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A detective and the daughter of a huge illegal corporation get sexy in the sheets but how will it all pan out if the detective makes a move to take down the family company?
I hope everyone will like this new story. Please leave comments and votes about what you think! I apologize in advance if not everything is accurate's fiction so just let your mind be free (; Enjoy!


Chapter 1

"Detective Warren?"

Abby turns around to see Cynthia from the evidence room. She smiles at the short red head.

"Call me Abby, Cynthia. We've known each other for four years."

Abby says with a warm smile to the older woman. Cynthia smiles back.

"Yes, of course, I know. That is why I was wondering if you and Jake would like to come to Dan's Bar tonight for my birthday tomorrow. I thought I would get some of my friends together along with my husband before the family party I'm having on my actual birthday."

Cynthia explains quickly, knowing both of them needed to get back to work. Abby smiles and rubs Cynthia's shoulder warmly.

"Of course. I'd love to. I get off at 8 tonight, is that too late?"

Abby asks and smiles at her partner waiting near the doorway. Jake waits impatiently with an eye roll. Unlike Abby, he has curly brown hair with bright blue eyes. Abby, however, is a blonde with pin-straight hair and hazel eyes. Cynthia smiles.

"That's perfect. I'll see you then- be careful out there."

Cynthia says as she walks back into the evidence room. Abby walks over to Jake with a glare.

"Do you have no semblance of patience?"

Abby asks with an eye roll. Jake gives her one of his charming smiles.

"Oh settle down Abby. I just want to get going so the Captain isn't up our asses again."

Jake explains and struts confidently out of the door. Abby smiles and follows her partner out to the car. Time to start the lovely job of being a detective.


Dana exhales angrily as her brother continues his speech to her.

"...and that is why I can't have you out in the field Dana. It's too dangerous. Father would come out of his grave and kill me if I let you. This Abby Warren woman and Jake Stevens guy are too much for you to handle. They're relentless in prying open the closet that holds all the skeletons of this company. Even with the new intel I have, I need someone to go in there who is a professional. "

Brandon finishes and looks at Dana with fake concern. Dana clenches her jaw in anger. Ever since their father had passed away her older brother, Brandon, had taken over the company business. Unlike her father, Brandon doesn't let Dana aid in any part of the business. Even though he often uses brotherly love for the reason to his actions Dana knows Brandon simply wants to keep her out of the business because their father had been on the verge of putting her in charge. Though towards the end of his sickness, their mother convinced him that Dana is too young to run the business. Dana had tried swaying her mother's opinion into her favor but her mother had stood her ground.

"Brandon, you know Father has let me lead on these types of cases before. Let me help. Abby Warren is simple compared to the other things I have done."

Dana responds. Brandon finally gives her a cold glare and his lips pull back in a snarl.

"I'm saying no! I run this company! Not you! I will decide who makes the moves!"

Brandon yells and stands up, his hands slamming on the desk as he finishes his rant. Dana glares back at her brother then stands up, walking out of the office. Dana could get what the company needed. She WILL prove Brandon wrong. Dana grabs her phone from her pocket and calls her best friend, Victoria.

"Vicky? Get the girls together. We're going out drinking tonight."


Abby and Jake walk into Dan's Bar after their shift was over. Both of them needed a strong drink after having to chase after two suspects of their most recent case. On foot.

"I'm going to get us some drinks. You want your usual?"

Jake asks as he starts walking through the crowd of people around the bar.


Abby yells back over the music thumping through the speakers. Abby waves to Cynthia and makes her way through the crowd to the back of the bar where Cynthia had reserved a few tables for the party. Cynthia smiles and waves back.

"Detective- I mean, Abby. I'm so glad you could make it. This is my husband, Ron."

Cynthia corrects herself then introduces her husband. Abby smiles at the middle-aged man with balding hair that looked like a school teacher. Abby shakes hands with Ron. Dana, after an hour of waiting, finally spots Abby Warren. Dana had a source on the inside that Abby had been invited to a co-worker's party in the bar tonight. It is a perfect plan that was already set in motions. Victoria notices also and grabs Dana's arm.

"Dana is that-?"

Victoria asks before being cut off by Dana, who is smiling mischievously.

"I believe so."

Dana says and ignores Victoria's request to leave. Dana hears something in Victoria's plea that 'this is against Brandon's orders' and it only makes her resolve against her brother grow stronger. The night is slow and Abby sips from the glass Jake hands her. They have fun talking with everyone from the precinct and getting to know Cynthia's other friends. Dana watches them carefully and realizes Abby is a quite bold lady lover. More than a few times she witnesses Abby checking out women with her partner. Dana smirks. She was a secret lady lover herself. Of course, her family would go crazy at the thought of her being a lesbian and keeps her interactions with women to a minimum. Her father had known she was a lesbian. The only person she had discussed her sexuality with and he accepted her. But now he is gone and Dana has no one who understands her. Abby would be a risk with her friends surrounding her but she was willing to take the risk. Dana locks in on Abby and sends the blonde her best 'fuck me' eyes. Abby and Jake decide to play a friendly game of darts. It's always competitive though and halfway through Abby is winning by 10 points. Jake walks over to Abby when she lines up to throw the next dart.

"The hot chick in the booth to your right is so checking you out."

Jake says discreetly. Abby smirks and doesn't look away from the board.

"I know what you're trying to do Jake and it won't work."

Abby dismisses his attempt to distract her and sends the dart flying to hit the board dead center. Jake groans and Abby pumps her fist at her bulls eye. Jake sends a playful glare to the blonde.

"I was serious, though. You've got serious 'fuck me' eyes coming your way. The woman looks like sex on legs. Now, she may be looking at me. We both know I'm a very handsome looking guy."

Jake says with a cocky smirk. Abby rolls her eyes and subtly looks over to the booth. There is, in fact, a 'hot chick', as Jake had so eloquently put, staring at her or Jake with beautiful dark eyes. Abby looks down her body, taking in the tight red dress and black heels on the woman. Dana feels heat flood through her at Abby's eyes raking down her body. Abby turns back to Jake who had also checked out the woman again. Abby looks down at her drink and smiles.

"I am going to go refill my drink. Find out if it's me or you."

Abby tells her plan to Jake and he nods with a smile. Abby walks a sway in her hips, to the bar and orders another drink. Dana watches Abby's ass in a trance. The blonde looks really good in jeans, Dana thinks. Abby glances to Jake and he gives her a smirk and a wink. The woman was watching her. Abby smiles and walks back to Jake, watching the brunette who smiles back at her. Abby looks to Jake and winks at him. In return, he gives her a nod and thumbs up for confidence. Jake could be cocky, annoying, and downright disgusting sometimes. But he is also a spectacular wingman, friend, and detective. Dana sits up straighter as Abby comes towards her. Abby walks up to the smiling brunette, who looks more breathtaking up close. Her friends look up in surprise at Abby's approach.

"Hi, I'm Abby. Can I buy you a drink?"

Abby asks with her best charming smile. Dana vaguely notices her friend's glares but does nothing about them. Abby notices how the brunette gets a few death glares from her friends in the booth but they say nothing.

"I would love that."

Dana husks in her sexiest voice. Abby smiles wider as the brunette stands up. Victoria looks like she is going to speak up but she doesn't after a glare from Dana. Abby lets the brunette walk in front of her to two empty seats at the bar, shamelessly checking out her ass. When they sit down Abby smiles again.

"You're allowing me to buy you a drink but you haven't told me your name yet."

Abby points out and waves over the bartender. Dana smiles.

"Dana. My name is Dana."

Dana says and orders her drink. Abby smiles and glances over her shoulder at the heated glares from Dana's friends.

"Should I be worried about the holes your friends are burning in my back right now?"

Abby teases, not truly all that worried about Dana's friends. Dana doesn't even look at them, knowing that disapproving and disgusted looks will be adorned across their faces.

"Don't worry about them. What do you do for a living?"

Dana asks quickly and smiles sweetly. Abby smiles back.

"I'm a detective."

Abby answered then takes a sip of her drink. Dana bites her lip and gives Abby those same sex eyes.

"That's really hot."

Dana says seductively and leans more into the table and closer to Abby. Abby chuckles and pushes her hair out of her face. The blonde was surprisingly cute. Dana shakes her head of the absurd thought. As hot as this woman is Dana is strictly here to get what she needs from Abby Warren.

"I'm glad you think so."

Abby winks with a smirk. Dana licks her lips and Abby can't help but watch. Dana clears her throat with a smile. Abby shakes her head slightly and forces her mind to focus back on the subject.

"What about you? What do you do for a living?"

Abby asks. Dana chuckles.

"I work for a security company. Harlem Security."

Dana answers with the lie and crosses her legs. Abby is ready to respond only her mind goes blank when Dana's high heeled foot runs up her calf. Abby feels the familiar throb of want in her clit and has to clench her thighs to get her mind back on track. Dana smirks devilishly at her effects on the other woman.

"I...uh, that's cool. What do you do there?"

Abby asks not so smoothly. Dana chuckles lightly and plays with the rim of her drinking glass.

"I'm just an assistant."

Dana answers and moves her foot higher. Abby clears her throat then smiles at Dana.

"You're not very shy, are you?"

Abby asks Dana with a raised eyebrow. Dana smirks and reaches her knee.

"Not even a little bit."

Dana husks. Abby is going crazy. This woman really is sex on legs, Abby thinks. Dana finishes her glass quickly and stands up.

"I'm going to leave. I expect you to follow me. If you don't then I'll go home and sleep off the buzz I have. If you do follow me then we can go back to your place and..."

Dana draws out the word and steps closer to Abby. Abby smells her sweet perfume and the alcohol on her breath as Dana leans forward to whisper in her ear.

"You can decide what I do all night."

Dana whisper then kisses Abby's cheek. Abby watches stunned as Dana turns and leaves the bar. Dana takes a deep breath of fresh air and waits patiently for Abby, knowing the blonde won't be far behind. Abby finds herself walking over to James.

"I'm leaving. Have fun."

Abby mumbles to a smirking James who had been watching the encounter proudly for his partner. Abby then follows Dana's path out of the bar. Dana is leaning against the railing outside the bar. She smiles when she see the blonde. Abby approaches Dana and smirks.

"I'm going to kiss you now."

Abby says and moves closer to Dana. Dana smiles and moves her hands to Abby's hips. The touch is electric. Abby cups Dana's cheek.

"About time."

Dana mumbles and their lips connect. Dana moans softly and gives the blonde a gentle tug to pull her closer. Dana hums at how soft and warm Abby's lips are, more so than any other woman she's been with. Abby presses their lips harder together and brushes her tongue against Dana's lips. Dana groans and parts her lips for Abby's tongue. Their tongues wrestle for dominance and surprisingly, Dana wins. She smiles into the kiss and presses her body against Abby's. Abby moans and wraps her arms around Dana's neck. Dana breaks the kiss for air. Both women pant softly but neither move away from the embrace.

"Come on. We can grab a cab."

Abby says and moves out of Dana's arms. They hold hands as Abby flags down a cab and they get inside. Abby tells the driver her address and sits back with Dana. Dana slides her hand onto Abby's thigh. Abby bites her lip to hold in a smile. Dana moves her hand higher with a smirk and leans over to Abby.

"I hope your place is close."

Dana husks into Abby's ear. Abby shivers and checks her watch.

"2 minutes away."

Abby chokes out and Dana smiles. Her thumb starts rubbing circles over Abby's jean clad thigh. Abby closes her eyes briefly and wills the cab to go faster. Within 2 teasing minutes the cab reaches Abby's apartment. Abby quickly pays the driver as Dana gets out and walks up to the door. Abby opens the door for her then leads them up to her apartment with her hand holding Dana's. Abby drops Dana's hand to unlock the door. Her fingers fumble with the keys when Dana moves in behind her and kisses her neck. Abby moans softly and finally opens the door. Dana follows her in and immediately turns her around. Dana notices the apartment smells like Abby, vanilla and possibly lavender. Abby drops her keys to the floor when Dana grabs her. Abby moans as Dana's lips press insistently to her own then blindly closes the front door with her foot. Dana moves them through the house until they bump into the couch. Abby grunts and pulls away from the kiss.


Abby breathes and leads them to her bedroom as they continue their heated kiss. Dana moans and breaks the kiss to push Abby onto the bed. Abby smiles and unbuttons her blouse quickly as Dana takes off her heels. Abby turns Dana around and pulls down the zipper slowly. Abby kisses down her spine when Dana's beautiful tan flesh comes into view. Dana moans and moves the dress from her body, carelessly tossing it onto the floor. Abby grips Dana's full hips and groans, her teeth grazing across Dana's skin. Dana breaks free of the grasp and turns to Abby, dropping to her knees to take off the tight jeans. Less gracefully as she hoped, Abby slips out of her jeans with Dana's assistance. Dana swiftly straddles Abby and tugs on her hair to bring their lips together. Abby moans and wraps her arms around Dana's middle. In a quick move, Abby has Dana laying on her back and smiling devilishly on top of her. Dana reaches down and grabs Abby's tight ass in two handfuls. Abby moans and leans down to connect their lips in a bruising kiss. Abby's fingers nimbly unsnap Dana's front clasp bra and tugs down the shoulder straps. Dana leans up slightly, never separating their mouths, and pulls down her bra. Abby eagerly cups Dana's full perfect breasts and pushes her back into the prone position. Dana's hands find the clasp of Abby's bra and take it off, flinging it to the side with Abby's assistance. Dana moans when Abby pinches her nipples and kisses her neck.


Dana draws out and arches her back. Abby smiles and takes a nipple into her mouth. Dana gasps as Abby swirls her tongue around her nipple. Her nipples have always been so sensitive and it was no different now. Dana tangles her fingers in Abby's blonde hair and doesn't let her move from her breasts. Abby moans as Dana's nails scratch against her scalp and pull her closer. Abby moves her hand between Dana's thighs to cup her sex against the wet flimsy thong. Dana moans louder and her hips jerk against Abby's hand. This woman was already better than the other women she's had and she hasn't even touched her cunt skin-to-skin yet. Abby releases Dana's nipple with a pop and leans up to kiss Dana again.

"You're so wet."

Abby moans out against Dana's lips. Dana smiles lightly and grinds against Abby's hand.

"So touch me."

Dana groans and reaches down to press Abby's hand harder against her. Dana moans and arches her back. Abby moans in lust and moves down Dana's curvy body, kissing and licking her skin as she goes. Dana bites her lip and holds her breath when Abby is between her legs and teasing the hem of her panties. Abby slowly peels the panties off of Dana, kissing every part that is revealed but shying away from her pussy lips and clit. Dana groans in frustration and scowls at Abby who tosses the thong off the bed. Abby smirks and kisses Dana's thigh as she positions herself between the woman's legs. Dana is absolutely intoxicating Abby with her scent. Abby licks Dana's pussy lips, not touching her clit just yet. Dana moans quietly and slides her hands into Abby's hair. When the licking has Dana near whimpering, which she never does, she tugs on Abby's blonde hair with a growl. Abby chuckles and smirks up at Dana then lowers her head to stroke her tongue over Dana's throbbing clit. Dana cries out and grips Abby's hair tight.

"Ah! God! Yes, Abby!"

Dana encourages and jerks against Abby's mouth. Abby moans and after a few more stroke of her tongue sucks Dana's clit into her mouth and flutters her tongue against her clit. Dana gasps and arches her back clear off the bed. Abby's tongue is absolutely magical. Abby grabs Dana's hips and keeps her pinned to the bed.

"Don't stop! I-I'm right there Abby!"

Dana moans out and keeps Abby securely between her legs. Abby moans and flutters her tongue again. Dana is rendered speechless as her orgasm crashes down on her. The moans Dana releases sends a flush of arousal to smear against Abby's panties. Abby gently brings Dana down after prolonging her orgasm for a few more seconds. Dana pants desperately for air and lets go of Abby's hair. Abby moans and licks her lips when she leans back. Dana smiles softly and opens her eyes to look at Abby, her juices covering the blonde's chin and lips. Abby crawls up Dana's body and presses a kiss to her chest. Abby wipes her chin of Dana's arousal and smiles slyly. Dana brings her hands up to cup Abby's cheeks.


Dana whispers genuinely before pressing her lips to Abby's. Abby smiles into the kiss. Dana rolls them and breaks the kiss to move down Abby's thin, fit body. Abby closes her eyes and bites her lip. The throbbing between her legs is undeniable and almost painful now. She can't remember the last time she had been this turned on. Dana quickly sheds Abby's lacy boy short cut panties and kisses her abs. Dana dives into Abby's pussy, moaning at the smell and taste of her. Is she really eating out the woman who is trying to tear her family's company apart? Abby's desperate moans bring her out of her thoughts and she moves her tongue languidly against Abby's clit. Abby's thighs shake and tremble as Dana builds her up to a fast orgasm.

"Right th-there- yes! Please, Dana, make me cum."

Abby cries out, her orgasm pursuing her quickly. Dana moans at Abby's words. She does love it when women beg for her. Dana is not someone to disappoint and quickly sucks Abby's clit into her mouth. Abby cries out in pleasure and her orgasm rocks her body in powerful waves. Abby grips her bed sheets with white knuckles and arches her back.

"Fuck! Yes! DANA!"

Abby screams in her climax. Dana lets out another moan and softly brings the blonde down from her orgasm. Dana greedily licks Abby pussy of her arousal until Abby has to push her away in her sensitive state. Dana smiles and lays down next to Abby in exhaustion, her eyes slipping closed.

"I'll leave in a second."

Dana mumbles but Abby was already fast asleep. Dana quickly follows, her initial task flying out of her mind.


Abby blinks awake and starts to shift only to be stuck in her position. Abby looks down at the gorgeous brown hair across her chest and instantly remembers the night. Smiling, Abby gingerly moves Dana's arms and head off of her and slides out of bed and into the shower. Dana stirs awake as soon as she recognizes the rush of water. Dana sits up and looks into the bathroom. She could see Abby's form through the warped glass. She knew she had to get some evidence or the night would be a waste. Well, not a total waste Dana thinks with a smirk. Dana reaches for her dress and slides it over her sore body. A good type of sore. She tosses her ruined panties into the waste bin and carries her bra in her hand. Dana tip-toes out into the living room and spots Abby's desk in the far left corner. Dana smiles and moves over the desk. Abby steps out of the shower to see Dana had already gotten out of bed. Abby pulls on her favorite NYPD shirt and sweatpants before walking into the living room. Dana is so busy rummaging through the piles for any sign of evidence against her family's company that she doesn't notice Abby walking into the room.

"Good morning."

Abby greets and smiles when Dana jumps and spins around. Dana slows her furiously beating heart and smiles as she looks at Abby's wet hair and comfy clothes. Abby raises her eyebrows at her desk and Dana smiles as innocently as she can. She has to come up with a lie. A good one or Abby would become suspicious.

"I was looking for a piece of paper to leave my number on. I didn't think you wanted me to stay."

Dana lies smoothly. Abby smiles and walks to her open kitchen.

"There should be some on the right corner of the desk. You are welcome to stay a little while longer. I make some good eggs."

Abby winks and starts to prepare the food. Dana smiles and reaches for the paper, putting her burner cell phone number that she uses to contact her mother. Dana weighs her options. Staying without having sex means talking which she's sure she can get through but there were still risks. If she leaves with the promise of meeting the detective again then she'll have better luck getting what she needs but her family will be furious when she comes home. Dana bites her lip then turns with an apologetic smile and the paper in her hand.

"As tempting as that sounds, I should head home."

Dana says and walks over to Abby. Abby smiles and pauses mixing the ingredients.

"It was very nice to meet you. I had a wonderful time."

Abby says with a smile. Dana smiles and softly cups Abby's cheek before pressing a light kiss to her lips.


Dana mumbles and kisses Abby again. Abby smiles as Dana pulls away. Dana sets the paper with her number on it on the counter.

"Call me."

Dana says seductively as she heads towards the door. Abby smiles confidently.

"I will."

Dana smiles and realizes that she hasn't been forcing them since she met the woman like she does with everyone else. Abby watches Dana in that short red dress and heels again as she walks out of the door. Abby smiles and starts working on cooking herself eggs again.


Dana decides that she isn't going home. Especially since she got word from Victoria that Brandon has sent someone out to look for her. Of course, she is being careful. Staying in a hotel under cash and a different name sucks but is worth not running into her brother's moron he has looking for her. Around noon, Dana's burner phone starts ringing. Dana checks the caller ID, expecting Abby's number but it's her mother's. Taking a deep breath she accepts the call.


Dana says carefully. She hears a growl come from the speaker.

"Dana! Get back here! Right now! You've already jeopardized my plan by leaving with that...that woman!"

The male voice screams through the phone in disgust. Brandon. Dana sighs and rolls her eyes.

"Well, right now I'm the person closest to Abby Warren. If you want to stop her you better use me. Get over yourself and let me help Brandon."

Dana responds calmly. Brandon's furious growl comes through the phone. Dana waits for his response.

"I know mother...relax, she's safe...I'll take care of this."

Dana hears Brandon talk to someone else with him. Their mother. Dana gulps.

"Don't talk to Abby Warren at all or so help me, sis, I will do what is necessary for my company. Mother wants to talk with you."

Brandon doesn't allow her time to speak before handing the phone to his mother. Dana clenched her jaw in anger.

"Dana, sweetheart, come back home. We'll get you some help. Brandon will leave you alone, I'll make sure of it."

Dana's mother says softly. Dana hears Brandon's protest but with an assumed glare from their mother he is quiet again. Dana sighs. Her mother would never accept her as a lesbian.

"I'm not coming home yet, Mother. I will soon, I promise. I'm sorry this has made you so upset. I love you."

Dana says calmly before ending the call. Dana closes her eyes and presses the phone to her forehead. This felt so wrong but Brandon wouldn't trust her to help with the company any other way. Dana sighs and gets back on her laptop to continue her research on Abby Warren.


Abby smiles smugly when she sees Jake at his desk giving her a slow clap.

"Abby Warren everyone! The womanizer of NYPD precinct 13!"

Jake yells as he stands up. Everyone in the precinct stops to applaud and holler out her name. Abby blushes slightly and takes a bow. The Captain steps out of his office.

"Alright! Everyone back to their jobs! No one needs to know your personal business, Warren."

The Captain admonishes and everyone quiets down. Jake smiles and so does Abby when they sit down at their desks.

"Blame Stevens, sir."

Abby says respectfully to The Captain and smirks at Jake who raises his hands in innocence. The Captain shakes his head and walks back into his office. Abby smiles at Jake.

"So, who was the unfortunate lady you took home last night?"

Abby teases and Jake glares.

"Amanda from the filing office. She was anything but unfortunate. We had a very nice night and decided it was a one-time thing."

Jake says respectfully. They both have many sexual adventures but they also respect the women they sleep with so not many details are told.

"Anyway, what about you? How was your night with Red Dress?"

Jake asks and smiles at Abby. Abby raises an eyebrow, unimpressed by the nickname for Dana. Jake shrugs.

"Her name is Dana. She was, of course, amazing. She gave me her number. I'll probably call her after the shift today."

Abby answers and smiles softly. Jake looks at her like she's lost her mind. Abby raises her eyebrows even further.


Abby asks and Jake groans and rolls his eyes.

"Call her now, Warren. A girl like that doesn't just sit around for anybody."

Jake says as though it's obvious. Once Abby thinks about it, she actually agrees. Abby grabs her phone and stands up from her desk. She dials the number she had put in her contacts this morning. Dana grabs her phone when it starts ringing again, sighing in relief when it's not her mother.


Dana answers the call. Abby smiles and walks into an empty interrogation room.


Abby asks and Dana smiles at Abby's familiar voice.

"And here I was starting to think you wouldn't call."

Dana says with a smirk. Abby smiles and starts to pace in the small room.

"I can't turn a woman as amazing like you down."

Abby compliments. Dana bites her lip.

"I'm honored."

Dana purrs through the phone. Abby holds back a shiver at the seductive tone in Dana's voice.

"I called to ask you out on our first date, I guess?"

Abby says awkwardly and laughs nervously. Dana smiles.

"I'm free tonight."

Dana says and leans back against the headboard of her bed. Abby smiles brightly.

"Little soon don't you think?"

Abby teases and Dana chuckles.

"From last night, I thought you learned I am not a woman who waits."

Dana husks and Abby is sold on going on the date tonight. Abby clears her throat and leans against the table in the room, trying to ignore the persistent throbbing between her legs.

"Tonight is perfect. I get off at 6 so I'll pick you up around 7? Is that okay?"

Abby checks and Dana smiles.

"Yes, detective."

Dana continues her teases on the poor woman. Abby has to bite her lip to keep her whimper in. Many women have said that to her in the bedroom, hoping for some smutty role play. Abby was not one to pass on such an opportunity. But the way Dana says it makes her feel like she'll explode. Dana smiles when there is a long pause from the other line. Abby takes a deep breath.

"Great. Wh-Where do I pick you up?"

Abby stumbles slightly. Dana bites her lip. Would she be able to hide from her brother all night? Dana shakes off the thought. They wouldn't intercept while she is with Abby.

"The Four Seasons on ninth street."

Dana finally answers. Abby smiles.

"I'll pick you up at seven."

Abby says with a wide smile. Dana feels a smile of her own spread across her lips.

"Have a good day detective."

Dana teases the woman one last time before ending the call. Abby groans and lets her head roll back on her shoulders. Abby goes to the restroom and washes her face with cold water. She can get through the day without thinking about fucking Dana...too much. The restroom door swings open.

"Warren, we got a lead in the case. Let's go."

Jake yells into the restroom. Abby dries her hands and rushes out of the bathroom.

"What do we got?"

Abby asks Jake as they start walking out to the car.


Dana puts in her earrings and steps back to look at herself in the mirror. She smiles confidently. She had bought a tight black dress with a low-cut neckline and high heels that make her ass look great. Dana walks out of her hotel room, her clutch in hand, and goes down to the lobby. Abby walks in and smiles as soon as she sees Dana. Dana smiles back and meets Abby at the entrance. Abby's eyes roam down Dana's body as the woman makes her way towards her.


Abby whispers when Dana stops to stand in front of her. Dana smiles and looks down Abby's body appreciatively.


Dana whispers back. Abby had been self-conscious of herself. The restaurant she is taking Dana to usually consists of dresses and suits. And having only one dress that looked like it is from the 90's she had opted to wear black slacks, a white blouse with the sleeves rolled up past her elbows, and her black Jimmy Choo boots. Dana licks her lips then looks back into Abby's eyes. Abby smiles at the dark desire she sees in the beautiful brown eyes.

"Our car is out front. The restaurant isn't far."

Abby says and offers her hand to Dana. Dana smiles in amusement and takes Abby's hand.

"Such a lady."

Dana purrs as Abby walks them to the front of the hotel. Abby smirks and lets Dana slide into the passenger seat of her 1970 red Chevy Chevelle. It is a little banged up but it's Abby's pride and joy. Dana smiles and chuckles in amusement when Abby gets into the car. Abby eyes her suspiciously.


Abby asks and drives off into traffic. Dana runs her hand over the smooth leather.

"You have quite the taste in cars."

Dana compliments and Abby smiles, patting her steering wheel.

"My baby has been with me since I turned 16 and my dad bought me her from one of our neighbors for $500 bucks. She looked like shit then but my dad and I fixed her up and this is how she looks now."

Abby says proudly. Dana raises an eyebrow.


Dana asks and Abby smirks, maneuvering smoothly in New York's traffic.

"Yes, she."

Dana chuckles lightly and looks at the restaurant as Abby rolls past it and into the parking garage. It is one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. She knows because her father took her here when she was younger and he had said how it cost him a fortune. Dana smiles at the memory as Abby parks the car. They step out and walk into the restaurant. Dana looks around the familiar dining hall and sees that the tables are full. All of them. Had Abby gotten them a table?


Abby tells the host and he smiles.

"Ah, the special reservation. Follow me, your table is ready."

Abby winks at Dana and allows her to follow the man first. They are lead upstairs and out onto the balcony. Dana had expected it to be quite and void of people but she is proven wrong when she see a bar, a dance floor, and several tables. Many people smile at them as they walk past. The host finally sets their menus down on a round table near the dance floor. Abby brings out Dana's chair and politely waits for her to sit down before seating herself.

"Your waiter will be with you shortly. I hope you enjoy your evening."

The host leaves them with a smile. Dana smiles at Abby who smiles back.

"How does one get a 'special reservation' in a restaurant like this in under 8 hours?"

Dana asks curiously and Abby smiles as she looks at the menu.

"The owners of the restaurant lost their son to a gang rivalry in his neighborhood about three years ago. Ryan Stinger. My partner, Jake, and I put at least two of the Morgan family's men away."

Dana tenses at her family name. She remembers that. Two of her good friends had been sent to jail for the boy's death. She had forgotten Abby had been assigned to that case. In fact, it was the first case that had seduced Abby into pursuing their family. Abby shrugs gently.

"In return for getting justice for their son, the Stinger's say they always have a table for us. I rarely use the offer but it's nice to have when your incredibly hot date wants to meet with you in only 8 hours and you have absolutely nothing planned. "

Abby looks at Dana with a smirk. Dana forces a smile and looks at her menu. A young waiter walks up to their table with a huge grin on his face.

"Ms. Abby Warren. What can I do for you, girl?"

The boy is only about 19 or 20, Dana concludes as she looks him over. He seems oddly familiar. Dana can't help but immediately notice the thick New York accent. Abby smiles and stands up to hug the boy.

"Noah Stinger. God, you've grown so much. How have you been?"

Abby asks as she sits down. Dana tries her best to relax. The boy is Ryan Stinger's younger brother. Noah flashes his charming boyish smile at Abby.

"I'm good- I'm good. What about you? We're still playing on the same team, huh?"

Noah asks and sends a wink to Dana. Dana smiles politely then chuckles as Abby hits the boy on the shoulder.

"Yeah. So stop hitting on my date, kid."

Abby teases and smiles at Dana. Noah laughs and rubs his arm.

"Alright, alright. What can I get you, two beautiful women, tonight?"

Noah smiles and Abby smiles back. She shakes her head in amusement then looks up at Dana.

"Do you mind if I order for you?"

Dana smiles and hands her menu to Noah. Abby takes it as confirmation and looks back to the menu.

"Two orders of dragon carrot risotto and a bottle of 2008 Didier Dagueneau Silex."

Abby finishes and hands her menu to Noah. Noah takes it with a smile.

"Got it. I'll go get your wine and your food will be out soon after that. Mother and father might want to come by, is that okay?"

Noah asks and tucks the menus under his arm. Abby looks at Dana who shrugs.

"I would love to see them. Thanks, Noah."

Abby says and Noah walks away with a wink to the blonde. Abby looks back to Dana.

"Is it okay if they come by?"

Abby asks just to be certain. Dana cringes on the inside. This is not how she wanted the date to go. She'd never imagined having to see the parents and brother of a man her family's business had a hand in killing. It wasn't her fault but she still feels the weight of guilt on her shoulders. Dana smiles as sweetly as she can.

"Yeah, of course. I'd like to thank them for giving us this table. It's wonderful."

Dana says with a smile. Abby smiles back.

"Awesome. So what is your favorite thing to do?"

Abby asks casually. Dana chuckles.

"That's how you start off small talk?"

Abby shrugs and waits for an answer anyway. Dana smiles and shakes her head.

"I don't know. When I was younger it was riding horses with my father but things always change when you grow up. I don't know what I would say I like to do now."

Dana says then bites her lip. Abby smiles softly.

"I understand that. I used to love riding my dirt bike with my brothers. I was a complete tomboy growing up. I suppose I still am but now I love painting on my free time. It helps me concentrate and figure out the case I'm working on if I get stuck."

Dana smiles and Abby smiles back. Dana is ready to respond when an older man and woman come to their table. They looked sweet and happy. One would never think their son had died. Abby smiles and stands up.

"Abby! Oh, we're so glad to see you!"

The older woman says excitedly. Abby hugs the woman and then the older man.

"It's good to see you, darling."

The older man says with a sweet smile. Abby turns to Dana.

"Dana, this is Ed and Deloris Stinger. Stinger's, this is Dana. My date for tonight."

Abby says almost proudly. Ed shakes Dana's offered hand as does Deloris.

"Nice to meet you, young lady."

Dana smiles.

"Same to the both of you. You have a wonderful restaurant. Thank you so much for allowing us to make a reservation so late."

Dana says apologetically. Deloris smiles and waves a dismissive hand at the gratitude.

"Oh, my. Don't worry a bit about that. We'd do anything for Abby."

Abby smiles as Deloris wraps an arm around her shoulders. Dana smiles at Abby.

"Come on Deloris. Let's give these two pretty ladies space to get back to their date."

Ed says and waves as he leads Deloris away from the table. Abby sits back down and smiles.

"They're great people."

Abby says and Noah comes back to the table with a bottle of wine. He smiles at them and pours their drinks.

"You're food will be out in a few minutes Abby. Can I get anything else for you while I'm here?"

Abby shakes her head and looks to Dana, who smiles at Noah.

"No, thank you."

Noah smiles and walks away after setting the bottle of wine on the table. Dana takes a sip of the wine and moans. Abby smirks and looks over her glass as she moves to take her own drink.

"I've heard that moan before. Must be good wine."

Abby mumbles and Dana swallows the wine. Dana narrows her eyes at the blonde.

"What was that?"

Dana asks though she knows exactly what Abby said. Abby smiles but shakes her head.

"Nothing. Nothing at all."

Abby responds and sips from her wine. Dana smirks and sips from the wine again.

"So, you have brothers?"

Dana asks and Abby nods her head.

"Yes. Three, growing up. My oldest brother died 9 years ago from a collision with a drunk driver."

Abby responds and takes a larger drink from her wine. Dana bites her lip at the silence between them.

"I'm sorry, I didn't know."

Dana apologizes softly. Abby looks up at Dana with a smile.

"You couldn't have. It's okay. Do you have any siblings?"

Abby asks. Dana hesitates but shakes her head. She had to lie. If she didn't Abby may see through her.

"No, I'm an only child. My parents were in their late 30's when they had me and decided they didn't want to risk having another kid with my mother's age."

The lies come easy to Dana and it makes her feel guilty lying to the honest woman. Dana shakes off the feeling. She doesn't have time to feel anything for Abby. Abby nods her head in understanding.

"And do your parents live in New York?"

Abby asks curiously. Dana shrugs.

"My mother does. We lived here when I was little then I moved away for college. After my father passed away I ended up moving back to stay close to her."

Dana shakes off the guilt again. This time, Abby feels the weight of silence.

"I'm so sorry."

Abby says genuinely. Dana smiles softly at Abby.

"Dragon carrot risotto for the ladies."

Noah announces as he arrives at their table with two plates full of the risotto. Abby chuckles and Noah sets down the plates in front of them. Noah smiles his charming smile.

"I will be a call away if you need me."

Noah winks at Dana and runs off before Abby can hit him again. Dana chuckles and takes a bite of the risotto. Dana hums in pleasure at the delicious food. Abby does the same.

"I am blown away."

Dana says at the incredulous taste. Abby smiles and nods her head.

"I know. I've missed this dish."

Dana smirks and raises her eyebrow.

"This is where you take all your women, huh?"

Dana teases. Abby narrows her eyes playfully.

"I got this last time I came here with my mom. She came into town for the weekend."

Abby smiles and Dana smiles back.

"Your mom doesn't live in New York?"

Dana asks curiously and takes another bite of her risotto. Abby shakes her head.

"No. My mom lives in Maine. My father lives in Illinois. They got a divorce a few years back. My older brother, Damon, lives in Illinois also with his wife. They're trying to get pregnant. I'm excited to finally become an aunt. My other brother, Abel, is in Texas working as a surgeon with his wife."

Abby says proudly. Dana smiles.

"That's amazing. What was your other brother's name? The one that passed away."

Dana asks curiously. Abby smiles sadly.


Dana smiles and reaches over to lay her hand on top of Abby's. Abby looks up from her plate and into Dana's eyes.

"I'm sure he was a wonderful person. I wish I could've met him."

Dana says and it makes Abby's smile, which only makes Dana feel worse.

"Thank you, really."

Dana smiles and pulls her hand away. Abby continues their conversation with small talk. After a while, Dana remembers her goal.

"Did you ever continue looking into the gang rivalry that killed Ryan?"

Dana asks curiously. Abby scoffs.

"Are you kidding? We've been following them since he died. We're closer to them now. We just got a call yesterday about their location. We may be able to move in on them soon."

Abby says as she finishes off her risotto. Dana gulps and calms herself down. If Abby thinks she's close then she has to tell Brandon. Dana doesn't know what location Abby is talking about but it could be the one with her mother on it. She can't take any chances.

"Are you okay?"

Abby asks in concern. Dana's skin had turned shades lighter as if she had seen a ghost. Dana looks up and forces a smile.

"Of course. Do you want to dance?"

Dana asks to quickly change the subject. Abby smiles and stands up, offering her hand to Dana.

"I would love to."

Abby accepts the offer and Dana takes Abby's hand with a tight smile. Abby leads them to an empty spot on the dance floor. The song switches and it makes Dana smile at the familiar tune. Salsa. Abby sees the smile.

"I only know the leading part."

Abby says and sets herself up to lead the dance. Dana smiles and responds to her stature.


Dana purrs and they move. They move fluidly. It's slow and sensual. They only look away from each other's eyes when the dance requires it. Abby's heart pounds in her chest as she watches Dana move. It's graceful and it makes her smile. Dana feels Abby's eyes on her and meets them with her own. Vaguely they both register the eyes on them from the other couples but they don't look away. The song ends and Dana and Abby stand still. Abby reaches her hand up and cups Dana's cheek, pulling her into a kiss. Dana moans softly and clutches at Abby's clothed stomach. Several people start clapping and Abby smiles into the kiss. Dana smiles and they pull away. Abby takes a bow and Dana chuckles as she waves at the people clapping. Abby leads them off the dance floor and back to their table. Noah approaches them with a smirk.

"Ladies, ladies, ladies. I am very impressed with your dancing."

Noah compliments and smiles. Dana laughs and Abby rolls her eyes.

"We would like the check please, Noah."

Abby asks and Noah shakes his head.

"Sorry. The parents say no. Your check is completely covered."

Abby's jaw drops and Noah shrugs, walking away before Abby can refuse. Abby closes her mouth and Dana stands up. Dana offers her hand to Abby.

"Can you take me back to your place?"

Dana asks with a smirk. Abby looks up and smiles, grabbing Dana's hand.

"Yeah. Come on."

Abby smiles and leads Dana down through the restaurant and out to the parking garage. They get in the car and Abby smiles at Dana as she starts to drive.

"You're an amazing dancer. Who taught you?"

Abby asks curiously because Dana is talented.

"A lover. She was a dance teacher and taught me."

Dana responds with a smirk. Abby smiles and glances to Dana.

"You're not trying to get me jealous are you, Dana?"

Abby teases and Dana leans over to Abby.

"No, but I'm it working?"

Dana asks seductively and runs her hand over Abby's thigh. Abby groans and speeds up.

"No, but your hand is certainly doing something."

Abby says in a low sultry voice that turns Dana on instantly. Dana moans and cups Abby's sex through the tight slacks. It takes all Abby has not to close her eyes, but she does bite her lip. Abby pulls up outside her apartment building and parks the car. Dana and Abby quickly go up to Abby's apartment. She fumbles with the keys before finally getting through the door. Dana gasps when Abby presses her roughly against the door and claims her mouth in a kiss. Abby groans in lust and reaches underneath Dana's beautiful brown hair to tug down the zipper of the dress. Dana helps take off her dress before moving her hand to pull the blouse from Abby's pants. Abby moves them towards the bedroom without breaking the kiss and allowing Dana to take off her shirt as they go. Abby whimpers when Dana slides her hands underneath her white beater and cups her braless breasts. Dana moans and pushes Abby back into the bed. Abby sits up and pulls Dana closer by her hips.

"God, you're gorgeous."

Abby mumbled as her eyes skate over Dana's body. Dana bites her lip
and lets her head fall back on her shoulders when Abby presses her lips to Dana's stomach. Abby reaches her hands around Dana's hips to grope her ass roughly. Dana moans and holds onto Abby's shoulders to steady herself. Abby moves her kisses lower as her hands pull down Dana's lacy black thong. Dana carefully steps out of the thong and pushes it to the side. Dana reaches down to take off her heels but Abby grabs her hand and gently kisses the inside of her wrist.

"Leave them on...if you want."

Abby says and kisses up Dana's arm until she is standing. Dana smiles and doesn't take off her heels. Abby smiles devilishly and kisses Dana's neck slowly as her fingers unfasten Dana's bra, a gorgeous lacy black bra to match the thong. Abby moans at the sight of Dana's tight nipples and leans down to take one into her mouth and tease the other between two fingers. Dana moans and buries her fingers in Abby's hair, holding her close. Abby uses her free hand to spread Dana's legs, which spread eagerly and teases her clit. Dana moans and bucks towards Abby's fingers. Abby teases her relentlessly, only letting her fingertips rub against Dana's pussy lips and her tongue to drift across a nipple. Dana pants heavily, her knees are on the verge of buckling, and her clit is throbbing painfully. Dana grips Abby's hair harder and jerks her up from her breasts to crash their lips together, a moan escaping Dana and a squeak of surprise from Abby. Dana looks Abby in the eyes when she breaks the kiss.

"Fuck me or I'll do it myself."

Dana growls and Abby smirks devilishly at reaching her goal to make the other woman boil past her breaking point. Abby easily slides two fingers into Dana's wet cunt. Dana lets out a long drawn out moan and impales herself harder and deeper onto Abby's fingers. Abby kisses and licks on Dana's neck and chest. Dana wraps her arms around Abby's strong shoulders to get better leverage to fuck herself on Abby's fingers. Abby moans and uses her other hand on Dana's ass to move the brunette's leg so her high heeled foot is resting on the bed. Dana cries out in pleasure at the new angle.

"GOD! YES! D-Don't stop!"

Dana moans and grinds her hips faster. Abby smiles and dips her head to suck and nibble at Dana's shoulder, making a mark for sure. Dana moans loudly.

"If you could see yourself right now Dana..."

Abby husks into Dana's ear and thrusts harder. Dana whimpers, she rarely whimpers, and throws her head back. Dana could imagine how they looked together. Abby was still in her boots, slacks, and white lace bra. Dana was simply left dressed in her heels. Dana closes her eyes tightly from the image and moans.

"S-So fucking close, Abby."

Dana groans out and tangles her fingers of one hand in Abby's hair. Abby groans and thrusts deeper, finding Dana's g-spot. Dana digs her fingers into Abby's shoulder and scalp with a scream of pleasure when her orgasm rips through her body. Abby groans at the pain in her shoulder and scalp but ignores it to keep fucking Dana into her second orgasm. Dana feels like fainting and her knees are ready to buckle but she manages to keep standing. Abby eventually stops her fingers and kisses Dana's sweaty temple. Dana rests her forehead against Abby's shoulder and drags more air into her lungs. Her knees will give out soon.


Dana says hoarsely and Abby nods her head then leads Dana carefully onto the bed. Abby takes off her heels before climbing onto the bed next to Dana. Dana turns her head to Abby and bites her lip.

"You're amazing."

Dana whispers and Abby smirks. Dana rolls on top of Abby and kisses her hard. Abby moans and grinds against Dana's bare thigh. She wishes she could feel the skin-on-skin contact. Dana is driving her crazy. Dana smiles and straddles Abby's lap then coaxes her to sit up. Dana breaks the kiss and unfastens Abby's bra, flinging it across the room.

"Are you wet?"

Dana husks, knowing how her voice effects Abby in the most delicious of ways. Abby moans and nods her head, running her hands up and down Dana's body. Dana smiles and moves off of Abby. Dana takes off all of Abby's clothing slowly, teasing the blonde until she is the one whimpering. Abby bites her lip to hold back another whimper and jerks her hips towards Dana's mouth that was currently nibbling at her thigh.


Abby begs and Dana pounces on the woman. Abby cries out when Dana sucks her clit furiously into her mouth and two of her fingers push into her cunt. Dana moans deeply and gets a louder moan in return from Abby. Abby bucks wildly against Dana's mouth and fingers. She never could last long after being teased, this time, was no different. Abby screams and arches her back, cumming hard on Dana's mouth and fingers. Dana moans and lets Abby ride out her orgasm. Abby shakes like a leaf and moans quietly as her orgasm comes to an end. Dana only stops when her head is gently pushed away by Abby. Dana kisses her thigh and discreetly wipes her fingers and mouth. Dana moves up next to Abby and kisses her cheek.

"I really love going on dates with you Abby."

Dana mumbles before she can stop herself. Abby smiles softly and chuckles.


Abby responds and Dana smiles. Dana starts to sit up but Abby grabs her wrist.


Abby says softly. Dana looks back to Abby and bites her lip. She should stay. She could get more information about the location Abby had talked about tonight. Dana looks away and nods her head. She lays back down and Abby spoons her from behind. Abby is asleep in seconds, nuzzling Dana's neck. Dana closes her eyes but she can't sleep. She thinks about the woman behind her and her family. In the early morning, she falls into a restless sleep.


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