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After the night of impromptu strip poker, there is some relief in store. I higher stakes game is coming up.
Chapter 6 Flowers and a Phone Call

My heart stopped, and then raced at a thousand beats a minute. Mary
had just said we could use Kat's bedroom tonight. What did this
mean? I tried to think. Mary went off to try to straighten things up
after the evening festivities. What was I supposed to say? What was I
supposed to do?

Protection. That was it. Was Mary on the pill? I didn't think so.
Charlene had said she was a virgin, so how many virgins were on the
pill? I had no idea, but it didn't seem likely. So condoms was what I
needed. I didn't have any. I wasn't at all prepared for this. I guess you
should always bring a condom with you on a date, just in case.

Kat reappeared out of her bedroom with a small bag.

"Good night, be good..." she said, as she grabbed Jacks arm and they
walked towards the door.

"But not too good," smiled Jack as the door closed.

"Uh ... Mary," I said. "Maybe I should go get some ... uh...

Mary paused. "Oh..." she said. After a few seconds, she smiled. "I
don't think we'll need that, ... not tonight."

What did that mean? Was she really on the pill? Were we not going to
do anything? What did Mary mean? Why was she being so

Mary walked over with a smile on her face and held out her hand.
"Come on..." she said. She led me towards Kat's bedroom.

"You've had a lot of excitement in the last two nights," Mary said,
smiling up at me. "How many naked women have you seen?"

I started to count them in my head, when I realized Mary had meant it
as a rhetorical question.

"I think you have a problem," she said, as she turned and
grabbed my crotch with one hand. "Oooooh..." she exclaimed. "A big

Mary pulled me through the bedroom door and pushed it closed
behind me. Mary reached her lips up towards mine and her arms
embraced me. Our lips met. How are you supposed to kiss? I had
never really kissed a girl. The tongue, that's it. I spread my lips and
our tongues met. What're you suppose to do with your tongue? I
gently felt around Mary's tongue with mine. Was I doing this right?
Mary had a broad smile as our lips parted which gave me confidence
that I must have done it approximately right.

Mary knelt down and unfastened my jeans and pulled them down to
just above my knees. My erection was now in my left boxer short leg
and Mary prided open the front of my boxers and it popped straight
out. Mary looked up at me and smiled, then stuck out her tongue and
slowly licked the underside of my member from the base all the way
to the swollen head. As her tongue reached the head, I felt this electric
thrill like nothing I had ever felt before.

If Mary had done that a second time, I probably would have cum right
then, but instead Mary looked up at me. "Why don't you get
comfortable on the bed?"

I waddled over to the bed with my jeans half way down my legs. As I
sat on the edge of the bed, Mary helped me take my shoes off again,
then pulled my jeans completely off and finally my boxers.

Mary wrapped her right hand around my shaft and began to slowly
move her hand up and down the shaft. She reached out with her
tongue and licked a spot of pre-cum off the head, running her tongue
around inside her mouth, then she looked up at me, smiled and opened
her mouth and placed the whole head in her mouth. Her tongue moved
over the sensitive underside of the head as she slowly worked my
member back and forth in her mouth. I felt the muscles tighten and
that intense pleasure swell beyond tolerance in just a few strokes of
Mary's tongue. The first shot of cum into Mary's mouth obviously
caught her completely off guard, and she pulled her face back in
surprise. The second and third contraction shot streaks of cum across
the front of her sweater, which caused her to shriek in surprise and
move to the side out of the way of the rest, which fell harmlessly on
the carpet.

I looked up and saw Mary smiling, almost giggling, as she looked
down at the stains on her sweater. "I'll get something to clean this up
with," she said and walked out of the bedroom.

I had been lying down on the bed, with my feet of the edge of the bed
on the floor, and as I regained my senses, I pushed myself back up
into a sitting position. Mary came back in carrying a damp wash rag
and wiping the front of her sweater. She knelt down in front of me and
wiped the last drops of cum off the end of my still partially erect
penis. Then she moved back, looked at the rug and wiped up the cum
spots from it.

Mary looked down at my partially erect penis and smiled. As she
gazed at it, I felt it begin to stiffen again. Mary got up and bent over to
kiss me on the lips again. My tongue met hers only for an instant.
Then Mary stood up.

"I think we better get going, Larry," she said. "It's getting late."

I knew that the strip poker game had taken a long time, but I had no
idea what time it was. As I grabbed my boxers to put them back on I
looked for a clock, and noticed it was slightly after 1 AM. I pulled my
boxers on, then my jeans, and finally tied my shoes. What should I do
now? What should I say? Mary had just given me my first blowjob.
What were you expected to do afterwards?

Mary had disappeared out of the bedroom again, and she reappeared,
this time without the wash rag. I got up off the bed, walked towards
Mary and extended my hand to her. She took my hand and I lead her
out of the bedroom, turning off the lights as I left. I found my jacket in
the living room and put it on. Mary put her jacket on, and I extended
her my hand again. We walked hand in hand out of the apartment to
the elevator. I tried to think of what I should say, but my mind was
blank, so I just smiled at Mary.

Mary broke the silence. "I don't think Connie is really a very good
poker player. She probably shouldn't have tried to play tonight."

"Well, she certainly had bad luck," I replied.

"Connie was just playing her cards," Mary said as we got on the
elevator. "Not reading the other players."

"You took a big chance on that last hand, didn't you?" I asked.

"Well...not really," replied Mary. "It was obvious Connie was very
happy with her hand before the draw. She took three cards, and had no
reaction at all to her three new cards, so I figured she must have a high
pair. I had a pair of aces, so the only thing I was really worried about
was that she had the other pair of aces."

"Gee...uh, I didn't notice that," I said. I had known Mary was a good
poker player, but I had not realized how observant she really was.

As the elevator door slid open in the lobby, Mary smiled. "Yeah, I
know. You were a little distracted during that last hand."

"I suppose, I should thank you for not forcing me or Pam to remove
our panties at the end," Mary continued as we walked out the lobby.

If I had been sure that Mary was going to win that last hand, I
probably would have forced her to drop her panties, but I wasn't
going to tell her that.

"A girl has to leave some mystery for next time," Mary said with a
smile spreading over her face.

Next time? Was Mary planning yet another strip poker game? Hadn't
losing her bra in this game been enough for her, at least for a while.
Or did `next timer' refer to something else. Why were girls always so
ambiguous about these things?

"Can I ask you what you had on the second to last hand?" Mary said.

I smiled. "A pair of eight's."

"So you did bluff Vicky," said Mary. "I thought you were bluffing at
the time. I guess Vicky is not that good a poker player either."

"Please don't tell Vicky," I said. "Kat said she would be really mad if
she found out."

"You told Kat about bluffing Vicky?" asked Mary.

"Well, after Vicky told everybody what she had, Kat ask me what I
had, so I told her," I replied.

"I expect Kat will tell Vicky about it tomorrow," Mary said.

"I asked her not to," I said.

"Well, they're roommates," said Mary. "Even if Kat swore on a stack
of bibles not to tell Vicky, I would bet she does anyway."

This was another aspect of the female of the species that I have never
completely understood. Way back in junior high school I had learned
that if you wanted to keep a secret, you never told it to a girl. You
could tell your best buddy it was a secret, and he would never tell
another sole, but if you told a girl, and asked her to keep it a secret,
everyone in school would know the next day.

"Well, I hope Vicky is not too vengefully," I said. "I didn't cheat or
anything. I just bluffed her fair and square. I wasn't even really trying
to bluff her. I thought she had a lower pair, and figured I either had
her beat, or I might bluff her out of a marginal pair."

"I know," Mary said. "If she asks, I'll tell her that."

We were now approaching Mary's dorm.

"Look, it's late," Mary said as we entered the lobby. "I'm sure my
roommate is asleep already, so I'll just say good night here in the

Mary turned in front of me reached up and planted a kiss on my
cheek. Then she hesitated and pulled my ear down.

"I know I didn't do a very good job tonight..." she whispered.
"It...It...It was my first time... You could probably tell, uh."

I nodded my head, but it was my first time too, and I really thought
Mary had done just fine.

Then she pulled my ear down again.

"I'll do better next time," she whispered. She gave me another peck
on the cheek, turned, walked quickly away, and vanished down a hall.

Next time! The thought that leaped to mind was that Mary could
practice all she wanted on me, until she got it perfect. We could have
lessons every day. Heck, we could have lessons several times a day.
But I didn't think I would ever tell her any of that.

As I walked back to the dorm, I was thinking, I had just had my first
sexual experience! It was just a blowjob, but that still qualifies as a
sexual experience. And Mary clearly liked me. See even said wanted
to give me more and better blowjobs! Well, that wasn't exactly what
she said, but it's what I thought she meant.

When I got back to the dorm room, Marc was just getting into bed. He
didn't say much of anything that night except hi, but my big dumb
smile must have given away the fact that something had happened,
because Sunday morning, when we finally got up for lunch Marc tried
to give me some advice.

"It looks like you hit it off pretty well with Mary last night, uh?" Marc

"Yeah," I replied. "I guess you could say that."

"Well I don't mean to pry, but can I give you a couple pieces of
advice based on my experience with the fairer sex?"

"Uh...ok," I said.

"First, girls are insecure," Marc said. "It doesn't matter how many
times you told Mary last night you loved her, this morning Mary woke
up wondering if you only wanted her for her body."

I couldn't remember ever telling Mary I loved her last night. Should I
have told her I loved her? If a girl gives you a blowjob, are you
expected to tell her you love her? Did I love Mary?

"So what can you do about this?" Marc continued. "Two things, first:
Flowers. After that big score, the next morning you got to send the
girl flowers. If you send Mary flowers today, it will make Mary feel
good about whatever you guys did last night. Believe me, from
experience, it works every time."

"The second thing, after you take care of the flowers, you got to call.
A girl is going to start to get worried if you don't call her right away. I
know, I know, you made plans last night, and nothing has changed,
and you feel silly calling when you have nothing to say, but trust me
on this. Go down to Stewart's, buy her a nice bouquet of flowers,
leave it for her at her dorm, then tonight, after you're sure she has
gotten the flowers, call her. Tell her you love her again. Tell her you
are already missing her. Tell her any bit of romantic sounding BS you
want. It doesn't really matter what you say. Just talk to her."

I must have had a really confused look on my face at this point.

"I know all of this sounds weird," Marc continued. "But trust me.
Girls think about these things differently. They need this kind of
continuous reinforcement or they start getting weird ideas in their
heads. This advice is based on my vast experience with the fairer sex.
I consider flowers followed by the call to be my patented secret
method for turning a hot date into a steady girl friend."

I wonder if Marc had a patented secret method for turning a simple
date into a `hot date', or, for that matter, for turning an unattached co-
ed into a date in the first place. I bet his charming smile and handsome
face had a lot to do with it.

Oh well, flowers and a phone call wouldn't hurt, but...did I really
want Mary as a steady girlfriend? Did I love Mary? Well...I wasn't
sure. I wasn't sure I knew what being in love meant. They always said
if you had to ask, then you weren't in love. I guess that meant I was
just lusting after Mary. Well...what's wrong with that? My mother
always told me that any `loving' relationship starts with that `chemical
attraction', and that `love' part comes later, when you get to know
each other better. Ok, so I'll lust after Mary for a while, and see what

The flower part would be easy. You just go buy the flowers and drop
them at the desk in Mary's dorm. No sweat. The phone call tonight is
the hard part. What do you tell Mary? Do you tell her you `love' her,
even though you think your just lusting after her? That doesn't seem
right. What do your tell Mary is the reason you gave her the flowers?
Because she gave you a blowjob? No way. Because she looked good
sans clothes last night? Not good either. Because you liked her? That
sounded lame. Well, I'd have to think of something.

After lunch when I got to Stewart's, they only had three arranged
vases of flowers left in the cooler. I guess I wasn't the only one who
knew Marc's secret. Two of the arrangements were roses and some
white flowers. They were forty-eight bucks. The other one was some
white and blue daisy like flowers and was only twenty-three bucks.
Budgetary considerations made the daisies an easy choice.

At the cash register the clerk handed me a little card for the flowers. I
had forgotten that I needed a card. Now I had to figure out what to say
on the card. You can't say `really like you' on a card, so what can you
say? After staring at the blank card for several minutes, I wrote `Love'
and signed Larry underneath. You always sign cards and letters to
friends with `Love', even though there's no romantic relationship
implied, so it should be all right on a card with flowers, right?

I dropped the vase at Mary's dorm and went back to try to do some
homework. I had this German test coming up and I really had to do
some studying. Boy, I hate German. I tried to study, but I just
couldn't. I ended in the lounge watching football on TV until

After dinner I figured it was time for the big phone call. I hadn't
thought of anything better to say, so I guess all I could just say was I
`really liked' Mary. We hadn't made any plans last night. If I had
been thinking straight I would have ask Mary out next Friday or
Saturday night, but I had been too starry eyed for that, so I could say I
was calling to see if she was busy next Friday. That sounded like a
good plan. It at least seemed like a reasonable excuse for calling.

I found the little card from some restaurant that Mary had written her
number on the first night in my desk and dialed the number. A girl
answered the phone, but it didn't sound much like Mary.

"Could I speak with Mary," I said.

"Oh, I think she's down the hall. I'll try to get her."

While I waited for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only a
minute, I studied the restaurant card Mary had used for her number. It
was a Japanese restaurant someplace down town. How had this
restaurant card ended up in Mary's purse? Did Mary like Japanese

I heard a voice in the background that sounded like Mary. "Who is

The first voice responded. "Didn't say."

"Hello," Mary said.

"Hi, Mary. This is Larry," I said.

"Oh. I thought so," Mary said. "The flowers were very sweet of you.
That was very thoughtful."

"Well thank you," I said. "The reason I called was I was wondering
what you were doing next Friday. Maybe we could go someplace."

"Yeah, I'd like that," Mary replied. "What did you have in mind."

"Well..." actually I hadn't thought about that yet, but I had to say
something. "Do you like Japanese food?"

"Yeah," Mary replied. "Have you been to that little place downtown
off the mall?"

"No, but I've heard it's good," I lied.

"Well, great then," Mary replied. "Say listen, I talked to Vicky this
afternoon. Kat told her what you had on that hand. She's a little mad.
She thinks they lost because you bluffed her."

"It's not cheating," I protested.

"I know, I know," Mary said. "I tried to explain it to her. I told her
you weren't really trying to bluff her. You thought she had a lower
hand and were just playing aggressively because you were ahead right
then, but she's still pretty pissed."

"I'm sorry," I said. "I didn't mean to cause trouble or anything."

"Oh don't worry too much about it," Mary said. "I kind of stuck my
foot in my mouth. I told her the real reason she lost was that neither
Connie or her were really that good poker players. Now she wants me
to give her poker lessons so she can do better next time."

"Next time!" I exclaimed.

"Oh, yeah. I forgot to mention that," Mary giggled. "Vicky wants to
have another game to...ah...get even with you and Jack."

"Get even," I said. "What does she want. I was in my underpants half
the game, and Jack dropped his at the end. What does she expect is
going to happen."

" know," Mary said. "She wants to not be on the losing
team. Maybe I can talk her out of it. We'll see."

"Ok," I said. "Well, I've got this German test I have to study for, so
I'll talk with you latter in the week. Ok."

"Bye," Mary said, and then made a kissing sound.

As I hung up the phone, I felt confused. Things seem to be going well
with Mary. Marc's idea of the flowers and a phone call had worked
pretty well, even if Mary wasn't exactly my `steady girlfriend' yet,
but Vicky? I hadn't done anything to Vicky. She was the one who
brought up the whole topic of strip poker that started the whole thing
last night, and now she's mad at me because she lost.

Oh well. At least I had a date with Mary for next Friday night. It
should be just the two of us, so there would be no possibility of a strip
poker game that night. That was before Mary altered our plans a little.

Chapter 7 The Dinner Date

Tuesday night Mary called.

"Hi, Larry. How are you doing?"

"Well, I'm fine," I said. "I have this big German test tomorrow
morning, and I got a lot of studying still to do..."

"Ok, well I won't keep you long then. Something has come up, so I
was wondering if we could move our dinner to Saturday?"

I wondered what `had come up' for Friday night, but I didn't want to
press Mary for details.

"Yeah, that's ok," I said.

Then another idea occurred to me. Saturday was the homecoming
football game.

"Are you going to the big game Saturday?" I asked.

"Yes, of course."

"Well, no one really cares where you sit in the end zone, so maybe we
could sit together."

"Yeah, that sounds good. I have tickets with my roommate," Mary
said. "If you sit with us, you'll get to meet Beth."

"Ok. I'll pick you up after lunch on Saturday."

"Great," Mary said. "I better let you get back to studying. I'll call later
in the week."

Saturday night was as good as Friday night, but I wondered what had
come up for Friday? If Mary had wanted to tell me, she would have
told me, so I was not going to press her. Maybe she'd tell me later.

On Thursday night she called again to explain everything.

"Hi Larry, how did your German test go?"

"Good, I think. I'll know next week when I get it back, but I think I
did a good job."

"Great. Listen, I want to apologize for being so mysterious about
Friday night, but my roommate, Beth, was here and I couldn't really
explain things."


"Beth doesn't know anything about the strip poker games, and she's
real uptight. If she found out, I would never hear the end of it, so don't
say anything when you meet her Saturday."

"No problem."

"Well, anyway Friday I'm getting together at Sharon and Kristen to
plan the next big game."

"Plan the next game! I thought you had them all planned out already?"

"Well, Sharon and Betty want to change the rules some to make the
game more interesting, so we need to try some more practice games to
make sure the new rules really work. When I called Tuesday, Beth
was here so I couldn't tell you."

"You actually practice playing strip poker?"

"Well, sort of," Mary said. "We don't really take our clothes off in the
practice games, but no guys are allowed. That's why we had to move
dinner to Saturday."

"So how are you planning to change the rules," I asked.

"I really don't know. I'll find out Friday night. I'll tell you all about it
on Saturday at dinner. Whatever you do, don't say anything about
strip poker in front of Beth. Ok?"

"Yeah, no problem. I'll remember that."

"Good. I have another little surprise too. Beth's parents are going to
be here for the game Saturday, and Beth is going home with them
Saturday after the game."

It took a second for it to dawn on me what this meant. It meant we
could use Mary's room after dinner. I would not have to negotiate
some kind of time sharing arrangement with Marc for my own room
Saturday night. That would give us lots of time for whatever...

"Great. I'll come by your dorm around 12:30," I said.

After I hung up the phone, I decided that this time I would not be
caught unprepared. I would pick up some condoms before Saturday.
Maybe all Mary intended was to give me another blowjob, but it was
better to be prepared.

The more I thought about it, the more I wondered. Mary seemed
awfully interested in strip poker. Imagine holding practice games with
a bunch of girls to figure out if the rules work. Had strip poker
become a fetish for Mary? Charlene had told Marc that Mary had led
a very protected life in high school, and had not been allowed to go
out with boys. Was she trying to make up for it now? Well strip poker
seemed a funny way to make up for it.

Guys always like strip poker because guys always like to see naked
women. Did Mary like to look at naked men? I guess some girls do, so
maybe that was it. Mary liked to see naked guys and strip poker was a
good way for a girl to get to see a lot of naked guys. That was
possible, I guess.

Then there was what Pam had said Saturday night about how excited
she had gotten playing some silly strip game. She had gotten a big
adrenaline rush from playing it, even though the guys were only
spectators. Was that what Mary liked? Was it the excitement of
betting her clothes against guys and other girls? This seemed possible

Mary always ridiculed strip poker games that were simple games of
chance as being childish. For her the games had to have the betting
element of poker, so it was both a game of chance and skill. So maybe
it was the excitement of betting her clothes that had made strip poker
her favorite game.

Would I look silly if I just came out and asked her why she liked it so
much? I wasn't sure. I guess it would be ok to ask. Maybe I would ask
her Saturday night. With Mary I was sure the topic would come up.

Saturday morning I explained to Marc that I was going to the football
game with Mary and her roommate, and that her roommate was going
home after the game, so he and Charlene could use our room tonight.

"Way to go, Larry," Marc said as we parted.

When I got to Mary's dorm, she was already waiting in the lobby with
Beth. Beth was a very tall, statuesque girl with long blond hair. Mary
introduced us, and we started on the long walk to the stadium.

"Beth's father is really famous," Mary said. "He's a television

"Really," I said. "Who is he."

"Well, former television sports broadcaster," Beth said. "I'm sure you
have never heard of him. He use to do the sports on a small local
television station in the north part of the state."

It turned out that Beth's father had been a basketball player at the
university. Although I had never heard of him, he must've been a
pretty good player, because he tried to play professional basketball.
After a few years on the bench with a couple of pro teams, he gave up
and came back home to become a sports broadcaster on a small local
station in the north part of the state. A few years ago he had retired
from broadcasting. He now was a partner in a couple of businesses
and was trying to get into politics. He had been elected to the city
council and was planning to run for the state house as a Republican.

"So what does your father do, Larry," Beth asked.

My father was something I been trying to get away from since coming
to college. I had told no one that my father was a minister, although
my roommate Marc had met my father and knew he was a minister.
Marc had been a little worried until he realized I was just an ordinary
guy. My father may preach against the moral decline of the country,
but that was my father, not me.

"My father is a minister," I said.

"Really," Beth replied. "What denomination?"

Mary, who was walking between us didn't say anything, but the wide-
eyed look on her face said a lot.

"Methodist," I said.

"Oh, well we're Baptists," Beth said. "Did Mary tell you that I was
planning to do mission work for the church after I graduate from

Oh god save us. I hope Beth isn't going to spend the next four hours
discussing her personal conversion experience or how Jesus has made
a difference in her life.

"No, Mary didn't mention that," I said.

"Well, I want to be an elementary school teacher," Beth said. "After I
graduate, I want to teach for several years at a mission school in
Honduras that our church helps to support."

I had frequently seen the local town nut cases that claimed to have
some religious experiences and would come to discuss it with my
father. It had made me speculate on the relationship between insanity
and religious experience. Beth, however, seemed to have her head
screwed on correctly.

"Sounds great," I said. `Sounds boring' was what I meant.

Fortunately, Beth stopped talking about religion, and I was greatly
relieved. Religion is not a topic I feel comfortable discussing. If I
were to really say what I think, people would get angry, so I just try to
say as little as possible.

We got to the stadium just before kickoff, and once we were in our
seats there wasn't much chance for any serious discussion, but I could
tell that Mary was still troubled by the revelation that my father was a

After the game was over, Beth had to go find her parents, who had
some VIP seats someplace.

"Mary," Beth said, as she shook my hand, "you are very lucky to have
found a guy like Larry. Preacher's kids make great husbands."

Before I could think of how to answer that, Beth was lost in the crowd
outside the stadium. Mary, however, was staring at me.

"You never told me your father was a minister," she said.

"Well, it's not something I like to advertise," I said. "Look, I'm Larry,
not my father. My father is the minister, not me. When people hear
you're a preacher's kid, they make all kinds of assumptions about
what that means, and it just isn't true. Back in my home town I could
never get away from being a preacher's kid, because everybody knew,
but here I have finally been able to escape it and be treated like a
normal person."

"Oh," Mary said.

"I didn't tell you or anyone else, because I wanted you to treat me like
a normal guy. Would you have asked me to that first strip poker game,
if you knew my father was a minister?"

"No way," Mary said.

"Why? What difference would it have made?"

"Well...I'm not just doesn't seem like something a minister's
son would do."

"Why?" I asked. "Do you think minister's sons are not interested in

"No, but...I...I just wouldn't want to corrupt a minister's son that

"Corrupt?" I said. "You think you have corrupted me? No way. I'm
just a normal horny guy, and I want to be treated just like any other

"You don't feel like I have ... well ... tempted you into sin?" Mary

"No, " I laughed. "I'm not really big on sin, but ... I do think you're

"Oooh..." Mary smiled. "So you really don't think what we've done is
a sin?"

Was `what we've done' that she was worried about referring to the
blowjob or the strip poker games?

"No, no," I said. "Stop worrying about that. I'm basically a...well an
agnostic, I guess."

"How can a minister's son be an agnostic?"

"Just like anyone else," I replied.

"But didn't you grow up studying the Bible and everything?"

"Yeah," I replied. "You want me to show you the dirty parts of the

"There are dirty parts in the Bible?" Mary asked incredulously.

"Well, they use a lot of flowery language and funny words to cover it
up," I said. "Read the `Song of Solomon' some time. It's a pretty wild
love song."

"Maybe I'll borrow Beth's Bible and take a look at it," Mary said.

"It's been a few years since I last read it, but as I remember it contains
some pretty suggestive stuff."

"Really?" Mary asked. "I thought the Bible said pre-marital sex was a

"Oh it probably does, someplace," I said. "The Bible says lots of
contradictory things. Beth isn't one of those people, who believe
every word of the Bible is literally true, is she?"

"I don't know," Mary said.

"I have never been able to understand that. There is so much
contradictory stuff in the Bible. It can't all be true."

"Well...I wouldn't say any of this to Beth. I think she would get real
upset. Just let her keep thinking you're a good little Christian
minister's son."

"Ok, I don't really like to talk about religion anyway," I said.

"I would also avoid politics with Beth," Mary said. "She started going
to the Young Republicans."

"Ok," I said. "I'll steer clear of that topic too."

"Well, look, Larry, I want to take a shower and change clothes before
we go to dinner, so what time do you want to pick me up tonight."

"How about 6:30? Is that ok?"

"Yeah, no problem," Mary said. "I can be ready by then ... Oh, yeah,
one more thing I forgot to tell you."

"What's that?" I asked.

Mary was smiling like the cat that ate the canary.

"I arranged for a little practice strip poker game tonight," she said.

"What! Practice? Didn't we practice enough last weekend?"

"Well ... yeah, but I have been teaching these other girls how to play,
and they want to come to the next game, so ... they need some

A paranoid thought occurred to me.

"Is Vicky one of these girls?" I asked.

"No," replied Mary. "Relax, Larry. I wouldn't do that to you. It'll be
three girls from my dorm and three guys they found someplace. I've
taught the girls a little about poker, but I doubt the guys really know

"So you're going to show these girls how to strip these dumb guys,

"Well, that could happen," Mary said.

Mary paused and looked at me. A big smile spread across her face.

"Tell you what," she said. "Over dinner I'll explain how we can make
this game very interesting for you."

"Oh, how?"

"I'll explain it at dinner," Mary said, and she walked away.

Here I had foolishly thought I could go out on a date with Mary
without the possibility of a strip poker game, and here Mary goes and
arranges one. Oh well. At least Mary had promised the game would be
`very interesting' for me, whatever that meant.

I headed back for my dorm to clean up, change clothes and find my
jockey shorts. If we were going to be playing strip poker again
tonight, I better get my jockey shorts, just in case.

At 6:30 sharp I picked up Mary and we started downtown towards the
Japanese restaurant.

"Ok, so what is the story on this strip poker game tonight," I asked.

"Well, we're planning the next big game for next Friday, or maybe the
Friday after," Mary said. "Betty suggested we change the rules more
like the game we played at Kat and Vicky's, but with each couple
being a team. So you and I would play as a team. We would play with
clothes as chips like we did last Saturday."

"So it's not five chips to a piece of clothes anymore, but each bet is
one piece?"


"With only twelve pieces between each couple, this game won't last
long," I said.

"Oh, there are some other changes in the betting. We decided on no
ante. Instead we'll use the must open rule like we did last Saturday.
Oh, and we also did away with the low hand losing a piece of clothes
to the high hand. That makes bluffing easier, because you don't have
to show your hand at the end."

"What are the betting limits?" I asked.

"Oh, the must open bet is one piece, with no raises allowed. The
second round bets and raises are one or two pieces."

"Still seems like the game will not last very long," I said.

"Well, if somebody plays stupidly, it could be over real quickly.
That's why I wanted to have a practice game for these girls. It will
help us to practice too. We'll be playing as a team, so I don't want
you doing anything stupid."

"So you think I've been playing stupidly."

"No, no, I didn't mean that. It's just ... well ... the rule changes make
the game different, and some practice with the new rules won't hurt."

"So we're going to play as a team tonight?" I asked.

"No, not tonight. We don't have enough players for that. We'll have
to simulate it."

"How do you do that," I asked.

"Well, I was figuring to play 2 chips for each piece of clothes. I think
that would simulate the two person teams."

"Yeah ... I guess..."

"Oh, I promised that I would make the game more interesting for
you," Mary said.


Mary had that mischievous smile again.

"Well ... we're almost to the restaurant. I'll explain during dinner."

When we got to the restaurant, we had to wait about 5 minutes for a
table. When we were seated, it was in this funny booth which was a
cross between Japanese and Western styles. It had a raised floor, and a
low, Japanese style table, but with a cut out below it for your legs.
You could think you were sitting at a low Japanese table, while really
sitting on Western style bench.

After we had ordered dinner, Mary got that smile again like the cat
that ate the canary.

"Ok, Larry. To make tonight's game a little more interesting, I
propose that we have a side bet."

"What kind of a side bet?" I asked.

"Well ... you remember Connie's story last week about playing strip
poker were the loser has to do a `favor' for the winner?"

"Yeah, I remember that." How could I forget.

"I'm proposing a side bet between the two of us. Whichever one of us
has the most clothes or equivalent chips gets a `favor' from the other.
`Favors' will be back in my room after the game breaks up."

This idea caused an immediate awakening in my pants. Fortunately,
Mary could not see this under the table.

"Exactly what kind of `favors' did you have in mind?" I asked.

"Well ... there are limits to what I will do. I guess you figured out I'm
a ... well you know ... inexperienced."

Virgin was the word Charlene, my roommate's girlfriend, had used to
describe Mary. I nodded yes.

"I'm not ready yet for that," Mary said. "But just about anything else
would be fair game as `favors.'"

Of course, I had been hoping to get some `favors' from Mary tonight
without beating her at strip poker, but Connie's story last week of
playing strip poker for `favors' had been a real turn on. Apparently
Mary was excited by this idea too, because her cheeks were beginning
to look a little flush.

If I beat her, I guess I could ask for another blowjob. If I lost, I guess
Mary would ask me to jack off. That's what Connie did when she
won. Could I do that in front of a girl? Just thinking about it was
causing a very uncomfortable tightness in my jeans.

"Well, ... that certainly makes the game a lot more interesting." I
finally said.

"Just don't let on to any of the other players what's going on. This is
strictly a private bet between the two of us. Ok?"

"Yeah, no problem." Aside from the problem of the bulge in my
jeans. As long as we were sitting at this low table, no one could see
anything, but if I didn't get things under control before we left the
restaurant I would have a little problem.

"To be fair, let me share what I know about strategy for this game."

"Ok," I said.

"With only twelve pieces of clothes or tokens in our case tonight, you
can last for twelve hands by just folding all the time. You will only
lose one piece or token each hand on the must open bet. I don't expect
the game will last twelve hands, so an ok strategy is to just fold all the

"Won't people starting bluffing then?" I asked.

"Of course. If too many players start doing that, people will start
bluffing and the folders will lose after twelve hands. The big mistake
though is to bet and not win the hand. The big loser will in all
likelihood be the person who bets on a contested hand and loses.
Especially early in the game when everyone still has most of their
clothes is when players are tempted to go after the pot. If you bet and
fail to win the pot, you are in big trouble."

"So what you're saying is I should just fold all the time and let
somebody else lose?" I asked.

"Well, in this game tonight I expect that strategy may well work. The
guys these girls have invited probably don't really know much about
playing poker, especially double deck poker."

"How does two decks change the game?"

"Oh, it changes the odds of getting all the poker hands. It is much
easier to get three of a kind or four of kind with two decks than with

This was something I had noticed at last nights game. Before the first
game at Sharon and Kristen's, I had spent hours with two decks of
cards dealing out hands to get a good feel for what kind of hand you
needed to win in one of these games. In the three handed game with
one deck, I noticed most the hands were won with much lower hands.

"I guess I sort of noticed that," I said.

"The other guys in the game tonight could go crazy betting at the
beginning of the game tonight. Then things will be over real quickly."

"Well, if we both fold all the time, and the game is over after a few
hands, what happens to our side bet?" I asked.

"It's a draw. No one wins any favors."

"What do we do then?"

"Oh ... we'll think of something to do," laughed Mary, giving another
one of her mysterious non-answers.

After dinner things in my shorts were more under control, so I could
leave the restaurant without embarrassing myself. We found our way
back through downtown towards the campus and Mary's dorm.

As we walked Mary told me a little about the three other girls that
would be at the practice game tonight. Carrie, Sally, and Jill were all
from Mary's dorm. They were all freshmen. They had all played strip
poker before, but not using anything like real poker rules. None of
them really knew how to play poker, so Mary had spent several nights
teaching them the basics.

Mary had never met the three guys. The girls had found them. The
guys had claimed that they knew how to play real poker, but Mary
was skeptical. She clearly expected the guys to make fools of
themselves in this game. That seemed like the main reason for this
practice game.

When we reached Mary's dorm, we went first to her room to leave our
coats. Mary's room seemed bigger than my room, but this was
probably just an illusion. Mary's desk certainly looked neater than

Mary got a bag of poker chips out of her desk and turned to me.

"Ready to go, Larry?" Mary asked.

"I guess so..."

"Then let's go." Mary said while looking at me with a funny smiled.

"Why are you smiling at me like that?"

"Oh...I'm just thinking about that `favor' I'm going to win tonight."

"What if I win?" I asked.

"Oh...I know what you'd ask for," Mary laughed. "Come on. This is
going to be an interesting game."

We left Mary's room and headed up the stairs. In the story Connie had
told last week, she had made the loser jackoff for her. Was that what
Mary was thinking about? I just hoped I could find some way of
winning this side bet.

Chapter 8 The Practice Game

After walking up two floors and down some long corridors, Mary
stopped and knocked on a door with music and voices emanating from
it. A short girl with long straight dishwater blond hair answered the

"Hi, Mary, come on in" the girl said.

"Larry, this is Jill," Mary said. I reached out and shook hands with Jill
as I stepped through the door.

"Ok, let me introduce you to everyone," Jill said. "This is Mary and
Larry. This is Rick."

Rick was short and muscular. He almost crushed my hand when we
shook hands.

"This is Kevin," Jill said. Kevin was about my height and on the thin

"This is Sally," Jill continued. Sally was shorter than Kevin, also thin
with long bleached blond hair. You could clearly see the darker roots
where she parted it, and I couldn't stop myself from wondering what
color her bush would be, if we got a chance to see that tonight.

"This is Carrie," Jill said. Carrie was a red head with a light
complexion and a few freckles. I had always liked red heads and I
wondered if her bush would be red also.

"And this is Fred," Jill said. Fred was an average height and thin, but
with long hair. As I shook Fred hand, I knew I had seen him
someplace before, but could not place him.

With the introductions over, Mary got right down to business, going
over all the rules for tonight's game. The girls seem to know all the
rules, but this was the first time Rick, Kevin and Fred had heard the
rules and they asked lots of questions. From their questions, it did not
sound to me like any of them had much experience playing real poker.

While Mary explained the rules, I checked out the girls, trying to
imagine what each would look like without clothes. I know that
sounds uncouth, but after all this was a strip poker game. What are
you suppose to think about when you look over the opposition in these

Mary was now explaining something I had never heard of before
called the `underwear rule'. This rule said the only clothes you could
buy back from the bank after you sold them were your underwear.
This was to cut down on time dressing and undressing for every hand.
It meant that once you bet your pants, you could never put them on till
the end of the game, even if you won the hand. It was good thing I
was wearing jockey shorts tonight. I would not want to end up sitting
here all night in my boxers.

"Can I make a suggestion to make things a little more interesting,"
Fred said.

Mary gave Fred a look that said no. "What ..."

"Well in high school we played that the winner got to keep the losers
underpants. You know ... sort of as a trophy ..."

Kevin, Rick and Sally immediately endorsed this idea.

" sounds good, but I don't want some other girls panties," said

"Yeah, what we really did was give the guy with the most clothes any
girl's panties and the girl with the most clothes any guy's underpants."

Mary clearly didn't like this idea, but finally went along with it.

The dorm room was crowded with eight people in it. By pushing the
beds out of the way we cleared enough space to form a circle on the
floor. Mary and I ended up sitting next to each other on the floor.

Mary passed out two poker chips to everyone and dealt the first hand.

I peeked at my cards and found a queen, jack, eight, five, and a two,
or absolutely nothing. This was a jacks to open game, so I passed. Jill
and Rick also passed, but Sally confidently tossed a chip into the
center to open. Since this was a must open game, everyone quickly
saw that bet.

I took three cards, and so did everyone, except Kevin. Kevin only
took two cards. I looked at my three new cards. I had gotten an ace,
but still had nothing.

I looked up at Sally, who was obviously having a hard time deciding
what to do. Finally, everyone was staring at Sally.

"I don't know," Sally said. "I guess I pass."

Kevin shook his head and passed also. He had taken only two cards. I
wondered what he had. Carrie quickly passed too.

"I bet one," Fred said as he tossed his chip into the pot.

Mary immediately folded. I, of course, folded, and so did Jill and

Sally was now staring at Fred. I was guessing Sally had a high pair,
since she had opened. I had no idea what Fred had. Sally finally shook
her head and folded. Kevin and Carrie then both folded.

Fred reached out and scooped up the pot. I looked at Mary. Mary had
expected the guys to play recklessly, but it looked like everyone was
playing extra carefully. With these rules I didn't get to see anyone
hand either, so I had no idea whether or not Fred had just bluffed us.

I gathered up the cards and shuffled them. It is actually very difficult
to shuffle a double deck of cards. I had to divide the deck into two
stacks and shuffle them separately. I dealt out the next hand. This time
I got a pair of two's, an ace, an eight and a six. Well, even if I got a
third two on the draw, this hand didn't look worth betting.

Jill and Rick both passed again. Once again Sally opened, using her
last chip. Everyone else saw the bet with their last chip, except for
Fred, who still had a little pile of chips in front of him.

I debated keeping the ace, but decided to discard it and took three
cards. Everyone else took three, except for Sally. Sally only took two
cards this time.

My three new cards were not any help, a queen, a nine and an eight.
With only a pair of two's it would be easy to fold.

Sally took off her shoes and placed them behind her. Mary handed her
two chips.

"I open for one," Sally said, tossing one of the chips into the pot.
Since she had taken two cards, I figured she had three of a kind.

Kevin, Carrie, Fred, and Mary all folded without much thought. I
folded too. Jill, however, slipped off her shoes.

"I'm going to raise two," Jill said. Jill pulled off her socks too. Mary
handed Jill four chips, and Jill dropped three of them in the pot. I
could see in Mary's eyes that she was trying to tell Jill to be careful.

Rick folded, and that left it up to Sally. Sally was staring at Jill.
Finally she reached down and pulled off her socks. Mary handed her
two more chips.

"I'll see the bet," Sally said. "Ok, what have you got, Jill."

"Three tens," said Jill, laying down her cards.

"Three aces," announced Sally with a smile. As Sally reached out and
grabbed the chips out of the pot, Jill just starred at her. I started to
gather up the cards, and I pushed the stack of cards to Jill.

"Here, it's your deal," I said.

"What?" Jill said sharply.

"It's your turn to deal," I repeated.

"Oh," Jill said, and began to gather up the rest of the cards.

Well, nothing was going the way Mary had expected. So far the only
person who had done anything silly was Jill. She should have just
called Sally's bet, rather than raising two. Of course, Mary and I were
still even on our side bet, but at the rate things were only, the game
was not going to end any time soon.

I picked up my cards and found one of the worst hands I had ever
gotten, a two, three, four, five and eight. I was glad I didn't have to
worry about having the low hand in this game.

Rick was the first to act, and he took off his shoes and opened. I had
to take off my shoes to open, and so did Mary, Kevin and Carrie.

Since I didn't need to worry about low hands, I decided to try to draw
to a straight and just discarded one card. Carrie also took one card.
Jill, Rick and Sally all took two cards, with the rest taking three cards.
My new card was a three, which only gave me a pair of threes, clearly
not a winning hand.

Rick eagerly ripped off his socks and collected two more chips from

"I am opening for two," Rick announced. My guess was he had three
of something.

Sally was sitting next to Rick, looked at him for a minute, then picked
two chips from the large stack she had.

"I'll see the bet," Sally said. Sally had taken two cards also, so she
probably had three of kind as well.

Kevin folded, but Carrie was staring at her cards. After a few seconds
Carried pulled her socks off too.

"I'll see the bet," she said. Carrie had taken one card. If she had two
pair, it was silly to be calling Rick and Sally. Maybe she had drawn a
flush or a straight, or perhaps even a full house.

Fred and Mary both folded quickly, and so did I. Jill shook her head
and folded too.

"Ok, folks, read them and weep, four queens," Rick said, as he laid his
cards down.

Sally and Carrie both dropped their cards on the table. They both had
two pair! Sally had taken two cards, but ended up with a pair of aces
and jacks. How had that happened? Carrie had a pair of eight's and
fives. Sally had lots of chips from having won the previous hand, so
her call with a pair of aces and jacks looked like a good play. Carrie
on the other hand should have never bet. It should have been obvious
to Carrie that either Kevin or Sally had her beat. As it turned out, they
both had her beat.

I could see that Mary was looking a little upset. The girls seem to be
making all the mistakes, and the guys were playing very carefully.
This was not at all what Mary had predicted for tonight, but it was ok
with me. There was still the problem of the side bet. I had to win at
least one hand to win the side bet. If I bet and failed to win the pot,
then Mary could just fold all her hands and still win.

Rick shuffled and dealt the cards for the next hand. I looked at my
cards. This time I had a pair of fives, a queen, a nine and a four. This
hand didn't look very promising.

Sally was the first to act, and she opened. Everyone else had at least
one chip to open, except for Jill. So far we had been losing our socks
and shoes, now Jill was going to have to sell her blouse. Jill slowly
unbuttoned her blouse to reveal her bra. Her blouse had been lose
fitting, but now that I could see her bra, I more fully appreciated how
large Jill's breasts were. Mary handed Jill two chips, and she put one
in the pot.

I took three cards. Mary, Jill and Carrie also took three cards. Rick
and Sally took one card, but the big surprise was Fred and Kevin, who
did not take any cards. What did they have? Probably a straight, or
maybe a flush. I looked at my three new cards, but they were no help,
so I still just had a pair of fives.

Sally still had a big pile of chips, and she quickly opened the betting
for two chips.

Kevin had no chips in front of him, but he apparently had a good

"I am going to raise two," Kevin announced. He pulled off his socks,
then his shirt. Mary dropped four chips into the pot for him.

Carrie folded, and everyone looked at Fred, who had also drawn no
cards. Fred still had three chips in front of him from winning the first
hand. He was studying Kevin carefully.

"I will raise two," Fred said. "Let's see, I got three here, so I need
three more." Fred took off his shoes and socks, and Mary handed him
the four chips. Fred counted out six chips, leaving him with one chip.

Mary folded. I, of course folded, and so did Jill and Rick.

"It's four to me, is that right?" Sally asked.

"Yeah," Fred said.

Sally counted out four chips from her pile. "Ok, I'll see the bet," she

What hands did these people have? Kevin and Fred probably had a
straight or a flush, but Sally had taken one card. Had she drawn to a
straight or a flush? Did she have two pair, and had drawn to a full
house? I couldn't tell.

Kevin picked up his cards and studied them.

"I'm going to raise two," Kevin said. He stood up, unzipped his pants,
pushed them down and stepped out of them. Jill and Carrie both
whistled at the bulge in Kevin's shorts as he quickly sat down. He
then pulled his undershirt off, leaving him sitting there in only his
jockey shorts.

Everyone then turned to look at Fred.

"Hey, what are we doing here," Fred said. "I thought we were suppose
to try to strip these girls, not strip each other."

"We don't mind at all," laughed Carrie.

"It's perfectly ok with me," said Jill.

"Go ahead and raise again," said Sally looking down at Kevin's

Kevin was clearly starting to feel uncomfortable with the girls staring
at his underpants.

"I'm just calling," said Fred. He pulled his tee shirt up over his head.
Mary dropped two chips into the pot for him.

Sally counted the chips she had left and came up with eight.

"I'm going to raise two," she said, looking down at Kevin's

"What!" exclaimed Kevin. "Can she do that? Isn't there some limit on
the number of raises or something?"

"We didn't say anything about limiting the number of raises," Mary
said. "So I think she can raise, if she wants to."

"This isn't fair," Kevin protested. "I have a sure winner here, and I
have to drop my shorts to collect on it."

"Well, that's what the rules say," said Mary. "You should have
thought of this when you raised earlier."

Kevin reached for the elastic band of his shorts.

"Oh, you do have to stand up to take them off," Mary said. "But you
can pull them down and sit down in a single motion."

Kevin glared back at Mary, then slowly stood up. He jerked his shorts
down to his knees and sat down. As he pulled his shorts down, his
erection of course popped out and was greed with cheers and whistles
from all the girls, including Mary. Kevin pulled the shorts the rest of
the way off his legs, then tried to hide his erection under his legs.
Sally and Carrie, who were sitting on opposite sides of poor Kevin,
were both staring down at Kevin's crotch as he rearranged his legs.

"Well Kevin, I hate to tell you this," Fred said. "I think I got your sure
winner beat. I'm going to call the bet." Fred stood up and unfastened
his pants. He pushed them down, and stepped out of them. I noted a
large bulge in Fred's shorts, but the girls didn't seem to notice. They
were too busy sneaking glances at Kevin.

"Ok, what have you got," said Fred.

"A full house," said Kevin as he turned his cards over.

"What!" exclaimed Fred. "I have a full house too." Fred turned over
his cards.

Kevin had three ten's and two two's. Fred had three three's and two
five's. Sally turned her cards over also. She had two pair, kings and

Kevin had won, and as soon as he realized this, he grabbed his shorts
and pulled them back on.

Fred couldn't believe that he had lost. He sat there in his underwear
starring at the cards for the longest time. I guess both Kevin and Fred
had figured that the other had a straight or a flush.

I don't know what Sally thought she was doing. Well, I guess I
actually did. Sally got Kevin to take off his underpants. She still had
some chips left, so she was still better off than most of the other

Well the game was now going more the way Mary had predicted. Fred
had two pieces of clothes left, plus one chip, so he could last for five
more hands, provided he never bet. It seemed probable now the game
would be over in five more hands or less. If Fred did manage to win a
hand, then Jill had one more piece of clothes than Fred so she could
only go seven more hands without winning.

Then there was the side bet. Neither Mary nor I had entered any pot
yet, so we were tied on our side bet. Unless I got a winning hand
shortly, it looked like our side bet would end in a draw or I would
lose. While it was important to win, it was also important not to do
something stupid. If I put even a single chip bet into the pot and did
not win, then I would be behind on the side bet and Mary could just
fold all the way out. If I bet, I had to be sure of winning.

After a long time Sally finally realized it was her deal, and she
gathered up the cards, shuffled and dealt the next hand. When I picked
up my cards, I had another awful hand, a queen, jack, nine, eight, five.
It didn't look like I was going to win the side bet with this hand.

Kevin was the first to act, and he passed. Carrie passed as well. Then
Fred opened using the single chip he had. Mary and I both had to sell
our socks in order to open. Everyone else had chips to open, except
for Carrie, who had to sell her tee shirt. Carrie pulled her tee shirt over
her head, bring her bra into full view. I was immediately struck by the
whiteness of Carrie's skin. With her light complexion and red hair,
she looked somewhat ghost like. Carrie wore a white bra with lace
around the top. Her breasts were average size, probably smaller than
Mary's and clearly smaller than Jill's.

I took three cards. Mary, Rick and Sally took one card. Everyone else
took three cards. I picked up my three cards, but they were no help. I
now had King high junk.

I glanced over at Mary. What did she have? She had taken one card. If
she won the hand, that would mean a change in strategy.

Fred had opened, and he looked unhappy with the cards he drew.

"I pass," Fred said.

"I pass," Mary said without any thought. I guess she had missed her

I passed.

Jill was still studying her cards. She must have something, but she was
not sure if it was good enough to bet. If she wanted to bet, she was
going to have to take off her pants, so I understood her reluctance.

"I'll pass too," Jill finally said, though it was obvious she wanted to

Rick then opened for two chips from his pile.

Everyone folded back around to Jill, who was staring at Rick. Rick
had taken one card, so he probably had two pair, although he could
have drawn to a straight or flush. Jill had taken three cards, so before
the draw the best she had was a pair. Would Jill be thinking of betting
her pants against Rick if she had a pair of aces? I hope she knew
better than that. Well actually I didn't. I was hoping Jill would lose
her pants. If Jill saw this bet and lost, she would have exactly the same
number of clothes remaining as Fred.

"Ok... I'm going to call your bet," Jill said. She stood up and unzipped
her jeans. Jill wiggled the jeans past her hips and pushed them down
her legs. Then she pulled the jeans off first one leg and then the other.
Jill was wearing low cut solid white panties with lace around the top.
She tossed the jeans behind her and sat down. Mary dropped the two
chips into the pot.

"Ok, Rick, what have you got there," Jill said.

"Two pair, fives and fours," Rick said as he spread his cards out.

"Not good enough," Jill said gleefully. "A pair of kings and a pair of

Jill gathered in the pot. Under Mary's rule that you could only buy
back underwear, Jill's jeans were gone till the end of the game, but
she now had a big pile of chips. The chances of seeing Jill's generous
breasts before the game was over seemed to be fading fast.

Kevin shuffled the cards and dealt out the next hand. I had a pair of
queens, a pair of sixes and a nine. This hand was trouble. It was good
enough that it was hard to just fold with it, but it was unlikely to win.

Carrie, Fred and Mary all passed, so I opened with my one chip.
Everyone had a chip to open, except Fred. Fred took off his
undershirt, and was sitting there looking very unhappy in just his
jockey shorts.

I took one card. Rick and Kevin both took two cards. Everyone else
took three cards. I picked up my new card and looked at a six. I had a
pair of queens and a pair of sixes right. That meant I had a full house
now! I picked up all my cards to double check. Yes, I had two queens
and three sixes. This made it much easier to decide what to do. There
was always some chance that somebody drew four of a kind or a
higher full house, but I discounted that possibility.

I didn't have any chips left, so I was going to have to sell my shirt to
bet. I unbuttoned my shirt and took it off. Mary glared at me as she
handed me two chips. I decided to be careful.

"I'll open for one," I said.

Jill looked at me, then at her chips.

"I'll raise two," Jill said, tossing three chips from her pile. Now what
did she have.

"And I'll raise another two," said Rick. He pushed five chips out of
his pile. Rick probably had three of a kind, because he took two cards.
He probably figured I had two pair because I took one card and only
opened for one. I hoped he hadn't draw a fourth card and now had
four of a kind.

Everyone else folded back around to me. The bet was now four chips
to me. To call this bet, I would have to sell my pants and undershirt. I
still felt sure I had the hand won, but it was a big risk. If I was wrong,
not only would I lose the side bet to Mary, but also I would probably
lose the game outright. On the other hand, if I won this pot, I would
have a big lead in chip count over Mary on our side bet. That would
make it almost impossible for her to catch up before the game ended.

I stood up and unzipped my jeans. As I slid my pants down Jill
whistled at the bulge in the front of my jockey shorts. I stepped out of
the jeans and sat back down. I pulled my undershirt over my head.
The look in Mary's eyes said `I hope you know what you're doing.'

Jill looked over at me with a devious smile. I had this sudden tightness
in my stomach as I realized what she was going to do.

"Well, let's see," Jill said. "It's two to me, so here's four chips. I'm
raising two." With that she looked down at my jockey shorts.

Rick picked up two chips and tossed them into the pot. "I'll call," he

Now the moment of truth had come. Everybody was staring at me. I
wasn't going to surprise anyone, like I had in that first game weeks
ago. I could fold, but that would leave me with the same chip count as
Fred, so I would lose anyway. The only possible choice was to give
the girls a little show. I stood up slowly, and put my thumbs under the

At that moment a silly thought crossed my mind. What won't a guy do
to get a blowjob? I guess I was willing to drop my shorts in front of
three girls I had never seen before, on the chance of winning a
blowjob from Mary at the end of the night.

I pushed the shorts down to my ankles and sat down in a single
motion. All the girls were cheering, including Mary. I pulled my
shorts off my ankles and pushed my erection under my legs. Mary
tossed two chips into the pot for me.

"Ok, Larry, what have you got there?" asked Rick.

"A full house," I said, as I carefully reached out to turn my cards.

Rick and Jill both just flipped over their cards. Jill had a pair of kings
and a pair of queens, which didn't surprise me. Rick's two pair did
surprise me though. I thought he had three of a kind, but he had a pair
of aces and a pair of sevens. He must have kept an ace kicker and
drawn another ace. They both thought I had two pair also, and were
betting hoping that theirs was higher.

I grabbed my underpants and pulled them back on without getting up.
I gathered in the pot. I gave Mary four chips for my underpants and
undershirt, which I also put back on. I wished I could buy back my
pants, but that would have to wait for the end of the game. Although I
was only in my underwear, I had more than twenty chips stacked in
front me. That gave me a huge lead in my side bet with Mary.

It was now Carrie's deal, and she shuffled and dealt the next hand. I
picked up my cards and looked at two sixes of hearts, a nine, an eight
and a five. Since this was a two deck game, there was nothing wrong
with two sixes of hearts. It just looked weird.

Fred was the first to act, and he passed. Mary also passed, and I had to
pass as well. Jill confidently opened tossing in one chip. Everyone
quickly tossed in their opening bet until we got back to Mary. Mary
was now out of chips and had to sell her blouse. She tried to quickly
unbutton her blouse, but had some problems getting some of the
buttons undone. Finally she got the blouse off, revealing a white lacy
bra that looked the same as the one I had seen last Saturday night.

By glancing left and right I could now make a direct comparison of
Mary and Jill's breasts. It was clear Jill's breasts were larger, but I
kept glancing right at Mary's anyway.

I suddenly realized that other people were discarding cards, and I had
not been paying attention, so I had no idea how many cards they took.
Mary took three cards and so did I. I saw Rick took one card and
Carrie, who was dealing took two. Everyone else I had seen took
three. I picked up my three new cards, but I still just had a pair of
sixes, so I was clearly out of this hand.

Jill had opened, but she passed. Rick, who had taken only one card,
opened with his last two chips. Sally and Kevin quickly folded, but
Carrie was studying her hand and looking over at Rick. Carrie could
have three of a kind because she had taken two cards, and Rick
probably had two pair, but Carrie had no chips in front of her, so if
she wanted to call this bet, she would have to sell her pants. She
finally set her cards down.

"I'm going to call this bet," Carrie said as she stood up. She unzipped
her jeans and carefully worked them down over her hips to expose
rather simple white cotton panties covered with a pattern of small
flowers. Carrie pushed the jeans down her white thighs and then
pulled them off one leg at a time. She turned and dropped the jeans
behind her. As she sat down the contrast of the red hair and the very
white skin looked even more ghostly.

Mary tossed two chips into the pot for Carrie. The rest of us quickly
folded around.

"What have you got Carrie," Rick said with a smile.

"Three tens," replied Carrie, turning over her cards.

"Good, but not good enough," Rick said as he flipped his cards over.
"A full house, nines and jacks." Rick scooped up the chips in the pot.

"Oh shit," Carrie said, as she began to realize what this meant.

Carrie had lost her pants, of course, but she also had no chips, so next
hand she would have to sell her bra to open. Fred was in his
underpants with no chips in front of him, so Fred would need to sell
his underpants next hand. The game could have ended in two hands
with none of the girls ever having to show us their breasts, but now
Carrie had fixed that problem. We would at least get to see Carrie's
breasts before the game ended.

Fred shuffled the cards for the next hand while Carrie self-consciously
folded her arms across her chest. Fred dealt out the cards, and I looked
at a pair of queens, a nine, an eight and a seven. If I could draw a third
queen, this might be a playable hand. Then again, I was way ahead of
Mary on our side bet, with probably only two hands remaining in the
game. The pressure was on Mary to get a playable hand. I should not
even think about betting without a killer hand.

Mary was the first to act and opened with the single chip she had.
Everyone tossed in opening bet around to Sally, who had finally run
out of chips. Sally pulled her sweater blouse off over her head
exposing a simple white bra. Sally held her arms above her head
threading her long bleached blond hair through the sweater opening,
pushing her modest breasts forward. Mary tossed one chip in the pot
and handed the other over to Sally.

Kevin had already put his chip in the pot and now everyone turned to
Carrie. She had a little pink on her otherwise very white cheeks.

"Oh dear," Carrie said, as she slowly stood up. "Well, I'm not as big
as Jill, but I hope you boys like them." With that she unsnapped her
bra in back, and let it slide away from her breasts down her arms. Rick
and Kevin both cheered. Carrie's breasts were small, but rounded and
firm. They drooped only slightly when liberated from the confines of
her bra. Carrie immediately sat down, obviously embarrassed by the

"Well don't just sit there staring at me," Carrie said to Fred. "It's your
turn now."

"Oh," Fred said. He slowly stood up, and placed his thumbs under the
elastic band on his shorts. Fred had studied my technique and tried to
push his shorts down and sit down and the same time. He pushed his
sorts smoothly down to his knees, but when he sat down, he lost his
balance and tipped over backwards, giving us a clear view between
his legs. Mary, Jill and Sally first cheered, then laughed and giggled at
Fred predicament. Fed quickly righted himself, pulled his underpants
the rest of the way off, and crossed his legs to try to cover up his
erection. Even Carrie was now smiling, seeming to have momentarily
forgotten the embarrassment of being topless.

I took three cards. Fred as dealer did not want to move much so Carrie
and Mary pushed the cards to the rest of us. Most people took three
cards, except for Carrie and Rick, who took two. I looked at my three
new cards, but I still just had a pair of queens.

As I sat my cards down, Mary stood up and unzipped her jeans. What
did she have? She had opened and taken three cards, so she only had a
big pair before the draw. She must have something more now.
Probably three aces, kings, queens or jacks. Mary wiggled her jeans
off her hips, past her white satin low cut panties and down her thighs.
She then pulled the jeans off each leg. Mary dropped the jeans and sat

"I'm going to open for two," Mary said.

Could Mary win a big enough pot here to take our side bet? I didn't
think so, or at least I hoped not. With just a pair of queens, there was
nothing I do about it, so I folded.

Jill looked at Mary, then at her cards. She picked up the last two chips
in front of her and held them between her fingers while she studied

"I'll see the bet," Jill said with some hesitation in her voice.

This was an interesting development. Both Mary and Jill were now
without chips. Whichever one lost was going to have to take her bra
off to get the must open bet for the next hand. We were going to get to
see another pair of breasts before the game ended.

Rick and Sally quickly folded. Kevin smiled as his eyes went back
and forth between Mary and Jill. Kevin clearly had more chips than
anyone else in the game.

"I'm raising two," Kevin said, confidently placing four chips into the

Did Kevin actually have anything or was he just trying to force Mary
or Jill to bet their bras? Kevin had taken three cards. Given the size of
the pile of chips he had, he might not have anything, but things were
certainly getting more interesting.

Carrie and Fred both quickly folded, bring it back to Mary. Mary
starred at Kevin. If Mary folded, she would have to sell her bra for the
must open bet next hand, so one way or the other she was going to
have to show us her breasts. I had, of course, seen them in last
Saturday's game, but the bulge in my jockey shorts was getting bigger

Mary stood up, and reached back behind her to unfasten her bra.
Holding the bra against her chest with one hand, she worked her arms
out of the two straps. She looked up, then dropped the bra away from
her breasts to the cheers from Kevin and Rick. Her breast sagged
slightly as the bra set them free, and they bounced as she quickly sat
down next to me. I had seen Mary's breasts from across the room last
week, but sitting on the floor beneath them made them look even
larger. Mary gave me a shy smile.

Everyone now turned to Jill. Would Jill bet her bra too? If she didn't
she would have to sell it for the must open bet next hand. Of course, if
she did bet her bra this hand and lost the pot, she would have to sell
her panties next hand! I then realized the reverse was also true. If Jill
won this pot, Mary would have to sell her panties next hand! I had
feared the game would end with none of the girls having showed
anything, but things were looking up.

Jill was looking at Mary. Obviously, Jill had completely discounted
Kevin too. What did Mary and Jill have? Did they both have three of a
kind? If they did, Mary's was probably high because she had opened.
How high was Jill's three of a kind?

"Well, I'm sure I got you beat," Jill said as she stood up. "So guess I
have to see your bet."

Jill reached back and unfastened her bra. Jill took the strap off her left
shoulder and pulled the bra quickly away from her chest. Kevin, Rick
and even Fred cheered. From my vantagepoint on the floor next to Jill
I could see why. Jill's breasts were the biggest I had seen during my
brief strip poker career. All I could think of was watermelon halves,
but they weren't quite that big. Without the bra for support, Jill's
breasts drooped noticeably. Jill sat down and finished threading her
bra off her right arm.

"Ok girls, say goodbye to your bras," said Kevin. "A full house."

Kevin laid down three kings and a pair of two's.

"Ohhhhh," cried Jill as she dropped her cards. I looked down at her
cards, and all I saw was a pair of eight's. Then I realized they were all
spades. Jill had a flush. Since this was a two-deck game, you could
have a pair and a flush in the same hand.

"Not so fast," Mary said calmly as she spread her cards. "Four jacks"

Mary had quad jacks and Jill a flush! Now I could understand why
they had bet their bras on this hand. Mary grabbed her bra and put it
back on. Then she gathered in her winnings, putting two chips back in
the bank for her bra. As she stacked the chips, I tried to compare my
chip count with hers. It looked like I was still a few chips ahead in our
side bet, but it was now close.

Mary gathered up the cards, shuffled them and dealt out what would
probably be the last hand of this game. I picked up cards and this time
I had a king, jack, ten, three and two. This did not look very
promising. I passed.

Jill still looked upset about having lost the previous hand. She also
passed. Rick and Sally passed, but Kevin opened.

Carrie tossed her only chip into the pot for her opening bet. If Fred
won this hand and prolonged the game, Carrie would lose her panties
on the next hand. I found myself hoping this would happen because I
wondered if Carrie's pubic hair was red like the hair on her head.

Fred tossed his last chip into the pot.

"I'm all in," Fred announced.

Mary and I both added our opening bets, and then it was Jill's turn.

"I still can't believe I lost with a flush," Jill said. She shook her head
and slowly stood up. She put her thumbs under the elastic band of her
pure white panties and quickly pushed them down to her ankles and
then sat down all in a single motion. Rick and Kevin were both
cheering. Fred rearranged his legs trying to make sure his erection
stayed hidden. Sitting next to Jill I had clearly seen the darker hair of
her bush as the panties slipped down her legs, and I could still see the
top of it.

Mary handed Jill one chip and tossed the other in the pot for her. Rick
and Sally quickly tossed in their opening bets. In Sally's case it was
also her last chip, but Sally was still wearing her jeans.

I took three cards. So did everyone, except for Rick. Rick took two
cards. I looked at my three new cards. They were an ace, a jack and a
three. I now had a pair of jacks, but this was hardly anything to get
excited over.

"I'm opening for two," Kevin announced.

Carrier folded immediately.

"I'm all in already," said Fred.

"That's right," Mary said. "We divide the pot. I'll separate Kevin's
two chips here." Mary put two chips into a separate pile from the
opening bets.

"Ok now," Mary said. "I'm going to see Kevin's bet in this second

This was trouble. Could Mary have another winning hand? If she won
this hand, then she would win our side bet. That would mean I was
going to end up jacking off for her after the game, but there was
nothing I could do about it with only a pair of jacks. I just had to hope
that Kevin or somebody beat whatever Mary had. I folded.

Jill, Rick and Sally all folded quickly too.

"Ok Mary, I've got a pair of aces and sevens," Kevin said. "What
have you got this time."

Mary shook her head. "Two pair, kings and sixes," she said as she
spread her cards. "Don't forget about Fred. He's still in the pot."

"Well... you can forget about me," Fred said, as he threw his cards
away. Obviously, he didn't have anything, so Kevin had won the pot,
and I had won my blowjob.

"Ok Fred," Sally said. "Time to show us what you got there." Carrie
and Mary both giggled.

"Everyone can buy back as much of their own clothes as they can,"
Mary said as she started to pull her jeans back up over her hips.

I found my jeans and pulled them on. Kevin was also getting dressed
again. At this point both Jill and Fred were sans clothes, but Jill still
had a single chip left, so she could simply sit in the corner and try to
cover up, while Fred would have to stand up and show the girls what
they wanted to see. Carrie's attire consisted of only simple white
cotton panties with a flower pattern. Sally still had her jeans and a bra.

"Ok, before Fred entertains you girls, we should award the underpants
to the winners," Kevin said. "It looks like I have the most chips
amongst the guys, so I get Jill's panties." Kevin grabbed Jill's panties
off the floor.

Jill rolled her eyes at the ceiling. This was Jill's dorm room, so she
could easily get another pair of panties after the penalty period was
over. She was embarrassed about having her panties become Kevin's
strip poker trophy.

"Mary, I guess you get Fred's underpants," Kevin said, tossing Fred's
underpants to Mary. Mary caught them, but looked at them like she
wasn't sure what to do with them.

"Ok Fred," Sally said. "Enough stalling. Stand up and let's get a good
look at you."

"Isn't there suppose to be somebody keeping track of the time on
this?" Fred asked.

"I'll time it with my watch," said Kevin. "Ten minutes starting now."

Fred glared at Kevin, then slowly stood up to the loud cheers from
Sally and Mary. Carrie tried to clap, but found it difficult while
covering up her breasts with her arms. Even Jill smiled, but kept her
legs pulled up in front of her.

"Ok, let's get some music," said Sally. She turned on the radio and
turned the music up loud.

"Ok Fred," said Sally. "Let's see you dance."

Fred looked at Sally. Reluctantly he began to wiggle a little to the
music. His erection waved like a conductor's baton as he swayed back
and forth to the music.

"No, no Fred," said Sally. "Not like that. Dance like a male know..."

"Noooo, I don't know," replied Fred. "This is the only way I know
how to dance."

"That's true, Sally," said Carrie. "He's a lousy dancer."

"Why don't you dance with Fred?" Sally asked Carrie.

Carrie cleared throat and tightened her arms across her bare breasts.

"Why don't you dance with him?" Carrie replied.

"Ok, I will," said Sally.

Sally walked over to Fred and began to dance very close to Fred. Sally
wiggled her hips and bumped Fred erection with her hip.

"Hey, no touching," Fred protested.

"Geez, lighten up Fred," said Sally. "I just bumped your... your...
thingey there by accident."

"It is sort of sticking out there Fred," said Carrie to laughs from

Sally began to dance again, wiggling her bra-covered breasts at Fred.

"Come on Fred, you can dance better than that," Sally said. "Let's see
you wiggle those hips."

Fred tried but he just looked more ridiculous with his woody dancing
as much as he was. The song on the radio ended and Fred and Sally
stopped dancing. Sally walked over and flipped the radio to another

"Come Fred, keep dancing," Sally said. "Your times not up yet."

Sally went over and whispered something to Carrie. Carrie giggled
and nodded.

"Ok, time up," said Kevin.

Sally immediately bent over and scooped up Fred's pants and shirt.
Carrie opened the door and Sally ran out the door with Fred's clothes
in her arms.

"Hey," Fred yelled. "Come back here with my clothes. I was suppose
to get my clothes back."

"Oh you will get your clothes back," laughed Carrie. "You just have
to catch Sally."

Sally stuck her head back in the door.

"Yoo hoo, Fred, want this," Sally said while waving Fred's pants.

Fred made a rush towards Sally to try to grab his pants, but Sally
disappeared down the corridor and Carrie pushed Fred on out the door
after her. Carrie slammed the door closed behind Fred and locked it.
Carrie was laughing wildly, having completely forgotten that she was

Rick and Kevin were both laughing hysterically. Jill was laughing too,
but was also pulling on some panties she had gotten out of her dresser.

Fred started pounding on the door, demanding to be let back in.

"Sally's talking your clothes down to the second floor lounge," Carrie
yelled. "You can go down and get them."

"Come on Carrie," yelled Fred. "At least give me a towel or

I could hear the sound of girls laughing out in the hall now.

"Maybe you should let him back in," said Mary.

"No, he can go down and get his clothes," said Carrie with a smile.
"Give him some practice for next week's game."

How was this practice for next week's game? I would have to ask
Mary what that meant.

I could now hear even more people in the hall, but they seemed to be
moving away from the room. Carrie had now remembered that she
was topless and was putting her bra back on. Jill had her bra back on

"I guess I didn't do very well, did I Mary," asked Jill.

"Well... you had some bad luck," replied Mary.

Kevin and Rick unlocked the door and started down the hall after the
noise to see what was happening.

"I should have known better than to bet against you," said Jill. "Now
my panties are probably going to be on display all over campus."

"You've got to be more careful," said Mary. "Don't bet so much when
you don't really need to."

"Why did you bet on that hand, Mary?" Jill asked. "You didn't need
to either. Was it just the hand that was too good not to bet?"

Mary smiled. "I had a side bet with Larry I was trying to win, but it
looks like Larry won anyway."

Jill looked at me.

"What kind of side bet?" Jill asked.

Mary shrugged. "You know..."

"Oh..." Jill said. "Well, as long as he doesn't tie you to the bed or

"Shhh," said Mary. "Don't give him any ideas."

Tie Mary to the bed, now that was an interesting idea, but what
exactly could we do after I tied Mary to the bed? The only thing I
could think of was the one thing Mary had made clear we were not
going to do.

"Come on Larry," said Mary. "Let's go."

"Don't forget your trophy here," said Jill, pointing to Fred's

"Oh," said Mary picking them up. "Maybe I'll start a collection of

I had my shoes back on now so we headed out of the room into the
now deserted hall. Just before the stairs we ran into Sally, still wearing
just her bra and jeans heading back towards Jill's room.

"Hey, what happened," Mary asked.

"Oh somebody gave Fred a towel," Sally replied. "Still got a big laugh
down in the lounge with just his towel though."

"That was kind of mean," said Mary.

"Well...yeah," smiled Sally. "But Fred deserved it. He told lots of
guys he was going to beat some girls at strip poker tonight and make
them run back to their rooms naked."

"I hope Fred doesn't try to extract too much revenge on you and
Carrie," said Mary.

"Oh, don't worry about that. We can handle Fred," Sally said as she
walked off down the hall towards Jill's room.

"Are they really going to play in next weeks game?" I asked, after
Sally was out of earshot.

"After that, I'm not sure," said Mary.

As we headed down the stairs we were passed by a group of five or
six giggling girls talking about the guy in a towel who had claimed he
lost his clothes playing strip poker.

We finally got back to Mary's room, and let ourselves back in.

"Ok, poker shark you won our little bet fair and square, so what little
`favor' did you have in mind?"

"Well... Jill's idea of tying you to the bed sounded interesting, but... I
figured... we could practice some more..."

"I thought that's what you'd ask for," Mary said with a smile. "Let's
get your pants off."

Mary reached down and unzipped my jeans. I quickly took my shoes
off and slipped off my jeans and jockey briefs. My erection stood
straight out pointing at Mary, and she grabbed the shaft with her hand
and stroked it slowly back and forth a few times.

"Let's get on the bed," I said.

I pulled off my shirt and lay down on the bed. Mary crawled on the
bed and reached out with her hands to grab the shaft again and began
to slowly massage it up and down. She reached out with her tongue
and ran it up the underside from the base to the tip. Mary looked up
and as her eyes met mine she smiled. Then she took my whole
member into her mouth and began to move her head up and down.
Mary's lips massaged the shaft and her tongue side back and forth on
the sensitive underside of the head.

Having spent the last several hours playing strip poker with several
young ladies, it did not take long for this stimulation to produce its
intended result. I tried to hold back as long as I could, but I exploded
in Mary mouth. This time Mary just kept going, her head moving up
and down and her tongue sliding along under the head as I shot load
after load into her throat.

Finally I pulled her head off because I had become too sensitive for
this much stimulation. Mary swallowed with a funny expression on
her face that made me believe this was not the tastiest thing Mary had
ingested that day. Then she cleared her throat and smiled at me.

"Was that better?" she asked.

I was still in a daze, but I smiled back at Mary.

"Yeah...that was great."

Mary pulled a towel out of a draw and handed it to me to clean up and
dry myself off.

"I'm going to run down and rinse my mouth," Mary said. At the door
she paused and looked back at me. "I hope you're not offended?"

"No. No. Not at all."

I found my underpants and started to get dressed. By the time Mary
got back, I had my pants on and was just pulling my shirt over my

"I saw Sally down the hall," Mary said. "She said Carrie went over to
Fred's dorm to try to make up for shoving him out the door without
his clothes."

"How is she going to make up for that?"

"Oh...I'm sure she'll think of something to massage Fred's ego."

"Maybe she'll massage something other than his ego," I said
sarcastically. We both laughed at that idea.

Mary walked over to one of the desks, pulled a book off the shelf and
handed it to me.

"Here's Beth's Bible. Can you show me those dirty parts you
mentioned this afternoon."

"Hmm. The New King James Version," I said. "Haven't seen this
version before."

"Does that make a difference?" Mary asked.

"No. It shouldn't," I said as I opened the bible and thumbed past the
Psalms, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes to The Song of Solomon.

"Here is The Song of Solomon. It's not very long, but it's really
amazing. I don't know how it every got into the Bible."

"What's it about?"

"Well... it's a love song or poem. The language is real flowery and
hard to understand, but I think the basic story is about a young girl
who is put into King Solomon's harem, but really loves another young
man, a shepherd."

"Ah. The eternal love triangle," said Mary.

"Yeah, basically that's it, but it's got all this semi-explicit stuff you'd
never expect to find in the Bible. See how it starts."

Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth-
For your love is better than wine.

"That is sort of weird," said Mary.

"Over here is one of those weird passages. Listen to this."

By night on my bed I sought the one I loved;
I sought him, but did not find him.
"I will rise now," I said.
"And go about the city;
In the streets and in the squares
I will seek the one I love."
I sought him, but I did not find him.
The watchmen who go about the city found me.
To whom I said:
"Have you seen the one I love?"

Scarcely had I passed by them,
When I found the one I love.
I held him and would not let him go,
Until I had brought him to the house of my mother,
And into the chamber of her who conceived me.

"What does all that mean?" asked Mary.

"Well, she wakes up in the middle of the night and runs around the
city looking for her boyfriend. She finds him and drags him back to
her house and into her mother's bedroom. Just to make sure you get
the drift of what's going on, they call it the chamber of her who
conceived me."

"What do they do? Is her mother there too?"

"Well, it doesn't really say. It just continues like this"

I charge you, O daughter of Jerusalem,
By the gazelles or by the does of the field
Do not stir up nor awaken love
Until it pleases.

"Oh, I think I know what that means," Mary said.

"It means that girls shouldn't be teases."

"It means you shouldn't play strip poker with boys unless your willing
to do them some little favors afterwards," laughed Mary.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that. Oh... here is the really good part
over in chapter 5."

I sleep, but my heart is awake;
It is the voice of my beloved?
He knocks, saying,
"Open for me, my sister, my love,
My dove, my perfect one;
For my head is covered with dew,
My locks with the drops of the night."

I have taken off my robe;
How can I put it on again?
I have washed my feet;
How can I defile them?
My beloved put his hand
By the latch of the door,
And my heart yearned for him.
I arose to open for my beloved,
And my hands, dripped with myrrh,
My fingers with liquid myrrh,
On the handles of the lock.

"Wow," Mary exclaimed. "What is myrrh?"

"It's a sticky resin from a plant that was used like perfume."

"Yeah... Well, I think I know what she was doing."

"What?" I innocently asked.

"She wakes up at night after dreaming about her lover. She thinks he's
at the door, and gets up to let him in, but he's not there, and she finds
her hands covered with a sticky liquid. What do you think she was
doing? She was... you know... playing with herself."

"Yeah, that's what I thought."

"Wow, I sure didn't know they had this kind of stuff in the Bible. I
guess I should've paid more attention in Sunday School."

"They don't cover The Song of Solomon in Sunday School. They try
to keep it a secret. You have to find that on your own."

"Well, I can see why."

I closed the book and looked up at Mary who had that devious smile

"What are you thinking now?" I asked.

"Want to play another game of strip poker?"

"What! Don't you think we've played enough of that tonight? Besides
there's only the two of us."

"Exactly. We could play a one on one game. Winner gets all the
favors he or she wants for the rest of the night."


"But what Larry," Mary said. "Don't you want any more favors?"

"You know," Mary continued after a slight pause. "I have been
thinking about this all week. Connie's story last week was intriguing.
I just couldn't get that idea of playing a one on one strip poker game
out of my mind all week. Our little side bet tonight made that game a
lot more interesting, but what I really want is to play a one on one
game with you."

If this was Mary's fantasy, how could I refuse her?

"Well...I guess," I said.

"Ok, let's play with the usual six pieces of clothes and let's just bet
actual pieces of clothes. It makes it more exciting than using chips."

"With only six pieces or clothes, this may not last very long," I said.

"Oh, well we can play with no ante and the must open rule. Any pair
can open. If you just fold, you only lose one piece of clothes each

"I guess that sounds ok," I said. "What is the limit on raises? One

"Hey, we could play no limit," Mary said. "That would make it

"What? At dinner I thought you said ..."

"Not that kind of no limit," Mary said cutting me off. "No betting
limit. It means you can bet all your clothes on the first hand if you
want to."

"That could get the game over in a hurry," I said.

"Yeah, no limit is very tricky. It takes a lot of skill to win. If you are
too careful, then the other person will bluff you all the time and you
will loose slowly. If you are too aggressive, you will bet all your
clothes on the wrong hand. Do you think your up for it Larry?"

"I guess so," I said. Something in my pants seem to be getting up
again anyway.

Mary found a good deck of cards in her desk, and we sat down on the
floor in the middle of her room.

"You want to play the winner keeps the underwear rule too?" Mary

"As long as you promise not to run out of here with my clothes and
make me go down to the lounge to get them back."

"I wouldn't do that to you," Mary said with a laugh.

Mary shuffled the cards and dealt us each a hand. I picked my cards
and looked at real junk, an ace, king, ten, eight and four. This was not
a good start.

"Can you open, Larry?"

"No," I said.

"Well, I can open," Mary said, as she removed her shoes and put them
in the center. I took my shoes off and placed them in the center too.

Mary took three cards and so did I, but they didn't really help. I still
just had an ace high. Since Mary had opened and taken three cards,
she clearly had at least a pair of something. I was beaten.

"I'm opening for one," Mary said, as she took off her socks and
placed them in the middle.

"I'm folding," I said.

Mary smiled and dragged the winning out of the middle.

"Let's play the underwear only rule, otherwise we are going to be
putting clothes on and off all night," Mary said.

"Yeah, that's ok," I said. Mary had just given me a blowjob, it wasn't
like I had anything to hide.

Mary pushed the cards over to me and I shuffled and dealt out the next
hand. This time I got a slightly better hand, a pair of eight's. I really
needed a third eight or another pair to make this hand a sure winner,
but there was some chance it might win without improvement.

"I'm opening for one," Mary said, putting my shoes in the center.

So Mary had at least a pair of something too. This did not look good. I
took off my socks and saw the must open bet. I took three cards, but
Mary only took two cards.

I picked up my three cards praying for a third eight, but it wasn't
there. I still just had a pair of eight's. Did Mary have three of
something, or did she have a pair and an ace kicker? If she did just
have a pair, was it a low or high pair?

"I'll start the betting for one," Mary said, placing her shoes in the

I decided Mary must have three of kind or a high pair, so I folded
again. Mary just smiled and pulled our shoes and my socks over next
to her.

Mary shuffled the cards and dealt them out again. Was I being too
careful? Had Mary just bluffed me? I just had to get some decent

I picked up my next hand, and once again had just junk, an ace, ten,
nine, five and four.

"Can you open?" Mary asked.

"No," I said.

"Either can I. Give me back the cards. I'll deal another hand."

Mary shuffled again, and this time I finally had something, a pair of
jacks. I pulled my shirt off and dropped it in the center.

"I'm opening," I said.

Mary pushed my shoes into the pot. We both took three cards. With
Mary taking three cards, I figured the odds were good I had this hand
won, so I stood up and unfastened my pants. As I slid them down my
legs I noticed a big bulge in the front of my jockey shorts and a wet
spot beginning to form.

"I'm betting one," I said.

Mary looked at me for a few seconds, then reached for the clothes pile
next to her and picked it all up and dropped it into the pot.

"I'm seeing your bet and raising you two," she said.

Raising me two! I only had two pieces of clothes left. This was what
Mary was talking about when she described no limit. I was either
going to have to risk it all on a pair of jacks, or let Mary have my
pants. If I folded, I only had two pieces of clothes left. I needed to win
a hand badly, and given the cards I had been getting, maybe this was
my best shot.

I got up and pulled off my undershirt and dropped it in the pot. Then I
whipped down my jockey short and casually dropped them in the pot,
before slowly sitting down. I made no effort to hide my erection,
which poked up between my legs.

"Ok, what have you got Mary?" I said.

"Oh...nothing really," Mary said with a smile. She laid down a queen
high. She had been trying to bluff me.

"A pair of jacks," I said as I spread my cards. I wondered if Mary had
bluffed me on the first two hands?

I pulled my jockey shorts back on and my undershirt. I had won back
all my clothes now, plus Mary's shoes and socks, but the underwear
rule said I could only put my underwear back on. I stacked the rest of
the clothes next to me.

I dealt the next hand, and once again I got just junk, an ace, king,
seven, four, and a three.

Mary unbuttoned her blouse and dropped it into the pot.

"I'm opening for one," she said.

I put Mary's shoes in the pot for my opening bet. We both took three
cards. When I picked up my three cards, I saw a second ace. I now
had a pair of aces. Mary had taken three cards, so she only had a pair
before the draw, so this looked very good.

Mary stood up and unzipped her jeans. She slid them down her legs
revealing her white panties again. She dropped the jeans in the pot and
sat down.

"I'm opening for one," she said.

I immediately picked out Mary's socks plus my shoes and socks and
added them to the pot.

"I'm raising two," I said with a smile.

Mary looked at me smiling too. "That figures," she said. Mary stood
up and unfastened her bra straps. Holding the bra in front with one
hand, she threaded first one arm and then the other out of the straps.
Then she pulled the bra away and Mary breasts seemed to leap out of
her chest. Mary dropped the bra into the pot and then pulled her
panties down to her ankles and sat down. Although she tried to hide it
between her legs, I saw the mound of curly dark hair between her

"Ok, what have you got Larry," Mary said.

"A pair of aces," I said with a smile figuring Mary only had a high
pair and I was about to get my second `favor' of the evening.

"Not good enough," Mary said. "Two pair, eight's and threes."

Mary had drawn a second pair! How could I beat that kind of luck?
Mary grabbed her panties and pulled them back on. Then she pulled
her bra back into place and fastened it behind her.

Mary shuffled the cards for the next hand.

I was in trouble again. In my enthusiasm to strip Mary, I had lost my
shoes and socks again. With a forced smile I picked up my new hand
and found a pair of nines. I looked up at Mary, but she had a very
good poker face and I could not tell anything from her expression. I
took off my shirt and dropped it in the pot.

"I can open," I said.

Mary put my shoes into the pot for her opening bet. We both took
three cards, and my cards were no help. I still just had a pair of nines.
This seemed like a very tricky hand. It might be the best hand, but it
could easily be beaten too. If I bet my pants on it, Mary was almost
certain to raise. Did I want to bet everything on a pair of nines?

"I pass," I said.

Mary calmly picked up my socks, and her shoes and socks and
deposited them all in the pot.

"I'm betting three," Mary said.

Was she bluffing? With a pair of nine I didn't feel like finding out. I
decided to fold and hope for a better hand.

"I'll fold," I said.

Mary smiled as she stacked the clothes from the pot. I shuffled and
dealt the next hand. My hand was a ace high blank. Fortunately, Mary
did not have anything either, so neither of us could open. I shuffled
and dealt again. When I looked at this hand, my heart jumped. Two
pair, kings and queens. This was the kind of hand I needed!

Mary put my shoes in the pot to open, so she had something this hand
too. I put my pants into the pot. Mary took three cards, so she only
had a pair before the draw. I, of course, took one card.

Should I open with both my remaining clothes items, or should I let
Mary raise me back? I decided to open with just my undershirt. If I
opened with both, I might scare Mary into folding.

Mary stared at me for several seconds. "I fold," she said.

It must have been drawing only one card that gave away my hand. As
I pulled my undershirt back over my head I wondered if Mary could
read my hands from something I did. From previous conversations I
knew that Mary was very good at guessing peoples hands from their
behavior. Had I done something to give away my hand? I would have
to try to be careful.

Mary dealt the next hand, and when I picked up the cards, I could not
believe my good luck. I had two pair again, kings and eight's. I placed
the shoes I just won in the pot to open. Mary put my socks in for her
opening bet. Mary took three cards and I took one.

When I picked up my new card, my heart jumped. It was another king.
I now had a full house, an absolutely unbeatable hand in this game.
What should I do now? Mary had folded last hand, so I decided to just
bet one again. I put my pants into the pot.

"I bet one," I said, trying to put on my best poker face to not give
away my hand.

Mary stared at me again for what seemed like eternity, but then she
folded again. I had gotten two very good hands in a row, but Mary
still had my shirt.

I shuffled the cards and dealt another hand. I looked at my cards and
found a pair of nines again. I really needed a third nine or another
pair. Mary opened with my shirt, so she had at least a pair of
something. I put my shoes in the pot for my opening bet. This time we
both took three cards, so we both just had pairs before the draw, but
what pair did Mary have?

"I'll bet one," Mary said as she pushed her shoes into the pot.

Did Mary have a higher pair or was she just trying to bluff me?

"I'll see your bet," I said putting my socks into the pot. "Ok, what
have you got."

"Two pair, kings and jacks," said Mary with a big smile.

I threw down my cards. How could I beat that kind of luck? She had
drawn two pair again. Now I was down to just three items of clothes. I
needed to win a hand soon.

Mary shuffled and dealt out the next hand. When I looked at my hand
I couldn't believe it. I had a pair of nines again. One of the nines was
different, but still this was the third time I had gotten this hand. I put
my pants in the pot for my opening bet. Mary used my shoes as her
opening bet. We both took three cards.

I picked up my three cards and peaked at them. My heart skipped a
beat when I saw a pair of kings. I now had two pair, and this time I
had drawn three cards, so Mary should not be expecting it. I took off
my undershirt and put it in the pot.

"I'm betting one," I said.

Mary immediately added my socks and shirt to the pot.

"I'll raise you one," Mary said.

This was more like it. Now at least I would win a decent pot. I stood
up and whipped my shorts down dropping them into the pot. I sat
down with my erection sticking up between my legs.

"Ok, what have you got Mary," I asked.

"Three sevens," Mary said with a big smile.

Mary had drawn three of kind! I dropped my two pair on the ground
and Mary started to giggle.

"All right Larry," Mary exclaimed. "Now we can have some fun."

I looked down at my erection. Could I actually jack off in front of a
girl? I had never done it with anyone, even another boy. I looked up at
Mary again.

"Well...I suppose you want me to... jack off..." I said.

"If you're so excited you have to," Mary said with a smile. "But that's
not the favor I had in mind."

"Oh...What favor did you have in mind?"

"Ahhh...I want you to...use your...tongue..."


I had read about it in Penthouse Forum but could I really do it?

"Have you ever done it before?" Mary asked.


"So this will be a first for both of us."

Mary stood up and slid her panties down her legs and stepped out of
them. Then she looked at me and smiled. She reached behind and
unfastened her bra. She let the bra straps slide down her arms as her
breasts came free.

"Come on," Mary said beckoning me towards her bed.

I got up off the floor as Mary laid down on her back with her legs
slightly spread. I climbed over the end of the bed trying to remember
what I had read. I kissed the white expanse of Mary's inner thigh. I
kissed first one thigh and then the other, working my way slowly
towards the objective. I kissed either side of the vulva, then took my
fingers and gently spread the labia to reveal the bright pinkness
hidden within. I took my tongue and slowly ran it up the vulva. It
tasted funny, both salty and sweet. Mary moaned as my tongue hit the
clitoris. I spread the labia more and began to slowly run my tongue
back and forth across the clitoris.

"Yes... yes... that's it," Mary moaned, placing her hands on either side
of my head.

I flicked my tongue back and forth across the clitoris faster and faster.
Mary moaned and gently pushed my head down. The initial salty taste
was now gone. I ran my tongue back and forth pushing down harder. I
looked up through the thicket of hair and the valley of the breasts as
Mary rolled her head and moaned louder. I began to worry that
somebody would hear, but now was clearly not the time to slow down.

"Oooohhhhh!" Mary moaned and arched her back, trusting her pelvis
harder into my face. "Oooohhh...ooooohhhh," Mary cried as her body
twisted left and right. Suddenly Mary pushed my head away and
collapsed back on the bed. I climbed up and crawled over next to
Mary on the bed and kissed her on the forehead.

"Oh Larry... you fly me so close to heaven."


Mary giggled.

"It's from a song," Mary said. "But now I know what it means." Mary
turned and looked at me.

"Hold me," Mary said. I wrapped my arm around Mary as she laid her
head on my shoulder. Mary's breasts pressed against my chest. My
erection stood straight up in the air, and Mary reached out and
wrapped her hand firmly around it. Mary began to slowly massage it
up and down.

"Larry...can you finish..." Mary said with a smile. "I just want to learn
how you do it."

I replaced Mary's hand with my own and began to rapidly stroke up
and down. It did not take long. I arched my back and shot all over my
stomach and chest. Mary sat up and handed me some tissue to clean

Then we climbed under the covers and feel asleep in each other's


2020-04-20 04:49:04
Still good, and I am enjoying the growing one to one explorations of the two main characters, but the main story seemed to be missing something this time. I think a little more de***********ion was needed to provide more variety and tension.


2020-04-20 04:48:54
Still good, and I am enjoying the growing one to one explorations of the two main characters, but the main story seemed to be missing something this time. I think a little more de***********ion was needed to provide more variety and tension.


2016-02-25 04:16:06
now I have to look if there is another chapter.. Great story and great writing skill.

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