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Second story to the series, please rate amd comment
Mom makes a deal part 2

The next morning I woke up drowsey thinking back to the previous night thinking it was all just a dream. The thoughts were so vivid though, which made me wonder if it actually happened. It was 7:30 am and I was already sporting a hard on so I decided to masturbate thinking back to my dream as my mom kneeled down and wrapped her hand around my cock. Oh how I wish I could have that dream again.

It didnt take long for me to relieve myself with such a thought, I headed down stairs to the kitchen to grab some breakfast when I noticed a small note on the fridge. It was a list of house chores, clean the yard, organize the garage, the list went on and then it hit me. Last night actually happened and this wasnt just a list of chores but an opportunity for me to relieve myself with my moms helping hand. I ate my cereal while reading over the list in front of me. After I had got up I had started right away, I went to the garage and started clearing everything out so I can organize it and sweep. As I was finishing up my mom was just pulling into the driveway from grocery shopping.

"Give your mom a hand with these groceries honey" hearing her call me honey again brought a tingle down my spine. I pictured last night once again and had a small chode growing. I cleared my mind quickly and went to the car to grab the groceries; once inside I placed them on the counter and started unpacking them. My mom said the garage was looking excellent and that she was suprised I started so early. "You must be expecting an award for all your hard work" I paused for a moment then continued what I was doing. I said no I thought I would just help you out a bit. I glanced over and she had a small grin on her face. She knew I was lying. "Well I think you did a good enough job to deserve something tonight" as she winked. I was excited and tried to not show it in front of her but I realized that she said tonight. That was hours away, how was I supposed to do anything now with that on my mind.

It was just going on 12 noon and I decided to get myself some lunch. I made a sandwhich and my mom walked in to sit at the table. She was wearing a pair of tight jean shorts and an orange top. I admired her body looking at her fine legs working my way up to her curvy upside. Damn she was hot, even more so now that ive felt her touch as short as it was. I had another awkward boner so I took my seat across from her hiding it under the table as if nothing was wrong. She sipped her coffee and looked at me "everything okay? You look kind of red" I was startled but said yes everything was fine "oh yeah?" all of a sudden I had felt her bare foot work its way up to my crotch. I had jumped a little at first but then she started moving her foot up and down my dick, it felt so good to have her touch I didnt fight it. I looked at her face again and it was as if she wasnt doing anything. She just continued to the read her paper and drink her coffee while she stroked my penis through my pants with her foot. After a couple of minutes she stood up and started walking out of the kitchen leaving me with blueballs. Wait I had said before she turned the corner. She stood there and turned around "what is it" she asked and then glanced at the bulge in my pants. I cant wait until tonight mom its to far. "is that so" yes mom I cant do it. Can I please have my award now. "well you did do a good job on the garage and after all you are such a good son" she walked away and headed upstairs hollering over her shoulder as she took the last step. "are you coming" my heart skipped a beat and I ran up the stairs to her room.

"Close the door behind you" she said as I walked in. I was so excited for this moment I had a constant erection. She told me to have a seat on the edge of her bed and I complied. She walked towards me and once again I admired her, her hair down to her shoulders and those beautiful blue eyes staring at her sons package. She got close enough to me to unbutton my pants and pull them down to my ankles. "you have precum coming through your boxers" I couldnt help it your just to hot to handle. She smiled and pulled my boxers down to where my pants were and my cock flung up. The tip of my penis was shiney in my own cum. She just stared at it for a second without moving and then looked me in the eyes " you dont mind if i" she paused again and licked her lips "you dont mind if I put it in my mouth do you?" like she even had to ask!

She could see in my eyes how much I wanted this and grabbed my dick and engorged her mouth with it. She had my whole shaft down her throat in the first time, I nearly blew my load. She withdrew and continued to suck slowly but only half my shaft. I wasnt complaining though. She took my cock out of her mouth and jerked it a bit giving herself a breather. "ive been craving your cum since last night, that little bit on my lip made me want it more then ever" she put my dick back in her mouth but this time the pace was faster and her left hand came up to craddle my balls. I knew I wouldnt be able to last much longer but I tried so hard not to cum. I wanted this moment to last. I wanted to have my moms mouth wrapped around my penis for hours. As I was watching my moms head bobble up and down my shaft I couldnt help but look down her shirt. Staring at her clevage threw me over board. "im going to cum soon mom" I started push her back alittle because I wasnt sure where I should cum but then all of a sudden she reached behind me and pulled me closer. Using me as leverage she shoved the rest of my shaft down her throat like in the beggining. Her gag reflexes just made the feeling all the better especially with the sound of her saliva and her little gasps of air. I couldnt hold on any longer and let go. I came in her mouth and down her throat. Her eyes were watery but she slowly moved my dick out of her mouth and I saw her swallow.

My own mother just swallowed my cum. It was the sexiest thing I had ever seen. The thought of it would keep me up all night. She stroked my cock a couple of more times and licked up all that was left. Once she was finished she stood up and looked down at me. "good job on the garage sweetheart" I couldnt get over that even though she just had her own sons dick in her mouth shes still all motherly. She walked away back down stairs leaving me there to clean myself up. It took me a few minutes before I even moved because I was just replaying all of this in my head. For once in my entire life I couldnt wait to do more chores

Dudley DowrongReport

2020-01-18 12:58:45
Good series. Neeed to shoren paragraphs for reader's ease. Especially dialogue.with " " quotation marks. Half blind old menlike me sometimes read the same line or sentence time over time. that causes me to looke the flow of the story. My problem U could help solve. Thanks for sharing Ur talent..


2019-12-29 14:54:50
I love this series.

Dirty SamoneReport

2019-12-28 04:25:48
Ass fuckin. Remember.


2017-09-29 12:18:26
he needs to get some anal and a threesome

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