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Ginny catches Ron out in the kitchen with Angelina.
This is a work of fan fiction. All characters are the properties of their respective owners, I own the story line.

Get Busy

The kitchen was empty when Ron came back in. He knew Harry was upstairs with Ginny and Hermione. After a few bites of fruit and a mimosa, Katie had invited Bill to join her in her room. He had graciously accepted and the two of them had left to a chorus of hoots and hollers. Fred and George had gotten friendly with the now partner-less Lavender, and the three of them had gone outside to enjoy their breakfast; only they had left the scraps of their breakfasts behind. Fleur had thanked Ron for breakfast and then excused herself for a shower. On her way out she invited Lee to wash her back. Ron was a bit disappointed when Alicia said that sounded like a good idea and didn’t even look his way when she left. Angelina, the last one to come down, was still finishing her breakfast when he excused himself to the loo. Now, even she was gone and the dirty dishes and platters of leftovers were still piled on the table.

He sighed to himself and began piling the plates and silverware together. He thought about using magic the way his mother did, but it required too much concentration and he wasn’t very good at it. He’d set the dishes to floating and stacking themselves, and then forget to keep them moving while he put the leftovers in the fridge. Usually, the result was plates tipping over and dumping their contents on the floor, which then required even more work; that was of course assuming he didn’t break them. Instead, he just piled them up and stacked them in the dishwasher. He was just about done washing the pans when he heard the soft patting of bare feet on the hard wood floor.

“You cooked; it’s not fair that you should have to clean, too.” He loved the rich, dark timbre of Angelina’s voice.

“Eh,” he shrugged, “it’s no big deal. It would have been nice if some of my brothers had chipped in and done it, but Fred and George break more dishes than they clean.”

“Isn’t that God’s own truth,” Angelina said with a laugh. She picked up a drying towel and stood waiting as he rinsed and stacked pans in the drain rack.

Ron gave her an appreciative smile that she returned. Her hair was damp and her skin glistened; a short summer-weight dress hung by narrow straps from her smooth shoulders. It pulled tight across her large, high breasts; and her dark nipples were almost visible through the white material. The dress clung and stretched across her generous hips and stopped about half-way down her bare thighs.

“Nice dress,” Ron commented as he ran his eyes over the length of her. He took in not only her dress and what it covered, but also the smooth shapeliness of her legs, the pronounced curve of her hips and the slight pouch of her stomach, the exquisite beauty of her hands and manicured fingers, the firmness of her arms contrasting the fullness of her breasts, and finally the soft roundness of her shoulders. Her face was beautiful as well: the coffee with cream skin was flawless, her eyes had a more pronounced almond shape to them that suggested at a middle-eastern heritage, and her lips were full and very kissable. She quirked those lips in a smile as he considered what it would be like to kiss them.

“You want to put my clothes back on me,” Angelina said with a smile.

Ron chuckled self-consciously, a little embarrassed at having been caught staring at her. “I hadn’t even gotten that far yet.” He smiled back at her, fully conscious of the fact that he was blushing. He wanted to do something to get past his faux-pa, but he could think of no way to change the subject without being clumsy about it. He decided outrageous flattery would have to get him somewhere. Despite the old saying, he found flattery almost always worked with women as long as they weren’t already mad at him. “I had just never really taken the time notice how breathtakingly gorgeous you are.”

To his surprise, his unflappable sister blushed ever so slightly, her cheeks taking on a slightly pinkish cast as she smiled back him. “Thank you,” she replied. She leaned forward a bit as she raised her mouth towards his. Ron liked this development, so he also leaned toward her; ducking slightly so that their mouths lined up.

He didn’t even notice that her hand had slipped into the rinse water, and her eyes did not betray her intention until he heard the splash and felt the water saturate his shirt. “Oh, that’s it,” he replied grabbing a sauce pan out of the rinsing basin and flinging whatever water was in it at her. He had telegraphed his move though and Angie turned slightly so that most of the water bypassed her and splashed across the floor.

She was next to the sink and inside his defenses now. She reached for the sprayer nozzle and turned the water on in one smooth motion. Ron lunged for the sprayer as well, knowing he was toast if she got control of it. The handle was squeezed repeatedly as they struggled for primacy, and soon they were both soaked. In an attempt to throw her off, he let go of the handle and stepped away from her. She was not to be so easily fooled though; she had been a top Chaser when she played for the house Quidditch team and her reactions had not slackened in the least.

“I’ve got you now,” she said in exultant tone as she fixed the sprayer on him.

“I think I already won,” he replied with leering smile. She looked down to see what he could see. He could see almost everything. The white material was almost translucent now. Her dark nipples were clearly visible against her light breasts, which also served to highlight the dark valley of her substantial cleavage. Lower, the soaked material clung to her stomach, hips and thighs; making them all the more appealing in their partially covered state.

He held his hands up in a way that he hoped she would misconstrue as surrender. She lowered the nozzle ever so slightly, and when she did he stepped inside her defensive posture. His hands grazed over her breasts before he grabbed her arms. She was not completely caught off-guard though, and water sprayed down his chest and over his crotch, soaking everything they were both wearing as he pressed against her. His hands slid down her arms as he pulled them out to the side. Finally, he got hold of her wrists and got the nozzle away from himself. She dropped the sprayer at that point.

“Gotcha,” he said in a quiet voice.

“Now what ya’ gonna do with me?” she beckoned in a sultry tone as she hooked her leg around the back of his.

Ron wrapped his arms around her, pinning hers to her side, as he bent his lips to hers. At nearly six feet tall, Angelina was the tallest of his sisters-in-law, and he found he liked not having to bend so far down for a kiss. His lips lingered on hers, taking advantage of the fullness of them. Her tongue slipped into his mouth and invited his to play as well. He responded in kind and groaned when she sucked on his tongue as it entered her mouth. Slowly, gently, she extricated her arms from his. Thinking that she was going to drape her arms over his shoulders and pull him closer, he let her go. He moaned deep in his throat when she pushed one of his hands down to her ass as she began to grind against him. He could feel the heat of her through the relatively thin material of his workout shorts.

The blast of cold water that rained down over his head and back caught him completely by surprise and he jerked back from her with a squeal. She laughed as she turned the sprayer full on him and drenched him from head to head. He lunged for her but she dropped the sprayer and ducked away from him. He snatched up the sprayer and turned on her, but she had moved to the far side of the island counter. He flashed the sprayer at her but she ducked, and taunted him by sticking out her luscious pink tongue.

“I can think of better uses for that tongue,” Ron said as he advanced on Angelina.

“I’m sure you can,” she replied, smiling as she moved around the island to keep it between them.

He juked left, then right but she was watching him like a hawk. He considered going over the island, but figured he’d probably crack his head on the pot rack hanging overhead. “Wait a minute,” he said with a smile, “You’re the Chaser; I’m the Keeper; why aren’t you charging me?”

“Because, this isn’t practice; if you want me, you have to catch me.” She brought her hands up by her face and flapped them like bird wings.

“Nice snitch,” he leered as he glanced down. Then, trusting his instincts and arm reach, he dove over the top of the island. She tried to break away, but his arms spread wide and he grabbed the hem of her skirt. The floor came up at him with startling speed, but he flipped onto his back as Angelina tried to pull away from him. His grip was like iron though, and Angelina was pulled off balance. Ron blew out a harsh breath as she landed hard on his chest. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” he croaked. Even though he was short of breath and slightly in pain, he noticed that Angelina was sitting on his chest with her legs spread. “Nice view,” he rasped as he smiled up at her.

“Boys,” she replied with a laugh. “Now that you’ve got the snitch, what are you going to do with it?”

“Eat it,” he replied and pulled her forward. He took a deep breath, it was still a little painful, but it would pass. Her thighs raised and spread as she planted her feet on the floor on either side of his head. The wet material of her dress was cold, and a bit clammy, against his chest; but where it counted she was warm. He was taken by the appearance of her: the strength and tone of her thighs, the rich color of her skin, the curly tangle of hairs that had been shaped into an arrow, and the dark lips of her labia against the lighter tone of her skin. He opened his mouth and wrapped around her, his tongue sweeping from bottom to top as he did so.

Angelina cooed in appreciation of his efforts, and he was glad to hear it. He had to admit that there had been some trepidation on his part; after all, Angelina was very knowledgeable about sex, and from what he understood he would be measured against almost all of his other brothers. He wanted to impress.

Then suddenly, her legs tightened and it was the only warning he got as she sprang from his chest. He snatched at her hemline but was too slow. He rolled over and reached for ankle and just caught her as she tried to skip away. “I thought you wanted to play,” he said as he looked up at her.

She smiled down at him. “You were having so much fun chasing me; I thought we’d do it some more.” She spun in a quick pirouette and broke his grip. Nimble as a minx, she jumped to her other foot, spun and leapt further away. He had no choice; he scrambled to his feet and lunged for her. She spun again, and with a light tap sent him stumbling. He extended his arms and caught himself before he plowed head first into the counter.

He turned to face her and she smiled innocently as she extended a leg and bowed to him, a move distinctly reminiscent of the type of salute given to an opponent on the Quidditch pitch for a daring play. He took a breath and considered her for a moment. She wanted him to chase her, but he assumed she also wanted to be caught; most importantly though, she wanted to play.

He lunged forward, trying to look clumsy as he did so. He was leaning to her right, heading toward the center of the room so that she would have to move left toward the edge. She did just as he planned. At the last moment he stuck out his arm and grabbed the refrigerator door to use as a fulcrum, and drove into her. His body pressed full against hers as she pressed flat against the freezer-side door on the large side by side unit. “Gotcha!” he whispered as he nibbled her ear.

Her back was to him as his hands wandered over her body. He reached down and pulled up the hem of her skirt so he could grope and fondle her magnificent arse. It was full and plump, the cheeks firm in his hands.

“It seems,” he said as he cocked his head sideways at her, “that I’m either going to have to get you up off the ground, or tie you down.”

“There’s not really anything to tie me to,” she said with a smile. He almost lost his balance when she suddenly jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist. “Up off the ground could be fun. Have you ever…?”


Ginny’s stomach growled ever so slightly as she descended the stairs. Harry hadn’t been considerate enough to bring her breakfast in bed. Of course it wasn’t like she hadn’t eaten anything this morning. She smiled at her own pun and turned into the kitchen doorway. She immediately stopped, the scene before her not being one she was prepared for but more than happy to encounter as her voyeuristic tendencies sighed in pleasure.

Ron was standing in the middle of the kitchen, a pile of wet clothes at his feet. A dark skinned woman that could only be Angelina was hanging upside down from his shoulders. Angie’s hair swayed in a smooth, even motion as she bobbed up and down on the not inconsiderable length of her brother’s cock. The suction she was generating on him was evident in both her hollow cheeks and the contented moans that she elicited from him. Ron was no slouch though, he was holding her up by cradling her shoulders and his tongue was doing a complicated dance in and out of the folds of her dark labia.

Ginny was suddenly quite jealous: she had never tried this move before and it looked kind of fun, the only thing she liked more than having her own cunt licked was getting spanked or getting fucked, and thirdly- well, that she couldn’t bear admitting even to herself. She spent another moment or two taking in every detail, her voyeurism at the peak of ecstasy where it would soon spill over into a desire to take part. Normally this side of her would be satisfied by watching porn videos with Harry and then letting him fuck her silly when it got to be too much. Harry wasn’t here though, and they were both so exposed, just begging to have someone join in. Her libido was in overdrive now, thoughts of all the pleasures to be had at the hands and tongues and other parts of a man and a woman. She could very easily run a hand inside her robe and enjoy a not so private moment as she watched the intimate couple, but that didn’t seem like it would be enough.

On cat-like feet, she strode the few paces to where they stood, absorbed in one another. She knew she would have to move quickly to take any part, because it would probably come as quite a surprise to both. Ginny reached up and spread Angelina’s generous cheeks as she ran her tongue the length of her arse and then circled the crinkly sphincter at its center. Angelina’s response was a sound of pleasant surprise that faded to a contended cooing.

Ginny was an ass-girl. She liked anal sex, and she loved it when Harry rimmed her. As such, she had learned lots of tricks and had practiced using them in her and Harry’s recent explorations of his sexual boundaries. Now she applied her skills with abandon. Angelina’s sphincter opened easily as Ginny’s tongue stiffened and pierced it. Her entire arse would spasm as Ginny sucked or blew on the dampened area. Her hands were not idle, either. They roamed over the cool, damp skin until her hand found something to play with.

Ginny was amazed at the firmness of her sister-in-law’s breasts. Angie was three years older than she was, but her tits were still as firm as a teenager’s. Ginny’s tits were good, but they hung a bit lower on her body and dangled when she bent over. She uncharitably thought that they must be fake, but she knew they were not. Angelina had always had a good size chest and it had always sat firm and high.

“Ginny!” Ron said, shock and dismay coloring his voice.

She opened her eyes wide as she reluctantly pulled back from her ministrations. She had assumed he would react this way, though deep down she had hoped he would not. “Yes, Ron?”

“We’re kind of busy here.”

“Don’t stop on my account,” she replied. She let him get his ‘but’ of protest in, then spoke right over him. “It’s not my fault you chose to do this in a public area. The rules say that if you’re in an open area, anyone can join in.” Her voice was at once innocent and teasing.

“You’re my sister. That’s… that’s… just wrong.”

“Fine,” she said with an exaggerated toss of her head. “Spoil sport. I’ll just let you get back to it then while I get myself some breakfast.” She gave Angie’s arse a quick slap that elicited a delighted ‘oo’ in response. “Though I was rather enjoying the one I was having.” She turned and flounced the few steps to the refrigerator. She flung the door open and made a point to stick her ass out as far as she could as she bent to look in the crisper drawer.

The bag of strawberries caught her attention and the bag of crisp bacon on the shelf above looked good too. She pulled them out and turned to put them on the island when she saw Ron standing from a squatting position and holding on to Angelina’s ankles. As she watched, Angie brought her feet down and her body arced in a beautiful bridge with her cunt open for the entire world to see and her tits pointing to the sky. Ginny turned back to the fridge as Angie stood and stretched. She was definitely going to have to find some time to spend with Angelina.

“You can go back to what you were doing now,” she said with the exaggerated patience. She gathered a bowl of strawberries, grabbed a couple of pieces of bacon, and poured a Bloody Mary from the pitcher in the fridge. She took a sip and found the drink to her liking. Usually she had to add more vodka when she got them at most places, but it seemed who ever had made this batch agreed with her mixing philosophy.

She found a spot in the living room where she could unobtrusively watch the two in the kitchen and concentrated on listening to them.


Angelina draped her arms over Ron’s shoulders as she nibbled and sucked on his tongue. He was a serious kisser, and he held her tight as he reached down to squeeze her ass. She had gotten him turned around so that her back was to the island in the middle of the kitchen. She jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist as she leaned back. The simple physics of it pulled him forward and she thumped down on the counter. He never broke their kiss though as he pulled her forward so that she was just barely on the edge of the counter. His hips rocked back so that his erection could pop up in between them and then he shifted back forward again.

She smiled to herself as he guided her hand down between them until her hand found the head of his cock. He was so cute, so earnest; like his brothers, he was forward and honest about what he wanted. He also made sure he gave as good as he got, which she was thankful for. Fred had been a selfish lover when they were young, mostly because he just didn’t know. She idly wondered if Hermione had to teach Ron the same way she had to educate Fred. If so, she had done an excellent job. He was very attentive, though not as assertive as she might have liked. She didn’t mind leading, but sometimes it was nice to just follow along where your lover led. It was obvious that wasn’t going to happen this time. She lay back on the counter as she unlocked her legs from around him.

“Here, on the counter?” he asked, his doubt plainly evident on his face.

“Why not, haven’t you ever taken Hermione here on this counter?”

“No,” he drew the answer out. “People eat and cook on this counter.”

“Then that means you are the only one of the brothers than hasn’t.” She almost laughed at his incredulous look. “It’ll wash when we’re done. Of course we won’t ever get done if we don’t start.”

Remembering something Hermione had told her, she brought her hands up her body and squeezed her breasts together. Her fingers made quick circles about her areola and pinched her nipples. His eyes were transfixed on what she was doing, but he was lining himself up on her farther down. She brought her knees up and apart to give him better access. She got that almost tickling sensation has his shaft stroked along her opening and over her clit a few times. Just as she was about tell him to get on with it, he poked in a bit and began to rock back and forth.

It took her a second to realize he was being careful with her. She had gotten so used to Fred and George’s full-speed-ahead approach that she hadn’t realized what he was doing. It struck her again just how cute he was, like a puppy, and she almost ruined the moment by laughing. “That’s it,” she said to encourage him. She squeezed her breasts together again and lifted one nipple to her mouth. That turned the trick, he shoved the rest of the way into her and moaned as he watched her tongue flick back and forth over her nipple.

“Fuck me,” he drawled. His eyes were intent as he watched her. Then he brought her legs together and pointed them at the ceiling. “Keep that up,” he growled as he started to hammer in an out of her. He grabbed her high up on her thighs and pulled her hard to him as he continued to watch her. She smiled at him as she brought her chin across and began to lick her other nipple. He made a strangled sound in the back of his throat that she rather liked, and she clenched her lower muscles rhythmically to coincide with his out strokes.

“Holy fuck, Angelina,” he moaned as he rested his head against her ankles. “And to think that all I really wanted to do was fuck that sweet ass of yours.” He moaned a couple more times. “Just, just keep doing that.”

“You think my ass is sexy, huh?” She squeezed again, as though trying to pull him in deeper. He moaned and nodded vigorously. She released her grip on him and held her hands out to him. He helped her to the floor, and she grabbed one of the kitchen chairs. “Sit,” she commanded him

He did as he was bid and she straddled his legs as she faced away from him. She grabbed her wand off the counter and said “Get Busy,” as she pointed it at the radio on the counter. She rocked her hips left then right as the song commanded her to, “Shake dat ting.” When the music kicked in she began to twerk her ass as she moved back toward Ron. She looked over at her shoulder at Ron and saw that his eyes were wide as he stared at her ass. She bent at the waist and put her hands on his knees and began to rock her hips up and down in lock step motion controlled by her knees that made her quiver with each stop. It only took about three of these until Ron grabbed her with both hands and squeezed her generous gluteus maximi. He spread her slightly and leaned forward. His tongue was warm and wet on her sphincter.

A soft ‘oo’ escaped her lips as his mouth wrapped around her and sucked slightly. What he lacked in technique he certainly made up for with enthusiasm. “That’s it,” she growled, “get it good and wet.” She licked her palm so that it was good and wet when she reached down and stroked his cock. When she felt they were both wet enough she told him to scoot forward slightly on the chair. “Guide it in,” she told him as she reached back to spread her cheeks and settled down toward him.

“That is so… fucking… sexy,” Rona moaned as she forced herself down onto him. His cock was a nice fit there for her and she took a moment to get settled before she began to rock back and forth in time to the music. She put her hands on Ron’s knees again and held herself in place as he began to stroke against her rhythm.

Her head came up as she cooed. She opened her eyes to see Ginny sitting in a chair in the great room and watching them intently. Her heels were on the edge of the chair with her legs spread open both hands rubbing her pussy. Angelina puckered her lips and blew her a kiss. In response Ginny’s head flopped back and her mouth fell open and she shoved three fingers into her gaping hole. Angelina began to pant as Ron spread her further open and started her hips up and down on his cock. He varied the pace, and occasionally she would take over setting the pace or rapidly her hips forward and back to draw interesting sounds from him. In turn he would bring his hands up to play with her tits or down stroke his finger over her just enough to keep her climbing.

“Oh, fuck, I’m…” the word turned into an inarticulate growl as though being pulled out of his throat by force. She leaned forward then felt the first explosion ripple past her sphincter and explode deep inside her ass. Ginny heard it too and let out a single keening cry. Ron’s hand wrapped around her hip and found her clit as his other continued to bounce her hips. Almost instantly, she broke over and her orgasm washed over her. When she was done and Ron was spent, she opened her eyes again to see Ginny looking right at her, licking her fingers.

'Weasleys are all perverts,' she thought to herself, 'lucky me.'
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