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Marvin watched his 55 year old mom walk in her 7 inch spiked heels
Introduction:Marvin was a 20 year old nerd , who was only good at one thing and that was hypnotism . Two weeks ago his folks his mom Bev and stepdad Bill pissed him off by telling him he had to get a job. Marvin never worked all he had to do was ask people for money & they gave it to him, his mind contol worked on 99% of the people he asked This year he hadnt even tried & he was already up to $50,000 in his various bank accounts . Anyways Marvin didnt care about money but his folks sure did He could accept Bill wanting him being angry, he had been his stepdad for only 5 years. , But his mom was being a bitch about it so he had decided he would turn her into his bitch then. So he put both mom (Bev) and Bill under mind control . So now when he was home he was always the maledom . Back To The Present.Chapter 1 - Bev was wearing Marvins favourite outfit as she cooked breakfast , she had on her 7inch spiked heels & her collar that said"Cumslut" on it & of course she whore a short white apron. As she brought over Marvins bacon,eggs and hot black coffee . She asked "is that all you would like Son i mean Master "Bev stumbling for the proper address said. "how about some dessert Mom " Marvin said . Bev knew exactly what that meant she took off her apron got down on on her knees and starting deepthroating and giving her son the sloppiest blowjob she knew how. Just then Marvins stepdad came down the stairs , " hey pops come have your breakfast, eat my moms ass while she continues blowing me . Bill got behind his wife and started licking ummmmm datffffffffffssssssssssssso gggood said Bev with Marvins 11 inch cock in her mouth. "shut up ma Marvin said "dont talk with your mouth full " laughing as he said it . He dropped a massive load down his cumsluts (mom) throat and then pulled out and gave her a jism facial. 'Hey pops go to work now , stop off somewhere for takeout breakfast , and off went Bill. Marvin took some pics of Bev all covered in his love juices and then told her to shower put on a nice dress cuz they were going out. He had a big suprise for Bev today , she was going to get her nipples pierced but not her clit , he was a purist in that sense of the word. Maybe later he would have her get a tramp stamp , but for now just her tits needed to be pierced. Bev was already she chosen to wear a short leather dress for the occasion. He explained to Bev who was driving , that Britney was going to pierce her nipples at her home . Britney was his young 19 year old submissive, tall blonde stacked who would never pay attention to him ,let alone let him fuck her if he didnt hypnotize her . Her mom Joyce Evans was gorgeous he hadnt used her for his sexual pleasure , that day would come.. As they pulled into Britneys driveway , Britney came out wearing a yellow thong bikini & 5 inch heels , Marvin had told her what to wear to show off her 40dd tits, Bevs though were 44dds. He told Bev to french kiss Britney right their in the open Marvin laughed " lets go inside for more privacy " yes master Britney and Bev responded in unison. When they arrived in the living room ,Briritney had all the supplies and gently used a needle to freeze and pierce both nipples. after which Marvin added a chain from one nipple to other. As Bev sat recovering from the nipple ringing. She watched as the young woman she just met engulfed her master/sons big schlong down her throat. Marvin looked at his Cumslut and said " play with your pussy as you watch" Bev did just that , All you could hear was Britney slurping away & Bev yelling "im gonna cum master , may i cum son " Yes you may Marvin said in response as he dumped a load of jism down Britneys throat. Go kiss my mom with my that mouthful of cum do it now Marvin demanded. And so Britney and Bev french kissed like two starcrossed lovers exchanging their masters love juice in the process. Chapter 2- Joyce Evans Arrives on The Scene- as the kissing & cum exchange finished , Joyce Evans was walking through the back door. She heard voices , Britney, Marvin but the third one she couldnt make out , as she made her way to the front room , she never expected to see Britney and Bev Wilson kissing in the nude. Welcome Mrs Evans Marvin said casually and not knowing why Joyce said sure and started taking off her clothes . Marvin motioned to his mother to get her purse and told her to pull out its contents . It was a 10 inch strapon dildo, today Joyce Evans was going to fucked lezzie style . He told his mom to lay on the sofa and told Mrs Evans to stay naked but keep her 3inch heels on(she obviously had just come from work ). Then Joyce sat on Bevs face to get her pussy wet. Once Britney had put on the strapon, the real fun was about to begin . Marvin started video recording on his cell as Bev got behind him and gave him a rimjob.. 19yr old Britney was now fucking her 40 something mother Joyce with a strapon dildo on the family sofa. The Wilson Family & The Evans would now be united by no limit taboo kink
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