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After a couple of false starts, Hermione and Ginny finally get it right.
This is a work of fan fiction. All characters are the property of their respective owners. I own the story line.

Long Time Coming

It was the shifting of the bed that roused Hermione from sleep. It was the cool breeze blowing across her naked body that woke her. “Hey sweetie,” she mumbled as her husband’s silhouette passed in front of the window.

“Hey yourself,” a voice came back.

“Bill!” She grabbed the sheets and yanked them up over herself.

“A little late for modesty now, isn’t it?” he asked with a laugh.

Suddenly everything came back in sharp focus. The time spent by the hot tub; being cradled in Bill’s arms as he carried her in the house and stretched her out on her bed. The amazing feeling of his cock bending in a natural curve in her hand and the implication of what that curve meant when he entered her. She was glad it was dark in the room since she was sure she was blushing as she thought about her own behavior.

“I guess it is,” she said as she released the sheet and let it float it down over her body. She stretched, arching her back and throwing her arms akimbo. She released and curled up on her side as Bill crawled back into bed and stretched out next to her. She ran her fingers along the plane of his chest, following the lines of muscle that were slightly raised beneath the skin. “Thank you,” she said as she looked up into his eyes, “for being patient with me. I’m sorry I was… difficult at first.” She turned her face into his hand as it cradled her cheek, and kissed his palm.

“I understand.” He leaned over and kissed her on each eye. “I’m just glad I could help you enjoy it.”

“I most definitely enjoyed it,” she said as she took hold of his hand and ran her fingers along his palm. The awkwardness of the situation was beginning to intrude. She supposed she could just try and seduce him, which was certainly an attractive idea, but at some point they were going to have to get up and deal with the others. After all, she had promises to keep and fantasies of her own to fulfill. “So, what do we do now?”

“Depends on what you want to do. We could stay here all night and enjoy each other’s company. We could strike out together and see what kind of naughtiness we could find to participate in, I’m pretty sure I heard the sound of splashing in the hot tub. We could go our separate ways and see what we find. I’m game for whatever you would like to do.”

“Do you have anything in particular you wanted to do this weekend?”

“I wanted to get acquainted with you.” He leaned over and kissed her forehead while he entwined his fingers with hers. He brought their hands to his mouth and began to kiss and nibble on her fingers. “I’ve always respected and admired you for the work you’ve done, but I’ve always thought you were… pretty reserved. You’re pretty quiet most of the time.”

“Didn’t your mother ever tell you,” she said with a smile, “it’s the quiet ones you have to watch out for.”

Bill looked thoughtful for a moment, then smiled. “You realize that Percy is the quietest one in the family.”

As the thought processed, she wondered just how kinky that would have to make Percy, since he was a fair bit quieter than her. “Dammit, Bill!” She shook her head, trying to banish the thought. “This is your fault!” The mental image was too horrifying and cliché to keep to herself. “I just had the most disgusting thought. Can’t you just see Percy bent over the arm of a couch and being paddled or… something.”

“Mm,” Bill hummed with a speculative tone. “Penny in a dominatrix outfit, with her long blonde hair pulled up in a severe ponytail, tottering around in five-inch spike heeled boots. Oo, she could spank me anytime.”

“Oh, Bill, that’s just… wrong.”

“You can see it, though, can’t you?”

“Yes!” she shrieked in horror. “Bloody Hell, I have to work with them!” She smacked his chest, “For that, I’m going to make you get up and go get me some wine to scrub that image out of my head with. Ew!” She shuddered and started trying to push Bill out of bed. To make it worse, he was laughing about the whole thing. Knowing there was no way she could go back to sleep now, she rolled out of bed and started rifling through her closet for something to wear. She finally settled on a chemise with a matching rose colored silk dressing gown.

She took the hand that Bill offered her and followed him down the hall. She stopped as she passed George and Alicia’s room and put her ear to the door. One of the girls was definitely enjoying whatever her partner was doing to her. She nodded toward the door, asking Bill if he wanted to go in and see.

“Door’s closed, they want privacy. It would be very bad form for us to open that door. Granted, it would probably be overlooked if Ron is in there- spousal privilege and all. That’s why I closed the door when we went into your room. Any common area or room with an open door is considered permission to join in. That’s why Alicia and Ron could join us in the hot tub, but nobody joined us in the room. You can also always walk in to your own room though, even if the door is closed.”

“So if Ron and Alicia had ended up in my room, we could have walked in on them and… joined in?”

“Yeah.” Bill grinned widely. “It’s almost too bad they didn’t go to your room. That would have been fun.”

Hermione smiled back at him. “I was thinking the same thing.” She turned away from the door a little reluctantly. “Don’t go hiding from me this weekend, and I’ll see if I can arrange something.”

“Who would have ever thought you were such a naughty little girl.” Bill laughed, and then leaned down to kiss her before leading her down the stairs to the kitchen area.

Hermione could hear a great deal of noise coming from the den area and she craned her neck to look. Harry, Fleur, Katie, and the twins were all writhing over and around one another on the couch. She saw one of the twins disappear behind Harry, then Fleur straddled his lap and Katie knelt before them while the other twin entered her from behind. ‘Wow, that’s a lot of bodies in one place,’ she thought as she turned and followed Bill into the kitchen. She was very deliberately not thinking about what Fred might be doing to Harry.

“Damn!” Bill expostulated. “Gin, I don’t think I really needed to see you wearing that.”

“It’s a good thing I didn’t wear it for your sake then.”

“Who did you wear it for?” he asked as he walked past her and opened the fridge.

Hermione stopped dead in her tracks as Ginny winked at her. She was leaning against the island counter in the middle of the kitchen. Her hair and had been piled and curled so that it cascaded down one side of her neck and left the other side exposed. Her eyes and lips were heavily made up, but not excessively so. Her pale skin was sprinkled with freckles across her shoulders and generous chest, which was cradled in scarlet satin and black lace that drew the viewer’s eyes deep into her ample cleavage. The rich material continued down in a loose fitting camisole that stopped just above the matching G-string. The strings of which were pulled high up on her hips and made her legs look fantastically long. The coup de grace was the stockings, black silk with elastic tops that did not require suspenders.

Bill looked up when there was no response. “Ah, I see. I think I’ll be leaving now.” Neither woman paid him any mind as he grabbed his beer and disappeared out of the kitchen.

“God, you’re beautiful,” Hermione said, suddenly feeling very plain in her long gown and uncombed hair.

“Thanks,” Ginny replied, casting her eyes demurely down. “I hoped you’d like it when I picked it out.”

“You got that just for me?” She was flattered that Ginny had gone to all that work just for her. She had never really understood the attraction of fancy lingerie, until this moment. Now though, she was under the spell of Ginny and she took a tentative step forward, then another as Ginny moved toward her.

They stopped fractions of an inch from contact. Hermione looked up into the soft brown eyes of her friend and she felt like she was falling. She was hesitant to act, though she thought maybe she should since she was the older one and more experienced with other women. However, Ginny radiated an aura of sexual sophistication that left Hermione feeling like a school girl. She smiled to herself; in this case, a school girl with a naughty secret.

“So long,” Ginny whispered.

“I know,” Hermione replied. “I have a surprise for you, if you can wait a few minutes more.” She thought she was going to melt under the sultry gaze her friend leveled on her. She wanted to reach out to her, to touch her the way she wanted to be touched, to finally complete a promise made and fulfill a fantasy revealed months before. She resisted though, convinced that when Ginny saw what she had prepared for them that she would understand why she had to wait just a few minutes more. “For me Ginny, will you wait a few minutes longer for me?”

“I’ve waited half a lifetime for this moment. If you tell me that waiting a few minutes more will make it better, then I can’t help but believe you.”

Hermione panicked. Ginny had probably been thinking about this moment for weeks. She had gone to great lengths to prepare herself. She began to doubt she had made the right call. The die was cast though, and it was too late to change it now. “Head up to the attic bedroom, I’ll be there as soon I get something.”

Ginny kissed the tip of her finger and pressed it to Hermione’s mouth. “Don’t be long,” she said in a husky voice that could have tempted Satan himself. She trailed the finger across Hermione’s lip, down her chin and neck, across her shoulder and down her arm until their index fingers entwined and finally separated with a lingering want.

Ginny was gone before Hermione remembered to breathe again. She dashed to the fridge and poured herself a tall glass of water. She felt like she was on fire all over. She followed that with a glass of wine to calm her nerves. It was all she could do to walk to her room and not run. She pulled out the drawer where she had stashed the things she would need. She dropped her robe to the floor and tossed her chemise on the bed, she could hang them up tomorrow. She held up the underwear she had ***********ed. They had been hard to find, even Miss Madelaine’s hadn’t had them. It seemed that sheer red bikini panties just weren’t fashionable anymore. She pulled on the rest of her clothes, grabbed her wand and headed to the other end of the house where the ladder to the attic was.


Ginny fumed as she climbed the stairs to the second level. This weekend was not going at all the way she planned. Her encounter with Harry and Katie had been a total fiasco; the most frustrating thing about that was that she had no one to blame but herself. For thirteen years she had been either crushing on, or at least curious about, being with Hermione. She had decided now that the possibility was so close that she would wait for it. She knew it was naïve and kind of silly; after all Katie was far more experienced with women and was probably a better lover, but she had made her choice. She realized that part of her desire to be with Hermione stemmed from the fact that she could trust Hermione to forgive her if she got cold feet or turned out to be lousy at it.

The rope that pulled down the attic access hung before her. She considered going back down and telling Hermione that she didn’t want to follow her plan, she had one of her own that involved dragging her off to a bed and a bath. She grumbled to herself as she yanked on the rope. She ascended the ladder and stood before the door that separated a closed off room from the rest of the open storage area. Opening the door was like stepping back in time.

Tears began to form and she got choked up as she looked around. It was definitely worth waiting a few minutes more; she knew she should never have doubted her friend. The room was painted pale lavender and organized just like hers had been when she was younger. A single size bed was on the near wall, its white, wrought iron foot board just far enough back to avoid being hit by the door. A camp bed stood on the opposite wall and a white desk with a vanity mirror above it just like the one she used as a child was standing at the far end of the room. Pictures cut from magazines hung on the walls and wizarding snapshots were stuffed in the frame of the mirror or stood on the desk. The finishing touch was the stuffed dragon on the bed; it was exactly like the one Charlie had won for her at a carnival when she was just a girl. She picked it up and discovered that they were not exactly alike, this one didn’t have a secret pocket for hiding Harry’s love letters in.

She turned and saw herself in the mirror. She realized she was now dressed completely inappropriately. If Hermione wanted them to pretend they were teenagers again, she would go one step better. She tossed the dragon on the bed and headed for her room as quickly as she could. Fortunately her room was close by.

She unlocked the top drawer of her dresser and yanked it open. She pulled out the bottles, her last two, and set them on top along with a scarlet and gold hair ribbon. After a moment’s consideration, she added her favorite vibrator and a couple of other items. Her lingerie was dropped in a pile on the floor, and she rummaged through Harry’s t-shirts. She found an old Puddlemere shirt that Harry had last worn around the turn of the century and pulled it on. It stretched and pulled uncomfortably, the problem with marrying a man shorter and skinnier than herself, but it would fit just fine in a few minutes. In the bottom of her underwear drawer she finally found what she was looking for, a pair of yellow briefs with little blue flowers that she kept for when Harry was in that particular mood.

She grabbed her wand, the supplies she had gathered, and scampered back up the stairs. She enchanted one of the bottles to hover in front of the door and wrote ‘Drink Me’ on it after peeling off the label. She tossed the hairclips she was wearing on the desk and tied her hair up in a ponytail with the ribbon. “Here goes nothing,” she said to her reflection as she tipped the bottle up.

Her hair straightened and her skin tightened ever so slightly. She shrank a few inches and her boobs lost half their size as her hips narrowed and her thighs slimmed. The one down side of ‘School Girl’ was that all of her pubic hair grew back and her freckles always got darker, which annoyed her to no end but was faithful to her appearance back then. On the upside though, her stomach flattened and her butt tightened up. She turned round and watched herself in the mirror. With a sigh for her lost youth and girlish figure she quickly removed her makeup, which was too heavy and completely inappropriate for this Ginny. She straightened Harry’s shirt now that it hung loosely on her and adjusted her boobs. She had almost forgotten what it was like to have boobs that were only one handful. She heard a creak on the ladder and dimmed the lights as she jumped into bed. At the last second she grabbed her vibrator off the bed and crammed it into the dragon after tearing a seam. She laughed to herself as she turned over on her side and feigned sleep, it wasn’t the first time the dragon had hidden that for her.

Time was interminable as Ginny waited for the click of the doorknob. The anticipation was driving her crazy. She wanted Hermione now, but to hold her over she slipped a hand down the front of her knickers just as she had done on so many other occasions as a young girl fantasizing about the girl just outside the door.

“Ginny?” Hermione’s voice was quiet, seemingly unsure, as she called out in the near darkness. She pointed her wand at a candle by the camp bed and it flared to life. Ginny squinted her eyes open just enough to see. She thought about answering, but if Hermione was trying to create the particular night Ginny thought she was, then she should pretend to be asleep.

As she watched, Hermione turned to face her and unbuttoned her simple white blouse; thereby exposing the plain white bra beneath. She seemed to be deliberately ignoring Ginny, and went about undressing as though no one was watching her. After her bra came off with a simple front clasp, she stretched for the ceiling, then rubbed her hands over her breasts. Ginny realized that Hermione was undressing for an audience. It changed the nature of the game a bit, the roles weren’t as clear as if they were just pretending to be teenage girls who were unaware of the sexual tension between them. Ginny put the thought away for later though, as Hermione unbuttoned her jeans and turned her back so that she could shimmy out of them.

Ginny gasped for real when she saw that her friend was wearing the same style of sheer red knickers that she had worn all those years before. Ginny pushed her hand hard against herself as the long repressed feelings of longing flooded through her with the memories of that night. Her eyes opened wide as she watched her friend bend over at the waist and finish removing her jeans. Ginny could see she was wet, and it excited her even more. She shoved three fingers deep inside herself with a gasp as Hermione ran her fingers inside the edges of her panties then pulled the gusset tight against her pussy so that it pulled up inside her just a bit. Ginny couldn’t help herself, her moan was deep and longing, even as it hummed through her closed lips.

“Ginny?” she called again as she spun around. Ginny tried with all her might to stay impassive and feign sleep. However, when Hermione slipped her hand inside her knickers as though to adjust them, it was all she could do not cry out and another small whimper escaped her. She watched through shuddered eyes as she approached. The potion had worked perfectly on her. Hermione hadn’t changed much since she was 16, her breasts were just a tad smaller and her hair was longer; most of all though she radiated the beauty of awkward adolescent innocence. It was enough to drive Ginny crazy and she began to rock her hand back and forth, which she knew would be silhouetted through the sheet.

“What are you-” When Hermione flung back the sheet, it was the final straw for Ginny. The hand inside her shirt clamped down on her sensitive nipple as three fingers jammed into her cunt all the way to the last knuckle. “FUCK!” she cried out as the heel of her hand smashed against her clit and years of pent up tension and frustration exploded out of her in an orgasm unlike any she’d had in a long time, it seemed to last forever.

It wasn’t over though. Hermione reached down and pressed her hand to the front of Ginny’s knickers so that her fingers laid over the ones inside. The hand began to flex rhythmically, forcing Ginny’s fingers to keep moving inside herself, prolonging the waves of pleasure. Ginny arched as her shirt was lifted and soft wet lips closed over her nipple. Finally, the wave passed and she collapsed, panting to catch the breath that had been stolen from her.

Ginny looked up into the smiling face before her, the face that she had so long wanted to see looking at her that way. She was about to say something, but words would be inadequate for the release and joy she felt. She hooked a hand behind her lover’s neck and crossed that last great divide between friendship and passion. Kissing Hermione seemed as natural as breathing. Her lips were thin like Harry’s, but far more willing, and less aggressive. Ginny had grown used to following where Harry led, but now that it was her fantasy, her dream, she drove ahead with gusto. She kissed hard and sucked the breath out of her lover before opening her mouth.

Her tongue leapt forward and licked the inside of her partner’s mouth before she could respond. However, she was more than willing to play along as their tongues ‘twined around one another. She gasped as cold fingers caressed her breast and brushed her nipple. She released the hand that had been gripping her other nipple and drew her lover close. It was as she had always imagined. Hermione’s skin was supple, with firm muscle underneath. Her body gave way easily and eagerly invited exploration. Goose bumps rose wherever her fingers trailed and she learned the forbidden knowledge of her pleasure zones as moans and sighs rose and fell depending on where she touched.

Hermione was by no means passive though. After roving over the hills and valley of her chest, the exploring hand drew along her shoulders and touched a ticklish spot at the back of her neck. Ginny also discovered that the tops of her ears were slightly ticklish, and she shivered in joy as the discovery was exploited.

Ginny’s hand finally settled on the rise of her friend’s arse. It was small and soft, perfect for squeezing. She moaned as her lover’s hips drove forward against her. She raised her leg until it pressed hard against Hermione’s crotch, and she pushed back against it. All the while, her hand was being driven to rub her clit and stroke her pussy by the other hand that had snaked into her underwear. She felt it slide lower and another finger entered her. It was almost too much and she tried to clamp her thighs together to keep it there forever.

“Let me,” Hermione whispered. Ginny removed her hand and brought it to Hermione’s mouth. Before she could tease her though, her index finger was caught and sucked deep into her mouth. She could feel the tongue licking, caressing the finger as though she were making love to it with her mouth, like Ginny imagined she would give head. She didn’t stop as she took the second finger into her mouth, or the third. Lower, two fingers stroked her opening and bathed in her wetness before sliding into her. Ginny all but lost her mind when the fingers rotated over and a thumb pressed down on her clit.

“Cum for me, Ginny,” Hermione said softly as she held a finger between her teeth.

Ginny could have multiple orgasms, but normally Harry had to take her right to the edge of fantasy play to achieve it. Now though, she could feel it coming on more quickly than she would have thought possible. “Close,” she whimpered.

“What do you need?”

“Take me.” She prayed that Hermione would understand.

Hermione’s hand fisted in her hair and pulled her close as she crushed their mouths together. The pressure between her legs intensified as a third finger entered her. She enveloped her lover in her arms and pulled her closer as she offered herself up as a sacrifice. She was so close she thought she might explode. “Cum,” the command reverberated through her entire body as Hermione moaned the single word into her mouth. Her entire body went tense and she screamed into the lips that were locked to her own. After what felt like an eternity, she collapsed to the bed.

“Feel better?” Hermione asked, the corners of her mouth quirking up in a smile.

“Amazing,” Ginny replied as she looked up into the intense amber eyes. “It’s probably a good thing we didn’t do that when we were young. I might have thrown Harry over for you.”

Hermione laughed and kissed her gently. “I doubt that. Thirteen years ago I didn’t know a fraction of what I know now.” She kissed her nose. “I probably would have ruined it for you forever. That is of course assuming that I didn’t run screaming from your room.”

“Then I guess I’m glad we waited.” Ginny leaned forward and their lips touched, gently this time.

“I am, too.” Hermione stretched out and lay down next to her. Ginny shuddered as she withdrew her fingers; however her hand stayed where it was and the fingers idly traced random lines. “I hope you don’t mind that I didn’t do that quite right. I really wanted to try and act like we were both young and inexperienced, but I just couldn’t help myself.” She propped herself up on her elbow. “You looked so sexy lying there. I just had to jump your bones.”

Ginny laughed a bit. “I don’t mind at all. Like you said, it probably wouldn’t have been nearly as nice.” She turned over on her side and pushed Hermione on her back, though she was right at the edge of the small bed. “Now, I believe it is my turn.”

It took her a long second to decide where to begin. She had always loved Hermione’s eyes, but now that she knew her lips she was also drawn there. Then of course, there was the wonderland that was the rest of her body. Ginny dipped her head and began kissing her in the center of her forehead. Her eyebrows, her eyes, the bridge of her nose, the low rise of her cheek bones, the corner of her mouth, her rounded chin with its almost-dimple; she touched and kissed all of it. She had no idea if this would ever happen again, so she had to memorize every bit to fuel enough fantasies for a lifetime. As much as she loved Harry, there were some fantasies he just could not fulfill.

Down the length of her throat she kissed, then across her delicate shoulders. When her tongue ran back to the base of her neck, Hermione rolled her head to the side and moaned. Experimentally, Ginny did it again and was told to do it ‘just like that’. She thrilled at the discovery, the kind of thing that only a lover could know, and now she knew it. She attacked the spot: kissing, licking, nibbling, all of it seemed to drive her higher. A hand fisted in her hair and pulled her closer. She re-doubled her efforts until finally she was pushed away and she watched as Hermione lay panting under her.

“Does the entire family know that trick?” Hermione asked with a smile.

“I found it by accident,” Ginny replied. She was disappointed to find out the spot wasn’t her discovery; but she supposed that there would be nothing about her that Ron wouldn’t know by now. She kissed it one more time, “But I won’t forget it now.” With one last kiss and a sigh, she moved on.

It seemed her lover was following her lead now. Fingers trailed languorously over her body, raising goose-bumps and caressing them away. They explored as they roamed, as though wandering through undiscovered country and wanting to take in all the details. She leaned into it as a hand gently cupped one of her boobs. It felt so different from what she was used to. Harry had short, stubby fingers. He wasn’t clumsy with them, quite the opposite, he was very dexterous. However, Hermione had long fingers and delicate hands. She caressed, rather than groped.

This difference made Ginny nervous as her lips trailed through the wide valley of Hermione’s cleavage. She realized she had no idea of how to make love to her friend. She had never been with a woman, so she could only guess that another woman would like the things she did. However, she liked a more aggressive copulation. Her breasts were large, and therefore less sensitive; thus she liked it when Harry bit down on her nipples, but Hermione seemed gentler.

Hermione’s breasts were firm and vaguely pear shaped as they stuck out from the slender body. She ran her tongue around the puffy nipple. She looked up to see Hermione smile in dreamy contentment as she sighed. Emboldened, she placed a single kiss on the tip then another that encompassed all of it. This drew another pleasant moan. She opened her mouth a bit further and so that her lips enveloped the entire distended areola and sucked lightly as her tongue laved over the point in her mouth. This too was met with approval. Unable to stop herself, and curious as to what the result would be, she closed her teeth over the nipple and bit down. The sharp gasp and hissed protest made her back off. She then set about kissing it all-better until Hermione cooed in contentment.

She moved across to the other and repeated the process, though this time she bit down only enough so that her lover enjoyed it. She was amazed at how much pleasure she was deriving from this long, slow lover’s torture that she was inflicting. Hermione’s gasps and sighs were music to her ears, every touch and reaction set off pangs of lust throughout her body. She could feel the moments ticking away as her lips trailed down the rib line, across the stomach, paused to play at the belly button, then angled down to the hip and along the fold of her leg.

At first, she tried to be cute and remove the underwear with her teeth. That didn’t work as well as she had hoped though, so she did it the old fashioned way- she banished them. They shared a knowing smile and giggle. Ginny nuzzled her nose in the thick, dark brown hair that was now revealed. The scent was at once sweet and musky. She inhaled deeply, savoring both the scent and the moment when she would lose her lesbian virginity.

Sliding her hands under Hermione’s thighs, she lifted and spread them. She looked on in awe at her friend’s gorgeous pussy. The hair was densely packed just above the folded slit, with curls of light brown hair extending down the outer labia like a frame for the beckoning pink opening. She leaned forward and placed a kiss in the dense patch; then another slightly lower, and then another after that. A soft moan answered the unasked question as Ginny continued. Though she herself had been on the receiving end of this many times, this was still her first time and she wanted to make sure she pleased her lover.

“Oh, yes,” Hermione called out quietly as Ginny’s tongue traced the outer edges of her inner labia. Ginny smiled to herself in pleasure and self-satisfaction. Then she stiffened her tongue and slid it inside her friend. Her eyes closed and she sighed as the liquid sweetness bathed her tongue. It was a taste unlike any other, rather like liquid caramel or sugar syrup. It was certainly much better at the source than it was licking it from Harry’s cock or fingers or tongue. She wondered if maybe Hermione’s pussy just tasted better than her own, but she quickly shunted that aside for another time as she focused all of her energy to the task at hand, or mouth, as it were.

Ginny closed her eyes and reveled in the sensations: the smooth skin of Hermione’s legs in her hands, the soft sighs she made, the tickling sensation of her thick bush, the scent of her musky cunt. The smell was intoxicating, and she wanted more of it. She groped blindly until she grabbed the other girl’s hands and brought them up along her legs. Once Hermione was holding her own legs up and apart, Ginny’s hands slid down until they were on the ass before her. She extended her thumbs and stretched the opening farther. Then she pushed deeper with her mouth, licking, sucking, and kissing. Her mouth was covered in the sweet nectar, and she licked her lips in sensual ecstasy.

Ginny couldn’t believe she was actually licking Hermione’s pussy. Even this morning when she had been preparing for tonight she was afraid it would all come apart. That fear again flitted through her mind; this time morphing into a fear of failing to please her lover and being rejected. She quashed the random thought by re-doubling her efforts. She drove her tongue deep into the opening before her and swirled it about. She concentrated on the movements of her tongue, alternately flattening or pointing it as she pushed it in and out. She thrilled at the sounds she was eliciting from her friend and lover, and that spurred her on to greater effort.

She felt fingers brush past her bangs and along her cheek. She lifted up and watched as Hermione spread herself open and exposed her excited clitoris. Ginny looked up and nodded in understanding. She bent again to her task and placed a light kiss on the small protrusion. She followed this with several more lingering kisses and finally sucked the small nub between her lips. Hermione cried out as Ginny raised up and slid two fingers into her. She released the clit held captive between her lips, and began to flick her tongue back and forth across it in time with the stroking of her fingers.

Ginny moaned when Hermione grabbed handfuls of her hair and clamped her head between her thighs. She pushed her fingers in as far as they would go and scissored them as Hermione called her name and thrashed about in the throes of ecstasy. When Hermione tried to push her away, she resisted and instead wrapped her free arm around the clenching thighs, locking herself in for the ride. She knew the agony of being overly sensitive as orgasm struck; but she was infused with wicked desire and lust borne of long yearning that could only be satiated when she had taken her lover beyond satisfaction.

When warm liquid splashed over her hand and against her chin, she reared up in surprise. She removed her fingers as another flood of liquid coated her hand. One last burst issued forth and splashed over Ginny’s neck and upper chest before dribbling down her leg and on to the sheets. Hermione was quivering and her breathing was shallow as she kept saying “Oh, God,” over and over.

“You didn’t tell me to expect that,” Ginny said as she propped herself up and smiled at Hermione. She leaned back so that she was sitting up, stuck a finger in her mouth, and rolled her tongue around in the remnants of that surprise.

“I,” Hermione gasped. She spent a few seconds getting her breathing under control again. “I didn’t know to expect it. It caught me completely by surprise.” She took another deep breath. “I thought that feeling was never going to end.”

“You did spend a long time cumming.” Ginny smiled to herself, she had done that to her. “Has it ever happened before? Has Ron ever done that to you?”

“A couple of times,” Hermione gave her a little smile, “but never quite like that. He certainly never got it all over his chest.” Hermione pushed herself up and leaned forward. The girls eyed each other for just a moment, then she leaned forward and kissed a spot where a droplet rested between two freckles. Ginny became even more aroused as she watched her friend kiss and lick all over her chest. She gasped when one of her nipples was first licked and then sucked.

“Harder,” Ginny breathed when teeth lightly scraped her nipple. “Yesss,” she hissed as small teeth bit down. The pleasure was doubled when the other nipple was squeezed between two vice-like fingers. Ginny liked it rough, but she wasn’t sure that Hermione would really be able to give that to her. She was a little disappointed when her nipples were released and caressed gently again.

“You know,” Hermione said as she continued to kiss the puckered flesh of Ginny’s areola, “I always wished I had breasts like yours. I swear I had the smallest ones of any girl in Gryffindor, probably the entire school. Yours, though,” she ran a finger over the sensitive nipples and flicked them, “always looked so good. So round and full. I would get so jealous when we were together during the summers and Harry would stare at your chest, and Ron never even seemed to notice mine.”

Ginny lowered her head and looked down into the earnest face. “Hermione.”


“Has anybody ever told you talk too much?” She didn’t wait for an answer as she pressed their lips together and they fell back to the bed. Ginny rolled on to her her back compliantly as Hermione pushed her over.

“You sound like my husband when you say that,” Hermione said with a smile as she leaned down and kissed her again. “There are some other ways you two are alike, too. You both have the most adorable freckles.” Ginny shivered as Hermione licked her finger and then began to trace designs in the smattering of freckles across her chest. “You both have sensitive nipples.” Ginny arched up as Hermione began toying with the aching tips. “You both moan when I squeeze them.” Ginny whimpered in pleasure as fingers clamped down and slightly twisted. It tickled when she let go of one nipple and traced a finger lightly down to Ginny’s mass of red pubic hair. “You two have the exact same hair color,” she said as she slid down. “And I’d be willing to bet that you both like it when I use my tongue on you.”

Ginny took a deep breath as Hermione pinned her hips to the bed. Her anticipation mounted as fingers ran through her bush, then pulled slightly, exposing her clit to the gentle breath of air being blown on it. “Please,” she whined softly as she pulled at her nipples and squeezed her firm young breasts, “don’t make me wait. Please lick me.” It was like lightning when the tongue touched her clit. She moaned and raised her hips in an attempt to increase contact. Hermione pushed her back down and continued to tease, with just the tip of her tongue making only the lightest touches. “Harder,” Ginny begged. The sound she made could only be described as tortured ecstasy as Hermione’s tongue ground against her and flicked over her most sensitive spot.

Ginny was out of her mind. Hermione was, by far, better at this than Harry was. She writhed about as the tongue licked and curled into the deepest recesses of her cunt. She was held fast in place though, and the restriction served to stoke her arousal. Her climax was near, she could feel it smoldering, waiting to burst and consume her. She began to breathe hard, panting and whimpering as it fed on a fuel of desire and fantasy. She felt her clit sucked into her lover’s mouth and teeth bit down on it ever so lightly. It was all she could take, her body caught fire and the conflagration of her orgasm raged through her. The sensation burned through her veins, her nerves were alive with the prickling fire of over-stimulation. She felt like she was being consumed, then reborn, phoenix-like, in a body transformed by the power of a fulfilled fantasy that had been a long time coming. The last strains of her scream echoed in the small room as she sank down into the soft pillow.

“Liked that, did you?”

Ginny propped herself up, and was surprised to see that the transformation was not all in her head. Her breasts had swelled. Her hips had filled out. She was her adult self again. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “It was amazing,” she replied as she smiled at her long-time friend and new-found lover. “It was everything I had ever imagined it would be, and more; so much more. Thank you.”

Before her eyes, Hermione aged as well; maturing from gangly adolescence to youthful adult. Within herself, Ginny could feel the change as well. Her immature fantasies of making love to her young friend had been fulfilled in youthful flesh. Now, her thoughts turned to pleasing and coupling with this beautiful woman that was smiling at her. She reached for the stuffed dragon as she leaned forward and kissed her best friend.

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