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I find a way to help out a friend
She immediately captivated me.

At first, I wasn't sure why. Nice enough looking girl, but not a refined beauty. She seemed to have a decent figure, but it was hard to tell – she didn't dress to show herself off. Perhaps it was her height. I'm a tall guy and she was about five-eleven. After I thought about it, I decided that she projected confidence and grace; when she walked, it was like watching a dancer.

I was watching her across the room at a professional society meeting. Carrying on a conversation with a peer (who happened to work for the competition), it was easy to take an occasional glance at her. She seemed similarly engaged with a man who did a presentation at last month's meeting. About then the networking ended as we were called for dinner.

I hadn't found my place card yet so I kind of circled around the outside of the tables, finding my place about halfway around . (They always do the seating randomly so we can meet new people.) The mystery woman came around the other side and I soon found it was my lucky day, she was seated next to me. I introduced myself; she told me her name was Sharon … and worked for a non-profit watchdog group. Hmm, that would require some self-confidence; perhaps that part was more than just an appearance.

Our discussion became focused and we quickly drilled down to a fairly deep level. We found ourselves summarizing our professional history. The short story is that she ran into a no-win situation once and almost quit the field altogether, but the NGA opportunity came up. It was a match made in heaven. She'd been there over ten years and was a senior project manager.

At close range, I could now tell that she did have a nice shape under the conservative clothes. I could see the outline of her breasts, nicely filling out her blouse. She was not a thin woman, had a substantial frame but I could also see the narrow of her waist. Between that and the depth of conversation, I was getting truly fascinated. All during the meal and after the presentation, the topics ranged from work-related to hobbies to our housing to … well you name it. As time went on, we found ourselves smiling more and more. At one point, I complimented her taste in music, and she almost blushed, we both knew the same indie rock bands – and who sang the leads in the early production of Cats.

After the presentation the meeting ended. I had to go but asked if I could call. She smiled and gave me her card.


We met the next night for dinner and a drink. Her demeanor had changed, she was more intense and I found her staring into my eyes. I think I was doing the same. There was some serious chemistry brewing. After a bit, she paused and touched my arm, then presented a question.

"Would it be forward of me to ask you if you're socially conservative?"

"Not forward, and the answer is no, but in what way exactly were you wondering?"

She said, "I'm dying of curiosity about something. " A pause, then, "What part of a physical relationship do you like best?"

Zing. Didn't expect that. I collected my thoughts and replied, "As I get older , franky I enjoy touching a lot more than I used to." She smiled and said, "Somehow I would have guess that. You seem to be an open person."

"And you?"

"Touching has always been big with me, but lately I've been focused on the idea of touching one particular place." I leaned closer; she lowered her voice and said, "The penis."

Right about then, mine penis was getting quite hard. I said, "That could be arranged, you know." I felt her strong leg coming along side of mine; she smiled and said, "I was hoping that was the case."

I asked, "Would you like to come home with me?" The leg against mine pressed close and rubbed across my calf muscle, and that subdued voice, just barely over a whisper, said, "Oh god yes." Under the table, I took her hand and placed it on the lump in my crotch. She hummed, "mmmmm, I'm ready to go now."

I flagged down the waiter and paid the bill in cash, and we left right then. She got in my car, and when I started driving, I confessed, "I'm curious about touching you too."

Sharon took my hand and said, "Any particular place?"

"Yes," I replied, "all over". We both laughed, then I reached over to her leg and felt her thigh. My god, I love a woman with strong, tight leg muscles. She leaned over and kissed the side of my face, and I slid my hand up her leg to the warmth of her pubic area. She literally purred, and thrusted slightly upward into my hand. She spread her legs and pulled up her dress so I could touch her legs in the flesh. At this, my cock became tight in my pants, almost uncomfortably so.

Thankfully, it wasn't a long drive. I pulled into the garage and shut off the engine. At the same time, we both reached for each other and leaned together. I brought my lips to her face and we immediately kissed, and kissed hard. I slid my hand down to her chest, and got a handful of a wonderfully firm natural breast. We kissed for a minute then I said, "Please come to bed with me." She broke the kiss, squeezed my hand and we got out of the car.

I showed her the way to my bedroom. As we entered, she drew up tight behind me and reached around to my crotch. She had no trouble finding my engorged cock, and it became fuller when she pressed her chest against me.
I turned and she reached for my zipper. I kissed her while she opened my pants. "Now I get to touch you where I said!" said somewhat breathlessly. I held her shoulders while she stepped back and pulled down my pants; my stiff cock popped up and she immediately reached to stroke it. Her large, graceful hand wrapped gently around me mid-shaft, then she gave it a squeeze. I throbbed back.

"Oh my God, oh my God," she gasped. "I've been waking up with dreams of touching a stiff cock, but this is way better than my dreams." She alternately squeezed my shaft and stroked up and down. Damn, she knew how to handle a guy. I throbbed again, and she moaned. She continued, "It's been a long time since I've had a stiff cock to play with."

"Mmm", she said, "Lay down here on the floor." I did as asked, then she went to my feet and slowly took off my shoes, one at a time, then my socks, then seductively pulled my pants off. Straddling me, she crawled up to my waist, pausing to take a good look at my very stiff dick, then started unbuttoning my shirt. Likewise, I reached for her blouse, but she stopped me. "Not just yet, lover. I want to see you naked and play with your cock." I had no objection to that. Off came my shirt and tee, then my watch. Sharon knelt by my side and ran her hands down my torso. When she reached my middle, she took one hand and started lightly touching my package, running her fingers all over my cock and down onto my balls. I just laid there, sometimes watching her touch me and sometimes just closing my eyes and savoring the moment. I could feel her legs against mine, between that warm touch and her masterful work on my cock, I was in heaven. I looked at her body and could clearly tell that she was built fine. Her tits hovered over my stomach as she handled my cock.

After a few minutes of this bliss, she stopped and straightened up, then smiled and reached for her buttons. "I bet this will make you super hard for me." One at a time, she opened her top, and as she did her bra covered breasts came into view. Her medium skin was held up by a lacy tan support bra, and it became obvious that the style bra was the right tool for the job. Off with the blouse, then she turned to let me unclasp. She removed her bra and exposed two of the finest firm, round tits in creation. Now I had to take back what I thought about the support bra – it was preventative only, her tits definitely looked natural, and they stayed firm on her chest. Her skin was firm to match, and her shoulders looked gently rounded. My turn to moan, the woman was exquisite. "Holy smoke, girl, you are stunning!" She turned and brought her closer tit up to my face. "Now you can play, big boy." My hands went to her breasts, and they felt as wonderful as they looked.

She let me play for a minute, but the whole time she was staring at my cock and gently stroking it. Almost like touching her tits didn't do much for her – she was definitely focused on my cock. Then she reached down for my tool and moved down closer to it. I ran my hand up and down her side, and she bent closer to my package. She took me in hand and moved my dick around, she was studying it, and said, "It's beautiful. My god, look at those veins, and your head is perfect." Bending closer, she held it up and kissed the tip of my head. Stroking more, she turned it around and looked at all sides. "You shave your dick – that makes it look marvelous. I like a hairy guy but this looks good on you." I do indeed shave just my dick, and trim the rest. I'm pretty hairy and I like the look, but I think a straight, sleek erect penis looks hot. Sharon appeared to agree. Now she kissed my head again, then licked around it. She was adoring my dick, there's no other way to describe it – and it made me feel like a whole man.

I ran my hand up and down her naked back, and watched her tits hang seductively over my leg. That was when Sharon decided to put her mouth on my cock head, the view and the oral contact made me throb. Think about something else for a minute, dude, don't wanna lose it yet.

Sharon took her mouth off my head and said, "Playing with cock is so hot, I wish I had one too." I chuckled and said, "You can borrow mine anytime."

"No, really, I wish I had a cock. Cocks are so sexy. And I love to watch it squirt when it cums."

Now this was getting interesting. Did we have an honest to God case of penis envy here? Gee, I could accommodate the lady. "Sharon, do something… straddle me facing away, and pretend my cock is yours." She replied, "Cool!" She stood and removed her pants and underwear in one swoop – my god her ass and legs were as hot as her tits and chest – and she turned towards my feet and crouched over my waist. Snuggling down so my cock was close to her crotch, she took hold and started to stroke it like it was her own. Not wanting to disturb the illusion, I watched for a minute, and got to enjoy a superb view of her back and ass. Damn she's fine. Not a skinny girl, not a fat one, but holy fuck, built like the proverbial brick shithouse.

Sharon started moaning as she stroked my dick, pretending it was hers. I had to perform more "attention elsewhere" tactics! Then I had another idea; I discretely reached around her waist and found her pussy, just lightly resting my hand on it. "Mmmm," she moaned. Not too quickly now, I started to slide my middle finger up and down her pussy lips. "Mmmm" again. A bit faster now, I started to lightly touch her clit, keeping my motion in time with her stroking me. "Ah umm" this time, and she started to rock her hips in time with her motion on my pole. She was breathing very heavy, even starting to pant. I slowly transitioned my motion from up and down her lips to up and down her clit, and she stroked faster. Now she was voicing a steady stream of gasps and moans. She was getting close, and so was I. I bore down a little harder and faster on her love button, and she stroked me harder and faster. She was almost there, started to say "Uh… uh… uh… ahhhhhh AHHHH… I felt my climax building, building more, and suddenly I croaked out "uuuuu" and the cum rushed out my dick; the first shot went straight up and landed on her leg, the rest ran out and down over her hand. That drove her over the edge, she almost screamed and lurched as she cummed. I felt a gush of pussy juice flow over my pubic hair, down around my cock and then running over my balls. I was drenched. Sharon scooped up my cum and gave a few last strokes of my cock, while I finished dumping my load out the end and over her hand. Sharon slowly relaxed and laid back, half on me and half off. I reached up and tenderly took her breast in my hand, she settled back against me.

After a couple of minutes, she said, "I wonder what it feels like for a guy." I answered "I've wondered the same about women. I'm sure it's different for women, and different for individuals. But I hope I give a lady as much pleasure as it gives me. Or more."

"You did that perfectly, you shot your stuff just as I was cumming. Thank you, thank you." She reached back and sweetly touched my hip. Very feminine and romantic touch. We relaxed and enjoyed the afterglow.


We experimented more. Another time, I mimicked a blowjob on her clit. We got a strap on, of course, and she fucked my mouth and my ass. We never did fuck, as much as she liked cock, she disliked being penetrated. But she always satisfied me; great handjobs, better blowjobs. After a few months, we started to drift apart, but I remember her great body and a lot of hot girly penile action.

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This was a cute story and I have always wondered what a guys orgasm felt like. I would have loved to switched bodies with my asshole ex-husband for just one day.

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