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Sonia is a 5ft 8 , long legged stacked , short-haired brunette , English housewife with a dominant son named Arthur & a cuckold husband named Charlie
Drink up mother Arthur exclaimed as 52 year old Sonia who was on her knees , opened her mouth & drank her only son's urine . Last night they had fucked most of the night away , She was naked except for her spiked heels which Arthur always had her wear. Her husband Charlie was still sleeping in the in-law suite at the side of the house , Arthur had banished his stepfather there so he could use his mum in privacy .

As Sonia swallowed most of the piss some landed on her face & her 44dd fake tits that Charlie had bought her a year earlier. Two months ago , Arthur had hypnotized Sonia & now she was his favorite submissive. Last night Sonia thought , Arthur had skullfucked her, she had licked his balls , ass & then he fucked her cunt and ass . She must have had at least 5 orgasms , & Arthur had creampied her ass & pussy before he gave her, her usual golden shower. . Arthur was finished with her .For now , so he told her to go wash up & take a shower , then he said go sit on Charlie's face & have him lick your ass & eat your cunt to orgasm , then mom come back to my room at around 8pm . Be sure to take a nap first . Sonia loved her life, Arthur always thought of everything .


Arthur was on the phone talking to Nina Rogers , she was the mother of his steady girlfriend Cindy , but she was also hypnotized last week . So Arthur used her as a sex slave. In his room , Sonia was on her knees licking her sons balls & ass as he talked to Nina . Listen i want you to tell your wimp hubby Ernie you're staying here tonight. You & Sonia are mine you get it . Yes dear the 55year old Nina responded in a matronly voice. And dont forget to wear your collar , leash & hooker boots & your fur coat & nothing else . Tell Ernie to drop you off at 930 pm . Right now im gonna unload a load of jism down Mom's throat ( Sonia had switched from licking ass to sucking dick ) see you then Slut , Arthur hung up .

Chapter 2

Collared , leashed & wearing hooker boots Nina was licking Sonia's ass , Sonia was in the doggy-style position . Arthur had lubed & fisted Nina's ass & now was stuffing his thick 10inch dong roughly up her ass. Nina was not ballgagged so you could her screaming in pain & ecstacy throughout the house,So Arthur stuffed his underwear in Nina's mouth .Sonia rubbed her clit as she orgasmed from the asslicking Nina gave her. . Arthur unload his jizz in Nina's ass before he ordered Sonia to eat his man dessert .

Chapter 3 - the next day

Damn did he even need to cum Arthur thought as he looked at Nina's & Cindy' s face . He took out his cellphone & snapped a couple of this mother/daughter slut duo with cum covered faces , 23 year old Cindy & 55 year old Nina were covered in his love juices . He hadnt planned on doing this today , he had dropped by to take Cindy to dinner & a movie , But upon arrival he found them tanning by the pool in their thong bikinis & wearing their heels . Cindy was wearing a pink bikini & mom (Nina ) was wearing a slutty leopard skin bikini. Thats why he decided to glaze their faces with his jism . As they both washed their faces , Arthur told them to follow him to the bedroom. Where he immediately had Cindy spreadeagled on the bed (nude ), & Nina still wearing the bikini began pussylicking her daughter. Nina flicked her tongue on Cindys clit . Cindy moaned away asvshe came & even squirted in her moms's face. After the orgasm , Nina stripped nude & sat on Cindy's face & grinded her pussy all over Cindy's visage & she squirted also . Covered in love juice . Arthur left them on the bed, Dinner & a movie would be for another night. These two would be left to have their lezzie fun . He'd call with The Stop Word later he laughed or else ,mother&daughter would party til exhaustion.

Chapter 4 - Sonia on her knees

Arthur was drinking his morning coffee as Sonia had her cream . Engulfed by a 10inch prick her mouth was jammed . It was her usual routine , Blow Arthur , go to work as a Bank Clerk , come home get fucked in all her holes , serve her son/master & she now even ate pussy on his command . She'd be doing that today for sure. Licking her son's balls as she licked his dick was her best friend Joyce Evans . She lived 3 doors down & was also under his mind control. A bbw with a fatass & big natural boobs 54year old Red-haired Joyce was now licking Arthur's ass as he fucked Sonia missionary on the kitchen floor . Arthur was sparing no mercy & he fucked his mom with abandon , Sonia was ooooohing & aaahing before Arthur unloaded a massive cumdump up her pussy.

Arthur grabbed Joyce by the hair & shoved her face in her best friends's cunt. Joyce ate the creampie , while Sonia relaxed & enjoyed the lez licking .After she finished her snack . Joyce sat on Sonia's face, & gyrated on it while Sonia licked the clit & pussy lips (for Sonia it was like steak ) After both ladies reached their respective orgasms .Arthur told them to french kiss, before he decided to fistfuck them both ( they both orgasmed one more time). He had Sonia& Joyce shower get dressed and he said THE STOP WORD (so they were no longer under mind control )Instead the bffs went shopping at the mall ARTHUR WAS TIRED HE TOOK A NAP,TOMORROW WAS ANOTHER DAY>>>
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