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This is just something I fantasize about.
This is a story about fun in the country.
My name is Scott and I really am an 18-year-old farm boy from Iowa. I have a girlfriend I have been with for two years now and we are both virgins. We have done a lot of playing around without going all the way. That will come later.
This story is a fantasy of mine that my girl is aware of. She loves it and has a true fun and daring streak herself.
Initially this story was submitted under another name and was three chapters. Here I have tried to correct some of the weaknesses to make it easier to read and have corrected some grammatical errors. It truly amazes me how many times I can read this and not spot errors.
I do have my school workload, plus my farming and work to keep me busy, so additions will come slowly. Please be patient. I will try to have quality submissions when I can.
Your comments have been greatly appreciated and I hope you will continue with constructive criticism. If you have a negative response, I would really like to hear what you don't like. Please be constructive.
This is a fantasy of mine and I want it to draw on.

“Daddy, can I talk to you?” It was my daughter, Janet who had just turned 16 and is the apple of my eye. She is a beauty, but I could be biased. She stands about 5’4” weighs an athletic 112 lbs., has gorgeous light brown hair and brown eyes to match. Her skin is a deep tan from the early summer sun and her time spent outdoors swimming and gardening on our small acreage.

“Sure, honey, you can talk to me anytime.”

“Daddy, you know that Sarah is turning 16 in two weeks. I’d really like to throw her a special party. You and Mom threw such a great party for me, and Sarah's parents are split, I thought it would be good if we could do it for her. I’ve saved the money and can pay for all the food and drinks if you’ll give permission.”

Sarah had become my daughters’ best friend since we moved here last spring just after school had let out for the summer vacation. Janet had gone out for softball and met many great people and become fast friends with the girls on the team. Sarah, standing at 5’3” and weighing just less than 100 lbs. with beautifully wavy light brown hair, blue eyes and the whitest teeth you had ever seen smiling at you was also a treat to the eyes of any male who was not gay or dead.

“That sounds like a good plan Jan, did your mother have a problem with it? I can’t imagine why you needed to talk to me about something this simple.”

“Well Dad, I want it to be really special. First off, I want a sleepover with 10 or 15 of us total. Mom said that was fine, it was my second idea she wasn’t too sure about and said that I had to talk to you about.”

“Well babe, your mom has a good head on her shoulders, there must be something to consider here. What is your second request?”

“Daddy, you know Sarah is an only child, no brothers or sisters. I really want her to have a special time being welcomed into womanhood. Sweet 16 is a pretty big deal, I want her to remember it for a long time.”

“Honey, what is it that you are so serious about but afraid to ask?”

“Well, I don’t know how to ask, so I’ll just blurt it out.” “Daddy, I want to hire a stripper for her.” “Don’t get worried, I already have one in mind.”

“Oh lord, Janet, I don’t know. This sounds pretty serious. You are technically at the age of consent, but if any parents have a problem with it there could be trouble. If the stripper is over 18, he could be in trouble too.”

“That’s just it Dad, the guy we have in mind is under 18, so it is just kids playing around. How could that be trouble?”

“What, an underage stripper? How will you find an underage boy willing to do something like that? Who do you have in mind?”

“I think I know the perfect guy, and I am willing to bet he will do it. You know him too. It’s Scott, the guy who was baling hay for us last week? You’ve seen him. He’s really cute, built and nice Dad. I’m sure we could get him to do it.

She was right; I knew right away of whom she was thinking. Scott is a great looking young man, 17, light brown to dark blond hair, lightly tanned skin, deep grey eyes and a smile that could kill. Standing at 5’10”, having a muscular but light build, and weighing about 155 lbs. with broad shoulders and chest tapering down to a small 28” waist, he was exactly what any budding teen age girl would like to see. We had all seen him dance too and knew he had the moves. We had moved into a small town in south central Iowa. It was a very community oriented place with lots of good family entertainment. Twice a week in the summer time the town council blocked off the street on the north side of the town square and had a street dance. Sometimes it was rock, sometimes country, one time this summer they even had some blues and ballroom dancing. He could do it all.

“Scott, good grief honey, we know his parents. How could I ask them about something like this? Janet, what exactly did your mother say?”

“Daddy, please? Mom said it was up to you. She wasn’t sure about this but if you approved, she would support us.” Daddy, he’s so cute. You know he isn’t shy. Please Dad, I’m sure he will do it. Will you ask him?”

“Ask him? Honey, I haven’t even said you can do it. This is a pretty big deal. Where are you going to have this party? Right here in the house? A young man strutting his stuff right here in the living room?”

“We could have it outdoors. It could be fun. We could do it down by the pond and set up the volleyball set and croquet. We could have lots of fun with him down there if you will please say yes.”

“Geeze, honey, I’m going to have to think about this. Give me time to talk to your mother and sort this out in my head.”

“Ok, but hurry Daddy, her birthday is in two weeks.”

So this is how it all started. We had moved to this area at the end of spring just after school had dismissed for the summer. My always popular daughter was trying very hard to put together a party that would be impossible to top. We were just getting settled in, just a normal family doing all the family things. Church, extracurricular activities, work and some good recreation occupied our time on our 40-acre hobby farm in the southern part of the most beautiful state in the country. I may be partial, but I was raised here. So far we had not been disappointed either. Our farm was surrounded by rolling hills of bountiful crop land and pastures. Our neighbors’ large farm bordered the backwaters of a very large recreational lake the Army Corp of Engineers had built about 40 years ago. To quote a line from one of our favorite movies “Is this heaven?” “No, it’s Iowa.” We loved it.

Over the next couple of days as I pondered what to do about this I watched the activity in the fields that bordered our modest acreage. The land was owned by the Curry’s, Scott’s family. It was a well-kept piece of land that they were using as pasture this year. I had seen Scott throughout the day working on fences, repairing gates, mowing and things like that. As I watched this young man work I could certainly understand why the girls swooned over him. He usually wore some worn blue jeans, belted to his narrow hips, work boots, and as the day progressed, no shirt, giving the world a chance to see that golden skin ripple and flex as the firm muscles below worked. I admit I kind of wanted to see him with the girls too.

I had absolutely no idea how to bring this up to Scott’s parents without making us sound like freaks. One afternoon, I saw his father, Dan, out checking on the progress Scott had made in the field. Laws prescribing who is responsible for what when dealing with neighbors and fences are pretty confusing to non-farmer types like us, so I decided to go out and visit with him to see what I could learn. While we were talking Scott came up and acknowledged me with a friendly smile and “Hello Mr. Walker.” He then caught his father up on the progress he had made, the work left to be done and his plan for completing it. He finished with, “I think I’ll go fishing now.” to which Dan replied “Have fun.” With that Scott walked back to their old farm truck, opened the door and pulled out a well-worn pair of cutoff shorts. As he was with the truck door open and the positioning of the truck he was shielded from view from our house, the road, and anyone in the pasture but his father and me. He just stripped out of his work clothes with his back to us and pulled on the cutoff shorts. For a moment he was in his full nude glory, visible only from behind, but let me say, what a view. When he finished with the shorts he pulled on some old sneakers, reached into the back of the truck for a small tackle box and a cane pole. He looked our way, gave us a wave and was off about a quarter mile through the pasture to the river.

“Wow, he certainly isn’t shy, is he?” I said to Dan, who had not really watched what had just happened but was, I’m sure, fully aware. “No, he has never been shy at all, I hope you aren’t offended. In the country we are kind of like that.” “No, not at all,” I replied. “I kind of wish Janet was more like that. Growing up in the city never really gave her a chance to experience that.”

One thing led to another and pretty soon Dan and I were talking about how Janet was fitting in. I just started talking about the party she was hoping to plan and ended up blurting out the part about her hoping for a stripper. I had actually said it before I thought about what I was saying. I tried very hard not to freeze. Dan’s response actually surprised me.

“Girls will be girls” was all he said. “They really aren’t any different from boys that age.”

“Really? I had no idea how that idea would be accepted around here. You don’t think we would be thrown in jail for it?”

“I don’t think I’d advertise it, but yes, I think a lot of the parents would approve and if there are any that don’t, they will just not let their daughter go. I don’t think anyone would cause any problems for you knowing that everyone who was present had the backing of their parents.”

“Well Dan, it gets worse than that.” I told him, “They have a young man in mind to play the stripper?” “You may change your mind when you hear who.”

“Uh-Oh” Dan said, looking at me warily. “Do I possibly have an idea who they might be thinking of?”

“Probably, they seem to really like the idea of Scott doing it. Are you repulsed by us and by the idea now?”

Dan thought for awhile as he drove a few staples into a post, fastening the wire tightly. “No, not really, Scotty’s always been pretty popular with the girls, and he is really coming out of his shell now. I know he isn’t shy. I’ve seen him swimming in the river a few times myself. He might be willing to do it. Is this something you are really serious about?”

“Well, the girls are. I’m not so sure.”

“Really, I don’t have a problem with it at all. As far as I’m concerned it’s totally up to Scott. The real question is who’s going to ask him?”

We talked for a while longer about city life vs. country life, how the kids are different in many ways but alike in others, and just life in general. It was a great evening visiting and I guess we lost track of time. The subject of the party came back around and I asked if Dan thought I would be ok asking him about it or if he thought it was a crazy idea.

“Ask him what?” I know I jumped; I can’t say whether or not Dan did. We both turned and there stood Scott with a stringer with 8 or 9 nice bluegill on it. “I had a pretty good night. Looks like supper tomorrow night.” he said. We both allowed as it did indeed look like a good nights fishing.

“Was there something you were talking about? Should I leave?” was his question. “No Scott, you had better stay, I think I’ll leave.” Was the reply from Dan. Wow, I got nervous all of a sudden. Dan climbed aboard the Gator and left, leaving Scott with the pickup and me standing in the field. The sun was setting; the evening was turning cool yet I began to sweat.

“What’s up Mr. Walker?”
“Scott, I have something to ask you and I have no idea how to go about it. You may get mad, you may be embarrassed, you may want to leave, I don’t know, and I don’t want to lose you as a friend. You and your family have been good to us since we got here.”

“Well, if you want to ask something difficult, the best way is to just do it. What’s on your mind?”

“Scott, I’ll ask quickly. Janet wants to throw a birthday party for Sarah. She’s 16 next Saturday.”

“Ok, I know that. What about it?”

“Well Scott, this is the hard part. Janet wants the party to be special, and the only thing she can think of is to get someone to strip for the girls. That will be a party to remember and something special for Sarah.”

Laughing Scott replies, “Yeh, I think that would be something to remember. Why are you telling me?”

“That’s just it Scott. To make it really fun, they are requesting that YOU be the one to strip for them?”

“Me? Really? Why me?” His face blushed slightly but he was smiling which just made his dimple stand out that much more.

Now it was my turn to laugh. “Are you kidding Scott, the why is the easy part. The will you is the question I am worried about. I was terrified to ask you this, but I can’t bear the thought of going back to the house and telling Janet no.”

“Wow, stripping, for neighbor girls. I never thought about that. How many girls? What all do they want? Do they want me to go to a G-string? Wow, it’s a lot to think about.”

“Scott, I know what they want. I’m going to admit, it sounds like fun, but I don’t think I could have done it at your age. Watching you, I can see that you aren’t shy, but this is asking a lot. I know they’d love to see you fully nude for a little bit at least, but they have mentioned possibly playing volleyball or croquet afterwards, and if you’d stay nude for part of that. Scott, Janet has saved and is willing to pay.”

“Man, fully nude huh? I never thought about this. It sounds kind of fun. What guy wouldn’t like to have some girls fussing over him like that? How much do you think she’d pay?

“I know she has $400 saved up for the party. How much would you have to have? They are planning on 9 girls there Scott.”

“Wow, $400 to see me strip and play some games. I could see myself doing it. May I think on it for awhile?”

“Sure Scott, the party is a week from Saturday. Please let me know.”

With that he nodded, turned his back on me and approached his truck. Even in those cutoffs I could see this kid had things going on. He put his fish, pole, and tackle in the back, climbed in the seat and started the truck. “I have to get these fish cleaned, I’ll let you know.” With that he drove away leaving me standing in the pasture as the sun sank. I felt like an idiot, but his response had been anything but shock or repulsion, in fact, he sounded as if he had a positive attitude about it.
I walked home not knowing what to think.

When I walked in Janet was all over me, had I asked, what did he say, was he going to do it, did he get mad, did he laugh, did he think we were idiots?

“No honey, he was actually very nice. So was his father. It’s totally up to Scott now. I told him you had $400 to pay him with. Don’t push it honey, let’s just let him think about it. Please, what would you be thinking if he had asked you to strip for his friends? He’ll let us know.”

Janet was on top of the world when she went to her room. It seems just the thought of this happening had her on cloud nine. I don’t know what will happen if he says no.

At 10:00 my cell phone rang. “Hello?”

“Mr. Walker, it’s Scott, can we talk?”
“Sure Scott, when?”

“I’m outside now, behind your barn, talking to Star.”

Star was our horse, half quarter horse and half hackney pony. A beautiful animal, compact for a horse but much too big to be a pony, very gentle and willing to do anything asked of her.

“Scott, is it OK if Joanne comes along? This affects us both.”
“Sure Mr. Walker, however you want to do it.”

The easy going manner of this kid just amazes me. It’s as if nothing surprises him.
We walked out to the barn. “Hey Scott, we weren’t expecting to hear from you so soon. Have you decided?”

“I think so Mr. Walker. Are you sure you and Mrs. Walker are willing to go through with this?”

“Scott, I think if this is going to happen, we should be Joe and Joanne, don’t you?”

“I suppose, if that’s how you want it. It’s up to you. You realize I’ve never done this before. Is the party going to be here or are you having it someplace else?”

“We are thinking here, down at the pond. It’s pretty secluded, but open enough for some good games. There is a place for a bonfire for cooking and sitting around afterwards. Plus, we can bring the truck down for the music and not bother anyone. I don’t think we want to be too loud or bother any neighbors. Are you sure your parents are OK with this?”

“Yep, my parents and I had a talk about it, I don’t suppose it matters whether I do it or not, I will be teased now. It’s kind of flattering. I have no idea if I can really strip or not. I mean, I don’t have any fancy tear away clothes or g strings or anything. We are just ordinary people.”

“Scott, I don’t think that matters. We have all seen you dance uptown during the street dances. I think you have moves no matter what is playing. I think that’s what matters. I think if you wear your normal attire and don’t lace up your boots so you can kick them off, you can do the rest. Besides, if you come over dressed like that, it will seem natural and we can really sell it to the girls as a surprise.”

“Wow, Mr.Wal…..Joe that sounds like it could work. So, I’ll just strip out of these?” He was wearing exactly what I thought he should be. He had on a long sleeve denim work shirt, sweat stained in the right places and open about halfway down his chest exposing a white t-shirt, faded and worn blue jeans that hung loosely on his slender hips with the belt holding them up and his work boots.

“Looks perfect Scott, what kind of underwear do you usually wear?”

“I usually wear boxers, red or black. I suppose I could put something tighter like a Speedo or jock on under them if you think I should.”

“I don’t know; do you think you will need that? Maybe we should see your moves and decide if you need something else under them.” What I was really hoping for was a chance to see this stud perform and to see the reaction of a female watching him. I had never considered anything like this before and couldn’t believe how easily it was coming together and the attitude of everyone involved.

“Well Joe, I can give it a try.” With that he pulled out his I-pad and started it playing a country song with a good beat. It was Boot Scootin Boogey by Brooks & Dun. I guess I wouldn’t have thought of that as a song for stripping, but watching him move sure made a believer of me. Scott shuffled around during the first verse just dancing as young people do. His sense of rhythm was spot on and his moves were so natural and fluid I had almost forgotten what was to happen. When the refrain came up he unbuttoned his shirt and kicked off his boots simultaneously. He was left in his jeans and a really good looking tight fitting sleeveless t shirt and of course his cap advertising a prominent brand of seed corn. Not bad at all. As he spun around you could see how his back and shoulder muscles were accentuated by the cut and tight fit of that shirt. His pecs and nipples captivated your attention in the front enough that you barely noticed the lower part hugging those well-formed abs. As I said earlier, Scott was a slim kid, but he was well muscled. His butt nicely filled his jeans as did the package in front. The second verse began and he again danced around. He stuck out his hand and pulled Joanne up to dance as well, as he would one of the guests. “A little audience participation would be fun.” He said. I really hadn’t thought of this. He spun her back to the side and during the verse he worked on unfastening his belt and pants. Just as the verse ended he whipped off that shirt and let it fly to her and she caught it handily, blushing and laughing the entire time. The refrain began and he whipped off his socks as those loose jeans tried to work their way over that magnificent ass. I have no idea how anyone can look good removing socks, but he somehow made it a sensual experience. By the time the chorus was over the first time his pants were around his ankles and he worked to get them over his feet. I can’t tell you how great he looked bending over and pulling his feet through the legs. He was wearing boxers, just as he had said. Nice black boxers with some white or silver pattern on them, tight in the right places but loose enough that you could see he was warm, relaxed and swinging where it was sure to be appreciated. The song was over and Scott stood there in the moonlight on that warm evening with the slightest sheen of sweat on that athletic body. His golden hair looked almost silver in the moonlight and shine from his white teeth told you who big his smile was.

“Well, do you think the moves are OK, Joe?”

“You’re kidding, right Scott? That looked fantastic. I’m sure everyone will enjoy that. How did you know you could strip to that?”

“I really didn’t.” he laughed, “I just thought a fast paced song might be good for it.”

“Are you going to finish? Joanne asked. “We’re supposed to be critiquing the show you know.”

“Oh, you want the whole show here? No Problem, I guess I shouldn’t have wasted the entire first verse.”

With that he began the song at the last chorus and gracefully slid his hands into the sides of those boxers, working them over his hips. All I can say now is WOW, what a sight. As the underwear cleared his package he shook them down his legs and jumped out of them, leaving them in the grass at his feet. Again, he did the boogie as the song finished, leaving nothing to the imagination, yet moving enough that you couldn’t get a really good look at the goods.

As the song finished he stopped dancing and just stood there looking as if to ask, “Well?”
“How was that?” he asked.

Scott, this 5’10” country boy weighing 150-155 lbs. of muscle stood totally nude not 10 feet from us in the bright moonlight. My lord, he was fantastic. We had watched this young man work shirtless many times, but to see him like this, inviting inspection. His height, his weight, his neck size and broad shoulders to the V of his collarbone, his proportions were flawless. His torso from that collarbone to his broad chest with the well-formed pectorals with the dime sized nipples on them, to the well-defined and formed abs and continuing to that narrow waist left you wondering if anyone could be more perfect. Continuing down from his waist to the powerful muscular thighs, past his bulging calves to a pair of perfectly shaped feet and toes was to see something akin to Michelangelo’s David. As you may have guessed, the best part was hanging between his legs. Good Lord, how could the kid pack this away from view? Nestled in a nest of curly light brown pubic hair his penis hung heavily over a sack that was well relaxed and warm and should have been swinging had it not been for its fullness. That cock, uncut! Yes, uncut, slightly thinner where it exited his body and growing in girth as it rested over that scrotum that appeared to have two walnuts inside. The foreskin nicely covered the head of that magnificent dick without grotesquely hanging off the tip. He stood there nude for our critique. Joanne slowly approached him, reaching out. His legs spread slightly as she reached out and down, encircling that fantastic genitalia, her fingers slipping behind the sack, her thumb over the top where his prick emerged for that wonderful bush. She felt his warmth, the heft of those testicles, that penis growing in both length and girth.

“Wow Scott, I never imagined you would look like this. Do you think you would allow the girls to touch?” she asked him.

“Really, touch? Do you think they would want to? I would think they might be too shy in front of their friends, or laughing too hard to want to really do much.”

This was unbelievable, a 17 year old neighbor boy we had known for about 6 weeks and who had been nothing but friendly to us was standing in our small pasture at our pond totally nude while my wife held and fondled his genitals as if it were completely natural talking with us about letting our 16 year old daughter and her friends play with him.

“How far do you think this should go?” he asked.

My wife thought a moment, smiled and said, “I think as long as everyone is comfortable, no harm can come.”

Scott smiled and for the first time blushed. Surprise, surprise, the kid does have a limit and Joanne had found it. She gently squeezed him, gave a little shake and said, “Think about it and let us know what you decide.” With that she let go of him and stepped back. “You’re pretty at ease here Scott, how about we toss a baseball around a bit to see if you are OK with it?” With that she tossed us both a glove as she picked up a glove and ball for herself. Here we are, late evening on a beautiful night playing catch with a neighbors nude 17 year old son as if it were done everywhere all the time. We played and talked for about 15 minutes until we saw headlights pull into our driveway. We knew that would be Janet coming home. “Scott, let’s finish this up, we don’t want Janet to come down and see you, we’d much rather save it for the party.”

As we put things away, Scott still nude brushed against Joanne and she casually reached down to inspect him once more. “Scott, I can’t believe how easy going you are, but you are going to have to let us see this thing as it is intended to be.” Scott smiled and blushed again slightly as she gave his dong a quick pull.

“I can take care of that Mrs. Walker.” he said. “No need for you to do that, it might be more fun if they can just watch it.” With that he stepped back, casually wiped his hair and face and that beautiful prick began to lengthen and swell. The girth of it was what amazed me. It began by just growing in length, the head pushing out of that beautiful foreskin. As it popped out, the size of it caught both our eyes. The skin pushed past the corona exposing the swollen head in its entirety. What a view. It continued to lengthen and also began to rise off that nut sack, allowing a much better view. Very few hairs, it was still soft and supple, appearing to hold a couple of walnuts, fairly large, definitely firm. As it swelled to its full glory, it pointed up at about a 45-degree angle, neither to the left nor to the right. The knob absolutely looked like a mushroom on the end. The tool was perfect for its intended job. His nuts hung heavily below, still swinging in the warm air.

“Scott, you are perfect.” was Joanne’s comment. “Are you going to be able to get home with that like that, or will you need to take care of it?”

Laughing Scott replied, “I think I’ll be OK. We had probably better quit now before Janet finds us.” He pointed out.

“I guess you’re right, always leave em wanting more. We’ll let you get dressed and get home.”

With that Joanne and I headed to the house, hand in hand. I think this is going to be a good night for us. The days leading up to the party went quickly after that. Joanne and I had decided not to tell Janet that Scott was going to come to the party. We thought that the disappointment and having her be surprised with the rest of the girls would provide the most fun. I told her that I was just not able to come up with a way to ask his parents about it. What I had really done was quietly go around to the other parents of the guests and let them know what the plan was. It went about like Dan had said it would. Almost all of the parents thought it sounded like a fun time and that girls that age were ready to see something like this. Only one family was not in favor and just told us they would not let their daughter attend, but that they would cause no problems. How everyone raised their children was their business. In the end, they came over to see us the night before the party and asked if it would be OK if they did allow their daughter to come after all, or had they waited too long. “No problem at all.” We said.

Janet had been a little mad at me, but being a sensible girl understood my position. She decided to make the best of it and planned a really nice party. Good food, for guys you can do hot dogs and burgers, chips, or just pizza and something to drink and call it good. I guess it doesn’t go that way with girls. Homemade lasagna, salads, ice cream and cake all served down at the pond. They were thinking about doing a little fishing (country girls) but knowing that there was going to be a boy down there with delicate parts swinging around I nixed the idea of having hooks or anything sharp there.

You’re welcomed Scott, lol.

We had the food all down there and by early afternoon the girls were arriving. A big tent, sleeping bags, and anything else they needed just appeared and was set up very easily. The Army should be this efficient. They had a great afternoon swimming and doing whatever else girls do. As the sun begin to drop, the food came out and they ate. Girls don’t eat like boys do, I can tell you that. As they finished up Janet told the girls, I really had hoped for something else, but I guess we can play some games. We have softball, volleyball, and croquet, what will it be. The entrance could not have been better timed.

“How about some dancing?” a young but definitely masculine voice said.

All the girls spun around to see Scott standing beside the tent. The scream that came from Janet was unbelievable. The look she shot at me was priceless. It was full of surprise and gratitude at the same time. “YOU DID IT!” she mouthed to me.

“Do I understand that someone has a birthday this week? Sarah, how about we dance?”

With that he approached Sarah with his hand outstretched. She reached up and took it, not knowing what was happening. The girls cheered and encouraged her. “This is what we need, a guy at the party.” He took her hand and pulled her up and into the center of the clearing. They did a nice slow dance together and he ended wishing her a happy birthday and leaning in to softly kiss her on the lips. You could see she was surprised and very pleased.

“Daddy, I should be mad, is he here for the reason I think he is?” she asked.

“Yes, honey, he is. He’s here until you are finished with him.”

“Oh, this is great, how do we get him to start?”

“Honey, try a fast song. I know he can scoot the boot, if you get the hint. He’ll start slowly; the reaction of you girls will determine how the night goes. Why don’t you girls all dance with him and get loosened up before we put in the Boogie.”

And so it began, within two songs the girls were all up and dancing, Scott in the middle of the group took each one for a few moments and moved on. The girls were clearly enjoying it. Scott even pulled my wife into the fray and for a moment took my hand as the girls all laughed and teased. This kid really knew how to work a crowd and as far as I could tell was just doing what seemed right.

After two or three songs I put in the Boot Scootin Boogie and cranked it up a bit. The girls all lined up with Scott in front calling out the steps so they could all see him. As the first chorus began, just as he did during our review, he kicked off his boots and pulled off his shirt. The girls, still not knowing how far this was going to go cheered him. I will say, in the setting sunlight he looked even better than in the darkness. During the second verse he sashayed through the girls and they reached out to touch or squeeze him. He didn’t appear to be nervous at all. During the second chorus he pulled off that t shirt and his socks. Joanne and I had already looped the song around to give him time to strip completely without stopping. As the chorus repeated itself, Scott pulled Janet into him, knowing that she knew what the end result was supposed to be. As he danced, more slowly in front of her, with the other girls watching, Janet undid his belt. That task accomplished Janet pulled Sarah, the birthday girl in to assist. Laughing and blushing Sarah pulled back and screamed. Her friends all pushed her back to Scott and she deftly reached down to unfasten the button at the top of his fly. A few of the other girls reached in to do the zipper. What a site it was, girls laughing and carrying on with a smiling young man dancing in front of them. He backed away and danced as his pants slid down those legs. Those same black boxers with the silver pattern on them appeared and the girls shouted their approval. As Scott pulled his feet out of the legs there were one or two sets of hands feeling his lower back and butt. He tossed the jeans aside with the rest of his clothes and danced the last chorus with them in just his boxers. Joanne and I allowed the song to end. It’s not a terribly long song but it had played through twice as he stripped. In the warm humid air of the summer evening Scott had developed a nice sheen of sweat glistening on his body. It looked really amazing, as if he were oiled up.

“Well girls, enough of this. Scott probably has better things to do.”

The laughter catcalls, and groans of displeasure all mixed to add to the humor of the situation. The girls begged for more.

“Scott, are you OK?” I asked.

“Doing fine sir.” was his answer.

“Are all you girls OK? Does anyone need to leave?” I asked of the guests.

“MORE, MORE!” was their answer after a brief glimpse at all of their friends.

Joanne hit the play button and the music began again. Scott reached to Sarah, took her hands and placed them just below his hips on the legs of his boxers. As before, you could see he was warm and things were going on. The fact that the shorts fit tightly over the mounds of his ass but had room in the front for some movement did not escape the attention of the girls. Sarah reached her hands around to the front of his shorts and gave a squeeze to which Scott gave her a mild slap on the hands and placed her hands back on his hips. She began to slowly slide his boxers down. The girls grew quiet, but you could sense the anticipation. As Sarah pulled down, more of Scott came into view. She stopped as his pubic hair came into view. “Oh, thank God he didn’t trim it or shave it” Joanne whispered to me. “He is so perfect.” The base of his penis was just coming into view as Sarah reached forward and ran her fingers through Scott’s soft bush. Janet reached around from behind and gently tweaked and rubbed his nipples, to which Scott flexed slightly. The movement inside the shorts was noticed by all. Sarah leaned in and ran her nose into his curly bush and said, “He smells great!” Again her hands went to his shorts and she pulled them smoothly to his ankles where he stepped out of them. For the first time, this 17-year-old hunk stood fully nude in front of a group of the fairer sex, any of which at that moment would have probably let him father their child. The tension was visible and erotic; the girls’ attention was locked.

Scott’s athletic body was perfection personified. His tan was evident, his strength and muscle tone apparent and his easy going attitude was the topper. His penis, though still flaccid was plumped to pretty much its full size. It truly was slenderer at the base, growing in circumference as it neared the head. The skin was pulled fully off the dark glans which appeared damp in the evening sun. His penis hung heavily just off his scrotum, not touching, but certainly not erect. There were plenty of oooo’s and ahhhhh’s from the captivated audience. Scott looked around at the girls ogling his nude form and flexed his groin muscles, causing that magnificent member to jump for the girls. His testicles hung heavily behind, swing gently with his movement. Sarah reached up placing her hand on Scott’s torso just above the triangle of pubic hair and tickled lightly. As Scott’s abs rippled, his testicles raised and then lowered again. The head of his cock swelled noticeably and drew a quiet gasp from the girls. As it swelled and subsided slightly there appeared a large drop of crystal clear precum. This was incredibly erotic but we wanted to prolong things. Joanne put another song on and Scott looked up and smiled appreciatively. He began to dance, grasping Sarah’s and Janet’s hands as he did. The song was another fast paced line dance song and the girls all jumped up falling into a circle around young Scott and began joining in. Several more songs followed, all fast paced and keeping the girls moving. Finally a few slower songs came on and Scott took turns dancing with each of the girls. All of the girls took time to get a handful of what they wanted to see and give it a gentle squeeze or shake.

After a good half hour of dancing we figured Scott was probably ready for a break. “Hey everyone, let’s eat. I imagine Scott will need a rest and some fuel if he is going to be good for the rest of the evening.” It was Joanne who initiated the rest break for him, bless her.

Sure, a rest break, like that was going to happen. I guess the intentions were good, but it clearly wasn’t what the girls wanted. They didn’t really back off at all. I really had no idea they would be this brazen about it with chaperones around. We got Scott something to drink which he gladly took and gave him a towel with which to wipe himself off. Lord, this kid was great. I was getting pretty envious of this young stud as I watched him take his break. Watching him dry himself from the sweat, his arms up as he dried his hair and face, a nice crop of short light brown hair in his armpits matching the light brown curly thick pubes down below was pretty intense. His light brown hair on his head, not too long, but bleached lightly by the sun from his long hours working really made him appear to be a gift from the heavens.

The conversation from the girls as he did this was mostly that none of them had ever been this close to a naked boy or able to really check out what he had in detail. Some of the girls had brothers but it had been ages since anyone had seem them naked, and certainly not in any sort of aroused state. It was clear they wanted a demonstration of how the male body and reproductive system operated.

Joanne took over talking to the girls. “It looks like you girls are enjoying this. What else would you like to do, more dancing, games, or something else? Scott is only with us for awhile this evening.

Sarah, it’s your party, what do you think?” it was Janet being the gracious host asking her best friend. “If it’s on your mind let Scott know, he may do it.”
“Oh man, this is so great. Scott, I’ve never seen a naked guy before, not even in magazines, just drawings. Could I get a closer look?”

“I suppose I could allow that. How about we let everyone look now as closely as you like and if you want later maybe you could have a peek in private?”

From the reaction I’d say he had come up with a great plan.

“How many of you have never seen a guy?” he asked. Several of the guests indicated this was a first.

“OK Sarah, come on up, what do you want to see?” Scott asked as casually as if he were asking if she’d like more iced tea. That cock of his was still in its semi aroused state, but there was a steady oozing of clear fluid from the slit at the tip. I don’t think the girls were knowledgeable about the differences between a circumcised and uncircumcised penis. I could see that the foreskin was still pulled back from that swollen head. He almost looked to be cut except that the skin over the shaft was not pulled tight.

Sarah approached him and he stepped onto the bench we had there for seating purposes. It worked much better as a pedestal for this hunk. Scott’s goods were just below eye level for Sarah and she took a good look.

“It’s not hard is it?”

“No,” Scott answered easily, “but it wouldn’t take much for it to get totally hard for you. Right now I have a feeling in my balls and in the head of my prick that if you touch it I will just explode.” I knew the feeling he was talking about. “Sarah, if you want, you may touch and everyone can watch me bone up completely. If you don’t touch my dick everyone can actually see it happen if you want. If you want something else, just tell me.”

Sarah sat in front of him, her face not more than a foot from him. “My god, he smells great, like nothing I have smelled before.” She reached up and gently rubbed his lower stomach just above his bush with one hand while her other reached between those magnificent legs and fondled his testicles gently. As she did this he sighed loudly and the clear drop of liquid oozing out of his prick began to expand and heavily dripped from him as if on a long string. It hung for a second or two swinging like a pendulum as the string lengthened and eventually broke. Sarah looked totally surprised but not at all displeased as the string broke and the drop hit her in the right forearm much to the amusement of the other girls.

“Why don’t you take a taste of that Sarah?” Joanne suggested.

With that Sarah brought her arm to her mouth and gave a quick lick. “Not bad at all. A little salty.” She stated blushing brightly as she did.

This action really turned on young Scott and his body reacted by sending his prick pointing skyward. The head, already swollen larger than the shaft turned a slightly darker shade of purple and if possible it appeared to flare out more. His cock grew to full hardness and stood proudly up and out from his body, pulsing with each beat of his young heart. Good healthy steady pulses. The amount of precum he emitted increased as the girls looked on. I am pretty sure I was enjoying seeing this as much as the girls were.

“Scott, have you ever had a girl get you off?” came from the group.

“Actually no, I’m a virgin too.” was the reply. “I don’t know how much longer I can last; this is definitely the hottest thing I have had happen.”

“We don’t want this to be over. If you cum now will you be able to go on, or will you be done for the night?

Laughing he answered, “Not a chance. I don’t know how many times I can go with you all here, but I know I am good for awhile.”

As a group the girls giggled and indicated their approval. “That really sounds like a challenge Scott.” One of them said. Scott just smiled. The willingness of this kid to please his audience just amazed me.

“Girls, why don’t you all get closer and let’s see what happens.” It was Joanne’s suggestion. The group moved around young Scott, with his prick standing up and dripping that amazing fluid. “Why doesn’t everyone try to get a sample of what Scott is offering you there? Feel it, taste it, smear it around some and see the consistency. Be careful though, with a young man as virile as Scott and not experienced you could get more than you asked for. He’s a loaded cannon ready for battle.”

Everyone took turns with him, reaching up, gently swiping a finger across that amazing cockhead and feeling his fresh fluid, rubbing it around and tentatively touching their tongues to their precum covered fingers. Some took the time to gently grasp that throbbing prick and smear the head with it.

“I’m not seeing many signs of disappointment, is everyone enjoying themselves?”

The affirmative response from the entranced girls was unanimous.

“How would you ladies like to see him cum? I’m sure that as excited as Scott is he will be able to put on a show you will enjoy.”

Again, the answer was obvious.

“Sarah, we’ll let you have the honors again.” Joanne said as she moved in to Sarah with a bottle in her hand. “Hold out your hands dear, this will make it more fun.” She said as she squirted a liberal amount of a personal lubricant into her hand. “Spread that around all of the good parts darling, it will help you both have fun, and then just do what feels right.”

I’m going to say, Sarah is not a tiny girl nor is Scott hung like a porn star, but seeing Sarah wrap her hands around that erect tool sure accentuated the difference in size between a young man and a young woman. His cock looked truly huge as she worked her slippery hand around the head and shaft. The glistening of the lube really made the veins stand out. His cock literally danced in her hand it was throbbing so much.

“Oh lord, I don’t think I’m going to last too long.” Scott moaned, his head tilted back, his eyes barely open, his voice throaty and hoarse. “You might not want to be right in front of me.” He warned.

Sarah moved slightly to the side and worked his magnificent tool with her left hand, her right hand resting on his firm ass cheek. She softly stroked his buttock as she slid her hand along that hard as steel cock from his swinging ballsack to the head, engulfing the head with her supple hand and giving a slight rotation before sliding it back down to those perfect balls dangling in his fuzzy, oil slick scrotum.

“My God, it’s so hard, but the skin is velvety soft, I’ve never felt anything like it.” she murmured.

This went on for no more than a few minutes. I honestly don’t know how he had lasted this long. Young Scott stood here on a bench elevated so everyone could see, this beautiful young girl stroking his most personal and private areas, his head tilted back, sweat shining on his muscular body as if he’d been oiled after a workout. His legs gave the first hint of the impending orgasm that was about to be witnessed by the group. His knees buckled, but he caught himself, his hips thrust forward and his smooth ass clenched as he tried to hold back. You could see his penis swell, the glans already purple flared out as his testicles pulled up to the base of that veiny glistening cock. Scott gasped as his first orgasm of the night hit him like a freight train barreling out of control. The girls were silent as they watched this unfold in front of them. The first spurt erupted from the slit in that cock as if a snake were spitting. A thick rope of semen shot out and hit the ground about six feet from Scott, the second was right behind and shot in an arc even further than the first. Rope after rope of his jizz, thicker than I had seen before, shot from that spasming cock. A cock that was still being lightly stroked by a girl who had obviously not seen anything like this before, yet instinctively seemed to know what to do to help the situation. I know I counted eight healthy strong spurts of that wondrous fluid erupting from his youthful body before they seemed to lose intensity. His knees buckled as his orgasm subsided. He slowly lowered himself to the bench, Sarah no longer stroking but still holding onto his still hard as steel tool. My word, this was so intense even I was out of breath. The girls were duly impressed and showed it. Lots of “My Gods” and “Wows” and “I’ve never seen anything like that.” were heard from the group. I looked at my wife and could see that even she seemed to be surprised by the sheer volume of ejaculate he had produced and the intensity of not only Scott's orgasm, but the entire situation.

Scott lay on the bench, his breathing coming in gasps as his prick still erect and pointing over his stomach dribbled his sperm laden semen onto his belly. Not one to let the situation lessen, Joanne suggested someone get a taste of his fluid and tell the girls how it differed from the precum they had tasted just moments before. Another one of the girls, Julie from just up the road was the first one to his side, beating even Sarah who had just removed her jizz covered hand from his throbbing cock. As Scott lay there recovering, his swollen nuts again relaxed in his supple sack, Julie deftly grabbed his penis at the base and stood it straight up so she could lean down and lick the semen directly off his belly.

“It’s so much thicker, the taste is about the same, kind of salty but not bad, but the consistency is so much thicker. It actually has body to it.” She exclaimed. A few of the other girls good naturedly voiced their disapproval that she was the first to get to try it.

“Girls, I think he will be able to make more. Look at him, that cock of his may have softened some, but I imagine of someone goes right back to work on it, it will regain everything it has lost.” Joanne suggested.
With that, Julie backed off and still holding Scott at the base offered him to Carolyn, another 16-year-old sophomore from school. “Here, give this a try. I think you have an idea what to do with it” Julie coaxed her friend.

To be continued.


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