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The next morning and the rest of the weekend..
The next morning… Saturday

I was just been having the best, and possibly strangest dream of my life. It was a sex dream, which is totally normal at my age. That’s good to know since I’ve had a LOT of sex dreams in my life. But this was the first time it involved my mother.

In it, she showed me her vagina and let me finger her. Then she gave me my first hand job. It was the best orgasm of my life. I sprayed jism everywhere, including on my mom’s face. It was incredibly weird, but not as weird as I would’ve imagined it would be. It was comfortable, and almost calming. While it was very arousing and I came almost as soon as she started, it wasn’t some torrid nasty sort of porno where two people just walk up and start going at it. I was nervous and awkward, but she was motherly about it, loving. She wanted to help and do something nice for me. Not just make some guy blow his load.

I was waking up. Laying in bed, sort of awake, but with my eyes still shut, not really wanting to get up yet. The memory of that dream was still lingering, and I could tell that I was sporting some major morning wood. I was going to need to take care of that, but first I was going over what I needed to do today in my head… It was Saturday morning, my dad was out of town, and my little sister, Lacy, was staying with a friend for the weekend, and it was just mom and I home… This was all sounding very familiar. And then I felt movement next to me.

My eyes shot open. I was laying on my back, in bed. Only it wasn’t my bed, I could immediately tell that I was in my parent’s room. I looked to my left and saw my mom sitting up on the edge of the bed, with her back to me. She stood up and began to walk around the bed. Quickly I shut my eyes, feigning sleep, buying myself time while I gathered my thoughts. I heard her walk into the master bathroom and close the door.

It was all coming back to me now. I remember everything that happened, and I remember coming into her room and us talking about what we’d done. I remember her suggesting that she could continue giving me hand jobs. And then we went to sleep. It all really happened!

I heard her open the bathroom door. I figured that if she had decided that she regrets what happened then she would’ve said something when she first saw me in bed. So I decided to go ahead and open my eyes and see where the day takes me.

I didn’t want her to know that I had been pretending to still be asleep, so I did the whole ‘just waking up routine’, acting like the sound of the door had been what woke me up. I slowly stretched and opened my eyes.

“Well good morning”. She said. She was standing over me looking down and smiling.

“Morning mom”. My eyes were still a little fuzzy, as I squinted up at her.

“Did you sleep well”?

“Like a log”. I answered, as I removed the blanket and sat up a bit.

“Speaking of a log, there’s definitely some wood”. My mom said laughingly, as she looked down my body. I had forgotten my boner.

“Oh crap!” I snapped, as I yanked the blanket back over myself. “Sorry, I didn’t think about it”.

“What are you doing”? She asked, with a laugh.

“I.. Um.. I..”. It slowly dawned on me that I wasn’t really sure why I got embarrassed and covered up. “I dunno. I just didn’t mean to..”.

“I get it. Yesterday morning you would’ve done the same thing, and I would’ve completely understood, but today.. I thought you would be more relaxed around me.” She looked upset, and unsure.

“No, you’re right. It wasn’t you, I just got embarrassed. It’s just weird to not hide when I have a hard on.” I chuckled a little and gave her an ‘I’m sorry’ smile. “See, I’m not uncomfortable with you seeing me.” I pulled away the blanket and pushed my pajama bottoms down to my knees. My dick sprang free and wobbled back and forth. I just stared at my morning erection for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. I slowly looked back up at my mother’s face. She was looking at my boner, then to my face. She smiled warmly.

“You didn’t have to do that, I wasn’t trying to pressure you into exposing yourself to me, that’s not what I want. I just thought that it was what YOU wanted. When you were getting into bed last night you were going to do it naked, and this morning you covered up, I guess I was just a little confused about what exactly you were comfortable with.”

“I’m fine, it was just a reaction. I’m ok with you seeing me naked.”

“Ok, good. Because I meant what I said last night about wanting to help you with these.” She reached out and gently wrapped her hand around my cock. My mouth opened involuntarily and let out a slight gasp. The feeling of someone else touching my penis was still strange and wonderful. “Want me to take care of him now?”

I didn’t look away from her hand and could only manage a slight nod. Even though I now completely remembered the events of last night, it still seemed surreal. She must’ve seen my nod out of the corner of her eye, because she started stroking me without asking again. She wasn’t using lotion or lube or anything, but her hands were smooth, and she was only lightly holding my dick. She was going very slowly, and with her loose grip, I knew I wouldn’t cum, but it still felt amazing.

She must’ve read my mind because without stopping or looking to see my facial expression, she answered my concerns. “I’ll need to make it slicker before I really get going” she said. “Now when a girl doesn’t have a moisturizer, like the lotion I used last night, she can just use her dry hand. Have you ever masturbated without the lotion?” She asked me.

“Ya” I answered without looking up.

“And does it feel as good doing it dry like that?”


“Exactly. But sometimes the girl giving the hand job may not have anything to use. In these cases it’s perfectly normal for her to use her spit.”

HER SPIT?! I thought to myself. “You mean she actually spits on my penis?”

“Yes” she laughed and smiled. “But it’s not so much as she spits on it, as she drips saliva on it…watch.”

She learned down and forward a bit, positioning her face about 6 inches over the tip of my dick. You could see she was aiming, as she pursed her lips and let a long shiny string of saliva slide from her mouth and stretch down to the head. She drizzled her spit onto my cock for a couple seconds then cut it off. She stood up straight and released her grip on me to wipe her mouth.

“See, like that” She said. She then used both of her hands and slowly worked her saliva up and down my shaft, particularly working the head. “Then she slides it around, and onto the Palms of her hands” she instructed. “And then she can get to work on making you cum” she said with a little grin.

She gripped the bottom half of my dick with her left hand, and the top half with her right. She began her ‘butter-churning’ motion, up and down and in alternating rotating motions with each hand. The sensation caused me to take a deep breath.

I just watched her hands working my dick, it was a feeling that I could never accomplish myself, and the orgasm would just as impressive. I expanded my view of the situation, taking in everything that was happening. The visual aspect was equally as arousing, as the physical sensation.

My mother was in her early 30s and wasn’t very tall, maybe 5’3”. She had a slender build and decent curves that, as her son, I’d never noticed before. But now as I watched her standing at the side of the bed, leaning over my lap, steadily working her hands up and down my cock, I noticed her attractive features.

She was wearing a nightgown that was pretty much a long shirt, that only went down a little past her butt. I looked her up and down, starting with her legs. They were short, not those long legs that you always hear about. But they were smooth and nice looking, free from scars or veins that older women tend to have. Her butt was hidden under the gown, and I was only seeing it from the side, but it wasn’t flat or fat. My eyes moved up to her breasts. They were covered, but with her leaning forward combined the motion of her arms, I could make out the swaying and bouncing underneath the fabric. As a teenage boy, I loved boobs, so staring at a pair of them so intently (albeit under a shirt) along with the feeling of my mom working my morning wood for my first orgasm of the day, really put me over the top.

I scratched at the bed, unable to control myself. My mom looked over at me, for some indication that I was ready to cum. She caught me looking at her chest, but made no comment, she only asked “are you almost there?” I nodded my head rapidly, my body starting to squirm. She looked back at what she was doing, leaning into it a little more as she picked up the pace. And as I had done the night before, I just let it go. And just as it had happened the night before, I once again blew my load onto my mother. The first several shots hit her right in the face, causing her to squint her eyes shut to avoid getting the warm jizz in them. Other shots landed on her nightgown, arms, hair, and all over the bed and myself. As the streams of cum finished erupting form the tip of my dick, my mother gripped it tightly and pulled upward, squeezing out what remained, spilling it onto her already covered hands.

I couldn’t move. My mouth hung open. I must’ve looked like I was in pain, but I wasn’t. The exact opposite actually. The orgasms my mother had given me were the most intense and pleasurable experiences I had ever had.

My mom didn’t move either, she just stood there, both hands welded to my rod. She was still looking down at it, only her eyes were shut, her mouth pressed into a tight little grin. She must’ve been contemplating what to do next. Finally she released me. Her hands just sort of dangling over me, dripping. She grasped at the front of her gown, trying to find a dry spot to use. She settled on the bottom hem at her left side, the side closest to me. She pulled it up to her face wiping the goo from her eyes first.

This was my first glimpse of her boobs… well NEAR glimpse, and it was only partial under-boob, but it was still hot. She cleaned her left eye enough to open it and looked at me, again catching me looking at her chest. I immediately looked away. She smiled, “so I take it that was good for you?” She asked.

“Ya, definitely!” My eyes widened and I nodded quickly, showing my enthusiasm.

“Well let’s get cleaned up.” She turned and walked towards the bathroom, wiping her hands off on the sides and back of her nightgown. “So Adam, have you seen breasts in person before?” She called from inside the bathroom. I heard the shower turn on.

“Um, no.” I replied. There was a moment of silence.

“Alright, well you need to get cleaned up anyways, come hop in the shower with me.”

My eyes widened. I sat up, pulled my pajama bottoms completely off, and got off the bed. I walked to the bathroom carefully, trying to avoid dripping my cum all over. My patents bathroom had one of those showers with the glass door. It was already fogged up, so I could only see the shadowy figure of my mother.

“Adam are you in here?” She called out.

“Oh, ya I’m here.”

“Well get in silly.”

I did as I was told and opened the shower and got in. I kept my head down, and purposely closed my eyes, acting like it was to keep the water out. It wasn’t that I didn’t WANT to see her naked body, I actually really did. I just didn’t want to seem too eager, and she was still my mom, it felt disrespectful to look at her that way.

“Everything OK?” She asked.

“Ya I’m good.”

“Then open your eyes and look at me.” She scolded. I raised my head and opened my eyes, looking directly into hers, not letting them wander to other parts of her body. She had an annoyed look on her face. “Adam, if you don’t want to take a shower with me then just say so.”

“No! It’s not that. It’s just that it’s still a little weird. I’m not sure if I should look at you as my mother, or like one of those women in the magazines that turn me on.” I responded. Her face softened.

“Adam, you should still look at me as your mother, especially when I’m not helping you cum, or teaching you about sex. But when I am, I’m still your mother, even if you are getting aroused. If it makes you more comfortable, when we’re doing these things, just look at me as a woman. Like right now, look at my body.”

I looked down, taking her all in. Her breasts were perfect. Bigger than a handful, but not oversized. They hung like teardrops, with her Nipples pointed slightly upwards, and her under-boob cupping underneath. I moved down to her stomach, which was flat, leading to her vagina, only slightly covered in trimmed pubic hair. She slowly spun around, letting me take her all in. Her ass was better than I previously gave her credit for. It was slightly wider than her waist, and stuck out nicely, cupping underneath like her tits. She turned back to face me.

“Any questions?” She asked. I shook my head, looking back up at her face. I felt my cock tingling from looking at her body. “As you can see, not all breasts are as large as the ones in magazines… do you want to touch them?” I nodded my response. “Go Ahead.”

I reached out and just placed a hand on one Breast. I stood like that, not moving my hand. She must’ve sensed that I wasn’t sure what to do. She took my other hand and placed it on her other Breast, and put her hands over top of mine and squeezed. I was officially grabbing my first boobs! They felt amazing. I began squeezing and rubbing them on my own, so my mom removed her hands. I watched them as I played, I was mesmerized. I got more confident and began focusing on the Nipples with my thumbs and index fingers. As soon as I pinched, my mother let out a little gasp. I almost stopped, but then figured that if it hurt, she would tell me to stop. I looked at her face, she was watching my hands.

“Can I suck on them?” I couldn’t believe I had the balls to ask that! She looked up at me.

“Yes, go ahead.” She said softly.

I took a step forward and leaned down, pointing her first one at my mouth. I sucked it right in, instinctively, like a baby breastfeeding for the first time. I let my tongue work the tip of her nipple in my mouth, and I heard my mother sigh. I took away my mouth and looked up at her.

“Doing that can feel very good to the girl. And it can go together very nicely with her playing with Herself.” I looked down and saw my mom rubbing her clit. “So keep sucking on them baby.” I went right back to it, sucking and licking her nipple. I felt my mom moving faster. I moved to her other breast, sucking it the same way. I couldn’t get enough. “That’s it Adam, don’t stop!” Her voice sounded strained, like she was short of breath. Her hand was rubbing vigorously. I continued to suck like I was starving. “Uhhhh Ahhhh!” My mom let out a loud moan. She had just orgasmed. I stood up and released her tits, looking at her. She slowly opened her eyes and looked back at me. “Well that felt great. Did you enjoy it?” She asked, and looked down. “Well there’s my answer”, she said and chuckled. I looked down too, I was rock hard again and pointing straight up at her, I hadn’t even noticed.

“Ya, they feel really cool.”

“Well while we’re in her, I’ll help you clean up from earlier, and go ahead and take care of him again”, she said with a smile, “besides, doing it in the shower is the best option for less mess.” She squeezed some of my dad’s body wash into her hands and lathered it up. Then began washing it all over the areas I had gotten cum on myself in the bed.

I just stood there silently and watched as she washed my stomach, thighs, hips, and eventually moving to my crotch. She moved to my right, standing partially behind me, and to my side. She reached around me with her soapy hand and grasped my dick and began stroking. I let my head tip back, looking up at the ceiling of the shower with my eyes closed. My time playing with her boobs had really gotten me worked up, because even though I had just cum a lot in bed, I still came again in no time.

I let out a groan as I blew my second load of the morning. My eyes were still closed, but I could feel a significant amount semen shooting out of me. My orgasm ended and my mom stopped jerking. I lowered my head and opened my eyes. Cum was splattered on the shower wall in front of me.

“Wow sweetie! You still came that much even after cumming in bed already?!” I didn’t really have an answer for her, I just looked at her bashfully. She smiled at me, “well let’s get cleaned up and go eat breakfast.”

We got out of the shower and dried off. I watched mom towel off and get dressed, staring at her body the whole time, not bothering to hide my gaze. I’d decided to accept that if she was OK with it, then I was too.

Mom tossed our cum soaked clothes, along with her bed sheets, into the washer and we ate breakfast in the kitchen. We talked like mother and son. She told me what chores she wanted me to get done today, I told her what homework I needed to finish by Monday. Our day was planned out. She was going to run errands while I did homework, then when she got home she was going to do some house work while I did my chores.

“How often do you normally masturbate?” She asked while I was taking a sip of orange juice. I nearly choked, not so much because of the actual question, but because she asked it so matter-of-factly, like she was asking if I wanted toast or something. Her plain facial expressions showed that she thought nothing of asking that question while we were sitting at the table.

“Um, a few times a day.” I felt like I was confessing to a crime.

“When usually? Do you have a schedule that you like to follow?” She inquired, with the same calm tone.

“I wouldn’t say it’s a schedule, but I like to do it in the morning when I wake up, when I get home from school, and before bed. Those are my standard times. But I also like if I can take care of myself either before or after dinner too. On the weekends I still do it before and after sleeping, but everything during the day is up in the air, it depends on what we have going on.”

“I see”, she nodded thoughtfully, “that’s a good plan, and so far we’ve done a pretty good job sticking to that routine haven’t we?” She seemed proud of herself, “I took care of it last night before bed, then this morning when you woke up, and we even got an extra one in there during the shower, so let’s keep it up! When I get home from my errands, I’ll take care of you, and then before dinner I’ll do it again, and then of course once more before bed, sound good? I really like being able to help you with this, plus it’s like our little secret. So from now on whenever you’re feeling like you would want to masturbate, tell me, and I’ll take care of it instead.”

“Ok…” I didn’t really know what else to say. Not only did my mom just offer to jerk me off at least three more times today, she also just said that she’d do it whenever I asked… indefinitely! My mind was spinning.

“OK, well I’m going to go get ready then head out.” And with that my mom hoped up, kissed me on the forehead and walked upstairs.

I went to my room and started on my homework. Mom called up the stairs to say goodbye and headed out, leaving me with my thoughts. My mind eventually settled down and I was able to concentrate on school work. After about 2 hours I heard mom come in the door, and yell “hey Adam I’m home!” I said ‘ok’ and continued my homework. After several minutes of putting away the stuff she bought at the various stores she’d gone to, she came upstairs and into my room.

“Hey sweetie, how’s it going?”

“Good, I’m almost done, I shouldn’t have to do any tomorrow.” I answered. We were completely back in mother-son conversation mode.

“Oh, good for you! Are you ready for another hand job?” I was totally ready for the question, but the completely nonchalant way she asked me, her son, if I wanted her, my mother, to give me yet another hand job was still hard to get used to.

“Ya, definitely.”

“Ok, take off your shorts and sit on the edge of your bed.”

I did as I was told, pulled my shorts and boxers completely off. The idea that my mom was about to jerk me off again was enough to get my juices flowing, and my prick started to stiffen. My mom was standing in front of me and, without warning, pulled off her shirt then removed her bra and sat down on the bed next to me, completely toppless. I hid my shocked expression. She grabbed my dick, leaned forward and dripped spit on to it and started smearing it around the head and down the shaft. She sat up straight and started stroking me with her right hand.

“Adam, have you ever kissed a girl?” She asked, looking me in the eyes while continuing her hand job.


“With tongue?”


“Ok, well that’s called ‘French-kissing’. What happens is, when you’re kissing, you both open your mouths and have your tongue play with her tongue. It feels nice believe me. And What’s nice is that doing something else that feels good, like kissing, while getting the hand job, makes you feel even better. Want to try it?”


She smiled and placed her left hand behind my head and pulled me towards her. She leaned her face towards mine, we both closed our eyes, and we kissed. I followed her lead. It started as a normal kiss, and then she opened her mouth and I felt her tongue touch my lips. I opened mine, and felt her tongue slip inside, touching my own tongue. We began to kiss harder, more passionately. I’d push my tongue into her mouth, then she’d push hers back into mine. The harder and faster we kissed, the harder and faster she seemed to slide her hand up and down my spit-slickened rod. She pulled away from our kiss and looked at me.

“Suck mommy’s tits baby.” She said it both motherly and wantonly. I didn’t hesitate. My face shot down to her closest breast and devoured it. I sucked her nipple harder than I did in the shower. Not on purpose, but I simply had no control at this moment. I had a hand grasping each of her boobs, and my mouth switched between her left and right one, moving back and forth greedily. “That’s it baby! Cum for mommy!”

It was almost as if her encouragement was all I needed. Without removing my face from my mother’s cleavage, I came. I squeezed each Breast way too hard I’m sure, but she didn’t say anything or stop me. I buried my face into her tits and let out a loud, muffled, moan of pleasure. My mother stopped tugging on my dick once the semen stopped flowing. I kept my eyes closed and just sucked on a nipple, my mother tenderly holding my head there, playing with my hair.

I finally decided to pull away and see the damage. As usual, my mother’s hand was encased in jizz . It seemed to be plastered to my dick. Since I was sitting up this time, the tops of my thighs were covered as well. But as I took in the devastation of blowing my load uncovered, I saw that I had several shots on the carpet and on my dresser which was directly in front of me.

“We really need to come up with a better… cleaner way of doing this.” Said my mom. She too was looking at scene in front of me.

“I’m sorry, I’ll clean it up!” I quickly responded. I was afraid that she’d take these messes as a reason that she should stop jerking me off and tell me to go back to masturbating instead.

“I’m not mad sweetheart”, she smiled at me, “we’ll figure something out. I can’t be doing laundry several times a day, and changing my clothes every time I play with you.” She laughed. My fears subsided. “But you go clean yourself up and I’ll clean up the mess in here.”

I went to the bathroom and decided that taking a quick shower would be easier than trying to simply wipe off all the cum from my crotch, lap and legs. I returned and saw that my mom had wiped my dresser off and used a damp cloth on the carpet, she had even made my bed! Other than her wanting to help her little boy have orgasms all the time, she really was just your average mother.

I got dressed and went downstairs. We went about the rest of the afternoon like normal. Doing chores and housework. Mom made dinner that evening and we ate at the table and chatted about normal things. But my mom had no problem transitioning from talking about school, to talking about, what she started referring to as simply ‘fun’.

“So after we clean up dinner do you want to watch a show and have some fun?”

“Uh, ya, that sounds cool.” I was trying to sound as casual as she was.

“OK, but I’ve been thinking about how messy it is every time..” My heart started to sink. “.. So from now on I was thinking that I would just give you blowjobs..” My heart lept back up and into my throat! “.. Are you ok with that?” My mind was racing so fast that I almost didn’t hear her.

“YA!” So much for acting ‘casual’.

“Ok.” My mom chuckled a little. “ I just figure that, for one thing, you’ve never had one, so you should probably try it. Two, it’ll be cleaner and therefore easier for us to do when other people are home. And three, I actually enjoy doing that more than hand jobs.”

I wasn’t really listening, and honestly I didn’t care about the logic or reasons behind her decision to move up to blow jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I was appreciative of all the hand jobs I’d received over the last 24hrs, they were great, but yes they were messy.

My mind was racing, and I don’t think I ever helped clean up the kitchen so fast in my life! As soon as I was finished, I ran over to the sofa, yanked down my shorts and boxers in one motion and tossed them across the floor. I plopped down on the couch and started petting my already stiffening penis.

“I’m ready!” I called back towards the kitchen.

“Ok I’m coming.” My mom almost laughed too hard to say the words. She wiped her hands off and walked around the sofa, and knelt down on the ground in front of me. She pushed my legs apart and scooted in between them to get closer. She pulled off her top, revealing that she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Are you ready sweetie?” She as motherly as ever.


She grasped my prick with both hands and leaned over it. She dripped a string of saliva on the head and began working it all around with her hands. It felt amazing as she rotated both hands back and forth while sliding them up and down the length of my cock. I loved it, but I couldn’t wait to feel her mouth.

Just then, without a word, she lowered her head, removed her hands and swallowed my cock all the way to the base, burying her nose in my pubic hairs. She stayed like that for several seconds, making moaning sounds that vibrated her mouth around my cock, The back of her throat tickling the tip.

Slowly she raised her head, slurping up the shaft of my penis. When she got to the tip she stopped, and sucked it like a lollipop. I just watched, my mouth hung open. It looked as amazing as it felt. She took my prick in both hands again and started her rotating strokes, continuing to suck on just the head. It was a strange and wonderful feeling. I could feel it building a massive orgasm in my balls, but it wasn’t making me cum yet.

“Does that feel good?” She pulled my dick head out her mouth with a ‘pop’. I just nodded, my mouth still hanging open. “Do you have a big load for me?” I couldn’t believe she was talking this way, but I nodded again, “just cum when you’re ready.” And with that she sucked me back into her mouth.

She went about a third of the way down, then back up, and then back down. She continued that motion while jerking off the rest of my shaft with her hands. She quickly built up a steady rhythm. I felt my orgasm rising up as I watched my mother on her knees in front of me, bare breasts jiggling, head bobbing up and down on my cock. I threw my head back, starred at the ceiling and unloaded myself into my mother’s mouth without warning. I expected to hear her gag, or choke, but she didn’t. She just stopped bobbing, held the tip of my dick in her mouth and continued jerk in me off. She swallowed shot after shot. I finally lowered my head and looked at her. She was staring directly at me. Her cheeks were sucked in, her hands were slowing down as the flow from my cock was subsiding, and I could see her throat moving as she was swallowing my semen. Her eyes were locked on mine, like she was waiting for something, perhaps some sort of reaction, a confirmation that I’d liked my first blow job.

“That was amazing.” I said, looking directly back into her eyes. My body shuddered as I spoke, the last aftershocks of my orgasm.

My mom pulled my cock out of her mouth and sat up. She wiped her mouth with one hand, still holding the base of my penis with the other. She looked down at her tits, checking to see if she had gotten any cum or drool on them, they were dry. My previous loads that had earlier covered us both with sperm from her hand jobs.. She had just completely swallowed without even pausing. With the exception of a little saliva-semen-mix that was on her lips, there was nothing to clean up.

My dick was still slick, but she wiped it off well enough with her other hand, so that I could simply tuck it back into my shorts with no mess (if I was wearing any). She moved my softening prick around as she checked her work for cleanliness. She seemed happy with it and grinned to herself.

“Was that good?” She asked me.

“Ya… I don’t even know how to explain it.”

“And a lot cleaner right? We could totally get away with pulling it out for quick ‘BJs’ and then putting it away with nothing to clean up!” She was referring to my penis, and she sounded almost giddy, proud of herself for coming up with a solution to the messiness of the hand jobs.

“Um, ya. That sounds great!” I could care less about the mess it made, but if that’s the issue that motivated my mother to go from giving me hand jobs to blow jobs, then I was all for it. And hearing her talk about the possibility of me being able to have her suck my dick that frequently, was starting to get me hard again.

We just sat on the sofa watching TV half naked for the rest of the evening. She toppless, I bottomless. We eventually made it upstairs where she invited me to sleep in bed with her again, and I eagerly obliged. She kept true to her word and gave me a ‘bedtime-bj’. I laid down in her bed, staring up at the ceiling as she was bobbing her head up and down between my legs. She once again swallowed everything my cock fed her. She moved over, said she loved me, and we drifted off to sleep.

I was awoken Sunday morning to the surprising and incredible feeling of my mother already giving me my ‘morning-bj’. Actually it was the orgasm that woke me up. I was dreaming about it, but when I came in my dream, the feeling was so intense that it shook me awake. I looked down at my dick expecting to see morning wood, but instead saw the top of my mother’s head. My grunts of pleasure must’ve alerted my mother that I was awake. She tilted her head upward and looked at me. She kept my cock in her mouth as she sucked down the last of my jizz, but I could tell she was smiling up at me. She finished and sat up.

“Morning sleepy head.” She said cheerily as she hoped out of bed.

“Morning mom.” I was hazy from a combination of sleep and post-orgasmic euphoria.

“I woke up and saw that you were already hard, so I figured that I would go ahead and take care of him.”

“Uh ya, that was great. I didn’t expect that though.”

“I figured that we should start our routine out today, and when you wake up in the morning is the first one of the day.” She called from the bathroom.

We got dressed and headed downstairs to start the day. As usual, whenever she wasn’t handling my dick, she switched completely into normal mom-mode.

“Don’t forget, your sister comes home this afternoon, and your dad will be home before dinner. So I’ll give you a blow job after you do your chores, but then you’ll have to wait till bedtime.” She sat thoughtfully for a second, “and even then, I’m still not entirely sure how it will work at night with your dad home.” She seemed concerned, but not nearly as concerned as I was that she was changing her mind about taking care of my teenage-cumming needs. “Oh well, we’ll just see how it goes.” And with that she headed about doing her house work.

A couple hours later my mom got a text from my sister that she was headed home a little early. So she came into my room where I was cleaning up, dropped to her knees in front of where I stood, and unzipped my pants.

“Lacy is on her way home, she’ll be dropped off in 15 minutes, so let’s take care of this now.” She said as she fished my penis out of my shorts. She pulled it out, spit into her hands and started smearing it all over my flaccid dick. Standing there, still in shock, looking down at her, was enough to get him up. He swelled awake in her hands with just a couple strokes, and she immediately engulfed it. She quickly got her hands and mouth into a rhythm of stroking and sucking.

I stood there, looking around my room, unsure of what to do with my hands. They were just hanging out to my sides away from my body. Normally mom would’ve given me some sort of instructions when we did something new, but this time I was on my own. So with no options, I decided to do what I’ve seen in porn. I reached down and placed both hands on the sides of her head, near the back, behind her ears. She didn’t stop me so I figured that was ok to do. They just sort of sat there for a minute or two until I felt cum bubbling up from my balls. Instinct took over and without thinking, I did what came naturally. I gripped her head and pulled her head forward, driving myself to the back of her throat. She responded by pushing back, and I again pulled her back. This developed a quick, almost bouncing rhythm, of me helping her bob her head even faster. I came in seconds.

I kept my hands grasping her head. When I finished cumming she tried to take my dick out of her mouth, and without thinking I stopped her and just held her head in place, keeping my cock in her warm moist mouth, savoring the feeling. She sat there allowing this, that is until we heard the front door unlock and open. My mother pushed me away and jumped to her feet. She grabbed a tee shirt off the floor and quickly wiped her hands and face, and darted out of my room.

I felt horrible the rest of the day. I knew she must be mad at me for forcing her head like that, and almost getting us caught. Naturally she didn’t show any sign of it, because then my sister would wonder what I did to get into trouble. My dad came home that evening and we ate dinner as a family. Mom and dad were on good terms, I assume due to their break from each other. We all watched TV together then headed off to our rooms.

My mother and I hadn’t gotten a chance to talk about our new arrangement the rest of the day, but I assumed that it wasn’t going to happen again tonight. Mom had drained my balls 7 times in a day and a half, so I wasn’t complaining, that is until I heard my their bed start squeaking. I sat still wondering if I had really heard it, but sure enough it was the sound of their bed rocking as their time apart had made my dad come home horny.

I tried to ignore it, but then I heard my mom. She let out a loud ‘YES!’ that was followed by my father’s voice muffled through the wall. She continued making noises that were accompanied by squeaky bed springs and occasional slaps of skins. I felt myself getting red in the face, I felt angry, jealous, but also aroused. I couldn’t help myself, I pulled my dick out of my boxers and began slowly petting and playing with it. This turned into a slow but steady stroke. I couldn’t cum though, I was distracted thinking of my mother spending all weekend servicing my cock, and now here she was riding my father like nothing happened.

They finished and went silent. I just laid in bed, still hard, but I was no longer trying to get myself there. Then I heard an unexpected sound that made me jump. My door creaked open and there was mom.

“sweetheart, are you awake?”

“Mom? Uh, ya I’m up.” She crawled in to bed next to me, and pulled the covers over her too, her hand immediately went to my prick.

“Wow, yes you are up! You didn’t already take care of yourself did you?”

“No, I just got hard, but… I didn’t expect to see you tonight.”

“Why? I thought we said that I would take care of you before bed.”

“Well, I heard you guys…”

“Oh, I see. Did that bother you?” I nodded back. “Sweetie, I love you, and I love what we do together, but he’s my husband, and I love him too, and there’s things that I do with him that I can’t do with you. That’s all, it doesn’t mean that I won’t still enjoy playing with you.” My spirts lifted a little.

“Well I also thought you were mad at me about earlier.”

“Mad about what?” She looked confused.

“Before Lacy got home, I grabbed your head when you were going down on me, and then when you were finished, I held it there and almost got us caught.” I pouted back.

“Oh baby! No, I wasn’t mad, you didn’t do anything wrong, lots of guys grab the girl’s head while getting a blow job, honestly it’s kind of attractive.” She was smiling, “and we didn’t get caught, that’s all that matters, so you didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Ok” I smiled back at her. “What did you tell dad to come in here?”

“I just told him that I was going to come see you, because I like our nightly ‘talks’.” She grinned. “He wasn’t opposed to the idea, so it looks like we shouldn’t have a problem before bed from now on. So… would you like a blow job?” She grabbed ahold of my dick.

“Yes please.”

And without another word, my mom ducked her head underneath the covers, wrapped her lips around the head of my cock and went to work. It was almost humorous watching the sheet bounce up and down. I felt one of her hands release my shaft and take hold of my balls instead. She played with them gently, rolling them around in her hand, and petting the soft skin with her finger tips.

I put my hands behind my head, laid back and relaxed, no pressure at all. I let myself cum when it was ready, which only took a few minutes since I was already hard. I listened to the sounds of my mother swallowing my cum in an otherwise silent house.

When she finished, she pulled the sheet off of her, kissed me goodnight, got out of bed and left my room. Before I drifted of to sleep, I lay there mulling over the developments of the last 48 hours and thought to myself, ‘this is going to be great.’


2021-04-10 15:58:10
amazing story. Very erotic. thank you.


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Mmmmmmmm good story
Family love fuck. Yes!


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Mmmmmmmm good story
Family love fuck. Yes!


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Mmmmmmmm good story
Family love fuck. Yes!


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Mmmmmmmm good story
Family love fuck. Yes!

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