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Paradise Found
This story was posted several years ago and was removed from the site because it originally described sexual activities between under-aged teens. It was written to be a coming-of-age story and I wasn’t thrilled when it was deleted because there was nothing pedophilic about it. However, I don’t own the site so I don’t make the rules.

It has taken me quite a while to rewrite it so that all the parts fit together. It was a lot of work, but it’s also one of my favorites. I have compressed the story line so all participants in sexual acts are eighteen or older. I hope you enjoy it. There are five segments.

Chapter 1

I think I was in fifth grade when the first Harry Potter movie came out. My buddies Ted and Josh begged me to see it with them and since we were our own version of the Three Musketeers I agreed. We were into the movie maybe a half hour when I looked over at them. They were really into it. I could see the rapt expressions on their faces. Me? Well, let me put it this way—if I was texting I would have written “LMFAO.” I couldn’t let my buddies see me but I was definitely laughing myself silly inside. Robes? Wands? Messenger Owls? Hogwarts School of Magic? What a crock! And believe me, I should know. When other kids were learning the “Alphabet Song” and “Twinkle Twinkle” I was learning my first spells. I’m a wizard. My dad, a top executive at a Fortune 100 corporation, is a full-blown warlock, something I hope to attain when I turn 21 like he and my grandfather before him did. You’d be surprised how many key people in business and politics are warlocks and witches. We even had a recent president and his wife among our numbers. My mom is a witch with a lot of magic at her disposal, but instead of working she’s a stay at home mother.

I always try to use my magic for good. It’s something my parents insist on, and so far I’ve only hurt two people, but in both cases it was for a really good reason. In fourth grade a kid named Alan Hamilton was bullying all the other kids, stealing their lunch money. Alan was a lot bigger than all of us having been retained in primary school at least once that we knew of, but probably more than once judging from his obvious stupidity. One morning while Ted, Josh, and I were walking to school Alan cut us off with his bike. Throwing it to the ground he turned on us as Ted and Josh tried to retreat. I just pointed at Alan, whispered an illusion spell, and stood my ground. When Alan finished turning he turned white with fright--facing three king cobras was not anything he could have anticipated. When he ran back to his bike another spell made him trip, getting tangled in the bike frame, and break his leg. I caught a lot of shit from my mom about that but Alan’s bullying days were over.

The other incident took place in eleventh grade when Sarah Cunningham was bragging about how big her tits were in front of poor Mary Patricia O’Brien while she teased Mary Patricia mercilessly about being flat-chested. What the hell did she expect? Mary Patricia (MP to me) was a lifelong friend who lived only two doors down from us and her mother was as flat as an ironing board. I walked over to the girls. “Really nice of you, Sarah,” I interjected. “You’re a real bitch.” I put a protective arm around MP and walked her away as she broke down into tears. Time for some magic, I thought. I turned MP to me and unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse.

“Jeremy! What are you doing?” MP exclaimed.

“We have an old family custom…a superstition, really,” I told her as I moistened my thumbs in my mouth. I put one thumb on each of her “breasts” and told her, “Think about them growing. I’ll do the same and, just maybe, it will work.” I closed my eyes and scrunched up my face like I was really concentrating. What I was really doing was reciting a growth spell—MP was going to have tits, and really good ones, if I had anything to do with it! I turned toward Sarah and did the same to her with one big difference. A growth spell has to be turned off or it will go on forever. Looking at MP’s frame I figured that somewhere between a B and C cup would make her look really hot so that’s where I stopped her. Sarah—well, I never did turn her off. She wanted big tits and she was going to have them.

Three weeks later—just days after her eighteenth birthday and a week after mine--we were on the way home from school. MP and I walked the last few steps to our homes. “Jeremy,” she whispered as though she had a secret, “please come over in a few minutes. I have something to show you.” MP and I are the oldest students in our grade. The school district has a cutoff date of December 1st for kindergarten enrollment. A child born on November 30th can start kindergarten in September at age four. Born just one day later and you have to wait until the following year no matter how smart you might be. That’s why we were eighteen while many of our friends were barely sixteen.

She turned and ran to her house. I looked at her, totally confused. Before I could react further I got a telepathic message from Mom telling me she needed me in the kitchen. That’s one of the special abilities we all have—we can send and receive messages telepathically. “OK, Mom, I’ll be right there,” I sent back. After helping her I told her I was going over to MP’s house and then I’d start on my homework.

I walked in the door without knocking as I always did saying “Hi” to Mrs. O’Brien before heading to MP’s room. “You decent?” I kidded her before opening the door.

“Come on in, I want you to see this.” I saw MP sitting on her bed topless. She took my hand, pulling me to sit next to her. She led both of my hands to her chest. There were two small lumps there where previously there had been nothing. I felt them in awe. “It’s working, Jeremy, it’s working! Your family superstition is giving me boobs.” MP was elated. Two weeks later she invited me to her room again and once again she brought my hands to her chest. By now she was somewhere between an A and a B-cup. It was wonderful to feel those firm soft mounds topped by beautiful pink nipples. Three more times I’d feel them before they made it all the way to C’s.

Sarah, however, was learning that having big breasts wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. She had probably been between a B and a C-cup when she started but three months later she was an H. A month later she must have been an HH. Kids started “mooing” every time she walked down the hall, and in the cafeteria it was even worse. I was feeling pretty good about all of it until my mom cornered me after school one afternoon. “I went to the high school for PTA this morning; I saw Sarah Cunningham. Her breasts weren’t grown “naturally,” were they?”

I gulped a few times before explaining what and why I had taken action. I told her I’d take care of her right away. “What about MP? Was that your handiwork, too?”

“Yes, Mom, I couldn’t stand to watch her get teased by the other girls. They were so cruel. You know what her mom looks like. MP was going to wind up just like her. Now she’s feeling really good about herself.”

“OK, but you’d better take care of Sarah immediately. I heard she’s thinking about surgery so you have to deal with it and the sooner the better.” I said the appropriate spell, Mom smiled at me, and Sarah’s breasts began to shrink. I set it up so the shrinkage would occur pretty quickly so there’d be no need for an operation and I left her at a D which should make her pretty happy after her ordeal.

Giving MP boobs proved to be one of my best ideas ever. I started going over to her house, and by March it was every afternoon, to feel, rub, and suck on them. In no time at all MP would start moaning like crazy. How her mom didn’t hear us I’ll never know. Maybe she did and just figured it was all part of growing up. Everything was going pretty well until a Friday afternoon at the end of the month. When I walked into MP’s room she was completely dressed and looking down. I sat on the bed next to her and lifted her chin with my finger. “What’s wrong, MP?” I asked showing my concern. “Did I do something to hurt you?”

“No, Jeremy. I’m the one who’s done something. Actually, it’s because I’ve done nothing that I’m upset.”

“Huh?” Boy--was I confused. I spread my arms starting to ask a question but nothing came out. I didn’t know what to say or ask. Fortunately, MP saw my distress. She started to laugh. “Jeremy, you are so sweet. First, you rescued me from that awful Sarah and then you helped me get boobs and then you’ve been coming over here every day and making me feel really good!”

“OK,” I responded, “but what’s the problem?” I was still confused.

“That’s just it, Jeremy. What am I doing for you? Nothing!”

“Well,” I said with a sly smile, “you ARE letting me play with those nice tits of yours.”

“Yeah, well, duh! If you knew how good it feels when you rub them and play with my nipples you’d understand why. But, what am I doing to make you feel good? Not a thing, and that’s why I’m upset with myself. My mom had a big talk with me last night…about sex. She told me it was all about giving as well as you’re getting. She told me that she’s heard me moaning but she’s never heard you.”

“What? Your mom knows what we’ve been doing? Great, I’m really going to catch it from my folks now. They’ll never let me come over here again.”
MP put her finger to my mouth to quiet me. “My mom is really cool about my growing up. She knows I’m going to experiment and…well…she likes you. She’s not going to tell your parents. She’s not even going to tell my dad. So starting today I’ve decided to help you feel good, too.”

“OK,” I replied with a big smile on my face, “just what did you have in mind?” Rather than tell me MP showed me by pulling me into my first real kiss with a girl. MP had the sweetest, softest lips and when she pushed her tongue into my mouth I felt like I was in Heaven. “Wow!” I exclaimed when we broke the kiss, “That really made me feel good.”

“Oh, Jeremy, you can be so silly sometimes. That was just a kiss. It was great but not quite what I had in mind.”

“Then…uh…,” I was tongue tied again.

“Simple, Jeremy, I’m going to play with your penis,” she said calmly as she reached for my belt buckle. Slowly she opened my belt and unbuttoned my pants. Her eyes never left mine as she pulled my zipper down and removed my suddenly rock hard cock from my briefs. I was dumfounded by this development. I’d never seen this side of MP; maybe I was just too close to tell the forest from the trees. After all, other than Ted and Josh she was my best friend.

MP pushed me back onto the bed and lay next to me as she started to stroke my cock. “My mom says that guys just love this. Do you love it, Jeremy? I like doing it to you.”

“I do love it, MP. You can do this to me anytime.”

“Is this how you masturbate, Jeremy?”

“Yeah, MP, I usually do it when I go home after seeing you and your beautiful tits. Speaking of which why don’t you let me play with them while you play with me?” MP sat up, removed her shirt and bra and returned to her place next to me. She stroked me slowly at first while I suckled and massaged her glorious breasts.

“Is this your sperm?” she asked suddenly. I explained about pre-cum, suggesting she touch it and rub it over my cock. “Oooooh, I like the way it feels…kind of slippery, but how does your sperm come out?”

“If you stroke it a little faster and harder you’ll find out.” Taking my suggestion MP gripped me tighter and ran her hand up and down my cock faster and faster, I kissed her hard as I twisted her nipples. We groaned in our ecstasy at exactly the same instant. “Damn, MP, you’re doing it. I’m going to cum.” MP broke the kiss and sat up a bit, leaning on her arm, to see what was about to happen. With a sudden grunt I shot almost three feet into the air. When it fell to my abdomen it was replaced by another not quite as high. All told I squirted five times. When I was finished I lay exhausted on MP’s bed.

“That was really interesting, Jeremy, and really sloppy. I guess it’s really better in my pussy.”

That got a swift reaction from me, believe me. I shot up and looked at MP questioningly. “Not today, Jeremy, I’m not ready, but when I am you’ll know. I need to make you more familiar with my pussy before I let you fuck me. At least that’s what my mom says.”

“Wow,” was all I could say. “You really have some great mother.”

“Yeah, I do, don’t I.” She leaned over to kiss me again before walking to the bathroom for a towel so she could clean up the mess I had made.

Chapter 2

Now I couldn’t wait to get to MP’s after school. My relationship with Ted and Josh suffered but, truthfully, I didn’t really care. They couldn’t give me anything close to what MP was giving me and as we continued to meet, so we also ratcheted up the stakes. It was early April when she first took me into her mouth. I had entered her room and stripped as usual. MP was topless, also as usual. I guess she wasn’t quite ready for me to deal with her pussy. We pulled each other into a long passionate kiss. I could feel her braces with my tongue, something I found surprisingly arousing. Our tongues wrestled back and forth between our mouths. MP broke the kiss, gave me a brief peck on my lips, and smiled wickedly. Then she moved down my body until her head was even with my throbbing cock. She reached out with her tongue and licked my cock head, removing some of, but not nearly all of my pre-cum. “Ummmm, pretty tasty, Jeremy. I think I’d like some more.” That’s when she took the entire head into her mouth. I should explain about my cock. It wasn’t until I was ten that I realized my cock was pretty small, probably not more than four inches long, and that was with a monster erection. I recited my favorite growth spell, transforming it magically onto a much larger organ. After the spell it was a hefty five inches long soft, and eight-plus inches hard. More importantly, it went from just one inch across to more than two. I gave it one more treatment, making it the exact perfect size for any girl or woman I might fuck. Big pussy or small I was going to be just right. Now, in MP’s mouth it was at its maximum size as she struggled to swallow it. Up and down her head moved as she washed my cock with her active tongue. “Damn, MP, you’re driving me crazy doing that.”

“Don’t cuss, Jeremy. I know you like it. My mom told me that this is the favorite thing for most men, even more than fucking.”

“Well,” I commented, “I’m not in a position to say either way but it sure is great. If you keep that up I’m going to cum. I’m getting really hot.”

“Go ahead, Jeremy. Mom says guys love it when they cum in a girl’s mouth, too. I’m going to do it for you. I figure I owe you.”

“MP, you…don’t…owe…me…anything.” I was barely able to get the words out when suddenly, “Oooooh, God, I’m cumming. I’m cumming, MP.” I felt my balls clench and my cock expand in her mouth as my first jet of baby cream shot into her throat. She struggled to swallow my load as I shot repeatedly into her mouth, but she managed to get almost all of it. The little bit that escaped was scooped up on her fingers and licked off promptly. MP climbed up onto the bed and we held each other.

“MP,” I whispered, “now it’s my turn to feel guilty. Don’t you think I should make you cum? I know you like when I play with your tits, but that’s not anywhere as good as cumming, is it?

“You’re right, Jeremy. I thought I was doing all this for you but I didn’t think of it from your side, that you’d want to do for me what I was doing for you. Here, wait a minute while I undress.” She rose and dropped her slacks and underwear, what I later learned were called panties. I looked at my friend naked for the first time and, for the first time realized what a beautiful young woman she was becoming. MP was about five feet five inches tall and couldn’t have weighed much more than one hundred pounds. She had long red hair and freckles over much of her body, but not on her gorgeous tits, or on her fine firm butt. She had the beginnings of a narrow waist and flaring hips. She was, without a doubt, the sexiest woman I had ever seen. When she turned back to me I could see that she had red pubic hair that was trimmed short and shaved back from her legs, I guessed for her bikini bathing suit.

MP lay back on the bed next to me. I’d felt her skin on mine before but this time her contact sent shocks through my system. I pulled her into a close embrace for a long lingering kiss. “MP,” I whispered, “you have to show me what to do. I want to do it right for you.”

She turned onto her back and spread her legs. “See out here,” pointing to her pussy lips, “I like to have these rubbed. It gets me really excited. In here is my tunnel where one of these days I hope you’ll fuck me. You can stick your finger in there and fuck me with it. That’ll feel really good. Up here on top—give me your finger—feel that hard little thing? That’s my clitoris. Rubbing that will make me cum, but do that last so I can build up to it, OK?” She withdrew her hand and crossed her arms behind her head. It was up to me now to take care of her. I followed her directions carefully rubbing her whole pussy with the palm of my hand. I guess it was OK because MP started moaning almost immediately. I did this for maybe two or three minutes then I ventured into her with my middle finger. I couldn’t believe how hot and wet and smooth she was. I pumped that finger into her and when her moaning increased I did it faster and faster. “Now, Jeremy. Touch my clit now…please! I touched her lightly and that was all it took. She shuddered several times and then it seemed that she experienced some whole-body muscle spasms. Finally, she stopped and lay still. “You can stop now, Jeremy. That was fantastic. We can do that every day. I think that we’ll be ready for fucking pretty soon.” Wow, that was good news!

Chapter 3

MP and I had several classes together and one of them was Health, a course that I thought was mostly a complete waste of time, at least until the last week in April when we started the Sex Education part. It was one of the few times you could hear a pin drop in the classroom. Ms. Finley, a good looking brunette with really big tits was our teacher and I know all the guys and, probably a lot of the girls, were wondering if she had gotten this knowledge firsthand. We learned all about the male and female anatomy and how both sexes reacted when stimulated which was pretty interesting but we were all waiting for the really important stuff—how to fuck! Ms. Finley opened the class by asking if we knew what a condom was. There was a lot of giggling and tittering in the room, but a stern look from Ms. Finley put an immediate end to that. She showed us several brands of condoms and opened a foil package so we could see what the actual condom looked like. Then she proceeded to roll the condom down a cucumber (I guess she couldn’t use a real penis without getting into big trouble!). We were extremely attentive, actually staring at the demonstration, so I was surprised when MP turned around, looked me in the eyes, and mouthed the words, “I’m ready!” She smiled broadly at my reaction which was to almost fall out of my seat.

When the class ended MP was waiting for me in the hallway. “Did you mean that, MP? Are you really ready to…you know?”

“Yes, Jeremy,” she was practically whispering in the noisy corridor, “I am ready for you to fuck me. My mom and dad are going out tonight so I will be home alone until after midnight. I told them I would get you to come over to keep me company and they said it was OK. You can fuck me tonight. I have some condoms from my mom.” She leaned over to kiss me briefly on the cheek even though that was strictly against the rules. Ms. Finley saw her but fortunately let it slide. We parted toward our respective classes but I couldn’t wait for the day to end.

MP and I were surprisingly quiet on the walk home. Even Ted and Josh commented. We were still friends, but no longer the Three Musketeers. Dropping them at their homes, MP and I were free to speak so I asked her, “Are you sure you want to do this, MP?”

“Why, Jeremy? Don’t you want to? I want to fuck you.”

“MP, it’s all I’ve thought of since we started fooling around. I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

“I’m glad,” she said, leaving me at my house, “see you at seven.” She blew me a kiss and I went into my house, meeting my mom in the living room. Telepathically she asked me how my day was and I responded in the same way.

“I understand you’re spending the evening with MP. Her mom called me today and asked if you could. Is anything going on between you two that I should know about?”

Now there is one thing you never do with a witch, wizard, or warlock, and that is lie. We have a special radar that tells us immediately if you’re telling the truth. Believe me that was one of the reasons why I always behaved so well in school. I knew I couldn’t ever lie to my parents. I also knew I couldn’t lie now, either. “Yes, Mom, we have been experimenting with each other for a few months now.”

“I see,” she responded. “Is anything going to happen tonight?”

“I certainly hope so,” I replied, a smile on my face.

“Well, I only have two things to say. First, be careful; second, don’t hurt MP. She is a really nice girl and your dad and I really like her.”

“Yes to the first, Mom, and no to the second. I really like her, too.”

“You understand, Jeremy that this is just normal growing up fun, that you could never marry MP or anyone else who is not a person of magic, don’t you?” This was another big issue between the Harry Potter movies and our lives. We almost never married normal (non-magical) people unless there was no opportunity to marry one of our own kind. So far I hadn’t ever met a young eligible witch, but we lived near a major metropolitan area so I had some hopes.

“Yes, Mom, I understand that. I just hope I meet someone who qualifies.”

“Something tells me you will, Jeremy.” She kissed my forehead and hugged me. Somehow, no matter how much I grew up I always felt safe and loved in my mother’s embrace.

We had dinner early so I’d have plenty of time to clean up before going over to MP’s house. At 6:55 I kissed my mother good bye and hugged my dad. He shook my hand, slipping two condoms into my hand. “Have fun, Son,” he called to me as I was half-way out the door. Jeez, I wondered how many people knew about this.

“I will, Dad,” I called back. In less than a minute I was at MP’s door. This time I was going to knock, but MP was there to greet me. We walked into the living room where her mom and dad were making their final preparations before leaving. They went through a list of final instructions for MP before I interrupted, telling them that my mom and dad would be close by if we had any problems. Mrs. O’Brien kissed MP good bye then approached me. She just placed her hand on my cheek and smiled then left with her husband.

MP closed and locked the door, turning to me when it was secure. We were both obviously nervous. For the first time in our lives we were without words for each other; we just stood there and stared for almost ten minutes before we simultaneously broke out laughing. MP came to me across the room, melting into my arms. We kissed tenderly at first then with ever increasing passion. MP was grinding her lips into mine and I was grinding back. She opened her legs so she could rub her pussy up and down my thigh. Eventually, we broke the kiss, took each other’s hand and walked slowly to her room. The drapes were already drawn closed and there was low romantic lighting. I pulled MP into another kiss as my hands fell to her breasts. She moaned softly into my mouth as her hand found the growing bulge in my pants. We pulled apart briefly and I began to unbutton her blouse. I pulled it down her arms laying it on a chair. I reached around her to remove her bra, but my inexperience showed and I struggled for almost a minute before MP took mercy on me and unclasped it herself. Meanwhile, MP had removed my shirt and was working on the belt and zipper of my shorts. After a few minutes we were both naked. Once again, I pulled her close, savoring the touch of her hot skin up and down my body as she pressed those delicious breasts into my chest. Together we fell onto the bed.

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t use magic to bend MP to my will and fuck her sooner. That’s strictly against The Code which governs the people of magic. Should I be discovered forcing MP, or any girl, to fuck me through the use of magic I could lose my powers—forever. And, don’t forget, I can’t lie to my parents or any other witch or warlock. The risk was just too great. It was better to take my chances like every other guy. But now it looked like I was going to get very lucky.

We groped each other for what seemed an eternity but were only a few minutes before we were ready to…. I looked at MP before telling her, “I’ve heard that the first time for a girl can be painful and also…uh…messy.”

“Oh, Jeremy, I can’t believe you’re so sweet to me. There’s nothing to worry about. I broke my hymen over a year ago fucking myself with my hair brush and, you’re right, it was …uh…messy. But, don’t worry, everything will be OK tonight. You ready?”

I nodded and moved between her legs before jumping off the bed entirely. “Condom,” I told her before she could ask. I pulled one from my shorts pocket just as she brought one from under her pillow. We both giggled again. I tore it open and was about to place it on my cock when she took it.

“Let me,” she whispered. Gently she rolled it down my hard cock just as Ms. Finley had showed us. I moved forward placing my cock at her entrance. When I hesitated just a second or two MP pulled me into her. I glided into MP’s tight cunt effortlessly thanks to the lubricant on the condom and the fact that she was dripping wet. I couldn’t believe how tight and warm her pussy was as it squeezed my cock. Of course, my magic had made my cock just the exact perfect size for MP’s tunnel. I tore myself from my reverie to see how she was doing. Her breathing was shallow and rapid and she had this goofy smile on her face. “You OK?” I asked, stroking her face.

“Oh, yes, Jeremy, never better. Does this mean we’re a couple now?”

“I guess it does. I couldn’t be happier.” We began a rhythm, moving together—with each other, grinding into and against each other. We weren’t at all experienced but we managed just fine as we built our way toward our mutual orgasms. To prepare myself for tonight I had masturbated in the shower; I wanted to last for MP, not only because I didn’t want to embarrass myself, but because MP deserved the best I could give her. I noticed her breathing change as she grunted and moaned louder and faster. I reached down to tickle her clit and she came forcefully, thrusting her hips up almost a foot and holding me there until it subsided maybe thirty seconds later. She held my head and pulled herself up for a long hot kiss as she forced her tongue deep into my mouth. I humped her faster and harder, and with a long grunt, exploded into the condom five times before I collapsed onto her. Remembering our Health class I gripped the condom tightly and withdrew from MP’s wonderful cunt.

“Why did you pull it out, Jeremy? I loved having it in me.”

“I was afraid some of my cum would leak out. I would never want to hurt you, MP.”

“Well, by next month we won’t need condoms. I’m going to the doctor Monday afternoon for birth control pills. Mom says I can get them if I tell him I need help regulating my period. Then we can really fuck.” I was too tired to speak so I just smiled and leaned in for one more kiss before getting up to flush the condom and wrapper down the toilet. We looked at the clock—it wasn’t quite 8:00.

I started to get up. “Do you think we should get dressed, MP?”

“Not if we want to do it again. My mom promised me she would keep Dad out until at least midnight so we have plenty of time. Mom told me that girls can usually do it over and over, but boys need some time to recover.”

“Gee, I hope I can recover in time,” I said climbing back onto the bed.

“Me, too,” MP replied, opening her arms to me as we fell together. We made out for almost an hour. It was the longest kissing session we’d ever had. I was playing with MP’s tits—massaging them sometimes gently, sometimes rough. I was surprised that MP liked it so rough. I pulled and pinched her hard nipples, not to hurt her—I’d never do that—but to heighten her pleasure. Several times MP broke our kiss to tell me how much she loved what I was doing for her. She inspired me to do something I thought I’d never do. I kissed my way down her body—her neck, her breasts, her navel and stomach, until my mouth was just inches from her pussy. I’d been giving her orgasms manually for several weeks but this was the first close-up look at a pussy I’d ever had—and was it beautiful!

I could smell her musky scent and see the droplets of her juice on her little lips. Her big lips were red and puffy—and so inviting. I leaned forward letting my tongue graze lightly against her skin. “OH, JEREMY!” was MP’s reaction. Encouraged, I licked again, this time allowing my tongue to barely enter her slit. Her taste was amazing. I’d never experienced anything like it. It was sweet and tangy and her supply of juice seemed to be never-ending. I started slurping up and down her pussy with zeal and it was taking all my strength to hold MP down, so frantic were her movements. When I moved my tongue up to her clit she grabbed my head, digging her fingers into my hair, as she pulled me firmly into her.

“You’re doing it, Jeremy. You’re making me cum. Oh, God it’s so good, so fucking good.” She was grunting non-stop and when she suddenly stopped she started to shake uncontrollably. I kept licking and sucking until she finally fell still. I noticed then that her skin was covered in a thin sheen of sweat. She pulled me up to kiss me. “Hmmm, so that’s what I taste like. Personally, I prefer you.” We laughed together, embracing and kissing each other as we rested.

About fifteen minutes later MP jumped up. When I tried to join her she pushed me back down while she moved her hands to my newly restored erection. “Let me take care of this and when we’re done we can have some of the snacks Mom left for us. She knows we’re fucking but she had to go through the motions for Dad. I don’t think he’d be too happy if he knew his ‘little girl’ was a fucking slut.”

“MP, don’t ever say stuff like that about yourself. You’re just a normal eighteen year old girl. Granted, you are super sexy, and super horny, but you are definitely not a slut.”

“Thank you, Jeremy. I’m so glad we’re a couple now. I really love you.” As she was saying this she was rubbing my cock up and down her pussy. I was already hot and she was getting herself there in a hurry. She surprised me when she sat on my cock. One second it was there, the next it was deep in her delicious pussy. We started to move together as we had earlier. I noticed MP was freer and more active on top—something I would definitely remember. MP was going crazy on my cock and even though I had cum twice in the past four hours there was no way I was going to last long under her attack. I knew MP was getting close, too. I pulled and twisted one nipple while I suckled the other. My free hand found her clit. It was hard as a rock and hotter than hell. She came amazingly hard considering she had cum only twenty-five minutes earlier. Seeing my beautiful lover and friend react like that was all it took for me, but before I came I pushed MP off. In our haste to fuck we’d completely forgotten the condom. My cum hit her in her tits and stomach. We looked at each other with a sense of relief. Thank God I’d remembered at the last second.

I checked her clock—9:47—still plenty of time before her parents returned, but we were both a mess. I pulled MP up, leading her to the shower as cum dripped down the front of her body. I stepped aside to let her into the shower first but she pulled me in with her. This was certainly a night of firsts—first fucking, first pussy eating, first shower with a beautiful hot girlfriend. We washed each other carefully as we kissed and groped each other. I turned off the shower and we dried each other slowly—in wonder of what we had done. I sent her to dry her hair, telling her I’d clean up the bathroom so her dad would learn nothing of our wonderful evening. Once she was back in her room a quick spell turned everything right—clean and dry, just as it had been earlier.

I walked back to MP’s room to dress and she looked shocked. “Uh…how’d you clean up so fast? It’s like magic.”

“No, not hardly; I’ve had lots of practice at home. I’m always helping my mom so taking care of this was child’s play.” She accepted my explanation as she returned to her hair dryer. As I turned around to pull on my shorts I whispered another spell—one that would dry her hair promptly. She commented that she’d never done it so quickly, but let it drop as we walked into the kitchen.

MP’s mother had made some brownies and left some chips and salsa. I opted for the brownies. MP went to the fridge for some sodas and ice while I cut the brownies from the tin, placing them neatly on a plate. Hand-in-hand we went into the living room. We turned on the TV and watched some stupid movie on HBO. MP was in a playful mood, feeding me bits of brownie from her lips. That was an offer I’d never refuse. Had MP worn a lot of make-up and lipstick I might have been concerned. I didn’t want her dad to know we’d been making out, let alone fucking. We talked, kissed, talked and laughed, and kissed some more. The time flew by as it often does when you’re having a great time. Before we knew it the clock read 12:15 and we could see headlights in the driveway. MP snuck a quick kiss and we settled back onto the couch. MP took my hand in hers and held it. I looked at her questioningly, but she held me even tighter.

Her mom and dad stepped in through the door a moment later. “Everything go all right, Mary Patricia?” her mom inquired.

“Just perfect, Mom,” MP replied with a huge grin on her face, “just perfect.” I rose to go but Mrs. O’Brien waved me down with her hand. “No reason to rush off on our account, Jeremy. Stay a while and enjoy yourself.”

“Yes, Jeremy, take your time. We really appreciate your helping out like this. Now that we know we can leave Mary Patricia on her own with you I think we’ll be going out more often. Good night, kids.” He turned and walked upstairs with Mrs. O’Brien following. She made the “OK” sign with her fingers and winked before she stepped out of sight. We waited until they were upstairs before speaking.

“Hear that, Jeremy?” MP asked excitedly. “We’ll be able to do this again and again. We’re going to have a great time together, aren’t we? Instead of answering I pulled her to me for a long hot kiss. MP put her hand on my leg and giggled. When I moved back a bit she said, “Sorry, but this’ll have to wait a bit,” as she moved her hand up and down my cock. We kissed again and again until almost two o’clock when I staggered home.

To my surprise my mom and dad were up waiting for me. “So, how was it?” my dad asked.

“Dad, it was phenomenal and so was she. If you don’t mind I’d just as soon skip the details, but it was a wonderful evening. I’m going to bed. G’night.”
Monday morning I got up a little early so I could call on MP for the walk to school. I took her hand as she walked out the door. I could see her mom in the doorway and she was smiling at the two of us. We walked down the sidewalk, hand-in-hand. When Ted and Josh saw us they did a double-take, but didn’t say anything. We stopped just outside the school and kissed briefly as we would every day until the school year ended.


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This is a very enjoyable little story.


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The only problem I see here is how the sexual stuff kind of starts out of nowhere. Also, the first paragraph of the 2nd chapter really could use some formatting :D

Otherwise I really liked this one. It's sweet and simple. Few writers describe the sexual acts as believably and descriptively as you do here :)

Also, luckily no one can stop my imagination, and I imagined the characters a few years younger, just like you had probably originally intended!

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