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Im a cocky young high school student with a new friend. A story about a new friendship and a dirty secret involving my new friends younger sister... enjoy.
Growing up I always played soccer. I was always amongst the smallest kids in my class so it was my only real choice at a sport without getting killed by the other kids.  It wasn't until junior year in high school that I finally hit a growth spur and caught up to the rest of my peers.

I was 5'9 by then and finally found out what a weight room was. I went from 115 pounds to a solid 150 in a matter of a year and felt pretty confident about myself.

Despite being a soccer player, I was amongst the popular kids in school and had a good group of friends. Soccer season started and the same ritual of picking on freshman began. We picked on them like it was our job. Amongst them was a kid called Cache. He was quirky and uncoordinated and didn’t fit in at all. He had just moved from Indiana so he didn’t have friends like the rest of the freshman and for some reason that made me feel bad. A friend and I were going out to lunch one day when we spotted him eating alone. Now, if you knew me, you’d know I was an asshole and wouldn’t usually do this, especially since he was a freshman but I decided to invite him out with us. To my surprise, he was pretty cool, he was funny, in fact, probably one of the funniest kids Id ever met. Not on purpose though, just his mannerisms and way of speaking made me laugh. After that day, I brought him under my wing.

I was an upperclassman and he was a freshman so he was delighted to be invited to all the parties that he normally would never be invited to. His name was Cache, but he quickly gained fame with the upperclassmen as Cash Money Millionaire. He was like a leach to me. Everywhere I went, he went. We had been hanging out for an entire semester when he suggested that I should go over to his house some day and play some video games. For some reason, this had never happened. It was always me that took him places, and my house we would hang out at. I agreed, despite being a little scared to meet his parents considering he wasn't the most normal cookie in the jar.

I went over and was relieved to find out that they were quite normal. His father was the type of guy to crack a joke at every opportunity although they were never funny. He was missing half of his index finger from some work accident so he loved to say things were 3 and a HALF and such and would show his finger.

His mother was a sweetheart. The nicest lady id ever met and not bad looking at all. She was tall, about 5'10 with a very slender figure. Not much of a butt or tits but she was cute.

"Well what are you boys doing tonight", his mother asked us.

Just staying up late playing video games, we responded.  Cache had a large house with his and his sisters bedroom upstairs and his parents room in the lower lever. There was also an office room on the lower level where he had his video games set up along with a nice large couch for playing. We began to play games, Halo was our game of choice, until late into the afternoon. It was about 10 pm when I heard the front door open.

His younger sister was home from a friends house.

He had told me he had a younger sister but besides that, he had never said anything about her. She was two year younger than him.

We were in the middle of an intense game when she barged into the office,

"Whats up Cache, who's your friend" she asked.

Cache immediately annoyed, snidely responded to her, "Don't worry about it, leave us alone".

Despite his aggression, I introduced myself politely as I glanced over at her. She was perky and cute. Tall for her age, taking after her mother, she stood about 5'6, built the same as her mother, slender without much tits and with a cute little butt and nice long dirty blonde hair.

"Nice to meet you", she responded, "and go Fuck yourself Cache"

she added before she left towards the living room.

I laughed my ass off at this, she was snide and clearly not as angelic as her mother. Cache and her seemed to have a typical brother sister relationship where he wanted nothing to do with her, and she enjoyed poking at him to annoy him even more. 

As time went on we spent more and more time over at his house. I had really got into playing video games and I didn't have any myself so I went over to his house to play whenever I could. His father traveled for work a lot and was almost never home, and his mother, a school teacher was usually in bed pretty early so we could basically do whatever we wanted.

Being teenagers, we loved to drink. My parents owned a restaurant that also had a full bar so it was really easy for me to get alcohol. I would steal a bottle or some beers in my backpack and would bring them over to his house and we would get drunk and play video games all night. Cami, his younger sister was always in the living room and would linger into the office and watch us play from time to time. Cache eventually got accustomed to her spending some time with us and didn’t make as big a fuzz about it as he would in the beginning. Besides, she knew we were drinking and had threatened to tell her parents if he didn’t et her stay up late with us.

Being that it was late, she was always only wearing pajamas. At first, she wore sweatpants and long hanging teach shirts but as time went on her wardrobe started to change. She began to wear cute little pajama shorts that were just short enough to show the bottom part of her ass as she walked.

They looked amazing on her, especially with her long tanned legs. On top, she would wear little tank tops, many times without a bra, making her teenage nipples poke through on colder nights.

Despite my constant glances at her when she would spend time with us, I still always viewed her as my best friends little sister and never had any ill intentions with her.

One night while we were drinking, Cache went to the restroom and Cami took a bottle of Smirnoff pomegranate vodka I had brought over and took a big chug of it before her brother returned. “Shh”, she signaled me. She knew her brother would flip if he saw her drinking. I had mixed feelings about it, on one hand I felt a little bad that I was providing alcohol to her, but at the same time, I really enjoyed their sibling rivalry, and enjoyed her small victories against her brother.  She loved pissing him off and it was very entertaining to me so I did what I could to encourage her from time to time.

I never really thought about why she liked spending so much time with us, I mainly always thought it was just to annoy her brother until one night, that all changed.

We had planned to have a poker night over at his house. Me, and two other friends were going. I had started to get the feeling that Cami was a little flirty with me and I told one of my friends to keep an eye out for it to see if he agreed as well.

I had brought over about 30 beers that night, which seemed like more than enough to get us all drunk at the time. The night began and his sister was nowhere to be seen. We played some video games at first then decided we would start our poker night. For some odd reason we had been watching it on Tv and thought it would be fun to play some. We set up in his dining room table, each with a beer in hand. It was late, approaching midnight by this time when Cami came home again.

It was surprising to me how late her parents would let he stay out, but as I mentioned, they weren’t around all that much and were pretty Lax to begin with. I immediately sensed how annoyed Cache got that she was home, especially since there were more of us over that night. He told her to go to sleep and leave us alone.

Being the person that she was however, she didn’t give a shit what he said.

She went upstairs to change, again into her skimpy little pajamas and came right back downstairs to join us. This time, she was feeling extra confident and went straight for our beer. She cracked one open and took a seat next to me.

Cache flipped his shit. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing!” He exclaimed.

She again reminded him that he’s not allowed to drink either and that if he could, she could too. He left the decision to me, since I had brought the beer and I simply shrugged if off.

“There is plenty for all of us” I replied.

“Quit your crying now”, she told him, “I’m only going to watch, you guys can play”.

The game went on and we were almost done with the beers, all of us with a decent buzz. All except Cami. She had only drank the one beer, not trying to piss her brother off too much I assumed.

We were in the middle of a big hand near the end of the game, we were all a bit tired of playing so we were playing more risky than one usually would. Going all in with a small pair just to get the game over with. Everyone was focused on their cards, there was a big pot in the middle and apparently this was the chance Cami had waited so long for.

Without notice, I felt a hand under the table reach and grab on to my upper thigh. It caught me off guard but I didn’t overly react to it. I turn to look at Cami and she had the best poker face in the room. Not even a smirk on it. She proceeds to push the boundary and places her hand directly over my cock. Despite the shock of the situation, my cock immediately begins to swell. She begins to rub my cock, sliding her hands from side to side making me even harder. I sense my face turning red and my body begin to quiver from the sheer excitement of what is happening underneath this table. I freak out and stand up and quickly turn so they wouldn’t notice the growth in my pants and head straight to the bathroom.

There is a long hallway and the bathroom is at the very end. I lock the door and stare at myself in the mirror while catching my breath from the excitement. A million thoughts go through my mind. I sensed she was a bit flirty with me and I certainly thought she was cute but I never imagined her making a move towards my cock like that. I composed myself. I decided that I couldn’t make a move for my sanity’s sake, she was my best friends sister after all. Once I had convinced myself of this, I flushed the toilet and stepped out of the bathroom.

I froze in my tracks.

There Cami was. Walking towards me on the other end of the hallway. She walked all the way up to me and pressed her body against mine, she closed her eyes and moved her mouth towards mine. Our lips met and we passionately kissed right there. I felt her warm tongue push into my mouth as she swirled it around my tongue. My cock, which had since relaxed was hard as a rock again, pressing against her tight little body. And just as quickly as it began, it ended. She pushed herself off of me and went into the bathroom and closed the door.

I tucked my cock up into my waistband and rejoined the group, who seemed to not even notice I was ever gone. The game ended and I needed to tell my friend about what had happened.

I needed his advice.

Cache and our other friend were playing video games and Cami had gone upstairs to bed. I filled my buddy in on what happened and he freaked out. We had a debate about it for a while. She was our good friends sister. We settled on this, I couldn’t shut her down completely. She spent a lot of time around us and I didn’t want to piss her off but I couldn’t be the one initiate something. If she tried something however, it was fair game. That seemed good enough for me, secretly dying for more.

We rejoined the other two and begin playing video games with them. In the middle of a game, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. As soon as the game ended I checked it and it was a message from her on Facebook. She didn’t have my number and we weren’t friends on Facebook but you could still send a message to someone.

“Sleep in the downstairs office tonight” is all it read.

I normally slept in the room with Cache but being that there we more of us that night, it was a pretty easily attainable task. I felt a tremble go through my body as I imagined what could happen later that night.

The night went on and everybody was starting to crash. I volunteered immediately to take couch on the downstairs office and my friend, who was aware of the situation said he and our other friend would sleep upstairs with Cache. We had a pretty full proof plan. If Cache woke up or heard anything he could do his best to keep him in the bedroom and make some noise to give me time to act. He also slept on the floor next to door so he would be awoken if Cache tried to leave the room.

As planned, they went upstairs and closed the door behind them. The lights in the entire house went off and I laid on the couch with just one blanket around me. It was more than needed considering it was a warm night but that didn’t stop my entire body from trembling.

There I was, laying on his couch with my eyes wide open terrified and excited on what would happened next. I closed my eyes and began to imagine her walking downstairs with nothing on. The thought alone of it made my cock stiffen. I played a million scenarios in my head and I began to doze off. It was late and I was tired but I wanted to hold on and see if anything would actually happen. I had nearly lost hope after laying there for about 30 minutes, which seemed like hours, when I thought I heard a door creak open upstairs.

The house was completely silent so you could hear a pin drop. Immediately after I heard footsteps above me. My heart began to rush and I could feel a knot in my stomach strong enough to make you wrench. Was it her, or was it any of my friends who were on the same floor as she was. The steps grew louder as they approached the stairs. My trembling increased and the excitement of it being her continued to build. Step after step my heartbeat grew faster. Finally, with just the light of the moonlight from the window in the office, I saw her silhouette standing at the entrance of the room. I took a large breath in as she walked in towards me. Before I could even react, she was laying on top of me with our lips again attached.

We passionately kissed, this time even more intense, feeling lost in her mouth. I couldn’t get enough, as if I couldn’t kiss her hard enough. Her salvia in my mouth as she buried her tongue deep inside mine drove me wild. My hands at this point where all over her body. She was wearing a tiny little thong, which again surprised me, and a bra on top. I reached behind her and snapper her bra off. The moonlight next to the couch was enough for me to get a good view. Her nipples were puffy, with small tits that hadn’t quite grown into each other but I was in lust and loved them. I buried my face into them and began to suck them. She threw her head back in pleasure as I continued to suck hard on them. Only wearing briefs, my cock was hard pressed against her body. We both were trembling, the heat of our bodies together. I began to thrust, as I kissed her, dry humping at her pelvic region. She humped back and I could feel the dampness and heat coming from her sex. She kissed down into my neck and worked her tongue down my chest until she approached my waistline. This was beyond anything I had imagined already. I felt her fingers reach into the waistband of my briefs and pulled down. My cock springing up with force against my stomach. Without hesitation she grabbed onto it and wrapped her tongue around my shaft, licking every inch of it. I could explode right there. She then opened her mouth and buried the length of my cock inside of it. He warm mouth and swirling tongue all over my cock was like a dream. Except it was real, yet I still couldn’t believe what was happening. After sucking my cock for a few minutes she worked her way back up to my lips. She again buried her tongue into my mouth and I could taste the saltiness of my precum that was just down her throat. I reached down and slipped her panties off. There we were, fully naked on top of each other. Sweat dripping from her hair, as our bodies continued to get lost together. She sat up still sitting on me, her wet teenage cunt soaking my leg, took my cock with both hands and began to guide it towards her pussy.

I slightly panicked at the idea of me taking her virginity and paused to ask her if this was the case. I should have known she wasn’t an ordinary girl based on how incredible she was in bed. She was better than most girls my age I had been with. After a quick reassurance that I wasn’t her first, we continued what we were doing.

She stared at me directly in the face as she mounted herself onto me. I could feel the head of my cock as it first touched her wet cunt, pulsing with desire to be inside of her. I felt her lips wrap around me, as I penetrated her tight walls. She let out a small groan as I entered her. I pushed my cock inside of her, all 7 hard inches inside her tight teenage cunt. She was soaking wet, yet despite any experience she may of had, her pussy was the tightest I had ever had. She had her arms placed on my legs and she carefully rode my cock. Moaning each time she came down onto it. Her body riding me as I watched her through the blue of the moon, I was completely lost in euphoria. I let her ride me for some time until I decided to take over.

It was time for me to show her my experience.

I sat up and flipped her on her back landing directly on top of her. I grabbed both of her legs and placed them on my shoulders and with my arms pulled her as close i could to me. I teased her with my cock, rubbing the head of it on her clit making her squirm. With my hand on my cock, I rubbed her entire slit, teasing at her entrance until I finally pushed it in. Her ass lifted in the air and her eyes rolled back as my entire cock entered her slender body. Her walls were so tight I could barely hold it each time I thrusted inside of her. I began to fuck her harder and harder. Her legs now wrapping around my head as she began to near orgasm. I was lost in animalistic sex, clenching down hard on my teeth as I continued to fuck her as hard as I could.

Her mouth opened and I could feel her rate start to go up. She began to breath loud in and out as her eyes looked up at me with lust. “Please don’t fucking stop” she begged me as her body rocked with my cock ramming into her. She had picked up the pace and was matching my thrusts with her own, her legs now wrapped around my waistline. I felt myself begin to build. My balls tightened and I knew I had only a few seconds to decide where to cum. I looked into her eyes and saw her orgasm was there too. Her mouth opened wider as she moaned. “keep fucking me” she said, “keep fucking fucking me”. I’m going to cum I moaned, as my toes curled. I couldn’t hold it any longer. She wrapped her legs around my body and gave me one last hard thrust that sent me over. My balls draining inside her young cunt. She moaned “yes baby, fill me up with all your cum”. I continued to thrust, burying every last drop of cum deep into her cervix. “Fuck baby, I’m cumming so hard” she moaned. Her back was lifted off the couch and her nails were dug deep into my back as her body convulsed. We had both came, the sweat from my body was dripping onto her, we were breathing heavy, trying to catch our breath. Her youthful pussy completely filled with my hot cum. It was all it took. I was madly in lust with her and knew from that moment on I could never get enough of her or her tight young pussy. She became as obsessed with me as I was with her. She was mine at that point. My dirty little slut.

To be continued...


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