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I am not native speaking writer so the quality of my chapters depend on the editors or the lack of editor. I recommend my stories for brave readers, who are not afread my difficult texts.
A Sci Fi & Fantasy and Romantic Revenge story. I am weary of that genre in the Sci Fi that AI robots kill all of mankind, so I found such stories very interesting, where AI fembots become the mates, wives of humans. These stories go to the extreme, when AI fembot wives want to be step moms. However AI fembots may have an artificial uterus with healthy egg (from humans) for human sperm cells....
My special thanks to my editors as Randi for the 3rd, 4th and 5th chapters, Randy Rob for the 1st and the 2nd chapters and Jash for the whole story.

Chapter 1. The Beautiful Stepsister

At that time, I was sixteen years old when my fate changed forever. But I was unsuspecting and I did not recognize that at first. I lived in a well-to-do family in a middle-west town. Many industrial firms were in our city and our city was the commercial and cultural center of our area. So the life of our city was between a small town, where everybody knows each other and a big city, where nobody knows their neighbors at all. My father Ken Paulson was a wealthy mill, silo and animal feed mixer owner. His mills, animal feed mixers and silos were in the nearby small towns. He was a big fish in the countryside local communities, where his business was, but he was only one of the financially well off people in my city.

My dad’s life involved frequent travel from our city to the small rural towns. Dad was an engineer and his career began with maintaining of mills and animal feed mixers. He found a closed site and he bought it at a scrap metal price. He mended the machines and he owned more sites and silos later. He already had other businesses too, when he married my mom. He worked hard. My sister and I were proud of his success. My sister, Becky was almost four years younger than me. We loved each other as two good siblings.

Naturally we loved our mom too. My mom Amy Paulson was a high school English teacher and she went back to teach in a local high school six years after the birth of my sister, Becky. She taught at another high school that I, and later my sister, attended. My father told her she did not need to work, but mom said the work was important to her not to feel herself as a dull superfluous hen.

I have brown colored hair and almost green eyes. When I turned sixteen I was a tall boy and I reached 185 cm height. I loved reading and I studied very well. The PC world captured my interest together with my friends and we switched off the special PC locks to watch adult content on Internet. My friends were straight boys the same as I was, so our hormone driven fantasy received nourishment from the Net. We began the high school together and the girls were innocent young students in our class the same as us. My friends and I were virgins at that time and the girls and women were the secret aim of our erotic fantasy.

I was beginning to be an expert in PC and I built my PC and other electric gadgets at home. Dad and I had a little workshop at home. I do not know, how I found that idea, but I built a secret microphone into the living room to be able to hear secret conversations after I attached this bug wirelessly to my PC. I hoped I could uncover family secrets and I was right.

When I was sixteen my father went to a small town on a mild day in December. Sometimes it happened once or twice a year there was a problem to any site or due to blizzard he had to stay far from our house, but he phoned to us every-time. It was unique that he missed us on that December. The weather condition was calm before Christmas and his colleagues told my mom that they did not see him. The whole family was in shock that my dad disappeared in the void without any trace on Thursday.

Sunday morning, 48 hours after his disappearance, we announced to the police that dad was a missing person. It was evening on Sunday, when dad arrived. We had not seen him since Thursday morning. Mom, my sister and I were in tears and he called the Police to stop the missing person proceedings. The Police asked for him to come to the Police station to show his ID to close the case next day. Mom and dad were a little strange, because they behaved a little reserved and they avoided each other a little. They were waiting for us until we went to bed. I knew I would use my secret bug to know a family secret. I played that I went to sleep and I connected the cable to use the headphone and I listened to my parents. They began the conversation earlier so I did not hear the beginning of the dispute.

He was polite and calm, “I’ll remain some days until my divorce documents will be ready to be given to you.”

My mom was weeping, I think from something serious he had told her before.

My mom cried, “You know everything. Why don't you forgive me? I had only this affair. I'm breaking up with him!”

My dad was calm and he said, “Do you want me to show you that this ten years younger lover wasn't your only adventure? If he had been your only lover I wouldn't have disappeared for several days. I would leave you simply.”

Mom was silent.

Dad continued, “I've exact evidence for another affair. The science of DNA is a good witness.”

Mom asked, “What are you saying?”

Dad said, “Ben is my son, but Becky’s biological father is another man. I've seen the DNA results. Ben’s result was positive, but Becky's was negative. I’m curious who is Becky’s biological father?”

I was in front of my PC with the headphone on my head and I overheard the deepest family secret. I was as much astonished by my mom's betrayal as was my dad some days before. I was dad's only biological kid. Becky was someone else's. I began to cry for my family, for my dad and my sister…

Mom said crying, “I cannot tell you who her biological father is, because he's family and we broke up before I found out I was pregnant. He doesn't know he has another daughter. You're Becky’s true daddy.”

Both were silent.

"I kneel down in front of you!" I sensed that my mom was kneeling down in front of my father and she said, “Ken I agree to the quick divorce, I won’t fight against our prenup, you’ll get your company. I’m begging you not to tell Becky you aren't her daddy! I beg ... I beg you with all my heart!”

“Don’t panic! I won’t tell Becky I’m not her biological father. I've thought about all my options. Ben will inherit the firm and the majority of my assets, but I’ll help Becky too.”

I cried as I listened to my parents and I had to keep this family secret private. Especially from my sister.

I did not understand my dad, why was he so calm, and even so polite? He said the facts and he accused her, but he was polite. He said he gave his marriage up. I think others would have said more terrible words, but dad was calm and polite. I know now why dad was so polite. I would have been just as calm as he was, if I had had his secret knowledge. I am going to tell about this later.

Dad said, “I'll stay until Christmas and I’ll move after it. I will give the divorce documents to you after Christmas. The house is yours and the kids will stay with you. When the divorce is ready, Ben can visit me freely during the daylight hours, because he's sixteen years old. He’ll live with you, he’ll sleep in this house, but he'll be free to visit me. This arrangement is good for all of us.”

As I overheard my future being revealed, I was glad dad was so calm.

Mom asked, “What do you want to do with Becky? You said you wouldn't reveal our secret to her.”

Dad said, "I won't reveal the secret of her origin and I'll help Becky too. I'll accept the decision of the court. I think every second weekend, two weeks in the summertime as well as certain feast days is the agreed decision, so she can come to my new house together with Ben."

Mom stood up and listened to dad and responded, “Ken, thank you for Becky and I won’t struggle for my marriage. I won’t say any wrong words about you to the kids.”

I ended listening to my parents and I slept in sadness with tears in my eyes.

Dad moved into the guest room and after a sad Christmas he gave the divorce documents to my mom and he left the house. Becky and I were very sad and embittered for weeks and mom was shattered for months. I'll be honest, I was not sorry for her, but I kept my mouth shut. I had almost grown up without knowing the secret of Becky's origin. I think this was a good preparation for the future. My mom believed that my distancing myself from her was a normal age related reaction. She did not suspect that I knew her secret.

The divorce was quick. My mom got us the house, alimony and children support. But according to the prenup dad got his firm. We went to him every second weekend. One month after his divorce he told me he found a woman from Uzbekistan, Tashkent, on a dating website. She was a Russian minority woman who had a daughter of the same age as me. Dad showed their photos and the woman and her daughter were beautiful. Soon my father went to Tashkent to meet them and to organize the wedding after the successful date. Next time he went back to Tashkent and they had their wedding in Uzbekistan. My step mom to be was called Natalia Kalina and her daughter's name was Yekaterina Kalina. After the wedding dad organized the family reunion, because he adopted Yekaterina but family name remained Kalina. They got their USA visa before Christmas and they came to my city just before Christmas.

Natalia was a single mother, Yekaterina's biological father was a young stud who did not want any family. He ran with organized criminals. Then she had a boyfriend who ran with organized criminals too. Her boyfriend, other criminals and the complete mafia group disappeared without any trace later. Perhaps it was a "mafia" showdown. Yekaterina's father disappeared in an independent event too. She lived alone with her daughter. Natalia told this later. So she wanted to leave Inner Asia, because she afraid of this dangerous World. Her daughter was a private student in Tashkent during her high school years. Natalia and Kate did not tell much about their life there. They said they was afraid of everything in Tashkent, so my dad was a good solution for them to live in safe circumstances as Mrs. Natalia Paulson.

Mom was very sad, when she learned dad remarried so quickly after the divorce. I was sure she understood that the odds for any reconciliation disappeared. The ten years younger lover did not want any long time connection, soon mom lost him too. He found a same age girl to marry and they moved to Texas later.

Becky and I were very excited to meet my dad’s new family on the second day of Christmas. My mom wanted to be neutral and she did not say any negative word about my dad’s new family. Dad came to us and he took us by car to his house. Dad said Yekaterina would like to ask for us not to name her as Yekaterina, but Kate, because she would like to be an American in the near future. Becky and I assured dad we would know her as Kate. Becky and I laughed a little, but we were very sympathetic to her request.

We arrived to dad’s new house and the door opened. The two new women came out to greet my sister and me. The weather conditions were good and they were of Russian origin, so I did not wonder they wore only pullovers.

They embraced us and, speaking in an accent, said, "Nice to meet you!”

My sister and I answered friendly, “Me too!”

We entered dad’s house and we smiled at each other. My step mother was an exceptionally beautiful, but Kate was also a fantastically beautiful girl. She was seventeen years old as was I, but she seemed to be eighteen years old. She was a flaxen haired blond, blue eyed girl of medium height. She was as tall as my face. We sat in the living room and we were happy for each. I felt an explicitly friendly warmth from the two women. My sister and I looked at each other and our eyes told we revealed at once that we had adopted our two new family members.


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story too rushed and very short, where is part 2?

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