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Dangerous On-line Experience

By Jax_Teller

These days connections are often made on-line in various different forms. I was no different in that I was looking for a situation and possibly a long term relationship. I of course was looking to have a fantasy fulfilled as well. In the chat rooms of the Internet there are places for all sorts of things and I figured I’d never find what I was fantasizing about in real life. One day while I was scanning the available chat rooms I saw one room titled ”want to be taken.” I joined the room and noted 26 males in the room. There were a couple females in the room and I checked their profiles. One was definitely not looking for a real situation but on-line chat only.

The other female had a newer account profile which made me suspicious, but her profile said that she wanted to be taken, controlled. That sounded similar to what I was looking for. I typed that I was a SWM 26 straight and hello with a wink smile face this was a common chat room entrance greeting. The chat in the room went scrolling on and there was some roll playing going on with one person telling the other what they would do and another replying what they would do.

I didn't care so much for the role playing, but watched and a few minutes later I got a private message request from Slut4U2014 and I clicked on it immediately. She asked what I was doing and I said just watching the drama. She messaged back that she hated the role playing crap. I agreed and asked her ASL age sex location, and she answered 20 f Dodge. I knew my profile listed Realto as my location and that was near Dodge so I proceeded with caution this could be a setup or the real thing or too good to be true. I said so what are you looking for.

Slut4U2014 typed back that she wanted a decent looking man who knew how to handle a woman. I typed “handle” in quotes and she typed back yeah as in take charge and not be so touchy feely about it. I typed back, that could be risky given the mood of the law enforcement these days. She typed that laws don’t belong in bedrooms. I said well how would a man who knew how to take charge, know a woman meant no when they said it or were just trying to see if the man was willing to take her. She said well if two were that close maybe a safe word would be the key to stopping. I said that I’d used safe words before with BDSM folks and they usually worked out, but that some just used it as a control not an absolute.

Slut4U and I chatted back and forth for an hour and I finely asked her if she’d like a visitor. She said not tonight but maybe on Friday evening so she would have the weekend to recover before having to work on Monday. I said well that sounds reasonable, and we went on to exchange phone numbers, and then a time we’d meet in chat the next day. Over the next few days I found out where she lived, her exact address, and we started to setup the scenario that we would play out on Friday. She was going to come home from work and accidentally leave her apartment door unlocked, and at 6:30 she’d be getting into the shower.

I made sure she understood that once I was there I would only stop if she said refrigerator. We exchanged pictures and I also told her that I wanted her to leave her drivers license out on a table inside the door so I could see proof that she is of age. She asked how I knew about the table by the door and I told her it was just a common thing. I joked about the TV show caught on tape and that I didn't want to do anything illegal or that she didn't really want. She agreed, and we decided no further contact being it was Thursday, unless to cancel.

Friday I took off work early and went to her apartment building while she was at work. I wanted to know exactly where it was and the lay out. I found a common area on the ground floor that was unrestricted, no cameras, no staff just a television and decent sitting area. I checked the apartment directory and Her name was on the correct apartment number and didn't look newer than any of the others. I waited till it was close to time that she should have been coming home from work and made sure I wasn't in the direct view of the door entrance. I saw her walk through and head to her apartment, it was weird seeing the rest of her body, not just the profile front face shot or the picture she sent me. The time was right so I went to her apartment and the door was unlocked. I opened it and walked in shutting the door quietly behind myself.

I looked for the license and it was there on the table, out of her wallet, right next to her keys. She was 20 yrs old, as she had initially said in chat and on her profile page. The license looked real enough, worn, not a fake. I heard the shower running and I waited in her bed room just off to the side of the door to the bathroom. When she came out with a towel on her head and drying off with another. I grabbed her and moved her to the bed. She yelled what the fuck, but not really loud, I just kept moving her to the bed. I took the tie from her robe she had left on the bed, as we had discussed on line, and used it to tie her hands to the head board. She was resisting but not hard, I easily over powered her.

I grabbed one of her legs as she tried to kick me and then got the other. Now that I had control of her only defense left, I knelt between her legs and put my mouth on her nipple which was hard and standing at attention. I watched for the word refrigerator and she never said it and I enjoyed her breasts and then I slid my pants down keeping between her legs.

I grabbed my cock and let go of her legs long enough to put a condom on. I noted if she really didn't want this, she could have pushed me off of her and possibly escape. I slid my wrapped cock up to her sweet folds and she was dripping wet. I pushed and I easily slipped inside her, she kept her eyes averted away from me as if trying to will herself to somewhere else. I just started pounding my cock in and out of her. She knew the word that would make me stop, but had not used it, so I kept my pace up.

As I pushed my cock in and out of her pussy her breasts rocked up and down with my thrusts. I looked into her eyes wondering what she was thinking, if she was enjoying herself. Debby started rocking her hips to meet my thrusts and I felt her getting wetter and her breathing grew heavy. She looked into my eyes for the first time and I felt her orgasm explode. Her juices dripped down my balls and I could feel her silky tunnel gripping my cock milking it.

Her orgasm pushed me over the edge and I came in almost painful bursts. I finely stopped moving and looked into her eyes and she once again looked away. I pulled my shrinking cock from her pussy and I pulled the condom off my cock and stuffed it in my pocket as I sat back on my heals.

As I looked down at her and thought how wonderful it would be to spend the after-glow with her, and fall asleep next to her. But that wasn't part of our plan, so I got up and she immediately balled up into the fetal position. I pulled my pants up and loosened the tie on her wrists, but not completely, and I left. As quick as I was in, I was out again. The whole event had taken a half an hour. I went out to my car and turned on my laptop and went to our chat room which was empty. I waited a few minutes and I saw her icon that she was logging in and then she entered the chat room. I said hi and she said thanks. I said sure enough. I asked her if she’d enjoyed herself, and she affirmed that she had. I asked if she wanted more than that.

She said that she’d wanted it rougher but understood why I had not been rougher. I told her that If she stayed in a chat room like this the right person might come right in on her and do nasty things to her. She said she only hoped. I don’t think she realized I was just outside in the parking lot still. I told her that the door to her apartment was still unlocked and she said that she knew that and laughed LOL. And I said ok then, and left my laptop on and went back inside. The door was still open and I walked right in like I lived there. Debby was sitting in her living room with her laptop on her lap and as I looked in she raised her eyes to see me. I said so you want nasty do you.

She said I thought you were gone and I answered do you want something from the refrigerator? And she said no that she was good. I laughed a little and said well I am not, and I went over to where she was sitting and she laid the laptop off on an end table. I grabbed a handful of her still damp hair and produced my cock sliding it in her mouth. She put her hands on my legs to push me away. I let her push off slightly and slapped her face and pushed my cock back in her mouth. I roughly face fucked her for a few minutes and she started taking it down her throat and I could tell she was enjoying it too much.

I pulled my cock from her mouth and told her to get up pulling her up to her feet. She stood up and I positioned her over the back of the chair. I pulled her sweat pants down with one hand pushing on her back with the other so she was bent over the chair. I slapped her ass cheeks one at a time until her butt was red and she was trying to get away. I let her go and she grabbed up her pants and ran into the bedroom. As I got to the door she attempted to close it but I forced it open and she fell back onto the bed. I told her to get on her knees and she pleaded with me not to spank her anymore.

I yelled at her to just do it. She complied and I pulled her pants down again and I admired my hand print on her ass. I pulled my pants off and knelt behind her and slid my rigid cock up and down her ass crack to her pussy and back. She was still very wet and I put another condom on and slid my cock into her pussy. Debbie started to wiggle to get free of me and I used her hair to hold her in place. I wasn't inside her for more than five minutes before she bucked and came hard, almost collapsing onto the floor. I Kept fucking her harder slamming her back and forth, in and out.

Feeling my orgasm approaching I pulled out of her, and used her hair to guide her around to face me. I held her in place as I pulled the condom off and jerked my cock. I came on her face, and she opened her mouth taking the second and third shots of come in her mouth. I let her go and sat on the edge of the bed. Debbie slid onto her back on the floor in front of me. She gargled my come making bubbles and used two of her fingers to fuck her mouth with my come. My cock didn't even shrink watching this lovely woman masturbate with one hand and fuck her mouth with the other.

The End

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A pretty ordinary one if you ask me.

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This is an awesome story!!!!

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