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After breakfast, Harry goes upstairs to check on his wife and his best friend. Just to make sure they are okay.
This is a work of fan fiction. All characters are the properties of their respective owners.

Chapter 13- Breakfast of Champions

Ron was a little surprised by the state of his room when he walked into it. It was a mess, not by his standards, but in his wife’s opinion this room was a pigsty. The bed was unmade, the comforter balled up on the floor, and clothes, lingerie, and various girly things were strewn across it. Her robe lay on the floor in front of her dresser and her nightstand was open. He smiled wryly to himself bent to pick up the robe. It didn’t bother him that it was on the floor, but he knew Hermione would appreciate it if he picked up a bit; especially since it was all her mess.

“You’re such a dear,” he heard his wife say from the doorway as he put the last of her various crèmes and lotions back in their proper place.

“Morning, sweetie,” he replied as he closed the open drawer. He couldn’t help but smirk as he looked at her. She looked a fright. Her hair was tangled and balled up mostly on one side of her head, her eyes were red and bleary as she rubbed at them, the oxford shirt she had stolen from his closet was half-opened and buttoned crooked, and there was giant hickey on her left boob. She looked about one tattoo short of having been screwed, blued, and tattooed. He chuckled to himself, then pulled her into a hug before she could ask him what he was laughing about. He bent to kiss her, but she put a hand over her mouth and turned away.

“You really don’t want to kiss me right now,” she said apologetically.

He realized she was right; he probably shouldn’t kiss her when his mouth still tasted like Alicia. Unconsciously, he licked his lips and ran his tongue around the inside of his mouth. “Let’s go brush our teeth then, so I can kiss you,” he said, as he kissed the top of her head. “I missed you this morning.” She wrapped her arms around him and held him tight for a moment.

A few minutes later, having taken care of the rest of the morning necessities, they were both standing at the sink, watching each other as they brushed their teeth. There had been several false starts at questions, but he knew he didn’t have the nerve to actually ask. Ron was curious about her evening, but wasn’t sure he really wanted to know. After all, he didn’t want her to enjoy herself too much. She still had to settle for him every night after this. On the flip side though, he’d had a great time and it would be awfully unfair if she didn’t have a good time. So he watched her as she watched him and neither said a word, though he was pretty sure she was thinking the same thing he was. They both bent and spit at the same time in a move that seemed oddly syncopated and seemed perfectly normal to them.

“How-,” they both asked at the same time, each seemingly have come to the same conclusion that the other was not going to ask first.

“You go-,” they both said again. This time the both laughed and smiled at each other in the mirror.

“Ladies first,” Ron said with a nod of his head. He thought about saying ‘age before beauty,’ but he wasn’t sure she would find that very funny given the disastrous state of her hair and puffy eyes. He could see by the look on her face that she was not all that excited to go first.

“Did you… have a good time last night?”

“It was interesting,” he replied in the most blasé voice he could manage. The truth was he’d enjoyed himself so much that he would be more than happy to spend the entire weekend screwing Alicia every which way but over. “Did you enjoy yourself?” he asked before she had a chance to inquire further, which he knew she would.

“It was… okay,” she said hesitantly.

“Just okay, huh?” he questioned as he picked up the matted knot of her hair, then stuck his finger inside the shirt and touched the hickey on her chest. “You can tell me if you had a good time.”

“Really, Mister-It-was-interesting?” She arched an eyebrow at him in the mirror, then turned to face him. “I walked by Alicia’s room a couple of times last night. It sounded like was begging for mercy in there.” She hopped up to sit on the vanity and draped her arms over his shoulders. “It’s important that we be honest with each other about this. You were the one who said we wouldn’t know if we’d gone too far until it was too late. The only way for us to make sure everything is okay is for us to be honest with each other about what’s going on.”

Ron ducked his head and looked at his feet until she leaned in and looked up at him. “I guess you’re right,” he said in a quiet voice. “I just didn’t want you to… think that I’d… I don’t know, had a really good time without you being there. I mean, I just wanted to make you feel better about it.” He gave in as she pulled him close, and he put his arms around her.

“Did you spend the whole night with Alicia?”

“I did.”

She took a deep breath and he tensed slightly. “Did you like it? Was she better than me?”

Ron let out a long breath and pulled her closer to him. “Hermione, you are the love of my life. No woman, no matter what, will ever compare to you. Was she better than you? No. Different, yes. Better, no.” Ron said it with all the conviction he could muster. He really did love her, and wouldn’t trade what he had with her for anything.

“How is she different?” Hermione asked as she continued to cling to him.

There was something else going on, Ron was smart enough to realize that, but he didn’t know what. He did know that he would have to tread lightly, though. Things like, ‘she’s a freak, and she fucks like a porn star’ certainly weren’t going to play well. “She does this thing with her throat, and she can get my entire dick in her mouth. All of it, right down to the base.” He could see she was about to interrupt him, so he hurried on. “She said she could teach you how to do it, too. She says it’s not hard, you just have to know the trick.”

“And you want me to learn this trick?”

“Oh my God, you’d be a fucking goddess if you learned that.” He realized that he might have gone too far in his excitement, but he was so caught up with the idea he couldn’t stop. “You’d be like a love and sex goddess. Like, Herm-Aphrodite or something.”


Ron stopped and looked at her as though he didn’t know why she didn’t understand. He held up one hand, “Hermione, love of my life.” He held up his other hand, “Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love and sex.” He brought his hands together, “Herm-Aphrodite, love of my life and sex goddess.” He didn’t understand what the problem was when she smiled wryly and shook her head in defeat.

“Ron, you do know what a hermaphrodite is, don’t you?”

He stopped with his mouth open, and his hands dropped to his side as his head drooped. “One of these days,” he muttered. “One of these days I’m going to learn to think before I speak.”

“And rob me of all the entertainment I get from watching you try to swallow your own foot?” She took his face in her hands and kissed him; lightly at first, then more seriously until several minutes had gone by. She finally broke away when his stomach rumbled so loud they both heard it. “The truth is finally revealed. That’s why you’re up so early.”

“Want to come help me whip up something?” he asked.

“No, I’m going back to bed. You’re sister kept me up way past my bed time.”

Ron gave her a more serious look. “How did it go?” Hermione had confessed to him a couple of days ago that she was a little nervous about the encounter with Ginny, mostly because of the level of expectation. He had listened and offered what advice he could about dealing with his younger sister, though he knew that his wife was closer to Ginny than he was these days.

“It went well,” Hermione replied. “I hadn’t told her what I had planned, so she had something else in mind, but she liked what I did.” She smiled then. “I don’t know if I should tell you this or not, but your sister is a fiend; and kinky, dear God that girl is a perv.”

Ron snorted in response and shook his head. “I’m not surprised. There is a reason there’s so damn many of us Weasleys.” He leaned in and kissed her again. “Sleep well, honey. Breakfast will be in about 45 minutes if you want any.” It was a bit odd to send his wife back to bed with his sister, but they both knew this whole weekend was going to be a little strange.

“Don’t make any plans for tonight,” she called after him. He stopped in the doorway and turned back to her. “Actually, I’m making plans for you to bring Alicia so she can teach me that trick, and I’m bringing Bill so we can finish what we started in the hot tub last night.”

“Wow, great minds do think alike.” he replied. “Alicia was saying this morning that we should see if we could track you and Bill down. Then my stomach rumbled.”

“Leave it to your stomach to ruin a good idea,” she teased him. She walked over and kissed him again before leaving the room and heading down the hall. Ron watched as she climbed the stairs to the attic, then head down to the kitchen.

Breakfast came together fairly quickly. He could grill, and was decent at most other cooking, but breakfast was his specialty. Things had gone even better when Alicia, fresh from the shower and wrapped in a towel, had come down and helped. He had asked if she wanted to put on some actual clothes, to which she responded, “Why, I’m just going to take them off again.” He couldn’t argue with logic like that, and since the towel just barely covered her he was more than happy to let her parade around in it.

Ron flicked his wand across the cook-top and sent a gentle breeze wafting through the house. The smell of cooking bacon was better than an alarm clock where his brothers were concerned. It was a trick he had learned from his mother during those brief few weeks he had lived at home after finishing school. In true Weasley fashion, Fred, George, and Harry all wandered into the kitchen, rubbing at their eyes and sniffing the air.

“Cor, little brother,” George said as his eyes went wide. “How long you been up?”

“Your wife woke me up a couple of hours ago.”

“And you came straight down here and started working?” Fred said in shock, then shook his head in abject disappointment.

Ron slipped an arm around Alicia and kissed her cheek. “No, we did all this in about half-an-hour.” He waved at the bowls of cut fruit, trenchers of scrambled eggs, platters of griddle cakes and French toast, and carafes of juice negligently as though it were nothing; though he did take a certain amount of pride in the shocked looks of his brothers as he lifted the last of the bacon on to the platter.

The boys all filed by and gave Alicia a kiss and a grope of thank you, which she happily accepted. “Oh, I see how it is,” Ron mocked an injured tone. He was not prepared for the response he got when Fred leaned over and wetly kissed his cheek and squeezed his butt.

“Is that better, Ronniekins?” Fred teased him.

“I think I could have done without that,” Ron replied, wiping at his cheek. Everybody laughed as they began to pile food on their plates.

“This is right proper woman’s kitchen,” Charlie said derisively as he walked in and looked around. “Cleaned up and everything.” He turned and looked at Ron. “Your wife’s got you trained like a right proper little bitch, she does.” He shoved Ron toward the coffee maker. “Get me some coffee, bitch.”

“Fuck you, get your own fucking coffee asshole.” Ron then made a point of refilling Alicia’s tea and asking her how she took it.

“So,” George said around a mouthful of food, “can you believe that shit about Fleur?”

“I can’t believe we didn’t know that,” Fred replied. “One would think that with all the stuff I own I would have one of those. Of course, it could be that I do and I just haven’t seen it yet.”

“I’ve seen it,” Harry said with smug superiority. “It’s fucking amazing. I have to say though, she is way sexier in person.”

“And you didn’t tell anybody?” George said incredulously.

“Actually, I didn’t know it was her until last night,” Harry replied, a little defensive.

“What are you guys talking about?” Ron asked.

“Yeah, what are you guys talking about?” Bill asked as he walked over to the massive island and reached out to steal a piece of bacon. Lavender slipped past him and grabbed the seat between Ron and Harry.

Fred and George both prostrated themselves before Bill and began chanting. “Oh, mighty manly man, Bill. Oh, god among men. Teach us thy secrets, oh master.”

“What the fuck is going on here?” Katie said as she looked down at the boys.

Bill looked down at his brothers on the floor. “My guess is they just discovered that my wife is a porn star.”

“No shit?” Charlie said, as he pushed past Ron and started filling his plate.

Ron’s mouth dropped open. “Did you just say your wife is a fucking porn star?” Bill nodded. “Holy shit!”

“Did she tell you boys what she wants to do Sunday morning?” Bill asked Harry and the twins.

“She did,” Harry responded, “but I’m not so sure about that. I mean, I have no problem with gang-banging Fleur if that’s what she wants, but I am Harry Potter and we are the family of the Minister of Magic. It would be pretty irresponsible of us to tape that. What if that tape got into the wrong hands?”

“Are you a wizard or what, Harry?” George chided him. “There’s no reason for anyone to ever recognize any of us.”

“Actually, Fleur wants you to keep your own faces so she can go back and watch it again later. She has high expectations that you boys will really come through for her. George is right though. We’re all wizards, it’s not like we can’t transfigure the copies into something else for safekeeping.”

“I don’t know, I’m going to have to think about that,” Harry said as he pushed his empty plate away. “Has anybody seen my wife this morning?” he asked the group.

“The attic room at the top of the stairs,” Ron replied.

“How the fuck would you know that?” Charlie said in an accusing tone as he punched Ron in the back of the head.

Ron whirled out of his seat and shook off Lavender’s restraining arm. “Because I watched my wife go up there to join her, asshole!” Ron shoved Charlie back, but he barely moved, except to toss his plate on the counter. Ron was pretty sure he was biting off more than he could chew here. Even though he was fully eight inches taller than Charlie, he was probably giving up thirty pounds of muscle mass. “Just because you look at women like some kind of piece of meat doesn’t mean I’m some kind of sick fuck.” Ron shoved him again.

Ron was amazed at just how fast Charlie could move, despite his bulk. His head snapped to the side as a solid fist struck him, then doubled over as another landed in his stomach. He felt Charlie’s arm wrap around his neck. “You’re just a bitch, so don’t try to act tough with me.” Ron could feel hands and arms pulling them apart. He took the cheap shot and punched his older brother in the nuts. Charlie immediately let go and Ron came up gasping for air. “I always knew you were a fucking pussy,” Charlie snarled. “You even fight like a little bitch!”

Ron was ready when Charlie lunged forward though. He slid to the side, tripped him, and followed him down with a punch to the back of the head like he’d learned before leaving Auror training. He didn’t resist as a couple of people pulled him away from the groaning figure. “And you better stay the fuck away from my wife too, asshole,” Ron threatened him after he had shaken off the people who were holding him.

Charlie pushed himself to his feet, and immediately a wall of Weasleys interposed themselves between the two brothers. Lavender pushed herself through them and grabbed his arm. Ron couldn’t hear what she whispered to him, but he didn’t need to. Charlie shook her off and turned on her next. “I don’t need some stupid whore telling me what to do.”

Ron was about to push his way through to interpose on Lavender’s behalf, she was a friend after all, when she turned on Charlie. “You’re a fucking Neanderthal, Charlie. I don’t ever want to see you again. Why don’t you go back to the forests of Romania and see if you can find yourself a nice, quiet she-wolf to fuck.” She turned and stalked from the kitchen area. Charlie turned and walked through the den and headed outside, slamming the door as he went out.

They all stood around looking at each other for an uncomfortable moment. “Bacon’s getting cold,” Fred quipped as he turned to go back to his seat. There was some nervous laughter and Ron teased him about stealing his rightful place as the guy who thinks with his stomach. Fleur and Angelina joined them and asked about the ruckus, so the story was recapped. Angelina concurred with Alicia’s assessment that Charlie was spending too much time in the wild. Fleur kissed Ron’s cheek and healed the black eye that was starting to form. Finally, everybody tucked back in, except Harry, who went in search of his wife.


After a quick shower, Harry crept up the stairs to the attic. The fold down staircase creaked something awful, and he wanted to surprise his wife if at all possible. The doorknob clicked softly as he opened the latch, and he pushed the door open a crack so he could peek in. He got a little nostalgic as he took in the room that resembled Ginny’s childhood bedroom. He remembered kisses stolen amid quiet giggles in the dark of the night as her parents slumbered just across the hall. He remembered the one time they had nearly been caught having sex, the only thing that saved them was his ability to Apparate and the fact that she had left her nightgown on. He smiled at the fond memories, but the sight before him now made him smile even more as he opened the door and slipped in to the room.

Ginny’s strap-on harness hung from the headboard, its focus pointing suggestively at the occupants. The pile of toys on the bedside table included a couple of items Harry had never seen before, including a translucent pink, flexible, double-ended dildo. This was definitely no little girl’s room now. As a finishing touch, her bed had been stretched to more easily accommodate two people.

Ginny lie in the middle of the bed, most of her covers kicked off, exposed for anyone to see with her legs slightly spread. Hermione was nestled down in the covers and curled up against Ginny’s side, her hand draped casually across her friend’s shaved crotch. For Harry, it was like Christmas come early. He latched the door and dropped his shorts so that he could crawl in opposite Hermione.

Ginny shifted slightly as he stretched out next to her. She was used to him being on this side, so she simply scooted over, as though inviting him to come closer. He chuckled softly as Hermione snored a bit and snuggled back down. He waited a moment to see if either was going to wake. When it became apparent that they were both asleep, he reached out and rested his hand on Hermione’s so that his middle finger lined up with hers over Ginny’s clit. With his middle finger, he began to stroke ever so slightly. When neither one of the girls woke up, he began to move his fingers a bit more. Ginny was starting to get wet, and the bit of lubrication allowed his and Hermione’s fingers to slip in more easily. He leaned forward a bit and began to lick her nipple.

Ginny moaned and turned slightly toward him. He leaned in as well, his tongue exploring the puckering flesh of her large areola. He pressed his hand down slightly, putting pressure on her clitoris as he pushed a finger inside her. She moaned again, a little louder this time as she pulled him close to her. He glanced up, Ginny was still asleep. He loved doing this to her, she was so sexy when she slept. He looked over to see Hermione’s eyes fluttering open. He shushed her as soon as she opened her mouth. She looked up and saw that Ginny was still sleeping, then she looked back at Harry and grinned.

Harry had been slightly aroused by seducing his wife while she slept. Watching Hermione nibble on his wife’s breast though was a whole other level of erotic. His dick was almost immediately fully erect. “Do you want to finger her, or rub her clit?” Hermione whispered. Harry moved his hand up and spread her prepuce open with two fingers while his middle finger rubbed her clitoris.

“Did you two have a good time last night?” Harry teased as he nodded toward the item hanging on the headboard. Hermione blushed a bright red and looked away. “Which one of you wore it?” She didn’t answer him, but instead focused intently on Ginny’s hardened nipple. “Fuck,” he breathed, “I’d have given my left nut to see that.”

“Maybe some other time,” Hermione said with a smile as she looked up. “You’re wife isn’t planning on this being a one shot affair. We can talk about that another time, though.”

Harry’s mind was suddenly flooded with possibilities. The idea of Hermione and Ginny on their knees in front of him in matching Hogwarts uniforms set his blood racing and sent his arousal level through the roof. He wanted Ginny awake, and he wanted her awake now. Normally, he seduced her gently when she was sleeping, but now he wanted to fuck her silly. For that matter, he wanted to screw the hell out of Hermione too, but having his wife wake up while he was fucking her best friend might be a little crass, even by his standards.

He rubbed her more actively and bit down on her nipple until she whined. He was rewarded with a slight stirring. He felt it first in her hips as she began to hump back against them. Her breathing became shallower and she began to pant as they continued to work her over. Harry knew they had her right where he wanted her when she began to whimper and started trying to form words, ‘fuck me,’ being the most audible one.

“Swap with me,” Hermione whispered as he felt her hand intrude against his. He gave way grudgingly, but when Ginny started to settle down, he quickly slid three fingers into her and began to work them back and forth. Hermione gave him a sly smile, then moved up closer to her ear and started to nibble. “Cum for me, Miss Weasley,” she said in a slightly commanding voice just loud enough for Harry to hear. Ginny’s eyes snapped open, looked to Hermione, looked to Harry, and then closed as her resistance broke. Harry was pretty sure they heard her screaming in the kitchen.

“That… was… not… fair,” Ginny panted after she had come back down.

“All’s fair in love and sex,” Harry replied as he leaned in and kissed her.

“Two on one when the one is sleeping is fair?”

“You were the one who got to have the orgasm,” Hermione replied. “We did all the work, you got all the pleasure. I’d say it was fair.”

“Can’t argue with logic like that,” Harry said. “After all, she is the smartest witch of our generation.”

“Oh, shut up,” Hermione retorted, “or else I’ll stick something in that clever little mouth of yours.”

“Like what?” Harry dared her.

“Ginny, hold him down.” Harry started to squirm, but he underestimated the girls. Granted, Ginny pinned him down by the simple of expedient of rolling over on top of him and then sitting up. Conveniently, this meant that her pussy was rubbing against his cock. To further complicate matters, Hermione turned head for tail as she rolled over and straddled his face, pinning his arms under her knees. “Now,” she said as she reached down and tickled the head of his cock, “why don’t you put your overly-clever mouth to a useful purpose.”

Harry certainly wasn’t going to argue with that idea. He freed his arms, then adjusted the way she was sitting so that she was more conveniently placed. Her pussy was already open to him when he tasted her. She leaned forward just a bit and it was perfect. He speared into her with his tongue and began moving it around. She apparently liked this because she began making pleasant little sounds as she started to rock back and forth slightly. He could hear the girls kissing above him and he wished he could see that, but he kept at his business. He loved the taste of Hermione’s pussy and she rode him fairly hard.

“Come on sweetie,” Hermione said, “let’s give him something really nice.” Ginny lifted up off of him and he felt a hand wrap around his cock. “There you go, now come back down.”

“No, I’ve got a better idea,” Ginny replied. Harry wondered what the hell she could have in mind. He couldn’t think of anything better than fucking his wife and eating Hermione’s pussy. “Suck him a little bit, get his cock good and wet.”

“You can’t tell me you’re not wet enough to take him.”

“Oh, that’s not it at all. I just want to see you suck his dick.” Ginny crawled off of him and lay down across his legs.

“You perv,” Hermione teased her. Then he felt Hermione’s tongue bathe the head of his cock before she sucked a bit of into her mouth. “Is that what you wanted to see?”

“Uh huh,” Ginny replied.

Harry felt warm breath on his cock, then a bit of a lick, and a small kiss. He actually wished he could see what the hell was going on, because it was obvious the two of them were playing some kind of game, and he was the ball, or balls, as it were.

“Oh, you cow, stop teasing me and suck his cock already,” Ginny whined. Hermione laughed, and then spent the next couple of minutes torturing Ginny by teasing, but not pleasing, his very frustrated member.

Harry was about to beg for some release himself when she finally got serious and wrapped her mouth around him. He moaned into her pussy and tried to keep his concentration focused so he could continue licking her. It got more difficult though, when his wife started massaging his balls. He spread his legs a bit wider, hoping his wife would take the hint and come in closer. She didn’t though, and Harry listened as Ginny told Hermione how hot she looked with her mouth stretched around his massive cock. Finally, Hermione pulled up.

“Why don’t you show me how it’s done?” Hermione asked Ginny. Then he felt the familiar sensation of his wife’s mouth enveloping him. “That’s nice,” Hermione cooed. She pushed back against his mouth again to encourage him to start licking again. He adjusted slightly though, since she was more upright. Her arse was right on top of his mouth now, so he spread her slightly and ran his tongue over her sphincter.

She made a pleasant kind of sigh and told him he was doing a fine job. Harry continued rimming her, enjoying the flexing and response of her ass. She was nice and tight there, and she reacted very well to his ministrations. He would keep it up as long as she would let him, but then she bent back down again, so it was too much of a stretch for him to be able to continue effectively.

Then he felt it, as his wife moved up to the head, Hermione leaned in and began kissing the base of his prick. He let out a sigh of ultimate satisfaction as the two girls started working him in tandem. They traded back and forth, taking a couple of sucks and then letting the other. Then he felt a warm mouth on his balls, sucking on one, then the other as his cock was stroked and sucked and licked. He told the girls just how much he appreciated their efforts and that he would be perfectly happy as long as they kept it up.

After a few minutes, Ginny stopped and sat up. “I have an idea,” she said as Hermione pushed herself upright. Harry stopped what he was doing as well so he could pay attention. “Trust me, he’ll like it, you’ll like it, and I’ve wanted to try this for a really long time.” He felt a hand, Ginny’s he thought, wrap around his cock, which was then pointed upward. Hermione leaned farther forward and he could feel her mouth on the head of his prick again. He craned his head forward a bit and began to lick her clit while she tongued his head. “That’s it dear, get it good and wet for me.” After another minute or so of this, Ginny finally declared it good, and Hermione sat back up a bit. “Keep hold of it dear,” Ginny said; then she said, “no, lower.”

Harry finally realized what she was doing, when he felt the soft globes of her arse separate around his cock. “You dirty girl,” Hermione teased her, as Harry felt his cock push into Ginny’s ass. She seemed to be at kind of an odd angle, like she was leaning back. It felt good though; of course fucking Ginny’s ass always felt good.

“Mm, almost perfect,” Ginny sighed. “Hermione, would you lick my cunt while Harry fucks me? I’ve always wanted to have my pussy licked while I’m getting fucked.” Harry began to move his hips more, making sure his wife got a good fucking out of this. “Oh my God, yes!” Ginny screamed.

At that moment, Harry would have given his left nut to be able to see what was going on. Unable to split his concentration anymore, he focused on banging his wife. Unlike some girls, once she had her first orgasm, her second was usually pretty close behind as long as she didn’t have time to cool down. Ginny was almost crying, begging them to keep at it, to make her cum.

Suddenly, Ginny started screaming out, “Oh fuck, just like that. Suck it, Hermione! Just. Like. That.” Not to be out done, Harry planted his feet on the bed and started hammering in and out of his wife. In less than a minute his wife was screaming incoherently, the sure sign of a good hard orgasm. Finally, she stopped, and pulled away from the two of them. Harry fell back to catch his breath, and Hermione dropped down to lie flat on top of him.

“I think she liked that,” Hermione said, a bit of a teasing tone her voice. “What do you think Harry?”

“Sounds like she did,” he agreed.

“Uh huh,” Ginny agreed, somewhat weakly, as she crawled up beside Harry. She hooked an arm around Hermione’s leg and rested her head on the calf as she wrapped her own leg over his. “This is kind of odd,” Ginny said as she nestled against the leg she was resting her head on. “Nice, but a little awkward.”

Reluctantly, Harry let Hermione up as she moved to climb off of him. He had really wanted to get some more time on her ass. Ginny scooted in closer to him and started licking his nipple.

“Tell me, you got anything left in the old boy?” Hermione asked as she reached down and stroked his cock a bit.

“I feel like I could fuck all morning long,” he answered, and fully meant it. He was nowhere close to finishing yet, which was kind of unusual for him, but he certainly wasn’t going to complain.

“Good, but I think we need a different platform. Hand me Ginny’s wand.” He looked over and saw it on the night stand along with all of the other stuff. He handed it to her as she sat down on the edge of the bed. She smiled at him, pointed the wand at the camp bed across the room, and gave a flick of her wrist.

The bed began to stretch, then fill out, growing arm rests and full cushions and a deep seat as a back rose above it. When it was done a large, deep chair, red couch stood in its place. “That should be better,” Hermione said with approval.

“Very nice,” Harry said. The couch was an exact match of the one that he and Ginny had in their bedroom at home.

“I assume that the reason you two have a couch in your bedroom is so that you can have sex on it.”

“You would assume correctly,” Ginny said with a smile as she lifted her head.

Harry swung out of bed and offered the girls his hands. “Shall we?” They took his hands and obligingly followed. He had no idea what they had in mind, but anything that involved him being naked with both of them on a couch couldn’t be bad.


Hermione allowed herself to be pulled from the bed and drawn into Harry’s embrace along with Ginny. The three of them stood for long moments, kissing and fondling one another. Hermione felt a bit passive, and a bit tired from her extended romps with a very enthusiastic Ginny. She was only too happy to follow where the other two led. Ginny seemed to be the most aggressive, and it was not too long before she pushed Harry down on the couch.

“I need to get fucked,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. Once Ginny had Harry positioned where she wanted him, she turned her back to him and straddled his hips. “Want to come give us a hand?” she coyly asked Hermione.

Hermione was just about to drop to her knees, sensing that what Ginny wanted was for her to lick both of them as they fucked, when she had a different idea. She knew Ginny wanted it, she had said as much the night before. However, Hermione was going to have to try something that she wasn’t particularly comfortable with for it to work. “I have a better idea,” she said as she stepped between Harry’s knees and began to kiss Ginny’s breasts as she reached down to stroke his hard cock. She stepped back. “Turn around, ride him cowgirl style,” she instructed Ginny.

Her younger friend gave her a perplexed look, but did as she was instructed. Once she was facing her husband, she straddled him again, and lowered herself onto his cock. “Oh, fuck, that’s what I needed,” Ginny moaned as she settled down on him. Harry began to bounce her up and down, and she got more vocal, telling anyone who would listen how much she liked it when Harry stretched her cunt. Hermione could do without Ginny’s overly crude language and dirty talk, but it turned the two of them on and she was not here to gainsay them.

Hermione walked over to the bed and picked up the object that was hanging on the bed post. It was an odd looking contraption: all straps and buckles and long phallus. She had watched Ginny put it on a couple of times last night, and was pretty sure she understood where everything was supposed to go and how. She stepped into it and pulled it up. It took a moment of fiddling with the buckles until it fit her snug enough that it wouldn’t slide or fall down. It was a very strange feeling, almost surreal, to look down and see a “cock” protruding from her pubic bone. It was very life-like in color and texture, and almost matched her own skin tone, as though it could almost be her cock. That was a very odd thought indeed. She reached down and stroked it once or twice, just getting a feel for the alien object. Not that it was completely foreign to her; Ginny had made love to her with it at least twice last night.

She picked up the tube of lubricant from the night stand and approached her two friends. They were kissing at the moment, so Hermione was able to get behind Ginny without her friend seeing what she was planning. She considered getting down on her knees and licking and sucking them a bit, Harry even grabbed a handful of Ginny’s arse and spread her wide; but the sight of the anus gaping lewdly in front of her was too much. It was going to be enough of a leap for her to do this, but she knew Ginny would appreciate the effort and would get over any lack of oral stimulation.

She squeezed a generous dollop of the cold, slick substance in her hand and spread it liberally over the dildo protruding in front of her. As she watched herself stroking it, she was overcome with this urge to stick it in something. This wasn’t a desire to do something to please somebody else, but was just a desire to fuck something. She decided to put that thought away for later examination, but she was also going to indulge it now. She pushed Harry’s knees together and straddled them as she stepped up behind Ginny, who was moaning and begging her husband to fuck her harder. Harry had her arse spread wide, as though he was using it for a handle so he could bounce her harder. She reached down and put her left hand on the small of Ginny’s back, to minimize the movement she was making, and took hold of her “cock” in her right.

“I have something for you, Ginny,” she said in a husky voice as she pushed the tip against her friend’s sphincter.

“What’s tha- oh, fuck!” Ginny arched her back and shouted as Hermione pushed the head inside.

It took a fairly concerted effort on Hermione’s part. The channel was restrictive and pushed back against her as she tried to move it slowly in. She was concerned about how hard was too hard to push, having been on the receiving end but having no real sensory feedback from what she was doing. The motion of pushing forward with her hips was also strange to her, normally she would be shifting her whole body against the intrusion, but now she was limited to using her hips and legs. She shuffled her feet forward so that her hips were back now and she could thrust deeper. She reached down and took hold of Ginny’s hips. “Am I going too fast or too hard?” she asked her friend.

“No!” Ginny shouted. “Oh, God that’s good. More, give me more.” Ginny’s head dropped down to rest on Harry’s shoulder as she pushed back to take on more of the invading member. “Oh, God, Harry. She’s fucking me in the ass. Yes! Can you feel it, Harry? Can you feel her fucking me in the ass?”

“Oh, yeah,” Harry groaned.

She wondered how Harry would feel it; having never been double-penetrated she wasn’t sure of the exact mechanics of it. Ginny seemed to be thoroughly enjoying it though, so she was optimistic as well as curious about getting to try it herself later.

“Harder,” Ginny moaned as she pushed back against her lovers.

Hermione focused now, trying to get a good rhythm as she drove in and out of her friend. She pulled back on Ginny’s hips so she could put more force into each thrust. She was getting into the movement now, rocking her hips back and forth as she moved Ginny forward and backward. Her strokes were long and hard, making Ginny grunt with every thrust. Ginny’s soft ass rippled with every contact, and Hermione gave it a playful smack that made her yelp in surprise.

Beneath the girls, Harry was pumping in and out of his wife with all the speed he could muster; his hips actually elevating off the couch so he could fuck even faster. Hermione wasn’t sure how much longer she could keep this up though, the positions were unfamiliar to her muscles and joints, and her hips were getting sore.

“That’s it!” Ginny screamed. She arched her neck back and keened as another orgasm made her body shake and quiver. After several long seconds, during which both of her lovers continued to fuck her with everything they had, Ginny collapsed against Harry and clung to him. “God, that was amazing.” She smiled over her shoulder. “You should let us do it to you.”

“I’m not sure I could take that right now,” Hermione replied with a smile. She leaned down and kissed Ginny full on the lips. “I’m glad you liked it. Do you want us to keep at it until Harry gets his?”

“Oh, God, no; I don’t think I can take any more right now.” Ginny pulled herself up off Harry. Hermione backed out of her as well, and took a couple of steps back so that she was no longer straddling Harry. Ginny rolled to the side and flopped down on the couch. “I don’t suppose,” she said with a wicked little grin, “that you two would let me watch you fuck.”

“Hmm,” Hermione put a finger to her lips and gave Harry’s hard cock an appraising glance before looking him in the eye. “Would you like to fuck me, Harry?”

“Every day and twice on Sunday,” he replied with a smile.

“Too bad it’s not Sunday,” she replied as she undid the buckles and dropped the strap-on rig on the floor. She stepped up and spread her legs around Harry’s. His cock was very hard in her fingers, and she stroked it lovingly, looking forward to having a real cock inside her again. She settled down over it, rubbing it back and forth over her labia a few times so that they were both well lubricated, then let it slide into her as she slowly dropped down on it. She could feel herself stretching to accommodate him, and the feeling was both painful and pleasurable.

“I’d almost forgotten just how tight your pussy is,” Harry said with a groan as he pushed the last bit of his cock up into her. He pulled her down to him and kissed her forcefully. She returned his kiss with enthusiasm and wrapped her arms about his neck. She was happy to let him do most of the work as he took hold of her arse and began to bounce her hips up and down.

She opened her eyes a bit and looked to the side. Ginny was leaned against the back of the couch, her feet curled under her, and she watched the two of them intently. One hand traced casual lines along her body, stopping to pinch a nipple or squeeze a breast. The other hand was held fast between her thighs. Hermione decided that if Ginny was having that a good time watching, maybe she would give her a really good show.

Hermione leaned back and pulled Harry’s hands up to her breasts as she continued to rock back and forth on him. He followed her lead perfectly and began to knead her breasts and pinch her nipples. He began to talk as well, telling her how much he liked her tight pussy and hard nipples. She glanced at Ginny, careful not to make it obvious, and saw her friend staring at the point where they were joined. She stopped rocking, and started bouncing again, making sure to get a good amount of lift so that Ginny could see Harry’s slick cock sliding in and out of her.

“Oh, yeah, baby. That feels good.” Harry set his hands on her hips and began to thrust hard up into her. She could feel the tightening in her thighs and buttocks that indicated her orgasm was starting to build. She responded to Harry’s prompting with several cries of her own. He leaned forward and drew a nipple into his mouth: licking, sucking, nibbling, and even biting it. After a moment she grabbed him by the head and pulled him to the other. With her free hand, she began to play with the nipple he had just abandoned. It felt so good to be fucked like this, it had been a while since she had done it on a couch and she had forgotten just how much she liked being on top like this. She began to rock her hips back and forth as she continued to ride up and down on Harry’s thrusts.

“Oh, God, fuck her Harry, fuck her good.” Hermione’s eyes snapped open, she had almost forgotten that Ginny was watching them.

“You like that,” Hermione said. “You like watching your husband fuck my hot little cunt?” Both of them stared at her for a second. It was odd to say that, it felt crude and nasty in her mouth, but she knew that both of them used the word frequently in their love-making. She took a couple of seconds to formulate a new phrase or two, since they did not come naturally to her. She pushed Harry back against the couch and began to bounce harder on him. “That’s it, Harry. Stick that nice, big dick into my cunt. Fuck me harder. Cum in me, Harry, fill my pussy up with your hot cum.” She looked directly at Ginny, who had her head back and was obviously fingering herself hard.

“Spread your legs, Ginny,” Hermione commanded. “Let me see you finger that nasty cunt of yours.” Ginny did as she was told. She got up on her knees, with her legs spread wide apart and shoved four fingers inside herself. Hermione was having a hard time keeping her eyes on her friend though, because Harry was pounding into her like he was trying to force his dick through the top of her head. She could feel her orgasm stalking her now, bounding closer on every one of Harry’s hard strokes.

“That’s it, Harry, fuck me good,” she managed gasp out between thrusts. Ginny seemed to be getting close as well. She was so close, she just needed that one last thing to set her off. She reached out and grabbed Ginny’s nipple. She squeezed and twisted it, knowing that Ginny’s nipples were not nearly as sensitive as her own.

Ginny let out a keening cry as she began to shudder. “Oh, fuck!” Hermione shouted. “That’s it, cum for me, Ginny!” Ginny’s body racked as she thrust her hips forward and shoved her fingers in up to the last knuckle with a cry that she was cumming. It was all Hermione needed. Her orgasm burst inside her and flooded her with warmth and hypersensitivity. Harry continued to jack-hammer his cock in and out of her, and it felt like she was on fire. She leaned forward and supported her weight by resting against his chest as her arms draped around his neck. She wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

She felt, more than saw, Ginny roll off the couch and drop to the floor behind them. Harry’s legs were spread, and he let out a groan as Ginny did something to him. “Cum in her, Harry,” Ginny wheedled. “Cum in her pussy for me.” Hermione shuddered as she felt a warm tongue caress her asshole.

“Yes, Harry,” Hermione added as she licked his ear. “Cum in me.” She nipped his earlobe and began to kiss his neck. “Please cum for me.” She bit down on his neck and began to suck on him.

“Oh, fuck,” Harry called out and slammed Hermione down against him. She could feel him spurting inside her. There didn’t seem to be much, two or three good jerks and a couple of little squirts, but it was enough. Harry slumped down against the couch and Hermione collapsed against him.

“Not yet, Hermione,” Ginny said as she moved away from them. She somehow found the strength to push herself up and looked down to see Ginny laying down on the floor with her head near the couch. “Bring me that beautiful pussy, all full of my husband’s spunk.”

“I can’t,” Hermione responded. “I just can’t take anymore right now.”

“Please,” Ginny whined. “Just let me try it, I’ve never been able to do this before, and it turns Harry on so much.”

Against her better judgment, and with Harry’s help, she finally pushed herself up off the couch. She settled on the floor, with her knees on either side of Ginny’s head and facing Harry. She started to lower herself on to Ginny’s mouth, but two hands pushed against her bum to hold her up. “Spread your pussy open,” Harry said in awed kind of voice as he leaned forward, his eyes fixed on her crotch. This was almost too bizarre for her, but it seemed to please her two best friends. She reached down and spread herself open. Her entire pubic region was sore, but an electric jolt went through her when Ginny’s tongue lightly brushed over her distended labia. She could feel herself leaking, but she could tell by the sound of Ginny’s coos and moans that her friend was only too glad of it. Harry seemed to almost be in a trance as he watched.

She leaned back a bit and looked down. Ginny was putting on a show for her husband. First, she’d lick or suck on Hermione’s pussy, then crane her neck back and open her mouth so they could see what she had. Finally, she would swallow it, lick her lips, and go back for more. After a minute or so, when it was obvious there was nothing more to be had, Harry dropped to his knees in front of them and asked his wife to suck him clean. Hermione sat down on Ginny’s chest and watched her suck his cock as best she could from the position she was in. Finally, he pulled it from her mouth and bent down to kiss her. She could hear them mumbling platitudes and sweet nothings to each other between kisses.

She was about to push herself up and leave them to it when Harry sat up and pulled her to him in a loving embrace. “Thank you so much,” he said as he nestled fingers in her hair and kissed her cheeks and forehead. “You have helped make so many fantasies come true for us last night and this morning.” He kissed her soundly on the lips. “I can’t tell you how much I love you for all you’ve done for us.”

“Me, too,” Ginny said as she reached up to stroke Hermione’s cheek. “I love you so much, Hermione. If there is ever anything I can do in return, please tell me.”

“Thank you,” she said sincerely, “and you are both very welcome. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and yourselves,” she added with a grin. “Right now, I think I could use some help getting to a shower though.”

“Really,” they both said in unison; each gave her the same look of lewd speculation.

“That I’m going to take by myself,” she replied in a tone that would brook no argument. Both of them had the look of scolded puppies. “Alright, you can join me, but no funny business.” They both smiled and she knew that there would be funny business aplenty despite any objections she might have.
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