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This is my first posted story. I have a few more and may post them if comments are favorable. This story involves an older man and a young girl in a willing encounter. If this is topic is not to your liking skip it!

As usual on Fridays I walked through the park on the way home from my college. I usually wait for my friend Janette. While on the bench reading, sounds from a gathering of trees and bushes behind me attracted my attention. Leaving my books on the bench, I went to investigate.

Following a faint trail I heard the sounds again, looking through the bushes let me see a small space. Maybe this was where the seniors went to smoke pot. Then I saw “The Man”. He was standing at the far edge with his pants down to his knees and he was holding his penis. He wasn't peeing, just standing there holding his penis with his thumb on top and fingers underneath, moving them up and down. It was floppy and about five inches. Shocked, I stood there and watched. His penis started to get bigger and straighter. The tip was turning purple. It had grown about two inches (I could tell by how much more stuck out from his hand).

Suddenly it felt very warm between my legs, touching my jeans making sure they were not wet, made it warmer. Putting my hand in my jeans and feeling my privates made me shiver. I could not take my eyes off the man, still pulling on his thing. My finger pressed a spot at the top of my vagina and I think I moaned. The man glanced my way but did not stop. Maybe it was my imagination, his thing looked bigger. Putting my finger back on that spot and moving it around felt so good. My nipples felt tight, touching it with my other hand caused me to shiver again. I must have made a sound because he looked at me again, his hand moving faster. All of a sudden his penis started shooting white stuff out the end. My finger pushed on the bump and squeezed my nipple and I felt like was getting the biggest static electric shock of all time.

When I opened my eyes “The Man” was kneeling over me and asking if I was alright. My hands were still in my pants and holding my breast. Looking at him I saw his pants were up hiding his thing. He saw where I was looking and at my hand in my pants, which I quickly took out.

“I can show you how it can feel much better, if you come back here Monday after school, same time”. And then he left from the opposite way I came in.

Going back to the bench on wobbly legs I saw Janette waiting for me. She asked where I had been. “Watching some squirrels chase each other”.

When I got home I had to change my panties, they were sopping wet. After cleaning up, the computer beckoned me. Searching Google for vagina brought up a wikipedia site explaining the parts of a vagina. School health ed started next year and my mother had not had the birds and bees talk yet. So Google is where my info came from. Lots of pictures. Never went past that so this was all new to me. The part labeled number 5 was the clitoris and six the clitoral hood. Reading on it explained that there were more nerve endings there than anywhere else on the body. Wow, no wonder it felt so good when touched.

I thought about what “the man” had said, meet him on Monday. Would I ever do that? It had felt great, and he said it would be better. How could be know? He seemed certain of it, that's all he had said. Would be show me? Would he touch me? I would not go so I would never know.

I went into the bathroom where there was a full length mirror behind the door. I tried to look at myself but couldn't see much. Then I remembered mom's hand mirror that magnifies everything. Sitting on the counter with my feet up gave me a good view. I could see all the parts that were labeled in the diagram. In the mirror they looked so big. My outer lips were fatter than the pictures. The inner lips (I forgot the Latin words) were wider. My hole was smaller. I could not see the clitoris. I tried feeling around, remembering how my finger had gone from the bottom to top of my slit in the park, I did the same. Whoa, there it was. Keeping my finger on it and using the mirror I looked again. Nothing to see! Then I remembered label number 6 the clitoris hood. It was hiding under the hood.

Pulling up the skin a little revealed the tip. Putting my fingers around it and pulling more let it pop out. Looking closely at the mirror with its magnification it still looked tiny, like a little pearl or pomegranate seed. Putting down the mirror let me use my finger to touch it. My hips shook, it was so intense. I licked my finger and tried again very carefully. A little better. Using some of the wetness gathering at the bottom of my vagina I let my finger go around the bump, not fully touching it. In a very short time my thighs were shaking and my stomach got tight. I stopped immediately, the feeling intensified. Squeezing my legs together, I tried to stop it. Then the feeling exploded. I fell back against the vanity.

“Honey, are you alright? What happened?” That was my mother.

“I'm ok, just knocked the mirror, it didn't break”.

Putting my panties on I went back to my bed and got under the covers. Still feeling warm down there, I cupped my vulva (still think of it as my privates) with my hand, next time my eyes opened it was morning. My first thought was that he said it could be way better. Better than that, how?

Saturday I tried looking at more drawings (the only thing that gets past my mother's child setting on the Internet), one came up of a young girl with her legs spread and a finger in her vagina. Gross, but her face, it looked so satisfied, peaceful. Another showing her lips spread and pulled up with the clitoris sticking out. The last picture had a man's thing pushing down between a girls legs so that it was laying between the outer lips half covered up,with the tip next to her clitoris. Yuk. My panties were wet again.

On Sunday I spent the morning trying to look up any term that would let me learn about sex and at the same time get past that software installed on my computer. It was hard. Snippets popped up but no details. Finally one sight came up about sexuality and male, female interaction. Basically, how to please one another. It had sketches no pictures (that's how it got by the software). Men touching woman's privates and breasts. Kissing and holding them. Woman holding a penis and even kissing it. I had never seen stuff like this before. Devouring the sketches got me feeling warm again. Is that what “The man” was going to do?

All Sunday it felt warm and wet between my legs. I could not wait to showers and feel myself again. When I did, I almost fell down in the shower from the intensity of the feeling. Is this what they called masturbation? Have I been masturbating? Is this what the older girls talked about when they thought no one was listening?


That night while showering I sat on the ledge and washed myself carefully and paid close attention to my vaginal area. My soapy fingers slid across my skin. Around and between the lips. The little bumps on my chest felt warm and tight, the soap made it hard to hold my nipples. My fingers would try to hold a nipple and it would squeeze out between them. Instead I tried laying my hand flat on my breast and catching the nipple between my fingers. Feeling my whole breast, as small as they were, and squeezing the nipple felt really good. One hand went back to my privates, a finger slipped right between the lips and went up to the knuckle into a hole. Nothing had ever gone there before. Wiggling around let it go a little deeper into it couldn't go any further. What was that? It wasn't where I pee from. My finger stayed inside and moved around, it was so soft and warm. The tingley feeling started again. My thumb had a mind of its own, it went to the bump and rubbed it gently moving it from side to side gently pressing on it. My nipples became very hard like old raisins. My stomach was getting tight and my legs stiff. The tingling was all over my insides. It happened again, that intense feeling, my whole body trembled, it was hard to breath. My entire body felt hot all over. My hands shook and rubbed the bump, it happened again!

Going back on the computer to the wiki page, I found why my finger stopped. It was my hymen. I had forgotten that. At the bottom there was a link for stimulation. Hoping it would work I clicked the mouse. It worked. The whole page was how women and men could stimulate each other or themselves which was called masturbation. I read everything, twice. There were no drawings or pictures, but it was very de***********ive.

I picked out my clothes for school tomorrow, a short skirt, tank top and knee high socks.

On the bus there were the older girls sitting in back of me. They were whispering about the dates over the weekend. “John touched my tit’s through my blouse, he wanted to put his hand under, but I wouldn't let him”. “He tried to touch me down there, but I took his hand away and put it on my breast”. “He put my hand on his thing, it was hard, felt big, four or five inches. “ Another girl said her date did the same but took out his thing and told me to touch it. Both girls asked if she did. “yes, I touched it. It was soft and small then got harder and almost twice as big. He put his hand, on mine, and moved it up and down and then he squirted”. “What did you do?” “I got some tissues and wiped him off, it was on my hand too! “ “He put it away and said next time I'll do you”. “what do you think, should I let him? “ The first girl said she didn't know and the third girl said “definitely yes”. Why the other two asked.

“I let mine do it. We had a little of his father's liquor and I guess I wasn't thinking straight. He put his hand under my top and felt my breast. He pushed up my bra and squeezed them. It felt nice. Pushing up my top he kissed my nipples. It was so good. Then he put my hand on his cock in his jeans. It was a little hard, about five inches. Touching it made it bigger. He took it out and put my hand on it. He said, do it. “Do what”? He wrapped my fingers around his cock and moved them up and down. He said to keep doing that. He touched my breast some more and then put his hand between my legs. I was feeling so hot there, it was feeling so good I didn't stop him. He pulled me against him so my back was leaning against him, one arm was around me holding me back and feeling my breast and the other went in my pants. Right under my panties. He squeezed me and I jumped. He put his fingers on both sides of me and pushed them together a couple of times. His finger went in the middle and inside. I was still holding his cock, I must have tightened my hand because he shook and started to spurt while my body felt like it was shocked, I shook all over I couldn't help it. His cock got small in my hand and was all gooey. We cleaned up and he said we have to do that again. I will! “

They all started talking at once and I couldn't make out what they were saying. The bus stopped at school and we got off. Waiting a few feet away I got to see the girls, don't know which was which. They were plain not really pretty, about two grades ahead of me. All three had bigger breast than me. And were taller.

During classes all I could think about was the girls and what they said. No matter how far they went they all said it felt good.

After school I headed home, but went to the park without thinking. As I got near the bench I looked around, saw no one, and walked straight to the bushes. “The Man”was there, waiting. “I knew you would be here, once you get a taste of it you always want more”. “Follow me”. We went a little further into the bushes to a second clearing. It was really secluded and there was grass. He had a blanket laid out and a paper bag in the corner. He sat down and motioned me to sit. “Did you have a nice weekend? Learn anything new? “ How did he know! I just nodded. “it was good wasn't it?” I nodded again. “First couple of times you do it, you can't imagine it being better, but it can and will be. “ “tell me have you ever done anything like that before? Shaking my head no, I looked down at my lap. He reached for the bag and took out two coffee cups and some cookies. “it's not coffee, Ice tea and these are homemade” he took a cup and a cookie offering it to me, and then took for himself. The cookie was really good, big chocolate chips and slightly gooey insides.

He talked as we ate. “You have never touched yourself before?” “What made you reach into your pants on Friday? “

“I said I didn't know it just felt right”

“That was your body speaking to you, telling you you're ready to experience pleasure. “ “Do you want to?”

Sipping my iced tea Looked at him, and without thinking, I nodded. I was feeling warm all over, and nothing had happened yet. We were just talking! He asked me “what I would like to do?” My eyes lowered to his lap. “Would you like to see me again? “ I nodded. “Go ahead, take it out” “The man” leaned back giving me access. Hesitating, he put down his cup and took my hand to the band of his sweat pants. “Reach in, take it out”. What got into me? I did what I was told. He was not wearing anything underneath . With two fingers I took out his penis. It looked different, staring at it, holding it, he said “You can feel it, look at it, do whatever you want” .Not taking my eyes off his penis, I said ”it's not the same”. “If you play with it ,it well get bigger. “ “No not that, where is the top? “ “Oh”, he chuckled “hold it near the top with your hand and pull the skin down. “ There it was, hiding under the skin. “that's the foreskin, it covers and protects the glans, the head of the penis” “A lot of younger men are circumcised, so theirs are not covered” “move the skin up again. “ I did and the head went back in. “Did you know that you have something that does the same thing?” Thinking of my clitoris and it's hood, I nodded. “Do it some more”. I did, it started to feel harder and got bigger, I was mesmerized by the head going on and out. When it got hard the head stayed out. “Can I touch you”? He was looking right at my eyes. Don't know what got into me, I was doing whatever he asked and liking it. Nodding, he put his hand under my top. I did not wear a bra yet. His hand covered my breast. He gently ran a finger over the nipple, then pulled it been his fingers. It definitely felt better when he did it. My hand was still holding his penis. “May I look”? nodding again he lifted my top up to my neck. “Gorgeous, just beautiful. “ Without asking he leaned over and licked my nipples. Then blew on them. They got hard instantly. I could not have moved if I wanted to.

After a while he lifted my skirt and looked at my panties. Still rubbing my breast he asked if he could touch me there. Nodding, he traced the outline of my panties where they met my legs and stomach. My legs spread like they had a mind of their own. He let a finger slide up the middle of my lips, my panties had a wet spot in the middle. “See the wetness? That is a good sign, your body is liking this”. He pinched my lips together and let his finger slide up and down between them. Leaning back I made it easier for him. I had to let go of his penis which I had been holding all this time. He pulled aside the elastic and I felt the cool air on me. His finger never stopped sliding up and down. Each time with a little more pressure, I could feel it was very slippery. Then he brought the finger a little higher and it rubbed around my clitoris. OMG it felt so good, so much better than when my fingers touched it. My arms buckled and I almost fell back. He pulled me around so my back was leaning on him, he placed my legs over his and then spread his legs. His hands went back to touching me. My legs were wide open. One hand held the elastic over revealing me. The other held my lips open while his finger slid all around, in and out up the sides, he left no part untouched. The thumb on the hand holding the elastic over started tapping on my bump. I thought I was going to die, the feeling was so intense he had to hold me against him. Exploding in ecstasy, my body jerked all over and then went limp. When my eyes opened, he was still holding me with both hands on my breast, rolling the nipples with his fingers. “WOW,OMG was repeated several times.

“Did you like that? “

I thought, what a stupid question, but said yes.

“Would you like to do that for me?”


“I'm going to sit on that stump, and you sit in front of me”. Before he sat down he pulled his sweats down to his ankles. His penis was not so hard and it didn't stand up. “Just hold it like you did before”

I was looking under his penis at the hanging thing. He noticed and said “This is my penis, cock, rod, tool whatever you want to call it. And this my scrotum, balls, testicles, sack all the same, they are delicate but you can feel them”. “Go ahead touch them”.

My hands picked them up they were heavier than they looked, there were two. They moved around as I felt them.

“When you hold my cock like before, move your hand up and down gently, you'll see the sack shrivel up and hide the testicles, that is to protect them”. “Do it and watch”.

Shocked as I was for what I had done and what I was going to do, I did it! Holding his penis, cock, my hand moved up and down the length, it felt stiffer right away. My other hand held his balls, as my hand pulled on his thing the sack started to shrink. His thing was now very hard. “The man” was looking at my face while my hands were moving on his thing. “A little faster now and hold it tighter”. Doing what he said, I continued to pull his skin up and down sometimes over the tip. I think he liked that. I used two hands so one could rub the tip . His cock got real hard and shook a little, I turned to the side to see better, and his thing jerked and sprayed stuff out the tip. Just missing my face.

“Young lady that was perfect! Can't remember it ever being so good”.

I was glad to have done so good.

“Next time we meet we can do it in other ways, it might even feel better”.

“Why is it so small and soft now”? I asked, Speaking for the first time.

“The way you feel relaxed after your orgasm, it is the same way with this (holding up his thing), it takes awhile before it can get hard again”.”You though, can have one after the other if done right”. He wiped himself off with napkins from the bag of cookies, offering the rest of the cookies to me, “You earned them”. “How about Wednesday”?


“Wear something accessible “.


The only thing I could wear more accessible was a short loose skirt and no panties with a different tank top.

When we met again, he was there waiting. He had some cookies and orange juice laid out on the blanket. “We may need some refreshment after we are finished today”. “You look very appetizing today, I think I’m going to eat you!”

I jumped back, scared.

The man laughed. “Not literally, that means I’m going to lick and suck you down there”. Pointing between my legs. “Now come here and lay across my lap, I want to look at you”.

“Are you going to spank me”?

“Not unless you want me to, Just want to get a close look”.

I laid down on his lap, he moved me a little so my behind was over his right leg and I put my hands on the stump to keeping me from sliding off. He picked up my dress and saw that there were no panties.

“Came prepared I see”.

He moved his hands all over my behind. Sometimes squeezing sometimes patting them gently. I was starting to feel good again. Feeling his fingers sliding down between my legs I got goose bumps.

“You like that don’t you”?

“Tickles”. Spreading my legs some let his fingers slide further down to the lips of my privates. He let one finger trace around the outside, then up the middle. It felt so good, I was getting warmer.

“I see you like that”!

“How can you see that”? I asked.

“Your cute little cunny is getting pinker, the lips are getting fatter and wetter, that's a sure sign, Should I keep going”?

“Yes”! His fingers continued to slide around my cunny as he called it. He gently pinched my lips together and pulled them a little .That felt really good, he felt me move and pulled them some more, from side to side and up and down. That felt the best, I started to get that tingly feeling in my stomach. Using one hand he held open my cunny lips and let the finger of the other hand slide around . It felt all wet down there. “I feeled like I peed a little”.

“No, thats your body getting ready for sex, it is a lubricant to make things slide in easier”.

Very lightly, up and down went his finger, it was slippery, as it moved down it slid into me, I didn't know there was any place there for a big finger to go. His finger felt even more slippery. He moved it up to my bump and very gently ran circles around it, pressing ever so slightly. I opened my legs more and shook all over. “The Man” stopped.

“Get up“.

I did not want him to stop, even with the blood rushing to my head from the position I was in, I still wanted to be touched.

“Lay down with your shoulders on the blanket and your legs over my knees.” I did as he asked, with a little maneuvering. He put his elbows under my knees and pulled me up so when he bent his head down he could lick and suck my cunny lips. Which he did until I exploded and could not stop jerking around, that must be what a person who gets seizures feels like. When the shaking stopped I saw that he had a finger in my cunt up to the second knuckle. It was pushing against something. When he saw me watching he turned his hand upside down and rubbed a spot inside, like he was trying to push his finger out my belly. Must have blacked out again. When my eyes opened, I was sitting on his lap facing him, his penis was standing up between my legs. When the man saw me looking he asked That I move my hips up and down. He showed me how using his hands on my hips as he pulled me close to him. His penis was sliding up and down between the lips. Each time he picked me up off his lap the top would rub against my bump, I just pulled myself harder into him, until we both shook together. My stomach got all wet with his stuff.

The next thing I knew I was lying down and the man was sitting next to me offering me the orange juice, I was so thirsty!

“Do you know the Hotel on Wilson? About eight blocks from the school”?


“Can we meet there next time”? “It will be more comfortable”. “Can you get there without being seen”?

“Yes I can do that, how will I know where you are “?

“I'll leave the room number right here in this cartoon”.

The man placed the cartoon in the bushes behind the stump.

“Are you feeling alright? What we have been doing can make you very tired and weak, have a Doughnut also”!

When I finished and stood up, my legs were wobbly.

“You will sleep well tonight”!

While eating supper my mom said “Honey you look real tired, ruff day in school”?

“Practice was really grueling today, I'm going to finish my homework, shower and go right to bed”! In the shower I did not even have the strength to touch myself, just cleaned up and dried myself up. I did notice my cunny was reddish and still puffy.


The next day in school Janette asked where I had been, she had called twice and looked for me after school. I did not know what to say, just that there were a lot of errands. I couldn't tell her could I? She was my best friend. I will have to ask The Man.

“Are you feeling OK”? “You look stiff”!

I must have blushed because Janette looked right in my eyes, smiled and asked if I had tried what she told me about a few weeks ago. I really didn't know what she meant.

“You know touching yourself, masturbating”? I felt the same way and probably looked like you do now”. “Wasn't it wonderful”? “You're turning red, you did didn't you”?

Wow, that was scary, I wasn't found out, nodding yes and looking at her I nodded.

“Did you put anything inside, did you find your clit”?

Nodding, I held up my finger.

“That's all”? “I found my mother's vibrating thing and put that in until it couldn't go any further, it started to hurt”. “Come home with me one day and we can do it together”.

“I don't know, doing it together sounds weird”.

Janette leaned towards me and said “ Amy, has anything ever felt better”?

I wish I could tell her, it can feel better! “I'll think about it” is what I told her.

The day before my meeting with “The Man”, I planned out how to get there unnoticed. Going out the back door to the park and then going out a side entrance, walking around the park towards the Hotel.

The next day, that's what I did. Going up to the eighth floor making sure nobody was watching. I knocked on the door and The Man let me in and quickly closed the door. He was in a bathrobe. Taking my hand, we went past the outer room with a TV into the bedroom and adjoining bathroom. Looking in I saw that it was huge with a shower without a door. The Man was talking, “We could freshen up by taking a shower together, that way we can get to know each other better”. “We can wash and see each other without clothes in the way”. “Is that OK”?

I thought about what my grandmother used to say “In for a penny in for a dollar”. Besides we really had seen each other already . “OK”.

“Let me undress you, come here”. He sat on the office chair next to the desk. He told me how pretty I looked, and that my behind was perfect for my size. My boobs he said were delectable with real sensitive nipples. All this while he was removing my clothes, piece by piece. Then he turned me around slowly while he looked me over. “Open my robe”. Bending over I reached for the knot. His hands tried to cup my boobs and roll my nipples around. The knot came loose and the robe fell open. His penis was small and soft, just laying there. I picked it up and noticed how pointy it was now, not like when it gets big with the skin pulled back. I couldn't pull the skin back it was to soft.

“Come, let's get into the shower”. He adjusted the water and we got in. He told me to wash him first then he would wash me. When washing his back his penis was hanging between his legs, soaking my hands I reached under and washed it, my hands slippery with soap. It got a little firmer. He turned around and my washing continued. I payed close attention to his balls and penis, my slippery hands slid all over while his penis got harder. I used both hands to pull it back and forth. The head was starting to peek out. He stopped me and told me “save that for later, let's not waste it now”.

The Man soaped up a large fluffy sponge thingy which had lots of little soft rubber things on it. He started on my shoulders, then did each arm, one at a time. My back was next, turning me around as he sat on a ledge he had me put my leg between his and than he washed me from toes to right below my cunny but he did not touch it, I wanted him to. After doing the other leg he washed my stomach and chest not touching my boobs. I moved his hand to my chest so he could touch my breast. He smiled and let the fingery thing tickle my nipples, it felt like he had four hands. All those soft things rubbing my breast and nipples which were beging to harden, it felt so good! He started to wash downward towards my cunny. My body started shaking with anticipation. Putting a hand on my back to steady me he reached between my legs,which spread without asking, and ever so softly caressed my cunny. I was shaking uncontrollably. Applying slightly more pressure, the fluffy sponge massaged my now puffy lips. Now a finger slid between the lips, slowly making it's way from bottom to top and gliding over my sensitive button. Then flicking it. My knees gave out and I fell into his arms. This was the best of all, my body kept shaking as he held me, his finger circling my button. I grabbed his hand, I couldn't take any more, it felt like my whole cunny was twitching. My body could not move, he just held me tight.

We took turns drying each other. Then went into the bedroom. As we lay on the bed he said ”We have done everything, but we have not done the ultimate act”.

“There's more”? I could not fathom more! What else could we do? “What else is there “?

“When you play with my cock doesn't it get slippery”?


“When I touch your vagina, it gets wet and slippery”. “That's our bodies lubricant, it makes it easier for this (he held up his penis)to go into this (his finger worked it's way inside me).

“It fits in me”?

“It will with a little help, we have to loosen it up some”. “Are you ready”?

I nodded yes, I was more then ready. He moved up to the headboard and leaned back on it. He moved me so my back was against his chest and my legs spread over his. Gently, his hands glided over my breast, fingers rubbing over my nipples then pulling on them softly. His hands traveled down my stomach in circles. When they reached the mound above my slit I shivered. His fingers traced all along and around the area between my legs. Then a finger would brush over my lips. It felt so good! Both hands were concentrated on my vulva now. His finger tips felt like they were walking up and down my puffed up lips. With a little pressure the lips started to pull apart. I felt some moisture drip down between my legs. With two fingers of one hand he held the lips open. Another finger slid up and down bringing the moisture up to my clit, circling without touching then brushing over it. My knees drew up separating my legs even further. A finger slowly slid down and into my vagina. I never had anything other then my small finger inside me before. It felt weird. I felt it go in deeper. His finger moved in and out, and then around, pushing the sides out. I pushed against his finger and felt a pressure and the finger couldn't go in anymore. He took his finger out, before I could say put it back, he put in two, slowly working them in. Doing the same as he did before. I could feel his cock under me getting hard. I was sitting on it so I couldn't touch it. Every now and then he would use his thumb to rub my clit. I had had my head back just enjoying the feeling, now looking down over my hard pointed nipples, I watched as he put two fingers into my vagina. It didn't hurt just felt stuffed. I watched as he spread his fingers, swirling them around. It did not feel so full now.

In a little while he asked me to turn around, sitting on his lap facing him. He said “I'm going to put this inside you, it might hurt a little at first. Are you ready”?

I nodded and whispered yes.

“Lift yourself up and let me put my cock in you, then you lower yourself onto it”. “Go as slow as you want, most girls go slow until it's partially in then fast for the rest of the way. Don't worry, it will fit”.

When I lifted myself up he rubbed the head of his cock all around my wet slit and put the head in just enough to hide it.

“You do the rest”.

He held my hips, but let me slowly sink down on his cock. I felt it go in a little. Lifting up it slid out some. Going back down it went in further. Shifting his hand, he was able to use his thumb to rub my clit. Oh, the feeling was beyond de***********ion. I felt full, but wanted more, his thumb on my clit made me tingle all over. When I felt pressure inside I dropped down. It burned, my eyes teared up. He held me down and close while he wiped my eyes.

“When it feels better let me know”.

He rubbed my back, held my breast, rolled my nipples around and put a finger on my clit which he tapped. The tingling started again and I moved up a little. His hands lifted me up a little and let me down, small movements, slowly.

He whispered “Better”?

I looked at him with tearing eyes and nodded.

He raised me higher and let me down, over and over, higher and higher. Once his cock came out and he had to put it back in. It went in easily. Soon I was bouncing up and down on him. And it happened. My whole body shook and clamped up. When my eyes opened, I was on my back with my knees against the sides of my breast. I watched as the man plunged in and out of my red puffed up lips, they stretched out when he withdrew, some blood mixed with white creamy stuff was all over his cock.

He saw me watching and said ”when I take it out, I want you to hold my cock like you did in the park, pull it back and forth quickly”. In a few seconds he pulled out and I dutifully started jerking on it. Big gobs of semen squirted on my vulva and mons, some on my stomach. I kept jerking until he grabbed my hands and said “that's enough”. He turned me on my side, with my back to him,lifted my leg and slid his softening cock back in me. He told me ”You were the best”. We lay like that for a long time, he may have dozed off. Eventually I had to go to the bathroom. When I moved to get up his cock slid out of me.

When I stepped out of the shower he was cleaning himself off in the sink. “Thank you, that was really good, you were the best ever”. “You better get dressed it is getting late”.

He came out of the bathroom when I was just finishing putting my shoes on. “Want to do it again next week? “ Without waiting for an answer, he said he would leave the room number in the same place as last time. He led me to the door, looked out, and seeing no one around let me out.

For the next couple of days my thoughts were about what we did, it was all I could think of. Janette kept talking about doing herself but really did not know about the real thing, wish I could tell her.

Two days before we were to meet again,my mother and I were watching the local news while eating. There was a report of an attempted home invasion where a man was shot and killed. They were showing the house with a picture of him in the corner! “The Man” shown standing in front of his house with his wife, son, daughter and dog. I dropped my fork!

“Amy, you OK? You are all pale!”

“I'm just shocked, that house is only a dozen blocks away and he looks like such a nice man”.

What could I say?
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