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Tina's experiences advance. She is introduced to the Woodburn's dogs who have an interesting history that might require a creative slut's handling.


I remembered the reaction of the dogs when she released them last time so I knelt on the grass with my knees together and my ass on my heels. When I was satisfied, she opened the gate and pressed herself against the chain-link fencing. The dogs glanced at her but saw me in the open and made a beeline in my direction. They were both largish dogs and the sight of them charging my way was more than a little intimidating, but I held my composure and waited for the moment.

“Stop! Leave it! Sit!” I had worked with the dogs at home. Nobody else in the family seemed to care enough, but I found the process interesting and it had given me some amount of satisfaction.

The dogs stopped in their tracks and seemed confused. Clearly, nobody had commanded them like that, at least for a long time, though they had some training at some point in the past. I repeated the command to sit and they did. ‘Stop’ was more of a panic command meant to grab their attention. ‘Leave it’ was a common command used to tell the dog whatever had their attention to back off. They didn’t have to literally back off, but to stop the fixed behavior. It might be chasing a squirrel or tearing into a slipper. The effect was to be the same: stop the action.

“Wow, that’s amazing.” Her comment came from behind the dogs where she was still pressed against the fence.

“Well, I noticed they seemed to have training. It will divert them, but we will need to work on not having to have the situation where they need to be commanded like that.” I glanced from them to her, “This will need to be reinforced regularly once we get started. Unless you think you can handle it, it might mean I will need to be here for a few hours regularly.”

“Oh no! I don’t know how Charles and I might handle the intrusion …” I looked up in surprise to find her stifling a laugh. I smiled but gave her stern look, which seemed to surprise her.

I stood up and continued to give commands if the dogs began to move. I motioned Mrs. Woodburn over. She looked at the dogs with an expectation of being probed by snouts at any minute but then giggled that my nudity would probably mean they would ignore her.

I knelt down in front of the dogs, giving them scratches and pets. Their snouts did sniff the air around me, but they were held at bay. She introduced the dogs: the Golden Retriever was Sammy; the Irish Setter was Paddy. They were both very handsome dogs. They looked to be about the same height, but the Setter was about two inches taller. They looked to be the same weight.

“Now that they are calmed down, how are you …”

“Still not sure,” I said with a laugh. “Though I have seen plenty of animals mating, it never really crossed my mind to involve myself; not with the upbringing I had.” She nodded and chuckled at that. I looked up at her, “Ma’am, could you put one of the dogs back in the kennel? I might not get mauled with just one …”

She did and I was left with Sammy. She stayed near the kennel fence, allowing me space to interact with the dog without distraction. I moved my face close to the dog’s while petting it and scratching its ears. I still wasn’t sure. I was trying this without the benefit of preparation. With some warning, I could have at least done an internet search. Images in my mind were coming back to me, though, from what I had been fascinated with at the farm. Maybe I was more fascinated by the animals than I had previously admitted.

The dog was sniffing around me as I petted it with increasing interest and it suddenly occurred to me that he was picking up my arousal from my anticipation of this crazy act I was intending to do; a crazy act to be done only because this woman now shared me with her husband as a slut. I shivered. After only a couple weeks, my life was now this blatant.

The moment of truth, and to give myself a little more time to consider how I wanted to take it to the next stage, I sat my butt on the grass and leaned my body back on my elbows so I could watch, then I raised my knees and spread them. The dog was instantly on his feet and sniffing his way forward. Clearly, this was something he was familiar with. His snout sniffed his way to my pussy, his wet nose bumping into my crotch. When his tongue shot out and lapped for the first stroke, the wide, long, wet tongue covered my lips and clit. I gasped at the feeling. I’ve been licked before, even by Trudy just nights before, but nothing like this. Though there was a 70-pound dog between my legs, all I considered was the head and tongue now lapping at me. The first gasp gave way to a moan and I lowered my back to the ground and raised my hips into the air. I had to have him more completely on my pussy. When his tongue somehow parted my lips and the tip of it sank into my drooling hole, my mouth released something that sounded like a cry of gasp, moan, and shriek.

It was the most amazing feeling of being eaten I had ever in my life felt. It was a simple feeling of a soft, but still intense sexual arousal that was intimately focused at my pussy and clit. The wonderful dog was bringing me skyward to an orgasm that felt like my pussy was rocketing into the sky and about to explode into the most amazing display of fireworks. My entire body tensed, shivered, arched, and fell to the ground. Then it went through various combinations all over, again. There was a sound in my ears of someone in distress or pain or … ecstasy … and that when I realized the cries were coming from me.

My body was still in the throes of that orgasm and the dog’s incessant lapping of my pussy and clit continued. No doubt my pussy was leaking my juices as quickly as he was able to lap them up. The effect, though, was incredible. My orgasm peaked and started to subside, but the continued licking created another orgasmic rise in my body that was threatening to be even greater. My fingers were digging into the grass and dirt underneath for something to grab onto. The next orgasm sent me into uncontrolled shaking of every part of my body. My legs fell, going straight out from my body and shook on the ground. My mouth cried out in conflicting demands to the dog … or the universe.

“Ooooooooo … Godddddd, yessssssss … NO MORE!!! … OOooooooo … more, yessssssss like … thaaattttttttt … oooooo, pleassssseeeeee stopppp himmmmmmm …”

All I could do was roll to the side and forcefully remove my pussy from his tongue. I curled into a fetal position and my body continued to shiver. It was moments later when my body and mind regained some control that I found out Mrs. Woodburn had interceded and taken the dog by the collar because he continued after my retreating pussy, even curled into a defensive position, he licked at my butt and thighs.

I didn’t stop shaking for several minutes after getting away from that tongue. When I finally rolled onto my back and gazed up, her eyes changed from concern to amazement to delight. I blushed and giggled at the orgasmic exhibition I had just displayed and she giggled in response with her hand stroking the dog while the other held him securely by the collar. Soon we were both laughing with relief.

I took a deep breath and moved to my knees. I clapped my hands and called him. She released her grip and he came prancing to me. I hugged his head, stroked him and moved my hand onto his belly. My fingers made contact with his sheath and I felt something. I patted the grass and commanded him down. He did and I looked up at Mrs. Woodburn with a look that reaffirmed these dogs were well-trained.

On the ground, I stroked his side and scratched his ears. I shifted both hands to his body, one sliding back and forth over his belly. He partially rolled further onto his back and I could see it. The red tip of his cock was peeking from the sheath. I looked up, again, finding her fixated on the cock.

“It looks so different.”

I smiled without looking up, again. “Wait until more comes out.” I smiled knowingly. Growing up on a farm was finally paying off for something.

I touched the cock tip carefully, but he hardly flinched. It was hard to keep in mind that these dogs had a lot of experience being sexually active with women. With his ease evident, my confidence ramped up quickly. What would I do to get a man ready? Easy, suck him, get him good and hard so he could fuck me good and hard. I smiled to myself and Mrs. Woodburn must have noticed.

“What are you thinking? You’ve decided something, haven’t you.”

I didn’t even respond. Not to be rude, but rather an action would speak volumes compared to a few words of description. I shifted my position on my knees so I was alongside his cock. I lowered my head, sticking my tongue out to touch the tip. My tongue captured a drop of pre-cum already leaking from the tip. I brought it back to my lips and … “mmmmm … not bad.” When my mouth lowered and engulfed the inch of exposed cock, Ma’am gasped.

“My God! Tina … you slut … you’re really doing it!”

Really doing it, indeed. With the tip in my lips, I sucked and touched the tip with my tongue. I had no idea what the dog was used to with the other woman, but his hips flexed at me, driving his cock further into my mouth, the hairy sheath bumping against my lips. His cock was growing quickly now.

I pulled my face away from his crotch and gazed in amazement. I let a dog lick me to two orgasms, now I just sucked the dog’s cock to hardness. I slid my hand over his sheath and felt the ball of cock flesh forming underneath. I looked up and found Mrs. Woodburn with big eyes that where flitting between me and the cock.

She finally managed to stammer, “God, Tina, look at that cock. It is so different and … much bigger than I expected it to be.” I could only nod my head. My entire body was on fire. If there was a thought that two orgasms might have dampened the arousal in my pussy, it was dead wrong. In that moment, I knew I was fucking these dogs. Dogs. Not just this one, but Paddy, too.

I took Sammy’s head in my hands and kissed his snout. His tongue came out and I poked mine out to meet it. I heard the Mrs. gasp, but I continued touching tongues until his tongue invaded my mouth. I trapped it with my lips and sucked on the tip. I was on fire and knew the only way to put that out, at least temporarily.

I spun around to my hands and knees, patting my ass. I knew he knew what that meant and I braced myself as I saw him scrambling to get to his feet. I watched over my shoulder, then between my legs to find him approaching me, licking my ass and pussy more. I pushed his snout away this time. I wanted to be fucked by this dog, then the other one.

I glanced around, wondering where he was when I felt him land on my back, a front paw scraping over my side, his legs grabbing me, holding me. His cock probed, pushed, thrust against my ass and butt cheeks. The bony canine cock began to hurt as he probed. I reached between my legs, felt his cock and moved it with my palm to my pussy. A few more stabs and he found my hole. The penetration was surprising, deep, and brutal. Being fucked by a caring man prepares you, enters you, then presses forward. This was different, completely his domination, his purpose, and his instinct to inseminate his bitch taking over his actions.

He drove into me with power and brutal control. For a moment, he relaxed his grip around me but it was only to reposition himself deep in me, then to grab me even tighter. When he did, he pulled me back onto his cock, then he drove forward and from that point on he never slowed or varied his purpose. He was now a fucking machine, a fucking animal. His cock flew in and out of my pussy much too fast for me to even consider assisting him. The only way I could assist was to be a rigid body for him to fuck into and that was what I did. My arms braced in front of me, my knees spread, and my thighs trying to be a solid object in front of him.

I was steadily moaning and gasping at the intensity of his fucking. Then I felt it … the knot. The knot was pressing at my opening but I was too inflamed with an animal need of my own to worry about my opening being stretched, the tension of it sending a delicious kind of pleasure-pain through my body. When it popped by my opening, I cried out in a relief from the stretching but also the amazing feeling of the ball inside me, filling me, and the cock driving suddenly deeper into my pussy. I could feel the knot and cock pulsing growth in every way: diameter and length both growing inside me. My own orgasm was only a delirious moment away when I felt everything inside me swell up even larger, then pulsing and jerking. I arched my back to feel everything more intensely: the fur on my back, the knot and cock doing some crazy erotic dance inside my pussy, and my own pussy clenching, spasming, and squeezing as his cock shot the load stream of dog-cum into my already drooling pussy. That was all it took for my third orgasm from Sammy.

Mrs. later said I scream so loudly she feared what the neighbors might think. I collapse to the grass, except for my ass. I was tied, locked, trapped on that wonderful cock by the knot too swollen inside me to come out. I sighed and whimpered and giggled at the experience. The dog turned on me, somehow turning so we were now ass-to-ass. The dog periodically tried the knot, testing if it might be pulled out. Each time he did it, though, it sent a new shiver through me when the knot bumped against my g-spot.

I felt a hand stroking my back. I opened my eyes and found Mrs. Woodburn. Her panties were on the ground beside her. I looked at them, then up at her. “I couldn’t help myself, dear. That was the most intensely erotic thing I have ever seen. But, thank you”, she giggled, “I orgasmed while watching you. It was amazing, dear Tina.”

I smiled up at her. “It was literally my pleasure, Ma’am.” I pulled at the knot myself and felt it stretching my hole. It would be soon and we would be released. I got up on my hands and glanced behind me. Paddy was sitting at the fence, his front feet antsy, moving in little non-steps. I spied a reddish flash and smiled. He was already exposed from his sheath.

I looked up into her eyes, “Are you ready to try this amazing thing? I’ll help you.”

Just then the knot popped out and she moved behind me and gasped, “My God! You’re gaping and there is a steady stream of cum running out of you. God, that is so obscene.” She stroked my back. She was quiet a moment, then, “No, not yet. I can’t. It looks so amazing but there is still some arguing going on inside me. I know I want to, though.”

Sammy was lying not far away. He was licking his cock and knot clean. I jerked my head toward him and she stared. “That is so hot. Look at that cock and knot. You had that inside you, can you believe it?”

“Not quite yet, but … maybe after Paddy, I will.” She saw the look in my eyes and moved to the gate in the fence to release the other dog. Controlling him seemed easier, maybe he had some sense or understanding from watching Sammy on me that this was his turn.

I wanted to repeat everything, but I was too ready for round two of fucking. He sat in front of me and I could see about four inches of hard, red cock staring at me. Okay, maybe I was staring at it …

Something filed away in the back of my brain came forward: the dog’s cock is generally not hard and erect when initial penetration is achieved in mating with a bitch. They become erect while fucking. Having four inches to begin seem sufficient in my mind so I turned on my hands and knees and patted my ass to him like I did Sammy. He was just as quick to respond to the command and mounted me. This time I spared myself the moments of him stabbing blindly at my ass. I slipped my hand between my legs quickly and eased him close to my pussy. Again, the initial penetration made me gasp and groan.

I was blissfully oblivious as the dog pounded me with his jackhammer strokes when a man-cock appeared in front of my face. I opened my mouth and gobbled the cock deep into my mouth. The dog’s forceful fucking had my breast bouncing and my mouth moving sharply over the cock in my mouth.

“She was willing, I see.” That was definitely Mr. Woodburn. Thank goodness.

“We talked, but she was great. For someone who had never been fucked by a dog before, she looks like she has been forever.” A pause. “Charles, this is so hot and sexy. I have to do it. Would you mind?”

“Love, you know I wouldn’t. We’ve talked about it after we found out what their history was. I was the one who suggested my slut to see what it might look like. If you want to, do it. Talk to Tina. Work it out. I know how your mind works, love. Work it out, then do it.” Another pause. “Can I watch?” I didn’t hear a response, but I felt both of them shift around me, Sir’s cock moving in my mouth. I suspected they were kissing. “I love you, Deb. I’ll support you in anything.”

It was so weird to be overhearing their heart-felt feeling over me as if I wasn’t there, but I was there. I was being fucked by their dog and sucking his cock.

* * * * *

I came out of the bathroom after a much-needed shower before dinner. Mrs. Woodburn was seated at her vanity in bra and panties applying her makeup and fussing with her hair. On the bed was the floor-length, sheer, white nightgown I had packed on Mr. Woodburn’s recommendation. I knew it well. Trudy had seen it in one of the shops we visited and insisted I get it after seeing me in it. She was convinced it could come in handy sometime with a client. It was one of those gowns that were held by thin straps at the shoulders. The back was non-existent. It simply dropped to just above my butt. The front was a sheer lace bodice with a single catch between the breasts. The front was open to the floor if I moved. Standing in one place, the gown closed. If I stepped or a breeze caught it, I was exposed. I loved the feel of the gown and how it made me feel. I walked around the tiny efficiency enjoying the feeling of it opening and exposing me, wondering what occasion would have me actually wearing it. Alongside the gown was a new package of sheer, white thigh-high stockings. On the floor was a pair of white, strap heels.

I was expecting another evening of stockings and heels. “Charles thought you might enjoy dressing up along with us.” I smiled. Dressing up. They were dressing in almost formal outfits. Me? I was ‘dressing up’ in a sheer nightgown.

She stood up and stepped in front of me, her hands grasping mine. She looked intently into my eyes, “Dear, I want to thank you.” I started to protest, but, “No, I mean it. Thank you. Charles is better at this ‘dominant in control’ thing. I just blurt out my feelings, but he feels the same way. What you might do for the firm is one thing. What you do for us, though, is personal. I know he calls you his personal slut, but … well, last night was beautiful and today was stunning.”

We were interrupted by his appearance in the bedroom door. “Are you two going to make me drink by myself?”

We looked at each other and laughed. I said, “Sorry, Sir. I’ll be down as soon as I get dressed …”, I glanced at his wife and smiled, “it won’t take me long.” She stifled another laugh.

* * * * *

Mrs. Woodburn and I were sitting next to each other on the patio looking into the yard to the kennel. Mr. Woodburn was on the other side of his wife and remaining very quiet as I verbally rehearsed what was going to happen.

“Okay, once more.”

She exhaled a big breath and started going through it, again. I will release one of the dogs and she will control it with the commands. Once he is sitting securely, she will undress in the backyard in front of the dog. I will be standing by the dog to ensure his compliance with the commands. She will then nuzzle the dog, stroking it and scratching the ears. Only then after she has felt the dog’s fur on her bare skin will she lay back with open legs for the dog to lick her. Assuming they do as good a job with her as me, she will orgasm. After, she will return the favor to the dog. Oral sex between her and her husband is a big part of their loving so it won’t be any more difficult for a dog. Once she has three to four inches of cock out of the sheath she will assume the position. I stressed the idea of using her palm to guide the cock, but the moment might become blurred at that point. I reminded her about the knot.

She turned to her husband who had been very quiet, allowing us to focus on the task. “Are you still okay with this? You won’t think less of me?”

He moved to her and hugged her. “Never. We’ve talked about this. What I saw Tina doing yesterday, was stunningly sexual. When we talked about canine sex because of these dogs, I wasn’t truly sure how I felt about bestiality. It seemed arousing to think about. Seeing Tina, it was one of the more arousing things I have seen. This excites me, darling. But, it only excites me if it excites you.”

She kissed him and stood up. “I can’t wait any longer.” She walked out into the yard. I had to move quickly to catch up with her.

* * * * *

Paddy was the dog that was at the gate, first. He responded in almost all ways the same as Sammy had yesterday.

Mrs. Woodburn screamed out when the knot entered and when her orgasm rocked her world. While tied to the dog, her husband sat next to her, stroking her bare back. “That was the hottest thing I have seen.”

She turned her head to him, “I thought you said what you saw yesterday was the hottest thing you have seen.”

“It was … until now. You’re my wife. That made it hotter.”

She smiled at him, fatigue taking hold of her as the dog pulled against the knot. When they separated, she collapsed to the ground, sprawled on her front. She rolled over, raised her upper body to gaze at the mess of her gaping pussy. Her husband kissed her and whispered something into her lips. She glanced at me. In far more than a whisper, she responded to him while holding my eyes.

“I don’t know. You’d have to ask her. Or command her.” She winked at me.

He turned to face me, “Slut, you’ve cleaned my cock after we fucked. You’ve greedily swallowed my cum when you sucked me. Are you slut enough to clean my wife’s messy and well-fucked pussy?”

I looked at them. These two were truly in love. She had commented that his proclivity to a mistress and now me only seemed to stimulate their own sexual relationship. It seemed an odd thing but I didn’t doubt it after this weekend with them.

Dog cum. As I stared at her gaping pussy, I knew in my heart my relationship with them and their dogs were only beginning and where my slut role might take me I wasn’t sure but these two were an adventure I was excited about.

I crawled to her open legs. I bent her knees and splayed them to the sides. While on my knees I bent over to begin lick and suck her pussy. After a few licks, I raised my head and gazed into her eyes, “Nice … you’ll return the favor sometime?” She blushed, but I knew she was hooked. Still holding her eyes, I spoke to her husband, “Sir, would you be kind enough to release Sammy?” She groaned and her eyes followed her husband as my tongue dove into her pussy. I gazed up at her over her pubic bone. Her eyes were wild and I knew the dog was approaching. My mouth was busy with her pussy and she was torn to command the dog or not. I just smiled at her and she stared at the dog.

The dog slammed into my upturned ass, his cock already out and humping at me. And, I let him. My hands were busy holding her pussy lips open for my tongue. It took a while, and I was sure I would feel sore later, but his penetration was the most animalistic I had ever experience. I orgasmed on his penetration. There was another later, but not before pulling one out of Ma’am with my mouth.


This story continues in Chapter 5: Board of Directors Meeting


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Very erotic and well written. I do enjoy your writings. Thanks


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