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1 week later.
1 week later.

“Oh God, I’m gonna cum again!” Lacy shouted.

Her eyes were closed, and her head was tilted back so she was facing the ceiling. It was early afternoon, mom was at work, and I was sitting on the sofa while my sister bounced up and down on my lap. Her tits were jumping wildly in my face as she picked up speed, slamming down harder and harder on my cock as she neared her third consecutive orgasm. I was getting close to cumming myself, but I was in no rush, I had already gotten there twice this morning, once from a pre-breakfast blow job in bed, then back to bed (after mom left for work) for some spooning-backdoor action.

Lacy’s hands were digging into my shoulders as she gripped them for support. I had been sucking her nipples while she rode me, but she was going too fast for that now, so I just sat there watching her. She was beautiful, had a wonderful body, and was dynamite in bed! She was completely obsessed with doing every sexual thing possible, every single day.

Her nails dug in deeper and she yelled up to the sky as she came. Her bouncing slowed down till eventually she was just sitting on my lap with my prick still inside of her. She moved her hips slightly, still enjoying the lingering post-orgasmic euphoria. Finally she lowered her head and opened her eyes.

“Wow, that was great!” she leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

Ya, we were kissing during sex now. It happened one time in the heat of the moment. We hadn’t wanted to kiss, it made it feel more like we were in an actual relationship, but we talked about it afterwards and decided that kissing just goes with sex. It didn’t mean we LOVED each other that way, it was just something that felt right while having sex. I know what you’re thinking ‘you’re already FUCKING your sister, what’s the big deal about some kissing?’ Yes that’s true, but there’s the kind of kissing you do with your girlfriend, and there’s the kind of kisses you give your sister, and it just feels odd to kiss your sister like a lover. If I just started kissing her for no reason then I’d hate it, but during sex it felt more normal.

“Well don’t just sit there!” I bucked her with my hips, “keep going, it’s my turn!”

She started moving again, not so much the wild bouncing from before, but a more controlled steady up and down rhythm. Her pussy was still so tight that it actually felt like a blow job sometimes. I played with her tits a bit, sliding my hands all over her body, resting them on her ass and hips. It didn’t take me too much longer to cum, and when I did, I pulled her down on me, shoving my dick in as far as I could go and came inside her, as was our custom.

I’ve been fucking my little sister now for just over a week. It was great! She’s a bit of a freak. We started doing anal on only the 3rd day, and it was HER idea! Something she heard from a friend or a movie I’m sure, but she loves fucking so she wanted to try it. Naturally it hurt and took a couple trys to get going, and a couple more before she enjoyed it. It’s not her favorite, and she never picks it, but if I ask, or even just stick it in, she goes with it.

It’s actually been easier to sneak around without our mom knowing than I thought it would be. My sister and I share a Jack-and-Jill bathroom, so we’re able to go in and out of each other’s bedrooms, and the bathroom, without needing to open our doors and go into the hallway. It’s been incredibly convenient! Lacy has already snuck into the shower with me more than once.

Speaking of mom… she still hasn’t given any indication of catching Lacy and I on the sofa that first night. I chalked it up to me being paranoid and overly cautious about getting caught, but I’m over it. Of course we’re still as careful as possible, only fooling around when mom is out of the house, or asleep at night. Our riskiest behavior is the morning blow jobs. Our mom COULD walk in, but my door has a lock, and she really has no reason to come in and wake me up in the morning.

I’ve really been loving this summer, but there were only 3 weeks left till school started up again. And last week we found out that Lacy will be going away to summer camp for a week with our cousins, which kinda sucks, but I’ll still have other pussies to fill. She actually leaves in two days, so for now I’m going to continue to enjoy my little live-in fuck buddy.

2 days later

Well Lacy’s gone for the next week. Early this morning mom left to take her to my aunt’s house, it’s a few hours away. From there my aunt was going to take Lacy and our cousins to the camp, which was another few hours away. It was an all girls camp, which I teased Lacy about, saying ‘well at least I know you’re not gonna fuck anyone else!’ and ‘you sure are gonna want this dick when you get home!’.

It was 10am, I was just getting up. Mom wouldn’t be back till this evening, but she had left me a list of errands she wanted me to run, and chores to do around the house. I was laying in bed looking down at my morning wood, feeling disappointed. Sure she gave me a blow job before bed, then we woke up and fucked in the middle of the night before she had to leave… but I was spoiled. On any other day my little sister should’ve already sucked me dry by now, but instead I had an erection and no mouth to put it in.

I was already stroking myself before I actually decided to go ahead and masturbate. I hadn’t gone to see Mariola, Kelly, Lyla or Shelby in almost two weeks. Ever since I started fucking Lacy, I hadn’t felt the need to go driving around to get pussy when my little sister was eager to give me hers several times a day. But since she was gone, and I had to go do some errands for my mom anyways, I figured I’d go do some of my own. But… I still had a couple hours of chores to do before I headed out, so…

“Aaahhh UH!” I grunted loudly in the empty house as I quickly made myself cum in my sheets.

Oh well, I had to do laundry anyways. I swear, no matter how often I orgasm the day before, or throughout the night, I still always wake up with the biggest erections! And I’m so horny, that even when I’m just jerking off, I still cum in minutes… hell, Lacy is usually swallowing my load in 5 minutes or less… my mom was the same way.

I got up and got to work. I always had some daily chores, but mom had quite the list today. I was pretty much doing a complete house cleaning, plus yard work. It actually took me over three hours to complete, but afterwards I showered and headed out for the day. Mom had a small list of errands to run, pick up a couple things at the store, go get dry cleaning, stuff like that. It didn’t take long, but did have me driving all over town. Naturally I made it a point to go over to Mariola’s.

When I got there, Mariola was out doing her own errands, I was greeted by Kelly who said her grandmother would be gone awhile. We caught up a bit and after our usual pleasantries she asked if I wanted a blow job, and as a matter of fact, I did. She was looking better than she had been recently, so I stood up from the couch and stepped in front of her wheelchair. She struggled to even lean forward towards my crotch, and I realized that she wasn’t as strong as she seemed.

“You know..” I started to change the subject, without wanting to see rude. She was weaker than ever, but she was proud and refused to show it. She also liked me quite a bit, I’d even go as far as to say that she may even love me if her life would’ve allowed, so she always wanted to have fun with me when I came around, but it just wasn’t as easy any more. “I actually just jerked off before I left the house, so why don’t I go down on you first?” She didn’t refuse.

I scooped her out of her chair and laid her on the sofa. I started kissing her, letting my hands get to work on her clothing. I pulled her tee shirt up and over her head, exposing her bra-less chest, her body showed signs of weight loss but her breasts still looked great. My mouth moved down to her nipples, and my hands moved down to her shorts. The anticipation along with the teasing pleasure of me nibbling and sucking tightly at her tits, had her moaning and shrieking already. I pulled her shorts and panties down and moved my mouth to her snatch in the same motion.

I quickly took to lapping at her lips and clit. She had more pubic hair than usual, I’m sure her condition has made it harder for her and her grandmother to maintain unnecessary tasks like trimming pubes, when there were more important ones to take care of. Nonetheless I didn’t mind one bit, this was for her, not me. Not that my dick knew that, it was already fully erect and wondering why it was still zipped inside my shorts. As Kelly screamed out loud while cumming, I debated taking it out and going ahead and fucking her on the couch. As if she read my mind she moaned..

“Fuck me Adam!”

I wanted to, I really did, but Mariola had told me that with Kelly’s weakened state, her body was harder to clean, and easier to injure, so intercourse was just not safe. I went ahead and unzipped my shorts though and whipped it out. I started stroking myself while continuing to eat her pussy to the best of my ability. She came again. She reached down and weakly grabbed my head and pulled it further into her cunt. I wanted to Fuck her, but I knew I couldn’t, I wanted to cum, but it just wasn’t going to happen.

I worked Kelly’s clit to a third orgasm then she stopped me. She was exhausted, and my tongue was cramping, so it was for the best. After I helped Kelly get cleaned up and dressed, I got her back in to her chair and made us both lunch. We hung out a little while longer and then I headed out. I was hoping Mariola was going to come home and sit on my cock before I left, but she didn’t. So for the first time in over a year, I had come into this house and not gotten to cum.

When I got in my truck I sent Shelby a text to see if she was busy, really I was just seeing if she or her mother was available to fuck. I was almost to their house when I finally got a reply reminding me she and her brothers were with their dad for the next few days, and Lyla gone out of town. I couldn’t believe it, my sister was gone, Lyla and Shelby were gone, Kelly was no longer an option for sex, Mariola was out, and my mom was still not home.. Not that it mattered, she had cut me off months ago. I debated heading back to Mariola’s, I could just hang out until she got home, but there was no guarantee when that would be, or if she would even be interested in sex once she did… I know she rarely refused my dick, but it could happen. In any case, I was almost back home and didn’t feel like turning around and driving all the way back across town, so I just went home.

I immediately went to my room, stripped naked and sat at my computer. I pulled up Pornhub, scrolled through a number of clips until I found a good one, and got to work on myself. It was very old school, a pump bottle of lotion, internet porn and tee shirt to catch my load in. It took me longer than I expected it to, what can I say my dick has gotten accustomed to things better than my hand, But eventually I came. I sat there relaxing, I really needed that, and to be honest jerking off wasn’t all that bad, you have more control over your orgasm and can make yourself cum quickly, or take your time and build up to a better climax. This time was just a quickie, but I was already debating on whether or not to go again… yes I was horny, but I was also bored and lonely. I’m pretty sure those two things account for more teenage guys jerking off than actually being horny.

I spent the rest of my day lounging around the house. I jerked off once more, purposely taking my time and giving myself a good one. Just after Kelly texted me to say her grandmother got home and see if I wanted to come by. ‘That’s shitty timing’ I thought as I was still sitting there naked. I stared at my cock, wondering if I had it in me to drive all the way across town to fuck an old lady in her ass… Id probably be fine getting it back up again, especially the way Mariola sucked a dick, but honestly I was just lazy and didn’t feel like driving any more today. I texted Kelly an excuse why I’d have to wait till tomorrow and put my phone down. Just then I heard the door open, mom was back.

I stood up and quickly got dressed. I walked into the living room as mom was putting her purse down and taking her shoes off.

“Hey mom, how was the drive?”

“Oh hey sweetie. It was good, I made it back a little faster than I thought, traffic was light. How was your day?”

“It was alright, boring.”

“Did you do all the stuff I asked?”


“Awe, thank you sweetheart. Why didn’t you go see Lyla and Shelby?”

“Shelby and the boys are with their dad and Lyla is outta town.”

“Oh ya that’s right! I’m sorry… it really was a boring day for you then wasn’t it?” I nodded. “Well, I’m going to take a shower and rest a bit before we make dinner.”

I played video games for a couple hours and noticed the time. It was getting late and mom still hasn’t woken from her nap. She did have to get up really early and drive awhile, so I’m sure she was exhausted. I went ahead and decided to make dinner myself and let her sleep a little longer. I actually didn’t mind cooking and was pretty good at it, but I was still just limited to whatever we had in the kitchen. So tonight was a hamburger helper dish. I used extra seasonings to improve the taste a bit, but it still wasn’t anything fancy. Dinner was only like 5 minutes from being done so I decided to go wake up mom. But as luck would have it, just then she came walking in to the kitchen.

“Did you already make dinner?” She asked, yawning as she spoke. She still sounded tired. I just nodded. “Awe, thank you sweetheart. I guess that drive really drained me, and I’m starved!”

I made plates for us and we sat at the table eating, chatting a bit. Afterward Mom headed to bathroom and I started cleaning up the kitchen from cooking, which wasn’t much, but mom always liked it cleaned sooner rather than letting it sit in the sink.

“Are you already cleaning up the kitchen?” She said surprised as she walked back in to the room.

“Ya, I’m almost done if you want to turn on something to watch.”

“Well look at you being all responsible! You’re just the man of the house now.” She laughed and kissed me on the cheek then went into the living room.

We ended up watching some competition show and then a new release that was on one of the movie channels. It was late, and although mom had taken a long nap, I know she was still tired, and to be honest, my long day of house work had taken a toll on me.

“Alright, I’m gonna go take a shower before bed” I stood up, “and probably jerk off, since Lyla and Shelby are gone.” I said the last part sarcastically, but I really was.

“Oh you don’t have to do that, come here.” My mom replied sweetly but stern enough to show she was serious.

“What??” I stopped in my tracks in front of her. She has denied me any type of sexual contact for months, even when Lacy wasn’t around, I looked at her face for some sort answer, but she didn’t look up.

She was focused on my crotch as she reached up and grabbed me by the waistband of my shorts, both pulling me and turning me towards her. Naturally I didn’t resist. She undid the button and zipper and pulled them down to my knees. My cock hadn’t been hard when I stood up from the sofa, but was now fully erect just from hearing my mom say she was going to give me head. It sprang forward when she pulled my boxers down.

My mother still had a look of focus in her eyes as she looked at my dick, almost examining it. She looked down and dripped spit into the palm of her hands and smeared it between them. She then grasped my shaft, one hand in front of the other, and began churning them back and forth in unison. It almost reminded me of the first time she gave me a hand job, very to-the-point and technical, only this time there was no awkwardness or embarrassment about jerking off her son. She didn’t look at me, say anything, or even seem like she was enjoying herself, until after a minute or so, a gasp escaped my lips and she stopped and looked up at me. Her expression softened, it was almost as if she had forgotten that I was there at first. She smiled and her hands began moving again, slower, more deliberate, loosening and tightening her grip around specific parts of my prick. My bottom lip quivered as I watched her watching me.

“What do you want me to do sweetheart?” She finally spoke. Her voice was soft, sultry and flirtatious, a way she’s never sounded when talking to me before. She’s had my cock in her hands loads of times, and has offered to give me head out of the blue before, but her voice was always motherly or playful, never sexy. Her hands were still working my meat, and she was still looking at me for an answer.

“Um… suck it...?” It was an answer but my nerves and the stroking of her hands made it come out sounding like a question.

“You want me to suck your cock sweetie?” Once again, her tone was way more naughty and seductive than ever before. Her eyes were locked on mine. I nodded. She smiled at my reply.

She looked back at my dick, slid her hands down to the base, and pointed it at her face. She was still sitting on the couch, so her head was higher than my crotch. She dipped her head down and opened her mouth, sliding me in as far as she could go, which was only a couple of inches, since she was still holding me with both hands. But it was enough to fit my head between her lips, and I groaned. She began sucking it hard like a lollipop, tilting her head side to side as she worked her tongue all the way around the ridge of my helmet. Her hands started moving, bending her wrists to spin them around the circumference of my veiny rod. She wasn’t bobbing her head the way she usually did, but I was about to cum anyways. My hands just hung at my side, there was no point in grabbing the back of her head since she wasn’t going down.

She sensed that I was close and looked up at me, wanting to watch the ecstasy on my face as I came in hers. But the intense sensation of her sucking tightly on the head of my cock had caused my eyes to roll back in my head, and my mouth hung open in a contorted expression, that definitely said ‘oh my God, I’m gonna cum’, but was not particularly handsome. She didn’t care, she just wanted to see her baby boy being happy, knowing that she was the one doing it, and nothing said ‘I’m enjoying myself’ like a teenage boy with an awkward O-face.

I came. The first shot startled her a bit, not because I came, but because of how powerful it was. She had been used to having me cum in her mouth multiple times a day, sometimes right after I had already blown my load with Danielle or Mariola… so naturally, having my balls drained so regularly, I didn’t get “pent-up” or “blue balls”, but I had been horny all day without proper relief, so my ejaculate took it out on her throat.

My body trembled, and I grunted and groaned, as shot after shot sprayed the inside of my mother’s mouth. Finally I finished, took a deep breath and sighed. I opened my eyes and looked down at my mom. She was looking up at me, and even though her lips were still glued to the tip of my dick, I could see the smile in her eyes. Her hands were still moving, making sure she cleaned me out good as she still sucked out drops of hot semen. I shuddered with pleasure from the feeling and smiled. She must’ve stopped tasting any more of my seed, because she pulled her lips away with a suctioning ‘pop’. She removed her hands and looked over my prick for any mess, and found none, she grinned to herself with pride.

The whole event lasted mere minutes, maybe a total of 6 from her initial offer till right now. My body felt weak, and my legs wobbled. I thought I should say something, but couldn’t think of anything. Luckily she spoke first, suggesting I go take my shower, I nodded and shuffled out of the room, pulling up my shorts.

As I showered, I stood there wondering “Why?”. “Why now?” more specifically. I hated it when mom put a stop to our relationship, I get it that things got crazy after my dad was arrested, and there wasn’t much time to ourselves, but once things settled down, she still said no. She claimed that she didn’t want Lacy to catch us because of how she would react. After dad molesting her, if she saw me with mom she might think that mom was molesting me. This was a stupid excuse, because we could’ve been caught before, and the risk didn’t worry mom then, so why stress about it now? Mom thought that the idea of incest, regardless of it being consensual, would be too much for Lacy to take after what she’d been through… of course mom didn’t know that my little sister was now my main source of sexual release, so clearly Lacy had gotten over any taboos of family sex, and realized that not all incest was rape. But I wasn’t going to tell mom this, out of fear that she may make Lacy and I put an end to our relationship too. But regardless, when Lacy was out of the house mom still refused to do anything sexual with me, so why was now any different?

I finished showering, and as I stepped out of the bathroom I paused. I REALLY wanted an answer from my mom, but I was also concerned that if I pressed the issue, then she may go back to not giving me head again. I had to know… so I walked up to mom’s room with a towel around my waist and knocked.

“Come in.” She replied from the other side. I opened the door and walked in. She was laying in bed thumbing through some tabloid magazine. She looked at me and smiled. “Ready for more already?” She asked playfully. I didn’t expect this, my cock twitched a little, I almost forgot why I came in here.

“Um.. Well, maybe actually..” I was trying to focus, but she grinned and put the magazine on the night stand. “But actually mom, I had a question.”

“Sure baby, what is it?”

“Um.. Why did you do that earlier?” I paused, she looked like she didn’t understood the question. “In the living room, why did you give me head?”

“I thought you would like it, didn’t you?” She looked a little concerned.

“Of course, I love when you go down on me, it’s the best!” She looked happy. “But you stopped and said we couldn’t do it again, so why did you?”

“Well Lacy isn’t here so I figured..”

“But there have been other times that she’s been out of the house” I interrupted her, “and we wouldn’t have gotten caught.” She just looked at me for a moment.

“Adam, you do a lot for me, and for your sister. You do things around the house, you help me and Lacy, and you make her happy and have been there for her after what your father did. And you take on a lot of responsibility around here, and today I just realized that you really are the man of the house, and I appreciate it.” I felt myself blushing.

“Oh, it’s no big deal.” I felt embarrassed.

“But as the lady of the house, I have responsibilities too, and a large part of those is to take care of the man of the house. And from now on that’s what I’ll do. If you ever want me to do anything for you just ask an I’ll do it. I want to make you happy, you deserve it. ” She grinned at me. My dick was starting to swell.

“So if I wanted a blow job, you’d do it?”.

“Of course.”

“And if I wanted to Fuck you?... ” I could hardly believe I asked my mother that, but she did say anything…

“Of course…” Was her reply. My mind was spinning, did my mother just say that she’d Fuck me if I asked her to?! I gulped.

“I want to Fuck you.” I said, trying to sound as authoritative as I could. She pulled the blankets off of her and stood up. She was wearing a silk nightie.

“How do you want me?” She said softly, grinning slightly.

“Take off your nightie and get on your knees.” I said flatly.

She pushed the spaghetti straps off of her shoulders and let the silk fall to the floor. I hadn’t seen her bare naked body in quite awhile. She looked stunning. She knelt down right where she stood and waited. I let my towel drop to the floor, my rock hard erection had already formed a tent, and now sprang up completely. I stepped forward and stood in front of her, she needed no order for this. She gripped my thigh with her left hand, grabbed the shaft of my prick with her right and leaned in, devouring my meat. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved it down further, she gagged a bit. I released her and slowly she moved her head up and began naturally bobbing, as if her son hadn’t just made her choke on his cock.

I watched her, she wasn’t trying as hard as she usually did, but I didn’t mind, she knew this was only to warm things up and get my dick slick for her snatch. As I watched her slurp up and down the length of my boner, I couldn’t believe this time I was actually going to fuck her!

I have watched her suck my dick hundreds of times, But this time felt different. Normally it felt like she was in charge, like she was only giving me a BJ because SHE wanted to. And even though she always made me cum, it still seemed like the whole experience was more for HER. She told me early on that she wanted to give me head because it made me happy, and as a mother it made her happy to please her son… and I believe that… but this time it was wholly for ME. I was in charge, this was for MY enjoyment, not hers. She would let me do anything I wanted, even if she didn’t like it. I stepped back, letting my cock pop out of her mouth, surprising her. She looked up at me and I helped her to her feet.

“Lay on the bed mom.” I said kindly. She smiled and did as she was told.

My loins were on fire, I would’ve loved to have had her just bend over the mattress and pounded her from behind, rough, shoving myself in her ass, testing the limits of what I could do to her, and staking my claim to her body, saying ‘no one fucks my mom but me!’. It would’ve been fun, and a very symbolically dominant gesture to show that I really was the man of the house. But I have fantasized about fucking her ever since she gave me that first hand job, not to be in charge or show male dominance, but because she was beautiful, sexy, and the first woman to touch me and show me sensuality. Whenever she would suck me off, or let me go down on her, she always knew the right way to handle each situation, whether it was being gentle, playful, instructional, or even aggressive. And while she would’ve let me fuck her any way I wanted, I knew that the first time I had sex with my mother should be beautiful, something that we both could remember fondly.

I watched her ass as she crawled on to the bed and laid down in the middle. She looked over and curled her finger at me, playfully inviting me to join her. I turned off the bedside lamp and climbed on to the bed, positioning myself on top of her. I looked her in the eyes, I felt like I should do or say something special, but all I could think of was “I love you mom.” It wasn’t original, but it must’ve been the right thing to say, because she lifted her head towards mine and kissed me. Her hands slid down my body, stopping at me waist, and she pulled me down on top of her.

I slid right into her pussy, her lips were dripping wet with anticipation. We both gasped. I stayed in her for minutes before moving, the feeling was incredible. Between her mouth and snatch, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer before I came. As I eventually started pumping in and out of her with a slow steady rhythm, she pulled her lips from mine and looked me in the eyes. My lips were quivering, she knew I didn’t have long, she grabbed the back of my head and pushed me towards her Breast. I hungrily latched on to her nipple. My breathing increased, I was almost there.

“That’s it baby, cum for mommy.” She said softly.

Just two more strokes and I did. I grunted loudly even though I was muffled by her tits. I came with powerful, almost painful force. With one hand my mother ran her fingers through my hair, holding me at her teat, and with the other she rubbed my back, soothing me as shoved my cock deep into her and shot her full of cum. It was like my body was giving her every ounce of semen that it has always wanted to. I could feel it pouring out around my shaft as I filled her up. I finally finished and collapsed on top of her. The last things I remembered were her fingers in my hair and her soft voice, as I fell asleep in her arms, my dick still inside of her.


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ohhh.. great story.. look at the photos and videos of sexy girls.. -


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lovely story glad mum eventually complied, they deserve all the pleasure they give each other, a thought we makes me realize how well written and believeable this fiction is.


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Part 12 and he finally gets to fuck mom! Great story, love the work

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