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A teenage boy's normal struggles with growing up are complicated by his porn brain and pantie fetish, or at least that's what he thinks. There might be more to the story.
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by Bistander

Chapter 13
1666 Beaver Dam Road

"Gloria,” Candy said, “Jayda's on the phone."

“Tell her I'm sleeping...please,” Gloria said.

“What am I, your secretary?”

"If I had my own phone you wouldn't have to—"

"Don't start," Candy said.

"But mom," Gloria whined, "Evan and Deana—"

"Had to wait, too. What would they think if you got to have a phone before they were allowed?"

"Deana would be happy for me. Evan, he could care less about a phone. Forgets his half the time anyway."

"You want to talk to Jayda or not?" Candy asked.

Gloria sighed. "No, not now."

After Candy relayed Gloria's message she went back to her daughter's room. "You ready to tell me what happened?”

Gloria said, "No," without looking up from the floor.

Candy sat down on her bed. "Sit, and tell me."

"Mom, it's no big deal."

"Good, then it won't take long to tell me."

Gloria plopped down sideways on a chair, facing her mother, but stared at her legs without saying anything.

"Honey, what happened? You and Jayda have a fight?"

"No, not really," Gloria said.

Candy knew Gloria was about to spill the beans, she always did. "Go on, tell me why you came home mad."

"All Jayda wanted to do was talk about Evan. She kept bringing him up, acting like she had a thing with him just because he rubbed lotion on her. She's so stupid."

"You know your brother isn't interested in younger girls."

"Still, I don't want to listen to her going on and on about how cute he is and what a great massage he gives."

"I'm pretty sure one day you'll have an opportunity to have a crush on someone's brother, so don't be too hard on Jayda."

"Only if I get some friends with cute brothers, and if dad would let me spend the night at my friend's house when they have a brother."

Parents had to be an allied front, or there would be chaos and confusion, and they would lose respect. That's what John told her. Candy tried never to go against something he said because that would lead to the kids getting in trouble and a fight. It was easier just to stand behind him and uphold his rules.

"Honey, you can spend the night at any of your friend's houses." It was scary to hear herself going against her husband, but the look on her daughter's face made it worth the risk. Defiance was dangerous, yet empowering.

"Thanks, Mom," Gloria said.

“Be nice to Jayda, you know Evan isn't interested in girls her age, so she'll be crushed at some point. Don't make it worse for her.”

“I'm her age, Mom, and it's not like we're kids or something.”

“No, you aren't, but when boys get to be your brother's age, they have an image to uphold. They worry about how things might look to their friends. You'll see, when you're Deana's age, you won't be interested in the freshman boys.”

“That's stupid,” Gloria said. “I think if you love somebody, it shouldn't matter what the age difference is.”

She couldn't help smiling at Gloria. Her daughter had a crush on Evan, just like she'd had a crush on her older brother, Bobby. Shouldn't she put an end to it? “You're probably right, but that's not the way it works,”
Candy said. “Call Jayda in the morning. Good night.”

Evan had just ended his call with Jason, and he was mad. Of course it was misplaced anger, but he wasn't willing to admit he was pissed at himself. Nobody had been home, except her. What if Candy really had been waiting for him? Then, what happened outside the bathroom door could have ended different. Instead of her laughing and saying she made her point, she would have taken him up to his room and made love to him.

That's insane, she's a woman, a grown up, and your mother. So is Miss Tonya, and even though she isn't my mother, she is Jayda's mother, and she's older than Candy. He was closer to Candy's age than his father was. He knew he'd treat her better, love her more, hold her and never let go. That meant, if his father hadn't married her, he'd have a better shot with her than his father would.

Of course he knew he was trying to justify his feelings, but he thought about the day he helped her peel potatoes, anyway. His mother had been in the kitchen, potentially waiting for him, without a bra. They shared an intimate moment while his arms rubbed her breasts and his cock touched her back. Had she expected him to follow her to her room? He shuddered and shook the thought off. Had one braless phenomenon tipped the first domino, triggering weeks of cascading delusion?

It had been like the rushing tumble of thousands of dominoes, the unexpected, unbelievable and outrageous circumstances had raced ahead of his ability to make logical decisions. How much of this had he manufactured in his mind?

Evan wished Deana was home. He wouldn't tell her what happened outside the bathroom door, that was his secret with Candy, but they needed to talk, needed to resolve the tension between them. Plus, having her there would make him stop imagining what she was doing with Rebecca. They probably weren't really lovers doing the things he thought up, but he was still jealous. Although, that was something else he'd never admit to anyone, not even himself.

He stripped, got under the covers and pulled his long pillow on top of him. He hugged it, pretending it was one of the women he was in love with.

Rebecca sat up in bed, turned towards Deana and said, “Are you serious? I thought—”

“I know, I know, it's kind of like your plan A, but I know Evan better than you,” Deana said.

“I'm sure you do.”

“I still can't believe I'm talking to you about this.”

“Feels good not keeping it a secret, doesn't it?”

Deana shrugged. “Yeah, I feel better not keeping it a secret from you, but it still scares the shit out of me to even be contemplating this... ah, this—I can't even say it. What's going to happen to me when it's actually happening?”

“Hmm, not sure,” Rebecca said, “but hearing you tell your mother we were having a foursome, and now hearing your plan C, makes me think I've finally completely corrupted you.”

“I know that look, Reb.”

“I can't help it, your plan made me so horny.” Rebecca sat on top of Deana's stomach.

“Your parents are home.”

“I'll put a pillow over your face and they'll never know.”

Candy stood in the doorway to the adjoining office, and said, “I'm getting something to drink, you want anything?” She took John's grunt as a no and closed the bedroom door behind her.

When she reached the kitchen, she passed the light switch without flipping it up and let her robe open. She felt like a little girl sneaking a cookie from the jar. Her nipples buzzed. What would John do if he caught her with her robe wide open where Evan might see her? Her pussy lips tingled and got warm. She turned the water on. She'd be wet before a glass could be filled. The cool edge of the counter on her skin made her gasp. She closed her eyes and put her hands under the hot water.

In her mind, Evan was behind her, they were supposed to be washing potatoes, but she was holding his big, strong hands. His arms were rubbing the sides of her breasts. He had to have known that, but did he know how her nipples reacted to his touch? Did he know his hard erection was pressed against her and that her pussy had automatically released its lubrication, preparing for what she wanted?

The potato washing hadn't been planned, so she couldn't have foreseen the resulting consequences, but she'd taken her bra off and worn a thin, tight shirt. That had excited her just like having her breasts and pussy exposed now was exciting her. The look on Evan's face would have been enough, but she'd let it go too far. He'd touched her where nobody except her husband should have, and he'd rubbed that thing on her. That planted the seed in her mind and she'd nurtured it until it was a full grown tree of fantasies. The only saving grace was that she hadn't gone up to his room that night.

Candy let her robe fall from her shoulders and she imagined the look on Evan's face if he were to turn that corner. Was she that desperate for attention? No, it wasn't attention she wanted, it was affection and appreciation and love. Not like she got from a child, but the love a woman needs from a man.

Evan wasn't coming around that corner and if Candy heard his door open, she'd grab her robe and flee. Disgusted with herself, Candy put her robe on and headed back to her tomb. Would any of this be happening if John gave her love and affection or at least a fuckin' orgasm?

The night's dreams had been plagued with race cars violently pulling and pushing Evan's body. He was stomping on the accelerator over and over again, trying to make the car go faster, yet Cindy still drove away from him like he was standing still. Every dream sequence ended the same way, him hitting the wall. Though, none of those crashes woke him up.

It was Evan's final dream that brought a premature end to his sleep. In it, he thought he was at his house, coming out of the bathroom. It seemed to be a replay of what his mother had done yesterday when she was fucking with him. She was touching his shoulder, and he was afraid he was getting a boner, then he wasn't sure it was his mother. Dreams are so weird; jumping from one place to another, merging and scrambling events, and swapping people without any warning.

The soft caressing hand continued down to his chest. Then there were two hands massaging his sore muscles. It was just him and the hands now, but he was uneasy like he might know the owner of those hands shouldn't be touching him like that. He looked down and saw the person's feet and their calves. His growing cock was lifting the towel. He was afraid now. Why couldn't he see the rest of the person touching him?

An index finger was tracing the hills and valleys of his flexing abs. Then it followed the rim of his towel from hip to hip. It was about to fall, he couldn't move, couldn't grab it. He closed his eyes for a few seconds. When he looked again, his cock was standing at attention, wobbling like a diving board that had just sprung back. He wanted to stroke it; he wanted to finish what he had been doing, jerking off in a pair of panties. Hadn't he just been about to cum in his sister's panties?

No, he wasn't. The hand was back, moving towards his dick. He was too afraid to look up, he didn't want to know who was touching him. The fingers circling his purple knob made him shiver. They traced a thick pulsing vein and wrapped around his shaft. His moan of pleasure embarrassed and shamed him.

It was weird seeing only a hand jerking him off. His balls were throbbing, on the brink of letting his load go, but he was holding it back. It was like when he was about to shoot cum all over Miss Tonya's tits; it felt wrong. His balls jerked. He was past the point of no return, but still desperately trying to make his orgasm wait. He stepped forward and wrapped his arms around thin air. His frantic gasping breaths slowed. The thin air turned into warm, soft flesh. He held the smooth, round, meaty globes and pressed his erection against the moist skin. His mother's naked body felt better than he could have imagined. He buried his nose in her hair and hunched his body, sliding his cock across her belly. He was ready to cum again. Everything was perfect, except for the strawberries.

The smell ripped Evan from the best sex dream he'd ever had. It wasn't unusual to wake from a dream about peeing and have to take a piss, but Evan had never woken up from a sex dream ready to cum. He was wide awake now, but he'd brought everything from his dream with him. The smell of strawberries, the warm flesh, the moist skin, the glorious ass and a quickly approaching orgasm. How the fuck does someone wake up ready to cum?

Gloria was on top of him, her hot breath on his neck, his nose was in her hair and his hands were on her butt. His chest tightened, but not from fear. It was because of what had been missing, love. Holding her felt too good to do the right thing. She'd gotten on top of his naked body. She knew about erections, she'd drawn them. If he could fall asleep again, he could finish without any guilt. His sister probably wouldn't even wake up; she hadn't yet.

There was material separating his sister's breasts from Evan's chest, but not his throbbing cock. Gloria's stomach was on his dick head, and his shaft sank into her pubic mound. He closed his eyes and heard Jason's words, “At least you didn't fuck her. Imagine you'd fucked your sister in your sleep.”

Part of him, the evil part, wished it had happened before he woke up so he couldn't be held responsible. Now that he knew what might happen, he couldn't go back to sleep, but he wanted to. Gloria's butt changed shape under his hands. Her muscles tightened and relaxed. She sighed, and her ass muscles flexed with more determination. The wet skin from his dream touched the ridge bulging from the base of his boner. Was his sister having a sex dream of her own?

The devil on his left shoulder told him to pretend he was asleep and see what happened. Then he realized his hands were helping her move. He could feel her stomach muscles tightening and arching her body. More of her wetness was sliding up his shaft. People sleepwalk, but do they sleep-fuck?

Gloria's middle lifted and silky flesh kissed the tip of his dick, then a warm wetness wrapped around the top of his cock. “Gloria,” he dug his fingers into her butt and prevented her from impaling herself, “wake up.”

“I am.” His sister lifted her head. Her eyes were bright and her cheeks were rosy.

“Why are you—”

“Because.” Gloria flopped like a fish pulled from the water, and the head of his cock dug into the doughy wet flesh between her legs. Gloria's cheeks flushed and her eyes showed the same shock he felt. He could have—should have—thrown her off, but he didn't. His cock bent and plowed through her slit, then lodged back between their bodies. “Ah,” Gloria sighed.

His hands on her ass had her firmly pressed against his body, but his sister was still wiggling, pleasuring her clit. “Gloria, what are you doing? We—you can't do that. You shouldn't even be here.” He hoped his expression matched his words and not the desire he felt.

“Nobody will know,” Gloria said. “Dad already left for work and—”

“You still can't do that...I could have, I almost did. Do you know what could have happened?”

“If I didn't I'd be pretty stupid,” she said. “What do you think I was doing?”

“I thought you were sleeping. Doesn't matter anyway because I don't want to.”

“Feels like it to me,” she said.

He wouldn't convince her while holding her butt, so he let go, grabbed her shoulders and lifted her. Her knees came around and dug into his sides. Now she was sitting upright on his throbbing dick. Her T-shirt was tight and there was a ridge from one nipple to the other. She'd have big melons soon, like her mother. He looked down. Gloria's T-shirt was bunched up around her hips and her thick, curly blonde bush was framed between them. His erection was sticking out from under her crotch like the evil witch's legs from under the house. His sister's pussy didn't look anything like he imagined it would when he had her panties on his face. She had a well defined mound above her pubic bone and labia below it. Her pussy lips were spread open, clinging to his cock. He grabbed her hips and stopped her from rubbing on him. Could Jason have been right? "If you're squirting in her panties you must want to fuck her."

“Jeez, Gloria, that doesn't mean...doesn't mean anything. That just happens, and it can happen in my sleep. You almost made me—Never mind.”

“Like you did on my leg?”

“What?” Evan started to feel like Deana was right, Gloria did have him wrapped around her finger.

“It wasn't your fault,” Gloria said. “I did it. I didn't mean to, not at first, I guess, but it was under my leg, and it got hard, so I thought you liked it. I kept moving my leg until, you know, it happened.”

“Never mind,” he said. “This can't ever happen again. Jeez, you're my sister. My little sister.”

“I'm younger than you, but that doesn't make me little,” she said. “If you were twenty-three and I was twenty, nobody would even think about it. So if we want to—”

“You're not twenty, but you are my sister.” He had to end this before she talked him into something. “We're not, and you're not going to get in my bed anymore.” He didn't want her to stop. “At least not without your clothes on.”

“Fine,” she said and got off the bed. “You said you'd give me anything if I showed you my drawing.”

Half of her ass wasn't covered by her shirt. He watched it while she walked to the door. Didn't look like a little sister's butt. “I said anything I could give you.”

“So you can give it to Jayda, but not me? I guess you like her more,” she said.

Gloria left. Evan's stiff cock wasn't the reason he didn't go after her. Gloria had turned into his teenage babysitter, Candy, and he didn't trust himself.

When Evan got to Miss Tonya's, he went to the back door. There was always a chance she would want another massage. It wouldn't meet his need like making love to Candy, but it would feel good and ease the pressure in his balls. It might also stop him from thinking about Gloria. He also wanted to find out exactly what Jayda said, and let her know that if she opened her mouth again, he'd tell everybody what she did behind the dirt pile. He couldn't wait to see the look on her face when she found out he knew. She deserved it; it was her fault he started wondering what Gloria looked like naked, and her fault Gloria ended up in his bed that morning.

Miss Tonya answered the door in her bathrobe and invited him in. Images of his dick shooting cum on her face flashed through his mind, but the confidence he'd had on his way over there immediately left him. He had sex with her, yet she was still his mother's friend and an adult. That made him feel like a kid, regardless of how old he was.

Jayda walked into the kitchen wearing that same sundress she'd been wearing last time he saw her, and the same smug expression she'd had behind the shed. The one that made him want to strangle her. The bright-yellow bathing suit under her dress was new, though. He wished he didn't know what she looked like naked, at least not while her mother was standing in the same room. The circumstances couldn't have been more wrong. He was with a mother and daughter, the mother he had sex with, and her daughter, he had considered it.

Evan gave Jayda a forced smile and turned his back to her. Miss Tonya was standing on the other side of the table from him. She leaned across for the sugar and a significant portion of her tits spilled into the opening of her robe. After a few seconds, he looked away and saw that Jayda had noticed the titty show. His nervousness increased. “Ah, I'm going to get to work,” he said.

“You don't want breakfast or something before you start?” Miss Tonya asked.

He would definitely like the, or something. “No, ma'am, I already ate.” He lied.

“Too bad,” Miss Tonya said. “You still got that lay...out I gave you?”

She didn't emphasize that word, she wouldn't in front of her daughter, it's your imagination. “I got it right here,” he said and patted his pocket right next to his dick. “It shouldn't take me long to finish.”

“Let me know when you're done, I have some information for you. Could be more work for you,” Miss Tonya said. “Oh, and of course, I'll have to pay you.”

You could just fuck me again, he thought. “Great, that'd be great.”

“Evan, you coming to our games?” Jayda asked. “You know we got a big tournament. Gloria's gonna be mad if you don't.”

“Probably,” he said wondering if Gloria would still want him there.

When Evan stepped into the dark shed, he stuffed his hand down the front of his pants and unbent his dick. For a split second he considered pulling it out and jerking off, but that was a new low he wasn't willing to stoop to, not yet, no matter how horny he was. He got the shovel and went across the yard where all the shrubs and plants were bunched together. He didn't know anything about gardening, but how hard could it be to dig a hole and stick a plant in it?

It wasn't appropriate, but his parents weren't here to say anything, and Miss Tonya had seen him naked, so Evan removed his shirt, then he extracted the crumpled piece of paper from his pocket. It had the names of all the bushes and plants and a map of where Miss Tonya wanted them. He got busy checking the tags and separated everything into groups. He wasn't going to rush, but he did hope to finish and get paid while Miss Tonya was still wearing her robe. Hopefully, Jayda would go sit on Alex's face again.

He was studying the layout one more time. “Evan.”

It was obvious whose voice it was, but he hadn't heard the swoosh of the back door or the screen door clank shut. He looked around and spotted Jayda behind the shed. “What?” he asked.

Jayda answered by motioning with her hand, and he started walking. When he reached the shade the cooler air reminded him he wasn't wearing his shirt. “What are you—”

“Are you mad at me,” Jayda asked.

“Yes,” he said. “Why did you tell Gloria we—”

“I didn't tell her anything,” she said. “She got mad at me because I asked her a question about you.”

“Really, you asked a question and she came home thinking we had sex?”

“What, she's nuts,” Jayda said. “I definitely didn't tell her that. Is that what she thought because I told her you gave me a massage?”

That was what he had assumed, '...give it to Jayda' meant. “I thought you said you wouldn't tell her about that?”

“I didn't tell her I wasn't wearing anything or that you were spying on me while I was peeing,” she said.

Did every girl have the ability to flip a situation so he became the one who did something wrong? “I wasn't spying,” he said. “What did you tell her?”

“I knew you were watching me and I wouldn't have told her anything if she wasn't acting stupid. I asked if you mentioned seeing me when you were working, and she overreacted. I didn't even tell her you promised to do a better finish my massage. I swear she was acting like you're her boyfriend or something.”

Of course she was, he thought, Gloria had a crush on him, just like he had on Candy. A stupid boy in love with a woman, wanting her to love him like her boyfriend, not her stepson. His heart had been broken, but he didn't want to break Gloria's. “Whatever,” he said. “If you knew I was watching, you wouldn't have done it.”

Jayda filled her lungs, and her nipples responded to the material's caress. There wasn't a bright-yellow bathing suit under there now. “Why not?” she asked. “You liked it, didn't you?”

Evan had, and he wouldn't mind seeing it again, but he didn't believe her. There was no way a girl would do something like that if she knew she was being watched. “I didn't promise you anything, and I don't believe you. Prove it.”

“Did to. I think you said, 'If your mother isn't home and you're out here naked, we can finish,'” she said.
She was either bluffing, or she was bad beyond her years. “I think you're full of it.”

“I will,” Jayda said. “I swear, but if I do, then you gotta finish what you were doing.”

If she pissed again, that would be a bonus, but what he wanted was for her to get naked. Maybe it would make him stop wanting to see Gloria's tits. “What about your mother?”

“She thinks I went to Alex's house, and she's taking a shower anyway. That's plenty of time for us—”

“She'd wonder where I went if she looked outside.”

“We'll hear her, and you can walk back over there. She's not going to ask what you were doing back here. Probably think you had to go.”

This girl has thought of everything, he thought, but does she want me to finish the massage or something else? “Okay, go on, do it.”

“You promise you'll finish?”

“Yeah, I promise.” He still had his doubts, but he was getting excited.

Jayda turned towards the shed, lifted the front of her dress, leaned back and nothing happened. He stared at her tan thighs, thick brown bush and the fingers grasping her mound. The first burst startled him, then the power of the flow increased and piss was splashing off the wall. He watched without speaking until the last drops fell, then said, “Wow.”

“Told you,” Jayda said.

One way or another, Evan planned to wipe that smart-ass expression off her face. “You didn't bring any oil?”

“I got it right here,” Jayda said and took a small unlabeled squeeze bottle from her pocket. “I need a good massage, like the one you gave my mother.”

If you knew what kind of massage I gave your mother, you wouldn't be saying that. “All right, as you wish.”

“I didn't bring anything to lay on, so we'll have to do it standing up.”

He loved her choice of words and wanted her naked, soon. “Better take that off,” he said.

Jayda handed him the bottle and lifted her dress over her head. He stared like he was seeing her pussy for the first time. His brain took in the details and tried to compare them with what he had seen of Gloria's earlier. He looked away from her crotch, and her tits amazed him as much as the first time. Their brown caps covered half of each cone and grew with Jayda's nervousness or excitement. She moved a few feet away from the wet grass and said, “We don't have a lot of time, so start where you left off.” She faced the shed and pushed her ass back.

The tiny brain in Evan's pants pulsed with endorphins and dopamine while he considered where he'd left off last time, two inches from her pussy. He got on his knees, and Jayda arched her back, tempting him with more of her butt. He took her bait and sucked a chunk of flesh into his mouth. Her muscles tightened, but she didn't pull away.

"Oops,” he said, and poked the purple mark on her right cheek, “better not tan naked in front of your mother."
Jayda glanced down at him and said, “I'll try not to.”

Her answer didn't confirm his suspicion, but it did spawn more fantasies of Miss Tonya and Jayda getting naked together. It was unlikely, and it would be bizarre if they did, yet it was exciting to think about. He took the cap off the oil and the smell of almonds made him dizzy. “This isn't baby oil.”

“I brought massage oil,” she said. “I got some from my mom's room. Didn't you use that on her?”

Did she know or was she trying to find out? “I did, I rubbed it all over her.”

“Mm, I wish we had two hours and a bed to lay on.”

Jeez, if Jayda had seen what he was doing with her mother, that must mean she expected more than a massage. He squirted some sweet almond sex sauce on his hands, rubbed them together and started on her calves. She moved her feet apart and placed her hands on the wall, above her head. It looked like she was surrendering, giving herself to him. This wasn't a game of truth or dare; Jayda wanted him to do whatever she let him do. His hands slid to the back of her knees, then up her thighs. He rotated them, his thumbs slipped across her inner thighs, snapping over her tendons. She exhaled, and he shoved upward, lifting the round orbs of her ass. Her cheeks parted and he found the only tan line on the girl's body. It ran the length of her ass groove, across the pink bud of her anus, stopping at her pussy. The angle of her body and the fullness of her cunt made it a big target that would be easy to slide into from behind.

The education Miss Tonya had given him was fresh on his mind, but what would she think if she knew Jayda might be one of “...the young tight ones...”? At least she's probably not a virgin, he hoped and kneaded her ass with his oiled hands. His thumbs swooped down into the valley and grazed her asshole. She groaned when they passed the edge of her pussy lips, but he didn't touch them. He'd make her wait, and get her hot, wet and horny.

Jayda was breathing heavy and moving her pelvis like she wanted more. He wanted to give her more, much more than the massage she asked for. Was it his pride that made him want to get her off better than any of her girlfriends ever had?

He turned her around and chanced a glance up the front of her body. Her nipples were inflamed, bulging from the mounds on her chest. The fear he thought he might see in her eyes wasn't there. She was staring with what he assumed to be expectation. He wanted to shove his face in her crotch, but that would be rushing things.

On the way to his feet, he paused at Jayda's ski jump tits. There was a darker brown ring that marked the start of her nipple; then it was light brown the rest of the way to the pointed tip, which was dark brown again. He sucked the whole tit into his mouth and circled the silky ring with his tongue.

“Mmmm, that feels good,” Jayda said and put her hands on his head.

Good, he thought and stood up. Jayda was taller than Gloria, but he still had to look down. Her lower lip quivered and her chin rose. He was about to kiss her, but weren't Deana's kisses the blinding force that led him off the side of the cliff? Kissing Jayda might do the same, so he grasped her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and twisted them. They stiffened and stretched out. Jayda purred. He moved his mouth back to her tit and made her gasp.

From his knees, Evan grabbed Jayda's slick thighs, then her ass. He used it to pull her stomach to his lips. She put her hands on his head. They were more confident and demanding now. He pressed his lips into her pudgy mound. Her pubic hair tickled his nose, but he could still smell her. She bent her knees and leaned back on the shed. He stretched his tongue out, touched it to her slit and pulled it back. She tasted salty until he forced his tongue into her crease, then he got that tangy flavor he expected. Jayda lifted her crotch and shoved it at him. He put both arms between her legs and forced them to open. She stood on one foot and put her other leg over his shoulder. He grabbed her ass and shoved his face into her pussy, plunging his tongue inside her. The excessive fluid made him quiver.

Jayda moaned, "Ahhh, nobody does it like that.”

Evan had felt like a boy being schooled by Miss Tonya, but now he would show Jayda what he had learned. He turned her around and spread her cheeks. Then he put his face in her ass cleavage and licked from her pussy to her anus. She leaned on the building again and pushed her ass against his tongue. He teased her naughty spot. She whimpered and arched her body inward, but he reached between her legs, grabbed her pubic mound, pulled her ass back to his face and licked her hard and fast.

"Ohhh, nobody has ever done that...done that to me.”

“I'm glad,” he said and blew a stream of air on her butt hole. Goose flesh raced across her cheeks.

“Ohhh, yeeesss.”

The cramped, throbbing bulge in his pants became too much of a distraction, so Evan unbuttoned his jeans, pulled the zipper down and shoved the waistband of his boxers under his balls. Exposing his cock in the presence of an unsuspecting Jayda was crude, at best. When he looked at it, a surge of excitement made it jump. He grabbed her by the pubic bone. His middle finger bumped across her clit, then followed her wet slit. When he found the mouth of her pussy, he tested her nerve. She didn't even flinch. Why should that surprise him?

A deep breath was the only indication that Jayda noticed the intrusion. Her opening was tight, and her tube was narrow, but it accommodated Evan's finger. He gave her more, she squirmed, but didn't try to get away, so he gave her the rest of the thick digit. She squeaked and rotated her pelvis. The girl has no fear.
Jayda's expectations were evident by how she had bent over and was riding his finger, helping it fuck her. He got his mouth back where she wanted it and started licking her butt hole. It opened up to him and gave his rolled tongue freedom to pulverize the nerve-laden inner ring. She twerked her hips so her pussy landed harder on the upward thrusts of his finger. Her climax was coming and he hoped she would call out the name of one of her girlfriends. Would it be Gloria's?

"Oh, Evan...Ahhh, you make it feels so good."

He gave her everything he had like he wanted to punish her with the best orgasm of her life. Maybe he could ruin girls for her like she ruined his image of Gloria.

“Ohhh, Evan.” Jayda hit her fist on the shed. “Ahhhh.” She pushed up on her toes and her stiffen legs trembled. “Stop, stop, oh, stop...”

That meant she was too sensitive, but he rammed his face into her crotch, regardless, and tasted the orgasm drooling from her pussy. The girl's cum tasted just like her mother's.

Evan stood, put his hands on her hips, then moved them around her waist to her stomach. He didn't think about his throbbing erection until it touched her back. Before Jayda could react, he tightened his arms and pulled her against it. Her warm, moist skin felt nice on his dick. Might as well enjoy it until Jayda's mind returns from the land of bliss and tells her that's my cock.

“Is that what I think it is?” Jayda asked. When he didn't respond fast enough, she asked, “You wanna do it?”
The tone of her voice would have indicated if she was asking him if he was actually considering putting that thing inside her or telling him she wanted him to.

It must have been an instinctual, involuntary movement because he hadn't planned it, just like he hadn't planned to do it to Deana that night in the shower. He bent his knees and dipped down, sandwiching his boner and nut sack in the gap between her cheeks. A tiny voice in his head told him to do her ass cleavage and cum on her back. Isn't that all he wanted to do to Deana?

Jayda leaned forward and put her hands back on the wall. He held her tits, rolled her nipples and slid his cock up and down. Her nipples were growing, and her body was helping him dry hump her soft ass groove. He increased the force of his humps. It would be such a relief to finally get off, even if he couldn't fuck her. How would she feel about a guy shooting a load all over her butt?

Their timing was perfectly wrong. Evan dipped, Jayda lifted, and his dick head pancaked between her asshole and pussy, then it skidded on her skin and sank in. For the second time that morning his dick head was at the entrance of a girl's body. Jayda's wet flaps wrapped around his dome felt as good as Gloria's had. How hard of a thrust would have been required to get inside his sister?

The hole that had readily yielded to his finger held fast when he hunched his body. He expected Jayda to climb the wall when he thrust with more force, but she held her position. His shaft bent, then Jayda grunted when his dick plunged in her body. Would he ever get used to how good it felt entering a girl? He hoped not.
Her pussy tube squeezed his dome while it slowly moved into her. Her body was going to milk him in seconds if he wasn't careful. Jayda squeaked and pushed up on her toes. He backed out, then he went a little deeper.
“Holy shit,'re in me, way in me,” Jayda said.

Was she surprised it fit or that she'd let him fuck her? He reached for her crotch, stroked her clit and gave her a few seconds to change her mind. She lowered herself back on his dick. He pumped with more purpose, but didn't try to go any deeper. The mixed smells of pee, massage oil and grass would forever connect his brain to the day he fucked Miss Tonya's daughter, right in her backyard.

His balls were tingling and her cock swelling. He was so close to finally getting relief.

Jayda huffed and said, “Ah, be careful, don't—”

“I will, don't worry, I won't.”

“It feels good. It doesn't hurt as much, ah, as I expected.”

"Fuck," he muttered but didn't stop fucking her. “Shhh, I heard a car door.”

“Don't worry...don't stop.”

Jayda may have had some reason for wanting her mother to see her with a cock stuffed in her body, but his desire to live and fuck another day made him pause. “What if it's your mother?”

“It's not,” she said. “It's your mother and she'll go in the house.”

He started pushing in and out of her again. How long would it take his mother to wonder where he was.
Getting caught with his cock in Jayda would be better than getting caught having sex with Gloria. “My mother?”

“Yeah, she's coming over,” Jayda said. “Came already, I guess. Don't worry. She's here to see my mom. I heard them on the phone.”

The idea of his mother and Miss Tonya being so close while he fucked Jayda turned him on more than it frightened him. With one hand on her tit and the other on her mound, he stroked her pulsing bud and thrust into her. Even if this wasn't Jayda's first time, he wanted her to smile every time she thought of it.

“Oh, oh shit, ahh, Evan...”

Jayda's hands made fists; her legs stiffened, and she pushed up, but he kept on ramming her convulsing tube. His balls jerked, he pumped two more times then yanked out of Jayda. Two days worth of pent up orgasm blasted her crotch, inner thighs, and butt. He slipped his cock between her cheeks and hugged her trembling body against his. The rest of his cum oozed out and ran down into her crack. It was a wonderful, slippery mess.

“Phew, I think you might need to wash off before you go to Alex's.”

“I'm not sure I can walk that far,” she said and leaned on the shed. “I can't believe how big you are, and how much you put in me.”

Now that he had emptied his balls, he couldn't believe it either. He considered reminding her that she couldn't tell anybody, then he'd seal the deal by telling her what he knew about the dirt pile. But who would she tell? Gloria already thought they had done it, and Jayda wasn't going to tell her mother, so why not hold his trump card? Never know when I might need some leverage over her. “I better go before they notice I'm not working.”

Jayda gave him a weak smile and pulled her dress on. “Make sure you tell Gloria that nothing happened.” She picked up the massage lotion and tucked it in her pocket. “I'm going to Alex's house.”

It wasn't what he wanted to know, but he asked, “You two going to be naked in the sun?”

“Why, you planning on spying on us from the woods?”

“I don't even know who Alex is or where she lives.”

“Three houses down, on the right,” she said.

There was that damn smirk again, but this time it made him smile. “See yah,” he said and walked away.

Candy's curiosity had been building since Tonya's phone call, so she went to the door without looking for Evan. She was a kid last time a girlfriend told her they had something for her that they couldn't discuss on the phone. It was a strange mystery that made her nervous. Surprises in her life had never been joyous occasions.

Tonya was fresh out of the shower when she answered the door. Candy's suspicion about Evan's change of demeanor gained traction. She said, “Nice.”

“Sorry, I didn't think you'd get here so fast,” Tonya said. “Give me a minute to get something on and fix my hair.”

“I bet Evan would love to see you in that towel.”

“I'm sure he'd rather see you,” Tonya said.

“That's not going to happen.” Candy wished she had the nerve to find out. “What on earth is so secretive that you couldn't tell me on the phone?”

“I don't really know,” Tonya said, “but I hope you'll tell me.”

“How can I tell you something I don't know?”

“You'll know in a minute, I think. I got this for you,” Tonya said, then she took an envelope out of her purse. “Here, see what it is.”

That nervous twitch under her left eye started. “From who?”

“Some lady,” Tonya said. “I figured she's someone you know who wanted to surprise you. Don't know why she was so specific about how I should give it to you, though. Open it already.”

Candy did, then she unfolded the single sheet of paper. It only took three seconds for the blood to drain from her face. She sat down and pressed the letter to her lap. It was a surprise, but she didn't know if she should be happy or afraid.

“Is everything alright?” Tonya asked.

“Yeah, it's fine,” she said. “It's a surprise, that's all. Let me read it and I'll tell you about it.”

“Okay,” Tonya said and started backing up. “I'll be back.”

Candy knew her friend was concerned, but she had only read the signature at the bottom of the page and wasn't ready to say the name out loud. There was no telling how she would react to the rest of the words.

In Evan's fantasy world, the flicker of light on the other side of the sliding door was Candy's bracelet. It was reflecting the light as it jiggled on her wrist. He rammed the shovel into the ground with unnecessary force. His mother was getting excited. She wanted to touch herself while she watched him. Then Miss Tonya would come back from her shower naked. She'd put her arms around Candy, and her freakishly large nipples would erect against her back. She'd shove the front of Candy's pants down while telling her about having sex with him. Then he'd ease his cock out of his pants, and when it was fully erect, his mother would come out and—

The real world was different, and it made him anxious. He had enjoyed fucking Jayda too much, and he was terrified that her mother would find out. Nothing good could come from that. She might be pissed off and tell Candy or she might not ever have sex with him again. He had planned to talk to Gloria later and convince her that nothing had happened. That would have been easier when nothing had happened. Breaking her heart was the last thing he wanted to do. How was that possible now?

The sun streaming through Tonya's door had caused moisture to collect between Candy's breast. She should have been ashamed of her reaction to the sweat glistening on Evan's muscled body, but she embraced her desire and hugged herself. Her shirt pulled tight and the hot material made her nipples hard. She wanted to touch herself and think about what Evan did in the bathroom. What had happened to her remorse and her resolve?

The smell of Tonya's lotion reached her nose a second before Tonya's touch. “Well,” was all she said, then she started rubbing Candy's shoulders.

Tonya was so much like Sally, direct and passionate, and now that made Candy nervous. “It was from my sister, Sally.” A tear slid down each cheek.

“Well, where is she?”

“Here, she's here.” Her chest heaved with a convulsive sob, and the tears started flowing.

“Isn't that good news?” Tonya asked, and put her arms around Candy's waist.

“I don't know. I don't know her after all these years.” Her arms joined Tonya's, and the hug tightened. She wanted to curl up in the sun like a cat and have fingernails gently sliding over her warm skin. Wasn't that what Sally would do for her when she got upset?

"You told me you missed her and always wanted to know what happened to her.”

“I did...I do, but it's scary,” she said and took three deep breaths. “We were so close and when I needed her the most, she left me. She was mad when she left, mad at me.” Why now, when her alter ego was already disrupting her pretend life? Sally never brought out the good in her. “What does she look like?”

“I didn't get that from anyone that's kin to you. This lady was, um, let's say, interesting. I'm supposed to tell Evan that she needs some work done at her house.”

“She didn't have red hair?”

“No, black, jet black. Why wouldn't she call you or go to your house?”

“I don't know,” Candy said. “She didn't even give me her phone number, just an address. She lives in Mississippi, forty minutes away and I didn't even know.” She did know because Sally told her in the note, 'John can't know I'm back.' Sally didn't like John, but that wasn't any reason to be so secretive.

“You going to see her?”

“I guess so,” she said. “I need some time to process this. It's not like running into an old friend. She was my sister and she vanished one day without a word.”

“I think you should, and if there is anything I can do—”

“I know,” Candy said, “you're always there for me. Thank you.”

“That's because I love you,” Tonya said.

“I love you, too,” she said. “I'm gonna go, go think about this.” She needed to be alone. “Please don't mention it to anyone, not even Evan.” She turned to go, then added, “Oh, and tell him he should be wearing a shirt. He knows better than that.”

“It's hot out there,” Tonya said, “and I sure don't mind. Those sweaty”

She was too emotional already to add envy. “It's your yard, do whatever you think is okay.”

“Thank you,” Tonya said. “Make sure you stay in touch.”

“I will,” Candy said. “You'll be the first to know. Bye.”

Jayda walked the few hundred yards to Alex's house, hoping she wouldn't run into any of her neighbors. Evan's cum had started to dry and was grating between her ass cheeks. When she knocked, Alex opened the front door and said, "What took you so long?” Then her mascara weighted eyelids flapped while she looked up and down. “Jayda, you walked down the street like that! I can see through your dress.”

“I was in a rush and nobody saw me.”

“Evan was there, wasn't he?”


“What happened?” Alex asked.

“Nothing,” Jayda said.

“Liar, I see it on your face,” Alex said. “Tell me!"

“What are you talking about? ”

“I'm talking about that look on your face. I've seen it enough to know. You did it, didn't you?”

"I can't tell you that," Jayda said, "but if you're ever thinking about trying it with a boy, stuff a cucumber up your twat first, then decide. Can I use your shower?"

“Why didn't you use yours before you came over?”

“Because,” Jayda said and walked past her friend. “Can I or not?”

"I'll come with you," Alex said. “I wanna hear more.”

When Evan heard his mother's car start, he was surprised she hadn't talked to him, but he was relieved that she left. It was going to be hard enough not to look guilty for fucking Jayda; he didn't need the added awkwardness of facing Miss Tonya and his mother together. It would be impossible to avoid that forever, but the longer he could postpone it, the better.

Jason didn't have to drive his kid sister around, like Evan, but that was most likely because his mother was afraid of what might happen. Her fears were well grounded, and Jason knew any changes in their interaction would have to be subtle. Offering to drive his sister and Darlene anywhere and everywhere they wanted to go would be waving a red flag. Still, when he dropped Darlene off at her house, he told her to call if she ever needed a lift. After the show she and Becky had put on, why wouldn't he. Darlene wasn't the type of girl who rode around with boys her age, so he didn't expect her to take him up on his offer. How could he know what to expect from her? The girl was standoffish, didn't date any of the boys at school and other than his sister, she barely hung out with any of the girls. The redhead was a locked box that he wanted to open.

It took more time and gas to reach 1666 Beaver Dam Road than Jason planned on. Hopefully, Darlene would appreciate it. Although, for even a sliver of a chance that he could have, The fuckin' redhead, he'd do it again even if she didn't say thank you. Darlene sitting on his face was great, but he wanted more. He would settle for sex, but the ultimate goal was to show up for his senior year with the most desirable girl in school, as his girlfriend. The potential was staggering. Even the girl magnet, Evan, would envy him.

Of course, that was all wild speculation, and the long drive had increased Jason's doubts, but Darlene hadn't called Evan for a ride. There weren't any cars in front of the large house, which would explain why she needed a ride, but whose house was it and why was she so far away from home?

His pickup's tires crunched over the oyster shell driveway, headed for, “The gate on the left side of the house,” as instructed by Darlene. It was the, “Check around back, I might be in the pool,” that gave him hope. Who asks for a ride home and doesn't expect you to blow the horn or ring the bell?

There wasn't anybody in the pool, so Jason turned towards the screened porch. It was dark inside, and he couldn't see through the screen, but he heard a low hum that sounded like his aunt's hot tub. It wasn't the roar of the jets, so Jason didn't expect to find Darlene in it, but he still approached silently. She'd found him wearing a towel on his patio, so he didn't feel bad about being a little sneaky.

Once he was close enough, he saw a covered hot tub on the left side, but everything else was hard to make out. He eased the door open and stepped out of the bright sunlight, then waited for his eyes to adjust.

"It took you long enough," Darlene said.

So much for appreciation. He tried to act like she hadn't startled him and said, "Sorry, I didn't realize how far it was," then he saw the black dog.

"No problem," she said and put her hand on the head of the massive dog standing next to her chair. “Don't worry about Brutus, he's friendly, very friendly. Thank you for coming. Ms. Style won't be home in time, and I have to babysit.”

She just didn't seem like the babysitter type. “You sure?” he asked before taking another step.

“Yes,” Darlene said. “Sit, Brutus.”

He inched closer, the dog sat and put his head down on Darlene's lap. “Ms. Style?”

“Yeah, Style Pioneer,” she said. “Isn't it stupid putting miss in front of somebody's first name? Southern thing, I think. Style doesn't care, either way, but it's a habit.”

The contrast between the dog's black head and Darlene's pale thighs wasn't what made him stare. Nor was the flame red fingernails scratching between the dog's ears. Darlene's skirt was so short that Brutus's head was the only thing keeping him from seeing her crotch, or at lease he thought so.

"I was surprised you called,” he said. "Didn't Becky want to come for the ride?”

“Not sure, I didn't tell her,” she said. “Should I have asked her?”

Jason watched her lips curl. They were slick with lip gloss, and her eyes were a wicked blue. “Um, no, I just figured.”

Darlene's painted toes, which must have been done by Becky, wiggled and started scratching the dog's back. Brutus lifted his head to check on the source of the pleasure and Jason's eyes wandered up Darlene's inner thigh. Her ass cheeks were pressed out on the chair, and Darlene's crotch was bulging from her tight panties.
He sighed when Brutus put his head back and blocked his view. If the dog hadn't been smiling before, he was now because both of Darlene's feet were working their way up his body.

"You think he has bad thoughts?" Darlene asked

The dog had his nose where he wanted his. "I don't know." Brutus's tongue shot out against Darlene's inner thigh.

"Ooh, Brutus, bad boy," she said, and put her hands on his head, holding it in place. "How gross would that have been?"

The pink tip of the dog's prong had emerged, and Jason's face warmed. "I let a dog lick my—" His mouth went dry and his face burned. The one thing that nobody except Evan knew had just blown out of his fucking mouth. He added, "It was a girl dog." Shit, no wonder Evan gets all the girls, I'm an idiot.

Darlene grinned."I knew there was a reason I liked you."

Did she just say she liked me?

"Oh Brutus," Darlene said with less surprise. Now there was a wet swath of fabric between her legs. The dog made a more determined lick and her knees inched apart. The underwear caved in between her fat pussy lips. "Oh Shit, that's wrong."

The cock growing down his pants leg said it was the rightist thing he'd ever seen. "He doesn't think so." The dog's prick was extending.

Darlene gasped and halfheartedly held the dog back. "What do you think he wants to do to me?" Her toes curled.

"Fuck...I don't know," he said.

Brutus stood and Darlene's feet moved to his shoulders, lifting her knees. She slid down in the chair. Her nipples swelled under her T-shirt. “I know this is weird," she said.

“We sort of have a history with weird, don't we?" he asked.

"A history, yeah, and that's a good thing."

"It is?"

"Yes, yes it is. We both know things about each other, and that creates a trust, one we wouldn't have otherwise."

"I guess it does," he said. Darlene was telling him she would talk about his relationship with his sister if he ever mentioned this. Was fucking your sister worse than having a dog eat you out?

Darlene put her feet back on the floor. "Did you take off your underwear?"


“When you let that girl dog lick you.”

What did he have to lose? “I did.”

“Do you think Brutus wants me to take mine off?”

Did he actually hear Darlene ask him if she should take off her panties so Brutus could lick her pussy? “Ah, I would, um, if I was him.”

"I would too,” Darlene said, “if I was him.” She lifted her butt and slid her underwear down her thighs. Brutus reluctantly gave her space and the red panties went to her feet. Her strawberry landing strip came into view. Please take your shirt off too, he thought. “You sure I should do this?” Darlene asked.

You better, he thought, but said, “I think he'd be mad if you didn't.”

“Mm, his tongue is so big and long.” Darlene lifted her legs, grabbed behind her knees and pulled them up. Her body arched and her ass moved to the edge of the chair.

He moved for a better view of the tongue lapping at Darlene's crotch. She was wet from her asshole to her pubic bone, and Brutus had her lips opened so he could get to the juiciest part of her pussy. His dick bobbed between his legs, and his feet were moving impatiently. He wanted more, and so did Jason. “I think he likes you.”

“I think so too,” Darlene said. “You think he wants to fuck me?”

“Who wouldn't?”

“Do you?” she asked.

“Um, well, yes, of course.” Was he dreaming?

“Do you think he would do it, really?”

Jason looked at the long, thick pink rod with all the red veins, and said, “I think he's planning on it.”

“Should I let him?” she asked. “Would it bother you?”

Did he have to choose between watching her get fucked by a dog and getting to fuck her? He couldn't chance not seeing a girl have sex with a dog. “No, wouldn't bother me at all.” Maybe he'd get sloppy seconds?

Darlene got to her feet. Brutus never lost eye contact with her pussy. Neither did Jason. She shoved her skirt down and lifted her shirt. Her left boobs poured out of her shirt, then the right one. They bounced, jiggled and separated out to the sides. Other than Evan's mother, he didn't know anybody with tits that incredible. The dog started jumping up. “Easy big boy, easy,” she said. “Do you think he'll hurt me?”

The fuckin' redhead was naked and about to get on her hands and knees so a dog could fuck her. “I don't think so.” He was ready to shoot a load in his pants.

“Hold him til I get down,” Darlene said.

“Okay.” He cautiously prevented Brutus from getting at Darlene while she got on her knees and leaned over on the chair. “You sure about this?”

“I hope so,” Darlene said. “Once he starts I don't think I'll be able to change my mind.”

“Probably not,” he said and let Brutus go.

The dog's long pink tongue licked the white orbs of her ass, then he stuffed his nose between them. Darlene's cautious apprehension was gone. She put her chest on the chair, reached back and pulled her cheeks open for Brutus's ravenous tongue. He went for the puckered ring deep in her ass cleavage. "Oh, yeah, you horny pup. Eat my ass," she said looking back over her shoulder.

Jason realized he was panting more than the dog. He knelt down as Brutus mounted Darlene. His cock was bigger now and was stabbing at Darlene before he finished climbing on her.

"Good boy," she said. The dog wrapped his paws around her and hunched his prick towards her ass. “Go slow, big boy. Don't hurt me.”

Brutus seemed experienced, and he had his own idea about how to fuck. His barrel chest pressed on her back, his breath panted on her neck and his cock slammed forward. Darlene grabbed the chair, her fingers clenched, her stomach sucked in, and her body shook. Jason held his breath and watched the dog's muscles ripple with each thrust of his hind quarter. He had hit the target and was giving her all he had.

A splash of drool hit Darlene's shoulder. "Oh, God, he's so long...longer than I thought. Ah, ah, fuck."

The dog pounded Darlene's pussy with incredible speed. She held on tight, bracing herself against the violent thrashing. Each of her panting breaths ended with a moan. Then, as fast as Brutus had started, the dog stopped with his back arched and his cock buried deep. “Ah, he's shooting in me, shooting his cum in me.”

Jason gasped and said, "Fuck," when the dog's balloon popped out of Darlene. A gush of fluid spilled down her legs. Brutus licked Darlene several times before cleaning his dick.

"Wow, that was more than I expected," Darlene said. She got to her knees, then climbed into the chair and flopped back. Her tits heaved with each heavy breath. “Becky would have loved that, but don't you tell her about it.”

"Not me," he said. Darlene's face and blue eyes were growing on him.

Her eyes turned mischievous. "Do you like them?" she asked. "They're not too big, are they?"

"Yes, I mean no," he said. “I love them, and no, they aren't too big.”

She lifted her breasts, then let them slide through her hands until her fingers were on her nipples. She pinched and twisted them. “Do you think I'm nasty?”

“No, hell no.”

"Well, he didn't last very long,” Darlene said. “Would it be nasty if you—”

“No, no it would be fine.” He hoped he didn't seem to anxious, but he wasn't going to let a little dog cum stand in the way of him having sex with Darlene. Seeing her getting fucked by Brutus only made him want her more.

“Good, because I've been thinking about that giant cock of yours. Looking forward to feeling it inside me, like Becky did. I still can't believe she did it.”

“What, you mean with me, with her brother?” he asked.

“That too, but she's so small, and you're big. I didn't think she had the guts to sit down on that thing. It was like being in a porno movie.” She pulled herself to her feet. “I want it from behind, like in my dream, but not the way I just did it.”

He got off the floor. “So you really had a dream?”

“I have all kinds of dreams,” she said. “This one is pretty tame, but you did solve my problem.” She moved towards him until her tits touched his chest.

Darlene wasn't a high school senior trapped in a woman's body, she was all woman, and he was unraveling. She stared brazenly into his eyes; her tongue wet her lips, and they moved to his. Nature took over and their kiss was instantly passionate. His hands groped her ass. He didn't want to stop making out with her, but he couldn't wait long.

"I can't wait to feel you inside me," she said and started opening his pants.

Whose dreams are coming true now? Her hands were inside his pants, pulling his cock out. “Mm, this dick is amazing,” she said and dragged it across her pussy.

He thought, everything about you is amazing, but didn't say anything. It was going to happen, he was going to fuck Darlene on somebody's back porch, then drive her to her babysitting job. That was something a boyfriend would do.

“I better lean against this for support,” Darlene said and faced the hot tub. She bent over and put her forearms on the lid. Her wet pussy lips separated, revealing the red inner flesh.

Jason got behind her, aimed his dick and pushed his dome between Darlene's lips. The hot silky flesh made him jerk reflexively. He forcefully ground the bulb up and down, getting it slippery. When it was ready, he put the tip against her hole and shoved forward, but it didn't go in.

“Don't go easy," Darlene said. "Get it in me, shove it hard."

That was the last thing he expected to hear, but she didn't have to say it twice. He clamped down on his shaft and rammed her. “Ah.” Once his thick knob broke through the opening, he plunged half his cock into her. She was flooded with dog cum and lust. He grabbed her hips and started rocking. She wasn't taking all of him yet, but it was already more of him than Becky had ever taken. Darlene's cunt was made for his cock.

Darlene shoved back when he went forward. "Holy shit, I feel it, feel it stretching me. It's fuckin' huge.”

He watched his dick slide in and come out wet, and gradually increased his speed. The lick startled him, but he wasn't willing to stop fucking. Brutus's second lick got his balls and asshole, but he continued humping Darlene. It wasn't the first time a dog had licked his balls. If Brutus tried to mount him, he'd deal with it.

The dog gave up trying to get at Jason's swinging balls, and that gave him more room to pull back and drive in. The top of his dick crashed into the end of Darlene's tube. She pulled up. “Not so deep, I can't take all of you.”

“Oh, sorry,” he said.

"Don't stop,” she said and shoved her ass back. “Fuck hard, and fuck me fast, like you were, just don't break me.”

It was still hard to accept that this was actually happening, but Jason went back to ramming three-quarters of his dick in and out of her body. One of Darlene's hands went between her legs, and the other one hit the lid of the hot tub. "Yeah, oh, yesss, that's it, do it, do it, you're making my dream come true."

The head of his dick got more sensitive and swelled. He wanted to pause and postpone his approaching orgasm, but Darlene's insides were jerking tight on him and her legs were trembling. There was no way he would spoil her climax. It had to be better than the one in her dream, but his sperm was dangerously close to being deep in her body.

"Oh, Jay, Jaaay...son, you're making me cum, cum so good. Don't stop, don't stop."

His cock grew to full orgasm size and Darlene's tube tightened around it. He was about to shoot his load in her. “Ah, I, um, I'm gonna—"

"It's okay, go ahead, cum in me," Darlene said. “Fill me with your cum. Oh, yeah, I feel you, feel it squirting inside me. Ah, yeah, that's so good.”

He was ready to collapse by the time he finished emptying his balls. Their mixed fluids were leaking from her pussy, running down his shaft and dripping from his nut sack. “Oh, shit.” He stepped back and watched his waning erection come out of her and hang down.

Brutus got his head between them and licked Darlene's legs. She waited for him to finish, then she turned around. The dog's attention went to him. “No, not me,” he said.

“Let him,” Darlene said. “Let him, I wanna see it.” She got behind him and reached around his body. Her hands went under his cock and balls, and she lifted them. “Does it feel good?”

It had been humiliating getting caught by Evan; now he was standing there in front of a girl, watching a dog lick his balls. He was embarrassed, but Darlene liked it, and so did he. “It's weird, but it feels good.”

“I wonder if he'd do you," she said.

“I don't think we need to find out,” he said.

“No, I guess we don't,” she said. “I can't wait to tell Becky how good it was. She's gonna be so horny after I tell her about this.”

“You're gonna tell her...everything?”

“No, I won't mention Brutus,” she said. “That will be our secret, right?”

“Yes, definitely,” he said.

“We better get going,” Darlene said while getting dressed. “I'll need a shower before I go babysit.”

“What about him?”

“I'll put him inside, then we can go. Ms. Style will be home soon enough.”

Evan was damn close to finishing Miss Tonya's garden, or whatever you called a bunch of shrubs and flowers. While he was spreading the last of the mulch, the swoosh of Miss Tonya's door caught his ear. Game face, he told himself and acted like he hadn't heard anything. Hopefully, she'd be impressed and pay him a lot of money, but they were there alone. She might have something else in mind. As kinky and porn star-ish as it would be, he didn't want to have sex with Jayda's mother after having sex with her. He'd at least need a shower and a nap, first.

“That looks great, Evan,” Miss Tonya said.

He acted surprised and turned towards her. “Thank you,” he said. “I did it the way you laid it out, I think.” He glanced in the direction of the shed, then back to Miss Tonya.

“You did,” she said. “You made it look better than I imagined it.”

“Great, that's great,” he said. “I'm glad you like it.”

“Your mother was right, you pay attention to details.”

“Where did she go?”

“Oh, she, um, she had some shopping to do. Said to tell you you did a nice job. She was watching you from the den.”

“Oh, shoot,” he said. “Did she say anything about me not wearing my shirt?”

Miss Tonya squeezed his arm. “Yeah, she said you looked sexy with all that sweat on your muscles.”

Great, he thought, she's going to mess with me, again. “I'm sure it was more like, 'Why doesn't he have his shirt on. He knows better than that.'”

“Well, maybe that was what I was thinking, not what I heard her say.” She reached in her pocket.

Evan hadn't told Miss Tonya how much he expected to get paid, and he didn't know how much he should have charged, but when she handed him a hundred and fifty dollars, he felt like he needed to give some back. After all, he got to have sex with Miss Tonya and her daughter. He contained his excitement and said, “Thank you, and if you need anything else, I'd be happy to help.”

“You're welcome, Sweetie,” she said. “I'll keep that in mind. Here's that information I mentioned that might be more work for you. I told this lady how good you are...and what a hard worker you are, too.”

More work equaled more money for gas and pit passes, and it would keep his father off his ass. He looked at the piece of paper and said, “Style, is that her last name?”

“No, actually it's her first name,” Miss Tonya said.

“Okay, thank you. I'll call her. Maybe I can go see her now.”

“She didn't tell me what she needed done, so let me know if you can.”

“Sure, thanks again,” he said and picked up the shovel and rake. “I'll put these away and take off.”

“Evan,” Miss Tonya said, “You're doing great. See you later.”


2020-09-06 14:15:55
Southpaw, I typed a message for you on the forum in a private message with information you need that can't be posted in public areas because of site rules. I got a message that I can't send you a message, so I searched for your profile or any post you made and found nothing. You'll need to reach out to me if you want the message. Send me a PM from the forum and I'll reply.


2020-08-23 23:47:36
This book/story line is one of the best I’ve yet. I’m looking for future Chapters. Thanks.


2020-06-19 18:05:42
wlaura75, thank you for taking the time toread my stuff and especially for commenting. It's nice when other author say something because I know they get it.
I'm not sure why you don't post here, but I'm not posting anymore here. I realized that every single thing I post here and even the comments are ending up on Rusian sites. I can't do updates there, interact or get anything out of the admins, so I'm done. It's more of a pain to post here anyway. I mostly write and interact on Wrist. A great site with supportive staff and writers.


2020-06-14 01:20:27
Thank you for posting this episode. As a writer myself (I don't post on this forum) I know how long it takes to write a story. It hurts like hell to get horrid comments upon your work even more when you don't get paid a dime. Ignore the ones who have no appreciation for the skills you are blessed with. Keep going.


2020-06-14 01:18:55
Thank you for posting this episode. As a writer myself (I don't post on this forum) I know how long it takes to write a story. It hurts like hell to get horrid comments upon your work even more when you don't get paid a dime. Ignore the ones who have no appreciation for the skills you are blessed with. Keep going.

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