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Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller
By Jax_Teller

The week end was a foot and the Music festival was just starting. I had been traveling with the band Britanic as a roady. I setup the sound systems and did some of the driving of the bus. It was while I was driving that I first met Trinity West. I was waiting for the crew to get on the bus and Rocco the lead guitarist of the band told me that Trinity would be riding with us. It wasn't unusual for the performers to bring a female along for sexual entertainment but this felt different some how.

She didn't follow him like most of the sexual entertainers did, and when our eyes met I was captivated, her eyes were so deep and inviting. She didn't seem to have that desperation that most of the sexual entertainers had either. I drove from Jersey to North Carolina and she sat on a sofa seat near the front of the bus. Some folks like to watch the road, I just figured she was one of those. Then I noticed her legs in my mirror, her skirt was hiked up enough that I could see she had no panties on, but that wasn't all that unusual either. I watched as she spread her legs running her hand up her thigh to her bare pussy and as I looked up I saw her looking into my eyes in the mirror. I was getting a hard on and peeled my attention fully back to the road or I would have most likely drove off the edge of the road looking in the rear view.

It was difficult but I had been teased before and it helped to remember that it was just a tease nothing would come of this teasing flirtation. The rest of the time on the road went on as usual, and I noticed that Trinity was well dressed and groomed for a sexual entertainer. When we arrived at the amphitheater I pulled up and opened the door, and watched as Trinity wiggled her way down the stairs and into the venues doors. After setting up at the new venue there were a few free hours before the show and I was happy to have some time to hang out and unwind. I was walking the perimeter of the seating and I heard Trinity call out hey there driver man. I turned to see her leaning back against the wall her one leg propped up against the wall.

Her knee was so visible, inviting, her lips so full and bright red in color. I said well hello there walking over to her and she asked if I had a light, making a lighter motion. I said sure enough and produced my lighter raising it to light a cigarette. She motioned me to a door a few feet from where she was standing and said you wanna partake of the most holiest of herbs? producing a joint as she opened the door. Oh yeah I said as I walked behind her though the door taking a seat on a large couch and we smoked that joint right down.

As I looked around the room I could see it was a “Green Room” for special celebrity guest stars. It had several large couches and several over stuffed chairs along with a stocked bar. On the wall was a very large flat screen Tv focused on the stage. As we sat on the couch and smoked another joint Trinity went and made us drinks asking if I liked whiskey and I said yup. The bar glass she handed me was mostly full of ice and straight whiskey, and while it was cold, it was also strong. Things started getting fuzzy and I passed out for what seemed like a second. When I woke up Trinity's top was around her waist and she was on her knees sucking on my cock.

Normally when I get a blow job I like to hold a girls hair and if there's no objection, guide the girls mouth on my cock, some times even alittle roughly. Now though I noticed I couldn't really move my arm up to grab her hair, or for that matter move at all. I mean I was smoking pot and drinking but not that much, just normal stuff to me, but never the less I was getting a blow job, my cock was working so I wasn't worried or anything. I passed out again and when I woke this time Trinity was naked dancing to music, which I don't remember being on before. As she leaned over me and began dancing on my lap, I realized I was naked too.

It was then I realized my arms were up, and I couldn't move them, either they were tied or I was too fucked up to move. It seemed as though I was watching the screen unfold from above as I watched Trinity reach in her bag and pull out a clutch typical of a heroin kit and I thought the worse I could think and then she pulled out a rod. I thought what the fuck, it was like a medical instrument, and she put some lubricant on it and then jerked on my cock a few times. I couldn't figure out what she was doing until she put some lubricant just on the tip of my dick.

I thought to move but I couldn't and she started to slide the rod into the head of my cock. I could feel pain but at the same time pleasure. With in a minute or so, she had worked that entire rod into my hard cock and she was jerking my cock with one hand and pulling and pushing the rod in my cock with the other. She was fucking my cock with the rod and it felt painfully good. Trinity got down close to my cock and sucked on one of my balls and even though I felt like I was going to come I didn't. Sensing my situation I thought she was going to pull the rod out to let me come or make me come, I didn't know which.

That was when she pulled the rod fully out and replaced it with a slightly larger round one. It hurt a lot going in but after it seemed to be all the way in I noticed this one had a wire to it. Then she touched some thing at the other end of the wire and the tip of the rod deep in my cock vibrated. Slowly at first but with in seconds the urge to come was all I could think about and just as I thought I was going to actually come, she fiddled with the controller again and there was a electrical pulse and then another. The pulsing shocks and vibrations gave me the overwhelming urge to come but I couldn't. My cock felt like it was on fire and I was going to come like a fire hose but I still couldn't even move my hands.

It was still like I was watching a porn movie of this happening to me, trying to remain conscious, all the while on edge of orgasm. My head seemed to clear slightly because I noticed Trinity was talking to me, telling me how if I was a good boy she would let me come. I couldn't imagine what I could do in my state that would be considered good or bad for that matter. Trinity must have called me every name in the book and all I could do was sit there on the edge of an eppic orgasm. She once again fiddled with the control and my cock jumped and grew pulsing to shocks and it seemed as though the electrical pulses were running up and down the inside of my cock.

She jerked my cock furiously with one hand and grabbed my balls in the other. She pulled down on my balls until I thought they might actually be injured and then the rod started to slide out of my cock as she jerked. As it got half way out I could feel the tidal wall of come built up behind it forcing it out of me. She continued to jerk, holding tighter on the down stroke some what forcing the rod back in and then allowing it to slide back out some on the upward stoke. I tried to thrust my hips to force the action to completion but I still couldn't really move.

Trinity saw my attempt to thrust my hips in an attempt to move and stopped stroking my cock long enough to slap me across the face calling me a bad boy. Then she slapped the balls she held in her other hand causing me great pain, but the rod in my cock was still pulsing with firy electrical shocks and vibrating, keeping me on the edge of orgasm. She grabbed my cock tight in her hand and began to furiously stroke it belittling me for wanting to end the experience before she was ready. She pushed the rod out of my cock keeping a tight grip on my cock and jerked it pointing it in my face. I felt the painful bulge of come build as it moved though my balls and ride up my cock to the tip and explode from my cock almost causing me to cry and then I flinched slightly as the come blasted my face.

She let go of my balls and stroked my cock twice more and another large load of hot come blasted my chest and face. She let go and my cock stood straight up and let go a series of spasmatic twitching jerks as come flew all over as she lowered her mouth over the head of my cock. She took the last of the spasmatic come spurts in her mouth. She looked up at me as I finished coming and those captivating eyes once again caught my attention even as she showed me my come in her mouth before swallowing it. She licked her lips and fingers that were covered in my come as if she were a ravenous alien that survived on come. As my cock started to soften she slid up my body like a snake and untied my hands while rubbing her magnificent tits in my face and guided my hands to my lap. I could feel the euphoric effects of what ever had just happen starting to slip away as I seemly returned to my body.

I watched her get dressed and clean the rods with a wipe and put them away in their case and the case into her purse. I was starting to regain some motion and feeling to my body when I noticed my cock still seemed to be leaking come onto my leg. I looked over at the Tv screen and saw the opening band doing a sound check, when I looked back, Trinity was gone. As I sat there taking in all that had just happened I saw Trinity on the Tv screen go on stage and do the microphone check. So it finely clicked she was the lead on the band that was opening for Britanic. What a gorgeous woman and a great voice I thought to myself as I realized she still had my come on her lips.

Then a larger thought came to me, that I was sitting in a green room naked covered in my own come, and I would likely be fired if anyone found me like this. I was finely able to move sluggishly and made my way to the suites' bathroom and cleaned up and dressed. When I came back out into the main room I heard the door handle and made like I was cleaning up the room after someone else. I recognized the man opening the door as one of the producers and the girl being one of lot lizards from the parking lot where the bus was. I kept my head down and said excuse me as I left the room and made my way to to the sound booth. Jan Michael the sound guy asked where I had been and I told him he wouldn't believe me if I told him.

The End Copyright © 2016 Jax_Teller
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