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Ginny talks to Ron about forbidden fruit. This story was originally published as a stand alone because it was written many years after the original story. It is part of the original, but wasn't written because it wasn't appropriate for many of the sites that originally posted this story.
This is a work of fan fiction. All characters are the properties of their respective owners. I own the story line.

Tasting the Apple

Ginny’s breathing slowly returned to normal as she removed her fingers from her sopping cunt. She kept her eyes closed as she quickly relived the last few minutes. She really should have taken her breakfast and gone to the dining room, or back to her own room so she could get some much needed sleep. She couldn’t help it though, they were right there, fucking, in the kitchen. How could she not sit down and watch them?

She was a bit of voyeur, and this had been way too good an opportunity to pass up. She never got to watch real people fuck, and it was so much better than watching porn. The girls in the videos always screwed it up by looking at the camera. This though, this was two people fucking, in the kitchen, in front of God and everybody. The sound of their bodies slapping, the moans of pleasure and shrieks of ecstasy, the smell of sex; no video was ever going to be able to reproduce the smell of two people fucking. It was almost enough to make her start frigging herself again.

She decided she had to open her eyes, she had to see if they were still there, perhaps lingering in post-coital bliss. Maybe they would be doing more, trying to get Ron’s dick hard so they could fuck again. She certainly hoped so, she really wanted to watch them fuck some more. Angelina’s body was so amazing, the broad hips like her own, those huge tits that sat up firm and high, that Milano skin that contrasted with the pale white of her brother’s cock pounding in and out of her.

Ginny forced herself to take a deep breath and open her eyes.

“Good, you are awake.” Angelina was walking toward her, her tits jiggling with each step. “I was afraid you’d fallen asleep after that last orgasm.”

“Sorry,” Ginny could feel herself blushing, “I couldn’t help myself. You two were… and I just…”

“I know, sweetie.” She stopped a couple of steps away. “I remember you saying you like to watch. If I didn’t want you to watch, we’d have found some place more private.” She held out her hand. “Why don’t you come with me, I have something to show you.”

Ginny extended her hands and let her sister-in-law pull her to her feet. Her robe was open and hung from her shoulders leaving her completely exposed to the older woman’s dark eyes. Angelina continued pulling the hand that Ginny had been masturbating with until she had brought it to her lips. She sucked each of the fingers into her mouth in turn. They never broke eye contact. Ginny closed the distance between them and leaned in to kiss her sister-in-law. Their breasts mashed together perfectly, they were nearly the same height. Then she felt hands slide between her skin and the robe, the hands were on her hips, then on her arse as they squeezed and pulled her close.

Their tongues wrestled in each other’s mouths as their hands roamed over one another. Angelina’s tongue seemed to be everywhere. It was long and thick and all Ginny could think about was how good it would feel to have that tongue filling her cunt or fucking her arse. She stopped fighting back against it and sucked it into her mouth.

“Oh, that’s nice,” Angelina cooed she pulled away a bit. “Let’s go up to my room so I can show you what I wanted to show you, then maybe we can roll around on my bed for a bit.”

“I like the idea of rolling around in your bed first,” Ginny replied as she dipped her head and drew a long, dark nipple into her mouth.

“Even better.” Angelina drew her back up for one more quick kiss before taking her hand and leading her upstairs to the bedroom she and Fred shared. As they climbed the stairs Ginny could smell the distinct aroma of male jizz. Then she realized that there was cum leaking out of Angelina’s sphincter.

As soon as they got in the room, Ginny shucked her robe and pushed Angelina face down on the bed. She crawled up behind her and started kissing the back of her thigh, then up to the full cheeks of her glorious arse. She took a big handful of each globe and spread them apart. Spots of dry or drying cum were spotted around the slightly open hole that was revealed. She bent forward, her tongue extended and licked the length of the exposed area. As she came back down, she swirled her tongue about the puckered opening and was rewarded with a moan and a slight elevating of the hips.

“Are you going to suck your brother’s cum out of my ass?” The hips came up a bit more. “Do it,” Angelina moaned, “fuck my ass with your tongue. Taste what your brother did to me.”

There was no recrimination in the voice, no disgust at the taboo nature of what was being said. It was pure hedonism, the obvious desire to have her divine arse worshiped by a neophyte. Ginny fell under the spell and forced her tongue deep into her sister’s canal. There was a slight saltiness there, the taste of semen. She sucked on the opening, then plunged her tongue back in and was rewarded the warm liquid she sought. It wasn’t much, but enough to taste and enjoy.

She continued her depraved and wanton ministrations as she brought her hand up and slid two fingers into the aromatic and juicy cunt that was just begging her for attention. The slick walls of the interior clamped down on the invading digits and squeezed. She began to wiggle them about until she found the slightly spongy spot in the otherwise smooth area.

“Yes,” the voice cried out, “yes, like that, keep it up.” She felt a something bump against the fingers that were outside of the vice-like cunt. She realized that Angelina was reaching down to twiddle herself. Ginny let her; she had too many things she was already trying to keep track of. Just as her jaw began to get sore, there was an orgasmic scream and the hips she was attached to began to buck against her. She tried to force her tongue deeper and made her fingers move faster until at last Angelina collapsed to the bed.

She carefully withdrew herself from her lover and moved up to lie next to her. “You dirty, dirty girl,” Angelina said with a smile. “Figure you’ll get your taste for cum where you can find it, huh?”

“I, I don’t quite know what came over me,” Ginny replied as she looked down into the mattress.

“I’m not judging you. Have you ever done that before? Sucked a guy’s cum out of another girl?”

“Not until this morning. I made Hermione spread herself so I could lick Harry’s cum out of her.” She could feel herself flaming in embarrassment. “I, I mean Harry and have done some fairly kinky stuff, but this weekend I just seem to be going off the deep end. I feel like if I don’t try it this weekend, I might never get to do it again.”

“You don’t have to do it all this weekend.” Angelina said as she caressed Ginny’s cheek. “You can invite any of us over any time, or you can come over to our place. You can almost always find somebody in our house that wants to fuck. I think Freddy’s about two seconds from whipping it out for a good fuck from the time he wakes up until he’s fast asleep.”

“But, he’s my brother.”

Angelina gave her a long appraising look. Just as Ginny began to feel a bit uncomfortable, she said quietly, “That doesn’t mean you can’t fuck him.”

Ginny was sure she looked like a cartoon character. She could almost feel her eyes bugging out of her head. “But, but that’s incest. Everybody says incest is bad. There are whole laws against it and everything.”

“You’re right. There are lots of reasons incest is bad. It’s not always bad though, as long as everyone is mature enough to know what they’re doing and why, it can be okay. Sometimes even better than okay.” Ginny leaned into the hand that was playing with her hair. “Freddie, George, and I just spent a wild night with my brother while he was in town for business.”

“Fred and George? And your brother?”

“Yep, and that wasn’t the first time.” Ginny suffered from a moment of cognitive dissonance. The stereotypical person that engaged in incest was poor, poorly educated, probably grew up on a farm or out in the back woods, and all the kids looked alike from all the inbreeding. Angelina was pretty, smart, and sophisticated; she certainly didn’t look like the stereotype.

“I’ll give you a moment to think about it while I get what I wanted to show you out of the closet.” Angelina rolled out of bed and pulled a short robe off a hook on the wall.

Ginny crawled out of bed and retrieved her robe as well, then went over to a small sitting area by the closet door. As she was getting settled, Angelina came back out of the closet carrying an oval shaped silver tray and two bottles. The tray was intricately carved with sigils and runes. “You okay with drinking from the bottle and sharing?” she asked as she opened the first bottle. Ginny responded that it was okay; after all, they’d been swapping spit just a few minutes ago, it wasn’t like she was going to get any new germs from Angelina now.

The other bottle was water that was poured into the shallow tray. As the water spread across the sigils they began to glow with a soft golden light. Ginny realized that it was a scrying bowl. Harry had a bronze one that he kept for work. “What’s this for?”

“Watching people,” Angelina said with a devilish grin. “Not as good as sitting in the next room, but better than peeking through keyholes or windows.” She muttered the words of activation and swept her hand over the surface of the water after it stilled and settled. Harry’s image appeared on the surface, he was sacked out and probably drooling in his sleep. With a wave of her hand and another muttered incantation the image changed. One of the twins was seemed to be standing at the foot of a bed. She couldn’t tell which, because the image wasn’t crystal clear; but it was definitely one of the twins. At his feet was his twin brother and Lavender Finnegan. Lavender was holding his cock and stroking it into his brother’s mouth.

Angelina’s hand broke the surface of the water and the image disappeared. “Sorry,” she said quickly. “I didn’t mean for you to see that. I probably should have checked on them first.”

Ginny was shocked, surely she didn’t see what she thought she saw. “Was that? Were they? Do they? How?”

“Yes.” Ginny took the offered bottle and took a long swig. She knew they were close, but most twins are; magical twins even more so than Muggle twins. This, though, this was a whole other level of… something. She didn’t want to say weird, because these were her brothers, and she loved them. She was so much like them: they shared a love of Quidditch and spying and practical jokes and humor that was so far beyond her other brothers it wasn’t even worth discussing. She was closer to Ron than she was to the twins, but she clicked with them in ways she didn’t click with Ron. She wondered if there might be another way they were similar, but she shook her head and banished the thought before it was fully formed.

“I,” Ginny started, “I found out they swung that way last night. Fred had Harry bent over the back of the couch. But I couldn’t have imagined that they… you know… each other.”

“I know how you feel.” Angelina scooted closer and put her arm around Ginny. She leaned into the hug and appreciated the closeness and support. “Freddie and I started fucking when we were fourth years. It was kind of casual and devil may care, but we liked each other and had a lot of fun together.” She took a swig of the wine and passed it back. “One night, I snuck up to their room while Lee was out, and crawled into bed with Fred. Only it wasn’t Fred, it was George. I realized it when I pulled his shorts down and started sucking his cock. Freddie has a slight bend to the left when he gets hard. Needless to say I sat straight up and pulled the covers off and George is laying there giving me this grin. Then Freddie rolls out of George’s bed and says, ‘It’s okay Angie, I like sucking George’s cock, too.’ And he proceeds to lean over and start sucking George’s dick right in front of me. Then he looks up at me and says, ‘Are you going to help out here, or do I have to do it all myself?’ Then the cheeky bastard offers me George’s dick like… like he’s doing me a favor.”

Angelina took another long swig off the bottle. “What did you do?” Ginny asked, her eyes wide as she took the bottle back and had another long pull.

“I had two options, I could leave in shame, or I could one up them.”

“You should always try to one up them,” Ginny said with a smile. “It’s the only thing they respect.”

“Yeah, I had figured out that much about them by then. So I looked back and forth between them and said, ‘Fine, but if both of us are sucking you off George, the least you can do is lick my pussy. Alicia says you need all the practice you can get.’ I turned around and planted my cunt on his face and helped Fred suck him off. I was a little weirded out by it at first, but I got used to it. I did think it was sexy when Fred snowballed with me. I think that pretty much sealed us as a couple.” She chuckled. “Not that we didn’t keep fucking everyone our little hearts desired, but that was when I knew.”

“That’s… unconventional.” Ginny leaned back and closed her eyes. She needed to do some thinking, but she also needed to find out about something else. “You said you have sex with your brother. When did that start?”

Angelina toyed with the wine bottle in her hands for a moment. Finally she looked up. “The first time we had sex was about four years ago. He was going through a bad divorce, and we got stupid drunk together and I ended up fucking him. We both enjoyed it. It helped us heal some old wounds and brought us closer together than we’d been in a long time. Freddie was cool with it. Sometimes we party together; sometimes it’s just me and my brother. Usually depends on schedules.”

“Is the sex good?”

“It’s fucking amazing. We have all this history, so there’s never that awkward moment of trying to connect. We care a lot for each other, so we want to make each other happy. I don’t ever have to wonder how he feels about me afterward, because I already know. He’s got his life, I’ve got mine, but we share a closeness most siblings don’t ever think about.”

“You make it sound pretty good.”

“It is. Think about it. If you decide you want to go for it, let me know and we’ll arrange something.”

“I know Harry would be excited to have Fred over. He hasn’t been that excited since the night he spent with Ron and Hermione.” From there, they transitioned into talking about the relationship between her and Harry, and how they were doing as a couple as they killed another bottle of wine.


Ginny climbed the ladder up to the tree house and sprawled out inside. They had built it the year they bought the house so that Tristan and Gawain, Penny and Percy’s kids, would have one to play in. The twins had mostly been behind it, firm in their belief that every kid should have a tree house. The uncles had all tried to outdo each other, so inside it was a wizarding marvel. It was large and luxurious, nearly 500 square feet in what was clearly a 6x6 room on the outside. It had an icebox with an evercool charm on it, a small thermo-control box that kept the inside a balmy 69 degrees. The twins had stocked it with an endless supply of self-filling water balloons. Percy had even gotten in to it and cast an anti-falling charm on the ladder so no one would get hurt climbing in or out.

She crawled over to the icebox and retrieved a bottle of water. She wished they’d had something like that in the one she had as a kid. The one she shared with her brothers had just been a small shack built in the branches. She opened the bottle of water, and wished again she had brought a bottle of wine. It was best she hadn’t though; she suffered from the same problem Ron did, everything seemed like a good idea when she was drunk; and she really needed to be a little more sober when she started thinking about whether this was a good idea.

There were really two problems to solve, Ron and Hermione. Ron was a bit more upright than most of his brothers, a little more Percy, a little less Fred and George. He used to be more of a free spirit like her, but his school years had been quite a bit different than her own, and Hermione was a strong influence on him whether he admitted it or not.

First was the question of Hermione. They had really gotten into it last night. She couldn’t ever remember feeling as wanton or depraved as she had last night with Hermione. Even the threesome this morning had almost seemed tame by comparison, at least until Hermione had put on the strap-on and DP’d her ass while she fucked Harry. She snapped her fingers up. She’d started to rub her crotch as she thought about this morning, but she needed to stay focused. She took a deep breath and a long drink of cold water.

How would Hermione feel about her husband fucking his sister? Probably not great, she was still pretty straight-laced, despite her participation in the weekend’s activities. She could probably get her to buy into the ‘it’s only sex’ argument a lot better though. After all, it was the same argument that Hermione had made to Ron- it was only a weekend of depraved sex. Besides, she was only thinking in terms of casual contact maybe a little oral sex, not full on intercourse. As she mulled that thought over, she became more convinced that she could talk Hermione into seeing it her way. She could dangle the possibility of more sex with her and Harry as a benefit, and if they did foursomes they wouldn’t have to wait until someone was out of town or otherwise occupied.

That still left the question of Ron. How would she convince him that it was okay for him to have sexual contact with his sister? An idea began to form as she remembered what Hermione had said about Ron’s sexual proclivities. Of course, first she had to get him in here to talk to her. She rummaged around until she found a pen and some heavier weight paper in a cupboard. She scrawled a quick note on it and tapped it with her wand. It quickly folded itself into a small bird and sat up expectantly. She carefully pictured Ron in her mind and thought about their connection; then she tapped the bird with her wand and spoke the incantation. The bird’s wings flapped for a moment, giving it a bit of unsteady lift. It circled the room twice, gaining speed and surety as it did. Then it shot out the window and banked toward the house.

She decided to relax while she waited to see if she got a response. With a flick of her wand a foot locker opened and blankets flew across the small room. They flattened and began to stack until she had something that resembled a bed. She found a few pillows in another foot locker and topped it all off with a red and gold fleece blanket that was draped over a rocking chair in the corner. Having decided that it looked comfortable enough, she picked up the forum style magazine that Angelina had loaned her. After a moment’s consideration, she stripped off her jeans and top. Comfortably naked, she again picked up the book and crawled into her makeshift bed.

Once she was settled, she picked up the small tome and considered it. Confessions: Sibling Rivalry. The youngish couple on the magazine stock cover did look surprisingly similar, like they very well could be siblings. His arms wrapped about her, covering her chest for decency’s sake as her hand casually concealed most of her unshaven bush. Given the feathering of their blonde hair, she guessed it had to have been taken in the early 1980’s.

She flipped the cover open and scanned the titles: Sister Finds My Toys*, My Sister and Her Friends*, My 3 Evil Sisters*, Little Sister’s Dilema*, Forbidden Fruits, and Watching Willy Wank. The last title was terrible, but it had a certain appeal. She flipped to it and was pleased to see it was a longer story, something that would kill some time and hopefully give her some ideas.

“Hey, Gin, I’m coming up.”

Ron’s voice startled her. She was barely into the story but it was starting to get interesting. She hurriedly tucked the blanket in around her naked body. “That was quick,” she said as he stuck his head through the trapdoor. She stuck her magazine under the edge of the mattress, hoping he hadn’t seen the title.

“I was just hanging out in the hot tub, since you stole away my playmate.” He pulled himself through the door and she saw that he was only wearing baggy shorts and a thin t-shirt; his hair was still damp and looked like he had only run his fingers through it. It was a good look for him, she thought.

“I didn’t steal nothing,” she replied with a cheeky smile, “she came to me all on her own.” She flipped the blanket back and patted the pile next to her. “You look cold, come warm up.” He gave her a dubious look. “I only bite on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays,” she said and winked at him.

“No funny business,” he said as he stretched out next to her.

She flipped the blanket back over him and rolled over to curl up against him in one movement. He was cold.

“You’re naked!” He tried to sit up but she put her hand on his chest.

“You’re not, so it’s fine. Lay back and relax. You’re freezing, let me warm you up.” She draped her leg over his and snuggled into his side. She looked up at him when he didn’t move. “Put your arm around me so I can rest my head on your shoulder.” He moved warily at first, but once she nestled down against his chest his arm moved around to cradle her back, seemingly out of habit.

“Hermione’s right, this is nice.” She hooked his leg with hers and pulled it a little closer so she could lean against it. The smooth muscle of his leg pressed against her pubic mound. She leaned into it and smothered a small sigh. “Makes me feel all girly.” She slid her hand up over the smooth plane of his stomach and let it rest on his chest.

“Don’t you and Harry cuddle like this?” She smiled and melted into him as his arm squeezed against her back and he pulled her closer to him. His hand came up and entwined with hers on his chest.

“No, we either spoon or lay face to face.” She was almost glad he hadn’t caught her masturbating. She hadn’t cuddled with him since the summer after her first year, and they certainly hadn’t been naked. “I’d forgotten how nice it is to cuddle with you.” She hugged him back as he held her close.

“That seems like a lifetime ago.”

She chuckled softly, “At least half a lifetime; although we both wore a lot more clothes then.”

“Ginny, please don’t make this anymore uncomfortable than it has to be. It’s weird enough that I’m cuddling with my naked sister.”

She rolled her hips against him and enjoyed the delicious pressure of his leg against her. “You could be doing a lot more than cuddling.” Her voice was low, but seemed to thunder in the quiet that surrounded them.

“Ginny, you’re my sister. They call that incest.” She felt him shifting his weight, like he was trying to get up. She clamped her leg down on his and squeezed his hand tightly.

“Fine, I’ll be good,” she said with a pout, “but hear me out, please.” She felt him give in, but not truly relax. She changed positions so that she was leaning on him, but her head was up and she looked into his eyes. He looked troubled and wary. “Me and Harry and Hermione were talking about it in the shower this morning. We all had a really good time, and we’d like to do it again. And Harry said he really wants to do another threesome with you two if you’re agreeable. There’s one problem though, both of those scenarios leaves somebody at home while their spouse is out fucking someone else.”

She put a finger on his lips to keep him from saying anything, she wanted to get her say in first, then let him think about it. “Trust me; that feeling sucks. I almost went crazy while Harry was with you two, and we all know what happened after that.” Ron tried to turn his head, but she asked him to hear her out first. “The four of us have always been pretty close. I’ve always been closer to you than any of my other brothers, even if I am more like Fred and George. There’s no reason we couldn’t get together for an evening every now and then.”

“The fact that you’re my sister is a huge reason why we can’t get together for that kind of evening.”

“Ron, we’re both adults. We’re both in stable, mature relationships. And nothing says we have to have sex. I’m just talking about the two of us being in the same bed while we have sex with other people.” She smiled at him. “How sexy would it be to fuck your wife while she’s eating your little sister’s quim.” She winked at him, “That was the word you used, right? Quim?”

She almost laughed at his discomfort and embarrassment. “You certainly weren’t who I had in mind when I said that.”

“No, but then my best friend didn’t know how badly I wanted to fuck her when she talked to you about it either. I’m serious, Ron. This could work if you let it work. We both know that I can turn you on; I honestly thought you might cum on me last night. Your cock was pulsing like mad and starting to swell when I took hold of it.”

“I was afraid I was going to cum on you last night. I don’t think I’ve ever been that embarrassed in my whole life.”

Ginny pushed herself up and looked deep in his eyes. She could see the shame and embarrassment there, but also there was something almost looked like a plea for understanding or forgiveness. “Really? I turned you on that much?” This was either going to be easier than she thought, or downright impossible.

“Yeah. You wouldn’t know it to look at my wife, but I get really turned on by tall, curvy girls.” He looked away from her, and resisted her attempts to make him look at her.

She almost growled with frustration. He wanted her, but he wasn’t going to give in to temptation. She knew him, he would die upon that point before he gave it up. She was back to wishing he had caught her masturbating, like she had originally planned. The idea that struck her bordered on revelation.

“Would you like to watch a tall, curvy girl pleasure herself? Since you won’t do it for her.”

“I don’t think I should watch you get yourself off.”

“Why not, I’ve watched you.”

This time he did sit up and half-dumped her over on her back. “What? When?”

She smiled, he had reacted just like she expected. “It was by accident, at the least the first time was by accident.”

“What do you mean, the first time.” His look was both horrified and worried.

“I’ll tell you, but you have to hear the whole story and not go stomping off in the middle.” He agreed, if somewhat reluctantly. “And you can’t get mad if I start playing with myself. This story still makes me horny when I think about it.” He gave her a sidelong look, but finally nodded in agreement.

“It was the summer you and Hermione finally decided to go all the way.” She gave him a pitying look, “Harry and I had already been screwing for six months by that point, and you two started dating way before he and I did. Anyway, you and Hermione were wearing out the owls, as usual. Well, one day I was in your closet looking for one of your spell books when you got one of those letters. You came running in to your room and locked the door. Before I could say anything you dropped your drawers and flopped down on your bed.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Shush, the story’s just getting good, and I told you not to interrupt me. Anyway, then you start reading out loud. She’s telling you about how she’s masturbating a couple of times a day to your letters, and she can’t stand it anymore, and she’s planning to jump your bones as soon as she sees you at the beginning of July. Then she gives you this really detailed account of how she’s touching herself, and what it feels like, and how hard her nipples are.” Ginny knew it was coming on, she was getting short of breath and she really wanted to reach down and rub herself.

“By this point, your cock is standing up like a flag pole and you’re starting to stroke it. Because of the door and the frame all I can see of you is from your stomach to your knees.” Unable to lie still anymore, Ginny sat up and straddled her brother’s leg. She looked down and saw that cock was straining against his shorts. She could also see that her areolas were crinkly and her nipples were hard. His eyes were closed; not the relaxed closed of someone reliving a memory, but the stiff closed of someone trying very hard not to look at something.

“So then I’m getting turned on because the girl I’m crushing on is talking about how she masturbates and I’m watching you take these long strokes up and down your cock. Then you grab this pair of black silk knickers that I assume are her’s and you start stroking again. I’m stuck in the closet going out of my mind because I want to come right along with you but I can’t let you know I’m there. Then the letter starts telling you about her slipping her fingers into herself so she can get her fingers nice and wet so she can rub her clit. She says playing with her clit reminds her of how good it feels when you lick her pussy.”

Ginny began to rock slowly back and forth, enjoying the delightful friction against her mound. She smiled to herself as Ron stifled a groan. She watched his cock twitch in his shorts, it was all she could do not to reach down and rub it. “You start moaning and stroking your cock faster.” She reached down and deliberately ran her hand over the bulge in his pants, his groan was unmistakable.

“Pull it out, Ron. Pull your dick out and play with it. Let me watch you play with your cock again.” She saw the reluctance in his posture, so she reached down, popped open the button, and unzipped his fly. He’d gone ‘commando’ and she gazed at the stiffness of his cock as it poked up from the flame red pubic hair that matched her own. She pulled his shorts down a bit so she could get a better look. “Do you want to stroke it, or do you want me to do it?” she asked as she ran her finger along its velvety smoothness. Much to her surprise he reached down and wrapped his hand around his cock, a little below the head.

“Keep… talking,” he managed to gasp as his hand traversed half his length with every stroke. His eyes were scrunched shut, but she has a better idea.

“Open your eyes. Look at me.” She took hold of her tits, squeezing them as her fingers slid towards her nipples. “Watch me,” she breathed as she tweaked her nipples, squeezing them as hard as she could. Ron moaned, but she could see his brown eyes were transfixed on her tits. She dipped her head and lifted one of them up. He groaned deep in his throat as she extended her tongue and flicked it over her nipple. “Are you going to come for me, Ron?”

“Not yet,” he replied, “but keep that up. You have amazing tits.” She brought the other one up, and while she looked directly in her brother’s eyes, she sucked her nipple into her mouth and then let her teeth drag over it as it slid back out. “Fuck,” he said in a long, slow exhale.

Now that she had his full attention, Ginny climbed off of his leg and leaned back against the cupboard. She spread her legs wide apart and let her hand slide down her body. “I suppose this is only fair,” she said with a smile. “Don’t stop though, I like watching you stroke it.” Her head rolled back as she slid two fingers into herself. Once she had them all the way in, she curled them a bit until she found the spot she was looking for. Little tremors started rolling outward through her body. She noticed Ron’s hand was slowing down a bit. She looked up to see that he was watching her intently.

She had almost forgotten that she was doing this as much for his benefit as her own. She began to pump her fingers slowly in and out of herself as she pulled on her nipple with her other hand. After a half a dozen long strokes, she pulled her fingers out and brought them up to her nipple. She smeared the creamy substance over her entire areola, then dipped her head to lick it all off. Ron was mesmerized as his hand continued to take long, firm strokes. She sucked one finger into her mouth, then removed it and offered the other to her partner.

He stared at it for several long seconds before finally shaking his head and replying with a barely intelligible sound of denial. “Your loss.” Ginny returned the finger to her cunt and made a show of sliding it in and out of her before adding a second. “Are you getting close?” She could feel her climax wasn’t far off.

“In a little bit,” he replied changing his grip so that he was only using his thumb and forefinger near the base of his cock.

“That’s cheating.” She reached out and wrapped her hand around him just below the head and ran her thumb over his slit, causing a bit of pre-cum to ooze forth. She smeared it around with her thumb and cooed at the strangled moan he made.

“Just keep playing with yourself,” he rasped, changing his grip again so that he had a good hold of the middle of the shaft again. As he started the push-pull action of his self-pleasure she also returned her hands to what they had been doing.

She slipped two fingers back inside herself and with practiced ease she found the spot she was looking for. The little tremors that presaged her impending orgasm began to come with greater strength and frequency. With her other hand she reached out and collected a bit of Ron’s pre-cum on her finger. “Are you watching me?” When he nodded yes she brought the finger to her clit and began to circle it, moving faster and faster as the tingle began to radiate outward from her cunt. “I’m… close,” she half-shouted. Then she was there and falling over. Liquid splashed against her hand as she ejaculated in a spray. It didn’t always happen, but fingering herself like this usually worked. She continued flailing at her clit as she removed her fingers. A second, and then a third splash issued forth and landed on her thighs and on the blankets. “Fuck,” she exhaled as she relaxed into the cupboard supporting her.

Ron’s eyes looked a bit wild as he moaned. “So hot,” he snarled. “I’m getting close. Keep playing with yourself.”

Ginny’s eyes fastened on his cock and she knew that what would get him there even faster. She leaned forward and kicked her legs out sideways. Propping herself on her elbows, she took hold of the base of his cock and lowered her mouth to it. She tasted his salty pre-cum as she ran her tongue over the dark red mushroom head of his cock. He moved to push her away, but she wrapped her lips around him and slid her mouth down half the length of his cock.

“Oh, fuck!” Ron fell back onto the blankets. “Oh, that’s good! Suck it, Gin, just like that.”

She squeezed the base of his cock, wanting to keep him from coming now that she had him in her mouth instead of watching him. She had never sucked a cock this long. It was certainly easier to get it into her mouth than Harry’s, and she could get better suction on it. She swirled her tongue around him as she bobbed up and down. With each stroke she went a little deeper; he was starting to hit the back of her throat and she felt like she wanted to choke. She just kept sucking him though, giving him all the pleasure she could.

“Slow down, Gin, I’m so close. Give me your pussy.” He was panting in short, loud gasps as he pulled off his shirt. “Let me taste you.”

Ginny had wondered how she was going to get Ron to go down on her, and now he was asking for it. With barely a thought she sat up, turned around, and straddled his chest. She went back to sucking him as he got comfortable. He moved a bit, then put his hands on her hips and pulled her down. He didn’t mess around at all, he ran his tongue over her outer labia then circled into her inner lips. Just as she was starting revel in the feeling of that, he sucked her lips into his mouth and nibbled them with his lips. She let go of his cock and sat partway up.

“Fuck! Did yo,” she wanted to ask if Hermione taught him that or the other way around, but she could barely think, let alone speak as he started rubbing his thumb along her perineum and his tongue pierced into her like a short, hard cock. Just as she got used to that, he opened his mouth wide and suddenly it felt like he was trying to suck her entire cunt into his mouth. She hollered in ecstasy, then forced herself to get back to work on his cock.

Rather than take on the whole thing, she focused on the upper portion, from just behind the sulcus ring to the tip. Her tongue lavished its attention on the head as she bobbed up and down on it. Her fingers stroked him rapidly. She wanted him to cum so badly, but she also wanted him to keep licking her pussy. He had adjusted again and his tongue was flicking back and forth over her clit. She wasn’t far from another orgasm, but damned if he was going make her come twice before he had once. She sucked hard on him, drawing her cheeks in until they were wrapped around his cock as she stroked him furiously.

“Oh bloody fucking ohh!” he shouted and she felt him swell slightly in her mouth. She continued stroking as she readied herself for the blast that was coming. His semen was hot and sticky, though not as salty as she was used to. His first blast shot to the back of her throat and coated her mouth, the second was far weaker, and the third was barely a trickle. She swallowed it all down though, and proceeded to suck and lick him as he began to deflate.

Within a few seconds he began to squirm around. “Okay, Gin, stop, that tickles, that, yarrg!” She kept at it, she had him well within her power now, and there was just something about this type of exquisite torture that just drove her wild. He continued to thrash and try and pull away from her. Suddenly there was a very loud smack, and her arse stung with sudden pain.

“Oo, baby,” she said as she looked back over her shoulder. She couldn’t really see him over her hips, but she could see the hand he had poised over her arse, ready to strike again. She bent her head and licked him again, and there was another sharp report and a flaring sting of pain.

“Don’t, Gin,” he said as she was eyeing his cock and considering doing it again. She could hear in his tone that he wasn’t really joking or daring her to do it again. “Turn over, let me finish what I started.” She rolled over, and after he got up she stretched out and spread her legs. He was on his knees between her feet as he grabbed a pillow. “We shouldn’t be doing this. It’s wrong, but gods, Gin, I just want to make you cum for me.”

“I got mine,” she said as she looked up at him.

“But I didn’t give it to you,” he said as he leaned forward and brandished the pillow. “I want you to cum for me.” She planted her feet and lifted her hips so he could stuff the pillow under the small of her back. She lowered her hips and lifted her feet. His hands were warm and firm as he placed them on her inner thighs and spread her legs. He looked into her eyes, and in that moment all the years of separation fell away. He was her favorite brother, her protector, her playmate, the first boy to ever touch her pussy; and she was his only sister, the only girl he loved until he met his future wife, and the first girl to ever play with his cock.

“I’m surely going to hell for this,” he whispered, and his head dipped between her thighs.

Rather than diving straight in, he started slowly. He pushed her thighs up and apart, then he started kissing the insides of them. With each kiss he got closer to her cunt, but she knew he wasn’t going to give her satisfaction, not yet. She was not disappointed when he started nipping at the other thigh then kissing back toward her center. Then he worked his way down. He spent some time tonguing and sucking on the very sensitive bit of skin between her cunt and her sphincter. When she started wiggle he slipped even lower.

Ginny was in to anal. She loved getting rimmed and getting her ass stretched by her husband’s thick cock. Ron though, teased her relentlessly. He rimmed her, he blew on her, he sucked on her, he ran his tongue up and down the length of her crack, he squeezed and lightly smacked her cheeks. When he stiffened up his tongue and fucked her ass with it she almost came. When she reached down to play with her clit, he told her no and pushed her hand away.

He started kissing his way back toward her cunt and she spread her legs wide in anticipation. She begged him to lick her, but he had other ideas. This time he kissed lightly all around her vulva, his tongue tracing random lines between kisses. Just as she was starting to wish he would get on with it he swept his tongue through her inner lips and lightly flicked her clit.

“Dear god!” she cried. She couldn’t believe how sensitive her clit had been to just that simple touch. His hands travelled up her body until they cradled her tits. His tongue dragged back down her slit, slipping just a bit into her opening. His tongue continued to trace the shape of her pussy, moving along the inside of her inner labia, the area between the inner and outer folds before finally tracing circles around her clit. At this she lifted her hips.

His hands retreated down her body, his nails dragging lightly over her skin. It felt like he was tracing fire on her skin, but that paled in comparison to the heavenly sensation of his lips tugging lightly on her clit. She pulled her knees up closer to her chest as his finger traced over her pussy. He pressed the pad of his finger against her opening and swore she could hear the squishing sound as he penetrated her. At the same time he sucked her clit into his mouth. His tongue flipped up and down against it as she felt his finger slide out and then two slid back in.

His fingers twisted round and back as he rocked them in and out of her. His tongue started moving faster over her clit. “Oh god, oh my god, oh yes, yes.” She couldn’t stop herself, she was babbling and she didn’t care because he was driving her insane. She could almost see the mountain top, hear the roar of the waterfall. His fingers speared into her and curled and she cried out. He had found it, the spot. He began to thump his finger against it rhythmically in time with the flicking of his tongue. Shock waves traveled through her body and she knew this was going to be a big one. He pushed up against the spot and mashed his tongue down on her clit.

For a moment the world went black and was filled with stars. Her hands were pounding on the blankets and her body was alive in every nerve ending. He released the pressure inside her and relaxed his suction. She took a deep breath as she started to come down. The he started tapping her again and his tongue flicked madly back and forth across her clit instead of up and down. Immediately she was coming again, she felt it explode out of her pussy like a fountain.

Once again he stalled his attack and she let out a long breath. “Are you…Fuck!” He mashed his finger against her spot again as he sucked her clit into his mouth and his tongue pummeled it like a speed bag. “Oh god, oh, Ron!” she screamed out. She pounded on the bed and tried to push him away but realized she had her thighs clamped around his head. As the wave passed she collapsed. “No more,” she begged.

“You sure?” The grin on his face was triumphant as he waggled his jaw. “There might be one more waiting.” He bent and flicked his tongue across her clit. Her entire body clenched and curled in on itself. She cried out in pain. “Are you okay?” he stretched out next to her and put his arm around her shoulders.

“I’ll be fine. I’m just super sensitive right now.” She forced herself to relax and then curled into his embrace. The room stank of sweat and sex, but there was a breeze tickling her exposed back, cooling her as the smell of spring trickled in. She started running her fingers through the patch of ‘man-fur’ in the middle of his chest. She thought she might drift off to sleep. Her hand wandered and she found the strip of thin hair that ran from his belly down into the rest of his pubic hair.

“Don’t.” She wasn’t sure if that was a statement or a request.

“And if I do?” she teased. She began running her index finger up and down the line; the possibility of teasing her brother brought her back to consciousness.

Ron snatched her hand up in his, and brought it to his mouth. He lightly kissed her fingers before putting his hand on his chest, still holding her fingers gently, but firm. “I’ve already fucked up by the numbers; I don’t need it to be any worse.”

“What do you mean?” She looked up at him in consternation. They had just had really good sex, or at least foreplay. He sure didn’t seem to be bitching about it when he was cumming in her mouth.

“How the hell am I supposed to explain to my wife that I like going down on my sister? She’s going to lose her fucking shit.” He took a deep breath. “God, I’m an idiot.”

Ginny extracted herself from his embrace and sat up. She pulled the blanket up to cover her chest as she gave him a serious look. His face was pale, his freckles in much sharper contrast than usual. His eyes were a bit red at the edges. His mouth was set in a serious frown.

“You liked going down on me?” He looked at her like she was half out of her mind.

“You think I’d work that hard for just anyone?” He extended a hand to her and she took it in hers. “Before this weekend, I’d never thought of you in a sexual way; but from the moment we started all I wanted was to hear you calling my name.”

She thought she might be blushing. She and Ron were very close, and the idea of being intimate with him had crossed her mind several times over the years, but she had always ruthlessly squashed it. When Hermione had talked to her about the threesome with Ron and Harry, she had been bitterly disappointed that Hermione hadn’t considered her for the other girl in the threesome with Ron. She hadn’t expected it, but the possibility of fucking her husband and her best friend had fueled more orgasms than she would ever admit to.

“Would you like to,” she hesitated to use the word fuck, because they wouldn’t just be fucking; not if he felt the way she thought he did. “Would you make love to me?” She drew his hand up and kissed his fingers.

The look that crossed his face could only be described as agony. He released her hand and cradled her face in his palm. “We can’t.” She dropped her head, she had known that would be his answer, but it didn’t hurt any less. “Maybe Hermione will forgive me if I don’t do anything else. I hope to God she will. If she doesn’t, I don’t know what I’ll do.”

“You two don’t have some kind of agreement about this weekend?”

“Sure we do, but I’m certain that agreement doesn’t cover me having incestuous relations with my sister.”

She gave him a broad smile. “So it’s okay for her to fuck me, but not you?”

Ron shook his head and grinned in spite of himself. “Pretty sure that’s how it works. Pretty sure you two are sisters in name only. Pretty sure she can’t get you pregnant with banjo-playing babies.”

That one made her laugh, which apparently made him smile. An idea occurred to her, and she thought about it for a minute while she sat there holding his hand to her cheek. “I can fix this,” she said seriously as she sat up straighter and held his hand in hers. “It’s probably not as honest a solution as you would like, but fixes the problem for now.” He gave her a questioning look. “You’re right about this might be a problem, especially for your wife. I think she might come around on it though, but it’s definitely not going to be easier to get forgiveness than permission.”

Ron gave her a speculative look. “What did you have in mind?”

“I learned a lot about memory charms when I worked on the Accidental Magic Reversal Squad. I can remove the memory.”

“You’re going to obliviate me?”

“Please,” she said derisively. “Obliviate is an amateur’s tool. Using that spell on wizards and witches causes all kinds of problems. It’s like cracking an eggshell with a hammer. The spell I use will disconnect the memory from those around it, then remove it.”

“I’ll be sad to lose this, but it’s probably for the best. I can’t feel guilty for what I don’t know. Still feels dishonest though.”

“When I take the memory, I’ll store it. Maybe someday you can have it back. Maybe after we’ve all talked about what we want to do together.”

They got dressed, and by the time they were done the room no longer smelled like sex. Ron lay down on the pile of blankets and Ginny sat next to him. “You’re going to be disoriented for a few minutes when I’m done.” He nodded in response. “When you come back around, we’ll just be waking up from a nap and I’ll tell you what we talked about before you fell asleep.” He nodded again and closed his eyes.

“Think about the moment you entered the tree house, when you first saw the pile of blankets. Focus on that moment.” He nodded. She held her wand to his temple and whispered the words of the incantation. She drew her wand back and spun it around like she was spooling up thread. When the last of the memory’s wispy gray light had been collected, she un-spooled it into a water bottle and carefully sealed it. She set it aside and curled up next to her brother. She draped her leg over his and rested her arm on his chest. When he finally stirred a couple of minutes later she looked up at him and kissed his cheek. “Morning, sleepyhead.”

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