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Gia falls in love with a doctor and seduces him.
Doctor's Special Espresso

Ever since Gia first saw him at the hospital she just felt this overwhelming attraction. She worked at the ward for her internship, he worked at the unit next to it as a doctor. They met in the kitchen by the coffee machine. He made her an espresso with something extra he said, something special to help her through the extra long night shifts, he said. The espresso was delicious, addictively delicious almost. It was love at first sight. His dark hair laced with silver strands, his faint but friendly gray eyes, his mouth that always seemed to pout a little bit, his chin covered with stubble. He was just perfect. He was old, he had a bit of a tummy and lots of wrinkles but still he was perfect. She just couldn’t keep her mind straight, she kept daydreaming about him.

He would wrap his arms around her, he would kiss her, he would press himself against her and she would feel his hardened cock pushing against her hip. She would point it out and he would nervously shy away from her. She would comfort him, she would seduce him, tell him it was okay to fall in love. Interns and doctors were nothing like teacher and students, or doctors and patients, there was nothing illegal with doctors and interns sleeping together, in a few years they would be colleagues anyway.

After a few minutes of daydreaming about him, her panties were muggy and cold and she would have to excuse herself to go to the bathroom. There, hidden in her own private stall she would play with herself. Her index finger softly rubbing over her clit, up and down, in between the slimy wet labia. Sometimes she would slide a finger inside and pretend it was his cock, but usually she was more pragmatic about it, she would just circle her finger around her clit, rushing herself to orgasm so she could return to the task at hand and focus on her day to day life again. Something had to change. She couldn’t hide it any longer. She had to talk to him.

That night at the hospital he almost caught her. She’d seen his name on the big white board so she knew he was in. She kept on looking in rooms and around corners hoping she would bump into him. Instead of changing the patients IV’s or clearing out reception desk she couldn’t concentrate and imagined him fucking her. Right then and there bend over the reception desk, she wouldn’t even care who saw. When she came out of the bathroom after her little masturbation break, she bumped into him, her hearth fluttered, her cheeks flushed. He made a little comment about her red face and jokingly asked if she didn’t do anything naughty there in the bathroom. She felt her face burning with embarrassment, yet she gave him a smile and tried to be cute, to be coy, to be seductive and sultry, biting her lip and closing her eyes slightly. He gave her a friendly nod and walked away.

She cursed and hit her hand against the wall. She wrestled herself through the rest of the night yet she felt as if she had to go and explain herself. She summoned up the courage and knocked on his office door.

‘Enter.’ A low baritone voice.

‘You’ve got a moment?’ Gia asked.

‘Sure Hon. Just doing some paper work.’ He said. ‘What’s wrong. Sit down.’ He gestured to the chair opposite his desk. ‘Want some tea, coffee, some of my famous special espresso?’

Gia shook her head. She didn’t know what came over her. She just couldn’t control herself. It was as if attraction was overtaking her, as if something else was controlling her, a primal desire, a form of love that was bigger, something that was way bigger and way stronger than her.

She walked to the other side of the desk. She put her hand on his shoulder and pushed him into his chair.

‘Oh, you’re ready are you?’ He said kind of surprised and kind of bemused.

Gia was startled for a moment. Ready for what? She wondered. What was he talking about? She shook her head.

‘You’re not ready?’ He asked. ‘You seem pretty ready to me.’

‘Ssshh.’ Gia hushed him, leaned over him and pressed her lips against his mouth. His beard chafed her chin, she bumped with her tongue against his teeth until he opened up and let her in. His tongue was warm and wet. Thick and agile. They ware dancing around, tasting each other, probing each other. Yet he didn’t move, he just leaned back, he didn’t stop her, but he didn’t wrap his arms around her and gave her a good passionate kiss back either.

She led her hands wander over his body, she was feeling up his chest, his shoulders, his arms.

‘Take it of.’ She said panting and pulling on his scrubs.

‘Yes, mistress.’ He said obediently.

Again Gia was startled. Why did he say that? Was he married? Was she his secret mistress? Or did he mean something else? She watched him tug on his clothes and taking them off. His body was just perfect, it was old and he wasn’t all that muscley or tight, his nipples were kind of sagging, his chest was sunken, and his belly was wrinkly and fat popping over white underpants. Behind the cotton she saw a bulge, she just couldn’t take her eyes of of that bulge.

‘Underpants too.’ She ordered, since he was so willing to obey.

‘Yes, mistress.’ He said again. Pushing his underpants to his knees. His cock appeared, it bounced upwards, thin, but straight as an arrow and it was quite long. A throbbing vain, a purple shiny head. She felt her pussy react. She wanted to feel him inside.

‘Now undress me.’ She said. Every time she ordered him around, and every time he responded with a meek ‘yes mistress’, she felt more and more powerful, more and more in control. It was a haze, almost as if she was intoxicated with lust and power, she couldn’t think straight, she just wanted to fuck him, she needed to fuck him, she needed him to submit so she could crawl on top of him and slide his cock into her pussy, she wanted to feel him inside of her, she wanted to ride him.

He didn’t say ‘yes mistress’ this time, he just stretched out his arms and started to unbutton her scrubs. She grabbed his wrist and stopped him for a moment.

‘What do you say to that?’ She asked.

‘Yes mistress, sorry mistress, thank you mistress.’

She relaxed. His words seem to befuddle her. His words were magical. As if they touched something deep inside of her, that was the essence of her being. She let go of his wrist and he undressed her, he slid the fabric of of her shoulders down to her hips, the shirt was meant to go over her head, but he just kept on tugging until the fabric ripped and he could pull her shirt down over her hips. Hooking his fingers behind the pants and sliding them down in one motion, effectively leaving her naked. She pushed him back in his chair and knelt over his lap. Kissing him, long with swirling wet tongues, embracing him, pressing her young boobs against his chest, and in his face, rubbing the nipples all over his face, his stubble chafed a little, yet she kept on going. She took his face in between her two hands and pressed his mouth into her nipple.

‘Suck on it,’ she commanded.

The moment he opened his mouth to say ‘yes mistress’ she shoved the boob in between his lips, leaving him mumbling. His tongue carefully tapping against her nipple, licking over the side of her areola. She shivered with pleasure, she felt a tingle crawling down over her spine. She closed her eyes.

How weird, she thought for a moment, she’d never really liked boys sucking on her nipples it always seemed to hurt and now she was ordering him to do so, she felt quite powerful, but at the same time she felt weak. She wasn’t herself, something else had taken a hold of her, she’d never before felt the urge to be dominant or bossy. She always liked it when the men took charge. Admittedly she was only twenty two years old and she only had a handful of boyfriends, yet nothing indicated she would ever be enjoying a moment like this.

She caressed his head, she brushed her fingers through his hair and pushed his face even further into her breast. His tongue darting around eager to pleasure her.

She rubbed her hips over his crotch, moving slowly, dry humping him. She squeezed her hand between both their crotches, she lifted herself up a few inches and set his cock up right so she could slide over it. Slowly she let herself sink onto his cock, her pussy surrounding him inch by inch, she felt his skin, his shaft, sliding past her labia. She felt the tip pressing against her insides.

She started rocking back and forth. Pleasuring herself with his cock. Rubbing herself against him. She started panting. A soft moan escaped her mouth. For a moment she opened her eyes and realized where she was, what she was doing. She looked back at the office door. It was closed but it wasn’t locked, was it? What if someone walked in right then and there.

‘O mistress.’ He moaned loudly.

She was swirled up in that haze again, that haze of lust and power, and horniness and love. Was it love? Whatever it was, it felt great. She kept on fucking him hard. She stroke his hair lovingly, she bit his ear and she pushed her nails into his skin.

‘That’s right hon.’ He said panting, whispering. ‘That’s right mistress. I’m your slave. I’m your fuck toy. I’m here to serve you. Just take what you want. Use me however you want.’

His words seemed to blur, to push her further and further into that bossy mindset, that strange haze. She was getting more and more aroused, slowly building up to an orgasm. Usually she would feel embarrassed about orgasming in front of a man, she worried it would take too long, or she would make a silly face, she just couldn’t. But this time she wasn’t worried, this time she was in charge. She had masturbated so often with him on her mind, and now when they were finally doing it, it still felt like masturbating in a way, just pleasuring herself, with his cock, he was there just to please her. She kept on going, building up to a climax, slowly but steady.

Then finally she dropped off the edge and the orgasm spread through her body, the arousal throbbing through her veins. His hands surrounding her waist, he was helping her, without his hands right there she would have tipped over, he was still pounding her, bumping her body up and down over his cock.

‘Mistress.’ He mumbled. ‘Please mistress. Please. Do I have permission to cum, mistress?’

The last waves of her orgasm were still lingering in her body. She couldn’t think straight. She just wanted to stay in this moment, this moment she’d fantasized about for such a long time.

‘Please mistress.’ He begged her.

‘Go ahead.’ She said. He tensed up. His hands cramping, squeezing into her sides. His body spasming, he was moaning loudly. Too loudly. She put her hand over his mouth and tried to muffle the sounds while she looked over her shoulder to the office door. The door was still shut, still she feared someone had heard them.

His cock throbbing inside her pussy, she felt him cumming.

Slowly he opened his eyes. A dreamy look on his face. His lips slightly parted. ‘Beautiful,’ he mumbled. ‘You’re perfectly ready.’

‘Ready for what?’

‘For this.’ He said. ‘For what we just did.’

Gia looked at him, not quite understanding what he was talking about. ‘I just think you’re hot.’ She said finally. ‘I just wanted to … you know.’ She shrugged, suddenly she felt too shy to actually finish her sentence. The energy in the office had changed. Suddenly she wasn’t in charge any more. Suddenly she was just an intern sitting on a doctors lap. She shifted uncomfortably.

‘Maybe we should get dressed before anyone walks in.’ She said.

He grabbed her around the waist and pulled her close. He pressed a little kiss on her collarbone. ‘Whatever you want mistress.’ He said. Although his words didn’t sound as submissive and obedient any more.

‘I liked the thing you did with your hand.’ He said, ‘On my mouth. You can do that again next time. And you know, if I forget to call you mistress you can be way stricter en punish me, there are some whips in the cupboard. Wait I’ll show you.’ He pushed her off of his lap and opened a cupboard. Indeed hidden behind a row of file folders was a black flogger and a worn down riding crop.

Gia just stared at them in disbelief. She felt weird, somewhat icky. His sperm dripping over her thigh. She grabbed a tissue and cleaned herself up. The doctor tilted his head somewhat. ‘Maybe you’re not completely ready after all,’ he said. ‘Sit down. I’ll make you some more of my special espresso.’

Gia put her scrubs back on and sat down on the chair. ‘What’s going on?’ she asked.

The doctor didn’t answer. Did he do this often? He must be doing this with someone else as well, why else would he have those whips hidden behind his administration, she obviously wasn’t the first. She squinted. He put a little cup in front of her face, then with a pipette he dropped something in it.

‘What’s that?’ She asked.

‘My special espresso.’ He said. ‘I made you one once before, you claimed you loved it. A special espresso with a little extra to help us through the long nights.’

‘A little extra caffeine, right?’ She said hesitantly.

‘Sure. Think of it as caffeine.’ He nodded.

She reached out to the cup. She blew in the espresso, circles appeared in the dark shiny liquid. ‘What’s really in it?’ She asked. She put the cup against her mouth and took a sip. She didn’t care, she would drink it anyway. His special espresso was delicious. Addictively delicious. All the interns loved it, and some of the nurses too.

‘Just a little aid.’ He said. ‘A little something to help your mind go where I need it to go.’ He smiled, kind of shy suddenly. He brushed his own fingers through his hair and nodded at her cup indicating she should take another sip.


2018-03-28 12:56:47
Another hit, well written.

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