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After the experiences at the convention, Tina is again invited to share the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn. Besides other play, Tina has conspired with Mrs. Woodburn to try the dogs with anal knotting.

It was clear to me just how much Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn discussed things related to me the very next weekend when I was once again invited to share an intimate weekend with them at their estate.

I arrived well after Mr. Woodburn, wanting to finish up some office issues so the weekend could be relaxing. Arriving by taxi, I carried my overnight bag to the front door, which opened as my hand was reaching to use the ornate knocker. Mrs. Woodburn nearly knocked me over as she engulfed me in her arms.

“My dear, girl!” She stepped back and looked at me intently. I was puzzled by this welcome. “You don’t look too worse for wear, though. Charles told me about the convention, but I want to hear all the details directly from you. What on earth were you thinking, dear? They didn’t hurt you, did they? I’ll ring Charles’ neck if he allowed anything to happen to you.”

I took her arm and led her back into the house, stopping in the foyer. She interrupted me as I began to disrobe as she had previously required anytime I entered her home. “Wait, Tina. I want to ask you something very important.” She hesitated and I glimpsed Mr. Woodburn backing out of the foyer to allow us privacy. He was able to anticipate the conversation even if I had no idea. She stepped up to me and took my hands into hers and looked me in the eyes, suddenly very serious. “You’ve become very important to me, Tina. I asked you to extend the slut relationship you have with Charles because I thought it would be fun, sexy, and something he and I could enjoy together. He and I have always been sexual and it seemed natural we have someone for us to share and play with.”

“I know that, Ma’am. I agreed because I respected and trusted your husband and I transferred that same trust and respect to you.”

“And I appreciated that. It was all very exciting. You provided such stimulation and playfulness to our times together. Then, the dogs … oh, my … how you took to them and even somehow got me involved, though that was never my intention.” I smiled. She smiled and blushed. “What I am trying to say, dear, and not getting it out very well … I mean … well, I value so much what you have given us, but there is something I value much more.” I tilted my head in a gesture for her to continue. “I feel like you have given me your friendship along the way. We have wonderful times together when there is nothing special happening. I can talk to you and I feel like you can talk to me. Am I right?” I nodded. What was she getting at? “I want to take it back. I don’t want you to be my slut like you are to Charles. I want you to be a friend …”

I was floored. When she had asked to extend the slut relationship to include her over me, it seemed a natural thing for a wife to request. She could reinforce her primary position with her husband. I had no romantic designs or feeling for him. I would be his slut but that was all, it was just sex. A wife’s wish to exhibit control seemed rational, even proper. But, this … not only was she fully accepting and comfortable with my relationship with her husband, but she wanted a very different one with me, one that transcended the sexual.

“You want to be my friend? A no-strings attached friend?” She nodded and I quickly took her into my arms. “I would love that! I have enjoyed our time together, too. That’s why I keep accepting the invitations to visit. The sex is good, but I enjoy the company of you both so much.”

She put me at arm’s length, “Don’t forget now, you are still his slut. That isn’t changing.” I nodded, a big smile on my face. “He might make the money and be powerful in the business world, but this is my domain. So, when you are in our house and property, you are here as my friend. You don’t have to strip, anymore. Though, we both enjoy looking at you …” We both laughed. I didn’t really think much else would be changing. I would still be engaged in a lot of sex with them, the dogs outside, and I would still be naked much of the time. But, she was right, there was a difference when it was required and when it happened because we wanted it to.

* * * * *

We had reservations for dinner at a very nice restaurant on the other side of the city. The location was selected away from their normal restaurants because Deborah surprised me with a special dress she saw while shopping and loved it. She knew she shouldn’t wear such a dress but considered it perfect for me. It was a red sheath dress that fit my body like a glove. The front was cut deep between my breasts and the back was exposed to the small of my back. It was very clear that no bra could be worn with it, not that I was ever allowed to wear one. The skirt hem was six inches below my pussy and cheeks in back. We didn’t measure it, but standing I was covered, though it did have a tendency to creep up on me if my strides became too long. I had to be especially careful when sitting to keep my thighs together or legs crossed and standing after sitting required a tug to become covered. Both Mr. and Mrs. Woodburn took great delight in watching me manage the dress even as we enjoyed a drink at their home before leaving and they confided they were anticipating looks from people throughout the night.

Mr. Woodburn ordered a car to take us because we all wanted to drink and relax. The three of us sat in back with me in the middle. After several miles from the house, Deborah’s left hand was on my knee and slowly caressing along my thigh. As her caresses moved up my thigh and slipped to the inside, my legs spread a little to accommodate her interest. The higher her fingers moved, the further my legs spread. With her fingers inches from my wet pussy (how else would it be?), I leaned into her and curved my hand to encourage her face to mine. I kissed her on the lips and gasped into her mouth as her fingertips slipped over my pussy lips. I tried moving my legs further but was restricted when my left leg bumped into Mr. Woodburn’s. I already had my right leg pressed firmly into Deborah.

“What are you two up to?” My leg against him had brought him out of whatever was distracting him. In the dark car, he found my stocking encased thigh pressed against his and followed it up to touching bare thigh skin and encountering his wife’s hand already busy with my pussy. Consumed by our kissing, Deborah’s attention to my pussy waned and Mr. Woodburn moved his fingers against me more aggressively. I moaned into her mouth as his finger pressed along my slit until it found my hole. I slouched in the seat to move my ass to the edge of the seat, which allowed a little more room to open my legs. The motion also pulled my dress up to further expose my pussy to their touch.

I turned my head from her to him. His other hand tilted my face up to his and his tongue immediately entered my mouth. At the same time, her hand wiggled into the gaping front of my dress and cupped my breast, a couple fingers finding the nipple and teasing it. I was on fire. God, these two loved to tease my body between them. God, how I loved to be teased by them.

My pussy was dripping and my breath was panting into his mouth and I was thankful the material wouldn’t show a wet spot on the back of the dress. I was so close to cumming. My hips rose from the seat, then I arched my back to encourage the hand on my breast. I turned my head back and forth between them. When I turned back to him, he pulled his fingers out of my pussy and brought them up to his wife who greedily sucked my juice off. He repeated the action for me. We both moaned as we did it.

I turned my face to him and gazed at him. God, I wanted to cum. I needed to cum. I didn’t care that I was in the back of a car with a stranger driving. I needed it.

“Sir …”, I whispered. I wanted to cum, but I didn’t want to have the driver hear me ask. I whispered a little more urgently, “Sir!”

He whispered back, “What, slut? Did you say something?”

Then I knew Deborah heard it, too. Her finger joined his inside my pussy. “Oh … dear God …” I flushed. I was so close! My voice had become more than a whisper, but I was so close.

Then, from the front, “Sir … we are two blocks from the restaurant.”

“Thank you.” He replied in a clear and controlled voice back to the driver. To me, his comment was lower but enough for his wife to hear leaning against me on the other side. “Slut, I’m sorry, but it appears you will have to wait before cumming.”

“No, please, Sir … quickly, do it quickly …”

He was already sitting up straight and touching his tie and sleeves to be proper when we arrived. Deborah was doing the same and giggling. I felt her raise her hips and pull her dress down. She leaned against me, “Take a couple deep, cleansing breaths, dear. We’ll be at the restaurant in a moment.”

I was having enough problem gaining some control over my breathing and body that I didn’t have time to react to my state of dress or rather my state of exposure. The car pulled up to the entrance and the valet was already opening the door for Deborah as the driver opened the other door for Mr. Woodburn. I quickly ran my fingers through my hair to fluff it out from having been pressed into the back of the seat. The door was still open where Deborah had exited and I saw the valet’s hand extended toward me. I slid across the seat and placed my right foot on the ground outside when I realized what I was doing. With one foot out and one in, my hand held by the valet, I glanced up at him, saw his eyes glued lower down on my body. I glanced down and blushed deeply. Between the activity on the drive over and sliding across the seat to get out, my dress had fully slipped past my butt and my legs were spread to get out.

I heard Mr. Woodburn who was standing next to the car, “The sights are sometimes amazing this time of night.” Deborah was giggling, again.

The valet looked up at him, then back at me but not my face. “Yes, sir, positively amazing.”

It was far too late now to try to have any dignity in front of the valet so I accept his assistance and slid out of the car. Standing just outside the car with the door still open, I heard from inside the car, “Have a good evening, ma’am.”

I thought it too late now so I might as well flow it. I leaned over to look inside, “Thank you.” I did it without adjusting my dress, first. I knew my dress was bunch about mid-ass and bending over flashed everyone my pussy. I straightened up and wiggled my dress down into place and smiled at the poor valet who looked quite uncomfortable based on the bulge in the front of his pants.

* * * * *

Dinner was relatively uneventful, especially considering the ride over. It was very nice and our conversation was entertaining and fun. We found the same car waiting for us outside with the same driver. I managed to get into the car without flashing everyone and thanked the valet who apparently remembered me for some reason.

Deborah and I were settled in the backseat, but Mr. Woodburn was standing outside talking to the driver. I asked, “What’s going on out there?” She shrugged her shoulders and acted like she had no clue. The wine and drinks with dinner had given me a very pleasant buzz and I wasn’t as suspicious as I should have been, neither was she.

Finally, both men laughed and glanced into the car at us. When the driver settled into his seat, I noticed him adjusting the rearview mirror and we made eye contact. That distracted me and I didn’t notice that Mr. Woodburn didn’t immediately enter the backseat, too. The next thing I knew, the door next to Deborah opened and he was indicating for her to slide over. That moved me to the other door and Deborah in the middle.

As the driver merged into the traffic, Deborah asked, “Charles, what …”

He bent over and kissed her on the lips, ending any further question. When he pulled back, he looked at both of us, “Ladies, please lean forward.” I did immediately, Deborah a few moments after while still perplexed. I looked at him and smiled. Although I understood I was soon going to be almost naked in the back of the car, he was going to have Deborah in a similar condition and this time it would be her being fondled and probed on the way home.

He nodded at me and I slinked out of my dress before tossing it onto the passenger seat in front. He and I then encouraged Deborah out of her dress. She protested constantly but never made it too difficult for us. When she was down to her bra, panties, and stockings, I took her face in my hands and kissed her. I didn’t allow her to come up for air from my mouth for minutes, my left-hand slinking over her bra encased breast and further down her body to her panty covered pussy. She gasped in my mouth and continued her protests, which were becoming more subdued by the moment.

“No … please, the driver … ohhhhh goddddd … not in front of … ohhhhhh … don’t …” Until the no and don’t turned into, “Ooooooooo … you wicked … ooohhhhhhh … Charles … ooooooo …”

I pulled back at her calling his name. I looked her directly in the eyes. “Look at the rearview mirror. See the driver glancing at you … at us?” I kissed her again. “You want your husband. You want his fingers between your legs?”

“Oh God, you’re wicked … such a wicked slut you are.” She moaned as my fingers pressed the gusset of her panties between her lips. Her panties were wet. “Wait until … oooooo … I get you … oooohhhhhh, yessssssss … I get you home …”

I heard a chuckle from Mr. Woodburn but he took my suggestion. His fingers snaked under the waist of her panties and dove between her lips and into her pussy. She arched her back and raised her hips off the seat. When she dropped back down, I pulled her back from the seat and quickly unsnapped her bra. She gasped out a protest about the driver again, but we both continued to ignore them.

I glanced up at the rearview mirror and the driver was indeed glancing between the traffic on the road and the action in the backseat. I smiled at him and he smiled back.

To Deborah, I said, “He’s watching, Deborah. He’s watching as my hands fondle your bare breasts.” She moaned loudly.

I bent to her breasts and sucked on the nipples, then nibbled on them, biting softly and pulling. Mr. Woodburn’s hand was stroking furiously inside her panties and she was gasping and moaning louder and louder. I slipped a hand alongside his and sought her clit as he continued to invade his wife’s pussy with two or three fingers. My teeth were still pulling on her nipple when she went rigid, her back arching, and her legs shivering as her arms clutched to my head, burying my face in her breast. Neither of us stopped our assault on her throughout her orgasm and she cried out as a second followed immediately on the first, even before it had a chance to subside.

A voice pierced our action, “We’ll be at your home in just a couple minutes, sir.”

Mr. Woodburn was bent over me as his hand slid out of her panties and he covered his wife’s lips with his. I pulled out from between them, looked out the window to find the car approaching the gate to the driveway. I nudged Mr. Woodburn and pointed ahead. As the car slowed to make the turn, Mr. Woodburn was pressing the remote to open the gate.

The car stopped at the front door and the driver was out and opening the door next to me. I looked up at him as his hand came toward me to assist me out. I looked at Deborah who was watching aghast. I looked down at her wet panties and thought, ‘At least she still has her panties on.’

I took the driver’s offered hand and slid along the seat to the door, sure I was leaving a trail of wetness behind me. Naked, I put one high-heeled foot outside, which had the inevitable effect of opening my pussy to his gaze. And, gaze he did. He discretely looked over my body, but not so discretely that it wasn’t obvious. He then bent and put his hand into the back for Deborah.

I could hear her inside as she swore softly, then, “Charles! Now, look at what you’ve done. He’s going to see everything.”

His chuckle came out, “Yes, he will. But, two of the most beautiful women he’s lucky enough to see. You wanted more excitement.”

I heard her slap his knee but it was clearly playful by the smile on her face as she slid to the door. Putting her high-heeled foot out the door and taking the driver’s hand exposed her similarly, except she still had panties on, though the gusset was pushed to one side. I took her hand from the driver’s and hugged her, reveling in the feel of our naked bodies coming together in front of the man. The next thing I knew he was holding the two dresses in his hands.

“Sorry, ladies, these came flying over the seat so suddenly I couldn’t tell whose was whose.” He had a playful smile on his face. I stepped up to him, took my dress and gave him a kiss on the mouth, which seemed to surprise him.

Deborah watched me and sighed before doing the same. When she broke the kiss, she looked up at him, “I trust we can rely on your discretion about this?”

He assured us we could and he hoped to have the opportunity to serve us in the future. I was sure he was hopeful. At that moment, Mr. Woodburn stepped forward handing Deborah’s bra to her, causing her to blush a whole new shade of red, and the driver his tip, a substantial one we found out later to guarantee his discretion.

* * * * *

I was up early. I was able to sneak out of the bed without disturbing them only because Deborah was put in the middle as he and I continued to focus on her and bringing her to a couple more orgasms before he fucked me for our release.

I was in the kitchen with coffee made and putting out an assortment of pastries. I was about to take my coffee out onto the patio when arms wrapped around my naked body. I placed my hands on the arms and pressed them tightly into me.

“Good morning, lover.” It came out of my mouth before I knew it. I turned around, “Sorry …”

She wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. “Thank you!” She pulled back just enough to look at my body. I was completely naked and barefoot, my hair surely still sleep-messed. She was wearing a light robe tied at the waist that went to mid-thigh. “I was hoping this would happen.” She hugged me and spoke into my neck, “It’s a rare thing that a person’s two best friends are also people you can call lovers. I know you are a slut for Charles and I hope you always will be. And, I hope you’ll always be my best friend.”

“Your best friend? I …”

She kissed me. “Best friend. You are someone I can share anything, everything with …”, she giggled, “even Charles and the dogs.”

Mr. Woodburn found us on the patio sipping coffee and gazing over the backyard. He also had a robe on when he pulled up another chair and joined us with his mug.

He studied me. “When Deborah released you from being her slut, I thought that meant you didn’t have to be naked here.”

“I …”

Deborah jumped in, “She’s a slut, Charles. She can’t help herself. Even if it makes her a little uncomfortable, she likes to be seen. She knows she doesn’t NEED to be naked, but I for one enjoy it very much.” She reached out and took my hand, squeezing it.

* * * * *

It was later in the morning after we had eaten breakfast and cleaned up but still dressed as we had been.

Mr. Woodburn had been looking at us expectantly. Finally, “You’re not sending me away to play golf this morning?”

She laughed, “You can go play golf if you want, but your slut had something else in mind.” He looked at me and I saw his robe begin to tent as his mind considered what my mind might be considering. I didn’t offer anything, so she continued, “You’ve made sure she has had a lot of anal lately, especially at that convention.” I blushed. She and I had spent hours intimately as I shared details of what I had experienced. “And, you know how she enjoys the dogs. Also, at the convention.” She turned to her husband, “You were lucking she could walk properly for the trip back.” She smiled at me. “Anyway, she thought it would be fun to combine the two.”

His face took on an expression of shock. “Mounted anally?”

“Yes, and we might need your strength with the dogs if something goes wrong.” I blushed and his look of shock remained, if not intensified.

Just then, right on schedule actually, the front door chimed. We might have been able to hear it only because Deborah and I were expecting it.

“Ahhh … that must be Tina’s friend.” The look of shock was clear on Mr. Woodburn’s face and he was clearly about to protest with authority, but his wife stopped him. “Relax, Charles. Tina has spent personal time with this woman and she thought it would be fun to share this experience with her.”

“No, wait.” He glared at me, “You invited a strange woman into our home to witness dog sex? My home … without talking to me?”

“Charles, shush.” Deborah took my hand and led me back into the house. “Besides, Charles, she is not a strange woman.”

A few moments later, he could hear the sound of shoes on the patio pavers and the two women he had been sharing the morning with were both barefoot. He stood, cinched the robe’s belt tighter, and turned around. I thought the image was going to knock him backward.

“Mary … what … you’re Tina’s …” After a moment to recover, “What are you three up to? Somebody talk.”

Deborah handled explaining everything to him. She explained that during some intimate moments I had confided in Mary about canine sex without divulging where I had done it. Mary was so taken by the obscenely erotic nature of the act she pestered me every chance she had to be able to witness it. When we began planning this activity, I confided in Deborah without pressure and she took it from there and was the one who actually invited his female Director, Mary Borden.

Mary had her arm around my waist as we waited for the outcome, having all our confidence in Deborah’s ability in handling the man in her power space.

After he seemed appeased, Mary spoke up. She kept her arm around me and I felt her hand moving up and down my bare side, occasionally sliding over the side of my breast and down to my hip. I had the distinct feeling of being protected by her and I suppose she might have had the same feeling as she finally spoke to him. She was nearly his equal in the business world and I felt a strength and control I hadn’t fully appreciated before.

“Are we okay, Charles. It isn’t your slut’s fault, I pressured her and I manipulated her at her weakest moments.” She winked at me, then winked at him, “I know you know which moments those are. Her orgasms are delicious to behold, aren’t they?”

I decided it was now or never. I turned and walked into the yard, headed directly for the kennels with a tube of lubricant in my hand. The others followed, but I suddenly stopped in front of Mary. She looked at me questioningly. I grabbed her pull-over shirt and started tugging it up her body. She flinched but then relaxed and held her arms in the air for me to take it off. I pressed my body into her and unclasped her bra as we kissed. We broke with her laughing and she pushed her shorts and panties to the ground and followed me, again. The dogs had long since become trained to behave, even when they could pick up the scent of a needy female and I was sure my dripping pussy was giving off that scent. But, I was also sure there were two other pussies were giving off scent, too. I released the dogs who calmly milled around the three females without the frantic attack they would have before.

I turned to Deborah, “Will you help me get them both ready?” I looked at Mary, “You can too if you want, but you might just watch with Mr. Woodburn this time. Both he and his wife had lost their robes on the walk across the yard.

It wasn’t really necessary that both of the dogs get ready at the same time if I was going take each of them anally, but Mr. Woodburn loved to see his wife on her knees with the dogs, whether she was being mated or sucking them. Her sexual willingness had expanded so much since I entered her life.

Sammy was closest to me so I mouthed him hard. I wanted to have his cock more erect than normal if it was going to press through my tightest hole. Though the tip was pointed and usually dripping pre-cum, I didn’t want any more pain than necessary and anal often involved some painful stretching at the beginning. Mr. Woodburn applied a generous amount of lube to my asshole as I sucked Sammy. He had two fingers buried in me, twisting them back and forth, loosening my sphincter. I pushed back on his hand as I mouthed Sammy’s cock deep into my mouth, feeling the tip at my throat.

I pulled off the cock and turned around gasping in need, in the process pulling the fingers from my ass. I grabbed his hand as Sammy jumped onto my back. I sucked his fingers, licking and mouthing the fingers just coming from my ass. I was consumed with lust for what I was about to do and even ass-to-mouth wasn’t outside my need.

Sammy thrust against my butt, randomly poking both cheeks and everywhere but a hole when it suddenly drove into my pussy. I groaned but wiggled away from him. He reacted with frustration at the loss of his cock inside me. He circled me, a guttural growl escaping from his throat. When he mounted me, again, I was ready with my hand, pushing his cock higher so it hit my asshole instead of my pussy. The pointy tip penetrated me and I cried out as the tapered cock pushed open my sphincter and the combination of lubrication and pre-cum eased the passage. As he forced more cock into me, the increasing diameter of the dog cock stretched me more and more. I pressed back against him and took more of his cock and after regripping me with his front legs, he began a frantic fucking like a wild piston. My tight anal passage squeezed his cock as he pumped at me and the lubrication made it acceptable as his cock slid in and out at a horrific pace compared to the anal fucking I had ever received from men.

I felt my breast squeezed hard and I looked to the side. My eyes were a blur of lust, but Mary was watching the fucking I was receiving, then my facial reaction. “The knot is forming, slut.” She smiled wickedly, “Get ready for that experience you were seeking.”

Oh, God. I felt the knot pressing against my tight hole that was already stretched by the dog’s cock. I took a calming deep breath and reminded myself that I had been fucked anally by Mr. Woodburn’s large cock numerous times and, though it seemed to stretch me impossibly, I was always able to do it. I grunted with determination as I pushed back against the ball as it slowly stretched me further.

“Oh God … oh god … oh god …” It seemed impossible and it seemed to be tearing me open, but I also knew it was not true and it was more a psychological than physical concern. I gritted my teeth and pushed back harder as the dog humped into me with more force and his own determination. When the knot had stretched me fully and popped into my anal chamber, I cried out in shock, relief, and satisfaction. I was tied in my ass and I had no idea how long it might take for the tie to end. What I did know, though, was that I was about to cum. The knot and cock moving inside my ass was wickedly erotic, a sensory overload. My orgasm hit me like a bolt of electricity, my entire body tensing and quaking in response. My pussy and anus clenched and spasmed around the intruder in my ass, making any additional movement of it difficult. And, in that instant of suddenly being clamped tightly by my anal passage, the dog spewed his seed deep into my bowels. His cock pulsed and spurt, over and over. All the while I was cascading through an orgasmic tidal wave of emotion and sensations.

My moans and groans, gasps and sighs, slowly eased as my limbs and body relaxed from the tension-filled spasms and shaking. My face and chest had fallen to the ground when my arms gave out. My ass was in the air still tied to the dog’s knot. I struggled back to my hands and looked around as my vision and mind cleared. I found the three of them standing nearby as they stroked their own naked bodies.

“I need a pussy or cock.” It came out as a statement of urgency and need. A demand. A command. My orgasm was subsiding, but the cock in my ass was still leaking cum with occasional pulses and was very erotic in the tight chamber.

I noticed bare feet shuffling before Mary’s was on the ground in front of me, her knees bent and crab-walking forward so her pussy was under my head. I dropped my face into her pussy, which was very wet and pliable. My ears had only picked up buzzing from around me since my orgasm had crashed over me. Now, as I munched on her familiar pussy and clit, the buzzing was giving way to words.

“My God, dear! That was both the most erotic and obscene sexual thing I have ever seen!” Deborah’s strong words came to me as one of her hands combed my long hair from my face and back over my head only to fall back.

I was tied to the dog for a long time. Nobody had a watch and we were in no hurry. The time didn’t really matter and we all just flowed with the situation. The knot was continually being tested by Sammy as he pulled. He had long since turned on me. The dog was normally quite content to be tied in our safe and secure environment, but the length of time this was taking proved to be just beyond his patience. I glanced up after a particularly strong pull from him and glanced at my moaning partner beneath me to find her muffled moans caused by Mr. Woodburn’s cock in her mouth.

I slipped two fingers into her pussy and curled them to strike her g-spot, which often resulted in the final stimulus she required to explode in orgasm and it worked this time, also. Her head dropped back to the ground while her mouth remained open as if still containing his cock. Her hand held his cock as her hips rose and fell underneath me. Her legs straightened out alongside me as her orgasm’s intensity took her. About that time, the dog’s knot finally pulled out of me and I fell to the ground, my face doing a plant into her pussy. Her hands stroked my head as she recovered and my heavy breath washed over her winking pussy.

This had not been a challenge put to me by Mr. Woodburn. This was my idea completely. As a result, I didn’t know what was going to happen next. There was no direction or expectation. At least from the humans, anyway. A long, wide tongue began lapping at my ass and it felt sooooooo good. I glanced back to find Sammy lying to the side casually licking his cock clean. I smiled, this is Paddy, then. I raised up back to my knees and pulled my ass cheeks apart to allow him full access to my dripping asshole. It was so obscene and delicious. Asshole licking had not been a part of our play and I never understood the appeal. Now I did. It felt wonderful and feeling that allowed me to understand the obscene pleasure it could give to another. I knew instantly this was going to be an obscene pleasure I would be providing to these three in the future.

Paddy licked my hole for minutes and it felt wonderful, my sexual energy being recharged with amazing quickness. So, I was neither surprised or unwilling when he jumped onto my back, his hard cock also probing at my ass. I wanted it again and this time it would be easier. My hand guided him to my asshole, too. The sphincter recovers very quickly and it was closed as the pointy tip pressed forward, but the muscles were loosened and it pressed into my ass with less trial and pain. I stretched around his cock and it moved fully into my sleeve until I felt his furry legs against my hips.

My orgasm under Paddy was delicious, too. While tied, I found a man-cock before my eyes. I opened my mouth eagerly and accepted it pushed deep into my mouth and after a few strokes into my throat. His hand stroked my cheeks as I sucked on his cock head as he pulled out before pressing back in. He wasn’t fucking my mouth. We were moving together easily. I found out why he wasn’t more urgent.

“Don’t make me cum, slut. As much as I love the feel of your mouth when I cum, I want this to go into your pussy. I think your pussy is feeling deprived …” I heard Deborah giggle as her hand was stroking my back.

When Paddy pulled out, finally, I could feel the cum of the two dogs running out of my asshole but there was no time for lazy recovery. Mr. Woodburn was lying on his back alongside me, his cock held up in the air by the gentle stroking hand of his wife as I moved to straddle his hips with the supportive assistance of Mary. I didn’t have to do anything but move slightly as she positioned the cock head at my dripping opening. I sat down abruptly, sinking to full depth. I gasped. As much as I have had his wonderful cock in my pussy, there was something very different suddenly after two knotted cocks in my ass.

My gasp was joined by the sounds from Mr. Woodburn. I started moving up and down on the man and smiled down at him as his wife came up behind me and took my breasts in her hands from behind, pinching and twisting my nipples in sweet, erotic torture. At the same time, Mary knelt beside me and took my face in her hands to kiss me deeply. He was watching all this stimulation provided to me and smiled. I recognized that she was not only teasing my breasts and nipples but adding some force in my downward motion. I gazed into his eyes as he gazed up into mine, occasionally shifting his eyes to his wife or Mary, which was only right. It struck me as so odd the relationship that existed between us. I called him Mr. while I used his wife’s first name. And, now one of his Board of Directors was included casually and familiarly. It was, of course, the difference in the formality of relationships but it was so easy to have the different relationships without conflict or guilt or jealousy. I marveled at what I had become and what, as Deborah had confided to me, what I had brought to their marriage.

The middle of the afternoon found me still naked. Deborah and I had enjoyed the dogs together while Mary watched closely but was not yet ready to partake. Deborah was very comfortable and at ease with the dogs now and it made it fun for me to have someone to share this taboo activity with.

* * * * *

“Dear?” Deborah’s voice broke into my dozing in the lounge chair on the patio. I glanced back to find her coming out with a large glass of iced tea for me. I gulped it down, not realizing how thirsty I had become while lying in the sun. I looked up at her as she sat beside Mary watching me, only then considering that she had something more on her mind than giving me something to drink. I gave her my attention, which spurred her to continue.

“We were talking about the DP’s you experienced at the convention gangbang and I thought you might join me in selecting a strap-on to order. I think I would like to try it but not with two men … not yet.” I nodded and looked at Mr. Woodburn. His attention was on his wife. I think this might be causing him as much excitement for the potential with his wife than some of the more outrageous things he has seen me do.

I look at her, though, and saw there was more she was having some trouble getting out. “What is, Deborah? What else is on your mind?”

“Well … I was thinking it would be interesting for me to see you in a DP. I haven’t. It sounds so wicked and exciting.”

I smiled and took her hand in mine. “It is both of those things, I assure you. But, it is mostly exciting and thrilling. I would willingly have you watch, but are you thinking of bringing another man in for this?”

She looked nervously at Mr. Woodburn. I followed her gaze and saw him encouraging her to continue. “No, I wasn’t thinking that. I mean that might be something that happens at some point, but right now this is my sacred domain and … well … introducing wild sexual parties would be too different.” I had always assumed she was aware of the night the Board of Directors were in this very house while I pleasure them all, then demonstrated canine sex for them just off the patio here. Maybe I was wrong, but that was between Mr. Woodburn and her. I raised my eyebrows at the apparent conflict in her thinking. “Okay … what I was thinking was … after the dogs fuck us there are five to ten minutes of being tied, right?” I nodded but not connecting how that related to a DP. I watched her blush as she prepared to continue. “What I was really thinking was that after one of the dogs fucks you and you are knotted … Charles can …”

“In my ass?!?” I looked from one to the other of the people surrounding me. They all had conspiratorial grins. “With a knot in my pussy? You know how big he is … oh my …” A smile began forming on my lips.

It was his voice that continued, “She likes the idea. See, the longer she thinks about it, she likes it. It’s depraved and obscene and just possible enough that she is too tempted, too enticed.”

He was right. He knew me better than I might know myself. I thought a knot in my ass was too much. But a knot in my pussy and his cock in my ass? It was crazy. It was too much. But he was right, it was exciting.

I stood up before them. I was naked; they weren’t, each with a covering. I looked them in the eyes without letting my face reflect anything. I put my hand out to him. He looked at it, then his wife. She gasped. That was when I knew she never expected it to happen, she was just teasing the slut. With that realization, I put my hand out to him and he took it. I turned to the backyard and he dutifully followed. There are times when the slut can take fantasy and make it a reality with the simple act of action. This was one of those times.

I led him to the back and the kennel. I didn’t look but I knew Deborah and Mary were following behind us. What else would they be doing? Of course, they would be wanting to see this played out to a conclusion.

The dogs were already out in the yard and this was only going to happen once so I had to determine what was going to happen. If Deborah didn’t end up helping, I would somehow need to satisfy both dogs. I had a weird emotional issue with one dog being satisfied and the other not.

The first dog to me was Paddy. There was something in the air, or about me in my highly aroused state, that had the dogs showing from their sheaths. It was an insanely erotic scene for me. I was being penetrated and fucked by a very good fucking dog while knowing fully well that Mr. Woodburn was going to attempt to force his cock into my ass after the dog turned. To more fully divert my mind from what would happen, though, I patted the ground to attract Sammy to me. I began sucking his cock as Paddy continued to assault my pussy.

It wasn’t long before all the activity and anticipation welled up into an good orgasm that crashed over me before Paddy’s knot was inside. The orgasm diverted me from Sammy’s cock momentarily but it also assisted in Paddy’s forming knot to more easily press inside me as my pussy convulsed. Soon after, as my orgasm was just ebbing, I felt the cock pulse and jerk inside just before jet after jet of dog-cum flooded my pussy. I groaned out another small orgasm as his jerking cock and the knot beat on my g-spot.

As the last of his powerful spurts ended and his cock was reduced to leaking a flow of residual cum from it, the dog relaxed on my back for moments and I lowered my head back to Sammy’s crotch and very exposed cock. Within moments I felt my lips on Sammy and bumping into the knot as I forced the cock deeper into my mouth. I felt Paddy turn on me so we were ass-to-ass. I tensed in anticipation, which was the worst thing I could do in the situation. I also suddenly realized I had neglected to bring any lubrication. But, at the same instant of that thought, my asshole was smeared with a glob of cool gel and a finger pressed into my anus. I felt the finger move in and out, then turn, then press down on the knot in my pussy. Paddy reacted slightly to the manipulation of his knot as a second and third finger penetrated and stretched me.

The fingers were removed and more gel was applied to my opened anus. I dropped my head back to Sammy in a desperate attempt at diversion. That attempt at diversion failed miserably.

Mr. Woodburn placed his cockhead at my opening and pressed forward. His cock was as hard as I had ever felt it and I had felt it hard and excited many, many times. This was also affecting him with a similar sense of erotic perversion as it was me. As the cockhead forced my sphincter open more and more, though, it felt more than ever that my asshole could tear due to the fullness with the knot in my pussy. I groaned and moaned at the forceful intrusion, which yielded to gritting my teeth as my mouth once again came to the other cock.

“Wait.” I had to have him stop. This wasn’t working but I believed still that it could. I glanced back at Mr. Woodburn, “Deborah, hold Paddy still. I am going to press back against him hard to force his knot inside me as far as possible. When you see me do that, press hard, Sir.”

The three of us would get this done. All for a crazy fuck.

I told him to press hard, but … damn. He leaned into me with his weight behind it and my sphincter was stretched abruptly enough to cause me to cry out and jerk my head up. That had the effect of scaring both dogs, Mary, and Deborah at probably equal levels. Paddy could only flinch and jerk at my reaction but Deborah’s presence calmed him quickly. Sammy, however, was on his feet and facing me in a crouch with his head down as if he might think he caused my reaction. My concentration was pulled in different directions at once, Paddy and Deborah behind me and Sammy in front of me. I now felt the cock not at my ass but in my ass and slowly moving back and forth, each motion forcing more of it deeper into my very tight sleeve. I was holding my breath, my head hanging from my shoulders as the cock slowly and forcefully moved deeper and deeper into my anus. The knot in my pussy was pressed downward and it seemed to be in constant contact with my g-spot with each testing of the tie by the dog or Mr. Woodburn’s pulling back inside me, which had the effect of pulling the knot against my closed pussy opening and forcing the knot back and down, the exact location of my g-spot.

I cried out, again, but this time in another orgasm. My body shook and I felt my pussy and anal passage spasm around the cocks inside each. I never ever felt so stuffed. I never ever felt so wickedly erotic and stimulated.

With my breathing returning to normal, I looked ahead of me and found Sammy pacing before me. His cock was enticingly bouncing hard and erect underneath him, his knot exposed. I made a kissing sound to him and he stopped to consider me. He seemed to look around at everything happening and moved to me and walked over my head. To add to the wickedness of the scene, I opened my mouth wide and took his cock as it was pressed into my face. This was like the convention gangbang, three cocks in my three holes only this time it was two dogs.

I was gasping, moaning, and groaning but it was all muffled by the dog-cock buried deep in my mouth and entering in and out of my throat. The erotic feel of the leaking cock in my throat was added to the feel of the cock thrusting into my tight anus and the cock and knot in my constricted pussy, my g-spot still being jammed with each movement. I continued to orgasm one after the other. Each powerful thrust from Mr. Woodburn forced my mouth over Sammy’s cock. I didn’t want the knot in my mouth, though. I had enough going in my body to handle that at the moment, but I relished the cock in my throat but kept my lips curled over my teeth to cushion my teeth with each impact of the knot.

When the climaxing cocks started, it was overpowering. Cum was flowing everywhere. Mr. Woodburn’s climax filled my ass while Sammy’s flowed directly down my throat. The surprising one was Paddy who apparently became over-stimulated by the fucking around him and in my ass and climaxed a second time. Surrounding all those climaxes was my own, which joined theirs. Each of the three cocks sent cum into each of my holes, increasing my orgasm higher and higher until it was finally too much and for a moment or two I blacked out.

When I came to, I was in the arms of Deborah and Mary. The dogs were lying nearby and actually seemed to be watching us. I was being gently stroked over my body and they weren’t bothering to avoid sensual touching. My breasts, body, and pussy were all being softly stroked as I slowly became aware. My face and breasts were splattered with dog-cum that must have happened when the cock came out of my mouth at some point near my losing consciousness. My other two holes were gaping and leaking cum onto the ground.

“My dear, dear, sweet girl …” Deborah was kissing my head and forehead. I tilted my head to look at her, which at the moment felt like a great effort. She smiled with soft eyes, “That was the most erotic and amazing thing I have ever imagined, much less seen.” She glanced at her husband and Mary, then hugged my head to her breasts firmly. “No matter what might happen with your relationship at the firm, I will always want you close to me.”

I smiled, not yet ready to dialog. What a strange relationship we have formed. My eyes found Mary and her smile was tender and seemed full of wonder.


This story concludes with Chapter 12: Client Celebration


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