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Originally written by Timberwolf
I watched a young girl walk ahead of me down the sidewalk of a quiet residential neighborhood. It was a warm summer afternoon and a light breeze rustled the leaves of the tall trees along the street. She was a vision of tanned beauty, the kind you only see in summertime. The sun was warm but the breeze felt good. The girl was oblivious to my presence and appeared to be enjoying some music from the headphones she wore. She probably lived in the neighborhood and was walking to or from a friend's house.

A tall slender girl, she couldn't have been much over 18 or 19. Her faded blue hip hugger shorts showed off her narrow waist. Wide hips told me she was blossoming into a well-developed woman. I admired the long, slender legs and the curve of her thighs. I could just make out the crease that separated her butt cheeks from her legs in the frayed bottoms of her short shorts. Her shoes were the clunky-heeled strap-on things that girls wear these days with no socks.

She did a quick skip and some dance steps in time to her music and I could just make out the shadow of her ribs below her tiny orange halter-top. I watched her hips and arms move together and admired her long slender waistline. Her hair was a natural ash blonde and braided up the back of her head to show off her long slender neck. She carried her head high and had a proud curve to her chin.

I closed the gap between us until I was about ten feet behind her. She was taller than I had first thought, probably five-nine or five-ten. I looked up and down the street and didn't see any cars or pedestrians. We were approaching an alley and an old house with over-grown shrubbery. I reached in my pocket for the length of nylon cord I carried.

She may have heard me when I was just a couple of feet behind her and she started to turn as I looped the nylon cord around her pretty neck. She managed one cry of panic before I cut off her air supply so I pulled her backward, off balance into the alley.

I felt a searing pain as she slammed me in the kidneys with both elbows. Catching me off guard, she nearly twisted out of my grip. I pulled her backward again and tried to gain control. The side door to an old garage was open so I pulled her inside. I managed to trip her and we both tumbled to the dirty cement floor. Without letting go of the nylon rope, I rolled her face down and finally had her where I wanted her. After a while she stopped fighting and her body went limp.

I thought she was dead so I let go of the nylon rope and rolled her on her back. As I started to admire her beautiful face I saw her eyelids flutter and realized she was alive. She got one foot under me and nearly kicked me across the room. I was back on her in an instant and got my hands around her long slender neck. I cut off her air supply with my thumbs and pinned her down with my elbows and knees.

At this point, the feel of a beautiful young woman under me had me completely aroused. I couldn't wait to have her.

I carefully let go of her throat with one hand and tried to undo her shorts. I managed to get them pulled down past her hips when she started kicking and twisting again. This time her kicking sent the shorts and panties flying across the room. I pulled my own pants down and plunged myself into her.

She couldn't have been a virgin, not in this neighborhood, but she was the tightest woman I ever experienced. Soon her natural juices began flowing and the feeling was exquisite. Her firm young body and the tight pussy were a pleasure beyond de***********ion.

I tightened my grip on her throat until her eyes bulged and her tongue stuck out. I put my lips over hers and caressed her tongue with mine. I could feel her firm breasts pressing hard against my chest. The excitement was unbelievable and I could barely hold myself back. I have never had such an urge to cum. Her struggling gradually subsided and was replaced by the random jerks and twitches of her death throes. Her tight pussy twitched and squeezed as spasms wracked her body. When I couldn't hold back any longer, I let my cum gush deep into her.

I lay there until I had the strength to stand, then looked around the dirty garage. The dead girl lay on the floor with her arms beside her and her slender legs spread wide. Her face had turned a bright red and her eyes were wide open. Her lush breasts did their best to escape the bounds of her orange halter-top so I pulled it off over head and set them free. There was an old mattress in the corner so I carried her over and carefully laid her out on it.

I ran my hands over her beautiful face and composed her elegant features. She had a face like a supermodel with a long straight jaw line and high cheekbones. I closed her eyes and kissed her soft lips. I tried to ignore the ugly black bruises on her long slender neck. I cupped my hands over her large firm breasts and felt the soft pink nipples. I explored her long slender waist and wide hips. I ran my hands down her long beautiful legs and undid the straps on her clunky shoes.

I stripped my own clothes off and felt the warm breeze on my bare skin. I lay down on the mattress and pulled the full length of the girl's body against mine. Her skin felt soft and cool on the warm afternoon. I spread her legs and lifted her hips to meet my firm erection. We lay coupled until I was completely satisfied.

When I stood up, the sun was casting long shadows across the dirty floor. The wind had picked up and it was much cooler. I gave an involuntary shiver as a gust of cold wind hit my naked body. I pulled my clothes on and looked around one last time. The long slender body on the mattress was now cold to my touch as I caressed her soft curves.

As I stepped out the side door a gust of cold wind sent dry leaves rattling down the alley. I pulled my jacket tighter around myself as I walked back down the quiet street. It looked like we would be in for an early autumn.
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