the whooping and hollering of Fred and George as they looked at her and realized what she was doing. With a smile, a flick of the wrist, and a pop, Harry and Ginny arrived in their bedroom.

Harry stumbled and fell onto the bed. “So much the better,” Ginny said. Another flick of her wrist and Harry was naked. She quickly divested herself of clothing and crawled over Harry. He grabbed her waist as she pulled even with him. “Not this time,” she said and pulled away from him. She straddled his face and grabbed a handful of hair. “Lick it.”

“Are you trying to tell me what to do?”

“Yes, I am. Now, dammit Harry, lick my cunt.”


Ginny almost screamed in frustration; here she was on the verge of a fantasy fulfilling orgasm and Harry was playing games with her. She decided to give him what he wanted. “Please, Harry. Please lick my hot little cunt.”

“That’s better, but not very convincing.” The smile he gave her was wicked and teasing. He knew exactly how badly she wanted it and he was going to take full advantage of her for it.

“Please,” she wheedled, “please let me feel your tongue on my clit. Please suck on my pussy. Let me cum for you.”

“My, my,” Harry said, as he blew across her damp crotch and made her shiver. “Somebody is terribly randy, isn’t she?”

“Please,” she begged in frustration.

“Tell me why.”

“Can’t,” she panted as his breath teased her damp, sensitive skin, “can’t think straight, need to cum. Please Harry, make me cum in your hot mouth. Please lick my cunt.”

Ginny shivered in ecstasy as Harry ran his tongue over the sensitive, bare skin around her pussy. Despite how much he had teased her and made her beg thus far, he now set about the business of pleasing her. His tongue pierced her and swirled inside her. She begged him to keep at it; encouraged him to go deeper, lick harder and faster. His nose brushed over her clit and she let out a hiss of pleasure.

“Is that what you want?” Harry teased her, flicking his tongue over her clit.

“Yes!”Ginny was slowly losing her mind. Ever since Angelina’s invitation all she had been able to think about was getting her pussy licked by her sisters. Harry attacked her clit, flicking his tongue hard across it, pressing his tongue to it and swirling it around, or sucking it into his mouth and nibbling a bit. When she had her first orgasm, he held tight to her hips and kept her from moving. She begged him for mercy as he continued to work over her sensitized clit and swollen pussy. Finally, after her third hard orgasm, he let her fall to the bed.

“Does your pussy feel better now?” he teased as he rolled her onto her back and took hold of her ankles as he crawled between her legs.

“Be gentle,” she said, pouting out her bottom lip.

“This she says after she threw me on the bed and threatened to suffocate me.” Harry took hold of his cock and slapped it against her engorged clit several times. In response her pussy opened a bit and she could feel it getting wet again. Harry owned her body and soul and she knew it. She felt every inch of him as he slid into her. “Tell me why you’re so hot,” Harry commanded after he nestled himself deep inside her.

“Angelina is,” her statement was interrupted by her own moaning as Harry began to stroke slowly in and out of her.

“Is what?”

“Is making it possible,” she panted as Harry sped up, “for you to have your fantasy of- fuck, your dick feels huge, of… multiple partners.”

“How?” Harry asked, his tone disbelieving as he stopped.

For years Harry had wanted to see Ginny with another partner. He had dreamed of fucking and being fucked by multiple partners. In the few weeks since his encounter with Ron and Hermione his fantasy had expanded to include both men and women in those partners. She had long wanted to give him that special treat, but they had always been too afraid to approach anyone about it for fear that their story would get sold to a cheap tabloid or be used to blackmail them later.

Ginny took a deep breath to settle herself and told Harry all about what Angelina had planned. His eyes twinkled as she told him about her plans to seduce Hermione. He fairly smoldered as she talked about what it might be like to help him tease and please Katie, who she had long thought he had a secret crush on. He fucked her silly as she fantasized about what it would be like to have both him and Lee filling her. When she mentioned the possibility of Harry being stolen away for a quick shag by one of her brothers he went rigid and came deep inside her with a rumbling growl.

“I take it you want to go,” she said with a wicked smile after he had recovered his senses.

“I take it I’m not the only one,” he grinned back.

“We’ll owl Angie after we get out of the shower.”


Everything was perfect. There were just enough candles of the right scents to be truly relaxing, Sade was playing softly on the CD player, a bottle of wine chilled in the bucket and a glass had been poured, and the water temperature was perfect. Angelina dropped her silk robe on the floor and glanced at herself in the mirror. She told herself she wasn’t vain, not really, but as she looked more carefully she could see what kept men watching her long after it was inappropriate. Her coffee-with-cream skin was exotic and sexy, and hid those little blemishes that were always the undoing of girls with milk-white skin. Her breasts were still full and high, but they were starting to show the first signs of sagging, in another year or so she wouldn’t be able to wear t-shirts without a bra. She hefted them and ran her hands over them, the skin was still smooth and unblemished and her dark nipples still responded quickly to even her casual touch.

She sighed as she ran her hands down over her ribs and stomach. The little bit of roundness she had picked up as her arse had filled out and her hips spread was still there. It seemed no amount of sit-ups or crunches would ever make it go away. She had toyed with the idea of surgery or potions, but she was reluctant to take chances with such a fine body over so small a thing. Her hand continued lower and encountered the first bits of stubble before running into the patch of dense pubic hair she kept for decoration. She contemplated just shaving it bald tonight, but she was proud of the little ‘FA’ that had taken her half-an-hour in front of the mirror. She had three weeks until the party, if she shaved it tonight she would have just enough time to grow out something new. That decision made, she caressed one leg then the other. The time spent running was still paying off, her legs were firm and smooth.

Last but not least she turned and gazed at her arse in the mirror. She had never been completely happy with it, she always felt it was just a little too large. Granted, she didn’t want a scrawny little bony ass like Katie’s or Hermione’s; but she’d always wished for something a little tighter than what she had, maybe more like Alicia’s. She felt her’s was just a little too big to be appropriate for a thong, and she adored wearing a thong- probably because it drove Fred crazy with lust for her ass when she did. She rolled her eyes at herself and her vanity as she turned off the light and walked to the tub.

She had just gotten comfortable when she heard a creak on the landing outside her room. There was no knock, so she assumed it must be Fred. ‘Oh well,’ she thought to herself, ‘so much for a quiet bath.’

“Post for you, from my little sister,” Fred said as he entered the room and stopped to look around. “Nice, very seductive. Were you planning on seducing me tonight?”

“That was a quick decision,” Angie replied, ignoring her husband’s other remarks. She held out her hand for the envelope.

“It’ll cost you,” he said as he licked her palm.

“That was gross.” She dipped her hand in the water and dried it on a small towel beside the tub.

“You never complain when I lick you like that during sex.”

“That’s different, that’s during sex.”

“I thought this was foreplay.”

“Not yet, dear. Now give me the envelope.” Fred stepped up on the wall of the tub at the opposite end from her. “Frederick Archibald, if you put that nasty shoe in my bath water I swear by power of Merlin himself I will tie you to the bed and leave you there for a week.”

“Oo, baby,” Fred teased, waving his foot above the water.

“And I’ll slap a Sucking Sylph on your dick and leave it there for the whole week.”

“A week?” Fred cried in horror and snapped his foot back. “I wouldn’t be able to have sex for at least a month after that!”

“Which means you would miss your own party.”


“Yes, party. Now, give me the envelope, that’s what it’s about.” Fred handed her the envelope and began stripping out of his clothes. She watched him for a moment and laughed at his ridiculous moves. “It’s a good thing you don’t have to make a living doing that.”

“Well, this is the lousiest stripping music I’ve ever heard.” He started hopping across the room on one foot as he tried to pull his pants off, then finally fell over in the doorway. Angelina laughed at his antics and slid back down into the water as she opened the envelope. She smiled and slipped the note back into the envelope, then set it alight over one of the candles beside her. “I don’t remember inviting you,” she said as her, now naked, husband slipped into the bath.

“I don’t remember you telling me I couldn’t.”

“You’re incorrigible,” she said as she smiled and chuckled. Suddenly her expression changed. “Get your toe out of there! Pervert.”

“But you know how much that turns me on.”

“That’s your brother that has the foot fetish.”

“No, I’m George. I have the foot fetish.”

“Fred, your dick points the wrong way for you to be George.”

“You can’t even see my dick right now. So how would you know?”

“I saw it when you got in. Besides, that’s just the most obvious difference. Now, would you kindly remove your big toe from my cunt. Thank you.”

“Spoil my fun.” He exaggerated a long, droopy frown that made her laugh in spite of him. “Besides, I might have a foot fetish. If you let me do that, maybe I’ll develop one.”

“Okay, let’s find out.” She lifted her foot out of the water and pointed her toes at his mouth. “Suck them.” He made a face and leaned over just enough to barely kiss the tip of her toes. “I told you so. If you were George you’d be sucking the toes of one foot and stroking the other.” She lowered her foot back into the water.

“So, what’s this about a party?” he asked.

She moved around until she had Fred’s dick caught between the soles of her feet, and then began to rub a bit. “Us girls thought it might be a better idea to keep you boys home after last year’s debacle. We lost four months’ profit in those payoffs and repairs. But, this is your thirtieth birthday so we had to do something to spice it up. We decided to invite some new people this year.”

“Anybody I know?” Fred asked as he reached below the water to rub her calves. “By the way, that feels really good.”

“I noticed,” she said with a smile. “Bill and Fleur agreed to come. Actually, Fleur accepted for both of them.”

“Are we talking about the same kind of party here?”

“Yes, we are: Roman party, kind typically thrown by Caligula.”

“Nice,” he said with exaggeration as he nodded.

“Ron and Hermione are discussing it.”

“Are we talking about the same Ron, my brother, and his wife Hermione, former Head Girl and Lead Prosecutor for the Ministry of Magic?”

“The same; I think she is intrigued by the idea. Ron, I have no idea about but I’m hoping that Fleur will tempt him.”

“Interesting, I wonder if the rest of her is as soft as her hands.”

“And I just burned Harry and Ginny’s enthusiastic acceptance.”

“That’s,” he stopped for a minute and thought, “going to be different. Did you invite Percy and Penelope, too?”

“No. I have my suspicions about them, but I don’t think they would ever share it with the family. Percy wouldn’t trust you two to keep the secret.”

“You know something about them, don’t you.”

“I don’t know anything.”

“But you suspect?”

“Fred, you know I don’t discuss that side of the business with anyone.”

“You realize this is going to drive me crazy.” The water started to ripple as she moved her feet back and forth. “That’s not what I was referring to.” She smiled and gave her best, ‘who, me?’ look; the one she had learned from him. He shook his head and smiled back. “This means that George and I will have to curtail certain activities. I don’t think some of the other siblings would understand or be very accepting of it.”

“You’re probably right. Bill and Charlie won’t care, they already know. Ron, though, would never understand. Ginny would be crushed, I think. She idolizes you two and I don’t think she would want to see that.”

“I think you’re wrong there. She would want to see it, I just don’t know if she’d understand it. That girl has all the makings of a serious voyeur. You did know that Extendable Ears and I’ll See You Laters were both her idea, didn’t you?” Angie shook her head. “Yeah, she likes to hide in closets and go through people’s stuff. I’ve seen her watch me masturbate. She was hiding in my closet and I didn’t know it until I was about half done; so I gave her a show. She never said anything about it, but I knew, and she knew I knew. I also caught her stealing my magazines, but that was when she was much younger.”

“No wonder she was so excited. I had no idea she was such a naughty little girl.”

“Enough about my siblings though.” He looked meaningfully at the razor on the side of the tub. “You’re getting rid of our initials?” She explained that she wanted something different for the party. “Would you like some help with that?”

“I thought you’d never ask.” She hopped up on the edge of the tub and spread her legs for him. She was eager with anticipation as Fred crawled across the tub and stopped just a hair’s breadth from kissing her mound. “Don’t tease.” She hummed with pleasure as his tongue extended and slid along the edges of her labia before circling her clit and flicking back and forth a few times. “That’s a good boy. Lick my pussy.”

“Boy?” Fred stood up and shook his cock at her. “I got your ‘boy’ right here.”

“And he’s such a nice little boy.” She kissed the head of his dick. “But you’re not done yet.” Fred gave her a look that promised she would pay for her remarks later. She looked forward to it, he always made her pay in the most delightful of ways.

“Wand or razor?” he asked. The wand had the advantage of being done quickly and thoroughly. The hair wouldn’t grow back for a couple of weeks and none of it would be missed, even the sensitive areas. However, it would also be done with a word, and well, what was the fun in that.

“Razor, since you’re here to help me.” She leaned back and propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch him. First, he scooped handfuls of water from the tub and let it run over skin in rivulets that poured slowly from his cupped hands. When she was thoroughly wet, he spent an inordinate amount of time lathering the small triangular area- just to make sure she sufficiently prepared for him. He picked up the razor and pushed the button so that it vibrated and buzzed ever so slightly. They waggled their eyebrows at each other, he in insinuation, she in tacit approval.

With long, sure strokes, borne of much practice, he deftly removed the stubble until a single stripe of foam remained. The pleasant buzz of the razor combined with Fred’s playful fingers had brought her close to a state of ecstasy, but he was deliberately keeping her from going over. “That makes me sad,” Angelina said as Fred sat contemplating his target, the razor poised for its final stroke.

“I did like the ‘FA’,” he replied, “it was very nice. A fine bit of work you did, and a nice surprise.”

“I meant sad that you’re almost done.”

“Not done. Merely done with this step.” With a single stroke, her pussy was now completely bald. “So beautiful.” He leaned forward and placed a single kiss just above her clit. “Needs something though.” He rinsed her off and then picked up a bottle of scented oil. He poured liberally over her skin and rubbed it in with hard, broad strokes of his hand. As he began concentrating more effort between her legs, she could feel the cold sensation running down her cleft and into the crack of her ass. Fred also seemed to notice and began to massage the fluid into there as well. Finally, sensing her desire and need, his tongue snaked into her folds and caressed her clit. Her moans of pleasure egged him on until at last she clamped her thighs down on his head and came with a scream.

“Fuck me!” she sighed as she began to come down from the high of a long anticipated orgasm.

“I thought you’d never ask.” Fred pulled her back into the tub and pinned her to the sloped wall. The water began to ripple, then break, and finally sloshed over the edges of the tub as he fucked her with his whole body. He had braced his legs against the opposite wall of the tub and was able to lean in to every stroke. Just as he was about to reach his full forward penetration she would buck her hips into him. Her freshly shorn, hypersensitive skin sang with pleasure as his rough pubic hair rubbed over her and tickled her clit.

“Fuck, that’s nice,” she groaned as she grabbed his earlobe in her teeth. His moan was accompanied by a brutal thrust that lifted her off the bottom of the tub. He kept thrusting hard into her as she dug her nails into the meat of his ass and pushed back against him.

“Turn around,” Fred growled in her ear as she squeezed his nipple.

“I’ve got a better idea. Sit on the deck and face the mirrors. I want to watch you fuck me.”

After he was situated, she stepped in front of him and he grabbed her hips as she squatted over his lap. “This is gonna be fuckin’ wonderful,” he said as he spread her arse open. His dick slid into her anal canal with minimal resistance due to the combined fluids that covered them both. “Have I ever told you how much I love fucking your ass?”

“Every time,” she replied as she pushed back onto him. While not the largest of the brothers, at least the ones she knew about, she loved the way his cock filled her ass. Every time he slid it in there, she felt like she was going to come apart at the seams. She watched herself as she ran hands over her body, up into her hair, then back down to play with Fred’s balls. He was in a state of sheer bliss, his head rolled back and his eyes closed as he held her and bounced her up and down. “Fuck, that’s nice,” she said as he moved one hand from her hip to her clit.

“Yes, it is,” he replied. “I love the feel of your cunt after you shave it.” He rubbed his hand over the area, making sure to tease her clit and open her folds as he did so. “Grab your tits for me, I want to see you lick your nipples while I fuck your ass.”

“Like this, you mean?” She squeezed her nipples between her fingers and lifted first one, then the other to her waiting tongue. The entire time she kept eye contact with Fred in the mirror a few feet away.

“Exactly like that. Fuck yes!” he shouted as she started clenching her sphincter around him. “Gonna make me cum in your ass.” He grabbed her hips again and started to pound her even harder. “Don’t let that pussy get lonely.” His groans got louder as she spread herself open and started to finger herself, watching him watching her. “Tell me what it tastes like.”

She slid a finger deep inside herself, then back out and held it up so they could both see it glisten in the guttering candle light. She sucked all of it into her mouth and closed her eyes, reveling in the soapy, tangy, smooth flavor that was her and her bath oils and the shaving cream. “Oh fuck yeah, you’re such a hot and nasty little slut. Gonna cum deep in your… aagh! FUUUUUCK!” He pulled her hard against him and shoved as deep as he could.

She could feel every muscle twitch and every spasm his dick made. She could feel the pulsing of fluid through the vein under his cock as it passed her anus. She was so close, she pinched her clit between two fingers as his semen set her insides on fire. “Fuck me!” she screamed as she came in an explosive burst. She wanted to keep milking Fred as long as she could, but she could barely keep herself upright as the final waves of orgasmic pleasure rippled through her body and dripped away.

“Fuck, that was good.” Fred said as he leaned his sweaty forehead against her back.

“Good enough to do it again?” she asked. “My cunt is feeling a little neglected now.”

“I can do that.”

“I know you can.” She looked at herself in the mirror; her skin glistened in the candle light. “I need a shower now, meet me there.”

“My pleasure,” he said with a smile as he kissed her shoulder.

“Mine, too,” she said with a smile. “Mine too.”
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