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I didn't know what else to do...
(Alright sexy people, this one's sex to blah-blah ratio is about 70/30. Hope you enjoy it!)

Chapter 1 - The Crash

"I'm afraid that's right ma'am," the mechanic was saying on my phone. "Seven hundred and forty eight dollars. And 57 cents."

Well, shit! That was about 700 more dollars than I had in my checking account. And, I'm a 'Miss' goddammit, not a 'Ma'am'!

"Please!" I begged. "Are you sure? Isn't there something else that can be done, some cheaper part?"

After begging for a few more minutes, he knocked the price down to an even $700. That was nice, but it really didn't help me much at all. My asshole landlord just jacked up my rent this month. My two credit cards were nearly maxed out; I think I had about 250 left on those, combined.

I don't want to cry, I thought. Not here at work! Just don't cry. Maintain, deep breath.

But it didn't do any good. I was tired, my car was dead, and I was out of money. I cried. Right there in my cubicle. I mean, not big loud girlie cries. But my shoulders jumped as I tried to keep it in, tears rolled down my face and onto my blouse before I could grab a Kleenex. To make matters worse, I just knew my face was getting all blotchy, of course.

At least it was late in the day and Joanne and Tracy had gone home. I tried to think of alternatives. Mom, no. I was already into her for $1,500 and she denied my last borrowing attempt. My sister Kate, no. I wouldn't borrow money from that bitch except to buy a gun to shoot her with.

Jesus, I thought, what can I do? I know those 1-800-Cash things are a huge rip-off, but I didn't seem to have much of a choice.

Just then, Mark came in. "Patience, I know it's last minute but can you make a few changes to these orders? Barney didn't like the way they were set up... oh, hey, are you crying? Did I... was it me? Is it these changes?"

"Sorry Mark," I began explaining. "It's not you. (Sniff) I just got some bad news on my car."

"The Beemer? I told you not to buy that junker from Evans! Oh, sorry, not what you want to hear right now. Can I, um, do anything?"

"I know, I know, you told me not to buy that hunk of junk," I whined in between sobs. "You're right. I should have listened to you. (Sniff) You're always so nice to me! Why are you already married?"

Oh shit I couldn't believe I just said that! Like he would really be interested in me? I mean, nobody else been has for the last two years, why would he? And he's married! What the fuck am I even thinking about!

Mark sighed and looked at me. "Are you short? How much?"

"The bill is about $700. I'm short like, I don't know, 500 or so." I was so ashamed. "But, Mark, I'm not asking you for the money! This isn't your problem--"

"Aww just hush up, kiddo." Mark always called me Kiddo. He was like, maybe 20 years older than me, I guess he had the right. "I'm gonna go talk to that shmuck Evans for a few minutes. Hey, you probably need a ride to the dealer?" I nodded. "Okay, get these changes done for me, I'll be back in 15 and we'll go get your car. Don't worry about a thing."

I sniffled and snuffled my way through the order changes, trying not to think about anything else but that was impossible. But I didn't want to mess up Mark's orders, either. I got 'em done, correctly.

But I just didn't know what the hell I was going to do. As much as I needed the money, I didn't want to borrow it because it would be so hard to pay it back. $500 would take me five months of starving myself! And I already had credit cards, auto loan, Mom loan, rent, christ. But then, I thought that starving myself might not be a bad idea. Ever since the divorce, I'd been steadily gaining weight. I just cracked the 180 barrier last week.

I started crying again. 180 pounds, what the fuck is wrong with me? FML!

Mark texted me to meet him down at the front of the office, he was ready to go. I dried my face, looked at my mirror and said fuck it, and went on down.

"So I shook down Evans for being such an asshole and selling you that lemon. I got $500 from him--"

"Oh my god!" I shrieked. "Look, I'll pay him back--"

"No no no!" exclaimed Mark. "Call it a 'rebate', if you will. It's yours."

"Well I don't know how you did it, but thank you!" I was so surprised. I didn't know what to say. We chatted a little more till we got to the dealer, where, much to my amazement, Mark not only paid the $500 from Bill Evans, but he threw the rest on his own credit card.

I just stood there, overwhelmed by his generosity. At the same time, I wondered if he expected something in return. I mean, I would have done anything he wanted, I guess, but he didn't seem like the type to do that. I was afraid to speak for fear of breaking down into tears again.

They brought my car around, it was running fine. Mark then surprised me again.

"You know the Applebee's, over on Bristol?"

I nodded my head.

"Let's go there. I'm buying you dinner. And we're going to talk."

- - -

Mark ordered some darkish craft beer and got me a margarita. Cadillac, of course.

"So Patience," he said as we waited for the bevvies. "How did you get here? And by that, I mean, how did you get to the point of not being able to afford a car repair? You're what, 26?"

"You're sweet. I'm 29, almost 30. And thank you so much for getting the money from Evans 'the shitbird' and for paying the rest of it off."

"Don't thank me yet, sweetie. That was a loan. Keep going."

The drinks came and we 'Salud'-ed our glasses.

"Well, I was getting tired of my fucking husband cheating on me. Then he was stealing from me. And I was getting real tired of him hitting me... Anyways... Caught him with my sister and that was the last straw. The divorce was finalized two years ago, I got screwed over because he can't keep a job, and I've just been struggling ever since."

"Holy shit," replied Mark. "I had no idea. What a fucking dirtbag. And, pardon me for being forward, but any boyfriends now?"

"Nope. Can't get more than one date. Those dating websites, Jesus Christ! They are just full of one-night wonders! Bang and run, that's all they want. I mean, okay, so I need a bang once in awhile, but Jesus! I'd like a second date sometime. But I'm sure my weight has something to do with it. I used to be 140. But that was years ago. Look at me now."

"Don't worry about it. You're, what do they call it? Height/Weight Proportionate?"

"You mean, my big boobs balance out my huge ass?"

He chuckled, a little embarrassed. How cute!

We talked more about options for me, ways to cut back. He had some great ideas, I mean he's some computer whiz-bang old man for sure. So he should be smart. But even with selling the Beemer and getting a Civic or a little Hyundai, I would just barely break even.

"You need to be loading up your 401-k, and utilizing the stock purchase plan! Christ I made 30 grand last year just with the stock plan. It's based on your salary, but you could've made probably 6 or 7 thousand if you participated."

I shrugged my shoulders. I was in retail before this job. I didn't go to college. Frankly, the stock market scared me. I can't get ahead in this world.

I was about to order a second drink but Mark stopped me. After the waitress left, he explained why.

"First of all, the last thing you need is a Drunk Driving arrest. Second, I know you want to lose weight, and drinking won't help that. And third, well hell. I don't know how to say it. But you need a clear head to think about... well, I've got an idea but you probably won't like it."

"What do you mean, Mark? What idea? Tell me!" I was desperate.

"There's ways to make some money in your spare time. But... no. It's, too stupid. You wouldn't like it."

"Mark, please. As long as it isn't any of that multi-leveling-marketing bullshit. And I don't want to work at a hardware store on the weekends. I need something, I'll do anything!"

"There's this funny thing about human nature," Mark said. "When someone says 'I will do anything', they almost never mean it."

I thought about that for a few moments. "Okay then. I will *consider* anything! How about that! But you're right, I won't sell drugs or whatever."

"No. It's not drugs. It's, holy shit it's hard to explain. And embarrassing. Okay, you have to swear complete confidentiality with me. On your honor. If you repeat what I tell you, you could get me fired, and probably divorced also."

"Oh, well, Mark," I began, suddenly worried. "Like, I'm not going to embezzle anything either, or rob a bank--"

"Whoa baby, it's nothing like that. It has to do with... sex."

I picked up my glass and drained the margarita remnants. Great, I thought. He wants me to be a prostitute.

"Thanks, Mark. I'll return the money as soon as I can." I began to collect my phone and purse.

"Patience. Sit. You need to hear me out. You owe me that much."

Fucker. I do owe him, I thought. I slumped back down.

"Ok Mark. Go ahead. Tell me your sex plan that isn't prostitution."

Mark finished his beer and signalled for another one. I guess he still has me on a diet, though. Whatever. We waited in silence for the beer, I pretended to read my e-mails.

Finally, it arrived and he chugged half of it. Burped quietly, and wiped his mouth.

"Ok. Here it is. But you can't hit me with any of that sexual harassment shit, okay? Here goes: Married men, say, someone such as myself, sometimes we get, oh shit this is harder to admit than I thought."

I knew what he was trying to say. "You get horny and you want to fuck someone other than your wife. I get it. That happened to me, remember?"

"Yeah, well sort of. Sometimes, though, we just need a little spice. We don't want to necessarily 'cheat', but there are alternatives. Some guys go to strip clubs, but that gets very expensive and there's no payoff. So then other guys may go to massage parlors."

He wants me to work in a massage parlor? I guess I should mention at this point I'm not asian. Not being racist, but 99% of them are Asian massage parlors.

"Now hang on, Patience. There's another thing. See, some women run 'massages' out of their homes or hotels. It's *not* prostitution. You give the guy a nice back rub. Soft music, candles, hot oils..."

"And that's it?" I asked.

"Well, then there's the obligatory hand-job at the end. So yeah, that's it."

I asked the waitress for another margie. Weight-loss be damned at this point.

"And, so, Mark, you've done this before I take it?"

He blushed. He actually blushed! "Yeah, I have a few different girls. I go about once a month or so. Look, I've talked to them. They can make an easy six to eight hundred a day."

Well, shit, I thought. That got my attention. Mark kept talking.

"I mean, you wouldn't quit your day job. You could work weeknights from like, six to ten. Get one client a day for five days and you could be making an extra grand a week."

"So wait a minute," I enquired. "How much is it for an hour?"

"Well typical is about 160 an hour. But I figure you could do 180 or 200 an hour."

"Ha!" I laughed in his face. "I can barely get a date, and you're telling me men will pay $200 for an hour with me?" This sounded absurd. I mean, I'm not ugly or anything. Really, I'm not. But I'm not that classic little Barbie doll that everyone seems to want, either. Two hundred bucks, yeah right.

"Patience. Pardon me for being upfront, but you've got an awesome rack! Plenty of guys would love to uh, well in the business it's called 'Mutual Touching'."

"Huh?" I asked, flabbergasted. "How is that not prostitution? They do, what, touch my tits?"

Naturally, the waitress happened to come by with my margarita right at that moment. She awkwardly placed it in front of me and vanished, rather quickly.

"Sweetie," Mark implored. "Keep your voice down okay? It's part of the game. You can be topless, or naked. You make the rules, but there's gotta to be some payoff for the guy. Usually, playing with and sucking of the boobs is standard. You don't have to let anyone touch you... uh..." He blushed again. I didn't help, and watched him struggle. "... uh... down there. You know what I mean right?"

"Let me get this straight. I massage a guy, he sucks my boobs, and I jerk him off, and he pays me $200?"

"Well, yeah. Except that, um, you can probably only ask $150 or so for just topless. $200 assumes nudity and some, uh, touching. But you can say 'just on the outside' if you want to. It's up to you. Some girls do go farther and offer options like kissing, prostate massage."

"Prostate massage?" I said, too loudly, again. Heads turned. I started again quieter. "You mean I stick my finger up his ass? You men are fucking weird!"

"You wear a glove. You charge more for it. I tried it once, but it wasn't for me. My gal Tina tells me of a guy who buys a big black dildo each and every time. They aren't cheap! But he can't keep it anywhere in the house because his wife would kill him. So he gets one, has her anally rape him, and then he throws it in her trash can. She charges him an extra hundo just for that. But, again, it's what you want to do, what you're comfortable with."

Mark sat back in his chair. "Look, I'm sorry to offend you. I just, well, it struck me that you have a great way with people, you're always smiling, you're a 'pleaser' personality type which is probably why your ex took advantage of you. But there's a lot of gals in this business who don't enjoy it, and the guys can tell. Trust me, when the chick isn't into it, it's hard for us to get into it. Okay not all guys, of course. Some guys don't need much stimulation at all. But you, if you act all sweet, pretend you like them, share a little intimacy with them, you'll get repeat customers. Probably so many you'll have to turn them away."

I looked at my margarita. It was half empty, somehow. I don't remember drinking it. Mark was still going on about stuff.

"There's an initial outlay, though. You'll have to get a massage table, towel warmer, sheets and towels, lotions and oils. You'll have to get some spiffy underwear, too. I can help you with all that but..." He didn't finished and looked expectantly at me.

"But, what?"

"It's hard for me to say this," he began. He shifted in his seat. "Well, it's like this. I can front you the money, but only if, well, only if you're really into it, and not just maybe. And I'll need to see for myself."

"Well I haven't decided just yet. I'm thinking it over, ya know? But if I decide to do it, I will be the best masseuse this town has ever seen!"

"I'm sure you will. But I'm talking about another outlay of maybe a thousand or so. I'll need to make sure it's a good investment, for me. I don't want you to find out you don't like it and pay me back ten bucks a month. Know what I'm saying?"

"Yeah, I get it." I didn't know what else to say.

Mark drained his beer. "Okay, here it is. Think it over good and hard. Today's what, Monday? If you think you're into it, then we'll have a trial run on Thursday. Get yourself a good Brazilian. You know what that is, right? And you can pay for that with a credit card, yeah? Good. Then I'll come to your place Thursday. I'll show you how it's done, what to do, what to say, everything. Then we'll see what you think. If you do well, then I'll put up the grand and get you on your way. Deal?"

I finished my drink. Sat back a for a few moments. Jerking guys off for money. This sounds ridiculous. It also makes me damp, I could feel it already. I thought about my future prospects, or rather, the lack thereof.


I shook his hand. At the very least, I thought, I'll get some spiffy underwear. And a Brazilian!

Chapter 2 - Training the Workforce

I texted Mark on Wednesday.

Me: Let's do it

Mark: Great! what time do you get out thurs?

Me: 430. I can prolly b ready by 530.

Mark: I'll see you then shoot me an address

As I lay there naked on the waxing table, the little Chinese gal slathered the wax around my pubes. This should be fun, I thought to myself. I've shaved, but never waxed. I heard it was painful, I mean they just JESUS CHRIST OUCH! BRAZILIAN MOTHERFUCKERS!

I panted like a woman giving birth, trying to blow off the pain. Tears ran down my face, into my hair. Good God that hurts!. And then, of course, that was just the front. Now gotta do the ass also. I won't bore you with the details, but holy shit this is much less fun than I thought it would be!

- - -

Thursday. My thoughts whirled around me and I could barely concentrate on getting my work done. I'm pretty sure Mark is going to get naked and I'll have to jerk him off. I mean, he's old and shit! I think 50? He looks pretty good though. Most everyone here has a gut, some pretty big. He looks trim, has hair with a little gray in it. He actually looks younger than the 40 year old guys in the office. I'll admit it, I got a little turned on at the thought of it.

Time is a weird thing. 5:30 couldn't get here soon enough, and yet simultaneously I dreaded Mark's arrival. How fucked up is that? What's he gonna make me do? How's this going to play out? He did say he likes my rack, maybe he's into me? But he's married, but that's why he does this... fuck, my brain won't shut up!

- - -

5:45 and the doorbell rang. I sighed and opened it, and invited Mark in. He had a paper bag with him.

"Hey sweetie! You look nice, ready to go? Show me around the place."

"Yeah," I responded, nervously. I was just wearing a robe, with the only matching bra and panties I owned. "Well this is the living room. Also it's the family room, office, and sports bar. Kitchen, excuse the mess. And the bedroom is back here. Again, yeah, little messy. Bathroom, oops, just old underwear." I snatched up the dirty bra and threw it in the closet.

Mark led me back to the kitchen. He pulled out two airline bottles of Fireball, that cinnamon whiskey. And two tall Bud Lights.

"Okay. First, let's down these two puppies."

"Uh," I started. "I don't really like Fireball. Too sweet."

He looked at me, then held it out for me. "Right. Down the hatch!"

"Alright" he continued. "Second. We've gotta clean this place up. Too much clutter. Doesn't have to be perfect, but it's gotta be fairly neat. Third, I'm thinking the massage table could fit here if we move this table a little bit. Let's get it darker in here, yeah, pretty good. You want it dark. They'll look better and so will you."

"You need a place for them to lay down the money," he continued. "You do that first and foremost. Nothing happens till then. Do NOT discuss what you will do until AFTER the donation has been laid down."

"Now, I need a shower. Just a quick rinse. I'm assuming you had one already? Good. You need to be soft, smooth, and clean at all times. But no perfumes, remember these guys are going home to momma after this. So I'll need a towel, then we'll start in the bedroom. Smooth out the bed and lay a couple towels across the foot of your bed."

Great, I thought. He's insulted my apartment already, told me this and ordered that... but it's kind of okay, I guess. He seems to know what he's talking about.

I started to find the towels, and he started taking off his shirt! Right there in front of me!

"Oh!" I exclaimed. "I'll, uh, give you some privacy!"

"No, sweetie," Mark said. "Don't ever let these guys be alone in your house. Don't give them any opportunities to do anything. This is good for you too... eyeball them, make sure they don't have any skin diseases or whatever. If they do, keep a twenty and give them the rest of their money back. They should also shower, all of them. They'll have been working all day. And you don't want any, uh, 'remnants' if you know what I mean. You're going to be playing with their, um, asses, ya know."

Mark continued to strip. Shirt and t-shirt off. Wow! Not bad at all. Got some definition going there. Slacks off, black boxer briefs, and now they're off too! Holy shit! Mark is naked in my bedroom!

"You'll need a little stool or something so the guys have a place to pile their stuff. A hook might be nice, too. Hey, eyes up here! I'm talking to you!"

He caught me looking at his cock. I couldn't help it! It was a nice one! A few inches, not too much hair.

"So I have to shave down," I said. "To the point of extreme pain, and you can be all hairy?"

Mark laughed. "Yeah I know, double standard. Most guys will not be shaved, sorry. Get me a towel?"

He stepped into the shower. "You'll need to get unscented body wash. And those scrunchy things to wash with."

"You mean a loofah?"

"Yeah, those nylon ones. You need a new one every time. Leave the tag on so they know it's new. They're only a buck or so."

He stepped out and dried off. "At this point, you'll lead them to the table and have them lie down, face down. Of course you'll have the table set up already with fresh linens and towels. But today, I'm going to give you a demo, so you'll be laying down on the bed face down. No, not like that sweetie. You'll have to undress."

I just looked at him. I froze. I wasn't expecting to get naked. I mean, I guessed it might happen, but later. Much later. Not now!

I told him to hold on a second, and I walked to the kitchen. I poured myself a glass of my cheapo boxed chardonnay and gulped it down. Wow. With the Fireball and now this glass, I felt a little flush. Okay, let's be a big girl, you can do this.

"Sorry," I offered. "Just took me by surprise! I'm all good now. Okay. Here we go."

But I still just stood there. Mark came up to me, and he cradled my face in his hands.

"You can do this," he whispered. "You're gorgeous, with a hot body!"

"No! I'm fat" I almost cried.

"You're voluptuous. Shapely. A woman with curves. I like curves. Here, I'll get you started."

He reached down and undid my robe, slipped it off my shoulders. I can see why he said it should be dark in here. I wanted it darker!

He spun me around halfway and undid my bra. Three hooks. It's kind of industrial strength. He slipped my panties down, and still stayed behind me. He motioned for me to lay down. He still hadn't really 'seen' me yet, I guess he was sparing my feelings. I was grateful.

"I'll be right back." He went in the bathroom and ran the water for a minute or so.

"Okay, even after they shower, you'll start with this. A small to medium sized hot towel. Now, spread your legs, more, more, more! That's it! Don't worry, the guys will automatically spread theirs."

Then he placed that rolled up hot towel right on my ass crack. Jesus that felt awesome!

"Nice?" he asked.

"Mmmmhmmm," I moaned.

He pushed on the towel, and rubbed it up and down on my asshole.

"This feels fantastic to the guys. Plus, it does two things. First, it lets them know that they made the right choice in coming to see you! They're getting their asshole played within the first minute! They'll be into it. And second, it gives you one last chance at cleaning them up real good in case they missed anything. You are going to spend some time down here, and you don't want any, uh, surprises."

Good, I thought. I was concerned about that as I know lots of guys are pigs and not so conscientious with their hygiene.

"Get the balls, too," Mark stated. "They'll love it. You don't have any, but... yeah, right there. You can ask them, 'Is this okay?' they'll obviously say yes."

Oh my. Hot towel on my vagina lips. Ohhhhh! That's new. I could feel my nervousness slipping away already, being replaced by little lusty tinglings. Unfortunately, Mark took the towel away too soon.

"Don't look at it, just assume you did a good job. Toss it aside, you'll need a basket for that, too. Now, here's my favorite tactic, I think you'll like it. With your fingertips, and just almost no pressure, like this, just grazing your hands all over his body. You're not racing, but you're covering a lot of ground... very lightly... arms... back... butt... legs...back and forth... not fast, but swift... gentle... all over... glance over their butt hole... tickle the balls, or in your case, the lips... how we doin'?"

How we doin'? Fucking amazing! Holy shit I was almost ready to twist over and grab his cock! Jesus, his fingers danced everywhere! And when they grazed my hole, God I never thought of my asshole as being a sexy part, but WOW! And he skimmed my pussy lips just ever so much, I thought I was about to float off the table.

"Patience? You still with me?"

I giggled. "Yeah boss. Holy shit, don't stop!"

"Yeah, told ya you'd like it!"

He kept finger dancing on my backside for eternity, or maybe a couple more minutes. I couldn't be sure.

"So do that for about five minutes. Oh yeah, you need a good clock that you can easily see without it being too obvious. You getting all this?"

I could barely speak. And then just a whisper. "I'm getting hot and bothered is what I'm getting." And I was. Getting hot. And wet. And bothered. This guy is fucking good! He got me from nervous wreck to ready-to-fuck in five minutes? Could I ever be this good? I hoped so.

"Then start increasing the pressure somewhat, right as you come to the ass cheeks. Mmmm, squeeze them hard, yeah, you're not in a hurry, spend some time here. I like your ass, by the way. Nice and juicy! Take one hand and get your squeeze bottle of oil. It's important to try not to lose contact with him. Always be touching him if you can. Squirt some oil on him, yeah... and spread it around, squish those cheeks, and make sure you do this, too."

Mark's pinky finger slid deep in my crack, and he touched my asshole. It was so... intimate, having someone touch me in the most personal of places. His hands kept moving around down there, good God it felt nice.

"That's the 'taint'," Mark whispered as he probed the area between my butt and my kitty. "You'll feel the guy hard down here, it's the base of his cock. Nobody ever touches him down here, but you will. He'll love it."

I was losing my mind. My breath deepened. I am going to need to cum at some point here, dammit. For fuck's sake!

He ran (I think) his middle finger between my pussy lips a little. Then he came back and pressed into my butt just a tiny bit. I never liked butt play before, but this way, his style, well I loved it.

"Okay honey," Mark continued in his low voice. "This is why we need to get a professional table. Now just hold still."

Mark squirted more oil on my back and buns, then he climbed on the bed with me, Holy shit! He crawled on top of me, and I felt his hot, rock hard cock slip between my butt cheeks. He settled his weight on top of me. His cock felt much bigger than it looked a few minutes ago.

"I should say, by this point you should be naked, then you can drag your big tits... oh, uh, sorry to be vulgar. I know some girls don't like the word 'tits', ya know."

"Iss fine," was all I could manage to say. "They are pretty big!"

"They're fantastic. So I can't really show you how, but rub your tits all over his back, kinda like this. Mmmmm. Yessss. Please excuse my cock on your ass. Also, you want to talk to him. Be cute, be funny, be sexy, be silly! Have fun with this. Then rub your tits along his ass. Grab one and shove it between his ass cheeks. He'll probably rise up, yeah like that, to give you better access. Rub your nipple on his ass hole if you can. Then come back and rub your pussy on his butt cheeks, and on his tailbone, right here."

Then Mark sat up on his haunches, so all the weight was on my butt. I liked the compression feeling. And my pussy was going wild. Every nerve down there was just aching to be touched, and they fired pleasure bursts when they were.

"From here," Mark continued. "You can rub his shoulders, his neck, like this. His back, his arms, so he's kind of getting a professional-like massage, but all the while you'll be rubbing your clit into his tailbone."

"Ohhh that feels good on my neck!"

"Yes, you're very tense. So make up some bullshit about chokras, or auras, or something. 'I'm taking away all the stress in your body'. Shit like that. Then, do a one-eighty, like this... and now you're still sitting on his ass but massaging his calves and thighs. Go freestyle, too. Feel free to rub your tits and pussy all over him. Trust me, He'll be trying to turn over at this point. You'll have to keep him down!"

The massage went on, and on, and I went higher and higher into heaven. My pussy got hotter and hotter, Then he slid off back to a standing position, but kept his hands on me. Nice touch. His hand went right to my crack, and unabashedly rubbed my asshole and my pussy lips. He rested his thumb on my ass, and then slipped his middle finger between my pussy lips. I lifted my hips and groaned.

"Well, since you don't have a cock, I'm doing this. But you'll be stroking him at this point. It's a little awkward position, but it's unusual, too, and will seriously get him fired up."

"Do this for awhile, and we're about at the 30 minute mark. Now's the time to turn over. But first, we want to wipe him down with some hot towels. This way he won't make your linens all oily. So, keep a hand on him, or keep your legs against his feet or something, and wipe him down."

"Then, ask him to turn over. This is called 'The Flip'. The important thing here is NOT to lose the momentum. You'll have some older guys, where boners are more difficult to come by and easy to lose. I would suggest you immediately press your tits into his face so he can enjoy himself for a while. Simultaneously, grab the oil and drizzle his cock with it. Then you can start stroking him, while he's still sucking your tits."

"Okay, Patience, Turn over."

I struggled with that as I was so relaxed. But upon turning over I could see his engorged cock, it's head glistening in the dying light of the evening. Normally, I get somewhat self-conscious about my body at this point, am I too fat, does my stomach look big, did I shave? But I didn't give a shit about any of that right now, I just hoped he would touch me.

He slid a pillow under my neck, very important, he said. Guys want to see what's going on. I get it, I wanted to see, also!

Instead of sticking his tits in my face, because, he's a guy, duh, he leaned down and kissed my neck. Gentle kisses, little bit of tongue, but so very nice. I felt a little oil spread on my lower area. Then his hand lightly rubbed all over my pussy lips. He pressed each leg, encouraging me to open them wide.

He lowered his head to my right nipple.

"Good God!" Mark exclaimed. "Your nipples are fucking awesome!"

I laughed. "Yeah, my Ex used to call them 'Power Nipples' cuz they would get so hard, like now."

Mark engulfed my nipple in his wet mouth, while also sliding a finger between my lips. Oh god, finally! He pressed further, slipping his finger up and inside my pussy now. I don't know if it was me or the oil, but everything was SO slick!

"Jesus, it's like a furnace in here!" Mark seemed pleased. He slid another finger or two inside me.

"Please!" I begged in a semi whisper. "Please let me cum!" My nipples felt like they were on fire.

He curled his fingers upwards a bit, hitting my G-spot.

"Yes!" I cried. It was like bells going off in my head and pussy.

Mark quickly stroked his hand in and out, being sure to tickle my spot each time.

I felt the wave coming. It was approaching, and I had to ride it. He stroked my cunt and worked over my nipple with his mouth. I panted and gripped the bed cover, as my hips bucked of their own accord.

Mark released my nipple and came up to kiss me. It was so unexpected, and so welcome, our tongues connected and the wave crashed!

I clamped my legs together on Mark's fist, further pressuring my cunt. Electric shocks emanated from my cunt and spasmed throughout my whole body. The wave kept crashing. Mark still jerked his hand back and forth, only slightly as my legs trapped his hand. But it was enough, I screamed and moaned and threw out a couple hundred "Oh-my-gods" as my orgasm continued to wrack my body.

Mark's other hand molested my tits since he couldn't kiss me anymore. You can't kiss a bucking bronco! Finally, the waves receded back out to sea, and I landed back on Earth.

I opened my eyes to see Mark smiling and chuckling a little bit.

"Been a while for ya, huh?"

"Yeah, been awhile since anything this good!" And it had been. Too long.

"Check it out," Mark said as he showed me his watch. "Right at the 35 minute mark. Which is where you want to be. Now everyone's relaxed, you can rub him more, maybe he'll want to leave, maybe he can cum again or he'll just want to hang with you. You don't want to rush him out at all, but if he wants to go, there's no refunds for time not taken."

"I understand, but what about you, Mark? Shouldn't we do something about you?"

"Well, yes you should! Come on up and show me what you've got!"

Mark helped me up, which wasn't as easy at all since my legs were like jelly sandwiches. He lay down, face up, with that nice big cock pointing up at me.

"I uh," he said sheepishly. "I need some release real quick, you know?"

I told him yes, I did know. I found the bottle of oil and dripped it on his cock and balls. With both hands, I rubbed him all over, even reaching down and touching his butt. He seemed to like that. And what else? Oh yeah, I'm supposed to let him suck my tits.

He seemed to love it as I dangled my breasts across his face, trying to catch a nipple in his mouth. I teased him by pulling away at the last moment for a minute or so. Finally I let him latch on as my right hand gripped his slippery cock.

"Yesss", he whispered.

I remembered he told me to be cute, be funny, just talk. I didn't know what to say, so I just spoke almost randomly.

"You like my tits baby? I think you do... those nipples are just for you... I got so hot, you made me so hot baby... I want you to fuck me baby..."

He couldn't respond as he sucked on my tit, but as the words "I want you to fuck me" came out I could feel him tense up, then his cock began to throb.

I whispered more to him. "Give me your cum, baby. Here honey, shoot it on my tits. give it to me."

I moved down and smothered his cock in my oily tits. I pressed down hard and I could feel his cock pulsing as he shot out jet after of super-heated sperm.

Mark called out quietly, trying to keep his voice down. "Oh fuck! Oh yes, Oh yes"

After he stopped cumming, I rose up for him to admire his handiwork. My tits shone with cum, great gobs of it here and there.

I lifted my left nipple to my mouth, and licked it clean of cum. Then I did the right one. He seemed to like that.

"You're going to do just fine, sweetheart!" Mark seemed very proud.

He pulled me down on top of him, and we kissed deeply as my dirty tits smashed into his chest.

Chapter 3 - Meeting the Needs of the Customer

My advert on Backpage read like this:

- - - - - - -
Busty Beauty Will Pamper YOU!

Come to my upscale apartment after a long hard day at work, baby. Let my soft hands and warm curves caress your body. You will leave here feeling Happy! Guaranteed! I like what I do, and so will you.

The pics are all me, and those are E-cups honey! So call me for a sensual rub down like none other. Not an Escort! But I offer light mutual touching, and you'll be completely satisfied!

No explicit calls please, and I do screen for your safety and mine. Professional Gentlemen 35 and older, please. See you soon! (Not an Escort)

200/60, 6pm-10pm only. 555-867-5309
- - - - - - - -

I snapped a few cleavage shots, and included my red lips, but not my full face. They looked pretty good, I guess?

I figured I was ready. The past week went by in somewhat of a blur. Mark loaned me the cash and I went around town snapping up deals on all the shit I needed to buy. It's strange but it's actually hard to find unscented stuff. Most everything is made to smell nice, not to smell neutral. But like Mark said, after they leave me, they'll be kissing the wife on the cheek, and women have better sniffers than men!

But the apartment's all set, the tables ready, the towel warmer works, and I was scared shitless! I put the ad up on this place called 'Backpage' that Mark knew all about. Within an hour I had two inquiries and 4 dick pictures. Mark said to block those numbers, so I did. Can't have any discussion of services, either.

Finally, I got a serious text offer! We went back and forth, he sent me a pic of his Driver's License with his address covered. Mark insisted on that for my safety. I sent it to an e-mail account of his. Kind of morbid, but at least they could find the guy if something happened to me.

I hurried home and got everything ready for Mike's 6:30 arrival. Lit the candles, put on the new age music, fixed my hair for the fifteenth time, and waited.

And waited.

At 7:30 I blew out the candles and ate a Stouffer's dinner. Asshole! I was so mad, because another guy texted after him for a 7 o'clock slot but I had to decline. Them's the breaks, I guess.

I blocked his number. Mark said not to waste my time with losers, they will just suck up my resources. Got a few dick pics, blocked those guys.

Finally got another date setup for two nights later. His selfie looked pretty good, 40's maybe, not stupid looking. Here's hoping! I sent his name, phone number, and pic to Mark's email. Just a safety feature, Mark said. I got everything prepped for 'Chris'; music ready, candles lit, towel and oil warmers on, I think I got everything?

At 6:05 there was a slight knock at my door. Holy shit he's here! Okay, I told myself. Deep breaths, you can do this. Go on now, open the door, don't make them wait!

I checked the peephole, he looked like the pic he sent me. I opened the door and asked him to come inside. He smiled at me, which was good! Once I closed the door I gave him a nice hug, just to show I'm friendly, ya know. Break the ice a little bit.

"Thanks for coming, Handsome!"

"Well, uh, sure! Nice to be here. Um where do I..." He was fumbling in his pocket. Oh yeah, money first.

"Right over here is a basket, honey." He dropped in some bills. I didn't count them. That looks tacky. "Thanks darling. Would you like a quick shower? Wash off the day? I won't start the hour until you dry off."

"Um, okay! Thanks! Oh, and you look awesome. I'm glad you match your picture, that doesn't always happen."

"Seriously? Well, uh, I aim to please!" Oh god that's a stupid thing to say! "Um, you can undress over here, and there's a towel for you on the table."

Chris undid his dress-shirt buttons, then slipped his black T-shirt over his head. Not bad for forty! Shucked off his shoes, socks. unbuckled his khakis and dropped them to reveal grey boxer briefs. The moment of truth...

And it looks good! Unshaven of course, but I can't expect much from married men. But decently sized. I was so pleased he didn't have a tiny cock. At least not for my first guy!

I showed him to the shower where he cleaned up. Meanwhile I checked myself out in the mirror. I was wearing a black kimono with a tiger design on it and panties. No bra, of course, as the girls will be out soon! The panties, though, well I hadn't made up my mind just yet. Although, I was pretty sure they would be coming off soon.

Hair needs a little flip here, lips good, eyes good, and the water's off!

Chris dried himself and walked naked to the table and laid face down. Mark was right, guys will NOT keep their legs together! Chris's legs splayed out to where his feet were barely on the table.

As the candles flickered and the New-Age music floated over us, I grabbed a hot towel and I began the massage.

"Oooh!" Chris said quietly as I pressed the hot towel in his ass crack and rubbed a little bit.

"That's nice!"

My fingers then did the super-light and quick finger drag all over his skin. His back was only slightly hairy, which was nice for me. I grazed over his ass cheeks, a couple fingers danced on his ball sac. That got a 'mmmm' from Chris. I guess I was doing something right!

It was strange, too. I felt a little tingle in my nipples and downstairs.

"Have you been doing this long?" Chris asked.

Oh shit, I thought. Can he tell?

"Oh, just a little while, I guess. Why? Am I doing something wrong?"

"Oh no! No, I'm just loving this technique. Never had anything like it before."

I passed my right hand over his butt cheeks and grazed my fingernails over his asshole.

"Uh, yesss, that technique! No I just meant I hadn't seen you on Backpage before."

I massaged his taint a little bit, then leaned down and pressed my breasts into his back, and moved my head right by his ear.

"If you're nice to me," I whispered, then licked his earlobe a little. "I'll tell you a secret when we're done."

I kissed his neck a little more and slid my hand down to his balls and tickled them with my nails. I could feel him firming up down there.

"How we doing so far, Chris?"

He moaned, then managed to get out a 'N-i-i-i-c-c-e" as I sucked his lobe a little more.

"Is your back alright? Because I would like to climb on top, if that's okay with you."

Chris chuckled. "I'm perfect, climb on board!"

Remembering Mark's advice, I kept rubbing Chris even as I untied my kimono and let it slip onto the floor. I hesitated for a second, then slipped off my panties with only a little bit of trouble. Chris didn't notice. Damn, I thought. I'm getting good!

I climbed on the table and straddled his ass cheeks, resting my pussy on him. I leaned forward and rested my hands on his shoulders pressing into his tense muscles.

"Oh god that feels good!" said Chris.

I kneaded his shoulders and back muscles for a good couple minutes.

"Is unscented oil okay?"


I lifted off him a bit so I could reach my squeeze bottle from it's warmer. It was kind of like a ketchup squeeze bottle in a restaurant but this one was clear. I drizzled the warm oil all over his back.

Then I put my hands on the table at his sides, and lowered my bare breasts onto his skin. I dragged my hardening nipples back and forth, up and down, and they entered into their 'Power Nipple' mode!

"Is that," Chris stammered. "Are those, what I think they are?"

"Well I don't know," I responded. "If you think they are my bare E-cup breasts, topped by extremely hard and turned on nipples, then, yes. Hope you don't mind!"

"Mind?" he laughed. "Can I turn over now?" And he started to twist!

"Not yet!" I said as I pressed him back to his prone position. I checked the clock. 18 minutes. Okay, Okay, what else?

I raised up and rested my weight on his ass cheeks again. As I rubbed his back up and down with my firm hands, I also ground my pussy into his cheeks.

"I'm getting a little massage too, Hope you don't mind?"

He responded with a muffled "Jesus Christ" and tried to turn over again.

"Uh, uh, uh!" I scolded him playfully and pushed his head back down.

"Now stay, boy!" I said and then did a 180 and sat back on the small of his back facing his feet.

I drizzled oil on his cheeks, and down his legs. Then I rubbed it in from his ass to his feet. Up and down, circling his legs, rubbing everywhere, and finally settling my hands on his ass cheeks.

I rubbed them hard, and deep, and my fingers ran all over his butthole. With my middle finger, I rimmed him good, pressing down but not entering. Again, It was a good thing I was sitting on him as he tried to roll over again. Pressing a little further, I could feel his rock hard taint. I oiled that a little more and pressed slowly, with both hands. Then I mixed it up, one hand on his scrote while the other danced up and down his taint and played with his ass.

Chris was extremely turned on, I could tell by his deep breathing, his rock hard taint, and I could hear him whispering "Jesus" over and over! And, surprisingly, I was also fucking turned on! Well, maybe not so surprisingly. I mean, I was rubbing my tits and pussy on a naked man, after all! And I was loving the feeling that I was in control of this man, and that he was paying to see me!

"Okay," I said to Chris. "I'm going to let you turn over in just a minute or two. But first I need to get a hot towel. I'm going to get down, now Stay!"

"Ok," he said meekly. "But I'm struggling here, don't take too long!"

I slid off Chris and quickly got a hot towel out of the warmer. I waved it a couple times to cool it off, then draped it across his broad shoulders.

"Ahhh," he moaned. "That's really nice!"

I pressed the towel into his skin, sliding it down over his lower back, his butt cheeks, thighs, calves, and feet. It seemed to do a pretty good job of getting the excess oil off his skin.

"Alright, Tiger," I said in my low sexy voice. "Turn over if you'd like to!"

Chris surprised me with his speed and agility! I placed a pillow under his head and he looked at me with a delicious hunger in his eyes. I moved towards him, my breasts closing in on his face. Mark told me the guys will want to suck my tits. I mean, I thought they were too fat, but he assured me they would like them. Mark seemed to be right.

Chris reached out with his hands and gently held my left breast as I brought it to his mouth. He kissed all around my turgid nipple, and finally latched on. His tongue worked on me as his lips surrounded my nipple and he sucked as hard as he could.

Jesus, what a charge I was getting out of this! This guy is paying me big money to suck on my big fat tit! And he loves it! I moaned and enjoyed the sensations. Little sparks ran from my nipples directly to my pussy. Jesus. Oh shit, I should be doing something, right? Oh yeah, grab his cock!

I grabbed my squirt bottle and saturated his cock with oil, at the same time he was getting much more handsy with my tits; squeezing both of them, rolling them, kneading them, all while never letting go of my left power nipple.

I lightly handled the head of his cock, enjoying the slippery feel of it. Grasping a little tighter, I began stroking him the full length. It was a nice cock, just kind of regular, I guess. But super, super rock hard. I made sure to squeeze hard when I got right under his tip.

I only stroked him like maybe twenty times when he released my tit from his sucking mouth and just whispered "Holy fucking shit!" I felt his cock beginning to shudder and pulse, I increased my stroked right at his dick's head and kept the pressure firm.

I was immediately rewarded with spurts of cum! I felt the hot juice hit my right tit, again and again. I kept stroking him and looked at his cock, the spurts now just hitting his stomach and lower abdomen. Christ, I thought. This guys cums a lot!

Chris's body went from rigid to limp as his orgasm left the building. "Oh my God! You don't know how good that felt... thank you thank you thank you. I need a minute..." I smiled as he panted, still holding his cock.

I looked at the clock, 33 minutes. Right on schedule! I grabbed another hot towel from the warmer and cleaned his cum off my tit, then wiped his stomach and groin area all clean.

"Good as new!" I pronounced. I gently rubbed his shoulders and chest, and banged into his still hard cock.

"Patience?" Chris asked. "Do we have any time left?"

"Yes baby, about twenty minutes or so. What can I do for you? Another back rub or--"

"Well, if you don't mind, maybe I could, um, play with your boobs some more? I can't get this at home!"

"Sure baby!" I moved around to where I was standing right at his head and dangled my tits in his face. I teased him some before I let his mouth catch a nipple. Meanwhile, he reached over his head and discovered my ass.

Squeezing my cheeks, he exclaimed, "You seem to have lost your pants!"

"Yeah, um, they were here a minute ago..."

I mashed my left tit back in his face as he continued feeling me, trying to spread my cheeks.

What the fuck, I thought, and I spread my legs open wide.

Chris released my cheeks and placed his hand on my pussy from the front, and worked his fingers in between my pussy lips.

"Christ, you're all wet!"

Yeah, I was fucking wet. I was very fucking wet. I would really like to cum, and I like this guy Chris! Mark warned me not to get emotionally involved, but, fuck! This is hard! I'm being all intimate with this guy, made him cum, he's touching my cunt, and I'm not supposed to feel anything? Shit! I do feel something! I want to fuck the shit out of this guy!

But, but, that would make me a prostitute. A fucking whore. Which I'm not. Right? I'm not a whore? Or am I? Fucking hell!

Chris slipped a couple fingers right into my wet pussy. I stiffened up, but from pleasure, not anger or surprise. Goddamnit I want to cum. I looked at his cock, it was the same fucking hardness as it was before he came. Ok, think! Think of something!

I told him to hold still, and I climbed aboard the table again. I really wanted to impale my fucking self on his pole, but no, not today.

I squirted more oil on his cock, and squirted some on my cleavage, too. I nestled myself in between his legs so that my tits came to rest right on top of his cock. With just a little push, his cock snuggled in between my tits. With great tactical brilliance on my part, I straddled his right leg with both of mine, my pussy lips resting on his knee. Yeah baby!

I moved up and down on his cock as I pressed my tits from the side. "You like tit fucking me baby? Huh baby? Big fucking tits for you?"

"Yes! Jesus Christ YES! I love your fucking tits so much! Fucking big motherfucking tits!"

He fucked my tits hard while I humped his knee with my cunt and my clit.

"You feel my wetness on you, Chris? Huh? Feel my wet cunt? I'm gonna cum on you is that okay?"

Chris nodded yes vigorously with his head, but seemed unable to speak.

"Cum on my tits, baby! Fuck my big fucking tits and cum on me!"

Chris thrashed about and pummeled my chest with his raging cock. The look in his eyes, on his face, I fucking loved it. This guy was into ME! And he was fucking paying for it, for ME! Fuck yeah!

My thighs death-gripped his leg as my pussy ground hard into his kneebone. I was going to cum in about 12 seconds.

"Chris," I panted. "I'm going to cum on you. Hope that's okay!"

"Really! Oh FUCK!!" Chris groaned like some spook on Halloween as his convulsing cock shot more spurt between my big tits. Simultaneously, my orgasm hit me like I knew it would. It was a big, strong one, so much better than the small-to-medium ones I get by myself. This one tore at my insides like a fucking lion.

I leaked a bunch of juices on Chris's leg, and finally collapsed lazily on top of him, forgetting myself, my job, my role, it was fan-fucking-tastic.

After a few moments or maybe an hour, Chris called to me. "Patience? you okay sweetie?"

"Yeah baby," I responded, dreamily. Glancing at the clock, we still had ten minutes. Mark's voice pounded in my head. It's a business! Don't get involved! It's a business!

Right. It's a business. Fuck!

"How about another shower, baby?" I asked Chris. "I'll clean you up!"

We steadied each other as we went to my shitty bathroom and started the crappy shower. Chris's cock was still hard.

"Viagra?" I asked him. He nodded.

"Well I hope that fucker goes down! Will be kind of embarrassing to show up in the emergency room with a raging hard-on!" I'm such a pisser sometimes. I think I'm funny, and sometimes that's enough.

I scrubbed this man good, and let him wash my tits thoroughly. Apparently, they were amazingly dirty as he just kept washing and washing them with the soap. I smiled and giggled, you gotta love a guy who likes big tits like mine!

As we dried each other off, Chris looked kind of upset.

"You okay hon?" I asked.

"Yeah, was just wondering something."

"What is it sweetie?" I asked.

"Well, it's kind of stupid. I'd like to see you again, but I'd also like to kiss you next time. Is that weird?"

Oh fuck oh shit! I want to kiss him too!

"DON'T GET EMOTIONALLY INVOLVED" Mark's voice boomed in my head.

"Um, no, not weird baby!" I said, trying to think of something else Mark had said. Oh yeah, GFE. "We can do the, uh, Girl Friend Experience thing. But it's a little more costly."

How much more, I thought frantically! I like this guy but I'm also supposed to charge him but I don't want to scare him away. Fifty bucks? Fifty bucks for kissing? Sounds fair, I guess? That's a total of $250, would he pay that? Oh shit what do I do?

"I tell you what," I said, making this shit up as I went along. "I told you I'd tell you a secret. And that is, you're my first ever customer!"

"No way!" Chris remarked. "You're, you're amazing! A fucking pro! I've been to lots of places and girls but you're the best ever--"

I kissed him. And hugged him. And leaned into him, and felt his hard cock pressing into my belly.

"Come back next week, I'll do any fucking thing you want for three hundred." I dropped to my knees, took his cock and slapped it against my cheek. A little string of post-cum, or pre-cum, stuck to my cheek. I kissed his cock on it's hard shaft.

"Any fucking thing you want." I repeated.

Chris is now my best customer. You fucking better believe it!

- - - -

That first week I made $450, as Chris had left me an extra tip. I took Friday night off to relax, but I had guys texting me to see if i was available. This is pretty cool!

The next Monday, I had a big, fat, hairy but bald-headed guy. He was 350 pounds easy. Kinda hard to find his dick. Erect, he was at least 3 inches. Oh well, He liked me. Mark had said that I need to try and find one thing about each guy that I could like. With this guy, I like his attitude. He was like, Hey, I'm big and fat but so what!

Tuesday was Rick. So cute, single, and so nervous! His first time ever, he said, at a massage place. He wasn't even hard at the halfway point because of his nerves. He was even shaking a little bit. Once I let him suck my tits, he seemed to calm down. He shot his load, grabbed his clothes and left without tucking in his shirt or anything! Maybe I was too big? Maybe I was too forward? Maybe he's so socially awkward and this is the best he can do?

Wednesday Chris came again, he had texted that he wanted the 'anything I want' package. Me and my dumb mouth. I introduced a new little thing to my routine, drinking! I got some airline bottles of Fireball, Jack Daniels, and Patron. Also had on hand Stella beers and some La Crema chardonnay. Mark helped me pick these out. Said most guys could make do with these selections.

I opened the door for Chris, but he couldn't see me as I was hidden behind the door. He stepped in and I closed it, revealing myself to be completely naked! I hugged him and kissed his cheek, then led him by the hand to the kitchen where I showed him my drink collection. Pleased, he chose a Fireball shot, and could he also have a beer? I shot a Fireball with him, and he opened the white wine and poured me some. He drank his beer in the shower, which I never heard of, but he said it's kind of a thing.

The shot and the wine mellowed me quite a bit but I was still fully functional. I'm not a lightweight by any means! I may be poor, but I know how to drink. It was nice to be mellowed, that little bitch in the back corner of my mind kept telling me "You're gonna be a whore, you're gonna be a whore!" She was doing it a in a child's sing-song voice which was really annoying.

I guess she was right, though. I was going to be a whore. I was going to fuck this guy and he was going to pay me. No, wait, let me check the basket... yep, he already paid me! $300. Maybe that's too little? Whatever, I needed to get laid as bad as he did, I think.

I met him as he stepped out of the shower. I took his towel from him and finished drying him off. I paid particular attention to his lower body, patting and rubbing him all over. As I eyeballed his cock and balls, I thought to myself that he looked pretty clean, nothing visible.

I dropped the towel to the side, and took his cock in my right hand. I don't know if it was Viagra or he was just happy to see me, but he was fully hard already! Leaning in close, I stuck out my tongue and licked his penis head.

"Mmmmm" I moaned as I closed my lips around his cock. He grabbed the door frame, to stabilize himself.

"Jesus Fucking Christ on the Cross!" he managed to say.

I stroked him with my hand a little bit, and brought more of his cock inside my mouth. Slathering him with my tongue, I got him all seriously wet. I pulled back off him, a little spider web of saliva hung between us for a moment. I looked up into his eyes.

"Don't you go and write about this on that Erotic Review site!" I warned him.

"Oh fuck no! I promise." He shook his head with deep sincerity.

"Okay baby," I replied. Then I asked him, "So did you want to maybe skip the massage and just have some fun?"

He nodded eagerly as I led him to my bed.

Once we lay down on the sheets, he wanted to kiss me, and kiss me he did! For like ten minutes! Tender, gentle, hard, soft, with tongue, without, he just liked kissing me a whole fucking lot! I liked it too, as we rolled around on the bed, my legs opened a few times. I could smell my arousal.

"Would you, um," he stammered. "Can I do anything for you?"

I jokingly answered "Well you can eat me out and fuck me!" And before I could really laugh he was already moving down and spreading my legs.

As good as Chris was at kissing, he was even better at licking pussy. Tender and gentle at first, but he picked up speed and licked and sucked my lips very enthusiastically.

"Your wife must love this!"

He broke off for a minute and looked up at me, his face glistening in the candlelight. "Naw, not so much. It makes her nervous, she says." He returned to his eating of my pussy.

Stupid woman, his wife, I thought. Chris slipped in a couple fingers easily, yesssss! I was so fucking wet I couldn't believe it! I arched up as he ran his tongue around my pulsing clit, and his fingers probed my deeper and deeper. Please, please, more to the front, almost... YES! That's the spot.

"Yes baby, yes baby! Right there, keep doing that... I'm going to cum, uh huh, yes baby! OOOOO!"

He stayed on my clit through my orgasm, I had to push him off as it got too intense and hurt a little bit. He shoved the rest of his fingers up inside me. My pussy clenched on his fingers all by itself. I felt full and wonderful.

"Did you, ahh, did you cum?"

"Jesus Christ yes baby! Thank you!" I motioned him to come up and we met in a beautiful kiss. My pussy juice dripped down his chin onto mine. Fucking sweet.

He lowered his body onto mine, and his cock just fell in right where it was supposed to. Without even trying, he was about two inches inside me. He grinned at me, and pushed it all the way in.

We both let out an "Ahhhhh" as he filled me up. Then I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him tight.

"Come on baby," I whispered. "Fuck me like you mean it!"

And he did. He fucked me hard, he fucked me deep, he fucked me fast, I felt so complete. He pistoned in and out of me so fucking hard, I didn't know what to think or do. All that remained was animal instinct. I think I growled or mewled at him, he just fell on top of me and kept fucking me and squeezed my tit.

"Ouch!" I yelped as he pinched my nipple so hard. He relented, only slightly, then went back to squeezing my whole tit as hard as he could. This boy likes big tits, I remembered thinking.

Still fucking me, he rose up on his elbows and bent his head down so he could suck my tits. I held the for him and he hungrily sucked them.

"I gotta cum!" he squeaked out. He looked unsure, like he didn't know if that was okay or what.

"Cum inside me baby, it's fine" And it was fine. I'm on the Pill, thanks to Mark's insistence.

"Oh fu-u-u-u-c-k-k-k!" Chris moaned as he pumped full of his hot cum. I could feel the hot jets of his sperm shooting inside me. His cock trembled and flexed for me.

It was, one of those surreal moments. I hadn't been laid properly in months, and now, this guy is PAYING good money to fuck me! I just held him tighter as he emptied it all inside me.

After a couple minutes, he returned to earth and breathed like a normal human. "Thank you, thank you so much!" He looked like he was close to tears. "It's been so long since, well, since it's been good..."

I just let that hang. I know how he felt!

"I'm here for you baby," I said. "Whenever you need me, just call me." I kissed him deeply. "I needed this too!"

We kissed some more. His cock was still inside me, thought partly deflated.

"I'll be your fuck buddy," I whispered to him. "I'll be your cum-slut. I'll be your whore. You like that? You like having your own personal cum whore? Yes baby, you're hard again, I can feel it, fuck me some more baby, yes, like that... fuck your cum slut... you can cum in my cunt... uh huh... cum in my ass... cum in my mouth... all my holes are for you baby... fuck me anywhere baby... fuck me... I need it... I need your cum... fuck your whore baby... fuck your whore hard baby... you're making me cum baby... I'm cumming on your cock baby..."

And I did. My cunt death-gripped his cock and I shook with passion and delight as my orgasm spasmed through my entire body. I think my dirty-talking did it. I meant all of it, too. He climaxed somewhere during this time, too. His cock could barely stay inside me with all the extra cum in there!

Eventually, I looked at the clock. One hour and ten. Whatever, I didn't have anyone else booked. Chris reluctantly rose off me.

He spoke very excitedly. "Jesus! That was, amazing! The best ever! You're, you're, it was so, oh my God you're the best!"

Cum was basically flowing out of my cunt, so I suggested we shower. Chris left with a silly grin on his face and a can of Coke in his hand, my attempt at sobering him up before he went home to the little wife.

Chapter 4 - Budget Surplus

I grossed almost three thousand that first month! I was popular! My expenses were pretty good, just had to get more oil. Well, lots of oil, actually. And more loofah balls for the shower. And, well, I hadn't seen the electricity bill yet. My washer/dryer ran every day. I paid Mark back in whole, so he and I are square. It's good to be back on my feet again.

Oh, and I lost ten pounds! They are kind of just falling off. Mark suggested I not eat any wheat for awhile. No hamburger buns, waffles, doughnuts, rolls, toast, crackers, none of it. Shit! I love all those things! But hey, ten pounds gone already. I'll keep it up then.

I told Mark of my exploits, I had to tell Somebody! He laughed with me at some of the goofy guys, got noticeably turned on by some of them, and expressed concern at a couple of the guys.

"The best thing to do with guys like Trevor is to just say that you aren't available. Hopefully, he'll get the hint."

Trevor had some anger issues and honestly, he scared me. He got mad that we weren't going to fuck and grabbed my arm, hard. I tried to tell him that I advertise in the Body Rub section and not the Escort section but he didn't seem to understand. I mean, yeah, I am fucking one of my clients for money, but I'm not a Total Whore!

Hopefully, he'll disappear. But that's not what I want to talk about.

On this particular Wednesday, I got a text from someone who said she was a woman, and that she wondered if I did outcalls to hotels?

Mark had suggested that outcalls could be an option for me, as long as it was a nice hotel and not some fleabag in Santa Ana or something. I could charge more for it, too. Travel time, don't ya know.

So I told this lady to call me instead of texting, I wanted to hear her voice. The phone rang immediately.


"Hi, my name is Shelby," she said quietly. "We were just texting? I was calling about Saturday?"

"Yes, hi Shelby! I can hear that you are a woman! Sorry, but I get lots of weirdos and have to make sure."

"Oh, I guess you do. So um, my husband and I are staying at the Hilton by the beach this weekend and, well, we were wondering if you could come by sometime? Your ad doesn't say if you do outcalls or not?"

Oh wow, I thought. her and her husband? Kinky! I'd had one semi-experience with another girl, a long time ago. It was the summer after high school, and this friend and I were feeling sorry for ourselves on Saturday night. We got drunk, cried a little, laughed a lot, then she showed me some of her dad's porn on videotapes. We didn't get entirely naked, but we masturbated next to each other. Then we masturbated each other, which was really fucking strange but so cool! And we kissed and felt each other's titties. Then I threw up (in the toilet) and that pretty much ended that. We didn't talk about it again. I was relieved but also a bit bummed as it was, I guess 'interesting' is the word I'm looking for.

"Okay, yeah!" I said, making up my mind. "We can do something. Well, you've seen my ad, so it's just a sensual rub, not full service--"

"Oh right! No, we don't need that. I just want a massage and my husband just wants to, um, he just wants to watch, if that's okay."

"Sure, fine. So being that it's for Saturday, and an outcall, that would be..." Oh shit, what would that be? How much should I charge? Fuck, I should think about these things beforehand.

"Three hundred for the hour." I almost said 'How does that sound?' but I remembered Mark's advice: State your price with authority. They'll pay it, or they won't. Don't sound wishy washy.

"Three hundred sounds great! But listen. Can we go over on the time, if we want to?"

"Sure thing uh... we can do like, an hour and a half, or whatever. I don't have any appointments after this one." I was thinking, what the hell am I going to do for 90 minutes? Or two hours? Holy shit!

Shelby texted me pics of their drivers licenses. She was 41, pleasant face, red hair (dyed but looked good, not stupid), 5-7 and 140 pounds. Husband Ted was 40, brown hair, decent looking, 5-10 and 180. That's the cool thing about drivers licenses, I get all their measurements!

Saturday came around and I got ready. I had to re-Brazilian myself again, so I had that done Friday morning, hoping it would all settle down by Saturday, which it did. Shelby didn't specify anything for me to wear, so I went to Victoria's for some Secret stuff.

I dressed in business wear: medium blue skirt, white blouse, and blue pumps. I packed my little roller bag with my oils, candles, music speaker, and some higher heels! Mark said I shouldn't look like a slut going in the lobby. Sounded like good advice.

Texted Shelby for the room number and made my way up to the ninth floor. In the elevator, I put my hair up in a bun, so I looked more sever. Undid a button on my blouse. Nope, one more. Okay another one. Yes! Glasses on. Now I looked like some slutty business lady I've seen in the porns. 936, 936, oh it's this way. I almost knocked, then stopped myself. Glancing around to make sure nobody was there, I grabbed my nipples hard and twisted them. Come on girls, more twisting, yes, there they are! I pulled my blouse back and my nipples stuck out accordingly. Deep breath. Exhale. Relax. Knock quietly on the door.

"Hi Patience, come inside!" Shelby greeted me warmly. "This is my husband Ted, can I offer you a glass of shine? I mean, wine, chardonnay, not shine! Oh I'm so dumb!"

I giggled and hugged Shelby, and not just a quick one, but a nice long and strong hug. Then I hugged Ted almost the same way. He just smiled and kind of looked about like he didn't know what to do next.

They sat at the two chairs at the table and I sat on the edge of the king bed. We drank our wine, we didn't sip! I think all of us needed a little lubrication.

I took charge of the situation. "Is this your first time getting a massage?"

"Yes," replied Shelby. "Does it show? We're both kind of nervous!"

"Oh you guys are fine! But you do seem a little nervous. Let's refill our glasses, and we can take our time. I've got all the time you need."

"Oh stupid me!" cried Shelby. "Ted! Get the envelope!"

Ted almost knocked over both their wine glasses as he leapt up and charged over to the desk. He pulled out an envelope, then tried to hand it to me.

"Just set it down here, Ted." I instructed, indicating next to me on the bed.

I peeked in and saw several hundred dollar bills. More than 3 which was our agreed upon price.

"There's six hundo there, I figure two hours is good to start. We have more cash if we want to go longer, is that okay?" Shelby was so sweet. Her voice was still a little shaky, though.

I stood up and put the envelope in my rolling suitcase. Six hundred bucks! And maybe more! I tried not to rub my hands together like I usually do when I'm excited.

I sat back on the bed, then I patted the bed next to me.

"Why don't you come sit over here, Shelby." She sat right next to me, our legs touching. Her white capris were nice and tight on her, and the pale pink sweater was just so cute. I brushed her red hair back behind her left ear.

"Have you ever been with a woman before?" I asked gently.

Shelby's face turned pink, a few shades darker than her sweater. She just shook her head slightly 'no'.

"Ever kissed a woman?"

She sat for a moment, then shook her head ever so slightly again.

"But, you're okay if that happens? I don't want to pressure you or anything. We aren't going to do anything you don't want to."

She paused, and then looked at Ted and nodded her head 'yes'. Okay, she's a complete newbie, and I'm just barely passed her, but she doesn't know that.

I placed my hand on her leg and gently squeezed. "I think we're going to have fun tonight!" and we both giggled.

"Okay, help me spread out these towels on the bed? And Ted, you light some candles, please." I dug them out of my case. Shelby and I arranged the towels and placed some pillows nearby, too. I got out my music speaker and put on my Pandora mix of new age guitars, it's very soothing.

I turned out the electric lights, and said to Ted, "Why don't you help your wife get undressed, I'm going to the ladies room for a few moments. Then, honey, lay face down, your head here. And place this hand towel over your bum. I'll be right back!"

Inside the bathroom, I took my blouse off and my bra. Then I put the blouse back on, but left it unbuttoned and just tied the ends together at the bottom. I hiked my skirt up and pulled my panties off. I sniffed them, they had a good strong scent! I changed my shoes to the much taller stripper heels and slid them over my wide-mesh stockings, held up by a pretty garter belt. I posed and turned in front of the mirror because, well, that's what I do. I thought I looked pretty good. My "Power" nipples got hard again all by themselves. They poked through my blouse nicely.

I ran the hot water, and while I waited for it I rubbed my pussy lips a little bit, grazing my clit now and then. Mmmmm. I was going to let my hair down, but then I held off.

I wet a washcloth with the ultra-hot water, then opened the door and asked if they were ready. I got a giggly 'yes' from Shelby. Here we go!

I grabbed the hot cloth, my big lacy black bra and my matching lace panties and strode out into the room.

Shelby lay face down, like I said, but she didn't have the towel on her bum. It just stuck up naked in the air, inviting me. Her head was turned so she could see Ted as I walked to him and turned away from him, facing her.

"Ted? Be a dear and pull out my hair pin?" My luscious brunette hair tumbled around my shoulders. I could hear Shelby gasp as she watched, intently.

"Thank you darling," I said to Ted as he sat back down. "Say, can you hold this for me?" and I dropped my bra in his lap. He snatched it up and held one of the cups to his face.

"Thank you, Patience," he mumbled. I could see his pants bulging.

I stepped over to Shelby and dropped my panties right in front of her face and nose.

"Thought you might like these?"

"Oh my God!" she squealed as she grabbed the damp panties and smashed them into her face, breathing in deeply. I smiled and laid the hot washcloth right on the crack of her ass. I knew she would be clean, so this was just for shock value and pleasure.

Shelby moaned as the steaming towel hit her tender butt hole, then moaned again as I pressed into the washcloth and rubbed it up and down her ass crack.

"Too hot?" I asked, teasingly.

"Oh fuck no!" Shelby blurted out too loudly. Then she laughed at her faux pas. "I am loving this so much!"

"We've only just begun."

I discovered that standing by the bed and leaning over was kind of hard on my back, so I clambered onto the bed beside Shelby and started the massage.

My fingers and nails did their ultra-light speed finger dance all over Shelby's back, legs, and bum. She squirmed and squealed with delight. I looked directly in Ted's eyes as I did this. I could only see his eyes as my bra covered up the rest of his face. I licked my lips for him, and made a kissy face. He just reached for his cock and started stroking the outside of his pants.

After several minutes of this, and I mean minutes, not moments, I slowed down my speed and increased the pressure slightly, still traveling all over her body. But I hadn't touched any 'private parts' yet. I figured now was a good time for that.

As my right hand rubbed her shoulder with some good pressure, I dangled the fingers of my left hand down her ass crack. Up and down just on the crack lightly, then pressing a little harder so my fingers spread her ass cheeks apart, seeking their target.

My index finger found her asshole first. Shelby tensed up for a moment.

"Is this okay baby?" I whispered.

"Yes," she giggled. "Just surprised me is all. Don't stop!"

I moved a little so my middle finger lay directly on her hot hole and I rubbed it back and forth. I took my oil bottle with my right hand and drizzled some right on her butt cheeks and crack. Now my slippery fingers really worked on her hole, rimming it thoroughly.

Shelby just gave out little moans as I pleasured her like I'm pretty sure she had never been before. It was doing me a lot of good too. The smell of pussy was in the air, and I didn't know if it was more here or more me!

"I'm touching your asshole baby, do you like it?"

Shelby could only manage a feeble "yes" as I pressed a little harder. My fingers weren't actually penetrating at this point, just rubbing all around her sphincter like a digital rimjob.

After a couple minutes of that I went to other areas; thighs, calves, feet, back and shoulders with real massage work. Occasionally I'd slide my hands down her sides and skimmed the sides of her breasts. She would giggle when that happened.

Since we were on the bed, I could do some things that we couldn't do on a massage table. For example, I moved up to her head, put my knees right alongside her head, and then I reached down and rubbed her back in long strokes, ending at her ass cheeks. Of course, my thumbs played with her butt for a few seconds every time I did that.

A by-product of that move was that now here head was covered by my skirt with my bare pussy underneath, which meant that she was now trapped in a pussy aroma tent! She squirmed and kissed my legs, trying to kiss up higher but her head didn't bend that way.

"You okay in there?" I asked, teasingly.

"MmmmHmmm!" was all I got in reply.

I oiled up her back some more, and kept rubbing her with long, hard strokes for another few minutes. Shelby was becoming a complete limp, wet rag.

"Stay here, darling, don't get up! I'm just changing a little bit."

I got off the bed and went to Ted. "Stand up honey, I need your help. My hands are oily, can you undo my blouse and take it off for me?"

Ted's hands shook as he fumbled with the tied shirt ends. He looked at me, pleading.

"Not yet baby, you can't touch anything until Shelby is done with me."

Shelby, watching the whole thing, smiled at me and I winked back at her.

Ted finally got my blouse undone and my breasts fell to their natural hanging position. Ahhh, felt good to let the girls out!

"Might as well let the skirt off, too, Ted." I turned so he could unzip me, and then I stepped out of my skirt.

Shelby bit her lower lip as she took in the sight of me in my heels, stockings and garter. I reached down and slipped a finger between my pussy lips.

"Jesus!" I exclaimed. "I'm so wet! Hey Shelby, wanna taste?"

She nodded her head vigorously, so I put my wet finger in her mouth. She sucked it like it was giving her life. I then straddled her and sat down on top of her ass. From here I leaned forward just enough so my nipples barely touched her back. I shook a little so they slid from side to side on her skin.

"Feel that baby? Those are my hard nipples honey. You made them hard! They are for you!"

"Then let me turn over! Please!" Shelby insisted.

I just laughed and lay down on top of her, pressing my breasts fully into her back and also pressing my cunt into her tailbone. My pussy was throbbing, I could only imagine what hers was doing! I rose up to get more oil and squirted it between us. Now I could slide up and down her whole backside, massaging her with my hard-tipped tits. I pressed my tits into her ass.

"Feel that Shelby? My nipple is in your ass crack, it's touching your asshole, baby."

"Oh God!" Shelby begged. "Take me, please! Do something! I'm going to die soon!"

I laughed and slid my body down between her legs so that now my face was right at her ass. I spread her ass cheeks and breathed in the heady scent of her pussy.

"Can I lick your ass honey? Please? Put my tongue on your asshole?"

Shelby pounded the bed with her fists and just moaned, which I took as a 'yes'.

I gently licked the edges of her little rosebud, wetting her entire area. My chin rubbed on her taint and pussy lips, eliciting more moans from her. I probed a little deeper in her ass, just so it went barely inside. I had never done this before to anybody, and I figured that was enough.

I pulled back a little and she arched her back up, raising her ass up in the air a few inches. Perfect. I reached down with my right hand and lightly stroked her hot vulva and outer lips. I could feel slickness even here.

Shelby sighed deeply as my fingers pressed in deeper and spread her lips apart, enjoying the hot molten velvet inside.

I glanced back at Ted who was still sitting clothed in his chair. Poor Ted!

"Ted why don't you undress. But DON'T jack off yet! We're going to need you later." He quickly complied.

Back to Shelby, I stroked her pussy rhythmically, pressing deeper and deeper. Eventually, I eased my middle finger into her vaginal opening. God it was so hot in there! Shelby collapsed back on the bed as my finger easily slid up her ultra-slick tunnel. I pushed forward and tickled her rough little g-spot. She shook her in response.

I put in another finger, and figured they could probably all fit at this point. So I shoved all four fingers into her steaming wet cunt and fucked her hard like that; all fingers jamming into her and only pulling back a few millimeters and back in her again.

I was hitting her spot perfectly, I guess. Shelby moaned softly "Yes... yes... right there... yesss... don't stop... don't fucking stop... "

So, naturally, I considered stopping! But no, she's paying for this, so let's get her off and then see what else we can do. I had a few ideas, believe me! She was putty in my hands. Figuratively and almost literally.

Suddenly she tensed up, grabbed a pillow and buried her face in it so she could scream like someone being murdered!

Hot cream gushed all around my fingers as she came hard. Her entire cunt quivered and flexed. Did I stop moving? No! I kept driving my fingers into her as she squealed and screamed and tried to breathe.

After a minute or so, she begged me to stop. I pulled out my right hand, and stuck my left middle finger as deep as it would go and swirled it around. Then I pulled it out and pushed that slick finger right into her ass opening. Then I jammed my right hand back inside her oozing cunt and finger-fucked both her holes.

Shelby could barely breathe as she was so busy moaning and cumming. Her ass pumped up and down against me in time with my hand fucking her. More and more cream oozed out. I withdrew both hands and pulled her cheeks apart as far as I could, and shoved my face into her cunt. I licked up her cunt juice and swallowed as much as I could. My face became slick with cunt drippings.

I sat up, grabbed her legs, and flipped her over onto her back. Then spread her legs again and fell face first back into her pussy. I decided to give her a rest, I just wanted to bring her down gently. I lightly kissed her entire cunt, licking little circles all around her pussy.

Shelby grabbed my hair and pulled rather harshly on it and my head. I guess she wanted me up! I crawled up to her and kissed her hard. Shelby wrapped her arms around me so tight our teeth bumped for a moment. She relented but only slightly as we continued our fierce kiss.

Her soft lips still smelled slightly of wine, while mine tasted entirely of pussy. She backed off a bit so she could lick my face of other juices, then kissed me more.

Little tears leaked out of each of her eyes.

"I'm sorry," she whispered. "I'm just so... it's indescribable... you're so perfect, what you did, oh I'm babbling!"

She kissed me more, gentler this time, and then our tongues met in a sexy little dance in our mouths. We kissed for a couple minutes more. All the time, though, the fire inside me was increasing, from a few embers to a full-on five alarm rager! I lifted off her a bit, breaking the kiss.

"Honey?" I pled. "Would you mind very much, touching me a little bit?"

"I'll touch you!" Ted interjected.

Simultaneously, both of us girls said "Shut up Ted!", then we burst out laughing.

Shelby's right hand found my pussy, and she dove in without much finesse, which I really didn't need at this point! I moved forward a little so Shelby could lick my tit, and she sucked that poor big girl very hard!

In less than a minute, I came hard on her hand. All that build-up I did for her, well I was just a tiny bit behind her all the way! It doesn't take much for me to cum when I'm that turned on. It felt so good to cum, I collapsed on top of Shelby, and rolled off to the side.

But Shelby didn't want to be away from me, I guess, and she came with me.

"Sorry to butt in again," whined Ted. "But I'm dying over here!"

I looked at Shelby for approval, which she reluctantly gave.

"Ted," I ordered. "Open another wine bottle and bring it over to us."

As he did so, I propped myself up against the pillows. Ted brought me the wine, I took it and splashed it onto my big tits.

"Dig in, you two!"

Ted took the left one and Shelby took my right tit. They licked and sucked the wine off me. Let me tell you, having *both* of your tits sucked at the same time is pretty fucking nice. They squeezed and worked on them/me for quite some time.

I drank some wine straight out of the bottle, then poured some more down my chest. The husband and wife team fought each other for the drippings. Playfully, of course! They even kissed and tongued each other many times in all the confusion.

Soon, fingers from each of them found their way into my pussy. I just lay back and enjoyed the sexual sensations as my next orgasm approached. There was a lot going on in my pussy right then, I don't know how many fingers they jammed in there but it was a lot. Fucking hell I was stretched out!

Somebody's thumb rubbed my clit and other fingers bashed my g-spot, well fuck me I had to cum! I arched my back and convulsed so much that they couldn't keep sucking my tits, they just flopped around and shuddered and quivered from the spasms wracking my body.

Jesus Christ! What a night! I looked at the clock, we were just past an hour. And poor Ted, I gotta do something about him. I don't know if i want to fuck him, though, and not sure if Shelby wants him to fuck me either. Well, I had an idea.

"Hey Shelby? I'm gonna lie down here, and why don't you lie down on top of me? No, the other way. Yeah, I believe this is called a '69'? We can lick each other's pussy, and, well, maybe we could let Ted fuck you?"

Ted perked up like a dog hearing his food bag opened when I said that.

"That sounds awesome to me!" agreed Ted.

Shelby said, "Okay Ted, but you need to give us a couple minutes, first."

I put a pillow under my head and Shelby lowered down on me. Perfect! Her hot lips rested on my lips, and I could still breathe!

Shelby lightly licked me, then sped up more. I was the first pussy she had ever tasted, she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely! Her hot tongue felt awesome inside me, and she wriggled and squirmed on top of me, driving her cunt deeper into my face. We enjoyed ourselves for a couple minutes, at least.

But throughout all this, I felt bad. I could see Ted sitting on the bed, watching us intently. His cock was dripping pre-cum. The look on his face made me feel so sorry for him! I motioned with my hands for him to come on in!

He jumped up like an excited child, I mean he was filled with glee! Next thing I know is I can barely see anything because he's blocking most of the light. But what I could see is this rock hard cock about an inch from my face, fucking his wife's sloppy cunt.

He rammed it in hard, so hard Shelby grunted and stopped licking me. Bitch! But what the hell, I'm not the one paying for this. Ted groaned with pleasure, then fast-fucked Shelby for at least 37 seconds before he came. But I think in that short time he must've got a hundred strokes in, he was fast and furious.

He finally drove in hard and held it there. It was the coolest fucking thing, feeling his cock tremble and pulse through Shelby's pussy lips that I was licking.

In just a few moments, little dribbles of his cum edged out of her cunt. I could only taste him in the dark, but mmmmm that was nice.

Ted pulled out all the way and backed off. In the now bright candlelight I could see Shelby's cunt quiver and her lips shake as Ted's cum poured out, right into my waiting mouth. Poor Ted had held off for over an hour with his raging hard-on and must've put his balls into overtime. I don't think I've ever had so much sperm in my mouth, ever!

I was about to swallow it, but then thought maybe I should save it? I tapped Shelby on her leg and "mmm-hmm"ed at her and she got the message. She whirled around and kissed me, tonguing me deeply. Then she sucked almost all the cum out of my mouth! She rose up, though, and opened her mouth, and it all oozed back into mine.

"JESUS!" cried Ted. He gripped his cock and came back over on his knees, stroking a few more drops out onto my face.

I looked at Shelby with raised eyebrows, as if to say "Well?"

"Take it all baby!" she commanded.

And I did. I swallowed all three gallons of Ted's cum. Well, maybe three tablespoons :). It was a lot! Shelby kissed me some more and licked my face clean.

"Um," Ted interrupted. "Shelby and Patience? Would you mind too much if I fucked Patience?"

"Go right ahead honey. I mean, if it's okay with you, Patience."

"Please," I asked. "Bring me my wine. Then give me some of that cock!"

I really like being a slut, I really, really fucking like it.

Chapter 5 - Consumer Confidence

I sent Mark my usual 'Incident Report' afterwards. Meaning, I send him an email letting him know I'm okay. In this business, there is an element of risk, you know. He said he would call me the next day, Sunday.

I drove home from the hotel $800 richer. Those were some nice people! Shelby said they were coming back in a couple months if I was available. We said we'd talk so that we could coordinate our schedules to avoid the 'Red Flag of Doom'. Nobody wants to play with pussy when the red flag is flying!

Mark called about eleven in the morning.

"Hey sweetie! Good times yesterday, it seems?"

"Oh my God Mark! It was incredible! I drove this chick wild, and fucked her husband, and... hey! What are you doing talking to me on a Sunday? Where's the family?"

"They're out doing some girl time. Shopping for shoes or some shit. Hey, I wanted to ask you something?"

"What is it Mark?"

"I would like to, um... to make another appointment with you, if you wouldn't mind."

It's funny how he gets shy sometimes. I mean, we nearly fucked once and he still is nervous about asking me for an appointment?

"Shit yeah, Mark! I've been wondering why you haven't been back to visit me. It will be 'on the house', of course!"

"No honey, I'll pay. I don't want to take advantage of you."

I smiled to myself. This guy turned my life around. Well, he also turned me into somewhat of a whore, but it was voluntary! He's not going to pay, ever.

"Whatever, hon. When did you want to come by?"

"I was thinking, uh, like now?"

Oh shit! Now? Christ, this place is a mess! I've got laundry running, the dishwasher is on, I'm sweaty...

"How about in an hour? So I can freshen up a bit?"

Mark accepted, and I went into hyperdrive and covered up the crap and took a quick shower.

- - -

I told Mark to text me when he was ten minutes away, which he did. I told him to walk inside my apartment, it would be unlocked.

He strolled in promptly, I called to him from the bedroom.

"Hey Patience! How are you-- Holy Shit!"

I laid in bed, naked, propped up on some pillows. My left hand held a breast to my mouth, and my right hand pumped my wet cunt furiously. I hoped he would appreciate my display of lust for him. And I did, I did lust for him.

"I couldn't wait, baby." I panted, releasing my breast. "Come fuck me Mark. Fuck the shit out of me."

Mark undressed in a frenzy, struggling to take off his clothes while also watching me as I licked my dripping fingers, then turned on my side and finger fucked my pussy and my asshole. He stopped getting undressed for a moment and just stared as my two fingers went in and out of each hole.

Finally, Mark got fully naked. He jumped on the bed, plopped down on his knees beside me, and shoved his cock in my mouth.

I struggled to accept his engorged member, it seemed bigger than before! Holding my breath, I deep-throated him best I could. Eventually, I had to come up for air. I gripped the base of his cock and sucked the rest of him. I tasted the salty pre-cum in my tongue. It excited me greatly to know that soon I would be getting some real cum of his!

I sucked him for several minutes. I was torn between wanting to satisfy him orally and wanting to get fucked hard. Mark decided for me. He rolled me onto my back and I raised my legs up into the air.

"Fuck me, please, Mark. I'm here for you, I want you so badly..."

He settled in between my legs and his cock just glided into my sopping wet cunt. He thrusted hard and sank it to the hilt. He kissed me frantically as he lay on top of me for a few moments.

Breaking the kiss, he whispered, "Oh shit, I forgot to pay you." And he started to get up. I grabbed his ass and pulled him back into me.

"Start fucking me, goofball!" He laughed and resumed his work.

Lifting himself up on his elbows, he fucked me long and deep, then went into pile-driver mode and slammed his pelvis into me. His rhythmic pounding of my pussy and clitoris brought me to the edge quickly. I'm glad I warmed up ahead of time, because I could feel he was very close, too.

Mark's cock flexed and he drove in extra hard, ejaculating that hot, hot fucking sperm inside me. My orgasm hit me hard as Mark collapsed on top of me. He still fucked me gently, emptying his cum. Those little strokes sent jagged sparks throughout my body, like a live electrical wire sparking after a storm.

Mark rose up and kissed me softly. We made out for a couple minutes just like that. Eventually, he rolled off to the side.

"I'm a little disappointed," He said.

I rose up on my elbow and gave him the most evil look I could. And I may have cocked my arm back, ready to smack him.

"We've already fucked and orgasmed, and I haven't even gotten to suck your tits yet!"

"You asshole!" I giggled. He's even more of a smart-ass than I am. I rolled on top of him and smothered him in titflesh. He started tapping my thighs, I guess he couldn't breathe. Serves him right for teasing me like that! But I rose up and let him inhale.

"Phew!" He exclaimed. "Thanks. I never thought I could have too much tit, but there it was!"

I lowered myself onto him again, a little more gently this time. He licked, and sucked, and molested both of my tits. My nipples started sending sparks to my pussy, I asked him to touch me.

Instinctively, he thrust two fingers up inside my dripping cunt. Dripping with his cum and mine. He curled his fingers and started rubbing on my G-spot. Fucking hell... here I cum again...

... his cum and my cum dripped onto his lower pelvis as my pussy spasmed and clenched of its own accord. I slumped down on top of him and slowly regained my composure. I licked my way down to his chest, down to his navel, down further. I dragged my tongue through our cum mixture, and lapped it all up like a kitten.

I cleaned his cock of our juices.

"Come kiss me again," he asked.

I gave him my best sexy stare. He must know that his cum is still on my lips, and still in my mouth a little.

Our lips joined in tender passion, then our tongues swirled around all the different flavors in our mouths. His rigid cock poked my leg, and I arranged myself a little and slid it up inside me.

We fucked for another two hours. I'm proud to say I fucked him dry! He came several times, and the last time not even a drop came out! His cock just trembled a bit and he collapsed in a heap. I made him a sandwich and gave him a multivitamin, he finally staggered out and went home to his wife and kid.

Do I feel bad? No way. I am removing the 'poisons' from these men's lives so they can be nice to their families and productive at work. It's not my fault the wives aren't holding up their end of the bargain!

The only struggle I have right now is trying to decide if I should quit my day-job and do this full time. I mean, I guess I can handle 2-3 men shooting their cum on my tits every day!

- - - The End - - -

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2020-09-20 22:54:47
Holly fuck, what a great read...wonderful. It was like I was in the room, and could smell the sex


2020-09-20 22:49:02
Holly fuck, what a great read...wonderful. It was like I was in the room, and could smell the sex


2020-04-12 03:30:08
Loved it.


2020-01-07 04:15:02
I chose the wrong career. I'd have been great as a masseuse.


2019-07-03 02:45:48
Dam good shit mate. Positive for sure.

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