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Haven't posted for a while, have several stories unfinished, so trying to work on them one by one. Again positive or negative feedback always appreciated but advertising is not!
My Mum always said I was sexually aware from a young age.

She was right, I cannot remember how young I was when those feelings became apparent but I used to love rubbing my pussy against things, enjoying the different textures.

My brother’s cricket bat for example, sliding it between my legs and rubbing myself up and down on the cool, smooth wood, making myself wet so that the wood slipped against me, pushing my sensitive clit hard against the surface. A silk scarf, pulling the cool shiney material back and forth between my legs, pulling it tighter against the flesh to flex against my clit.

I was always doing it whenever I could get the chance.

I had a best friend at school, you know, the kind of friend you shared all your secrets with even those really secret ones, she was called Lottie. Once I revealed to her my love of rubbing objects onto my pussy, she enlightened me so much further, she was far more forward that I was. We would often stay over at each other’s home, sharing the same bed, our parents left us alone, we would strip naked and explore ourselves and each other.

She gave me my first really big orgasm, stroking my pussy with her fingers, we were both very ‘wet’ girls, copious juices discharged from our cunts, she rubbed the slippery cream all over my pussy, sliding over my tight folds and tickling my clit back and forth until I exploded with ecstasy pushing out more cream. She taught me how to masturbate her too, we couldn’t do it enough to each other until eventually we fell asleep in a huddled heap together exhausted from all our orgasms.

Then we discovered internet porn! The first time, my parents were gone for the day, we lived in quite a rural area and Lisa lived quite close by on a neighbouring farm and we would cycle to each other’s houses, so she would keep me company whenever we could. We search-engined various phrases, giggling, wide eyed, often quiet, looking at video clips of blow jobs, tit wanks, straight fucking and anal fucking until by chance we clicked on one of the links below a video we had watched.

It opened up on two girls, one older than the other, sitting on a bed, talking about boys, the talking became more serious, the younger girl explaining her boyfriend wanted her to go further and she didn’t. The talking became more intense, the older girl asking her lots of questions about it and then she started to stroke her arm. She then moved forward and kissed her, the kiss was hesitant at first, the younger girl obviously naive to the older girl’s intentions then becoming more and more passionate.

Lottie and I watched, transfixed, as the girls stripped off, the older girl spread the younger girl’s legs wide open and started to lick her pussy. By now the both of us are wiggling around, mashing our wet pussies against our chairs trying to satisfy the desperate itch in our twats.

We leave the video running, strip off and Lottie copies the older girl, pushes my legs apart and takes a tentative lick of my pussy. On her tongue’s contact, I virtually shot up through the ceiling, the sensation was unbelievable, why hadn’t we done this before? She obviously liked the taste as she started slurping away, lapping up my juices which were now flowing from my cunt in a steady stream. She continued to keep looking up at the laptop and copying what the other girl was doing, stabbing my cunt hole with her tongue, flicking her pointed tongue back and forth over my clit and then drawing it into her mouth and sucking on the knot of nerves, rubbing it with her tongue. Well, it didn’t take much, I bucked my hips into her mouth, clutching the back of her head as I came and came and came.

We then took turns for the rest of the day to eat each other out until our little pussies were sore and our jaws ached! What a memorable day that was.

From there on, we explored the internet, trying everything we could between us. Taking each other’s virginity by breaking our hymens with hairbrushes jacking in and out of our cunts, stretching them further with big fat carrots and cucumbers. Our time together was just the best.

Until, Lottie and I turned 18. Lottie went away to University and I was stuck at home having failed my exams. My parents were very disappointed and decided to employ various tutors to get me up to speed to retake my exams.

I had Mrs. Elizabeth Ives for English Language and English Literature, a stout ‘old bird’ strict but okay and Mr. James Husband for Maths and Music (Piano) as I was destined for the ‘Arts’ he was odd, geeky I guess.

Now Mr. Husband, he was a different kettle of fish, he was 40, dressed in shirt, tie, v-neck jumper and nylon slacks all the time never anything else, he had a bald spot on the top of his head, round faced and clean shaven. He started off all tutor like but then over the first few weeks his demeanour changed.

To start with he always had one hand in his pocket, his change jingled, as his fingers were always moving around in there. Then, when we had to sit together to work, he would always sit very close to me, his thigh was always jigging up and down against my leg. He would find any opportunity to lean over, his face very close to mine, or he would find an excuse to brush his arm against my boob. I didn’t have enormous breasts, just nice half lemon size for my age but I had large nipples with big round aureoles, Lottie used to love sucking on them and making them hard as the flesh tightened and puckered into large knots. They were very sensitive and the slightest contact and they would tighten, so you can imagine Mr. Husband’s arm brushing really set them off.

Although I didn’t like him at all, I had had little or no contact with boys and his attentions excited me, I couldn’t tell you why, just knowing he wanted to touch me was enough I guess and I desperately looked forward to his supposed unobvious attempts to touch me and started to dress as teasingly as I dare for the old pervert.

On Monday, he was tutoring me for the whole of the afternoon, Mum and Dad were away until late evening at a cattle sale out of town. So before he arrived I changed into a white muslin summer top, spaghetti straps, scooped neck and back, fine gauzy material. It is supposed to have another top underneath and be layered, so you can imagine it is quite skimpy and if I moved my shoulders around one of the straps would easily slide down my shoulder and reveal far more of my tits than was decent! I didn’t bother with a bra so there was little left to the imagination as the fabric brushing against my sensitive nipples immediately puckered them, trying to poke through the light fabric. To this I added a pair of marl grey short shorts and no panties. They hugged my crotch very snugly showing my nice puffy pussy lips in a lovely camel toe, I added a pair of dainty flat white slipper type shoes, twirling around in the mirror I giggled to myself that Mr. Husband would probably have a heart attack, as I hardly looked an innocent!

He knocked on the front door promptly at 12 wearing his usual stuffy attire, carrying his briefcase and I hid my body as I opened the door to let him in and he went straight through to the living room where we usually studied. I followed him in and not forgetting my manners, asked him if he would like a drink, knowing full well Mr. Boring would have his usual water. As he turned to answer me, I watched his eyes as he looked me up and down, his eyes hovering over my titties and crotch, his tongue poking out and licking his thin top lip as he took in my provocative outfit.

I went into the kitchen to fetch his water and when I returned he had removed his pullover and rolled his sleeves up, it was a warm day but this was a first that he should take his precious jumper off, we promptly sat down to work. As usual he sat very close to me, his shoulders and thighs touching mine and soon his leg started to giggle against my thigh. Being braless my nipples started to jiggle with the movement, rubbing against my top and starting to harden into large tight points. He started to lean over to point to something on the page and I rolled my shoulders forward causing the material to gape, knowing full well he had to see all my breasts including my tightening nipples. I swear I heard him take in a sharp breath but couldn’t be sure.

As the lesson went on he attempted to find as many excuses as possible to do something. At one point he reached under my arm to hold a ruler to draw a correct line on a triangle and his forearm rested against one of my tits, against the nipple, the material was so thin I could feel the heat of his skin and of course my nipple puckered tightly as he seemed to roll his arm, as he purposely manoeuvred the ruler around.

These little ‘moments’ seemed to send direct messages to my pussy as I started to feel it swell and moisten in anticipation of my little game. Eventually we finished our maths lesson and moved over to the piano, me sitting on the stool and he standing to the side. I started off with my scales practice to warm up. He criticised my hand and wrist position and reaching under my arms to lift my wrists higher, telling me to increase the number of scales into higher octaves so that my arms moved further up and down the keyboard. I realised the higher or lower I played, the more his wrists would rub over my nipples, the further over he leaned he could see down my top and I was certain that he was breathing faster as the side of his face was so close to mine and I could feel his breath.

I seemed to play scales forever until he straightened up and asked me to play one of my exam pieces, by now my nipples were so hard and tingly and the crotch of my shorts was starting to feel damp. As I started to play he criticised my posture and standing directly behind me, he told me to straighten my back and put his now clammy hands on my shoulders, cupping them and pulling my shoulders back. By doing this his crotch was rubbing between my shoulder blades and I know I felt the bulge of his cock in his trousers.

He then said my shoulders were tense and started to rub them, the more he stroked my skin, the closer one of the straps came to falling down my arm until it actually slipped off and the material slid down revealing my breast and most of the other one too, all that was hidden was the other nipple. The piano is black with a high shine on the wood and I could see in the reflection Mr. Husband’s torso behind me, his hands moving over my skin, the white top crumpled to the side revealing one naked breast and the curve of the other and I knew he could see that too!

His hands slowly crept forward over my shoulders, stroking the upper swell of my tits until he felt brave enough and circled his fingertips around the whole of my breasts catching his fingertips on my nipples which were rock hard. He gasped at the contact and I drew in a breath too, despite disliking the man immensely the contact was electrifying, his fingers making smaller and smaller circles until he was rubbing my nipples and nothing else.

By now I could feel his hard cock straining in his trousers pushing between the small of my back. His fingertips tightened on my nipples as he rolled the sensitive flesh between them, pulling the buds outwards and scratching his nail against the hard tip. Neither of us said a word but I could hear him breathing quite hard, as I struggled to slow my own breathing as my heart raced along, my pussy by now wet and soggy in my shorts.

Releasing my nipples, he moved away from me, telling me to stand as he took my place on the stool and instructing me to stand in front of him between his legs. He reached up and pulled the other strap down my arm, the material slipped down to my waist and he slid it down until it pooled on the floor leaving me naked from the waist up. I silently watched him as he leaned forward and swiped one of my nipples with his big fat tongue, he closed his eyes and enveloped it into his mouth, hollowing his cheeks, sucking on the teat and licking the distended flesh.

The sensation was divine and I arched my back pushing myself against his mouth exhaling and moaning softly. He continued his assault, hungrily slavering and covering the nipple in his saliva which caused the nipple to chill puckering even tighter when he moved away to attached his mouth to the other engorged teat.

Letting the tit plop from his mouth loudly, he sat back and lowered his hungry eyes to the crotch of my shorts which by now showed a dark grey wet patch. His hands moved down my sides until they rested on my hips and one hand moved across and he stroked his index finger down the indentation of my camel toe, pushing the soggy material deeper into my pussy folds, His other hand moved to the centre of the waistband of my shorts, pulling it upwards causing the material to tighten deeper into my cleft, the centre seam catching against my swelling clit. I gasped at the wicked sensation, looking for the reaction on his face but he was intently staring at my crotch, licking his lower lip.

Both his hands moved to my hips, taking the waistband and peeling the material down my legs, gasping transfixed as he pulled my juice soaked material away from my pussy. Dragging my shorts down my legs and off of my feet one foot at a time, he came upright, I watched as he twisted the material, bringing the soggy crotch to his nose, sniffing and then licking the juices. Dropping them to the floor, he stood up and pushed me backwards until the backs of my legs hit the sofa and he pushed me down. I know you are probably all thinking why I am not protesting at the wrongness of his action but I was so turned on, I wanted this desperately, his attention was turning me on more and more.

Kneeling in front of me he grabbed my legs pushing them apart, pulling me to the edge of the sofa and pushing my knees apart further until they touched the cushions on either side, splitting my pussy wide open, displaying my shell pink lips glistening with my juices. Leaning forward his tongue licked the length of my pussy up to my clit and back down again breathing in, inhaling my scent momentarily. Then like a starved man he covered the whole of my cunt and clit, sucking, slavering, stabbing with his tongue, rubbing his face in my wetness, puffing and panting. His tongued my cunt, lapping at my cream, sucking it into his mouth, pushing my lips further apart to feast on my swollen clit, flicking his tongue against it. I was in heaven!

Tilting my hips to push myself deeper into his mouth, grasping his head and riding his face, I smiled inwardly to myself as his overzealous sucking caused me to release a few drops of pee into his mouth. Thinking that would teach the old pervert, I was surprised to find he reacted excitedly and seemed to suck even more. So I let another small stream go and yes he did like it, the mucky pervert,

I heard his trouser zip slide open and seconds later I could feel his body rocking, I lifted my head up and could see he was wanking his cock as he ate me out,
The sensations started to build more and more as I felt my orgasm build thinking of him tugging on his dick, he was sucking me so hard as he sent me over the edge, my cunt spasming and I pushed a longer trickle of urine into his mouth as I came. As my orgasm subsided I pushed his face away as his attentions were too much for me, his face shiney with my bodily fluids.

He had no guilt on his face, all around his mouth glistened with my juices, his tongue licking up all the excess he could reach, he was panting away. He knelt up straight, his fist screwing and squeezing his hard cock, pre cum oozing from the head and dripping down onto his hand, I watching him intently as he increased the tempo, squeezing the purple swollen head tighter and tighter until he came, spewing his cum over my gaping cunt, pussy lips and titties, ropes of white spunk spattered me.

His eyes met mine, he knew he had taken this far too far but I knew I had him exactly where I wanted him! Quietly and firmly with a smirk, I told him to get down and lick his cum from my pussy, every single drop because if he didn’t I would tell Mummy exactly what he had done and that I had been too frightened to say no. He lowered his eyes, he knew I was in control now and lowered his head to my pussy, slowly licking his ropes of cum from me until he had eaten it all. I was aroused all over again, having this perverted man at my beck and call.

I needed to pee, so I made him follow me to the bathroom, standing astride the bidet I asked him if he wanted to watch me pee, he nodded obediently, so I ordered him to lean over the pan as I squatted lower, pulled my labia back and let a dribble of pee go. He edged his head closer, tipping it to the side and opening his mouth, as I let another stream go, he cupped his mouth over my urethra and I pissed into his mouth as he drank thirstily, barely losing a drop, I don’t know who was more twisted, him for drinking my urine or me for letting him and getting so turned on!

I told him to lick me clean and once he had laboured for quite a while licking my pussy, turning me on more, I made him follow me back into the living room. Standing next to the piano stool, I placed one of my feet on the stool, ordered him to kneel beneath my now splayed pussy and demanded he lick and service me again. Broking no argument, his mouth closed over my pussy, sucking my clit into his mouth and raking it with his teeth and tongue.

After a while I pushed his head away, I demanded his hand, grabbing it, I opened up his fingers, folding all of his digits back into a fist apart from his middle finger and pulled it towards my crotch. Positioning his fist vertically, I pushed his large fat finger into my oozing cunt and felt my muscles absorb the intrusion. Squatting down, bearing onto his hand until my clit ground down onto his knuckles, rising back up and then down as I fucked his finger.

Gasping, I breathily grunted that he insert another finger, my vagina absorbing the thicker invasion and I bounced up and down on his upturned hand, my juices running out of me onto his part clenched fist, soaking his hand. Faster and faster I squatted, ramming his hand against my pussy until I came, squeezing cum past his fingers and soaking his hand with my juices.

Sliding off him, I flopped onto the piano stool breathing hard, he remained kneeling, his hand covered in creamy juices and his cock sticking out of his fly, hard as a rock. Trying to calm my breathing, between gasps of air, I told him to coat his cock with my juices as lubrication and wank himself. He did not hesitate, rubbing my juices into his knob, smearing the cream gathered on the back of his hand on the underside, sliding his hand back and forth over his cock covered in my secretions.

Tightening his grip, teasing the tip of his cock with his gripped fist, he pumped faster and faster, shuffling towards me and cumming again all over my gaping cunt and mound, this time rubbing the tip of his cock through the strands of cum, spreading it all over my splayed lips. Once he had finished he sat back on his haunches, watching and waiting for me. Moving my hand down, I scooped some onto my finger and moved it to my nipples rubbing his spunk into each tight bud, then I slipped my finger into my mouth, my tongue rolling around my finger tasting spunk for the first time!

Without needing to be told, he obediently lapped up his cum from my body, taking a lot of time to clean my cunt, clit and titties as I reclined on the stool recharging my batteries. It didn’t take much to have me turned on all over that again, my sexual appetite seemed to go on and on, no sooner had he cleaned up his spunk, my juices started to secrete and his enthusiasm did not diminish.

I had not planned to let him fuck me but my cravings were becoming more and more carnal. I wanted his cock in me, I wanted him to grunt and pump his rod into me and I wanted to feel his cum hot in my belly. I instructed him to lay flat on the floor, I couldn’t help an excited giggle as his cock stood upright out of his gaping trousers. I knelt between his legs and held his cock, the first cock I had ever held! I had seen plenty watching porn films, his was nowhere near that size, quite a lot smaller but still quite a handful for me. I licked the tip, tasting the pre-cum oozing out, he let out a trembling moan, I wondered if there was a Mrs Husband or whether he was single. He was such an odd man, had anyone ever tasted his cock before! I licked his length, tasting my juices and traces of his sperm, moving up to the top and sucking the tip, looking up to him watching me intently as my actions caused another moan from him.

I bobbed up and down on his cock, twisting my fist around the base, coating his rod in my saliva. He tried to push my head more forcefully on his cock but I stopped and told him to keep his hands to his side otherwise I would not carry on. He immediately did what I asked and I carried on sucking his member back and forth in my mouth until my jaw started to ache.

Letting his cock fall from my mouth with a plop, I moved into a squatting position and straddled his hips, holding his cock upright and rubbed it up and down my now dripping pussy lips. His eyes widened in excitement and he tried to buck his hips trying to push his cock into me. I tutted at him, shaking my head, telling him to be patient otherwise he would be disappointed. He immediately conceded but I could see it was taking all of his control.

I lowered myself slowly down on to his cock, giving my cunt time to stretch around the intrusion, until eventually my pussy lips were rubbing against his pubic hair. I tilted forwards a little and ground my clit against his pubic bone, circling my hips forcing his cock deeper into me. It felt heavenly, my cunt muscles grabbing at his rod, stretched and buried to the hilt. Slowly I lifted off him inch by inch until barely the tip was inside me, then just as slowly I slid back down, I continued this several times, his legs trembling, him whimpering at my teasing. Then becoming frustrated at teasing myself, I lifted off of him and then slammed down on to his cock, causing me to grunt, again and again I did this, fucking his rod harder and harder chasing my own orgasm.

I was starting to tire, he grasped my hips, lifting me off of him a little and started pumping his hips into me. Slap, slap, slap as his groin smacked against my bottom, his cock squelching against my pussy as he battered himself into me. My tits jiggled with the exertion, one of my hands alternatively pinching and pulling on my nipples and the other frantically rubbing my clit from side to side.

My orgasm exploded, my body tensing, my cunt muscles strangling his cock as it seemed to swell inside me, my muscles milking him as he in turn pumped his spunk into me. Slowing down his fucking until his cock had finished and started to shrink. He lifted me up and I shuffled up his body until I was squatting over his face and he instructed me to clench my cunt and push our secretions out. Slowly I felt a trickle of hot cream ooze out of my pussy, his tongue meeting its descent and lapping it into his mouth. He murmured his encouragement In between mouthfuls, lapping gently into my gaping cunt where his cock had been buried moments ago.

Once he had finished, he pushed me up, I stood there naked watching him tuck his cock back in, refastening his trousers and belt. He then watched me intently as I retrieved my discarded shorts and top and dressed. Looking at his watch, he told me to resume my piano practice as his time was up, he stood behind me again for quite a while, eventually placing his hands on my shoulders, sliding them forwards underneath my top and rolling my nipples, pinching them sharply between his fingers and thumbs. I gasped at the sensation, he leaned into my left shoulder, licking my earlobe and whispering that he looked forward to seeing me next time. My body shivered in response to his actions.

Not only could I not wait until my next tutoring session but I really couldn’t wait to tell Lottie all about it………..

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2015-10-19 05:58:00
Well written despite the grammatical errors I especially love this story because there isn't any dirty talking which gives it a more realistic air. I cummerbund hard imagining she was teasing my cock with her teen pussy like that. Keep up.

Anonymous readerReport 

2015-10-04 13:28:24
Lol i do enjoy reading comments but all kidding aside i enjoy your stories

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2015-09-08 03:52:06
Grammar Nazis go away. I'm so fucking turned on right now its ridiculous.

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2015-09-07 04:24:18
this was fucking hot. I am turned on by explicit sexual description from the female view and this is just fucking hot...and wet

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2015-09-06 23:44:30
There are some typos that should've been caught with an extensive proofreading. For example, "Then like a starved man he covered the hole of my cunt and clit," I think you meant to type "whole" and missed the w. A few minor things like that aren't a big thing as long as it doesn't disrupt the flow and readability. That's why this is an amateur site not a professional one. This is amateur writing and it deserves to be here. You obviously have some writing skills and talent unlike a lot of the recent "garbage" being posted. A word of advice to readers and the author, sometimes misspellings can be attributed to the type of "English" being used. British English spells words like "recognize" as "recognise" where Amercian Englis uses the letter Z. That doesn't mean one or other is wrong it depends on the location and type of English being used. Thanks for good story! Looking forward to more of your work in the future. This is certainly deserving of a positive vote

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