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This a slow build up that I hope to expand on.
This is the first story I've posted in a long time. As always I'm looking for feedback but I'm also hoping to find another writer to proof read for me. If anyone reading is interested you can pm me on the forum.

I was never much for working out. It had just never seemed like an important thing to do. It was probably because I maintained a decent physique despite the lack of training. I was 6’ tall and weighed about 170 lbs. Being a teenager with a decent build and an active metabolism I didn’t know why I would ever want to put myself through rigorous physical exercises.

My mom hated that I didn’t like to work out. She was a personal trainer and spent all her free time shaping and toning her body. She said it was important because her body was her advertisement to all the women who were looking for personal trainers. I can tell you that she maintained a glorious advertisement.

My mom was 5’8” and couldn’t have weighed more than 125 pounds. She had short cropped black hair that was cut about neck length. It framed her gorgeous face perfectly and brought your attention to her piercing blue eyes. She had beautiful d-cup breasts which were always perfectly situated in a tight sports bra. She would often walk around in only the sports bra to expose her tight abdomen which was beautifully chiseled from years of yoga and core training. She had a gorgeous bubble butt that stretched her yoga pants and drew the attention of every man that watched her walk by. Her legs seemed to be carved from marble. They looked as firm as stone but soft and supple at the same time.

You can probably tell that my mom was bombshell by this point. My friends were always ogling her and telling me the things they would do with her if she ever gave them the chance. I tried to ignore their comments, and how attractive she was, but it was too difficult sometimes. Her job and her need to “advertise” her body meant that she was always walking around in sexy gym gear. I guess in retrospect this might have been one of the reasons I never really got into going to the gym no matter how much she asked. This all changed for me one Saturday morning.

It was about 7:30 in the morning and I was lying in bed blissfully running my hand over my morning wood. I had just woken up and was admiring how engorged my cock was from whatever dream I was having prior to waking. I was debating on whether or not to relieve myself before getting out of bed when I heard a knock at my bedroom door.

“What’s up?” I asked frustrated at the intrusion on my “me time”.

My mom’s voice responded, “Dalton, get up and come to the gym with me today.”

“Mom,” I groaned. “Have I ever taken you up on that offer?”

“No, but if you do this time I will make it worth the effort,” she replied her voice lifting at the end of the sentence to emphasize her glee.

“Come on, go bug Jenny. She loves going to the gym with you.” I hoped that throwing her off onto my sister would buy me the morning.

“Believe me, you are going to regret not coming with me later today when I come home and tell you what the deal was.”

I was a little intrigued at the offer but, at the moment I was more inclined to relieve my morning tension alone. I sat with my hand still on my strained erection wondering what it could be. My mom’s voice penetrated the silence.
“Look if you want what I have to offer, you have to get up and come with me now.”
My curiosity got the better of me and I told her I just needed a few minutes to get dressed. I rolled out of bed and stretched, readjusting my morning wood. I headed into the bathroom that connected my room to my sister’s. I managed to angle my hard rod at the toilet. After a very relieving piss my cock settled to a much less engorged state.

"Hey hurry up in there," my sister shouted through the door. "I have to meet Tiff at the mall in an hour."

It looked like my plan to pass Jen off to mom wouldn't have worked anyways. I was a little jealous that she had plans to meet with Tiffany too. Tiffany was her gorgeous redheaded best friend. She had been a regular installation in our house for years. I didn't mind one bit though.

I had spied on her and Jen countless times, listening to them through the conjoined bathroom door. It began as an attempt to learn more about her. I had hoped that if I could get a good mental picture of her interests, I would be able convince her to go out with me. After a little bit, it turned into silently masturbating while she and Jen took turns describing their sexual exploits.

Jen was surprisingly experienced for her age. She and Tiffany were both a year younger than me but by 18 my sister had already slept with a lot of my friends. Most guys would be mortified by the thought of their friends fucking their sister, but most guys wouldn't jack off in the other room while listening to the details either.

I didn't have an overpowering obsession with my sister but her stories were always so detailed and I could tell she loved to fuck. Tiffany could never keep up with her when they swapped stories. I always noted the jealousy in her voice when she heard Jennifer giggle about how hard she came the last time she’d had sex. I liked that Tiff wasn't as experienced though. It made me feel like she was pure and needed a little corruption.

I flushed the toilet and headed back into my room. I quickly threw on clothes that would suitable to work out in and headed downstairs. When I walked into the kitchen my dad was eating breakfast and reading the news on his IPad. The smell of coffee and bacon danced across my nose.

"Did your mom finally talk you into going to the gym with her?" He asked lazily.

"She has my attention, but I've yet to commit."

"Better you than me," he said without looking up.
The fact that he was pretending he didn't want to go to the gym was laughable. He stayed in excellent shape, even at the age of 45. The real reason he wouldn't go was that he and mom had been fighting constantly for the last 10 months. I didn't really know why but I just chalked it up to typical marital stress after long years of boredom. Another thing that made me wonder why I would waste time exercising if it ended in a marriage like this at 45.

My mom strode into the room and beamed at me, clearly pleased with herself.

"So you excited to hear my proposition?"
She was dressed in grey and pink yoga pants that sat so perfectly on her legs, they could have been painted. Her top was a matching sports bra that held her breasts like two perfect globes of milky bronze

"Ecstatic," I replied indifferently.

"I'll tell you in the car on the way," she grinned.
At this point I decided to go just to hear her out. Worst case scenario, I would ogle the other ladies and use them to fuel my fire when I got home.

As soon as we jumped in the car I began my inquiry, "Alright mom, what are you up to?"

"You know how you have been asking me and your dad too buy you a car?"

"Holy shit! You're gonna buy me a car just for coming to the gym with you?"

"First off, watch your mouth. Second, I'm going to give you the chance to earn a car by working out for the next few months."

"I don't get it."

"Every year I compete in a fitness competition with other trainers at my gym. This year we decided to see who could train the best competitor over a 3 month period. I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to get you in the gym. Plus, I can prove I'm a better trainer than this ass hole I work with."

"So do I actually have to win to get the car?"

"Well I'm not going to say you have to win. However, you do have to put forth all your effort every day. If I feel like your slacking, I won't follow through."

"But you'll pay for the whole car?" I asked.

"No but I'll match however much you spend."

My mind lit up. I had been waiting tables and landscaping for five months since graduation. I had a little over $5000 saved and was about to get a loan for the rest. I couldn't believe my parents would match five grand just for working out with my mom.

"Alright, I'm down," I replied.

We spent two hours at the gym that morning. She kept me on a circuit of nothing but push-ups, pull ups, sit ups, and squats. By the end I was sweating profusely and my whole body was sore. I didn’t realize how out of shape I had gotten. She passed me a water bottle and a towel and grinned. She was obviously aware of how difficult the workout had been for me. She had kept pace with me the entire time and didn’t seem tired at all. Actually, she seemed like she had just warmed up. Her skin showed only the slightest amount of perspiration, which gave her body an amazing glow.
“Okay hon, now for the best part,” she told me.

“What’s that?”

“We steam for 20 minutes then, I rub the tension out of your muscles.”

“You’re going to give me a massage?”

“Yeah, I do it for most of my customers. They always say it’s their favorite part of the workout.”

I was a little nervous about getting a massage from my mom but my body was sore. The thought of her hands running along my tight muscles excited me. My cock twitched in my pants as I drank in the sight of her glistening form. Her supple skin looked delicious and even though she was my mom, it turned me on to imagine her hands on my chest and thighs. I quickly decided just to go with it.

We met up in the steam shower a few minutes later. I had stripped down to my boxers and a towel. I wasn’t sure what the steam room etiquette called for. As I opened the door and stepped inside, I stood for a moment squinting through the steam. It looked like I was the only one in the room. I made my way to one of the seats and sat down opening my towel and laying it across my lap. I leaned back and breathed deeply through my nose enjoying the soothing atmosphere.

I heard the door to the room open. I looked up and saw my mom walking with a towel wrapped tight around her breasts and ass so that it looked like a slutty cocktail dress. She walked over and sat down near me. I was trying to gaze at her magnificent body without getting caught when she opened the towel to adjust herself. The motion gave me a beautiful view of one of her nipples. My cock strained against my boxers and I found myself wishing I could take them off.
As if on cue my mom asked, “Did you take your underwear off honey?”

“No…” I replied “I thought maybe you leave them on.”

“I’ll turn around and you can take them off real quick. We’re the only ones here.”

I thought this was a very strange offer. For one, I didn’t see why her mind had been on this track to begin with. I also didn’t see why it mattered. I was reluctant to look a gift horse in the mouth however so I said, “Sure, close your eyes it’ll only take a second.”

She closed her eyes and I removed my towel and dropped my boxers in one quick motion. My cock sprang free into the open air of the steam room. I knew it would be fully erect in a matter of minutes. The amazing sensation of the heated air, combined with the taboo of my mom being half naked a few feet away, had me really turned on. I sat back down and covered my growing rod with the towel.

“Alright, your good mom.”

“Feel better without that sweaty underwear?” She asked without opening her eyes.

“Yeah…” I laughed, “It was a little constricting.”

I wished I had taken the time to relieve myself that morning. My cock was throbbing and bouncing under the towel. It was fully engorged and I could feel the cum building up at the tip. I was doing my best to control myself, but the knowledge that my dick was free under the towel kept mingling with mental images of what I would like to do with my mother.

“This towel is stifling,” she told me. “When it’s just me, I don’t even bother to wear one.”

Why was she telling me this? I was having a hard-enough time trying to act normal without any added arousal. It was obvious that she wasn’t aware she had me so turned on. I put my hands in my lap to hide the infrequent shifting of the towel as my cock twitched from all the excitement.

“Honey are you okay?” she asked finally sensing my discomfort.

“I’m fine,” I replied much too quickly.

“Would it be alright with you if I take my towel off? I know its awkward being in the steam room with your mom, but it’s just a little nudity. Besides, I think I can trust you not too peek right?”

“Uh, sure mom. I’ll close my eyes for you. Just tell me when you’re done.”

I closed my eyes and tried to think of something besides how sexy she must look right now.

“All done,” she chirped happily. “Honey, I'm going to lean back and close my eyes make sure I don't fall asleep please."

Without waiting for a reply, she leaned back and closed her eyes with her arms out to each side slightly. My heart was racing and my hands were trembling as I used the opportunity to look on my mom’s perfection in all its glory.

Her tits sat high on her chest like gorgeous melons plastered in place. She had large areolas with dark nipples poking perfectly from there center. Her abs were sleek and shiny with sweat and steam. I continued to glance downward where a realized the shape of her thigh was block my view of her pussy. I could just make out the beginning of neatly trimmed black pubic hair that crested the top of her mound. My eyes shifted to the side of her ass and trailed down to her beautiful legs.

My cock was leaking precum at this point and I was slowly giving in to the temptation to touch myself. I shifted my towel from my waist to my knees and brushed my shaft lightly with my palm. The newfound obsession over my mom was getting me more turned on than I had ever been. I was scared that if I played with myself too much I would cum right there in the steam room sitting next to her. I gripped my cock and gave one slow stroke across the seven inches of throbbing meat. Precum oozed from the tip threatening to release a torrent of seminal fluid across the floor in front of me.

“Okay time to get out,” she intoned without opening her eyes. I awoke from the lust drunk slumber my mind was swimming in. I quickly grabbed my towel and wrapped myself, afraid that she would see what I had been doing and disown me. She glanced over just as I was finished and smiled as she put her towel back on as well.

“So much for no peeking,” she giggled as I realized I was staring without reserve.

“Oh shit! Sorry I forgot. I swear that was the only time I saw you.”

“Sure it was,” she smiled back. “C’mon let’s go get this massage out of the way and get home.”

Twenty minutes later I was laid out across a heated massage table underneath a thick sheet. My face was resting on the pillow pad at the end of the table causing me to stare blankly at the floor. The room was dimly lit with candles, and music played softly in the background. Laying there I took a moment to appreciate the quality of service my mom provided to her customers.

I had elected to go full nude due to the European attitude my mother had displayed in the steam shower. My body was still on fire from the steam shower, but the relaxing mood of the room was calming me down. I closed my eyes and breathed slowly as I waited for my mom to enter.
She walked in and closed the door quietly. Moving swiftly to the side of my head, she knelt down and whispered, "I hope you've enjoyed this so far honey. I'll rub the tension out of your muscles and will head home."

Her short hair tickled the back of my neck, and I smelled the wonderful scent of her shampoo. I was high on endorphins from all the exercise, and the spa treatment that was following had me in a state of ecstasy.
My mom slipped the sheet from one of my arms and began to rub it with oiled hands. She worked her way from the shoulder to my elbow slowly. Her hands glided across my skin leaving satisfaction and euphoria in their wake. The process continued down to my hand, and then she rolled the sheet back from my other arm and repeated the process.
After she had thoroughly massaged my arms, neck, and shoulders, she rolled the sheet back and spent a few minutes on my back. She was moving pretty quickly through each muscle group but each one felt fully rejuvenated after the treatment. With the back finished, she covered me again and then moved to my feet where she worked from ankles upward.
From the time her oily hands began moving past my knees on the way to my groin, I felt the smoldering heat from my prolonged arousal return to my loins. Mom kept rubbing the inside of my thighs from bottom too top then to the outside and back down again. She was carefully avoiding the pocket that my heavy balls were nestled in, but in no way did it stop the cum boiling inside my cock. Her hands slipped under the sheet and onto my ass.
I was mentally startled by this, but I lay perfectly still as though it were completely normal. She kneaded my ass cheeks one in each hand and I involuntarily ground my hips against the table. She released her grip, covered me completely again, and walked back over to my head where she leaned down to whisper in my ear again.
"Time to flip over handsome."
I remained silent, afraid that if sound left my mouth, the dream I was living would end abruptly. I flipped onto my back and opened my eyes for the first time since mom entered the room. I looked up to the ceiling and her face slid into view.
Her eyes were angelic, glinting in the soft light given off by a candle across the room. Her hair framed her gorgeous face immaculately, and her soft lips were perfection. She stared into my eyes and grinned. She slid the sheet entirely off my chest stopping just short of exposing the tip of my fully engorged cock. Her fingers traced my collar bone and slid seamlessly from down my chest, across my abs, and under the sheet to the outside of my hips. The movement caused her to press her hips against the top of my head. Her navel was positioned inches above my eyes.
My eyes felt warm in their sockets. My cock jumped and she let out a giggle, letting me know she had noticed. I swallowed and noticed a warming tickle at the back of throat, reminiscent of the pressure in my cock which was sending shivers from its tip to my balls. Her hands lifted the towel off my cock and for the second time that day fresh air caused it to twitch.
I wondered what was motivating her to do this with me. I wasn't thinking too hard about though, Mom had lifted herself from my chest and quickly moved to my feet again. She slowly wrapped her fingers around the leaking shaft and leaned over. Bringing her face within inches of my cock, she began stroking the length of it slowly. Her eyes were locked on the tip. It glistened with precum that flashed silver in the candle light. The slow steady strokes she had employed, and the cum built up from an entire day of hormone induced stupor, sent me over the edge. Hot ropes of cum burst forth from my dick. They landed across my chest and abdomen. One at a time they rushed out of me, and Mom's soft strokes continued.
Each eruption was a little less powerful than the last but still managed to send shivers through my entire body. Somewhere in the heat of it all, a soft moan escaped lips. The convulsions slowed and stared at the ceiling drowned in a euphoria I didn't believe possible. I looked at my mother's face. The nirvana vanished instantly.
She had her hand across her mouth and tears were beginning to stream down her face.
"I can't believe I just let myself do that," she sobbed. "Dalton, I'm so fucking sorry."
Maintaining a dignified posture, she walked to the door and said, "Get cleaned up. We'll head home. I know we need to talk about this but please don't say anything now. I need time to think about it."
With that she vanished through the door, leaving me to wonder how something had escalated so quickly and ended so horribly. I slumped back and tried to get a grip on reality. I had no idea how everything had played out this way. I felt horrible about it. Why did I let her do that to me? If I had been stronger she wouldn't feel so shitty right now.
I used the sheet to clean off the massive load that had covered my chest. I pulled on my clothes and walked to the door. As I placed my hand on the knob I stood still for a second. I readied myself and opened the door, knowing that my life was going to be different from here on out.
End of chapter 1


2018-01-12 02:45:56
A very yummy start to this story! I hope you add more soon! Thank you!

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