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Nana is seduced and dommed by daughter and grandson.
What Mom Knows Fucks Her Mom

Summary: Nana is seduced and dommed by daughter and grandson.

Note 1: Thanks to Robert, Wayne and goamz86.

Note 2: This is part 7 of a continuing incest series (although it is much more complex than a simple incest story). I highly recommend you read the first six parts as the layered subplots may be confusing without the background information...but here is a very brief primer of the series so far:

In WHAT MOM DOESN'T KNOW WILL FUCK HER 18-year-old Curtis goes to a Halloween party dressed in a costume designed for his absent father and ends up fucking his beautiful mother.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER AGAIN Curtis ends up in an amazing threesome with his mother and his fantasy girl, the semi-celebrity weather girl Miranda Collington.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER ASS Curtis begins dating the much older, but sexually exotic Miranda while also continuing to fuck his Mother; and as the title suggests Curtis gets his mother's ass during a legendary evening where he fulfills the Trifecta coming in his Mother's mouth, pussy and ass.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN THE AIR Curtis joins the Mile High Club during an epic first class flight to Vegas with both his Mom, his celebrity girlfriend Miranda, Mom’s friend and ex-Mistress Ellie and a very submissive stewardess.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN VEGAS Curtis must try desperately to stop Mom’s ex-Mistress Ellie from reclaiming his submissive mother; Curtis and his mom have a heart to heart; Curtis, Miranda, Ellie and his mom end up in a hot five-some in a church with the bride minutes before the wedding; Curtis and Miranda make a BIG decision.

In WHAT MOM KNOWS FUCKS HER IN WHITE Curtis and Miranda get married; so do Ellie and Curtis’s mom; they celebrate with an orgy in the chapel and then one more at the wedding of Miranda’s ex when they take the bride up to the honeymoon suite, along with a beautiful black co-worker.

And now…..

What Mom Knows Fucks Her Mom

Apparently, much to my surprise, you can actually have too much sex.

After the crazy weekend in Vegas, especially the wedding Saturday, where I married the beautiful woman of my dreams, and fucked four brides that day and night, I was utterly exhausted and, for the first time in my life, refused the sexual advances of a woman.

Thankfully, my wife had my mother and Ellie to play with and they had their own morning sexfest before we headed to the airport.

Exhausted from the previous sex-filled day and night, I slept the whole way home, not adding another notch to my mile high club.

While waiting for our baggage, Miranda asked what I was also thinking, “So now what hubby?”

I answered, “I was wondering the same thing.”

“Do you want to move in with me?” She asked, looking surprisingly vulnerable and insecure considering her ferocious sexual appetite and the reality I was her husband.

“Of course,” I nodded, before adding, “but I do have to deal with Mom and Dad first. He doesn't even know I was dating you, never mind that I got married.”

“He also doesn't know his son is fucking his wife,” she pointed out.

“Sometimes I feel so guilty,” I admitted. I was part of the reason Mom was about to leave him.

Miranda shifted from sexy teasing to sensitive in a heartbeat, just another part of her enigma of perfection. “Curtis, you can't blame yourself for this. There were problems in your parents’ relationship way before you got involved.”

“I know,” I nodded, “but my fucking her definitely triggered the domino effect that followed.”

“Your mom made her own choices to make me her pet before you got involved,” Miranda pointed out, before adding, “plus, she knew she was fucking you that first time and every time since.”

These were all true statements, yet I couldn't help but wonder what would have happened if I hadn't decided to pretend to be my dad this past Halloween. I wouldn't be in this amazing relationship with a much older, but beautiful, free spirit, nor would I be living every guy's have his own pet mommy. “I guess.”

“All things happen for a reason,” Miranda pointed out, before adding, suddenly all bubbly like a blonde cheerleader, “plus, if you weren't such a pervert who fucked his mom you never would have met me.”

“True enough,” I laughed, leaning forward and kissing my beautiful bride.

“Your suitcase is coming,” Mom called from a few feet away.

I finished the kiss and went to retrieve our luggage.

We all went our separate ways: Miranda headed home with a promise I would see her tomorrow, while Ellie demanded that Mom come and see her at her place after work.

Mom and I got a taxi together, both of us completely exhausted after a crazy, sex-filled weekend. Both of us were newly married, me legally to the beautiful Miranda, while Mom ceremonially to Ellie. In reality a few days in Vegas and everything had changed. We both knew this and it lingered over us like a dark do we tell Dad?

Returning home and to Dad, where Mom planned to ask for a divorce, although not tonight while I was home, had me still riddled with guilt. Miranda was right: obviously Mom wasn't happy in the marriage, regardless of my role, but I definitely triggered an acceleration to the change that was about to happen.

I loved my father, although it was hard to tell with the whole sleeping with my mother and getting her reacquainted with her ex-mistress Ellie…but I did.

We walked into the front room and I noticed wine glasses on the table as Mom called out, “Ted, we’re home.”

There was no immediate response as Mom walked down the hallway. I went to the kitchen to grab a glass of milk and then heard Mom gasp, “Oh my God!”

I quickly went to check on her and walked in on my father in my parent's bedroom with his secretary, a young big breasted bimbo whose name I couldn't recall, on all fours.

Dad stammered, as the redhead tried to cover herself up, “Y-y-you're early.”

“So it seems,” Mom snapped, before walking past me with tears in her eyes.

I stared at Dad for another moment before following after Mom.

I'm not going to get into the details of the aftermath, but it was obvious that Dad was as unhappy in the marriage as Mom was. Thankfully, the split was amicable as both wanted it done quickly so they could each move on with their new lives.

Dad apologized to me, which added to my guilt, but I tried to ease his guilt by telling him I knew they both were not happy and staying together for me was silly. It felt strange comforting him, since I was the child, and had been fucking Mom for weeks, yet it seemed to bridge the emptiness I felt between us.

He moved in with his secretary and suddenly the stars were lining up. Mom and Ellie could deal with their new relationship, Miranda and I could start our marriage and Dad could start his own new life.

I mused that as one marriage ended, three new complex relationships had blossomed.

A few days later, Ellie was over and trying to take control like she usually did. She said, “When I move in we will repaint this whole house.”

“Okay,” Mom nodded, still dealing with the sudden reality that everything was different, and not really herself.

“Alexis, this couldn't have worked out better,” Ellie continued.

I sighed, Ellie not really the sensitive one in the relationship, “Ellie, she still hasn't come to terms with all that has happened.”

“What's to come to terms with? Everything worked out perfect,” she countered, oblivious to the reality a long marriage was over, since she was finally getting what she had wanted all these Mom.

“Seriously, for a school teacher, you really are rather oblivious,” I shot back.

“Bite me,” she shot back. “Ted doesn't have to know about your mother and I, and your mom doesn't have to have that difficult conversation that was awaiting her.”

“True,” I agreed, looking at Mom who really was still bewildered by the whole whirlwind that had been the past few days.

But before I could continue my thought, she added, “Plus, you should be thankful, too. Your Dad never has to find out that his only son is fucking his wife.”

“Nice,” I said, shaking my head at her lack of tact.

“Am I wrong?” She challenged.

“No, but it's not that black and white,” I pointed out.

“We had a problem, now we don't,” she shrugged.

“You can't just forget twenty years,” I continued.

“Agreed, but you must live your life going forward,” she countered.

“How fortune cookie of you,” I quipped, loving to take shots whenever I could.

“Enough,” Mom finally spoke, startling both of us. “Stop talking about me as if I'm not right here.”

“Sorry,” we both said in unison.

“Ellie, I loved Ted and Curtis is right, twenty years is a long time,” Mom explained. “I’m happy it’s over, but I’m also sad.”

“I've waited that long to finally be with you,” Ellie pointed out, looking vulnerable herself for the first time.

Mom smiled, “I know, and I'm happy that we can finally be together, without anything coming between us.”

Ellie glared at me.

Mom continued her rare defiant attitude. “You knew he was part of the package.”

I cupped my dick and quipped, “And a great package it is.”

Mom turned to me, finally smiling, “Indeed it is a perfect package, but this power play between the two of you is utterly exhausting.”

Ellie said, “Agreed, he's married now, I think it's time that he goes and lives with his bride.”

“I will,” I nodded, “after Christmas, Mom agrees that Nana isn't likely ready for both the divorce news and the news that her grandson got married without her knowledge.”

“Are you going to fuck her too?” Ellie sarcastically shot.

“Why, are you jealous?” I quipped back, knowing she was jealous of my relationship with my mother, and that once my cock was in front of her she usually ended up with it in her mouth or cunt. Plus, she had acknowledged that I was her Master back in Vegas when a similar conversation took place. That said, the idea of fucking Nana, although unlikely, was appealing, as she was still a very beautiful woman.

She shook her head, as Mom continued, “You two are the loves of my life. You need to get over this Dom versus Domme game and accept that I plan to be with both of you. Ellie, as I have told you before, I love Curtis as a son, as a lover and as a Master. If you can't accept that, then our relationship will not work.”

I smiled, but didn't say anything, knowing when to speak and when not to.

Mom continued, “With Curtis moving in with Miranda in the New Year, I am sure things will be changing, but I won't stop fucking my son, for you or anyone.”

Ellie nodded, knowing my mother well enough to know that when she says something she means it, her rough attitude shifted to softness, “You know Alexis, I am just jealous because I love you with all my heart and soul.”

“And I love you too, I always have,” Mom continued, “but I also love my son unconditionally.”

“I know,” Ellie's sighed.

“And I can't have you two always at war,” Mom continued, “you’re all I have.”

“Well, you have my wife,” I joked.

Mom looked at me surprised. “You're going to let your wife still be my pet?”

“Of course,” I nodded, “nothing has to change because the name of the relationship has changed.”

“I guess so,” Mom smiled, seemingly liking that she could be submissive to some and dominant to others.

“You're an enigma, Mom,” I commented, leaning in to kiss her, wanting to make Ellie jealous, not quite ready to call our battle a truce. I wanted to have Ellie unconditionally and willingly underneath me yet.

Breaking the kiss, Mom added, “As for you, young man.”

A tone that usually meant I was in trouble.

“You need to be nice to your new step-Mommy,” she smiled, her tone instantly shifting from motherly to sexy.

“Well, I would love to give my step-Mom the same full three hole treatment I give you, Mother,” I smiled slyly, while looking directly at Ellie.

Ellie quipped, “I wouldn't mind giving you a one hole treatment myself.”

My ass cheeks immediately tightened, understanding her implication. Yet, always one to have a quick witty response, I quipped, “Ladies first.”

“You two,” Mom dramatically sighed. “The only way to shut you two up is with my body.”

“That is something I think we can both agree upon,” I smiled, as I guided her onto to her knees.

She fished out my cock and took it in her mouth. “Come share my cock with our pet,” I ordered Ellie, who was watching.

“Fine,” she said dramatically, always trying to hide the obvious reality that, although she hated to admit it, she loved my cock.

She moved and dropped to her knees beside my mother. Mom took the cock out and offered it to Ellie who took it in her hands and asked me, “Ever had two girls suck you at once?”

“Can’t say I have,” I answered, looking down at both beautiful women.

“Kiss me,” Ellie demanded, putting my cock between them. I watched as Mom and Ellie’s lips touched with my cock in the middle.

It felt strange, but was hot as hell as they tried to kiss each other. Ellie then suggested, “Suck your son’s dick with me.”

“What do you mean?” Mom asked.

“Keep our lips locked together and simultaneously let’s move back and forth,” she explained.

“Oh, okay,” Mom nodded.

I watched as I got a blow job like none I’d ever seen, as both women moved up and down my cock together. It was sexy, and different, but after a couple of minutes of teasing, I wanted to fuck one of them. I still had Ellie’s ass to break, but now didn’t seem to be the time. Instead, I ordered, “Both of you, get out of your skirts and get on all fours.”

Mom quickly stood up, like a bitch in heat, and pulled off her skirt.

Ellie, meanwhile, gave me a ‘you-can’t-be-serious’ look, before she stood up and slowly obeyed my order. I wasn’t going to push her at this moment, knowing that as long as she was obeying I was winning.

Soon they were both side by side, their great tight asses staring back at me as I got out of my jeans.

I moved behind Mom and slid my cock in her wet pussy and she immediately moaned, “Yes, baby, fill Mommy’s cunt.”

Ellie reached over, turned Mom’s head and they began kissing, Ellie trying to make sure she too was somewhat controlling the threesome.

I fucked Mom for a bit before pulling out and putting my hands on Ellie’s waist.

She immediately broke the kiss with Mom and instructed, “Only my cunt.”

I considered pointing out she declared all three of her holes were mine back in Vegas, but again decided that her ass would be saved for another day. I slammed my cock into her and unlike Mom, who I slowly fucked, I pounded Ellie.

Mom whined, “Why didn’t you fuck me like that?”

I laughed, “I’m just getting started.”

“You’d better be, young man,” Mom said, getting all motherly on me.

I pounded Ellie hard until her moans began and then pulled out and slammed into Mom. I went back and forth between the two women for a few minutes until I could feel I was close. I ordered, “Back on your knees, my two cum sluts.”

Mom, as usual, quickly got into position knowing a facial was coming, while Ellie slowly did the same, although with the same smug look she loved to give.

When both were kneeling in front of me, I furiously pumped my cock directing it at Mom until, at the very last second, I turned and exploded my first load directly on Ellie’s surprised face. I continued coating her face, loving the power I had over her in that moment.

“Fucker,” Ellie playfully called me as I finished spraying her face.

Mom agreed, “Yes, what about me?”

“Share away,” I smiled, and watched as Mom retrieved my cum from Ellie’s face. She kissed Ellie’s cheek, chin, lips, forehead, ever so slowly cleaning her face.

I watched as the two kissed until Ellie ordered, “Come finish what your son couldn’t, my pet.”

I watched Mom move between Ellie’s legs and bury her face in her cunt. I smiled at my new kind of step-mom, and she smirked at me, still trying to show her own power even though I could see my cum on her face. I decided then and there that I needed to take control of this situation with her once and for all. I would Domme her completely and make her my submissive, permanently clarifying the power hierarchy.

I watched for a couple more minutes before heading out to pick up Miranda after her shift.


A couple of days later, I decided to confront Ellie face to face, away from Ellie’s school, my alma matter.

I sauntered in a couple of minutes after the last bell rang and saw her hanging up a poster on a wall, her perfect ass staring at me, as if calling my name. “Hi, Ms. Weatherton?” I greeted.

I startled her as she dropped the stapler from her hand. “What are you doing here?” She asked with disdain.

“Listening to Mom,” I said softly, “trying to make sure you and I can get along.”

“Is that so?” She questioned, looking at me with suspicion.

“Yes,” I nodded, “there needs to be a clear understanding of the hierarchy.”

“Excuse me?” she questioned.

“There can't be two dominants,” I replied, walking towards her.

“I couldn't agree more,” she nodded, not backing down.

“Let's stop playing games, Ellie,” I continued.

“I again couldn't agree more,” she replied, as I now stood right in front of her.

I asked, “If my mother had to choose between you and I, who do you think she would choose?”

This seemed to freeze her in her place. She hesitated a second before responding, “You wouldn’t make her choose after all this.”

“I didn't say that,” I pointed out, “I'm simply asking a question.”

“So what's your point?” She asked.

“Isn't it obvious?” I asked.

“If it was, I wouldn't ask the fucking question,” she countered, clearly annoyed and obviously realizing I had the advantage.

“I want you as my slut without all the pretentious crap that goes along with it,” I answered.

“You've already had me,” she countered, although her facial expression implied she wasn't thrilled by that, even though I knew she loved it deep down.

“Don't pretend you don't love my cock, you can't fake those orgasms,” I accused.

“I've had worse,” she shrugged.

“I imagine you have,” I smugly retorted.

It was obvious she was acting strong, but there was a vulnerability in her eyes. She was worried that I would make Mom choose between the two of us.

“What do you really want?” She asked, taking a shot at me, “Some of us have jobs.”

“I want two things, actually,” I responded, although it was actually three, but that would have to wait a while.

“That's probably pretty ambitious of you,” she retorted, very good at the cold hard outer surface glare.

“One, I want you to stop being so insensitive with Mom when it comes to my father,” I began.

“Understood,” she nodded, showing compassion, “you were right about that. I was being insensitive.”

I nodded, before adding, “Two, I want this silly game we are playing to end.”

“That's easy,” she interrupted, quickly going back to herself, “Move in with your wife.”

“First, don't interrupt me when I'm talking,” I firmly said, returning her cold glare. “And second, I've already told you I'm moving in with Miranda after the holidays.”

I could tell she wanted to say some smart ass comment but she kept it to herself.

I continued, “The solution to our problem is simple, you become my complete submissive full service three hole fuck toy.”

She scoffed.

“I wasn't kidding, or bargaining,” I firmly said. “Mom is my slut, she will give you up if I tell her to. I know that and you know that. Let's be honest, the last time Mom had to choose between a man and lost.” I know this was harsh and blunt, but with Ellie that was how you had to play the game.

Interestingly, as her face paled slightly, she didn't snap at me, or counter argue my words, instead she responded, “I don't do anal.”

“I think it's time we change that response,” I smugly countered, “plus I recall you agreeing to all three holes in Vegas.”

“I was drunk,” she protested.

“With power,” I quipped, before adding, “You can keep up the charade all you wish, but the reality is you may be a Domme to women, including my mom, and a very sexy, sultry one, but it is obvious that when it comes to men you are submissive.”

“Only when forced,” she defended.

“Well, that's part of being a master, pushing a slut where she craves to go, especially when she is in denial,” I smugly said.

Suddenly a janitor walked in and I smiled, “Think about it, Ms. Weatherton, the choice really has already been made.” Before she could respond, I walked out leaving her to stew over my words.

I drove to see Miranda at her work, knowing today was the first day Mark was back. I was curious if he knew of his wife's submission to his ex and many others on their wedding day…including me.

I asked him as we crossed paths, “How was the honeymoon?”

“Great,” he answered, without stopping to actually talk to me.

I reached Miranda's dressing room and asked, “Do you have time for a quickie?”

She was already dressed and due to go on in about twenty minutes looking as beautiful as ever. She asked, with a devilish smile, “You still find your ol' ball and chain fuckable?”

I reached her and kissed her hard. Breaking the kiss, I smiled, “You will always be fuckable.”

“Even when I'm 50 and you’re,” she paused, “a lot younger.”

I smiled, playing along, “As long as you suck and fuck like you do now.”

“Bastard,” she playfully retorted, hitting me.

“Slut,” I countered back, cupping her breasts.

“Your slut,” she smiled, as her hand grabbed my already very stiff cock.

“Show me what a slut wife does,” I nodded, putting my hands on her shoulders.

As always, she lowered to her knees, a position that was utterly super-hot, fished out my cock and devoured it whole. Her left hand on my cock, I stared at the wedding band that declared she was forever mine. I couldn't believe I had it all. The woman of my dreams, a woman who was a sexual minx on top of that, but also well-educated and well versed as me...a woman I had fantasized about for years. She also was my mom's submissive, bisexual and willing to share my cock. Life was perfect.

I watched her bob back and forth, taking my whole cock in her mouth until I was ready to shoot. I no longer warned her as I deposited a load down her throat. She didn't slow down, a natural at swallowing a load, as she milked every last drop of my seed out.

I pulled out and complimented, looking down at her, “You really are perfect!”

She looked up at me as her tongue flicked the head of my cock, “Why because I love sucking this beautiful cock?”

“That definitely doesn't hurt,” I smiled, pulling her up and kissing her tenderly.

Eventually, after a few minutes of tender kissing she broke the kiss and said, “I think I need to go to work.”

I said, “Me too, I didn't get to finish my conversation with Ellie.”

“Oh, how far did you get?” Miranda asked curiously.

“I laid the groundwork for her final submission to me,” I answered.

“You badddd boy,” Miranda teased.

“You love the bad boy,” I teased back.

“That I do,” she smiled, moving back in for one more kiss.

Once she headed to the set, I headed to Ellie's assuming that she would be at her place, as Mom was going to the airport to pick up Nana.

I went to an adult store and picked up some anal lube in anticipation of finishing what I started.

I knocked on her door and waited. To my complete surprise, the door was answered not by Ellie, but by Mrs. Cameron, my senior year biology teacher, and the hottest teacher at the high school. “Hi, Curtis,” she greeted, looking very embarrassed to have to see her dressed only in a robe.

“Hi, Mrs. Cameron,” I greeted back, trying to act nonchalant, although I tried to get a peek at her breasts through the thin robe. “Is Ms. Weatherton home?”

“Come in,” she nodded, “Mistress has been expecting you.”

“Mistress?” I questioned, surprised to see the younger married woman as a submissive. She was a great no nonsense teacher who got married last year during Christmas break to some minor league baseball player. Every senior student was devastated when she came back tanned and with a ring on her finger.

“Get back here, slut,” Ellie demanded from her bedroom.

Mrs. Cameron's already red face went redder at the humiliation as she turned away from me and began walking.

I, of course, followed into Ellie’s room, and watched as Mrs. Cameron dropped her robe and wordlessly got onto the bed and crawled between Ellie's legs.

Ellie greeted, “Hi, Curtis.”

“Hi,” I said, doubly shocked by what I was witnessing. First, it was shocking to see one of the hottest no nonsense teachers eating cunt and, second, it was shocking to see Ellie cheating on my mom.

“Want to fuck her?” Ellie asked, clearly trying to show her own power.

Mrs. Cameron's head began to move up, but Ellie held it in place.

“What is she doing here?” I asked.

“Serving me like a good pet,” Ellie answered, “she loves eating my pussy, don't you, slut?”

Ellie let go of her head and Mrs. Cameron, not looking up or back at me, answered, “Yes, Mistress.”

“Yes. Mistress, what?” Ellie questioned, lifting her chin up to look her in the eye.

“Yes, Mistress, I love eating your cunt,” Mrs. Cameron admitted, hearing such words from her was incredibly hot.

Ellie let go of her chin and Mrs. Cameron immediately buried her face back in her cunt.

“I brought her here for you, actually,” Ellie revealed.

“For me?” I questioned.

“As a peace offering,” she smiled, “actually a piece of ass offering, to be more accurate.”

“You’re offering Mrs. Cameron's ass to me,” I asked, for once the one out of my element.

“I know you had a crush on her,” she said.

“How?” I asked, even though she was right. She always wore open toed heels and pantyhose every day, even on Fridays with jeans.

“All the guys want to fuck her, lots of girls too,” Ellie shrugged, “she's one hot piece of ass.”

“That she is,” I agreed, staring at her perfect ass, wishing she was still in pantyhose.

“I'm willing to be your submissive, Curtis. I'll suck your cock whenever you wish and my cunt is available too,” she revealed, before adding, “but I'm not comfortable giving you my ass, so I'm offering you a substitute ass. One you can have whenever you want.”

“I can fuck Mrs. Cameron whenever I want?” I asked, the offer rather appealing.

“Isn't that right, slut?” Ellie asked.

“Yes,” Mrs. Cameron whispered, clearly humiliated by what was expected.

“What can he have?” Ellie questioned, her tone scolding.

“My mouth, cunt or ass, Mistress,” Mrs. Cameron declared shamefully.

That was enough for me. I got out of my jeans as Ellie asked, “Do we have a deal?”

“For now,” I replied, not giving in to the end reality that her ass was eventually going to be mine. I walked over to bed, got on it and slid my cock in Ellie's mouth. Ellie, being a good submissive, began bobbing on my cock.

Once completely hard, I pulled out and ordered, “Mrs. Cameron, let's see that pretty mouth wrapped around my cock.”

Mrs. Cameron looked up, her lips shiny with Ellie's pussy juice, and wordlessly took my cock in her mouth.

I groaned, yet another fantasy of mine coming true. I figured with all my good luck of late I should probably buy a lottery ticket.

Mrs. Cameron took her time, bobbing back and forth slowly, seemingly enjoying sucking cock. After a couple of minutes, I wanted to fuck her and moved behind Mrs. Cameron. I asked, “Do you want my cock in your ass, Mrs. Cameron?”

She lifted her head, looked back to make eye contact with me and surprising me, and answered, “Fill my asshole with that big cock of yours.”

“Shit, lube,” I sighed.

“Just slam that cock of yours up my butt,” the hot teacher offered, moving her hands back and pulling her ass cheeks apart. Hearing my ex prim and proper no nonsense teacher talking so nasty was incredible hot.

I needed no further motivation, turned on completely, as I stared at a smiling Ellie, who pulled Mrs. Cameron's head back between her legs, as I slid my cock inside my ex-teacher's tight ass (the idea that Mrs. Cameron regularly took it in the ass was super-hot). I heard her whimper as my cock filled her ass, a euphoria rushing through me at another fantasy coming true, even as I decided my fantasy of taking Ellie's ass was also on my Christmas wish list.

Ellie ordered, “Keep licking slut,” before looking at me and saying, “Good sluts are hard to find.”

“Tell me about it,” I quipped, staring back at her, my implication obvious.

She didn't respond, instead closing her eyes and letting our shared slut pleasure us both.

Having shot a load in Mom's cunt this morning, and another in Miranda's mouth just over an hour ago, this was going to be a lengthy ass fuck, one I had been planning for Ellie. Yet, her ass could wait as I added another hot woman to my continually growing group of sluts. Crazy what a couple of months can do, thinking how depressed I was when I got dumped just before Halloween. I pondered if I had still been dating Pamela would I have ever fucked Mom, which seemed unlikely as I would have gone to a party with her. Then I wouldn’t have met Miranda and I wouldn’t be married. Funny how the dominos of life fall.

“Harder, slam that cock into my ass, Curtis,” Mrs. Cameron demanded, after a couple of minutes of slow fucking.

I again obliged her request as I shifted from slow fucking to fast, deep, reaming. The sensation of my body slamming into hers was amazing as was the filthy language coming out of her mouth, even looking back at me as she spoke. “Holy fuuuuck, drill my shit hole, Curtis,” and “Ream my asshole,” and “Pound my ass,” and “Shiiit, drill me.”

My balls started boiling after only a couple more minutes of hard core ass fucking, the mixture of her tight ass, her nasty words and her hungry look getting me revved up.

“Where do you want my cum, my teacher slut?” I asked.

“Wherever you want,” she moaned, actually bouncing her ass back to meet my hard thrusts.

I actually couldn't decide. I loved coming in an ass, but I also loved the image of a woman with her face coated in cum. Deciding the thrill of coming on an ex-teacher's face was too good an opportunity to resist, I pulled out and ordered “On your knees, slut.”

I watched as she quickly slid off the bed, onto her knees and took my cock, just buried in her ass, into her mouth. She bobbed eagerly, way hotter than any porn star slut.

When I was finally about to erupt, I pulled out and seconds later coated my ex-teacher's face with my cum, only wishing it wasn't my third load of the day which was definitely less than what I’d filled my mom's cunt with this morning.

Once my last spray hit her chin, she leaned forward and took my cock back into her mouth. I couldn’t believe how insatiable a slut the married hot teacher was. I asked, a moment later, “Am I your first student?”

Mrs. Cameron answered, “First male student.”

“Delicious,” I smiled. “Any girls I know?”

“Pamela is one,” Ellie spoke for her slut, clearly enjoying the revelation.

“My Pamela?” I asked.

“The one and only,” Ellie smiled.

I looked down at Mrs. Cameron, “Is that true?”

“Yes,” Mrs. Cameron nodded, again looking guilty and ashamed.

“Since when?” I asked.

“A few weeks before graduation,” she answered.

“No way,” I gasped, as if I had been punched in the stomach.

Ellie quipped, “Even I didn’t know that, but I thought it was poetic justice.”

“What? That my ex eats cunt?” I asked. “I think I’ve moved on.”

Ellie’s smirk disappeared, as she realized her attempt at hurting me had backfired.

I added, “Explains why she can’t suck cock.”

Mrs. Cameron quipped, “She’s not much of a cunt licker, either.”

I laughed, “This is surreal.”

I got dressed as Mrs. Cameron again returned to between Ellie’s legs.

Ellie moaned as my ex-teacher’s tongue went back to work. She said, “I hope you enjoyed your gift.”

“It’ll do for now,” I nodded, “but your ass is still destined to be mine.”

“Keep dreaming,” she responded, still holding onto the last shreds of her integrity.

“Soon I’ll be ass reaming,” I quipped back, as I left the two alone and headed home to see Nana.


With Nana staying with us for a week I wasn’t sure how I was going to get to fuck Mom. That said, I wondered if maybe that wasn’t a good thing as we all had life-altering changes occurring in front of us.

It's strange, though. As I stared at Nana, in her usual dress and pantyhose, I couldn't stop thinking of fucking her. I had never really seen her that way before, but now that I had fucked Mom, every woman was a potential addition to my conquests...and if Mom was game, maybe Nana would be too.

Mom noticed my ogling, and she whispered, her tone scolding even as she smiled, "Don't even think about it, she's your Nana."

I smiled back, giving vague implications, "And you're my mother. Plus it's interesting that that's the first thing that popped into your head. Do you want to have your mom as your pet?"

She shook her head with just the slightest smile and returned to making dinner.

Nana asked a moment later, "Anything new?"

'Well, I'm fucking your daughter in all three holes and I'm married to a woman twice my age,' I wanted to say, but instead I answered, "Same old, same old."

"How's college?" She asked.

"Pretentious profs, overpriced textbooks and ridiculously long exams," I answered, frustrated that college was actually worse than high school. The work wasn't harder, but the so-called academic elite treated us in our first years like we were the scum of the earth.

"Sounds like nothing ever changes," Nana said back. After a couple more minutes of school chat she asked about my love life. "Any ladies in the picture?"

"A few," I answered, evasively, while giving a sly smile directed towards Mom.

"Really?" Nana asked, "I hope you're not playing with their feelings."

I shrugged, "no, no, they all know about each other."

Mom chirped in, "Curtis, I think you’re traumatizing your Nana."

Nana laughed, "At least he has someone. I can't remember the last time I went on a date."

I, seeing the smallest glimmer of an opportunity to maybe add Nana to my collection of sexy sluts, complimented, "Nana, you're still a very beautiful woman."

Nana laughed, "I'm almost three times your age."

I don't know why I said it, but my suave seductive persona wouldn't stay quelled inside me, "And all the finest wines taste best when aged."

Mom gasped, "Curtis!"

Nana, though, ate it up. "I can see why you have more than one girlfriend."

"I'm just speaking the truth, Nana, you are still a looker," I complimented, before adding, "and your legs are in amazing shape, especially in those nylons."

Mom gave me a glare.

Nana looked down and nodded, "I've always told your mother than nylons are one of a woman's greatest accessories."

"I couldn't agree more," I nodded, before admitting, "nylons are always the first thing I notice on a woman."

"Just like your late Papa," Nana nodded her head, a look of a memory crossing her face.

Mom announced, "Dinner is ready."

That night, with Nana asleep, as I studied for a final, I texted Mom:

Come and get a good night snack.

A minute later, the door opened and Mom walked in.

She whispered, "We can't be doing this."

I ignored her protests as I stood up and pulled off my boxers. "What do you think the odds are of Nana taking this between her lips?"

"Curtis!" She said, exasperated, even as she walked to me and dropped to her knees, unable to resist my cock even with her mother just downstairs.

"I'm serious," I continued, "Did you see the look of longing in her eyes?"

"Sure, for sex," Mom nodded, as she took my cock in her hand, "but not for her grandson's cock."

"You sure?" I asked, "they often say like mother, like daughter. Maybe the reverse works too."

"I can't fathom that happening," Mom said before taking my cock in her mouth.

I asked, after a couple minutes of rather eager cocksucking, "Would you like your own pet Mommy?"

Mom froze, her mouth full of my dick.

I repeated the question, as I pulled my cock out of her mouth, "Would you like your own pet Mommy?"

She looked up at me with a trepidation I had not seen in her since Ellie got involved in the picture. Yet, I also saw a glimmer of naughtiness, a sign that yes she would if the possibility arose, although the risk of the potential rejection overrode that desire.

"I don't know," she eventually answered, her tone tentative.

"Be honest," I continued, "if there was no risk of the mother-daughter relationship being broken would you like to have your own Mommy Pet?"

"I suppose," Mom nodded hesitantly.

"You suppose or yes I'd love to have my mother eat my cunt?" I clarified wanting to push her into an act I wasn't sure I could pull off.

"Fine, dammit, I'd love to have my mother eating my cunt," Mom frustratingly admitted, "does that make you happy?"

"Does it make you happy?" I questioned back with a wide smile.

"You really are a bad boy," she purred, swirling her tongue around my cock head.

"And you're a very bad girl," I retorted, as I slid my cock back into her mouth.

She moaned on my cock as she resumed bobbing.

As I was getting close, I declared, "I think I'm going to have Nana sucking this cock before she leaves."

Mom again moaned on my cock in response as she bobbed faster and faster leading to me shooting my load down her throat. As usual, she slowed down and milked my cock for a couple more minutes until every last remnant of my cum had been extracted and savoured.

Finally, I pulled out and she looked up at me and challenged, as she stroked my cock slowly, "I dare you to get Nana sucking and fucking this cock."

"Challenge accepted," I nodded, trying to sound exactly like Barney Stinson in ‘How I Met Your Mother’.

"And I want her to be on the bottom of the sexual food chain," Mom added.

"You don't want to be her pet?" I asked, smiling.

"God, no," Mom gasped, "I've always been submissive to her, always tried to please her; it's time to turn the tables and have her eagerly attempting to please me."

"Now you think I can make Nana my slut?" I asked, tapping my still hard cock on her lips.

"I'm not sure, but if you do I sure want to make sure the hierarchy is clear," Mom replied.

"Ready for one more round?" I asked.

"You’d better not leave me revved up like this," she retorted, standing up, pushing me back onto the bed and straddling me.

"Mother!" I mockingly gasped.

"This time you're here for my pleasure," she smiled, lowering her cunt on my cock. Sometimes we made love, this time we fucked. She bounced hard, taking every inch of my cock deep inside her.

Watching Mom ride me, her breasts bouncing, her facial expression one of complete lustful pleasure, was always amazing, and I laid back and literally just enjoyed the ride. After a few minutes Mom came and then demanded, "Fill Mommy's cunt with your cum you mother fucker."

Being called a ‘mother fucker’ was also incredibly hot, especially by my own mother as she rode me.

I began bucking up to meet her downward bounces and in a couple more minutes I deposited a load of cum inside her.

Leaning down and kissing me, she smiled, "Fuck, I love you, Curtis."

"I love you, too, Mom," I replied, kissing her tenderly.

"Hard to believe you’re moving out soon," she said, once we broke the kiss.

"Trust me," I promised, "I'll still be back here often."

"But it won't be the same," she sighed softly, as she rolled onto her back and into my arm looking dejected.

"I know," I said, feeling the same way. "But I have a wife now and you have Ellie."

"I know," she said, "it's just that I’m not just having my lover move out but my only son."

"I'm fifteen minutes away," I pointed out, before adding, "and my cock is always on call."

"You’d better keep your word, young man," she firmly said.

"Oh, that's a promise I think I will never break," I retorted, as we both drifted off to sleep, both forgetting completely that we were not the only two in the house.


Thankfully, she woke up around three in the morning and snuck back into her room. I wanted to control the seduction of Nana and didn't want her to find us in a position where I couldn't control the situation.


Next morning I resisted depositing a load in Mom, not wanting to get caught before I set up the seduction. Instead, I walked into the kitchen, in only my boxers, and greeted Nana, who was reading the newspaper and drinking coffee.

She looked up and seemed startled to see me, especially to see me in only boxers and my morning wood pointing directly at her.

I acted as if that was the norm as I went to her, gave her a big hug, making sure my cockhead poked her side and greeted, "Good morning, Nana."

"Good morning," she replied cautiously, seemingly distracted, but she didn’t question my lack of clothing.

Mom came down a few minutes later and stopped in her tracks when she saw I was almost naked. She quickly recovered and said good morning too.

We had breakfast, chatted about life and divorce and Christmas before I suggested that tonight we go out for a nice supper. I also suggested we get dressed up for the evening and Nana asked what that meant and I explained a dress and stockings for the ladies.

Nana laughed, "You really are like your papa."

"I like my ladies looking good," I nodded.

Mom asked, "We're your ladies now?"

"Tonight you are both my dates," I declared.

"Do I get flowers?" Mom asked.

“Oh, I plan to give you a nice bouquet," I foreshadowed.

Nana added, looking to Mom, "Your father never bought me flowers."

"Well tonight you will be treated unlike any other day in your life," I promised, in my head the evening ending with her eating Mom's cunt while I pounded her from behind.

"I plan to keep you to that," Nana responded, oblivious to what she was vaguely potentially agreeing to.

"I'm a man of my word," I said, "ain't I Mom?"

"Yes, you are," she said, shaking her head.

Nana, noticing it, said, “There seems to be some inside joke between you two.”

I shrugged, “All we have is each other.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to a great evening with both of you,” Nana said.

“Me too,” Mom added.

“Great, it’s a double date,” I declared.

The day went without event. Miranda was live at the mall all day so I wasn’t going to see her at all today, so by the time the evening came I was going through sexual withdrawal…not used to not having fucked Mom or my bride in at least one if not two or three of their holes by now.

Mom noticed it when I came home, or just knew me, as she quipped, “Doing okay?”

“Regardless of how tonight goes, I’m getting my morning Mommy time tomorrow,” I promised.

“I’m your caffeine?” she questioned.

“You’re definitely my morning wake up call,” I laughed, thinking I was indeed addicted to my mother. I knew Miranda loved sex, but she was more a night owl and it would be interesting to see if she was as eagerly willing in the morning to deal with my morning wood.

“As you are mine,” Mom purred, squeezing my cock.

“You are mine what?” Nana asked, starting us both.

“My man of the house,” Mom quickly covered.

“You indeed have become a very handsome, responsible young man,” Nana complimented.

“You have to say that, you’re my Nana,” I countered.

“Handsome is handsome,” she shrugged, “You look a lot like your grandfather.”

“Well,” I smiled, giving a squeeze on Nana’s arm, “I guess it’s because of my genes then.”

“Sure,” Nana laughed.

“I like to think I have played a role into you becoming the man you are,” Mom chirped in, giving me a look that Nana couldn’t see that implied way more than her words said.

I laughed, “Everything I have at the moment is because of you, Mom.”

“And don’t you forget it,” Mom said, before turning to Nana, “So, what are you wearing tonight?”

“How classy is the place we are going?” Nana asked.

“As classy as this city gets,” I answered.

“I’m not sure I brought the right clothing for such a place.” Nana said, “I wasn’t expecting to be doing anything more extravagant than hanging around the house and cheering up my devastated daughter who, by the way, doesn’t seem as devastated as I thought she would be.”

Mom shrugged, “The writing had been on the wall for a while.”

“You never said a thing,” Nana responded, surprised.

“It’s not easy telling your mother, who can be rather judgemental by the way and who was married for over thirty-five years, that I failed,” Mom explained.

Nana’s face dropped. She hesitated for a moment before saying, “Oh honey, I’m so sorry.”

Mom, who was suddenly very vulnerable, whispered, “It’s okay, it’s just that I’ve been rather unhappy for a long time.”

Nana said looking crestfallen, “Honey, you can tell me anything. You’re all I have left.”

“What about me?” I joked, trying to lighten the mode.

Nana had seemed to forget I was there. Mom laughed, “How could I forget about you? You have been my rock.”

I barely held back laughter at the naughty innuendo in her words as I responded back, adding to the sexual innuendo, “Mom, you’ve bent over backwards for me.”

“And I always will,” Mom smiled back, before looking back at Nana and saying, “I do have big news, but I’ll save that until dinner, let’s go and get ready.”

I added, “I expect my two sexy babes to be dressed to kill.”

“View to a kill,” Mom snapped back, an inside joke to how all the James Bond movies are pretty much soft porn movies.

Nana asked, looking perplexed, “Do you have anything I may be able to wear to please your demanding son?”

“Oh, I imagine I have something,” Mom smiled, giving me a wink that Nana couldn’t see.

“Well, go get ready, ladies,” I finished, “I’ll meet you back down here in forty-five minutes.”

“You better make it an hour if you want your ladies to be dressed to kill,” Mom pointed out.

Nana added, trying to fit in, “Especially if you want us dressed to thrill.”

“Oh that I do,” I winked at both of them.

I would have loved to be a fly on the wall as Mom and Nana got ready. Yet, I patiently waited, hoping that somehow all the seeds already planted would blossom tonight.

An hour and fifteen minutes later, women are never on time (although who can complain when they spend all that time getting ready to look hot for you?), they came down the stairs.

I wanted to say to Mom, ‘Fuck, you are brilliant’, but instead complemented, “I’m definitely going to be a thorn in-between two roses.”

“Isn’t it a rose between two thorns?” Nana asked.

“Maybe,” I shrugged, “but tonight is a night of breaking the rules.”

“Is that so?” she asked, looking absolutely radiant in a blue dress with a long plunging neck line that gave me a lot of flesh to drool over.

“Tonight you are not my Nana,” I nodded, before looking to Mom and saying, “and you are not my mother.”

“Then who are we?” Mom asked, playing along.

“Two hot ladies out for the night of your lives with a young man,” I replied.

Nana joked, “I’ve had many dreams that started like that.”

Mom asked, “Sex dreams?”

“Alexis!” Nana gasped, surprised by the question.

“After what we talked about upstairs that question is rather tame,” Mom countered.

Nana’s face went red as she protested, “Yes, but not in front of my grandson.”

“I’m an adult now, Samantha,” I pointed out, using her first name instead of Nana.

“And does that make me Alexis tonight?” Mom questioned.

“It does,” I nodded, before asking Nana, “And what did you two ladies talk about upstairs?”

“You’ll have to get a couple of drinks into me before I start answering personal questions,” she replied, with just a tinge of flirtation in her tone.

“Is that how many of your dreams start?” I quipped back.

“Curtis!” Nana playfully gasped.

“Samantha!” I parodied back.

“We’re already quite late, we should likely get going,” Mom suggested.

“Good call, Alexis,” I concurred.

“You seem to really like calling us by our first name,” Nana noted.

“Like I said,” I smiled, offering her my arm, “tonight you are not my Nana, but my date.”

“You have two dates tonight?” she asked, while putting her arm through mine.

“Double the pleasure, double the fun,” I smiled slyly.

“Is that so?” Nana asked, giving me a skeptical look.

“That’s what Double Bubble taught me,” I joked, not wanting to be too aggressive so early in the evening, even as I imagined fucking both my mother and nana together.

Soon, we were in the car and driving to the upscale restaurant.

I won’t bore you with the details but the next two hours included two full bottles of wine, an amazing meal and conversation that began as mundane as conversations usually do, before ever so slowly shifting to personal.

Nana was no doubt very tipsy and Mom was no doubt horny, evident from her foot rubbing my crotch non-stop the last half hour.

Nana asked, as we waited for dessert, “Alexis, you said you had big news.”

Mom nodded, “I do, but you are not allowed to judge me at all.”

Nana agreed, “Alexis, like I said before, you can tell me anything.”

“I’m in a relationship already,” Mom revealed.

“Really?” Nana asked, surprised. “Who?”

“It’s complicated,” Mom answered, pushing her foot hard on my cock.

“Just tell Samantha,” I suggested, “tonight there are no secrets.”

“You’ve met her before,” Mom said, looking incredibly nervous, although seemingly getting confidence from me.

“Her?” Nana asked, clearly surprised by the pronoun used.

“Yes,” Mom nodded, “I’m in love with a woman, have been since college.”

“Ellie?” Nana asked, even though it was clear she knew the answer.

“Yes,” Mom revealed.

Nana wasn’t surprised any longer. “So back when you two came to visit in college?”

Mom laughed, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” I asked, this actually being a story I hadn’t heard before.

“I knew it,” Nana said, suddenly breaking into laughter.

“Knew what?” I asked, feigning complete obliviousness.

“Nothing,” Nana replied, remembering suddenly I was her grandson.

I pointed out, “Remember, today I’m your date and not your grandson or your son.”

“Do you really want to know about your mother’s past?” Nana asked.

“I want to know everything about both my beautiful women,” I smiled, before asking, “Has Samantha ever been with another woman?”

“Curtis!” Nana said, even though the dark red her cheeks went made it clear the answer was yes.

“Mother, you have?” Mom asked, seeing the redness in the cheeks too.

Nana finished her glass of wine, before she smiled, “Mayyyyyyyybe.”

“When?” Mom asked, suddenly very curious.

“Beauty pageants were a lot of fun,” Nana revealed.

“No way,” Mom said, clearly surprised.

“What? Your Mom can’t lez out, but you can?” Nana challenged, the alcohol clearly liberating Nana from her usual conservative personality.

“That is fucking hot,” I added, swearing on purpose, as I envisioned a late 1960s beauty pageant lesbian orgy all in hippy attire.

“So like mother, like daughter,” Mom smiled.

Just then dessert arrived and we all ate in silence. As we did, I pondered how I could make the shift from frank sexual discussion, to full sexual activity.

Once it was done, Mom suggested, “Let’s take this party back home.”

“The wine is free there,” I added.

“But does that mean the date is over?” Nana asked.

“No, no, no,” I shook my head. “I have some very fun activities planned for this evening.”

“What would those be?” Nana asked.

“Well, obviously a lesbian orgy,” I joked, standing up.

“Brat,” Nana quipped.

“It’s every guy’s fantasy,” I shrugged, leaving them before anything else could be discussed.

We called one of those taxi services where they also pick up your car and headed home. I sat in the middle of my two sexy ladies, and Mom slyly rubbed my cock, although I wasn’t sure it was so sly that Nana didn’t notice.

Back at the house, I poured both of them wine and returned to the living room. Nana, accidently opening the door for my seduction, complained, taking off her four inch heels, “My feet are killing me.”

I handed her the glass of wine, dropped to my knees and took her left foot in my hand. I then said, looking up at her, “I think you need a foot massage.”

“You don’t need to,” Nana weakly protested.

I countered, “It’s the least I can do after you got all dolled up for me.”

“He gives amazing foot massages,” Mom added, slipping out of her heels too.

“So I see,” Nana agreed, sipping on her wine.

“Let’s play twenty questions,” I suggested, while massaging Nana’s nylon-clad foot.

“Really?” Nana asked.

Mom challenged, “What? You have more skeletons in your closet than the news that you’re a lesbian?”

“I haven’t been a lesbian since the 1970’s,” Nana countered.

“But would you like to be?” Mom asked.

“Is that the first question?” Nana asked, a wide smile crossing her face.

“Yes,” I answered.

“You really want to hear about your Nana’s sexual fantasies?” Nana asked, looking down at me.

“Is that my first question?” I asked.

“Yes,” she laughed.

“Then yes, I do want to hear about my sexy dates’ fantasies,” I admitted, moving my hand up to her ankle and calf.

“Yes, I would like to,” Nana answered, before asking Mom, “Is Ellie your only female lover?”

“No,” Mom admitted.

“Currently?” Nana delved deeper.

“No,” Mom also admitted.

“No, she is not your only current female lover or ever?” Nana asked.

“No, I have had a few this month,” Mom revealed, “plus one sexy dominant younger man.”

“Oh my,” Nana said, clearly surprised by her daughter’s admissions. After a pause, she said, “I sure could use a sexy, dominant younger man.”

As I moved to her other foot, I joked, “Hey, there is a younger man right in the room.”

Nana laughed, “If you weren’t my grandson I’d be all over you.”

I asked, “So if I wasn’t your grandson you’d let me dominate you?”

“Curtis, what kind of question is that to ask your Nana?” she questioned, even though she let me keep massaging her foot.

“Well, we already established that tonight you are not my Nana, but my sexy older date Samantha and that I am your younger suitor Curtis,” I pointed out.

“Yes, but that was all just fun and games,” Nana pointed out, finally I believe realizing that maybe I wasn’t being fictitious in my point.

“No,” I shook my head, moving my hands up her leg slowly. “I was completely serious.”

“So, you’d fuck your Nana tonight if I let you?” she bluntly asked, looking down at my hands moving under her dress.

“No,” I corrected, “I’d fuck my beautiful date.”

Nana looked at Mom, clearly unnerved by the sudden shift of tone.

Mom said, “Ask me who the younger man is who is not only my lover, but my Master.”

Nana stared at Mom for a moment, before her eyes went big and clarity hit her.

Knowing this was the moment to go for broke, I ordered, standing up, “Samantha, on your knees.”

She looked at me, clearly in a moment of utter indecision. Likely, she was still trying to process the implied words of her daughter.

Mom, taking charge herself, being both a submissive and a domme, depending on the situation, slid to her knees and fished out my cock.

Nana watched in utter awe. Her eyes never leaving my crotch area as Mom unzipped my pants, found my stiff as iron cock, and pulled it out.

Mom looked at Nana and asked, “Hungry for some young hard cock, Mother?”

Nana was still speechless, seemingly unable to comprehend the watershed shock that had just been presented to her.

“Suit yourself,” Mom shrugged, before looking up at me and asking, “Master, can I suck your big juicy cock?”

“Yes, my slut,” I nodded, before adding, “show my newest pet how a good slut worships a big cock.”

“Mmmmmmm, yes Master,” she purred, before taking my cock in her mouth and performing incest in front of her mother.

“That’s it, Alexis,” I groaned, “take all eight inches in those sweet cocksucking lips of yours.”

I glanced at Nana, who still hadn’t stopped staring at my crotch area. I ordered again, feeling confident she was on the brink of submission, “Samantha, on your knees, my slut.”

She hesitated a moment, as if giving one last resistance to the temptation of incest and crossing a very taboo line, before slowly sliding off the couch and onto her knees, beside her daughter.

I asked, looking down at her, “Do you want to be my slut, Samantha?”

She was still staring at my cock as she whispered, “Yes.”

“Yes, what, Samantha?” I asked.

“Yes, I want to be your slut,” she whispered, saying the words I was dying to hear.

“And you want my cock?” I questioned, pulling it out of Mom’s mouth and tapping Nana’s lips.

“God, yes,” she whispered again, opening her mouth reactively.

I slid my cock in her mouth and watched as she began bobbing on my cock. She struggled with my length, gagging a few times, before apologizing after a couple of minutes or so, looking up and smiling for the first time, “I think I’m rather rusty.”

I slid my cock back into her mouth and said, “It’s like riding a bike, it comes back rather naturally.”

“Well, actually it’s also been a very long time since I rode a bike,” Nana responded.

Mom warned, “Once you ride this bike, you’re not going to want to stop.”

“Is that what happened to you?” Nana asked.

“I will do absolutely anything to have Curtis’s cock in one of my three holes,” Mom replied, taking my cock back in her mouth.

“Hey,” Nana complained, as I watched two hot older women fight over who got to suck my cock.

I laughed, “Don’t worry, Samantha, I have enough cock for both of you.”

“That you do,” she nodded, leaning forward and taking my balls in her mouth as Mom bobbed hungrily back and forth.

Although I had had many crazy sex adventures since that fateful Halloween evening (What Mom Doesn’t Know Will Fuck Her), this may have been the most surreal. I was having my dick sucked and my balls pleasured at the same time by my Mother and Nana.

Having not come all day, waiting for what I prayed would be a multi-load evening, the double pleasure had my balls boiling in no time at all.

I groaned, as Nana sucked each of my balls in her mouth, while Mom simultaneously deep throated my cock, “I’m going to come soon, my sluts.”

Nana, surprising both Mom and myself, sat up and begged, “Please, Curtis, give Nana your cum.”

“Down your throat or all over your face?” I questioned.

“I’m your slut,” she moaned, her hand going under her dress, “you decide.”

“I think you two can share it,” I decided, pulling out of Mom’s heavenly mouth just before I was to erupt down her throat. “Open wide, my pets.”

Both beautiful women opened their mouths wide, on their knees, still in their fancy dresses, waiting for my load. It was easily one of the sexiest moments of my life and I had had a lot the past couple of months.

I pumped my cock and in seconds the first spray hit Nana directly in the face and she moaned on contact like a good slut should. I turned slightly and allowed my second full stream to hit Mom, before turning back to Nana to receive the remaining smaller squirts of my white goo.

As soon as my last small squirt hit Nana’s chin, she leaned forward and took my cock back in her mouth. I quipped, “I tell you one thing, when it comes to retrieving every last speck of cum, it’s definitely like mother, like daughter.”

After a moment, I pulled out of Nana’s mouth and ordered, “I believe you each have some cum to retrieve.”

Nana looked at Mom with trepidation, but Mom leaned forward and began kissing Nana on the chin, cheek, nose, forehead and finally her lips. Nana was tentative at first, but soon she was kissing back. Nana then retrieved the cum on Mom’s face as well.

Once done, Nana asked, “So you let your son fuck all three of your holes?”

“Anytime he wants,” she nodded.

“So you let him fuck your ass?” Nana continued, her tone implying she couldn’t fathom that being pleasurable.

“He loves reaming my ass, don’t you, son?” she asked, looking up at me.

“I love all three of your fuck holes, Mother,” I replied, “but yes, your asshole is super tight.”

After a pause, Mom asked Nana, “You’ve never been ass fucked?”

“No,” she admitted. “Your father begged me to let him, but I never did.”

“You don’t know what you’re missing,” Mom purred, grabbing my cock and stroking it.

“Nana, are you wearing thigh highs?” I asked.

“As instructed,” she nodded.

“Show me,” I demanded.

“Does my grandson want to see his Nana naked?” she asked sexily, as she stood up.

“Does Nana want her grandson’s cock buried deep in her cunt?” I countered, answering a question with a question.

“So we are no longer on a date?” Mom asked.

“I think Nana is getting turned on by the incest angle,” I replied, before asking, “Is that true?”

“I don’t know,” she answered, “but I’m horny as all hell.”

“Get naked, Mother,” Mom ordered.

“Pardon?” Nana asked, surprised to be told what to do by her daughter.

“Show your new Master and Mistress your tits and cunt,” Mom clarified firmly.

“Alexis Jillian,” Nana said, using Mom’s middle name too, which usually meant trouble or disappointment.

“Samantha Slut Charlesworth I’m not going to ask you again, stand up and fucking take your dress off,” Mom demanded. I could have added my two cents’ worth, but it was hot watching Mom domme Nana.

Nana stood up, looking completely stunned by her daughter’s demands, as she turned her back to me and asked, her body trembling, “Can you please unzip me, Master?”

Hearing Nana say Master was incredibly hot and satisfying and I unzipped her sexy dress to reveal the back of a lacy black bra.

“Good slutttt,” Mom purred.

Nana’s face went beet red again, although I found it stranger now that she was embarrassed since she had already sucked her grandson’s cock and taken a facial. Yet, the hierarchy of a mother and daughter is very clear and Nana was clearly struggling with the apparent shuffle at the top.

“Can you unclasp my bra, too, Master?” Nana requested.

I again obliged the request, unclasping her bra and tossing it at Mom.

“I see your tits are still firm,” Mom nodded, moving to her own mother and cupping her breasts.

“I can’t believe we’re doing this,” Nana trembled, glancing to me as her daughter leaned forward and took her very erect nipple in her mouth.

“But you’re quite willing, aren’t you Nana?” I asked, joining Mom and taking her other nipple in my mouth.

“Yesss,” she trembled from the double pleasure.

I bit her nipple playfully before continuing, “Ready to be our pet, Nana?” I asked, even as I swirled my tongue around her hard nipple.

“Yesssss,” she moaned in response.

Mom, taking control, ordered, as she sat down on the couch, “Come taste your Mistress, Mommy-slut.”

“Hey, you’re Mommy-slut,” I pointed out.

“But she’s my mother,” Mom countered.

“Touché,” I nodded. “So to clarify, you’re my Mommy-slut and Nana’s my Nana slut, but she’s also your Mommy-slut.”

“A bit convoluted,” Mom laughed, before turning to a bewildered Nana, “Why are you still standing up?”

“Sorry, Mistress,” Nana replied, as she dropped to her knees.

“Does Mommy want to taste her daughter’s cunt?” Mom asked, her tone so dripping with naughtiness my cock flinched.

Nana’s face was red as a ripe apple, as she stammered, while staring at her daughter’s cunt, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Mom questioned.

“Yes, Mistress Alexis,” Nana corrected.

“Beg, Mother,” Mom ordered.

“Please, Mistress, can I, um, can I, can I eat your cunt?” Nana struggled to say. It seemed obvious a sense of guilt and shame were spinning inside her, but her sexual hunger was overriding, barely, those motherly and moral concerns.

“We will need to work on your begging,” Mom said, shaking her head.

My cock again hard, I said, as I moved behind my kneeling Nana, “I’ll help make her beg.”

“You’re going to fuck Nana?” Mom asked.

“Oh Godddddd,” Nana moaned, as Mom’s answer was questioned by her sounds, as I slid my cock inside her cunt.

“You’re letting your grandson fuck you?” Mom asked amused.

“Like daughter, like motheeeeer,” Nana moaned, as I remained lodged deep in her.

“Now beg again,” Mom ordered, “beg to eat your daughter’s cunt and to have your grandson pound your pussy.”

Nana, clearly overwhelmed and yet equally as horny, begged, this time with much more eagerness and intensity, “Mistress Alexis can your bitch mother munch on that beautiful box of yours while I let your son, my grandson, fuck the shit out of me?”

“You want him to fuck your ass?” Mom asked, playing on her words, as I slowly fucked her.

Nana surprised both of us, when she responded, “My ass is yours Curtis, take my anal cherry if you want.”

“Really?” I asked, stopping mid-stroke.

“Do my ass now, Curtis, before I change my mind,” Nana demanded, looking back at me.

“Mom, get the lube,” I ordered.

“Happily,” Mom nodded, before adding, looking directly at her mother, “but you’re munching cunt as well.”

“Yes, honey,” Nana nodded, clearly past the point of no return.

As Mom disappeared briefly, I asked, “Did you think this was how your trip would end up?”

Nana laughed nervously, “Not in a million years.”

“So Papa was a dominant man?” I asked.

“God, yes,” she nodded, “I loved how he knew exactly who I was.”

“Which is?” I asked, even though I already knew the answer.

“A lady on the outside, a slut on the inside,” she admitted.

“Well, that is exactly how I see you, my sexy Nana-slut,” I smiled, just as Mom returned.

“You really are just like him,” she said, as Mom moved behind her.

“But with a bigger cock,” I pointed out.

“Yessss,” she smiled, as lube was generously coated on her rosebud and Mom slid a finger inside.

“Sorry, I couldn’t resist being the first to penetrate her back door,” Mom apologized, as she slowly fingered her mother’s ass.

“I may have to punish you later,” I teased.

“Punish away,” she purred, sliding her finger out and returning to her seated position in front of Nana.

“Ready, Nana?” I asked, as I moved behind her, my cock stiff as a rod, and ready for this once in a lifetime opportunity…to take my Nana’s anal virginity.

“I’m your Nana-slut,” she said with a wicked smile, “Use me as you wish, Master.”

“Good answer, you sexy vixen,” I nodded, as I rubbed my cock up and down her ass crack.

“Just shove that snake in my asshole, make Nana your shit hole fuck toy,” she said, her words so nasty that I couldn’t resist the temptation any longer.

I pushed forward and slowly watched my cock disappear inside Nana’s incredibly tight asshole.

“Oh shiiiiiiiiiit, you’re so fucking biggggggggg,” she moaned loudly.

Mom added, “Nothing fills me more than his big dick slamming my asshole.”

“Oh Mom, you say the nicest things,” I mocked, as my whole cock filled Nana’s ass.

“You’re too biggggg,” Nana whimpered, clearly in pain.

“I’m all in, my newest ass slut,” I declared, not moving but just enjoying the moment while allowing her to get accustomed to having a dick in her ass.

“Okkkkkkkay,” she whimpered.

Mom explained, “Oh trust me, they say no pain, no gain, and there is no better example than good hard ass fucking.”

“I can’t believe how big a slut you are,” Nana replied.

“Says the Nana with her grandson’s cock buried in her ass,” Mom smirked, “not to mention about to eat her own daughter’s cunt.”

“I already knew I was a big slut,” Nana countered, “I just thought you had always been the good girl.”

“Like mother, like daughter,” Mom shrugged, grabbing her Mom’s head and pulling it into her cunt. “Now get licking.”

Watching Nana eat out her daughter was hot and I slowly began fucking her ass, wanting her to get used to the slow motions of an ass fucking, before it shifted into an intense ass reaming.

Her whimpers were muffled in Mom’s cunt, but after a few minutes of slow constant in and out, Nana finally spoke.

“Faster, grandson,” she said, “Fuck your Nana’s shit hole faster.”

Mom quipped, “You love committing incest don’t you, Mother?”

“It’s so bad its good,” she replied, just as I obliged her request.

“Get back to eating cunt, Mommy-slut,” Mom ordered, grabbing her head roughly and holding it between her legs.

As I began fucking Nana harder, making her face literally fuck her daughter’s cunt with each forward thrust, Mom began talking dirty to me. “Pound her ass, baby. Slam that big dick in her until she comes like the little ass whore she is.”

“I knew you would love having your own Mommy-pet,” I grunted, slamming into Nana now.

“I think we may get her her own kennel for when she comes and visits,” Mom quipped.

“You’re so bad,” I purred.

“As are you,” she winked back.

“I was raised well,” I winked back at her.

After a couple of minutes of hard-core fucking and assumedly eager licking from Nana, Mom was getting close as she ordered, “Oh God, Mommy, suck on your daughter’s clit.”

I kept reaming Nana’s ass as Mom’s orgasm built and she screamed, “Yesssssss, as she grinded her cunt up and down her mother’s face.

When she let go a few seconds later, collapsing back, Nana begged, “Tell me what I am, Master.”

“Does my Nana-slut like being called names?” I asked, teasing.

“God, yesssssss,” she moaned, beginning to bounce back to meet my forward thrusts.

“Are you getting close, my incest slut?” I questioned.

“Yes, grandson,” she moaned.

“You like reminding yourself you’re committing incest, don’t you my incestuous, ass taking, slave?” I continued.

“Yes, Nana wants to be your ass slut, your cocksucker, and your cum bucketttt,” she responded, bouncing back so hard that loud slapping sounds echoed in the room.

“I want you to come without touching your whore hole, just by getting ass fucked,” I ordered.

“Yes, Master, I’ll obeyyyyyy every command,” she declared, her orgasm definitely close.

“Come from getting your butt plugged from your eighteen year old grandson, your new Master,” I ordered.

“More, more, more,” she begged, getting turned on from the nasty talk.

“You will seduce your other daughter and your granddaughter when they arrive for the holidays,” I ordered.

“Whaaaaaat?” she questioned, thrown by my newest expectation.

“Your task is to get Aunt Elizabeth and Laura to join our Christmas family orgy,” I said.

Mom moaned, “Curtis, you really are a bad, bad boy.”

“But she’s not like usss,” Nana protested.

“Did you think Alexis was an incest committing, ass taking, slut or both a Mistress to some women and a submissive pet to Ellie?” I asked, stopping fucking her and holding her hips so she couldn’t bounce back.

“Don’t stooooooop,” she whined.

“Are you going to obey your Master?” I questioned.

Mom added, “Do as you’re fucking told, Mother.”

Nana sighed, “Yes, dammit, I’ll make my other daughter a cunt licking, ass taking whore like the rest of her family.”

“And Laura?” I questioned, giving five quick thrusts.

“I’ll make her her Mother’s mistress,” Nana declared, “she already runs the house there anyways.”

“Good Nana-slut,” I nodded, resuming fucking her hard. Aunt Elizabeth was a quiet woman, a lot shyer than Mom or Nana, but her daughter, Laura, was a complete bitch, who needed to be knocked down a peg or two. It would be fun to see how Nana attempted to seduce two very different people. Like Mom, Aunt Elizabeth was in the middle of a divorce, although she was nearing the end of it.

“I’m a badddd, Nana-slutttt,” she corrected, resuming bouncing back on my cock.

“You’re a dirty Nana slut, riding your grandson’s cock like a slutty porn star,” I teased, knowing the name calling turned her on.

“I’ll make any movieeeeee you want, Master,” she moaned, “Make me your filthy cum slut, I need to be used soooooooo fucking bad.”

“Come now, my Nana-slut, come from your sodomy at the hands of your grandson, your daughter’s son. Only real cum sluts allow their flesh and blood to not only fuck them, but fuck their, what did you call it, their shit hole.”

“Oh yes, yes, more, Nana needs more,” she babbled, clearly near eruption.

“Come now, you fucking whore, you incest slut, you cunt munching dyke, you bad Mommy, bad Nana,” I listed.

“Yessssssss,” she screamed, “I’m comiiiiiiiiiing.”

I kept fucking her ass hard, my own orgasm close.

I asked, “Does my Nana slut want to feel her asshole filled with cum?”

“Fill your Nana’s asshole with your cum, Master,” she agreed, as her orgasm continued coursing through her.

“Uhhhhhh,” I grunted, depositing a load deep in her no longer virgin ass.

“Yessss, fill your slave’s asshole,” Nana groaned as her asshole walls were coated.

Mom added, her phone filming our dual orgasms, “Say hi, Mother.”

Nana looked up and didn’t even hesitate, “Hi, Mistress, your son just came in your Mother’s asshole.”

“Did you like it?” Mom asked.

“God, yes,” Nana nodded.

“What are you?” Mom asked, as I pulled out of Nana.

“A Mommy-slut to you and a Nana-slut to your son,” Nana admitted.

“Mom, come and retrieve my cum,” I ordered.

“You really are a dirty boy,” Mom teased, handing me the phone, standing up, moving behind her mother and burying her face in her Mom’s leaking asshole.

I looked down at Nana, and smiled, shifting from Master to grandson, “I love you, Nana.”

“I love you, too, Curtis,” Nana replied, looking up.

Five minutes later, we were all going to the hot tub together when Nana asked, “You weren’t serious about Elizabeth and Laura, were you?”

“Is my cock big?” I asked.

“Fuck, I was worried you were serious,” Nana sighed.

“It’s going to be a great Christmas,” I declared.

“Apparently, I’m your ho-ho-ho,” Nana joked.

“One of many,” I smiled. After a pause, “By the way, I got married while I was in Vegas.”

“What?” Nana gasped.

“It’s a long story,” I said, “Isn’t it Mom?

Mom shrugged, “It all began on Halloween….”

Mom and I took turns retelling the story to Nana of the past couple of months before we had another threesome, and this time I eventually filled her long-neglected cunt.

Nana asked, cum leaking out of her cunt, “You sure I can’t just keep you to myself?”

Mom laughed, stroking my cock, “Thankfully, he has a very quick reload gun.”

“I’m out of bullets for the moment,” I said, sitting back down.

As Mom and Nana began kissing, very much unlike a normal mother-daughter kiss, I wondered if it was possible for Nana to fulfill the difficult task I had given her.

I hoped so, I was beginning to be an addict. I couldn’t get enough submissive sluts to fulfill my insatiable lust.

Until then, I would have to settle for Miranda, Ellie, Mom and Nana…man, I had a tough life.

THE END….for now….

The next part: What Mom Knows Fucks Her Sister


2020-03-21 03:10:07
Love your What Mom Knows series and can't wait for the next chapter involving the aunt. Keep up the good work


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Great addition to the story and I'll be looking forward to seeing more in the future. With that is a very big thank you for the time and effort you obviously put in for all of your work.

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