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Teen daughter wants more from her daddy
I sat at my desk staring off into space. My cock was hard, again.

Barry clapped his hand on my office door, snapping me out of my funk.

“Conference call, five minutes.”

He sauntered off, clueless to the divinely filthy thoughts he had interrupted. Nicole’s dress was off the second we had walked through the door. She ran to the living room and threw herself into my easy chair, spreading her legs wide. I fell to my knees in front of her in a worshipful pose of lascivious intent. I took things slower, making love to my daughter’s pussy with my mouth. I kissed her clit, sucked her lips, licked her hole. She encouraged every swipe of my tongue with moans, giggles of ecstasy, and (of course) more of her endearing brand of dirty talk.

After a minimal recovery period, she had me strip and lie on my back on the floor. Without any hint of reservation she squatted over my face and had me suck her off again from that angle. My tongue and jaw were beginning ache, but I wasn’t about to admit that, or let it stop me. After she came again, she was kind enough to give me a much needed handjob. Neither of us could believe the first spurt had actually shot over my head.

We retired to my bed after that. It wasn’t more than a few minutes of naked cuddling and groping before she was begging for me to suck her off again. I was only too happy to accommodate my precious daughter. I focused on her clit, fluttering my tongue over it, circling it, then suckling her most delicate nub until she was close. I then slipped a finger into her almost perpetually wet pussy hole. When I eventually located her g-spot, I had her screaming in a whole new pitch.

“What the fuck, Daddy? What was that?” she blurted out after she’d recuperated. “I mean, I knew sex was good, but I never thought it could be that good!”

It was a perversely special feeling to be able to introduce my daughter to pleasures she hadn’t yet discovered. “It takes two to tango.”

“No, seriously, this is insane. Steven couldn’t even figure out how to make me cum with his mouth, and then you come along and it’s, like, POW!” She simulated fireworks with her hands above us.

“So, I guess what you’re saying is you liked it?”

“You have no idea.” She pulled herself into my arms and kissed me long and deep. “You’ve got to be the best lover there is, Daddy.”

“Well, maybe you should try a few others before you hand me the trophy.”

“Why would I bother when I have you?” she hugged me tighter, her head on my chest, her naked belly pressed against my spent cock.

I gathered my legal pad, a pen, my cup of cooling coffee and ambled toward the meeting room. I knew Nicole meant what she said in the best, most innocent way – not that anything we were doing lately could be called innocent. I didn’t say anything to her then, but that kind of talk worried me. As much as I hated to admit it, I could easily be happy spending the rest of my days with Nicole as my partner, romantic and otherwise. But that would be monumentally unfair to her. That clash between what I wanted to do and what I should do was hammering at me again. I could either be a good lover to her, or a good father. I couldn’t be both. The world was full of lovers, but she only had one father.

I brooded over this for the rest of the day, and during the entire rush-hour commute. But, as soon as I got home, every dark thought and guilty pang evaporated like so much mist in the wind. I passed the living room on my way to the kitchen and was stopped dead in my tracks by what I saw.

My daughter was naked, her back toward me, and she was straddling a giant stuffed giraffe. She was humping away on it like a horny cowgirl of the Serengeti. Nicole gave me a look over her shoulder and shot me a wicked smiled.

“Look who I found hiding in the attic!” She didn’t stop humping as she spoke. “I forgot how good this feels.” The giraffe’s four legs were spread in four different direction with its underside crushed against the floor, but he still had the same goofy look on his face that he always did.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to make me jealous?”

“Is it working?” she giggled, hugging Jeffy’s long neck to her chest. “At least someone around here wants to fuck me.”

“Let’s not go there, young lady.”

“C’mon, Daddy, get your cock out and masturbate with me.”

There was no point in resisting, even if I had wanted to. As I dropped my pants I couldn’t help but notice the sinewy smooth motions of her body as she worked her pussy over that stuffed animal. I could easily imagine myself under her like that. Damn, my girl looked like she really knew how to fuck.

“I want you to watch me from behind while you jerk off, okay?”

“Fine by me, little girl.” I stood behind her far enough away so I could take in the full view of her body undulating in that sensual rhythm of hers.

She was humping like a champ. A fine sheen of sweat glistened on her back in the late afternoon sunlight filtering through the curtains. Her athletic rear end shifted forward and back, the muscles flexing enticingly with the effort. The dimples just above her butt cheeks faded and reappeared with each salacious thrust of her hips. Her lilting moans made the back of my neck tingle as the little hairs there stood up on end. My daughter had become the embodiment of pure sexuality. Or, in our case, impure sexuality.

“I should do it like this more often,” Nicole laughed as he bore down harder. “I already came once before you got home, and now I’m close again.”

“I’m right there with you, sweetheart.”

“Oh, yeah? You like this, Daddy? You like jerking off to your baby girl’s ass?”

God, she was getting good at this.

“I’ll show you how much I like it in a few seconds.”

“Mmm, are you going to make that big cock cum for your little slut girl?”

“You know I am.” My hand was working steadily up and down my hard shaft. Not too fast, not too slow. I never imagined the best sex of my life would turn out to be jerking off.

Nicole kept turning her head to check out my cock and how I was doing as she rode her favorite adolescent fuck buddy. I tried not to imagine how sexy she must have looked doing this when she was just thirteen, but my perverted mind didn’t seem to have the same boundaries it used to. I guess that’s just another casualty of getting sexually involved with your own daughter. Lines get blurred, and what seemed unthinkable is suddenly an acceptable option. Damn, she must have looked cute rubbing her bald cunny and hoping no one would discover her dirty secret.

“Almost there,” she warned me between moans. “Are you looking at my ass, Daddy?”

“Straight at it, princess.”

“Can you see everything?” She leaned forward a little more. “Can you see my asshole, Daddy?”

With each back thrust, her supple cheeks parted enough for me to get a flash of her pink pucker. It looked so clean, and soft, and inviting. A forbidden entryway into pleasures I hadn’t even dared dream about. My heart was in my throat, not knowing where this was coming from all of the sudden.

“Oh, yes, I can see it all right.”

“Yeah? Does that turn you on?”

“More than you know.”

“Good.” She was still grinding her pussy intently, but she was making an obvious effort to expose her anus to me as she did it. I wasn’t about to complain by any means. “I want you to see it. And I want you to cum on it. Will you do that? Will you cum on my asshole for me, Daddy?”

As if her words weren’t motivation enough, she grabbed both her butt cheeks and spread them. Her dainty asshole was on full display, and it was just as sexy as the rest of her.

“You’re serious, aren’t you?” I couldn’t help but smile at the desperate tone in her voice, as if she feared there was the least chance I might deny her what she wanted.

“I’ve been thinking about it all day. I want you right up close behind me, and I want to feel your warm cum shooting all over my dirty, nasty asshole. Please, Daddy!”

“Who am I to say no?”

“Hurry, I’m almost there…”

I moved in behind her, trying not to trip over Jeffy’s outstretched hind legs and squatted down enough to be sure I wouldn’t miss the tantalizing moving target.

“Oh God, do it, Daddy. Right on my asshole!”

It was good that it only took fifteen seconds for me to get there because that’s about when I began to feel the burning in my thigh muscles start. I was going to have to start working out if I was going to keep up with my sex fiend of a daughter.

I angled my cock down, and sent a spurt onto her ass. With a slight adjustment the next one hit her square in her bottom hole. This brought out a laughing cry of delight from her.

“More, more! Cum on my asshole, Daddy!”

I kept jerking, moving even closer so I got the rest of my load where she wanted instead of spilling it all down on her stuffed friend beneath her. I deposited several more healthy shots of jizz right where she wanted them and watched my spunk begin to ooze toward her pussy.

“Shit! That’s so good! So fucking good.”

Without thinking, I leaned just a little further and pressed the head of my cock to her gooey asshole. I had no intention of trying to enter her, though I half suspected I could have if I tried. Instead, I rubbed my dick around her anus, spreading my cum in a wider circle and smearing it up along her ass crack. This sparked an instant reaction.

“Aaaaiii!” she screamed in a fit of delirious bliss. “Yes, yes, oh fuck me, yes!”

Her back hunched and her legs clamped tight around her giant giraffe lover. Her toes curled and her fingers clawed the toy’s elongated neck. Her breathing stopped for a few moments as her orgasm suddenly took precedence over every other function in her body. I kept rubbing around her sensitive rear entry, doing all I could not to take it that one step too far.

“Fuuuuuuuck,” she finally bellowed out and immediately sucked in a huge breath. “Fuck, Daddy! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” She slumped forward, every muscle going loose all at once. “That felt so crazy hella good I can’t even see straight right now.”

I sat back on my haunches and feasted on the sight of my post-orgasmic daughter. She reached around and ran her finger around the area I’d just been teasing.

“That was your cock, right? You were rubbing my asshole with your cock after you came on it?”

“Yes, I guess that was what happened. It’s all a bit hazy now.”

“Daddy, that felt a-maz-ing.” Her index finger circled her cum-drenched opening, but she never went so far as to slip it in. “We’re doing that every day from now on.” She gave herself a spank, then pushed herself back upright. “Sorry you had to see that, Jeffy. Mwah.” Nicole gave her over-sized sex toy a smooch by way of an apology. “He gets very jealous sometimes, so you better watch out, Daddy.”

“I’ll sleep with one eye open.”

“Ha, my ass feels all squishy.” She wiggled around, enjoying the sensation of my cock cream squelching around between the firm globes of her delectable ass cheeks. “I love it.” She got up, fetched her panties from the sofa and put them on without even bothering to clean my mess off of her.

“I have raised a dirty, dirty girl,” I lamented as I gathered up my underwear and pants.

“Yes you have.” She went on tip-toes and kissed me quickly before sauntering off toward her bedroom. “Let’s order pizza tonight,” she called as she disappeared down the hallway.

I shook my head, and wondered how boring my life must have been before all this started. The stuffed giraffe was lying in a heap in front of me, its head twisted around awkwardly.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Jeffy?” One shiny plastic eye gazed at me accusingly. “Yeah, well, if I’m going down, I’m taking you down with me, partner.”

I went to my room to clean up and change. I could only speculate as to what creative new sexual activities my perverted young girl would come up with for us to try next. Apparently taking intercourse off the table had really sparked her erotic inventiveness.

One thing I was pretty sure of was that over the next 24 hours I’d be getting to know my daughter’s pretty little asshole more intimately than I ever thought I would.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Later that same night I was in bed reading. Nicole came in fresh from the shower toweling her wet hair. She hadn’t bothered with the pretense of a robe or pajamas and stood naked in the dim light of my reading lamp looking like a young Aphrodite in heat.

“You haven’t licked my pussy at all yet today,” she complained and dropped the wet towel on the floor.

“I don’t know what you expect me to do about that,” I responded, setting my reading glasses aside in anticipation of what was coming.

Nicole stepped up onto my bed and stood looking down at me with her hands on her hips in a pose of discontented disappointment with me.

“I expect you to eat me and make me cum.” She leaned down and yanked the covers off of me, exposing my nakedness and semi-hard cock. She eyed me hungrily for a moment, her hand drifting automatically to her clit. She fingered herself lightly as she watched me stiffen. “Scoot down.”

She commanded and I obeyed. Once I’d moved down so my head was flat on the mattress, she stepped so that she had one foot on either side of my legs. She then walked deliberately toward the top of the bed until she was standing over my head. I looked up into paradise.

“You want to taste this, Daddy?” She spread her pussy lips to make sure there was no mistaking what she was referring to. “You want to lick my pussy?” Her finger teased her wet hole.

“Mmm, yes, please.”

“You like sucking your daughter’s cunt, don’t you?”

“Mm hmm,” I nodded as my hands traveled up over her strong calves to her firm thighs.

“Are you going to kiss my stiff little clitty?” She pulled her pink flesh back to expose her hard nub.

“Yes.” My hands reached her ass.

“And suck my pretty lips?”


“And shove your tongue as far into my tight pussy hole as you can?”

“I am going to tongue fuck you until you cum all over my face, little girl.”

That got a huge smile out of her. “Then what are we waiting for?”

Nicole squatted down and her pussy was suddenly hovering just inches above my face. I could smell the floral scent of her body wash mixed with the natural odor of her arousal. I was amazed by how something so pure and clean could at the same time be so fucking nasty. I grabbed her hips and pulled her down the last few inches and assaulted her with my mouth.

I did exactly what she’d asked for. Kissed her clit, sucked her lips, tongued her hole, then did it all again in reverse order. She stayed balanced over me without any problem, rocking slightly as I took an oral tour of her pussy. Nicole was moaning and making noises from the moment my lips touched her. There was nothing like the feeling I got from giving my girl so much pleasure. Even if she never touched my cock again, just being able to do this for her was all I’d need to be satisfied.

“Oh, Daddy, fuck me with your tongue. Oh, yeah, just like that. Stick it up in there. Oh, God, yes.” It appeared she was enjoying this position as much as I was.

It would have been nice to have been able to jack my cock while I was sucking her off, but both my hands were cupping her ass to help keep her steady. It was a fair trade off.

“Do my clit, Daddy. I’m gonna cum. Yeah, suck it. Suck my cunt, Daddy!”

Moments later she was cumming. It had taken her less than two minutes from start to finish. She must have been super horny before she even sat on my face.

“Mmm, that’s the best.” My daughter gingerly circled her pussy around my outstretched tongue, being careful not to let me touch her electrified clit. “Your tongue feels so good down there.”

I let her stimulate herself as she pleased. She moved so the tip of my tongue played around the wetness of her opening. After a few rotations she shifted slightly so that my tongue was brushing against the area just south of her pussy. I suspected I knew where this was going, but I waited to make sure my suspicions were correct.

Without saying a word, she shifted again and brought her asshole in contact with my tongue. Bingo! I stuck it out further and wiggled it against her freshly showered rear pucker.

“Uuunnnnhhh,” she groaned as soon as she was sure I wasn’t going to pull away in disgust. “I like that,” she whispered to herself. “Oh, I like that a lot.”

I began eating my baby girl’s ass in earnest. Kissing, licking, and sucking her anus with ardent desire. I never would have dared ask her to let me do this, so I was ecstatic that she had introduced this perversion on her own. After rubbing my cockhead on her sexy butt hole this afternoon, I couldn’t get the idea of doing this out of my mind.

“Holy shit, Daddy, you’re really doing it,” she gasped happily. “You’re eating out my ass.” She pressed herself down more, making it almost impossible for me to breathe with her pussy mashed up against my nose. “Your tongue is actually in my asshole right now. That is so fucking hot, Daddy!”

I couldn’t agree with her more. I went at her backside for as long as I could before I had to push her up a bit and get some air. I then pulled her right back down and smothered myself in my daughter’s dripping cunt and heavenly ass. If I had to die, this was how I wanted to go out.

“Keep doing it like that,” she begged. I couldn’t see it, but I could feel her working her clit. “Fuck me with your tongue, Daddy. Yeah, tongue fuck my asshole!”

She remained squatting over me, riding my face for all she was worth, while fingering herself at the same time. I had to take one more quick oxygen break before her increasing cries announced her orgasm was near. Nicole forced her asshole tighter against my mouth and screamed her way through what sounded like a fantastic cum. There was nothing better than knowing I was the one who made her squeal like that.

I was feeling dizzy by the time she dismounted and lay still while I recovered by taking slow, controlled breaths like a diver returning from depth. Nicole didn’t waste any time recuperating and was already messing around with my hard-on.

“Want me to suck your cock, Daddy?”

“There’s a silly question.”

She licked and sucked my shaft before teasing the head with her tongue and lips. “And should I suck your balls for you, too?”

“You most certainly should, young lady.”

With a soft giggle she fulfilled the promise, massaging my scrotum with her tongue before taking each of my balls in her mouth and gently sucking them with just the right amount of pressure.

“You want to cum in my mouth, Daddy?”

“You know I do.”

“You like watching me eat your cum, don’t you?” There was no denying it. “I bet I’m the only girl at school who gets to suck her daddy’s cock and swallow his cum.” She took me as deep as she could, which was about halfway. “I’m so lucky.”

“You and me both, kiddo.”

The naughty chit-chat subsided as she got down to work. Her head bobbed up and down on my erection. I watched my cock repeatedly disappear into my beautiful daughter’s delicate mouth. I pushed her long hair aside so I could get a better view. The sight of her taking my cock was more erotic than any porno I’d ever seen. And the little noises she made it even better. The quick breaths through her nose, the staccato hum of delicious satisfaction, and the occasional gurgle when she tried to take too much of me. I’d always been a fan to blowjobs, but none were ever half as good as hers were.

As I got close I had to resist the urge to hump my daughter’s face. I let her work me with her mouth until that tingle erupted into a full-blown orgasm. I tensed and spewed my filthy seed into my baby’s mouth. Her humming “mmm” noises intensified as she struggled to swallow my cum as fast as I was pumping it out. She did her best, but a trail of semen leaked from the corner of her mouth and ran down her chin in the most alluring way. She kept sucking after I had given everything I was going to. It was like she didn’t want to miss out on a single drop of her father’s sperm. When she was sure there wasn’t anything left, she sat up with a proud smile on her adorable face.

“Ahhh, yummy!” She fell on me and gave me a hug. “I’m totally addicted to your cum, you know. If I don’t get some every day, I’ll probably die.”

“Well, we wouldn’t want that, would we?”

“Mmm, there’s nothing in the world like it.” She smacked her lips. “The funny thing is that it doesn’t really taste good, but I love it. But only yours, though.” Her tongue found the dribble at the side of her mouth and she licked it away. “I couldn’t stand the other guys I tried, and I never even wanted to swallow their stuff. I’m glad it’s different with you, Daddy. It’s fun to see how excited you get when you cum in my mouth and I gobble it all down.”

“I’ve created a monster,” I murmured, feeling peacefully adrift with her naked body atop me.

“A sex monster!” She tickled me in my most vulnerable spots, making me laugh like a fool while attempting to defend myself from her cruel onslaught. “I know you want to fall asleecp on me, but I’m still horny.”

“When are you ever not horny?”

“For about five minutes on Monday mornings, but that’s it,” she quipped as she got up on all fours facing away from me.

The vista she presented was breathtaking. The smooth, round cheeks of her ass sat firmly above her little garden of carnal delights. Her asshole was unabashedly on show, and was still wet from my earlier attentions. Her pussy lips were puffy with arousal and tinted a tempting shade of crimson after all the rough handling they’d already enjoyed that night. With two slender fingers, she parted her outer lips. Her inner pinkness was revealed to me and it was as awe inspiring as the first time I saw her in this way. My daughter’s pussy. I doubt I’ll ever get over seeing it like that. It was coated with her own natural lubricant, and gleamed in the soft light. Her thin inner lips drew the eye from the small knot of her clit, along the length of her feminine crease, to the glorious hole that promised an assortment of forbidden pleasures.

One of her fingers found its way into this lovely opening, and I watched with an ache in my chest as my girl casually finger fucked herself in front of me. She drew her finger out and smeared a liberal helping of her juices around her pretty pucker before returning to her pussy.

“Touch it, Daddy,” she pleaded quietly. “Touch my asshole for me.”

I did as asked and reached out for her. I circled my fingertip around her anus and was amused by the goosebumps this raised on her skin. She pushed back suggestively against my touch. I centered my finger over her tight hole and wiggled it against that spot.

“Yes, Daddy, do it. Put it in.” She relaxed herself back there noticeably. “Fuck my asshole with your finger.”

It took only a small amount of pressure for my finger to enter her. She moaned with great appreciation. The ring of muscles went tight, but in the next moment she let them go lax. With the slippery layer of pussy juice aiding me, I was able to easily slide my finger into my baby’s asshole. As I did so, she continued to rub her pussy.

“Oh, shit, that’s feels weird. But good weird. More.”

I gently acceded to her wishes and pushed my finger in further. I knew I should be feeling more guilt about doing what I was doing to my daughter, but after having had my fingers in her pussy as much as I had over the past weeks this didn’t seem so much different.

“How’s that, honey?”

“It’s fucking awesome, Daddy.”

“You like getting your asshole fingered?”

“Soooo much,” she moaned.

“You going to make that hot little cunt cum while Daddy plays with your ass?”

“Yes…Oh, fuck, yes!”

I began slowly fucking her butt hole and her own fingering increased at the same time.

“Uh huh. Fuck me in the ass, Daddy. Fuck my dirty little asshole!”

“What a naughty girl you are,” I said, half in wonder at how damn fortunate I was.

“Mmm, you have no idea, Daddy…”

I might have pressed her about that last comment if she did begin showing the telltale signs of another orgasm. The squelchy sounds of her pussy got louder, her moans got louder, the creaking of the bed got louder. Nicole’s anus clamped around my invading finger as she began to cum. Her spine rolled like a lashing whip, her hair flying with each thrash of her head. I’d have a sore neck for a week if I ever came as hard as that. Her guttural screams eventually petered out and she relaxed enough to allow me to withdraw my finger from her asshole. It was just as cute after I’d violated it as it had been before.

She barely had enough strength to turn herself around and collapse against me.

“I take it you enjoyed yourself?”

“Oh my God. I think my teeth are literally buzzing from cumming so hard.”

“And how long have you had this anal fetish of yours?” I reached over the clicked off the lamp.

“Since Tuesday. And don’t say anal! Gross. Say ass.” She groped around blindly until she found my balls and cradled them in the palm of her hand. “Becca told me about how some guy licked her ass last weekend and she said I had to try it.”

“Some guy?”

“Her fuck buddy.” Nicole kissed my chest, and gave my balls a loving squeeze. “You know what that is, don’t you?”

“Yes, I know what a fuck buddy is. I’m not that clueless…yet.”

“I guess when you think about it, we’re fuck buddies, aren’t we?”

“In a manner of speaking, I suppose we are.” I stroked her bare back, tracing the lines of her supple muscles by touch.

“Except that we don’t fuck.”

“No, we don’t.”

She was quiet for a short time, but I knew she wasn’t going to sleep. Her fingers crept up the mostly flaccid length of my shaft and toyed with my cockhead, running her fingertip around my cum-moistened piss hole.

“I never thought it would be something I’d do, but now I think it might be fun to get fucked in the ass. For real, I mean, not just a finger.” She cuddled closer. “Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass, Daddy?”

“Can’t say that I have.”

“Interesting,” she said, contemplating the implications of this. “You know, Daddy, you can fuck me in the ass if you want.”

I had a feeling this was where the conversation was going, but hearing her actually say it did something to me. That longing ache was in my chest again, and my cock began to stiffen once more.

“I’ll keep that in mind, sweetheart.”

“No, listen, I know you keep saying that you don’t want to have real sex with me and everything, but doing it in the ass wouldn’t count, right?”

“It counts.”

“Why?” She wrapped her hand around my hard-on and began tugging it out of habit.

“It just does. I told you that it would be a very bad idea for us to fuck.”

“That’s silly. You fuck my mouth, so why can’t you fuck my ass? It’s practically the same thing.”

“Don’t ask me why, but there’s a big difference, that’s all.” I didn’t dare admit that she was making a perfectly valid argument. She had me questioning my own convictions. As she stroked my cock, her naked body pressed to mine, it was difficult to remember why exactly I had drawn the line where I had. “You’re trying to drag me down the slippery slope with you.”

“Mmm, you know what else is slippery right now?” She pushed her crotch against my thigh to make sure I didn’t miss the innuendo.

“You tricked me into letting you blow me, and now you’re using that to lure me into your ass. If I give in and we start having anal sex,” my emphasis of the word anal made her squirm, “then you’re going use that against me to argue that we should have regular sex.”

“We should have regular sex.” She slid up and kissed me on the lips, teasing me with her tongue. “You know I want to fuck you, Daddy. I’d let you put your cock in my pussy right now if you wanted.” She moved on top of me, placing her cunt dangerously close to my hard cock. “It’s not like I’m a virgin, and you’re not going to get me pregnant. You want it, don’t you? You want to fuck your horny girl’s pussy so bad.”

“You know I do, but –” I wasn’t able to say any more with her tongue in my mouth. She writhed on top of me and I could feel the tip of my cock rubbing against her pussy lips. It would take only the smallest of movements to be inside her.

“You can fuck my mouth.” She lifted up enough to feed one of her soft nipples into my mouth. “You can fuck my asshole if you want.” She turned her shoulders and offered me her other nipple. “And you can definitely fuck my tight…wet…horny…cunt.”

She had pushed me to the limit. I grabbed her and rolled us both to the center of the bed so that I was on top of her. She let out a yelp of surprise, and I couldn’t help noticing the note of total surrender in her cry. My mind was in such a rage of animal lust that I didn’t even notice how small and vulnerable she felt beneath me. All I cared about was taking what I wanted.

I pinned Nicole’s legs back, folding her over on herself. She didn’t utter any complaints. I couldn’t see her in the dark, but I knew in that position that both her holes would be open and accessible to me. I could jam my cock straight into her ass. It would hurt more than she realized, but she’d take every inch of me and love every painful second of it. Or, I could just give in and plunge my rock-hard prick deep into that spectacular teen cunt of hers.

But something still held me back. Every primal instinct in my body was driving me to fuck her, and fuck her hard, and yet I couldn’t bring myself to answer that call. I gave my hips a quick thrust and my cock plowed along the furrow of her pussy. A shiver ran through me and I gritted my teeth against the temptation. Nicole moaned below me as I pressed her into the mattress. I pulled back and thrust again, harder this time. Her lips hugged my shaft and the end of my push left my balls mashed against her sopping wet hole.

“Oh, Daddy…”

Before she could say anything more I began humping her crotch with ferocious energy. I’d hate myself for this later, but if I didn’t do it I’d end up doing something worse. Her small body bounced under me with each vicious thrust. Her cunt was so wet that we were both soaked in a matter of seconds. There was barely any friction between my cock and her pussy. Just the gliding sensation of slick flesh on flesh. Her fingers clawed at my shoulders, urging me on. The sounds she was making we nothing more than unarticulated grunts of passion.

No matter how good it felt, what I was doing was plain stupid. All it would take is one slight slip and I’d be balls deep inside her before I realized what was happening. There was no way I could stop even if I wanted to. I pumped my cock between her legs, feeling the muscles in my back and thighs begin burning. I didn’t care. I was so close to fucking her. It was enough to be on top of her like that, pounding against her, almost knowing what it would be like to possess every part of her.

“Fuck me, Daddy! Fuck my cunt! Fuck it hard!”

She wanted me inside her in the worst way. It tore me up not to give my baby girl what she wanted, but I couldn’t do it. I’d lost sight of why in that moment, but I held onto the idea that I had to resist for her sake.

“I’m fucking you, baby. You feel Daddy’s cock on your pussy? Feel me against your clit?”

“Yes! Oh God, yes! You’re so fucking me so hard!”

She might have said more, but I was propelled outside of my own understanding as I got closer to the ultimate objective. I roared with a****l lust as my balls clenched and every aspect of my being became solely focused on my cock. I pushed hard against my daughter’s battered cunt and let loose with a spray of semen that showered her face and tits with warm cum. It was only then that I recognized her screams as those of a woman climaxing. I continued humping at her pussy, hitting her clit as forcefully as I could with each thrust until I was sure she’d reached the pinnacle of her orgasm and wouldn’t be able to handle one more second of direct contact. I stopped moving, but kept my cock pressed tight against her palpitating cunt.

Nicole sucked in gulps of air as best as she could between residual groans. Her body continued to spasm at intervals for the next minute. I held myself atop her on shaky arms, unwilling to release her from the twisted position I had contorted her into. I’d done my best to let her take the lead in this thing between us, to only go as far and as fast as she was comfortable with, but this was the first time I felt like I was in control. She was at my mercy. I hadn’t asked permission to do what I just did to her. My daughter had given herself up to me. I took that power and used it for my own primal gratification. It was nothing to be particularly proud of, but if felt damned good.

Eventually I had to relent. I moved off of her and let her free. Nicole immediately clung to me, burying her face into the crook of my arm. It wasn’t long before I detected the shuddering motion of her body.

“Are you crying?”

It took her a moment to answer. “No…”

“What’s wrong? Did I hurt you?”

“No, I’m just being stupid. Don’t pay any attention to me.” Her sniffle was hard to ignore.

“Sweetheart, don’t be like that. Whatever it is you can tell me.” I suspected she was frustrated with me for holding back on her when we were so close to consummating this insane, i****tuous affair of ours.

She nuzzled against me and I could feel the wetness of the tears on her cheeks.

“It’s just that I love you so fucking much, Daddy.” She brought her fist down on my chest, not enough to hurt, but enough to let me know I deserved to be punished. “I mean, I always loved you, but now it’s different. I never thought I would end up feeling like this. I was horny for you and I wanted to make my fantasies come true, only I didn’t expect to actually fall in love with you.”

“See, this is one of the things I was afraid of. This is more complicated that just being fuck buddies, Nicole.”

“I know,” she hugged me tight. “I know. I’m being stupid. I’ll shut up now and you can pretend like I never said anything.”

I rolled to my side so we were lying face to face, forehead to forehead. “I know things got a little intense there, and we’re both feeling a lot of mixed up emotions right now. The only thing you need to think about tonight is that I love you more than anyone or anything in this whole world, and whatever you’re going through I’m always going to be here to help you with it no matter what.”

She sniffled one last time.

“Kiss me goodnight, Daddy,” she whispered with a smile in her voice.

I found her lips in the dark and they tasted of cum. Our tongues sought each other out, and we kissed softly for a long time before either of us could bear to give ourselves up to sleep.


2019-08-07 20:25:56
16 times so far. Awesome story/


2019-01-30 11:22:30
I came more than 3 times reading this and am still horny... Although I don't want to fuck my daddy but I enjoy fucking an older man

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2017-01-15 17:58:13
Story is so dam hot...keeps me erect..

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2016-09-04 00:05:17
Not that i wish for my actually father to fuck me,but i want a dady to fuck me soo hard and spank me,it sucks not being able to be fucked anytime of the day because im always horny asf and just saying daddy to someone makes me soo horny

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2016-07-29 22:11:20
I remember the first time I gave my daddy a camel toe slide. We had just gotten out of the pool and I jump onto his lap. I guess seeing me in my bikini was too much, and he began to get hard. I started to grind against him and soon his hard on began to poke out of the top of his suit. I shifted to that when I stroked back in would pull his suit down. Eventually I was sliding my pussy up along his shaft. I slipped a hand down and pulled my bottoms to the side. My pussy lips wrapped around both sides of his dick as I slide up and down along his shaft. It felt so good and just as I came, he shot a big load between our bodies. I love doing this in public where someone might catch us.

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