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Mom amd son go further with the deal thry make.
Mom makes a deal part 3

The next day I had started my chores right away. As soon as I had awoke I had made my bed and tidied my room making my way down stairs. With my moms motivation; chores had become more then exciting especially since last night. I couldnt get over how lucky I was.

Once in the kitchen I looked back at the list my mom made on the fridge full of chores to do. One of the biggest ones was cleaning up the yard, this time of the year all the leaves were beggining to fall. I had some breakfast and just figured mom was still asleep because I havent heard her or any other noise yet. After finishing breakfast I had done the dishes and began raking up all the leaves in the back yard. It turned out to be a bigger job then I was prepared to be doing. The yard seemed so much bigger doing this alone but I kept at it just hoping I would be able to recieve another blowjob from my mom again. I glanced up at the window and saw my mom standing inside looking out at me. She was wearing a white robe and drinking her morning coffee. She waved at me and I just stared lost in thought. Once all the leaves were raked up and thrown into garbage bags I pulled all the weeds from the garden and then watered the lawn. I was making sure I did a good job so I wouldnt disappoint. After everything was watered I had wrapped up the hose and headed inside wondering what my mom was going to say.

"Good morning my big man" good morning mom. I got the yard all cleaned up. "I saw sweetie, it looks good. And I expect you would like your reward?" if its no trouble then yes please. My mom then caught me off guard and said she noticed me staring at her clevage last night. Even though my dick was down her throat last night I was still suprisingly embarrassed that she noticed. She went on to say that if I were to clean the bathroom she may just show me her breasts. I couldnt help but get a chode from the single thought of just seeing them. I just nodded my head awkwardly and walked fast down the hall toward the bathroom. I grabbed some cleaning supplies and started scrubbing the tub first making my way toward the sink. I ran the water to rinse everything and cleaned the mirror. Cleaning was hard when my mind was all over the place thanks to my mom. Once done I was sweaty from all the work I had done this morning and decided to just hop in and have a quick cold shower. The water felt nice and it eased my erection from the cooler tempeture. I dried off when I was done walking down the hall toward my room when all of a sudden I noticed my door was shut. I never close my door I thought right away and slowly turned the nob.

I opened the door and was more then delighted to see my mom sitting at the edge of my own bed in nothing but a white bra and some tight jeans. I dropped my clothes in the corner and took some steps towards her, getting a harder erection with every step. I was standing in front of her when she looked me in the eyes and smiled. She slowly kneeled down off the bed and pulled my pants down with my boxers all in one motion. My dick was fully erect in front of her and I could see her eyeing it. She grabbed my shaft with her right hand and began to stroke it lightly while looking back at me. She then licked the tip where I had some precum and swallowed half my shaft. She remained eye contact with her beautiful blue eyes. It was so sexy to see my mom in this postition. It didnt last long before she removed my dick from her mouth and smiled again. "i bet you want your second part of the deal now huh?" I knew exactly what she was talking about but didnt say anything because I didnt want to push in such a situation. She let go of my penis and reached around her back unclipping her bra. She held it up loosely just covering her breasts teasingly. It was hard to withstand but I managed to hold on without just yanking it from her.

She finally dropped her white bra down to the ground and revealed to me her luxurious tits. After all this time of fantasing over them through the past few years I was finally staring at my moms tits. They were all I imagined and more. I nearly came just from the site. "my eyes are up here hunny" she laughed teasingly as I looked into her blue eyes looking up at me from her position kneeled down in front of my cock. She opened her mouth again and engulfed my erect dick into her mouth without using her hands. She was sucking at an intense pace which allowed me to see her breasts bounce back and fourth with every motion she made. I was awestrucked from the site of her beauty. She was perfect and she was finally doing everything I had dreamed. I grabbed the back of my moms head and pulled it forward a bit more making her swallow more of my shaft. I heard and felt her gag reflex as she was drooling over my cock. I couldnt take it much longer and began fucking her face. She was mumbling something but I couldnt understand but didnt want to stop either. The vibrations felt so good. She mumbled again so I found some control and slid my dick out of her mouth. She gasped for air for a second and I couldnt help but look at her chest as it rose with every breath. "are you almost there" she asked as she began to stroke my cock which was now covered in precum and her spit. Yes mom I said in small parts. "okay baby, cum for me. Cum for mommy. Show me what you want" hearing her say those things threw me over the edge and once she stuck her tongue out at me looking at me with those eyes that made her look like she was begging for it I came all over.

Stream after hot stream I came all over my mom. A load landed in her mouth all over her tongue that was seconds ago playing with my penis. And a load landed on her chin which was dripping down to her chest. She swallowed the load in her mouth like she did last night making the noises of enjoyment which made me even more attracted to her. She stood up and started to massage my cum into her tits. Her tits were glistening with her own sons semen. I was lost into the scene I was witnessing of my topless mom who still had my cum on her face. She was so sexy, so hot I couldnt help but want to fuck her. I really hope that one day I will be able to lose my virginity to her because she is by far the sexiest woman ive laid eyes upon. She smiled once more "the house is going to be so clean and im going to be so dirty" she chuckled and walked away. I knew I was going to have to jerk it again later and couldnt wait until tomorrow to see what else is to come.


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dirty, sounds good to me. my pussy is as wet as its gonna get, i need to rub my clit.


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Great writing.

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Anyone else on here want to read about some ass fuckin? I do.

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